<><>><<> It`s time for all to Celebrate w/good tools to go figure!

       If i can watch my squirrels at a young age do yoga as they lay on the warm 

rocks w/no body tension held anywhere, totally calm, i think together we can share

what works, to do the same.

     Please take a review, reflect, create a free website from Nabble + Google

satisfy all needs + offerings, for you + your community + organize. Link your 

story of what works/what doesn't on our spreadsheet to fuel what 

works/what doesn't as you create your walkabout + please share us along the 

                         the sun will set
                categories to fuel your thought to act mindfully..
                           spreadsheet pages to share your story/link..
      continued reading for those that desire more to understand what together we can do as we welcome our students to focus direct w/all as they use their community as their extended classroom.
      Please realize many students now are studying w/Google Apps for Ed + welcome yours to use your community as an extended classroom. 
            Let our plan fuel your local `plan, debate + add your links, so together we work this out for our earth + beyond ASAP.

                 We ask for your support as a Us 501.c3 non profit, to reach out to all, gain good tools + perfect our work w/all taking part w/critical thinking + interrelating..
                       Our combined `effect makes a difference. When we not only have transparency of local story, but we also have a focus direction for all to share in solidarity what it takes to live local, sharing our earth + beyond in peace.  As we all gain awareness to respect all life, creating organic exchanges that many in the world do naturally, as they work within nature`s rule of law + are willing to network sharing what works.

                   Create a local `plan that retains local control.
  As you + your community working w/students feel the life they know they want to protect. Because this is the life that sustains us all, when we balance our bio diversity + link. Conserving as we share bi`joy experiences + celebrate along the way. Their is no better way then to welcome all to join in, help do, to take home good lessons to do for self + fuel one's ecological sustainable working community. As people share via ecosystem, season + subject what can be `enhanced via agroecology + natural building. 

   Prioritizing will make it easy for all to redirect + get real so worry is put into mindful act. I repeat over + over;
Welcome your students, they can orchestrate + organize, using one's 

community as an extended classroom. Focus directing w/your community, bringing

home eye to eye solutions to rethink, that which is not harmonizing.

Rather many of the developments brought in have left ill toxic effects. 

When yet many locals are isolated, already left behind.

Leave no trace behind is a local movement that is removing tires, trash, police 

even finding bodies, etc. That goes into mosquito larvae habitats as well leeches 

into rivers, ocean + requires everyone to help out.

Share awareness to prioritizing toxic dumps + research so no more does

anyone in future be affected. Rather set the mode of not creating what is toxic,

reuse, recycle + toxic stuff needs to be disposed of correctly on earth or elsewhere

with good research + it must be prioritized.

Especially as in NO depleted uranium used for weapons of war or any product for

it is not depleted, it contaminates. The Iraq war did just that big time.

When communities use critical thinking + network each can define what real 

priorities one has on plate, so as to act mindful. Redirecting worry.

Please come link your work to fuel others on our the sun will set 

spreadsheet. For this is how we gain understanding of what truly sustains life on

earth + beyond.

Balancing genetic biodiversity in every community to link w/neighbors is the best

way to conservation + restoring healthy communities. 
                              Giving a good job to everyone.
     Lets Debate as together we do an exchange for those locals unable to resolve locally, as well ourselves.. Please see our examples we are perfecting w/your input on our spreadsheet  in the building + see how we suggest Debates.

      Do please review all pages listed on spreadsheet. So we prioritize + tune into the many left behind, as patches of goodness w/simple natural living local awareness, does an exchange w/those pockets with out. It appears every local community, globally has these fragments of goodness + clarity working at it, as others yet to understand as they live w/assumptions + misunderstandings, that we have experienced so far. 

     We welcome the students exponentially to focus direct with all filling in the worn torn links, as each does one`s local `plan.