Humanity has solutions if we work together.

posted May 16, 2017, 11:59 AM by `i come to talk story   [ updated May 30, 2017, 12:05 PM ]
Please acept nothing less than Truth + Transparency, This is what we can do now workign together. I share a post going around from us;

   Hello All,

I share a message i'm posting + this incoudes you;

Thank you Dr Helen Caldicott, plesae see her facebpok page + more + give her support! For she continues to remind us of todays realities.

 See link on Handford;

We as humans amaze me, how ill the human species is. So many of us think what we do is so important, meanwhile those of us in US allow this. Let alone the international community when such ignorance continues, locally + afar on our planet + in space.

For years Dr. Caldicott + others have tried to educate us, Yet look at what continues.  So many are unaware yet continue to have unrotected sex. Let me remind you of this link in a study of how fetuses get affected in utero, as they measure + show the results of months of the unborn child when subjected to Nuclear radiation;

We at `i come to talk story working w/many good options have a plan to fuel every community to do one's local `plan, but we need your help. We need you to contact your school boards welcomeing your students to use your community as extended classrooms, focus directing with you. Networking to prioritize what is toxic + how best to restore your healthy community.

If you cannot network with us, then donate so we can hire others to help. Please email kara;

+ Please become informed before having unprotected sex.  Share w/those unaware.

Call your Gov at work, + have a chat. Ask them why such a mess is left uncared for yet trillions go toward the Military Budget making more Nuclear Weapons. Tell them the time of stupidity within us all is over + w/the tools of the times we want to prioritize our toxic realities on our earth + in space. Ask them to tell you what they can do now + let us know, so we all can rethink what the next move should be for each, fueling us to become consciously mindful in the moment.

Thank you for making a difference, kara