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We decided to share what many are talking about , as well when resisitence, so we shift, rethink + accept nothing less then to prioritize function, energy efficinetly, + if done right produces all kinds of creative energy.

Pease check back for updates + add yours;

It is here we are gathering people/links to share what works/what doesn't, on our `i come to talk story virtual platform, as well `the sun will set spreadsheet + our Nabble forum site;

We hope to fuel you to self reflect/take part + share, fueling others to join in.

We want all to realize we have options when resistence happens, for humanity on earth has many bioculural ways that still work to guide us. So as to create upon their ways to go figure.

People in responsible places need our help to go figure. For enough scars + many jobs are needed, as well many need a job. Yet many are not prioritizing so real community needs get met.

When these ideas are collaborated on, they create much more, they heal, help people get clear + physically strong, as well communities flourish creatively.

Lynn working in the health field in US + Canada, knows well along w/us that all can learn if supported/organized right. As we suggest students to use one's community as an extended classroom working w/community. Learning from + w/communities. Prioritizing w/communities, targeting most vulnerable, to give hands on in exchange for credits + to self reflect/share, heal + help communities self educate in a number of ways, clean up the toxic effects + even get paid for it, if organize a cooperative/be creative, working w/the now present dysfunctional systems, etc.;

Lynn says; WHEN WILL WE TEACH, TRAIN & PAY PEOPLE TO HELP HEAL ONE ANOTHER; instead of, drug, jail and kill one another? She continues to network many beautiful people that share love + skills.

Please see what we feel is important + out of this brings many jobs to restore healthy communites before it is too late for more. For already many have become ill, diseased + prematurely dieing, locally + afar from many allowing it to happen without doing one's part to make a difference.. Not to mention the many lost in the fog unable to keep going.

Just imagine as we know well, from networking w/the world that humanity in patches has great solution oriented options to create harmony now w/pockets unaware. + We feel w/our research the most efficient way is to gather community + do one's local `plan. As entire biomes are rethought + worked sensitively + skillfully w/love. Ending all Colonial rule from afar. Rather work within the earth/space natural systems that provide us tools to do organic exchanges, that sustain us as a living organism. As well nurture the life within in.

With this awareness every local `plan can then take part in creating/sharing what works as 1 Universal Sound Science is then created to over ride the fragmented science that has permitted such toxic developements/entities such as the Military Industrial complex, not to mention the Governing people in responsible roles that are not on top of, nor holding accountable the many people + agencys working that are not holding them accountable, such as the EPA + more.

So it is here that we want to share real names/entities/people/times + places of experiences, for no one can hide, even behind a corporation. + We want to resolve by welcoming all into one's local tapering transition to help those that have eft negative results, etc. to gain understanding of this sound science to make wrongs right.

As in hire people, gain support/grants, coordinate w/state + federal, etc. So when people pay as in taxes, they actually gain a community that has all it's needs met, not funds going to war afar or into creating weapons of war for afar, etc. When yet `we the people have no say about foreign affairs. Meanwhile local needs are not met.

I thank many of you that are mindful reaching out to educate + inform. But please rethink for if we protest on the streets without media awareness, we accomplish a lot less for our energy, then if we organize an event w/media coverage + more.

So i suggest us gathering in a number of ways to be discussed, prioritizing, so we can gain awareness from collabotating to actually then go to the right person/entitiy, etc. + resolve the issues if can. If not then we need more networking to rethink before bringing more attention as in a protest covered by a variety of medias to make a difference.

For we all are interdependent on our natural world once we balance our genetic biodiversity + link w/neighbors, so as not to interfere in the life that sustains us all. + I've said to many that protest, it is actually more energy efficinet to gather people for workshops + start the work needed. Organize for fair pay + equal time, etc.

So lets start this conversation;

A good issue is `Leaven No Trace's experiences w/local trash that is hidden, city + county have no plan yet. So please see their facebook page; + join in the event;

Q & A with LNT
Public · Hosted by Leaven No Trace
Sunday at 2 PM - 5 PM
5 days from now · 45–55° Rain Showers
Coos Bay Public Library
525 Anderson Ave, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420

Next see this + take part;

UCS - Science for a healthy planet and safer world
EPA Slashes Key Science Oversight Committee

Join UCS tomorrow, May 10, at 7:00 p.m. EDT, to learn more about the dismissal of half the members of the EPA Board of Scientific Counselors and what you can do to help push back against this recent attack on science.

RSVP Today

Tomorrow: Learn about the EPA's Dismissal of Key Science Advisers

Hi friend,

Did you see the news that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just dismissed half the members of a key science advisory committee? Last Friday, the EPA failed to renew nine members on the Board of Scientific Counselors, the advisory committee that reviews the work of scientists within the EPA. This critical group of experts is responsible for reviewing how the EPA's research programs study everything from chemical safety to air pollution to fracking.

Join the Union of Concerned Scientists for a conference call to hear directly from one of the dismissed scientists and to learn more about what happens next and what you can do to push back on this latest attack on science.

Conference Call: EPA Slashes Key Science Oversight Committee
Date: Tomorrow, May 10
Time: 7:00 - 7:45 p.m. EDT

Read More

• Robert Richardson, associate professor, Michigan State University, and now former member of the EPA Board of Scientific Counselors
• Andrew Rosenberg, director, Center for Science and Democracy at UCS
• Genna Reed, policy analyst, Center for Science and Democracy at UCS

Please RSVP today and submit questions to the speakers in advance.

Jean Sideris
Jean Sideris
Deputy Director of Campaigns
Climate & Energy Program
Union of Concerned Scientists


Subject: Trump victory - What does this mean for science?

Dear friend,

President Trump's lack of support for science-based decision making has become clear—but we have the power to stop him from putting politics before science at the expense of our health and the environment. This is where our work begins. We must stop him from attacking science and attempting to roll back critical science-based protections.

Join me and the Union of Concerned Scientists in letting the new Trump administration know we're standing up for science! Add your voice today:

Please note i asked the conference people to support 1 Universal Sound Science so all take part in a new verbiage, all on same page as each understand the simple nuts + bolts of healthy communities. Dealing w/geoenginnering/Nuclear radiaition + putting people in responsible roles that mindfully act as a local particpant. So together all go figure. Not some wastefully spending w/fragmented science from another of reasons.

We the people have solutions + entities need to have transparency + truth to work w/us, not make their own decisons wrongly.

Join in so we simplify alll this, not having to reinvent the wheel. We have seen locals + afar people in responsible roles share options, humanity has answers. we just need to organize + celebrate along the way such goodness to create upon, have a natural, local grown wild potluck + amazing conversations appear.

For i can no longer even support GMO lableing as some want lcally + afar, rather it all needs to go as Russia no longer lets it into the country, as well others, so wake up.

I can't even get a response when i ask to stop Fluoride in the water here in Coos County. We ended it in Port Townsend, WA. It is toxic.

Please be aware on our `the sun will set spreadsheet on our site, we also have good data from scientists/doctors that know well the birth defects from Nuclear Radiation as they tested long ago + did a study 2010/2011 on pregnant women showing the difference in months, when subjected to Fukushimi Daiichi release of radiation when in utero.


Message from the live teleconference was;

The gist of this was that laying people off is not the big issue, what is is that major research projects are being shifted/quit, so people need to follow closely + take part to rethink if they are needed or not, + who is making decisions based on science or profits, etc. + Yes they encourage all to reapply on both sides, for even if unpaid the projects can be very beneficial to take part in, or have been??

p.s. Please realize we are perfecting + researching to gain support to make our virtual platform more simple as a good tool for every community, sharing links of what works/what doesn't. Your support is appreciated. Contact me if unable to link or interested in Donating to us as a US 501c3, non profit assoc.:

Peace, kara


On Tuesday, May 9, 2017 10:20 AM, "Anna Aurilio, Environment America Federal Legislative Director" <> wrote:

Dow Chemical is urging EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to ignore federal research -- AGAIN -- and keep dangerous pesticides on the market. Tell Administrator Pruitt that dismissing science puts our health and environment at risk.



Recently, I shared the news that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt had ignored the recommendations of his agency’s own scientists and rejected a ban on the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos.

Now, Dow Chemical, the manufacturer of chlorpyrifos, is urging Administrator Pruitt to ignore federal studies once again -- this time showing the harmful effects of three widely used pesticides on nearly 1,800 endangered and critically threatened species.2

Tell EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt that dismissing science puts our health and our environment at risk.

Over the past four years, government scientists have compiled more than 10,000 pages of evidence that all point to the same conclusion: Chlorpyrifos, diazinon and malathion pose a risk to nearly every endangered species they studied.3

Under the Endangered Species Act, the EPA, the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service are obligated to protect endangered wildlife from pesticides that could jeopardize their continued existence.4

Now Dow Chemical has hired its own scientists to refute the extensive studies conducted by the government. It sent letters to these agencies urging them to ignore the earlier studies -- and shirk their responsibility to enforce the Endangered Species Act.5

Administrator Pruitt made the wrong call when he overruled his agency’s own findings and declined to ban chlorpyrifos. Now, we have a second chance to regulate this and two other dangerous pesticides.

Tell EPA Administrator Pruitt to review the science at hand and regulate the use of chlorpyrifos, diazinon and malathion.

Thanks for taking action,

Anna Aurilio
Environment America Federal Legislative Director

1. Eric Lipton, E.P.A. Chief, Rejecting Agency’s Science, Chooses Not to Ban Insecticide, The New York Times, March 29, 2017.
2. Michael Biesecker, AP Exclusive: Pesticide Maker Tries to Kill Risk Study, Associated Press, April 20, 2017.
3. Ibid.
4. Pesticide Registration and Endangered Species Act Consultations, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Accessed April 28, 2017.
5. Michael Biesecker, AP Exclusive: Pesticide Maker Tries to Kill Risk Study, Associated Press, April 20, 2017.

Environment America, Inc.
Federal Advocacy Office: 600 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20003, (202) 683-1250
Facebook | Twitter


The list keeps growing, add more + check back for updates + please take part! Thank you, + remember working together we have solutions for each local `plan to be fueled to do what best locally, by locals. I share a few freinds that fuel us;

See Jenny's work w/;


Hi, this is Geoff from Permaculture Research/News, etc.

Let’s jump right…

Self-repairing Concrete: Concrete can now be repaired biologically: “‘The problem with cracks in concrete is leakage,’ explains professor Henk Jonkers, of Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. ‘If you have cracks, water comes through -- in your basements, in a parking garage.’ [...] But Jonkers has come up with an entirely new way of giving concrete a longer life. ‘We have invented bioconcrete -- that's concrete that heals itself using bacteria,’ he says.” This is a fascinating energy-saving retrofit advancement for material that has more or less remained stagnant for centuries. I also couldn’t help but notice the subtle humor / pun that the author of the piece chose to include: “It took Jonkers three years to crack the problem…” Very funny, though I didn’t crack up :) The full piece, along with a video and some detailed images, can all be seen here.

Dead River Revival: It was delightful to see this level of respect, vision, and hard work come together: “Kuttemperoor river, after being subjected to years of severe pollution and illegal sand mining, had almost vanished into obscurity until last year, when an initiative vehemently led by the Budhanoor gram panchayat in Alappuzha district did the unimaginable [...] The operation involved 700 labourers, including men and women from all the 14 wards under the Budhanoor panchayat, who were employed for the task under the MGNREGA scheme. And over a period of 70 days, these workers put their heart and soul to save the river.” Full story here.

Unusual Atlas: I came across this and at first wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Part esoteric ponderings, part warning, and part call-to-action: “Coming almost 450 years after the world's first Atlas, this Atlas for the End of the World audits the status of land use and urbanization in the most critically endangered bioregions on Earth. By bringing urbanization and conservation together in the same study, the essays, maps, data, and artwork in this Atlas lay essential groundwork for the future planning and design of hotspot cities and regions as interdependent ecological and economic systems.” Main index of the site can be seen here, and for those who want to jump straig ht to the “good news” / optimistic portion titled “Atlas for the Beginning” can do so here.

Healing Weeds: John Walker has a healthy perspective on something that most people have a very different take on -- weeds: “Once you appreciate this perfectly natural reaction by nature, you start to see that weeds aren’t there to deliberately frustrate our gardening efforts; they are simply doing their job. Just as new skin forms after we’ve caught ourselves on a rose thorn, weeds help heal wounds in the earth. Look at it another way: it’s us who are causing the problem by insisting on bare, neat-looking soil – open wounds, if you like.” In many ways I agree with John - this is the way we should think if we want to heal the earth without hatred or prejudice. The full article can be read here, and Walker’s main information page can be seen here.

In case you missed it: A few pieces of interest this week from our sister site, the non-profit Permaculture Research Institute:

Storytelling For The Future: Permaculture, Star Wars And Mythology
Using Sustainable Choices To Rein In Debt
How To Chop And Drop More Effectively
If you enjoy these posts, be sure to bookmark the site as several new articles go up weekly, or check out thousands of other past articles, here.

That’s it for the Friday Five.

Again, if you have something to share with respect to the Friday Five, please don’t email me or hit reply. Why not? Because these are meant to be conversation starters, not mere broadcasts :) so I kindly request and would vastly prefer that share your comments and thoughts on the blog-version of this Friday Five (and all past + future Friday Fives), all housed here. This way, our entire community can benefit from your insights, and join the discussion.

Cheers, and have a great weekend

Your friend,


Prof Miguel Altieri whom creaates agroecology curriculum working w/indigenous that still live ways that work. see his Poverty Alleviation Workshop + more.


Thanks Mary, she is 1 of the local candidates for Brand New Congress, here in Coos County that i see;

Measure's opponents are lying
May 9, 2017
I need to address the outright lies told about Yes on 6-162 by the fraudulently named “Save Coos Jobs.”

Measure 6-162 stops the U.S. government from using eminent domain to take landowners’ property to benefit foreign companies, and prohibits the transportation of fossil fuels through Coos County unless we will use them. There won’t be “checkpoints,” and 6-162 will not affect hunting/ranching/farming. This is desperate scare-mongering from the few opponents who stand to gain at our expense.

This stops the Jordan Cove export facility. Why anyone in Coos County would think that building a gas plant with a 3-mile blast radius on a sand spit, in an earthquake/tsunami zone, to export gas through a pipeline in an estuary, closing the Port for 3.4 days a week, to tankers off-shore to sell to Asia to benefit a foreign company for a measly 150 jobs is a good idea, I don’t know. By Jordan Cove’s own admission, the jobs may not even go to locals and are low-paying security jobs. What about the homeowners that can’t sell properties in the blast zone? Or can’t get insurance because of proximity to the plant? We would subsidize all of the risk, the profits will leave the country.

They are temporary jobs for out-of-state contractors that end after the plant is built. Don’t kid yourself; the workers that come here won’t buy Harley-Davidsons and enjoy expensive Italian restaurants. We get the bill for two years of law-enforcement.

Jordan Cove is embarrassingly frantic; spending $359,000 and hiring a Portland lobbyist to defeat 6-162.

The only reason they are here is because every other port on the Pacific Coast said no.

Stale thinking (ORC fiasco) has prevented actual prosperity for the last four decades. Instead of a vibrant waterfront park with walking trails, entertainment pavilions where festivals and events like hydroplane racing could be held, water taxi/dinner cruise businesses, robust fisheries and a thriving downtown, we get crumbling concrete, graffiti-covered railcars and a dirty pipeline. Yep, that brings jobs and people to Coos County.

Ask any fisherman/crabber/oyster farmer how they’ll handle the port being closed 3.4 days a week. Jordan Cove will decimate those industries. We will lose jobs if the plant is built. Call it “Save Canadian Jobs” or “Save Out-of-State-Pipelayers Jobs.” Voting no on 6-162 is admitting that you don’t care if the U.S. government takes your neighbor’s property to benefit foreign companies.


Please take part + see our friends `Food + Water Watch;

Find an event on their map - or sign up to host a few people in your neighborhood this Saturday.

Date: This Saturday, May 13
Where: Cities and towns across the country

Check out the map to find an event near you or host one in your community!

What's going to happen on May 13?
Community members will come together in groups large and small, in neighborhoods across the country. The events will include a live stream from Washington, D.C., where we'll hear from climate leaders and share stories of people fighting back against the fossil fuel industry - and winning.

There will be time for your local gathering to talk together about what's going on in your community and next steps for action. We'll provide trainings, tools, and resources so your team has everything necessary to move forward with your game plan.

Don't see an event in your community on the map?
Host one yourself and invite a few friends over! You can click "Host an Event" on the map and get started. When you register, you'll get everything you need. We'll email you a comprehensive host guide and agenda, and we'll follow up with you to make sure you're ready. Even if you've never done anything like this before, we're ready to help you be successful and move your community to action.

I want to close with one very important note - the OFF Fossil Fuels project will be driven by you.


Support Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and reject SB 990!

Do it Now! » take action please.

Dear Friend,

On the morning of Tuesday, May 9, the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state evacuated workers and instructed others to shelter in place because of a tunnel collapse onto a contaminated rail line used to reprocess nuclear waste. The incident is a grim reminder that we are still at risk of exposure to highly dangerous radioactive waste.
You can make a difference: join NIRS and Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and Tell the Oregon State Legislature to reject SB 990!
In 1980, Oregonians voted to require statewide voter approval and the establishment of a permanent disposal site for high-level radioactive waste before any new nuclear power plants could be built in the state. Nearly 40 years later there is still no permanent disposal site for high-level radioactive waste, however, bill SB 990 will create a special exemption to allow the construction of small modular reactors.
Please urge the House Committee on Energy and Environment to reject SB 990!
The proposed smaller reactors create the same high-level radioactive waste generated at Oregon’s now-closed nuclear power plant, Trojan. The orphaned waste from Trojan still sits in heavily shielded casks on a concrete pad next to the Columbia River, awaiting permanent disposal. Should the shielding fail for any reason, workers would receive a lethal dose of radiation within minutes even though the plant has been closed for more than two decades.
We have an obligation to protect Oregonians from the health and financial impacts of the generation of more nuclear waste for which we still have no workable storage solutions. Add your name to our sign-on letter to tell the Oregon Legislature to reject Senate Bill 990 and keep our nuclear waste protections intact.
Thanks for all you do!

Tim Judson
Executive Director



Just reminding us all that we have been, are and will just this industry down! And figure out how to clean up as well!

Remembering to trust in caring people and our collective concern and shifting.

Love yous. those of us at `i come to talk story..


Moms Across America
Moms Across America

kara --

We must protect organic farms!
An outrageous development has been released yesterday- Azure organic farm is being threatened with a mandatory spraying of toxic chemicals to erradicate "noxious weeds" on their property. We all know this would mean that their food would no longer be organic.

Please take a moment to watch this moving video from David Cross of Azure Standard.

Then please sign this petition, which will send an email directly to the requested recipient.

If you have a moment to call, please also call Lauren at 541-565-3416 before May 17th. May 22nd is the next court date.
Please let them know there are alternatives to toxic chemicals such as mulch and steam weed control. It is an urgent matter to protect families and farmers from toxins.

Thank you!

A friend says it best in response to above;

Any earth empathist would be opposed to corporate sponsored (i.e., fascist, gangster parasite), take-overs and tyrannies.

Chemicide (fungicide/herbicide/pesticide) trends are planetary wide biocide, particularly when combined with other neo-pollutants (preservatives, hormone mimickers, ever accumulating radionuclides, etc.).

Sherman County policy is broad spectrum, pathologically indiscriminate and enduring murder for, at best, a transient, a minor benefit.

As many toxins do persist, and/or bioaccumulate, your family and (who's, …our?) planet may not.
Sherman County officials are stupid, or corporate bootlickers. They're promoting unsustainability, and indiscriminate death. They're beyond shame. Lazybones for a nickel.