Please give thanks for being fortunate to share love, sensitivity, and gratitude, for starters!

      Along with, please help us fundraise! We have a few items below if gain enough in fundraising we will give them to schools. So if can suggest we will review, thank you!

  `i come to talk story wants you to know you are very much appreciated for having patience with us. We are working on perfecting our virtual platform to make this living local process more friendly. We with some ideas and want to research them.

Please help us reach out and fundraise; 

     For sale, Bruce Copen older model Radionic Machine, that is in great shape and has been in storage. Great to make Homeopathy Formulas and help w/building good health. It was nice to create formulas. $1000. plus shipping.

 Also see our 1988 Traditional Port Orford Cedar Sailboat below, a Buehler design, so we continue to network...


   If we gain enough donations/Grant, we will give it away to a wooden boat school!

   Have you seen our work, please forgive our errors but w/your support, donations will pay our overhead, that we have not collected for over 35 years in building this virtual platform, rather we've paid to share the process of living local, exchanging/networking globally in solidarity?? 

  Humanity has great answers for us all, we just need to work together + organize, we don't have to reinvent the wheel, just get real w/oneself + what truly sustains life on earth.

  Soon we will be uploading our ideas of how to go beyond the resistance that many faces, as we suggest everyone can create a `Transitional Shift Message Board, best done by local students, focus directing with you, using your community as a local classroom.

             Do you agree with us?? Or do you have a better idea??

  We welcome your link, tell us your story of how you can make the living local process on earth better, filling in these worn torn areas, so suffering stops + harmony fills the air w/the many now sharing great work.

  For we feel large browsers should fuel every local community `plan for locals to manage, + if lost them, by studying those that haven't can fuel you to rethink + regain your local genetic biodiverse balance. + Yes great investments can happen as students work with the community, focus directing together, creating more jobs far beyond those enslaved as they deplete the natural resources.

   Rather w/agroecology/natural building people lay out good investments, as one's `local tapering transition helps all understand 1 global sound science for each community to live local. 

           Producing a real Democracy, where people make it happen.. 

               So your local `plan retains controlling interest by locals.

 + If yet to see more of the links we know work, please do a review - `the sun will set page + see how we are building a - `the sun will set spreadsheet, collecting links from all that can offer ways that work, old + new, young + old... + Add yours.

  For as we network we connect links of good work, filling in these worn torn links.

  Please if anyone knows of one wanting a nice little wooden boat, it is at the Charleston Marina, in Oregon, please share this with them.

 This is a beautiful place to live, sharing w/commercial/sports fisher folks, not to mention having river/nice bar/estuary/old growth available close. It has given us the means to go figure our work to continue our networking, sharing w/locals along the way.

                s/v tzegunka 38`LOA  30`LOD `Buehler wood sailboat 
  Reduced to $32,900. for we are moving on to what fuels us to better be part of the solution. If interested please email for more detail.

  Documentation 911528. a coastal cruiser, 30 ft LOD George Buehler - grizzly bear design sailboat with boomkin bowsprit = 38 ft LOA. Double ender full keel cutter.

Nice home + coastal cruiser;

      If buy you can continue to cherry out to your liking. It will be sold `As Is.

Needs a depth sounder maybe?? This one partially works, but if you put on hard you may find it clogged?? Need an antenna for an older model GPS, that you may want to replace if want to add more bells + whistles. There is also a small handheld GPS. As far as other electronics like radar, chart plotters, you may want to choose for your self, for we do not use them. Sails are in good shape, main a little stretched but good + 2nd staysail fairly new, used a few times. Few spots of wood need repair and around sink along w/general maintenance. We scraped all paint off deck last year so now just sand and paint your choices of color. We have black nice paint for the bottom. You can pull out when available space at the hard here at Charleston.

Windows are dull on one side of boat w/bronze + opens + could be replaced, on other side is just glass, that does not open. If want to cherry out boat for your liking, it will be a great boat. The boat is well worth your effort to make it yours. 

House over entrance could be redone with the board similar to the hull if wanted to retain tradition. We did with plywood, epoxy + paint. Nice for wind + sun. Presently made few repairs w/epoxy + painting and can use more??

Simple design but the choice of wood is nice with a traditional shape. Wood is from locally grown woods found in central to the southern coast of Oregon. Built-in Coos Bay, Or. Launched in 1988. Wood includes Port Orford cedar mostly, Douglas fir, Pacific yew, Yellow cedar, White oak. Topsides decking are cotton caulked.

Decking laid Douglas fir old growth with galvanized steel wood screw fastenings. Ceiling 1/2" thick yellow cedar fastened down with steel nails. Concrete keel encased in case hardened steel with 1" diameter galvanized steel bolts.

Tractor tread steel pins inside extended seats, to have more weight for volume. Equal 1 1/2 ton of pig iron lead ingots. More weight was added to provide more stability for the aluminum mast which is 7 taller than the original wooden mast. Herringbone chime wood construction. Keel w/cement + wood shoe.

Original owner Elmer Atkins was a forest worker in Oregon selected each board. Built it for 10 years died right after finished 1988. 

56" headroom in cabin, v birth has a nice raised hatch, with wood vents or clear plastic. As well back entry hatch. Does not have a head.

Aluminum, mfg Le Fiell mast is 7 taller than original wood that broke. Boom is solid douglas fir. rigged as a Bermuda Cutter. A. Lam, Hong King dacron 590 working sail plus new staysail. Standing rigging 1 x 19 stainless steel, NaviTec 316 turnbuckles, ss 1/4 x 1 1/2" chainplates. Ss backstays, Schaefer deck hardware. 3 Harken 8 halyard winches, 4 bronze Southcoast sheet winches. 

The engine is a Westerbeke diesel, model M-40, 4 cylinders, 2 Racor filters. approx 1900 hours. We do 4-5 knots conservatively but easily can do 7. The last owner pulled 8 logs + replaced the original smaller motor. Runs great. 

Only major negative of this boat is the location of the 30-gallon diesel stainless tank, which would be a major job to get it out if needed. When our fuel lines got clogged we think due to biocide breaking up pieces or perhaps Mexican fuel big seas churning the fuel. We resolved by putting a line to the cockpit to switch if be in similar condition + unable to easily empty out tank. We do have 2 filters + now can also have the option to go directly into a 5-gallon jug of clean fuel in the cockpit. Which is great back up. We carry external jugs of fuel also.

12 + 19-gallon water tank, simple piping for the faucet with a foot switch manual pump.

  We are selling separately a Power Survivor 35  electric/manual,`As Is. $2000.;

         12 volt electrical + manual option. Reverse osmosis from salt water to fresh water. This has a membrane, bushing + has been pickled. See Katadyn for future membrane + for present seal kit needed. They state a seal kit can be purchased from the manual version Survivor 35. If used on this boat you would define where to put it, get hoses, etc. and install it. Sleep; 40-inch bed to side in v birth, but for larger comfort could shift size to larger vs offset? Also, clothes cabinet + large shelf could be rethought? A nice very large metal vent mushroom can be put on from the top deck for v birth. In second only other room is the galley, beside chain locker is another single seat for bunk + a small seat, which both have been extended from a normal size bench, to add the tractor tread steel pins as a weight for ballast. Making seats comfortable, + extra wide. Also for passage can lay bunk across both benches for a bunk that would block off v birth. 

Bunk has opening to chain locker with hydraulics for capstan 175 - 5/16 chain gal, 160 -3/4 polyester line for 33 lb Bruce anchor 100 nylon line 50 - 5/16 chain gal for 15 lb Danforth. Both anchors stay on deck. 

Wood burning small sardine cast iron stove. 2 ss sink, 2 burner force 10 propane stove. 

Weather panels, cockpit top which slides to work main, waterproof material, white. 

Soft solar panels on cabin roof of the house over entry hatch with a morning star Sunsaver-10 solar controller. 12 volt D.C. system 110 Volt AC.

2 Bilge pumps on auto, which we are not taking any water on. As well we have a huge manual pump Edson diaphragm installed in cabin cupboard if needed. Danforth Constellation compass. si-tex 850 VHF, GPS 120 Garmin. The boat is wired thru out for connecting to dock electricity. We`ve used a little 12-volt cooler. As well the lights on the boat, are all run on shore power when on the dock or solar when at sea. House + starter battery with a manual switch depending on usage. 

To live on it here in Charleston marina is very nice. You have to contact the harbor master for his permission/if want yearly rates and if so be put on the list or ask to be put on before buy boat or they may put you on right away?? Ask for updated status to keep the boat at this marina or at a different slip if choose. Call Charleston Marina; The same w/haul out at shipyard near to live on boat + work, or in the yard to work + live aboard.

                       For details updated contact Marina;   


Within 4 miles you can hike/fish of the cliffs, sail the ocean in one of coasts nicer bars, or river clamming, crabbing in the bay or on the docks. Bastendorf beach around the corner, small beach great for walking dogs/enjoying the day, at the entrance of the harbor, estuary for clamming + bay, fishing off docks + close by, small boating in the estuary, old growth hiking, commercial fishing fleet, sports + more.

Laundromat/campground with cleaning stations for marine life.

Photos on sling were at haul out in Port Townsend yrs ago + we maintain cleaning bottom. Other photos in water are within last year. Email us for more photos.

It is a strong little ship, does great in big seas with chine, herringbone + cement keel/wood shoe. Low + wet boat in heavy weather but even open cockpit good, good for coastal cruising.

This dingy was built from a take of another, customized for our boat;

Aprox; 10`4"`by 4`4", floatation built in. 1/4' plywood w/Dynell + epoxy, kevlar on the bottom, aluminum floating oars. 4 oz dacron sail made by us, douglas fir pole mast, lugger rig. This nesting dingy was built to fit over our front raised hatch. It stacks within itself. Needs repair or use it as a pattern, depending on usage or you may want to use another type? The sail is in great shape, used a few times. Depending on usage + your weight, you may need to support it + if for offshore use??
                                          Dock i-30

                          s/v  tzegunka is in Charleston, Oregon Marina.

          Thank you for sharing, if know of anyone interested in tzegunka. 

    Along our path we exchange w/locals, it's a small world so hope to see ya!

   Call for more info 1-360-450-3749 leave a message or email


             `i come to talk story thanks to you for helping us reach out!

   Contact us to gather a meet and lets co_evolve together, for many are in need of your support;

   For not all issues of the times are every community's problem, yet please be aware many of the local + afar problems happen because of the effects we leave unknowingly, so please make space for your review. Plus some of the global issues are not being prioritized w/secular science that is sound, yet they are affecting us all!

    Share what works locally as well as a rep come review our `the sun will set spreadsheet. We are perfecting so have patience if want to link please email; (Title it; want to link on the spreadsheet.) and I will put it up, but you can review. 

  Bring to our attention resistance so together we rethink, showing people there is another calm way to act. So we go figure, network, share ideas via like ecosystem, season and subject.

   Ex; Look at the ethnic traditional engineers that have preserved the genetic biodiversity on this planet. Yet many have failed to learn from them, same as i. We know how misleading our families have been trying to survive, yet no social support to help all become aware, beyond what those profiting have pushed, sure many did not know they where ecologically interfering as well.

     Until now, we have the tools of the times to network + make it right, every local community can prioritize what truly sustains you, no longer staying isolated. Rather it is time to stop supporting profits over restoring healthy communities. 

  So together we link focus directing on serious global issues that are not being resolved, like land/seas grabbing from people not held accountable locally or afar, same as w/Governing bodies in dysfunctional states. Interfering in other countries governing bodies, yet doing what they can't do + get away with it.

  It is long overdue for our earth + beyond's people to come together w/local tapering transitions, to define priorities within one's local communities w/neighbors.  So we hold oneself + others accountable to help each other understand why one should not continue a toxic way/development, etc..

   Via students networking using one's communities as extended classroom, each can list what is + network seeking options then come back eye to eye + resolve w/real hands-on experiences/teleconferencing/commenting/Hangouts/Drive documents collaborating, etc.. Sharing how best to do that w/us here on our spreadsheet as we perfect it together. As well use the same tools as in Nabble, LibreOffice, Google Apps for Education freely, and more for business or working within your communities budget so you can network.

                   No longer stay isolated, leaving anyone left behind.

  Please have patience w/us as we continue to study and work w/these great tools of the time to be perfected. Your support/donations/grants are welcome. Email if interested until Paypal button gets set up.

   Meanwhile, let me show you some groups I respect and what they do right now;
      La Via Campesina considers World Social Forum as an important space to build collective strengths of social movements worldwide – all of whom are fighting for social, economic, cultural and political justice.

       In Montreal, our delegates will collectively organize and participate in sessions that would address the questions of agrarian reform, climate justice, peasant-led research, alternatives to corporate-controlled food systems, people’s sovereignty over corporate impunity, young peasants, the future of agriculture and many more.

                     All these people do great work local and afar!

                                          AGRA Watch

    The lessons you learn here from these students working w/one's community can be carried forward to your community. As you fine tune for your `enhanced abilities within your local `plan, and if have none please use our ideas and create one, by supporting all people to come to the table.
  If yet to see how our `Transitional Shift Message Board ideas are co_evolving w/many people's support, then please see here.

   You can see more on our `the sun will set spreadsheet sheet #6 Transmute Nuclear contamination...

  I bring these folks to your attention due to this serious global problem of the Nuclear use of anything except for as Dr. Helen Caldicott, whom I respect states; 
    There is a way for medicine w/no half-life and can be recycled. But Nuclear plants continue to be built to support Nuclear weapons, as the plutonium used is cheapest, to my understanding. 

   People are yet to be aware in many communities globally that Nuclear radiation is very toxic and each community must become aware to monitor and learn about this reality to help your vulnerable people, let alone yourself. This is not just an Iranian issue, rather IAEA is not being complete, w/good transparency. While limitations that are supposedly safe are being increased wrongly w/bad science.

  Not to mention the controversy over Governing bodies that are taking this subject into their own hands to decide, when it is time for the earth + beyond to get organized + join together so we prioritize and stop this high-risk lack of 1 Universal Sound Science that each local `plan can take part in. 

                     Do you see the homework cut out for all to do?

  Iran should be respected like any country on this earth, and all should be truthful and transparent w/the reality of our skilled secular scientists. Not political leaders making bad science decisions as both US parties are now. Rather humanity can work on this issue to stop all Nuclear use/war mode, false green, toxic, economies.
If we the people become aware and interrelate in one's own communities working w/neighbors in solidarity, locally and afar.

    Nothing better than to start w/local grown, saved seed, natural/wild food, and medicine, sovereignty. Have a potluck and start/maintain the discussion + start your local `plan now. See the links of us all to share ideas as you + your students prioritize for your local `plan.

   For it is time to calmly do what all can do now to make sure bad science does not override what is best for humans on earth now, prioritizing and protecting the life that truly sustains us. Don't be sold that large alternative energy grids are the answer, for they are more of the same Colonial mode - to do for, vs able people doing efficiently for self and for one's communities, NO thanks.

   Many now globally are do_in great work and all need to merge to fill in these worn torn missing pieces of detail needed. For there is no natural balance unless we the people make it happen. The Amazonians have taught us this long ago.

   Please take a review of NIAC's work and what they are confronted with as they need our support.

  I could type a long list of good folks reaching out, but it's time to go figure and make this virtual platform another tool for your community to share. Helping your ability to accomplish your healthy reality now in your community. Sharing in solidarity, for we need and appreciate all, delusional or not, working together, people can understand and heal or be healed. Even though I too have no problem telling ill/delusional/those misunderstanding to do one's homework and shift or step down, when in responsible roles.

   Please mindfully act and show your compassion w/love, be grateful and in return, all will gain. 

  If not, then collectively rethink and do your homework and edit within, don't ride on others wave, tap into the earth energy, be a beneficial organism. Be the best you can within your skin. As all should support each to build one's path as each walk it into one's opening...

    This is how we all become a local, global and beyond, mindful participant...

                                         Thank you!

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