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  •  It is here we go figure + get real w/one self..

         As each take part in restoring one's ecological sustainable working communities..

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    Reflect w/the many movements linking, which we welcome here simple `ways that work. Knowing well locally + afar one has many options to seek what sustains us all.

      It is here we focus on basic survival to be comfortable for all as we share the process of living local, globally. Please enjoy the many links we support that fuels this platform, to trigger you to do the same. + Share us as we trigger you to do your walkabout.

      Please welcome your students to come together + organize with you, as each community becomes an extended classroom, working with all members, as we network with the world for each to share one`s story.

      Not just allow all the issues of the times, to cloud one`s air. So we get real w/whom is do_in what, so as to do what is ecologically sensitive to mother earth`s enhanced ways as the rule of law. Accepting nothing else within as well within one's community.

     Please define space when calm + sit back. Take this review in small amounts + put it to work for you, take notes for this can be made simple. But it has taken us a lot of words to get this far + w/your support we will continue to edit, until everyone becomes aware to collectively take part in one's local `plan, globally. So please give feedback along the `way as this triggers you.

              Which fuels our `the sun will set page

                     on our spreadsheet/Drive documents w/Google Drive.

          As all get clear + celebrate along the `way where music + fresh local grown natural wild food/fish/animal potlucks fill the air, as our best gauge. As we welcome you to share on spreadsheet page 1a, itineraries.

         As ones students help network these facts. So as to welcome all to understand seeking/sharing options, triggering all to rethink + mindfully act.

           Please see page 1 of spreadsheet as we `live local sharing what works. For the earth + beyond offers many solution oriented options now. We all can get a grip understanding, so no one handle`s issues of the times alone.

      We have a lot of work in every community to restore living local mindfully. Saying their are no jobs is wrong. Rather it is when we get stuck in the dysfunctions we are unable to dig deeper into one`s ability to stay present in the moment feeling the dysfunctions + addressing the early signs.

      Together w/students focus directing w/locals + networking, there is no better support to sharpen one`s dull sensors, then to co_evolve in the transition.

       We continue to update videos/pdfs + work on our Nuclear spreadsheet page on `the sun will set spreadsheet. So together we rethink. So if want to take part adding/editing, etc. please do + if unable email kara; kareje@ictts.org

       + When controversy we add to page 1b of spreadsheet`debate what together we can resolve..

       We no longer have to blindly contribute to negative realities, rather

    it is here we invite you to see yet another way. These dysfunctions have names + each of us could still be contributing, so all need to check in.

     Students networking can make these worn torn links in one's local communities known, as together all unwind the web that many take part in.

     We can help them understand another way to redirect as the local `plan knows well needs to rid + offerings to share;

             As many are divesting from fossil fuels which is good, but blindly into large alternative grid systems, that are wrong. The natural world does best when we do not isolate any ecosystem, for all is interdependent on each other.

       Look at the interpersonal exchanges involved here that are being negatively impacted, the microbiome(s) + large trans boundary migration, not to mention people are yet to freely transverse this planet freely.

             We can welcome refugees to become local participants, as we use the enhanced natural rule of law that people create w/organic exchanges. To define where space for all to live local, sharing in like thought,  fueling one to return to one's desire.

     We can start with respect for all life rights, including us as humans. Their is a more conscious humane way to restore our natural working communities, then to think excessive waste, unawareness, than large grids to supply energy to be traveled afar;

        People using natural building tools don`t even come close consuming these resources, when they respect all life + use only localized systems w/low impact, so each person takes part, down scales one`s footprint + comes eye to eye w/the local `plan + acts mindfully.

        We welcome all to rethink + integrate all community. As you welcome legislators to come back as a community participant.

           Together as we reflect building this platform, seeking + sharing, as you post, go within as you ask questions/post your offerings + hear stories of others.

       Only then can we together co_evolve sound science based on the indigenous ways that retained simple respect for all life that sustains, which continues as it fuels us to create with it.

           Together each can trigger all to rethink one`s local plan land freshwater flow to sea use review. Creating collective exchanges to fulfill all one's needs where quality relationships become much more worthy than money exchanges, going beyond a job.

        We suggest communities coming together welcoming their students to set this path as you focus direct together for your community, prioritizing leaving no one left behind.

      Together you build your community platform paralleling, create your own free website. Google + Nabble offer one freely, check them out. LibreOffice is a great help also! The goodness of all platforms can make this happen + please have your student rep come link with us. So we build this platform to make this process more friendly, as a great tool to reach out, globally in solidarity. So as to explore the many solution oriented options the world uses now as one simply lives.

       Not just another framework for change, rather a reflection of balanced energy, sharing balanced emotions/feelings.  Understanding to go within + work one`s energy that can steal from our organs if we don't sort this out.

       Linking, prioritizing what sustains us locally, fuels us all to rethink. So we don`t forget one self during the restoration process.

      Students within us all, from all types of school, share a common sense working for one`s natural *enhanced potential, using a local `plan as a rule of law.

            All need to link our balanced communities for our ability to migrate as well our species that sustain us.  Balancing genetic biodiversity is our best conservation management for healthy communities. Not to mention get real as a local, global + beyond humane conscious participant. So the many left behind from all of this dysfunction can now simply be reached + supported to go to one`s table + do one`s local `plan w/all the good energy one now gains while finding one's voice..

     Creating numerous jobs starting w/prioritizing what is most toxic from Nuclear radiation contamination to leaving no trace, recycling, reusing, riding permanently + researching for ever, not just passing the buck. Ridding all weapons of war, Nuclear use except for medical w/no half life + that can be recycled. Ending all war mode + false green, toxic economies.

        Please tell us what you think can fuel you to rethink or resistance unable to resolve.. Or share us locally + afar as you do your walkabout, knowing well together we have options.

          It makes me sick to hear stories of Syrian refugees to Mississippi`s over hundred dialysis places being developed + prisons. This is a great example of people not gaining afar help to work threw the societal cancers that many get caught up in when stay locally isolated. So w/early signs people gain support to self educate not wait until diseased state of mind or body.

           Yes we can check in + ask our self what effects are we really leaving with our choices,  as many carry imbalance as normal w/excess, blocked or depleted energy. Yet to understand how to balance + can.

        Please come participate, reflect + we trust that you will be triggered to rethink + act locally responsibly. Threw simple understanding once you work with your local students/community, do_in your walkabout, you will define your voice as you take part restoring your community. Fueling desire to explore locally + afar.

      When we start coming together we all make a difference. Let us suggest bringing a few tools to share;

                 As in a logbook of whom present + contact, commitments,  a plan + what stance people take to support or correct so one understands, etc.. + Take turns updating it at each local grown, natural/wild food/fish/animal potluck/meet, always grounding one to come from a place of heart, for those unable to stay updated.

           Use a calendar, post a local message board. See our transitional shift addition, + check out our forum suggestions to fuel your thought, of children staying present w/seasonal offerings.

      + We offer ours to post as well check out the celebrate along the way`itineraries  page on `the sun will set spreadsheet we want to build, so please post..

         Which soon we also will be in real time posting sharing along our way, so excuse this restructuring. As well Nabble offers freely to all a forum of choice.

       Point is all are coming to the table w/yet another issue + we need to not resist, stay calm + gain clarity. So as to share the goodness of everyone's thought, w/community as one lives local. Taking responsibility of what sustains one/all, into one`s own hands. But also prioritize whom we can touch, that is unable to process early signs that all humans show when distressed..


             Jefferson county WA, there is an attempt of suicide every week.

    Lovee says this best;

             Suicide is a permanent solution to a short term problem..

     Please share options so each define how to heal, simplify + ground what each can do with whom + make a note taking turns sharing, checking in throughout the day, giving back up support once one expresses oneself.

        Mark + community has done a great job bringing people together, ending issues;


               MarkLakeman.net workshops in Portland, Or, as in there village convergence building, w/locals welcoming those afar, where everyone rethinks as all live local or;

                      See Mark's work + join in for your community..

     Please want to be part of the solution + start by remaining present in the moment, ending one`s misuse/abuse + harmonize.

     Linking together we gain support to become local, global + beyond, mindful participants..

         Their is no better education then coming together eye to eye, using internet as a great tool, sharing links locally, as well your rep coming to post on our list of links, reaching out to those afar.

     This fuels thought + creates volunteer desires working into meaningful careers replacing the job mode that leaves so many distraught.

        Come add to this ethnic framework sharing wildcrafting that our earth requires, making this a friendly platform to link via like ecosystem`s offerings. For all to check back + carry what needed, as one adds to one's community shared tool shed. As well work within your existing school`s curriculum. So as local community is restored the curriculum needed to co_evolve also finds it`s place so students stay in real time, w/community, all on same page.

     So no more does a developer exceed natural limits without going thru a tapering transition showing facts of sound science.. Or no more are permits given to what exceeds or is not in one's local `plan.

      Rather this changes Wall Street/World Markets, as local `plans depict what is needed, maintained by locals. + Now business can do business without the threat of using bad science, when they now become mindful local participants investing + students have local schematics of the local `plan to retain controlling interest or something fueled that works.

  Reflect + share links, with yourself + others, as many movements are linking, so together we act more efficiently, focus directing w/our students. As a sound network to check in with, leaving no one isolated, rather together resolving, getting informed + staying informed, as we share our earth + beyond peacefully.

  •   We thank Prof Miguel Alteiri's abundant offerings as he knows well our global food crises. Miguel fuels our path + let me share his definition of `enhanced that we use;

           `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources... `Enhance

    recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. `Enhance its sustainable

    productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable...

     As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing

    their impact on pest populations.

    Begin w/Miguel's agroecology curriculum that works.

     Fueling others to do the same;


                Thank you Tami Canal + friends for March Against Monsanto (MAM) as well Moms Across America;

             See Tami's good work + join in.



              Thank you Richard for all you do!

Check out `Slow Food International..

    Please realize the many great people having fun in the process + join in as you add to our the sun will set spreadsheet as all these people fuel mindful communities;

  • This is how we are changing the war mode + false green economies.

    Please come aboard + follow up if did not take part in Dr. Helen Caldicott`s Fate of the earth update.

    See our document on Natural Medicine in follow up, as well updates on

               `the sun will set spreadsheet..

    Share our promos on YouTube part 1 + 2 in Celebration of what we do together as we pretty much continue our theme fueling much more w/your support..

        Accept for please see this update. We cannot confuse etak our sailboat we built + networked in, as we circumnavigated the Pacific Ocean as we used it for many good peace making discussions exchanging what works/what doesn't.

      We do not support abuse, as in here;

             No longer do we support Salty Samaritans as Ashley + Jordon

    Needham have wrongfully lied + Jan Van Sickle the supposedly professional surveyor contributed to this lie, Jordon, as they stopped fulfilling their commitment to us, as they remain confused w/others, yet do not listen to us. Norwill Jan discuss this with us, for we understand from Jordon that Jan told him that they over paid us already, when yet perhaps Jan is unaware of how we reduced his original survey fee, Plus we gave them a claim from insurance that should've been ours.

    So please do not hold us accountable for ETAK now for it is in the name of Needham + they have not complied w/Coast Guard documents we filed, on balance due to us, that they did not fulfill, after they had the accident in San Francisco, CA. As well they have not complied to other CG requirements.

    For those that remember the great conversation of networking on this

    sailboat we built, please see a few old you tubes we put up;



     If you want to see what has triggered this restructuring adding a Google site to

    reach out w/understanding as we collaborate + define, please see our forum

    on Nabble below. For many are over pressured, not understanding oneself or others misuse/abuse, leaving one without energy to even study all this.

      Please donate + take part we're most comfortable + help us fuel all!

    Then to have many simply living in harmony awaiting to share what works. As you or your rep, take a review + share w/others, links as they come about in an exchange. To then take back to your table, options triggering all to rethink;


                                   ` i come to talk story

                        Our combined` effect makes a difference..

         wendy, kara, mishi + many we speak for + many supporting ictts.org

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           Sincere thanks to all for Sharing `i come to talk story, along your walkabout for you and your community!