SPREADSHEET; `the sun will set, we promise...

      Together working mama earth + beyond gives us many solutions.

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     The issues of the times are leaving many w/negative effects.

                                 This has fueled us to create 

                               `the sun will set spreadsheet...

  Welcoming you to come reflect + link what works for you, to share in solidarity, 

                    the living local process, w/your local `plan.

               Sharing ideas together in every local community is what

                  the Google Drive documents/spreadsheet can fuel. 

               As one does one`s walkabout, balancing one's genetic

 biodiversity, so as to link the natural community that sustains you, w/your 

  neighbors locally + afar.. Building healthy natural enhanced communities.

         We choose to not to do an Orson Welles story of Quito here, rather 

we just want to make all understand all can go figure + welcome all to come talk!

    Please read all before passing judgment, for we know many have great 

offerings to help all get clear. We are happy to have you take part

 as you choose where most comfortable to share a story.

                   Together all make a difference if work together

     The Nuclear radiation contamination + use in weapons of war in the war 

mode + false green economies are destructive, + not easy to assimilate.

  If all self-sustain + take part, all will then enhance one`s sharing ability to 

communicate peacefully, the sound science of why they should not exist.

   Most importantly understand + be clear, in how to welcome those that 

exceed the natural enhanced limits, showing them facts. So wrongs can be made

right + all co_evolve as we share empathy for how all have participated 


    Many continue to live w/fantasy. Without all knowing the truth.

 If  you share transparency + bring forth the truth, many able people 

globally will adjust, + stop being fodder.

    It is up to each to change oneself + share the true story, giving us all another 

piece for peace.

   If you are serious about resolving calmly, ending the goodness that ends up in 

fantasy as people go to war, then please we have a way that works if each gets 

real with where one is at to start with.

      Please see how my idea of `Natural Medicine has become an ongoing 

updated link for you to reflect + add too, as it co_evolves into the Nuclear radiation

contamination we face in the world, in follow up of Dr. Caldicott`s great 

Symposium on 2.28.2015.  

        I hope many took part. For she + others have helped us co_evolve. 

Check back as we continue to update this link;

   We all have our work cut out for us, + it will take the synergy of all to 

resolve. For many are trapped in delusion/environments destroyed/people

suffering/killed, that many are profiting from, that we cannot accept, when

yet the earth + beyond offers a way that works for all to create a democracy that 

is yet to exist.

      All can heal this social cancer as we prioritize no equality for parasites, as 

all first recognize this terrible disease, setting up measures which we feel students

can help in as they organize + use one`s community as an extended classroom + 

focus directly together, so all develop one`s student within, working for one`s 


     Logging, giving hands-on, as energy is assessed. Knowing well who needs 

support to sharpen one`s dull sensors. Then to come back as the human spirit 

awakens wanting to do an exchange. There`s no better education than to take 

a part of this transformation locally + afar as we link what works/what doesn`t in a

comment on our the sun will set, spreadsheet below.

         Please be patient as we gain support to edit + work Google`s tools + 

Nabble`s to the fullest. + Suggest you also freely working with them, so as to 

come link w/your communities offerings.

Your feedback is always appreciated + if want to talk, email.

         Also please note;

                  *Contact, etc., please note if any of you people are posted here or 

anywhere + do not approve of how it is written, please tell us to correct or delete it;

                                          email; kareje@ictts.org

   We appreciate the work being done by many + would like you to come aboard! 

     Share your link in comment sharing what works/what doesn`t on the 

spreadsheet, or email + i will post it.

         This platform in the building can work w/your support, please donate.

email kara; kareje@ictts.org + see the many ways you can share us to help you 

+ your communities.

        Fueling all to rid all Nuclear, not just arms but also damaged + 

healthy plants, if any?? Due to the deadly radiation effects left proven 

from our scars now on the planet. More so in some areas than others. Especially

known in N hemisphere. 

But it can be a matter of time + all could be affected by mother nature 

continuing to do her thing, w/earthquakes, currents + winds, contaminating pollen,

dust, rain, water, soil, food, anything it touches it accumulates, so please do your 

homework protecting those most vulnerable.

     As well the much-depleted uranium being used for continued products 

that is not depleted.

  We ask you to seek out those w/sharp minds to come together for research to

transmute the negative effects of radiation + define permanent solutions to rid 

waste as many are working to stop the Nuclear use of all fissionable material.

   We cannot accept the present reality as many say there is no

remediation of radiation. 

So please let us know + share w/others our interest in supporting 

such research. For many are working at becoming aware + we need to organize 

this focus for research to efficiently act mindfully, transcribing the emotional 

misinformation into facts to act.

     As well the entire Arms Industries is not needed, except for natural 

hunt respectfully for food/skins. People/police as in some countries can 

develop one`s inner skills w/martial arts, as some police carry sticks only.

        All can gain by restoring one`s natural enhanced resources, as all  

redirect them into restoring one`s ecological sustainable working communities, 

linking the living local process, that all life sustains from.

     Leaving no more, anyone left behind suffering as almost every community, 

globally has now.

      President Barack Obama, Congress/Senate/House + all people, only 

this way can any TPP + other T proposals/NAFTA, etc. mode work, if you allow all 

to co_evolve it with their local `plan.

               Locals living local w/one`s local natural enhanced potential.

    Working w/tapering transitions as each is supported to take part 

in one`s local `plan. Sharing globally in solidarity as each creates free websites + 


       Let all come to the table, knowing best what local `plan`s needs + 

offerings are.

   Please, people, make a amends, acknowledging US wrongdoings locally  

+ afar. + Realize no one is better than another unless one does not do one`s


           So as to respect the natural world, the genetic biodiversity, balancing so 

every natural community links, fueling the biocultural exchanges, that sustains us 


       We have a plan to fuel all, so NO MORE does the world feel like the US will 

want to overpower you to be as the US is, as many want to arm oneself + that is

wrong. When yet we the people want all Arms Industries to end as well 

any Nuclear affiliations locally + afar.

       We the people know well the world bio cultural manifestations can fuel peace, 

as all gain, traditional engineering skills brought to the table.

For we the people have great respect for all ethnic/indigenous peasants, that have 

maintained saving our earth, when many of us have abused it, unknowingly. As 

we simply carried programming from generations, attempting to survive the many 

scars left locally + afar on them. Taking them as normal.

   This can end. Now we have great networking tools to no longer remain

isolated, worrying w/the issues of the times. As everyone`s students can network, 

then bring back options eye to eye as they self-reflect alongside all. Knowing early 

signs to act mindfully, ASAP.

  Check out Google`s Classroom free for Educational purposes. Just imagine 

students using it w/community as an extended classroom.

   Google + Nabble offer free sites for anyone. + For nonprofits + business much 


   Knowing well their is not a healthy future for anyone unless all take part, 

consciously being present at the moment, critically thinking together.

         Making this process more friendly, for our earth + beyond has many

options now for all to do one's homework, gaining equality, gaining awareness of 

early signs. So each uses respect working within the enhanced natural local 

potential. Becoming beneficial organisms, building natural locally grown, wild 

food/fish/animal sovereignty to fuel what next to be prioritized.

   We suggest making this simple by starting w/a natural locally grown 

wild food/fish/animal, potluck. So people perceive what is real to them as a 

starting point co_evolving options replacing the GMOs, toxic practices + products, 

no more fueling the 1%. Rather welcoming them to understand these facts.

    The 1%/oligarchy control, did not get their alone. Many still fuel them

unknowingly + can stop, not in shock + awe, but w/empathy + love.

     Where the natural rule of law that is made by people `booning 

w/creating the natural world, guides, not a human thinking one is superior or a 

the belief from the past. Seriously as one exchanges one's organic  waste 

building the; 

       Terra preta (black soil) as the Amazonians know best from their thousands 

of years of building it. As many think the Amazon had good soil, which it did not.

    We respect that to be your personal choice of story, as long as you maintain 

discipline over your self-sensory observations vs. belief, leaving no footprint on 

any life.

     Please make space to review Google Drive documents below. Use what can 

where that helps one not forget one`s own life. Suggest now your specialty as we 

create while living local, + in solidarity, share globally. So we all take into 

perspective the many great solutions we have now as options, to define one`s 

voice, rethink + redirect, as all co_evolve one`s true potential + heal. As each 

go figure one`s natural daily chores, + work collectively w/your community.

      + Out of this all create 1 global verbiage of sound science, for all to 


   For we cannot hold science accountable now, or even blame it, due to 

others manipulating it

    Rather as Prof Miguel Altieri states;

                         `all can strengthen it, not just override it.

Please take part, make notes along the way, as you apply + work this, then come 

back + link sharing where you are most comfortable, what works/what doesn`t.

  i come to talk story presents  `the sun will set..

the sun will set..

  Categories to fuel your thought to
add to spreadsheet/docs or mindfully act
as you do your walkabout for you + link w/your communities..    

Categories to trigger you to rethink..

   We welcome you to come link  the sun will set, spreadsheet

     Please see pages and check back for updates that may not be included here but on spreadsheet, and add where comfortable;

              1a Humanity has options, come share! Responses. From new form we 
                       welcome all to take part in to make for self and come link.

              1b One Today New Fund Raising Project w/Google.
              1c Google Drive Documents, yet to add.

               2  Live local wherever fortunate to be.

               3  Transitional Shift Message Board. 

               4 Share priorities at your local `plan event.

               5 Congo's atrocities, yet they continue.

               6  Dysfunctions to `resolve.  

               7 Transmute Nuclear radiation on earth/space.  

               8  Debate what together we can resolve.

               9  Celebrate along the `way itineraries.

i come to talk story welcomes you to join in w/the sun will set spreadsheet..

 The continued thought of why we should link.. (over 200 pages)
 Just some ideas of how together all share 1 global sound science for

all tongues to see the common sense of what sustains all

 on planet earth + beyond. Supporting the life that sustains us all.

Continued thought of why we should link..


  Walkabout let our Ex; trigger yours..


   This gives one understanding to rethink, reflect with, all assert creativity as each

 prioritize one`s communities natural functionality + act mindfully.

   Please do what you need to do, to address what sustains you, so you have a 

good night sleep. Then to awaken comfortably, which then builds new neural networks as together all can co_evolve..

  When comfortable please donate where can + support us to reach out to all!

                 Peace is an option for all if all share what works!

               We look forward to sharing ethnic bi`joy experiences.

   Please contact us to learn more, or if want to link after browsing or want to donate or gather in a group;

         Tel; please leave message and we will get back soon 1-360-450-3749

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