>>>>>>>>> Who we are..

  We are a family that just gets bigger. We have yet to add all here, but we appreciate all that has helped us get this far, for each has been a great influence to reaching out, as we continue to perfect `i come to talk story.

  We started over 37 years ago researching as explorers, working on ourself, our own inter/intra personal issues, asking why collectively more don't support others in a variety of issues.

I kara came from WI and wendy is my daughter, we met mishi in Los Angeles as i was going to school/working at many things. That was ~ 37 years ago. He came from Russia and was working with his father in an Herbal business teaching western doctors/people, Russian herbology. Which also was my class where i met him and his family. And now my husband. So we all had different experiences yet similar dysfunctions we where working thru due to no social/civil political balance to support what humanity has always offered, if aware to get to the education, or support where not available. So we go figure knowing well awareness is here and more as people create when supported/or support along the way, once focus directed. 

    SO that is what we welcome all to come aboard and do, continue working w/humanity's good work sharing your living local `process, based on your local `plan's true enhanced natural potential, prirotizing toxic, aiding those most vulnerable first, then sharing in restoration, trying to do a local `plan, when yet many in fragments have great offerings. It is these patches of goodness we expect to do exchanges, for many are willing, w/pockets without. And eventually w/tools in place and all networking, the international community w/all will rethink and we have ideas to end all Nuclear use accept some medical as Dr. Helen Caldicott supports, as we thank her for her global participation in helping all become aware. As together we resolve this global crises affecting many now. I met her in `Pasadena's Symposium for Humanity, when i volunteered as a Nuclear activist back in 1979 i believe?? She deserves everyone's respect and support now.

    Same Prof Miguel Altieri whom his work has fueld our virtual platform w/not just his agro_ecology curriculum working w/peasants/fisher folks, but as a movement to end toxic and feed the world as all become aware that w/this, comes local natural food/wild food/medicine/fish/animal/energy and technology, soverighnty. If they are given more land they can feed the world. But we also want every local `plan to prioritize w/agro_ecological systems and shift from Industrialized Agriculture, ending GMOS/monocultures, and Bill Gates Foundation mode of help, that do damage. Rather communities need to work w/one's neghbors reviewing one's biome(s), to link and balance one's genetic bio diversity. This is our true sustaining energy, not large alternative energy grids. rather localized systems of low impact is what we support.

  Miguel knows well and his wife Carol Nicholls, that;

   ' A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable. 

   by using agro_ecology curriculum, which Miguel creates by working w/indigenous still doing, w/out leaving toxic effects,

       which can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

 Institutional structures supporting research + development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..'  

     We in perfecting our virtual platform plan to do this, plus creat 1 Universal Sound Science to fill in these fragments that have allowed such toxic affects on many.

    We feel all schools should come together for one's community, not as many are doing now, competing or not even addressing the many inter/intra personal issues one has, unable to even comprehend the information given wrongly. When with our plan working w/students they self reflect as they give hands on to those priority issues. Supporting all to sharpen one's dulled sensors, then to feel the true energy once sharpened, as people want to do theri part once healthy, ending misuse/abuse.

  We love nature, and as we recouped from a financial loss from corrupt Bank of Elroy in WI, as we bought property for family, invested deeply then to have septic system broke, when yet the Bank said on paper all is good. So to recoup this loss when could not do business as planned due to the expense involved, for this was a large campground, which required a new septic system. 

   So instead we built a 42' Wharram catamaran sailboat in WI, US and trucked it to WA and finished it. Then circumnavigated the Pacific Ocean pretty much. For when got to Australia mom's husband was dying of cancer and he asked us to come back so we did. Then to also help my dad and mishi's dad also dying. And none of this was good experiences with the broken western medical systems.

     Not to mention the 5 acres of tomatoes we grew to help pay for our desires. But we had fun, this is mom and i, kara, below on old tractor that mishi drove, as we planted them. Mom actually pushed mishi's back on second story of barn to push out etak' from a rail we built. Other photo is wendy and i on etak'. She and mishi did a great job sailing, for we had a lt of bad weather w/el nino. Plus i was still grieving over the death of my father, which made it hard for all. But time heals when you get real and go figure reality. The dingy in next photo was Solomon Islands. As i state below `Nana would also bring his dugout every day to visit us. Amazing dyfsfunction his and many other communities live with. A Japanese barge illegally had come in and deforested the island's hillside where they grew food too. Mud ran down into bay where they would catch their fish.

    `Nana would come say his fish was not happy! We then would go see, and tell him how they do not survive w/mix of mud, etc. And we continued to do and exchange to help. Then `Nana would get in his dugout and go talk to next community and share, then come back and we'd share and exchange which was good for us all.

    At first some on island never saw white people like us, and whenever we wouod come into a new community the dolhins usually would come play w/our bow. The the children would come in their dugouts. We would play music first or play with them, so mishi would jump around like a monkey and dance. So later word got out that this lady has this boat w/a monkey on it.

  The children are so beautoful yet so much lack of education, Ex; glass on beach, fecal matter on some islands so unable to walk in, trash like plastic diapers in ocean, merchant's would sell blotated can's and stuff illegal to sell in US, unaware of health issue, divers would dive too deep and get bends, not knowing. As mishi being a hard hat diver in past going 300 ft deep knew well and would educate them. Same on alternative energy, we would gather parts from old vehicles and tell them how they had predominant wind for a wind vane. Meanwhile this is another chief that would sell video's of Rambo, then to throw battery's in ocean.

  I think you get the picture, so our exchanges where engthy and i could go all day with this list. But biggest was the Rwandan genocide we heard on shortwave crossing ocean that made me sick. So i had to shoft and make this project `i come to talk story, and now as hard as we continue to work thru resisitence of all kinds, we continue, for many can't. We have a great plan and want to gain support to fuel every community to network and do one's local `plan, working w/one's students even if no schools, as we know the beauty wendy does w/homeschooling and feel all public schools should have the same.

   Wendy being a beautiful child, that had to deal w/my inexperiences as a mother and our family dysfunctions continues to develop great work. All should be fortunate due to the many great people on earth today, to help us w/these ideas. 

  Ahanu, our grandson is our new addition to htis mutely crew we are. He is a great example of having true responsible parents. His upbringing all should have. For he has been an equal since born. Parents did not just go their way they also went his way, and now he also shares much more then love as a mindful particapant where ever he is.

             Ahanu and wendy, she shows what a great mama she is, w/her touch!


   We can't forget Papa Daniel Macke, for without him many of all our lessons would be without. Thank you Daniel for being a friend! Lucky us he also is a great traditional skilled seaman/sailing teacher, amongst many more skills, along w/musician and has played music for many of our potlucks!


     Mishi and i, had wendy for quite some time sailing with us, then to loose her as she jumped ship and went on sailing w/a bunch of nice young gentlemen on a 100' sailboat circumnavigating also. Full of electronics as she learned fast to do her shift. For etak' was based on `Wharrams polynesian designs with bare boat experience. Sure we had a GPS/VHF/beacon alert if etak`went overboard/solar panels and water desalinization to make fresh water from sea water, and that was about it. As far as bells and whistles we knew we had to be on our own, when they all break. And proved that as we sailed into many marinas, w/people unable to sail due to electronics breaking.

  Without mishi's great seamanship/energy efficientcy from sharing beautiful experiences of Russia country living, this project would not exist. He has taught us well ans we still learning, for not all was good for him either. As a child it was his job everyday for 13 years to take letter his family wrote to the Russian Gov, Soviet Union at that time, to ask to come to US to be w/his grandma. Finally they agreed. But back then they also had bad experiences living in the city, dad being a peace activist was not acepted then. So many horrible stories took place, that someday we can share more. For now we share the good ones. So living w/his aunt in the country w/over a dozen children on the farm, w/uncle being a train engineer, had great fun. No vehicles, no money exchanged, no shoes as we know them, no electricity, yet great stories of living on the farm. Sure later then to have Gov come in and take farms away is another story.

  But any of you now days that question a Russian should really take another look. For my man/my partner is very humble, never taking advantage of anyone, even as much as we have struggled due to others being corrupt. Mishi was born in Germany and early on as a baby taken to Russia until his teens, where he and i both skipped school at young ages due to teachers making no sense. But he had 1 great physics teacher that spent over 30 years in the Gulag, etc. She taught him much. Point is as much as we have supported many, lost ourselves financially, he and i agree to not take funds from Germany, which he has a right to legally. But we feel morally he did not participate in Germany so why take funds now, when they belong to their local people that work it. This is a true Russian from all my experiences.

  It's a personal choice, but we like to learn with the natural world as many have done and many are very competant on how they do it well, so i have much to learn still, even though we did over 60k miles at sea. And as you see now w/our present sailboat `tzegunka, in Charleston, OR, which we are trying to sell to continue to network. You can see it on our left panel.

  So we have continued to network from Seattle, WA into Sea of Cortez, MX on `tzegunka, as we co_evolve our learning experiences working w/all in our path, doing what can so as to continue our ideas of prioritizing nuts and bolts being the same for all of humanity, that serve our interest. So all communities do one's local `plan, sharing in solidarity for the global issues of the times do affect many. Yet many are totally unaware of how one contributes to leaving negative effects. So this we aim to change as we welcome your help to support where can.

Sadly we lost our nice camera overboard so many of our travels went down with it, but that is ok, we have memories and stories continue. This is me, kara and mishi's photo below.

                                  Mishi thank you, and all in your path love you!



                                                                                     Photos of etak' our sailboat.

   This was a great platform for discussion. We sold it when we realized the help our family needed, when we came back to the states. We sold it to Mark Nola and family and he decided to run with it w/new crew, leaving his wife to become very ill over this. He did not pay us what he agreed to. Then several years later a friend called me and said i think i see your sailboat for sale on Craig's list. All these years we could not locate in. Mark was telling him he built it. I then located it on Google Earth seeing it in the Marina. Well i then pursued to forclose and at same time had anotehr party looking to do a humanitarian project and wanted a boat. Ashly and Jordon Needham where so happy w/agreement, they took it to a haulout and hit a barge along the way, then to have marine patrol come to help and they hit it harder and all had to evacuate as they pulled it to the beach, then to recieve more damage as a buoy anchor ht w/swells. 

  To make story short, they too wanted to buy boat and All State Insurance lied about much on forms, especially us as beneficiary and gave all a hard time. Marine patrol had to subregate w/them, so they did not pay, leaving a loss for us all. Then to have Needhams not pay either set us on a domino effect after our losses in 2008, where we also could not pay some of our debts, leaving us in worse shape, yet some did help like US Bank, thank you! So we decided to go US non profit and did in 2012. And to date 9.14.2017 we've continued to pay our own way and seeking grant/donations to do our new plan to restructure our virtual platform w/these ideas and more.

   To date we have worked w/Google's Adgrant as well Nabble's, which has given us much advertisment globally sharing to many, these ideas as we together co_evolve building w/humanity's ways that work. they've helped us research how best to simplify all this w/their tools. They also offer much to all, to do the same, so you to can organize w/your communities. For us all to network.

     We thank all for the support given, as well those respected on our `the sun will set spreadsheet we've put together for their great offerings to do this project, giving communites/people, options to balance w/one's living local process, as together all restore one's ecological sustainable enhanced working communities, `boon with the natural world.

  We exchanged ideas in every village we went into, as well learned a lot and saw much dysfuntions that continued from our family experiences as well social political.

  We realized we all could gain some truth and understanding, realizing we all could go figure, some more easier than others. So as we saw many in attempt to do what we did fail, we felt we should continue and we are perfecting this virtual platform to make it easier for all to make a difference. Realizing humanity has answers now to create with. So over the years it has just got better.

Please have patience with me for i'm not a techy and editing terrible, but we do our best to get real with issues.

  Mishi has led many meets in communities to help define localized energy systems w/low impact for we all continue to lower our footprints. We do not support large energy grids due to ecologically interfering as well interfering in other/intra personal abilitys to be self responcible to do one's local `plan vs Colonial grids taken over or others from afar to profit.

No, we decided w/many as we co_evolve, that local `plans are best done by locals working w/one's neighbors, ending false aid from afar. The local 'plan retains controlling interest for locals. That means all that are their, even refugee. But w/our organized platform more will see how they can better communicate to stay and or be in a place of one's desires. As all comes aboard to change policys.

    For we all are earthlings and all should gain/give support to each other for all to become a local, global and beyond mindful participant. Working on priority issues for self and with others for the community, where ever one is, until they can calmly gain one's own desire.

   We thank Harold Kautz-vella for his great work as a German physist, stating it is not the people needing to be changed it's the game! Meaning we all must become self responsible and not support those profiting/delusional, when so much more can be done. So please we say welcome those leaving negative effects, into your tapering transion, calmly help understand a sound science, so all can make it work, so local `plan retains controlling interest for locals. This changes World Markets.

  We welcome all to take a review and join in sharing what works for you and what doesn't. for we want to hear truth and hold self and others accountable locally and afar. And in our changes we will have a questioner for all to fill our, to gain options/help give them as well, for self and or for another. then on to collectively doing one's local `plan or starting one.

  We welcome donations/grants as a US non profit. Please email kara if interested; kareje@ictts.org or call skype +1 360 450 3749 and leave a message or if i can explain anything else.

  Right now we are looking for helpers to study Google's ODK/Fusion Tables/Engine/Earth and that is how we will post people's story to network as reps for one's local `plan comes aboard and shares.

So stay tuned.

Peace is everyone's option if we reach them, sharing what works!

love us at `i come to talk story.

p.s. `Nana the Chief on an island in Solomon Islands would visit everyday stating `i come to talk story kara and mishi, so we named project after his beautiful exchanges w/us.

Thank you for making a difference! kara speaking for our combined `effect. Please share us along your walkabout for you and your local `plan..

                                              `i come to talk story