All need to do what can now to help the unnurtured w/in adult bodies that think using weapons of war can bring peace, when yet our local communities, globaly have many basic needs not met..

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Amazing how some locals continue to ecologically whore while yet many have no clue of the risks they take part in, as they think it brings in more jobs, + profits are seen over the real needs of humans as a living organism.

  This is so sad to see how ignorant many of us have been to chase materialistic gains thinking any job is good. When yet we all need to awaken to what truly sustains the life that sustains our real energy.

Here i'm sorry to Leaven No Trace again have another legal problem of trespassing + i yet to hear what happend from them, so i will look into it.

Meanwhile i know how this hurts them to pick out so much toxic trash out of the hidden, yet the county has no plan for it, + thes where suppose to work w/them on a plan says Sheriff Zanni, meanwhile they say they knew nothing of such plan. + The county has no plan yet to pick up or rid all this trash that is continually being dumped illegally.

So can you just imagine what can happen if the ship coming 2 times a week into Jordon Cove has a problem??  The little i know of Kim Jong Un is that he + his family know well of war from the past struggles, that mst US people are unaware of. As well we all should have emapthy for anyone, anywhere that has gone to war w/this craziness as others economically gain in the process, which is insane to see it continue. 

  Pres Trump + all, this could be your child as Kim is acting, as well you Pres Trump shame on you!. Why is it you cannot truely stop this madness + high risk once + for all by taking him under your wing as you would your son. + Consider that you both could work together to end all Nuclear use accept some for medical use w/no half life + can be recycled. 

  Pres Trump you have no right to have Nuclear nor war mode + false green economies, the same as anyone else on this planet or in space. The earth + space has natural systems that sustain the human race + life that sustains us + these wars interfere in that process, whihc indirectly interfers in every community on this planet, which wil be your legacy + all those that work with you, which is insane + immoral to destroy any life as these weapons of war do in testing as well implementing Nuclear/chemical/as well any warfare anywhere.

People unaware look into the scars left in the MArshall Islands from the tests from the beginning.

 This is insane;

Imagine the targets at sea + land when unnurtured children in adult bodies play w/such harmful toys, unaware of the 1Universal Sound Science that can fuel peace on this planet + in space if all are supported to do one's local `plan as we speak of.

Joe says;

   The Plant with containers full of LNG is not the problem its the ships that have 7 million cubic feet tanks full of diesel engine exhaust that gets emptied when it arrives twice a week 14 cubic million feet of exhaust dumped into the cove every week.  What will this do to air trees wild life and what about start up of the plant start up does it do the same. They could have done this in long beach CA. Where they already have a pipe line.  It wont pass CA EPA regulations. So why does it pass Oregon EPA????
   See more detail + add yours + please share;

As well those that resist the LNG plant called Jordon Cove have another battle to fight as Jordon Cove has donated over 300k dollars in 2 months, please email them your comment as i did that it is only fair for all to see the risks that we state on link above +more from the NO LNG people that are doing a great job helping us understand these risks + vote YES on Measure #6-162 Community Bill of Rights for Sustainable Energy Future 2017 May Election in Coos County.

Bill Manus
May 6 at 3:50pm
Why is it that of the $359,000 being spent on defeating this measure, only $1,000 comes from local donors?

Statement of Organization for Political Action Committee

Committee Information
Name:Save Coos Jobs CommitteeID:18452                      
Acronym:PAC Type:Measure
Filing Effective From:02/16/2017 to presentFiling Type:Original
Address:3321 SE 20th Avenue 
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Name:Jef A Green 
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Nature of Committee
To defeat Coos County Measure 6-162
The committee is not a candidate-controlled committee.
The committee supports or opposes the following:
2017 May ElectionOpposes Measure #6-162Community Bill of Rights for Sustainable Energy Future