Help us reach out + sell our sailboat, so we continue to network..

   Have you seen our work, please forgive our errors but w/your support, donations will pay our overhead, that we have not collected for over 35 years in building this virtual platform, rather we've paid to share the process of living local, exchanging/networking globally in solidarity?? 

  Humanity has great answers for us all, we just need to work together + organize, we don't have to reinvent the wheel, just get real w/oneself + what truly sustains life on earth.

  Soon we will be uploading our ideas of how go beyond the resistance that many face, as we suggest everyone can create a `Transitional Shift Message Board, best done by local students, focus directing with you, using your community as a local classroom.

             Do you agree with us?? Or do you have a better idea??

  We welcome your link, tell us your story of how you can make the living local process on earth better, filling in these worn torn areas, so suffering stops + harmony fills the air w/the many now sharing great work.

  For we feel large browsers should fuel every local community `plan for locals to manage, + if lost them, by studying those that haven't fuels you to rethink + regain your local genetic bio diverse balance. + Yes great investments can happen as students work with community, focus directing together, creating more jobs far beyond those enslaved as they deplete the natural resources.

   Rather w/agroecology/natural building people lay out good investments, as one's `local tapering transition helps all understand 1 global sound science for each community to live local. 

           Producing a real Democracy, where people make it happen.. 

               So your local `plan retains controlling interest by locals.

 + If yet to see more of the links we know work, please do review - `the sun will set page + see how we are building a - `the sun will set spreadsheet, collecting links from all that can offer ways that work, old + new, young + old.. + Add yours.

  For as we network we connect links of good work, filling in these worn torn links.

  Please if anyone knows of one wanting a nice little wooden boat, which is at the Charleston Marina, in Oregon, please share this with them.

 This is a beautiful place to live, sharing w/commercial/sports fisher folks, not to mention having river/nice bar/estuary/old growth available close. It has given us the means to go figure our work to continue our networking, sharing w/locals along the way.

                s/v tzegunka 38`LOA  30`LOD `Buehler wood sailboat 
  Reduced to $32,900. for we are moving on to what fuels us to better be part of the solution. If interested please email for more detail.