Our earth community can come together + go figure, sharing one's local `plans in solidarity..

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                                   `i come to talk story (www.ictts.org)

                       Has a plan to fuel everyone's local `plans w/your help. 

    We are perfecting our virtual platform to make it a good tool for every community. To share 

your good links, as we focus direct together making this process to live local more friendly.

                           Are you missing something?? Do you think it is love?

Let us awaken you to what no one else can do for you, but you. + Please rethink w/this read below, before you decide to plan your family. For we want everyone to be nurtured as each deserve to do for oneself. Join in w/your love, if lucky to have, + have protected/safe sex + plan your family as you take this journey together.

   For over a few thousand years people have lived with/creating w/the earth's tools to naturally balance w/he natural world in harmony, yet many have lost one's ability to do this. When yet still we are so fortunate to have many bio cultural ways/bush crafting, etc. to guide. I myself not having this as a child know well it is a harder path to transform oneself, when not living w/such harmony working in the natural world w/one's daily chores.

    But if i + many others can do it, any one can. So please come make a difference. See our proposal to fuel your local `plan w/your participation.

  Right now as a community we want to show you humanities goodness, so by the proosed date of the pilice to address the homeless camps in Coos bay + surrounding, people unable will not be just once gain pushed aside. As community carries more fear based misinformation. + Yes as we detain more ill progrees to aggressive states, which can be prevented, if we humanely act.

  Leaven No Trace (LNT) has a good solution working w/Homeless Solutions Coos County (HSCC), check out their facebook pages + give them support, as you come add your input to help all make a difference ASAP. We are proposing to the Coos Bay county planning + they will try to put this into their ammendments prior to that date, + rethink if can??

         It is wrong to let any human think just having a tent on illegal property is all life is about.

 What we can do know in this local situation is basic nuts + bolts that every community needs to do + can by do_in one's local `plan, achieving much more.

         Please add to `our proposal in process  made by many good locals locally + afar, + check back for updates.

        Working together we can hold ourselves + others accountable as we ask for detail about the services/products, etc. we use. + When we awaken to what should not be produced it is time to stop supporting + in a taparing transition come together + do what each can to help these people rethink + make wrongs right. These people below know well as they support many in the world that continually get land/seas/fresh water grabbed, yet those people are not held accountable.

 We welcome all to join in w/La Via Campesina event on March 8, 2017 + don’t stop there, follow + join in with their good work globally, as well their students;

#LaViaCampesina - #March8  For the women of La Via Campesina from all over the world, 8th of March is a day of struggle, resistance and denunciation of the capitalist system, transnational corporations (TNCs), patriarchy and masochism. These oppress, exploit and violate women. It's also a day of solidarity with women’s struggles. As peasant women, we are fully committed to the struggle for food sovereignty as a solution for systemic change. This includes our struggle for access to land, water, health and seeds. We use agroecology as a political practice which envisions a world built on the principles of justice and equity.

Women of the World, Mobilise this #March8

  Lets all do what can in respect to the people pf Japan that are being told they must go back to their homes + no more subsidizing for the Fikushima Nuclear accident which is wrong. For they deserve to have support with ongoing monitoring of the Nuclear radiation. Vs Government telling them a higher limit is now safe. 

   In honor of their 6th anversery that just past since the accident, `we share in solidarity w/the people.

   See the; Sharing of nuts + bolts of one’s local `plans, link below for more detail to fuel you to rethink + share us along your walkabout for you + your community’s..

For with all the good work humanity has developed, we cannot allow anyone, even oneself to interfere. For we all know good old human error, at least us older people do. + How it sneaks up on us + can stay hidden for quite some time, until we are fortunate for another to help us feel the energy of life, we have missed. As our organs stole the energy from us, trying to survive as we stayed preoccupied chasing other’s wave.

Whether/misinformation/good or bad attempts, it interferes. + When working together/networking, many can mindfully act to make one understand to rethink w/good facts. That is all an able person needs. If unable then special collective global groups can be formed, for there are more of us willing to hold self accountable, admit our mistakes + join in to help support others to do the same. + Do it w/empathy, love, sharing sensitivity/skills in celebrations along the way...

 This is what ictts’s virtual platform wants to perfect, this ability to be clear w/sharing one’s links, so as to be clear of the facts needed to help those locals unable to do one’s community’s local `plan locally. So no more do we have so many scars on the earth Or in space being produced. As well do our best to clean them up/heal, w/collective support in place. Sharing how simple living can be a true bi`joy experience.

                        Explore, gather w/like minded + create your communities local `plan.

 We need you to make a difference by joining us in this global peace plan, where everyone is needed to take part in one’s communities local `plan. To restore one’s ecological enhanced sustainable working community’s. Where use of it the right way creates the genetic biodiversity, that is humans true sustaining energy.

 We at `i come to talk story (ictts) are continuing to perfect our virtual platform w/your help. + Want to know how we can make it more friendly for you to welcome your students, focus directing together, using your community as an extended classroom. As students/student within all, become aware + network, sharing in solidarity the living local process, globally. Leaving no one left behind.

  In addressing a local issue where police are gathering volunteers to rid trash that homeless camps have produced, we feel their is a solution. Especialy if you bring al to the table + start a loca `plan. Where you look at your maps from planning. + See all the wild empty areas close to water/sanitation where appropriate number of peope could be guided to stay in each area designated. As community comes together to participate knowing well the plan.

  For we know many have great intents to help, yet no loca organizing to utilize them.

  Please rethink. Our experiences have proven that many times we use the wrong verbiage, due to how we ourselves our limited to how we perceive + process, let alone how programmed to believe.

  For thousands of years people have bush crafted living off the land/seas + fresh water in harmony w/all life.

  So lets ask ourself, have we learned empathy that can give us the tools to resolve, if this is our objective? For those that control borders/property lines, etc. are just as much in error as those that have yet to live `boon w/it, leaving trash where one may camp.

  Do you not see the morality issue both share as life is being disrespected?

  If we would work toward one’s local `plan as our plan fuels, we then would work w/those leaving negative effects exceeding the natural limits, in a local tapering transition to make wrongs right.

    Yes those of you that are respecting the law but perhaps have abused the ethics/morality of sharing earth w/all, are right by working to change the laws. So ex; if it is illegal to camp somewhere, then that should be respected. 

   So how can we apply this thinking? Ex; see our `Transitional Shift Message Board + let it fuel your ideas to edit w/your experiences. So we add to this.

  Ex; Each community member signs in to offer what can. So when one sees one unable to respect the policies of the local `plan, which should be the rule of local law. Which that in itself needs revision from how we live now w/Colonial grids ruling. That needs to go.

     We find that people many times are unable to process their needs + offerings, not to mention unable to process the verbiage of one’s communities rules/attempts to help. So who are you people coming together to think you can help?? Are you including your entire community body/governing/businesses/educational entities, etc? So all come to the table, so a few good works are actually created with??

   So what about a lay out review of one’s bome(s) working w/neighbors to rid the Colonial grid, so now one’s local `plan retains controlling interest. So during this transition that will be awakening all, people/life most vulnerable will be prioritized simultaneously w/defining what is toxic, to define if one’s communities is healthy enough for all to live in. Japans reality now w/Gov making people go off subsidizing from the Nuclear Fuskushimi accident is good example, where Gov is raising limits, saying ok to go back home, when it is not. Corvallis another.

   So lets get real + not be in stone w/thought but realize this is a co_evolving process for all involved. So define whom offers what + whom can be a personal guide part time in interchangeable roles to be clear of one’s communities + walk one in need thru change needed? Organize so community knows what they can do + how this can affect good change for all. 

   Ex; Once know of over view of land where water/sanitation is possible then give a new permit to one willing to be guided/supported while in local `plan area. The more people that do this, then networking can be done as students use communities as extended classrooms. Giving information of interested community, to see how one could get desires met along w/needs + offerings in balance. Being a beneficial organism as humans are designed to do.

  But this will only happen when people tell the truth, so others can add to what is being delusional in real time. Then efficiently each can go thru assessing/helping along the way, + get support/heal, as local students gain prerequisites. Meanwhile the real needs/offerings of one’s communities get met while each part time do one’s exchange. Working if desire into defining oneself/gain desires known, etc.

  So when one sees a camp w/trash as ex, + locals have real needs being interfered with, people need to know it is not a homeless issue, rather it is an inability to be a responsible mindful local participant, from all involved. + Each person could be assessed where needs/offerings are not met, whether imprisoned in one’s head on the streets or behind walls of materialistic wealth.

  How to transcend can best be done by Governing people/police, etc. talking to all involved to work with them to define why mess left + pitch in where able. Thru this 1st step interaction those sensitive + skilled can start assessing to help one define one’s real needs + offerings one may not see in present states. Organizing w/them can start now, vs passing the buck frragmentedly.

  Everyone involved can dig deep + surface w/good options to part time participate. For a lil adds us + many only need a little help, while then those needing more can get it. So all end up mindfully participating on oneself as well as a local participant, where ever fortunate to be. This includes all the titles in need of change such as refugees/homeless, etc.

 Explore the world's great options ex; in Russia my man lived as a child, never was anyone unable to communicate if where hungry they would come around dinner time, knowing well they where welcome to a nice meal. As well people without a home would also go from house to house knowing they where welcome. Always people would do an exchange + when taking turns letting one stay, it would help heal or define one’s reality w/the local communities.

 Anyone that would ignore meeting new people, i suggest looking within oneself, for humanity has much to learn from, especially if coming from another community/culture/ecosystems/defined experiences/skills, etc.

  Please ask yourself is this resistance within you coming from the many layers to protect your job security/lack of desire to edit baggage or even awaken to it?? For to be happy in a job that fragments disrespectfully or ecologically whors is what reaching out helping others, can help you go within + rethink. So as to find an easier way to work thru the programming most humans have. So don’t feel alone.

  As a living species as a human, if you would explore how bio cultural/natives/sensitive locals work the natural world within the natural systems enhanced limits, gaining more tools for one’s own ability to do one’s organic exchanges, gives fuel to balance one’s genetic bio diversity, to link w/neighbors, which gives us our true sustaining energy.

  If sit at the table + do one’ s local `plan w/your students using your communities as extended classrooms, gaining reflection w/community, prerequisites to co_evolve the curriculum. While giving hands on while all restore one’s ecological enhanced sustainable working communities. 

  Now you see all the jobs that are needed + when you add Lynn’s good ideas to have them be compensated as they get these jobs done, you then are building your art of living. + When you network + explore you awaken to the real natural world that earth + beyond gives us all freely.

   So please rethink this w/reviewing all your state/federal/county parks, etc. that don’t allow you to sensitively + skillfully work it to increase your bio diversity for your communities true source of energy.

  It is wrong for people to think that people can’t heal + self educate w/support in place. What support is here to do this defining/applying?? Lets start w/these kinds of questions.

   We want you to explore in this transition, your self. Gather w/your community w/bio cultural values to transcend the technological toxic developments that never should have been permitted. We feel if each prioritize this + protect those most vulnerable, together all will define if one’s community is healthy enough to restore it’s ecological enhanced sustainable working abilities. + Do it w/natural building, agro_ecology/permaculture/local ways that then create + mindfully take part in 1 Universal Sound Science to fill in the fragmented that was allowed to do toxic developments almost everywhere on earth + in space. So as to research + find a way that best resolves them. So no more human scars are produced.

  We are talking about a handful of people that fuel many more talking the verbiage of profiting, that then controls many entities wrongly in every community.. Creating more disassociated energy that many get lost in, yet has no labels. Leaving those w/once good attempts to also get lost.

When yet there is so many more of us that can stop fueling them wrongly, as many of us at times where without/too greedy to pay more or uneducated to realize the effort put in when people self sustain leaving no footprint. Which is a quality of life, that takes very little money. + Our children/students having to take these behaviors as normal, knowing no other way as it over rides their nurturing that naturally occurs as a child, then for them to struggle to find their way, now have great options to share. So please walk by their side + co_evolve together.

     We want young + old to share w/humanities good work, as our platform continues to welcome people to share such links, fueling basic nuts + bolts that every community prioritizes for basic comforts. This is our only focus, for this has been challenging enough w/our limited resources..

   What does this mean, well lets ask a few more questions. Think how nice it is to have a healthy community where  one has friends/share like minded thoughts, gather + celebrate the bi`joys experiences being so fortunate to communicate peacefully + have others listen, give feedback, respect one's work, collaborate, + co_evolve as a community. Do you see the many unable to ask for help or know how to find it, even here locally the one's that really need it have no clue how to go thru the pages of people that can help.. Or Governing bodies that give generalized letters/few minutes at town hall meetings, leaving many unable. So to communicate even for me to talk to one about a toxic development is not easy. Yet globally if many work together to end that which comes from afar, it can help those in isolated communities.

   So ask self are you in good communications w/what sustains you if so share some ideas. 

     Do you have good monitoring tools for Nuclear radiation? Do you know why your community has more illnesses than others? What are your communities/schools + other entities doing to resolve answers?? What can your community local `plan do for you now, compared to these ideas? How would you add to it?

Then we have our friend Fritz that feels due to the parasites in our face thru our teeth that it fogs our ability to address such serious issues on earth + in space that are getting worse, affecting many. When yet if a child before 10 simply adds lactose to their toothpaste could prevent such diseases from every happening.

Many people are do_in great research yet not supported as Fritz, especially since he is healing himself, when others even in Vets hospital is not interested or know how.

     So these few issues already are above many’s ability to think about it??

     So lets go back to what is familiar;

           Fresh clean water + what you would do if had none + had to walk for days + carry large containers to have a cup of water/tea/coffee/food/bathe, + even get rapped along the way on a regular bases, etc.. This is crazy for many good people have worked at this globally w/simple localized systems w/low impact.

Plus many countries, almost all get some form of assistance from others, why if they cannot prioritize such nuts + bolts? It’s time to follow the chain of events here, asking why are so many still without water, where are resources going + in a local `plan can address all priority issues/helping vulnerable, before more fragmenting going ahead 5 steps + back 3.

Or as I see many perfect projects that isolate people from do_in this, sure they feel people must survive. But w/a community’s local `plan all go beyond ER modes, even preventive to simply living, fueling energy to explore + enjoy this earth + beyond now, not in another life?

As community’s work w/neighbors laying out entire biome(s)/community land/sea/freshwater maps to rethink them together, recycling while locals redesign for locals, ending all Colonial moods from afar.

This list goes on into clean air, soil, composting, sanitation, sharing local food sovereignty, wild crafting, accepting nothing else than wild fish/animal as all toxic ways are put to an end w/respect thru local tapering transitions. As agro_ecology sets a path for the entire community’s to transition into or help define all should relocate due to how toxic it really is.

                           We welcome those resolving these issues, please join in + link.

  `ictts after exploring all this for over 8 years or so, + I, kara, being on both sides of the tables, being guilty oneself, then to continue to co_evolve knows well, not all human error comes from one alone. Rather it takes an uninvolved community.

   We at ictts want a nice virtual platform to share this living local process. A nice archive/sharing hands on updates, whether on rea location or teleconference, etc. The tools of the times are here reasonably for al to obtain these basic nuts + bolts. So please don’t let anyone else tell you you can’t do this w/your community’s. Even if have no schools, for students within all can use one’s community’s as classrooms.

Students can gain prerequisites + take part in co_evolving one’s curriculum, as each take part in one’s local `plan being restored. They too will self reflect feeling the transformation of energy as people gain hands on support from them, to sharpen one’s dull sensors.

The student within all can gain awareness to nurture oneself, which for many has been long over due. All can be supported to come to the table, do one’s homework + realize how one’s local `plan can give much more than love, it can help one learn early signs to heal as well for all to realize how important each is to make a difference, transforming both in a partnership along the way..

   By self reflecting, w/those that shine, it gives you a feeling to want to understand more, to go within + do one’s home work, to also beam such energy.

Learning the early signs of maintaining discipline over one’s self sensory observation, vs beliefs you may be chasing, riding on others wave, misusing/abusing, can help one co_evolve. Fulfilling many needs of many not met, welcome more than just a job. As well the much each able person can offer. + Those unable open more doors for more to collectively offer support, so all come to the table + take part in one’s communities local `plan.

  Our plan fuels everyone to rid their Colonial grid modes, as Mark Lakeman discovered, yes that means put on the table the planing maps that created all the set aside parks, even bureau of land management, those areas controlled by others afar/developments, etc. + Working w/skilled define how all can be rethought to be worked by locals in all seasons w/a variety of subjects, as trans boundary wildlife + fresh water fuels the path of the communities local `plan.

Realize how if your community does it’s homework + all support each other/network for skilled locally + afar, locals can gain help to define if needed;

As in Prof Miguel Altieri’s agro_ecology, permaculture folks, natural building, along with many other skills, opens the doors to recycle what can. + Work w/one’s neighbors, all the land/sea/freshwater, sensitively + skillfully, within it’s enhanced sustainable natural potential

   W/localized systems of low impact, No GMO’s, No large alternative energy grids, No monocultures accept for in.dustrial hemp that nourishes the soil giving more, which takes all to work to make it legal in the US. Only then when all understand how to do one’s organic exchanges, to balance one’s biodiversity, so as to link w/neighbors, will one’s energy be restored to heal + sustain, as an equal. Maintaining sharp sensors.

    Which is humans true sustaining contributor, better than any large alternative energy grid that interferes in this life.

Do you see all the sensitive skills needed to do this + to think many are without work, when yet many already have these skills to do this now, if you get real with oneself + go deep within, being willing to co_evolve along the way as you simply share your truth + join in? For is this not the life you want for your self/your loved ones + now willing to work w/all, which gives a synergy far more than any one can imagine.

     Imagine ever community rethinking their entire biome(s). Where locals live for locals working w/neighbors ending all false aid from afar. Rather sharing globally in solidarity, as exchanges are made + every communities local `plan makes space for those that excel to work w/the global community. To help those locals unable gain understanding, to do theirs as they come aboard. Working within the earth + beyond’s natural systems..

 Yes, it’s your choice to be part of the problem + work w/whoring jobs or take the initiative + make a difference, create with + if no communities local `plan, start it.

    You can join in w/others do_in community based decision making, natural resource management, using alternative development tools to live sustainably.

                                Adaptively managed systems give all options to change decisions.

Mutation-change is ultimately essential for adaptive evolution in all populations. Especially if all focus direct w/critical thinking, protecting those vulnerable from toxic effects, researching w/1 Universal Sound Science being perfected to resolve these toxic issues, then on to;

                                                    1st think Conservation 2nd development..

Lets celebrate the reality that networking w/the tools of the times, all can share one’s bi`joy experiences. That you too will experience as you gain fuel from interrelating in your living local process to explore, as all, co_evolve together.

   Please see more as you take part where can comfortably to help us perfect`i come to talk story’s virtual platform, so students within all, can use it as a shared community tool. To share/retrieve options/ideas/actual schematics of like ecosystem/season + subjects, then to bring home eye to eye to share w/communities local `plan. Yet another way to fuel all to rethink w/in one’s local enhanced natural potential.

W/your help in a variety of ways best for you + your community, please share us along your walkabout. We are a US 501.c3 non profit seeking donations to enable us to perfect this as a networking focus directed archive, focusing on these living local nuts + bolts of local `plans..

  If interested in donating please email kara; kareje@ictts.org so we may continue to fine tune the ability to reach out. We would like to see schools/communities, open to this project, + we want to hear from you what you did to do just that. That which makes this living local process more efficient for all. Sharing this earth + space in peace, as together all address the serious issues of the times affecting all. + Restore, ending all toxic use, heal + harmonize.

                        Together all can make exploring/living local, more equal for all.

Each communities local `plan can help be a local rule of law. We should only have ecological borders, for no ecosystem can be isolated. As people are welcomed to share in the natural enhanced world, explore earth + space.

Please rethink how tourism can be used in another context, as well work w/all to end refugee policies that need to be rid.

    As every community’s local `plan can develop working w/one’s neighbor ending interference from afar. So one choose’s to leave to self develop + explore, not to survive. Welcome people in to reflect what is, as they see + take part in the art of living being restored. As well welcome them to be a local participant at the table/throughout the field, etc. + step into real time decision making..

     As all gain clarity of what one should prioritize.. Enabling a much better experience to explore, to define one’s own needs + offerings, as support is shared + space is made to stay if choose. Or take home new ideas, to one’s local `plans, vs see fragmented interests as a tourist or oppressed as a refugee, seeing communities unable to self sustain leaving many without.

  Please make space for this Google Drive Document below. See how other’s add thoughts into this equation of living local interrelating in one’s communities local `plan. Share your thoughts/link, as you/your representative share subject that your students + communities may of debated/collaborated/created solutions/schematics. Show real hands on proof from your experiences, as well give detail of how one can come learn. Or share, if need to make it work more efficiently, fueling others to do the same.

                                     We need true stories of what is happening locally + afar..

It is the continuous interaction + exchanges between people + the natural enhanced systems that creates complex feedbacks, which can contribute to harmony, if we share in solidarity, locally + globally. Not accepting conflict, knowing humanity has great solution oriented options if all network working w/one’s students to walk by one’s side..

This is true peace as all gain understanding, that we share this earth + space together. It requires us all to be supportive of each other to become a mindful local, global + beyond participant.. There is no better way than to have transparency + have common sense denominators to learn real stories of what is going on locally + afar. + How one participates negatively or not. Holding self + others accountable locally + for what one does negatively afar. + Do it w/empathy in one’s local tapering transition to make wrongs right. Support one to heal/develop. So all co_evolve w/the lessons.

The universal Sound Science to be created, will fill in one’s worn torn missing gaps that was wrongly permitted. That which left/leaving toxic affects from the much fragmented science. This will become common sense as indigenous values, that created bio cultural ways that work, can guide us to create upon their ways, as all stop the scars on our earth + beyond, from being continued. Which gives all now synergy to clear + go beyond a job as each self reflect, volunteer w/no long term commitment accept to heal + rid one’s programmed baggage, etc. Sharing/developing one’s true natural potential.

So as to enjoy the choices of a sustaining career that fuels you to explore this unique earth + beyond. Being better prepared for one’s next human made + natural disasters that now are negatively affecting many, in need of such a community local `plan to rethink + have options to work with. Going beyond ER, beyond prevention, + simply live.  

   Please share ictts along your walkabout for you. For peace is an option if we all share in solidarity, one’s local `plan;

For if one is working self thru school working as a cleaner + another is working as a doctor/one sharing w/another to become aware of releasing subtle tensions so one can relax by just recalling the sensations associated w/the release of tensions in less than a minute – sure one has to do one’s homework, that all of us have to learn, addressing early signs, another working at growing medicine/food addressing serious diseases/providing nutrition/safe responsible sex, awareness needed in healthy communities. W/variety distinct for many yet many share. + Energy put in should be equated, which can over ride inequality + pay fair compensation considering also time + space shared + what the collective community does now in many communities that ictts can link with fueling you to do same..

Please see our work to give you a variety of means to communicate on our Nabble site, `i come to talk story;


   Please note we thank Nabble + Google for what they give us, which due to needing donations to get more help, we have yet to work all that we want from them. They offer as well for you much freely, as a US non profit or individual. More required for your business, so please check them out. Nabble has removed ads from our site being a non profit.

For both want us to share w/the world + appreciate us making it a better place for all to live in.

Google has given us an Adgrant as a US non profit required, we work. We are up to

Over 13 million ads sharing this work out in the world. As we co_evolve w/many, working to reach all w/your help, offering a tool for everyone’s community shared tools shed.

   We welcome your links, that keep it simple, as together we focus on the nuts/bolts of living local do_in one’s local `plans.

Please share yours on this Google Drive Document, link below. That ictts wants to keep alive for all to help us perfect a virtual platform that is efficient for your students working w/your communities;

To gather + do your local `plan + network in the process to make sure you don’t stay isolated. So your rep reflects, seek options via like ecosystem/season + subject for your/community’s needs/offerings. To have real hands on experiences, to link, share, fueling others. As together we stay focused or correct us, by commenting. So we can restructure our virtual platform to make space for the global community to do an exchange when locals cannot go figure, to do one’s communities local `plan. Leaving many left behind, which we have seen in every community we have been networking in, which has been quite a few countries amongst us at ictts. Even those w/plenty of resources, that still remain isolated in collective groups.

If want to contact us to explain/stay anonymous then please email w/heading below; kareje@ictts.org

Sharing nuts + bolts of your local `plans..


Peace, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect.

`i come to talk story (ictts) thanks you all for what you can do to make a difference!



Telephone; Please leave a message + we will get back to you within a few days; 1-360-450-3749.