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                          Welcome new friends!

                                          Where do you think we like best to work?

    Being a jack of all trades, we built a 42’ Wharram Cat and circumnavigated the Pacific Ocean then to want to come back to ill parents to help. In the process we developed our virtual platform knowing our networking/learning was too good to stop.

             That is the birth of `i come to talk story as we sailed into Solomon Islands and `Nana the Chief would come daily saying kara/mishi ` i come to talk story.

  Realizing our folks were dying, we sold `etak, guy ran without paying so we ended up w/smaller boat for another attempt to help mom. Now we are trying to sell `tzegunka our 38` loa, 30 lod` `Buehler Port Orford Cedar sailboat, 1988, presently in Charleston, OR. If know of one please share, more detail is on another page.

         So if never been to Charleston, it has a lot of natural area to offer and that is where you will find us working on our computers, when not working on boat or van.. If we are networking near you and you like our subject matter and want to gather a group to meet, we are happy to do an exchange for fund raising, so contact us.. There are a variety of places outside or the library has a nice room here in Coos Bay/North bend. They like to support local activism.

 So whether on a blanket/chair under a beautiful tree, assortment of weeds and rocks w/river/sea view, ocean beach, an old growth forest dirt road/path to the park w/weather protected buildings, we can organize a date.. I think you get the message, we enjoy life, work a lot and enjoy what we do when we network.

  Please forgive me, kara for all my yada, for my heart is in the right place and want to share with you the severity of today’s issues and options we discovered, as we continue to work at this ourself.  Yes we need an editor along w/other tools, so have patience, we would like to make this virtual platform a more simple tool for all to understand. So we are working to perfect it w/your support.

     We thank Nabble, Google, LibreOffice, for they have given us much to do this and are here for you as well!

     For we know only when we share, can we go figure together, accepting nothing less than mindful acts. We have a plan from humanity’s work we continue to collect, so please help us simplify an efficient platform and reach all globally, in solidarity.

 So if want to add feedback/share your link of like subject, please browse our work and come talk.                                       




Please share it while you do your walkabout for you! For we presently are studying some good ideas to make this happen.

  If we can share more for you to understand or want to have a group meet, or Donate, then contact us. For we are a US 501.c3 non profit association;

               Come talk, please leave a message and we will get back soon; 1-360-450-3749

                                             Email kara;

Peace is an option for everyone if we share what works, supporting research/prioritizing real issues important to each.

Thank you, kara speaking for our combined `effect..

                                                    `i come to talk story




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