Prioritize, make `RANKED CHOICE VOTING happen..

With the issues of the times, each need to know how important you are to interrelate where most comfortable to make this happen. Contact your local media, + more, do what you can now to reach out to all in your walkabout, organize, use all to help fill out a local message board and keep it in real time w/internet folks!

`Jill Stein, `Brand New Congress, `Indivisable, `Full Bloom, this list goes on, for many have great solutions, it's time to make mindful conscious acts and work together to change policies that entrap us/so many. The tools of the times are here for change!

Contact Prof Miguel Altieri and rethink/shift w/your local `plan prirotizing what can give you local natural grown wild food/fish/animal as well energy and technology, soverignty, as you prioritize an agroecological overview. Ridding Colonial grid modes and working w/neighbors, ending false aid from afar;

 E-mail: Office Address 215 Mulford Hall. Berkeley Univ. CA, US. Office hours. By appointment. Office Phone Number 510-642-9802.

Tell your Gov/regulators to join in now, making changes you and your community need!

Contact us to gather a meet and lets co_evolve together;

Tel; 1-360-450-3749, email kara and leave a message and we will get back soon;

  Humanity has solutions, when local living structures are supported. Please let our plan fuel your local `plan, supporting you to take part, networking. Welcoming your students to use your community as an extended classroom;

 Giving you options, so no more stay isolated w/fragmented science dependent on dysfunctional governing systems that need to be changed. + Best by skillful students walking by their side, prioritizing mindful thought. As truth + transparency is networked. Supporting one’s local `plan to be one’s rule of law.

 As all come to the table restoring one’s `enhanced ecological sustainable working community, the students can work w/all co_evoling the curriculum to stayn in real time. Centering each to build one’s path as one walks it, into one[s opening, leaving no footprint.

Please note we are not staying in real time w/these events and appreciate you helping us w/your story;

 The present governing bodies are focusing on subject matter irrelevent in the larger scale of saving lives. See what US Gov is doing in Mosul, protecting terrorists to go to Aleppo to fight Syrian Gov, this is insane. US economy cannot work uness it has a war. This must stop now, enough scars repeated on this planet + beyond.

PLEASE MAKE A DIFFERENCE but first get some facts do you homework, correct us as you take part/link/comment/share this link below while you do your walkabout. We are sharing controversial serious issues locally + afar that you + your community can act mindfully on now, once you get clear + understand, helping us do the same.

We have time to make changes, reach out to medias for RANKED CHOICE VOTING. Email kara, if need help, in taking part in our Google Live Document;

It's time to talk about how..

Please rethink + link w/humanities ethnic reality still working + create. Work w/locals to do one’s local `plan, giving true reality of prioritiy needs. Locals do best if network, to define the toxic developments requiring focus directed attention to resolve. Realize whom, what + where is to be held accountable locally for your communities toxic happenings, as well that which leaves negative effects afar. Please realize how many of us have no clue of the true manipulations going on from US Gov/Military for profits/control.

Please do your homework, for it is wrong for US to not peacefully + truthfully negotiate peace ASAP w/all work together as brothers + sisters to prevent WW3. But to say this is not the reality of what we can do now, but staying in the moment +mindfuly acting. Don't think of WW3, that is the easay way to run on all those before us that never had such good tools of the times to mindfully act. Please take part in our list now as we open this Google Drive Document to remain live so we can resolve w/Humanities options now for peace + to restore our ecological sustainabe working communities the right way. Creating 1 Universal Sound Science to over ride the fragmented that permitted dysfunctional profiting Governments to lie + manipulate for profits/control, etc.:

It's time to talk co_evolved into adding `about how at end. Check back for updates for It's time to talk about how, is a live document as it is being worked globally, w/your help to get the truth out to us all. To simplify a list that everyone should carry in one's community shared tool shed, not to mention your back pocket until it becomes common sense from what works for our human family now, not another lif time! See many talking truths of US Gov, that does not represent the US people. See stories on Mosul/Aleppo, etc. Which ar not the same as what you watch on US Gov controlled medias. It's time to talk..

 Invest your vote in a true social movement for real change, says Jill.


                 Watch Jill and Ajamu on Tuesday Night's C-SPAN Town Hall 

   A highlight of the hour-long program came when a Hillary supporter, Steve from Wisconsin, asked Jill if she would take her name off the ballot in battleground states because he was worried that Jill will act as a “spoiler” for Hillary in those states.

Jill challenged him right back:

“Are you ok with the nuclear war (if Hillary is elected)? Six months from now, we could be in a nuclear war with Russia thanks to Hillary's foreign policies.

We have seen what Hillary can do in Libya. She says what she wants to do in Syria (establish a no-fly zone that puts us in direct conflict with Russia). It's important not to drink the Kool-Aid.

Don't just be a victim of the propaganda. You really need to look at the track record and make a principled decision.  What we say is - the biggest wasted vote is a vote for more of what is throwing under the bus. Invest your vote in a true social movement for real change.”

The C-SPAN interview is just one of dozens of media interviews and appearances the Stein/Baraka team is earning these days. With every national interview, Jill and Ajamu's platform of bold, forward thinking Green ideas finds an audienceand helps grow the movement.


   Make a difference, make real solutions happen by seeing the options humanity gives now that 2 of the Presidential candidates are not talking about but Jill Steine is;


Dr. Jill Stein is asking all to be part of the Presidential debates, but is not being allowed to take part. This is wrong! The more all can work together the better to create support for this living local process. Actually Donald Trump agreed, thank you.

Jill Stein as President ends Nuclear/war mode + false green, toxic economies, by working w/local `plans as locals rule of law.

 Our idea is for all communities working on one’s local `plan, to share in solidarity for a healthy earth + beyond. Addressing our true sustainable priorities as in balancing the genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors, so as to truly gain understanding of our true sustainble partners.

 This in return will create 1 Multiversal Sound Science. (Multiverse is a word i’ve co_evolved into from the Native American Indians using it vs Universe. Which means their is room for all to be self directing `booned by the natural world as tools to gain balance. Vs the colonial grid continuing to control another.

Us Governing bodies are not giving us transparency, nor telling the truth of Syria, rather they blame Russia, this is not right. We all should be coming to the table to share the living local process, supporting local `plans. This is not happening, why?? Follow the money.

 We have tools of the time to stop these scars form continuing. Governing bodies are needed to clean up one’s mess + co_evolve to where one’s position + policies are supporting the living local process, not interfering.

 This mindful interrelating is what continues to end the Nuclear/war mode, false green, toxic economies.

This we did not observe in either the Presidential debate, nor the VP, rather the way the Democrats are acting is like children. + The way Donald is uninformed is unacceptable regarding what damage to the earth Nuclear does. Lets show him skillful acting as wel Hillary + all what history has done + what can be real peace now.

Please review + share;


                                                 Dr. Jill Stein's offerings working w/all..  

                                     Live VP Debate w/Dr. Jill Stein's VP elect
                                                w/ Green Party’s Ajamu Baraka.

    Peace, democracy + ecology working within our `enhanced natural limits, sharing earth + beyond w/understanding. As each community does one's local `plan working w/one's students to structure such understanding, working w/community as an extended classroom. For each to prioritize the real issues of the times w/transparency. Recycling/redirecting one's good energy so no matter what you have done, you are supported to make wrongs right.

 It is this input needed in all debates, so together we share in solidarity the living local process, globally. Leave no one left behind. Leaven No Trace.

    See our `the sun will set, spreadsheet that we still are perfecting + comment, + i will add your link, etc;
                                                                 the sun will set

 It is up to each of us to reach out in one’s walkabout for oneself + share to prioritize one’s local `plan, so no more governing bodies continue to waste local or afar resources.

`i come to talk story appreciates what you can do!

Please reflect w/ Jill's plan to co_evolve the reality plans in place as you do your homework. Check out `Brand New Congress.

+ See our ideas to fuel yours + please add your feedback on our Google Drive document live below in subpages (1) It's time to talk..

For past reference see;

Peace is our option if we share understanding!

Please donate + support us where good for you..

Tel and leave a message please and we wil get back soon; 1-360-450-3749 skype.


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