We are shifting w/truth + transparency as we hold self accountable + others, please join in where best for you..

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Please see radish.org whom supported Dr. Guy McPherson's work on climate change hitting extinction in less than 10 years unless we have some different perceptions taking place??

As well see Guy's site; https://guymcpherson.com/

   See videos + more;


  Thank you for sharing + supporting Dr. Guy McPherson.

    I shifted w/your message but feel much more can be done;

   More clarity of video taping/sound + charts, i had to use magnifier glass + then still could not see. But for beginners this needs to be clear.

Sub catagorize speakers for each skilled subject contributing to degrees of change, Ex; so people understand what lag from as well each indicator of potential increase, from people interested, then make sure formed letters typed up for all to contact Gov officials, locally, state/federal, w/each detail, asking for transparency platform for people to take part in resolving. This way those that think they no nothing can have jobs to make a difference as they shift w/awareness as i have w/your support to Guy.

Accept nothing less then NO Nuclear use accept some medicine w/no haflife like Dr. Calicott says, No war, No false green toxic developments. We suggest a local `plan to define what where + who + working w/students using one's communities as extended classrooms. So no more Colonial grids. Rather review entire biomes so the enhanced natural ecological sustainable working communites, globally sharing in solidarity, get created. Making 1 universal sound science correcting that which allowed such toxic, lack of transparency, etc. Solutons for Prof Miguel Alteiri's agroecology, Geoff's Permaculture research, natural building. Protected sex w/family planning, helping those now protect oneself from Nuclear radiation + need of Proper testing locally in real time + transparency. So each local `plan prioritizes what each can do, holding self + others accountable locally + afar. Ex; using microgreens/mushrooms vs small diverse garden plots to do what, where? for community's local `plan + more. 

So we don't go 5 steps forward blindly then back 10??? + Each group does not fragment but is real w/applying overview of reality of making a difference now, as well the lag of 10 years, etc. Show this change in each local `plan, so students share schemetics vs like ecosystem/season + subject. So archive built that stays alive + shifts w/real balanced energy always redirected to where needed for life working within earth/space's natural systems to adjust best?? So good Universal sound science made + applied vs fragmented/manipulated, etc.

Google's Hangout/G drive documents for in time time zone changes to add to, so people are updated. Ex; It's time to talk about how, is where i will put this message/+site www.ictts.org. Which Drive allows 1000 posts. It is free to us as a nonprofit which they can be to you if you are a US non profit, As well Adgrant + more or we could merge?? Same G Earth + others of like mind to be efficient w/real time issues as technical network is collected for real synergy from global/universal consciousness, where people that have something to say know to edit it so it is pure + can help skilled/or become skilled.

Simple as in spell check for all added in message?? So i add corrections w/2nd post.

Localized systems w/low footprints/people understanding knowing how to process information, edit be positive + harmonize w/natural enhanced world to stay strong, share love yet love alone is not enough, be skilled in supporting all to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant. So pollinators can link as each community balances one's genetic biodiversity. For minds to resolve what once could not percieve thru simple understanding of how humans work most efficiently.

Most important people like Guy, myself be supported, vs struggle w/out, so people that fund raise can help us.

So for what it is worth merging can help if tools set up efficiently.

I look forward to doing what i can.

Peace is an option + must be established w/peace platform talking to those that US/others are in war with, profiting over, etc. So truth of universal awareness to resolve many things get understood that humanity has many answers now to better one's life, this way scars are not repeated + more goodness shared, + together can produce more if understand how to work, maintaining discipline over one's self sensory observations vs beliefs, so as to focus direct w/sharp sensors, not stories of the past such as religions. We are free thinkers taking responsibility for oneself. + Aiding collectivly those unable. For to understand is all an able person needs.

Thank you for what you do! Please excuse our virtual platform for we are shifting perfecting what we can do + need donations to make it happen. For we are without funding to make it w/our limited volunteering, after loosing much to corrupt banks/others, etc.

Peace be with you!,
 kara j lincoln speaks for our combined `effect;

   `i come to talk story