Time to prioritize the reality that we can nurture our lives now, if all work w/one's students to network + become aware.

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Hello all,

 Please note our Friends against collusion supporting Corporations afar/Jordon Cove + the many pipelines wrongly used anywhere, that many are trying to stop globally, have done a great job + we thank them! 

   But the job is not over. People need to gain truth to understand. Please let our thoughts fuel you to reach out + share more;

      That Ex; Jordon Cove + those that support it are unaware + interfere in people’s rights, as w/eminent domain, as they collude w/other Corporations afar to exhaust local resources + take them afar at a high risk of safety to locals. Due to locals not understanding all these details as well the true nature of the destructive power of the proposed LNG being in a tsunami/earthquake zone.

People think of jobs only w/no reality check of what a piece of local land like this could do, if locals can gain understanding of what truly sustains one. So as to do a local `plan + define what best by locals once realizing how important it is for locals to balance one’s genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors, not run a pipeline thru one’s property without one's permission at a high risk. 

           Rather Colonial grids must be removed +  no more on their tail to come in.

Union of Concerned Scientists also needs everyone's support to make changes where needed, which a local `plan can define. They are bringing to our attention how they have learned in the Trump presidency when we push back hard enough, get loud enough, and have an adequate level of resources, we can win.

   But as you have seen, we at iccts + the locals fighting Jordon Cove's LNG could not compare w/the million dollars they spent in false news. But we do have truth to fuel us to continue;

    Here are just a few of the attacks Union of Concerned Scientists bring to our attention that we're dealing with right now:

  • Science ignored at the EPA. Scott Pruitt, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, is refusing to ban a Dow Chemical pesticide scientists have linked to learning disabilities in children. It's shocking but true: Pruitt has the power to ignore his agency's own scientists and put people's lives at risk.¹
  • Climate policies on the chopping block. The Trump administration is preparing to weaken fuel economy standards that, if adopted, would result in the US using more than a billion more barrels of oil, and vehicles spewing 500 million metric tons more of global warming emissions, than if we keep the standards in place.² They're also targeting the Clean Power Plan. If they get their way, we could have a future where coal-fired power plants can go back to emitting dangerous carbon emissions—without limits.³
  • Taking science out of the equation. Members of Congress are pushing legislation that would cripple federal officials' ability to use science to inform their work. With Trump in the White House, these bills now have their best chance of becoming law.

The good news is, most Americans are with us—we just need to make sure people know what's happening, get the facts, learn how it will affect them, and have ways to meaningfully act. That's why we need to scale up our work to alert and inform the public, to engage people who are worried and outraged but don't know what to do or say.

Thank you Union of Concerned Scientists!

   `i come to talk story, (ictts) our US non profit is perfecting our virtual platform to help people understand that all can make a difference working interrelating in one’s local `plan. To show the true natural enhanced potential that has been exceeded leaving toxic developments in almost every community on this planet + in space. This nuclear use accept for some medical without a half life that can be recycled, must end, along w/war mode + false green toxic, economies, w/extreme budgets from collusion of Corporations afar for Corporations afar, while local resources are exhausted + locals become enslaved. 

  Vs how a true potential of every human can be supported to self empower by restoring one’s ecological enhanced sustainable working communities, where ever fortunate to be, to fuel ones true explorations in harmony prioritizing to rid these scars for ever.

  As support is prioritized to see how each can hold self + others locally + afar accountable, as we all become local, global + beyond mindful people respecting the true life that sustains us all, as a human family. Working w/in the earth/space natural systems, developing 1 universal sound science from each local `plans daily chores. Showing how the basic nuts + bolts of every community on earth should be prioritized. Leaving no one left behind as presently. As lives are developed once coming together in a local tapering transition w/empathy to define how science permitted such toxic developments to allow those working for profits to override our natural enhanced ways that fuel local laws to happen in the first place. 

People do not want to be allowed to remain unaware. Jordon Cove is a good example paying over 1 million dollars to support how good they will be when yet local programs where not supported to do one’s local `plan welcoming locals to go figure for locals. Rather the local jobs will be minimal to what they could be if a true sustaining use of the property was taken place in stead, that is part of the needs of the local `plan, working for locals to gain the benefits, not ship LNG afar thru the local waters interfering in local commercial fisher folks as they will w/Jordon Cove’s very large ships coming + going on a regular bases if you allow this to take place.. 

  Then to have the Port of Coos Bay, that has yet to go figure a good budget for local Marina's needs to pay half that cost to dredge the river interfereing more, which they claim will help it. Talk to those that work this river + here their voices, they have a differnt story + don't want this toxic Jordon Cove LNG in their community, also add that it will be a great place to bomb for those that don't like US.

 For US Military Industrial Complex/Banks/NATO, interferes w/toxic results in people's communities globally + must be stopped. The profits they seek cause terrorists to be created, locally + afar, for their real needs are not met.

  We all must work to stop such insanity from continuing on our earth + in space, producing misuse/abuse as more become ill, diseased + dyeing continually prematurely from the toxic developments now that continue before adding more. Take a look within yourself + own family + friends, cancer + other illnesses don’t just happen, they are created from people not addressing the trillions of lives within us doing their daily exchanges to sustain our energy + good health. This life comes from maintaining balance of local genetic bio diversity, creating natural corridors for migratory species that enhance our life on a daily level. 

    Yet many are unable to even keep up w/one's issues of the times, being lost in the fog, let alone be supported to beocme aware of good health or to come to table to do one's local `plan to support one as a local rule of law.

  Professor Miguel Altieri explains this best what is needed + these needs fuel our virtual platform to perfect it w/your support;

    A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable. 

   by using agro_ecology curriculum, which Miguel creates by working w/indigenous still do_in w/out leaving toxic effects, knows well,

       `which can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

 Institutional structures supporting research + development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..  

      ` Enhancing; 

   At the broadest of levels the principles of agroecology ask the following questions of any system:

  1. Recycle Nutrient – does it enhance recycling of biomass, optimise nutrient availability and balance nutrient flows?
  2. Build Soil – does it work to secure favourable soil conditions for plant growth?
  3. Minimise losses – does it minimise losses due to flows of solar radiation, air and water by way of microclimate management, water harvesting and soil management?
  4. Optimise Diversity – does it optimise species and genetic diversity in time and space?
  5. Promote Beneficial Interactions – does the system enhance key ecological processes and services via the promotion of beneficial biological interactions?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then we are talking about agroecology. Where the answer is no, we have established where our focus should lie, should we decide to build a system based on agroecological principles. It is as simple as that.

Quote some above + below from this great article sharing some work in past, to entice you to see their present work + let them fuel your local `plan;

Agroecology: A Week with Miguel Altieri & Clara Nicholls

Submitted by annie.adams on Thu, 03/03/2016 - 12:21

By Richard Meddows

It is for this reason that both Miguel + his wife Clara were very clear in confirming that agroecology is more than simply an agrarian philosophy, it is a political movement. It is a political movement because we live in a top down world. A world where almost every agenda is driven by the profit motive. This is a world where  BP gave UC Berkeley $500 million to develop the ‘energy biosciences institute’, and yet, at the same time, we expect these institutions to carry out independent science in the interests of our people and societies.

Agroecology is about empowering farmers/people to take back control of their own lives and lands. But we have to realise that the system is not going to just roll over and hand that power back to farmers. It is going to fight the growing movement towards agroecology at every chance it gets.

Thank you Annie, Richard, Clary + Miguel + keep up the good work!  


 We can help people understand, their is enough fighting everywhere that is keeping people lost misusing/abusing. + By focusing on what truly sustains healthy living all can be supported to heal/interrelate by doing one’s local `plan. Where one starts w/local food sovereignty, then on to priority nuts + bolts that all need for simple comforts, like sanitation, clean water/air soil, saving one’s seeds + doing this efficiently to end all scars from continuing.

Please do your homework, come reflect share in this living local process. Together we tell Pres Trump/Nato/Pope today that we the people want to take part in peace negotiations with Syria/Iran/N Korea/Yemen, etc. so every budget/meet of NATO should include this transparency if you are to continue. If you cannot make space for this + prepare to stop all toxic Nuclear use, accept for some medicine without half life that can be recycled, as well stop all weapons/war mode + false green, economies, + clean up earth/space, respecting all life in people's abilities to be supported to interelate in one's local `plan, then please step down + let us help you heal yourself.

  Religion can be made available for all to have on one’s shelf, but each must prioritize the true reality needs of being human;

     We house trillions of life as well surrounded by the same between us, yet many don’t even understand that their needs are met when they as a local must take part in organic exchanges to balance one’s genetic bio diversity + link the migratory paths of those needed, to enhance our true sustainability.

  This is so inefficient when banks interfere without holding self accountable so people understand in all entities that simple nuts + bolts of one’s communities need to be prioritized over any profit, before giving loans, etc. especially a toxic development that has been allowed to be permitted from fragmented science not responsibly shifting to be enacted as common sense thru out our communities. As US gov is dysfunctional in prioritizing humanity has solutions, if each local `plan creates a 1 unversal sound science verbiage to limit developments so they are not interfering or toxic. So all understand a new universal verbiage is needed sharing our daily chores together. So students networking using communities as extended classrooms, focus directing w/communities to reflect/give hands on. Then to experience sharp sensors wanting to come back + do their part w/no aggression. All can network if we organize + prioritize like ecosystem/seasons + subject, grounding, centering oneself before obtaining any advancement to gain a prerequisite or a permit.

  Only then can each local `plan co_evolve the curriculum while it is being defined, giving fuel to all to self empower. For the terrors taking place within one as well within groups leaving negative effects, all stem from programming left unedited. When yet every community now has great ability to work w/networking, so as to gain awareness of the problem + to resolve it, so each can come back as a mindful local, global + beyond participant. So together we all continue to help those left behind. Making it easy for all to have a healthy community supporting exploration thru out our earth + space, at low energy/cost. 

Aggressive acts beyond a healthy ego are a time of the past. The tools of the times are here for good human communications, as each are supported to come to one’s table, interrelate + take part in one’s local `plan. Where toxic priorities are first + those vulnerable protected. Then on to restoring ecological enhanced sustainable working/healthy communities.

This restores much more then the need for a job, that shallow people seek + the ads Jordon Cove did attracts, this is wrong to mislead. When the right choice to develop locally within the local `plan gives people self empowerment to heal, be clear + strong, to explore taking part where ever fortunate to be. Even as a refugee, for those UN policies are also outdated + inhumane w/their war rules.

  Take the time to define what missing link needs to be answered?? Welcome the students to help define, for no developement that takes from the local `plan should be permitted wrongly. So as together sharing in solidarity we create 1 universal sound science to work within the earth/space natural systems + clean it up for it is our true tools for the human race to co_evolve healthy lives. Putting stories of the past such as religions/belief to be a story everyone can have on their shelf, but to first retain sharp sensors living in the moment, maintaining discipline over self sensory observation vs such belief.

We need your support to perfect such a virtual platform, so please share what can where. If interested in donating please email kara; kareje@ictts.org + make a difference to help us do what it takes to reach out to all, so locals put this support in place for all to understand + do their part, part time.

Peace is an option if we work together + organize in every local `plan!

 Love us at `i come to talk story + thank you for what you can do!

Come talk where most comfortable;