Priorities are needed, please open the Presidential debates for Dr Jill Stein..

With the issues of the times, each need to know how important you are to interrelate where most comfortable to make this happen.

  Humanity has solutions, when local living structures are supported. Please let our plan fuel your local `plan, supporting you to take part, networking. Welcoming your students to use your community as an extended classroom.

 Giving you options, so no more stay isolated w/fragmented science dependent on dysfunctional governing systems that need to be changed. + Best by skillful students walking by their side, prioritizing mindful thought. As truth + transparency is networked. Supporting one’s local `plan to be one’s rule of law.

 As all come to the table restoring one’s `enhanced ecological sustainable working community, the students can work w/all co_evoling the curriculum to stayn in real time. Centering each to build one’s path as one walks it, into one[s opening, leaving no footprint.

 The present governing bodies are focusing on subject matter vs working w/locals to do one’s local `plan, giving true reality of prioritiy needs. When yet locals are best if network, to define the toxic developments requiring focus directed attention to resolve.

Dr. Jill Stein is asking all to be part of the Presidential debates, but is not being allowed to take part. This is wrong! The more all can work together the better to create support for this living local process.

 Our idea is for all communities working on one’s local `plan, to share in solidarity for a healthy earth + beyond. Addressing our true sustainable priorities as in balancing the genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors, so as to truly gain understanding of our true sustainble partners.

 This in return will create 1 Multiversal Sound Science. (Multiverse is a word i’ve co_evolved into from the Native American Indians using it vs Universe. Which means their is room for all to be self directing `booned by the natural world as tools to gain balance. Vs the colonial grid continuing to control another.

 We have tools of the time to stop these scars form continuing. Governing bodies are needed to clean up one’s mess + co_evolve to where one’s position + policies are supporting the living local process, not interfering.

 This mindful interrelating is what continues to end the Nuclear/war mode, false green, toxic economies.

 It is up to each of us to reach out in one’s walkabout for oneself + share to prioritize one’s local `plan, so no more governing bodies continue to waste local or afar resources.

`i come to talk story appreciates what you can do!

Please reflect w/Jill's plan;

+ see our ideas to fuel yours;

Peace is our option if we share understanding!