Coming soon for you to take part in..

          `In Solidarity - we will be adding more tools, to share your link to make this a better world to live in;

    Making the process of living local, globally, more friendly! As we share earth's uniqueness of bio cultural awareness from the bio diversity all can balance, so as to link our natural communities that sustain us.

                     If interested in taking part, please email;

    Peace is our option if we share what works + support the best of everyone's values and help w/empathy to those leaving negative effects as you welcome who can, where in your local tapering transition as you welcome your students/community to focus direct together, working toward and doing your local `plan. As you organize w/good tools and network w/like ecosystem/season and subject. 

    To ecologically restore your enhanced sustainable working communities w/neighbors.

    Even President Trump and those in the past as well those still offering Ex; Bernie Sanders/Brand New Congress/Indivisible/Jill Stein/Miguel Altieri and more can help all go figure.

   Contact us to gather a meet and lets co_evolve together;

Tel; 1-360-450-3749, email kara and leave a message and we will get back soon;

Cheers, for humanity has solutions, add yours please, kara