Lets grip the moment + be thankful to be alive..

               I want to say thank you to all that has been part of `i come to talk story!

         It’s your choice to make space to choose that which is within, that is important to you.

  Yes we all need to have empathy for those ill, under stress, misusing/abused, for not everyone sees that we each have a choice to go within, self reflect + edit.Knowing humanity has great solutions to create with. Sure locally many are isolated not organized to network, but that is our objective to work w/students to focus direct w/one’s community + network.

  Nor do many realize it is one’s choice to select one’s surroundings sharing like subject matter. So we not only have collaboration but each can have serious follow up with self + others, knowing one will listen. Not to mention come back w/reflection.

 Please look deep within + not ride on others wave. Don’t allow others to make you feel many emotions that  can take you away from your peaceful center. Rather be supportive for all to find one’s voice + place.

  I want to thank Nabble/Google + LibreOffice for all they have done to support us to reach out to all of you, as we intend to continue to learn our tools, do our homework + perfect that which we are sorry for that has been hard for you to digest. + We thank all of you that have taken the time to help us make this more efficient to reach out in solidarity, sharing our living local experiences.

     For many are having real issues w/the issues of the times that can be sorted out, if you make a stance to reach out collectively w/your community/work with students + organize, prioritize. For not all issues have anything to do with you or your community. Once sorting it out, your energy can better be redirected to you, to choose what calms you as you walk into  your opening. Realizing once clear + grounded can make a difference  for your communities, locally + afar, when you work at priorities + what is important to you.

   Please take the time to review our work on our Google site pages + add your story where you see fit in comment or  `the sun will set spreadsheet to fuel others to prioritize their local `plan. Networking sharing in solidarity what works best for you. Giving options to others as they seek solutions via like ecosystem/season + subject.

   We welcome your support + we are working on a Donation button, if want to talk please email; kareje@ictts.org tel; 1-360-450-3749


                 Our combined `effect makes a difference at  ` i come to talk story..