Help us continue networking, we need funding! Buy our wooden sailboat and make it yours!

posted Jan 16, 2018, 11:35 AM by `i come to talk story
Please, if you are interested in a 30' LOD wooden traditional design sail boat to live in or as a coastal crusier, or know of one interested, see our 1988 `George Bueler Design, for sale, here in Charleston, OR. 

   Cherry it out and make it yours, keep it here at Charleston Marina, for it offers much natural wildlife/scenery near estuary/open ocean/river/trekking the cliffs/fishing off them/clamming/crabbing the docks and more. A working boatyard close to take it out on hard. 

 Please check in to the Marina's policys to make sure you can do what you want. Or take it elsewhere;

Thank you for sharing, if know of one interested, for we have a plan that helps us continue our work as Peace/Nuclear/War, activists sharing the living local process that humanity offers now, w/agroecological systems/political movement. Using communities as classrooms, working w/one's students, prioritizing what is toxic, on to restoring one's ecological sustainable enhanced working healthier communities. As those that can help the many pockets without basic nuts and bolts for human comforts/as well help resolve the global issues negatively affecting some more than others and eventually all, as we are now in the 6th mass extinction.

So do your part and share what works as you self reflect and add to humanity's offerings now. As well Donate and make a difference.

Peace is an option if together we go figure! Thank you, for what you do! 
kara speaking for our combined `effect..

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