An update of our needs and offerings to reach out better to you.

               Attention, we have an important issue to share,
                                that globally involves us all!! 

      Please take part in `i come to talk story's Google Drive Form in editing mode, self-reflect, comment, correct us and please share while you do your walkabout for you and your communities.

      For all it takes is for all to focus part-time, for one's communities, doing one's local `plan, working within your ecological `enhanced potential;

         To truly gain one's true sustaining energy, balancing one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors... Supplying one's true microbial means within and that which we share between us, as well that which pollinates our food and keeps our pests in check, to name a few...

  Collaborate, save life on earth now by working w/one's students, use your communities as classrooms. Let's work w/our children, not for them. Start w/a local natural wild potluck/live music/nice conversation w/follow up meets, welcome all to join in to help thru this transformation.                                            And celebrate along the way! 

                                    This is how all will get a future to explore.
                    With empathy and love, it's time for you to make a difference!

                                       Humanity has answers, share yours!

Don't give up, there is a lot all can do, join in!

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I share a comment I shared w/Jamen Shively and Dr. Guy McPherson in their quest to define how best to save life on earth;

Guy McPherson and Jamen Shively explore shutting down Nuclear and re-Freezing the Arctic


   We the people can be minimalist w/compassion of all life on earth and share Humanity's options now, to live very well and adapt to nature and human abuse, trying our best to collectively be efficient in stopping ourselves from abusing/misusing from all the scars of programming past down from generations as normal behaviors. And holding others accountable. In saying that you yet to add to the equation the electronic money transfer, or if all of a sudden another currency takes over. 

  Sure for some of us that know how to do exchanges and be self-reliant we can adjust, but the many dependent on the dollar may not do so well if say China decides and others their currency is best. especially w/ Pres Trump breaking the International law by striking Syria as well UN Charter, not to mention excluded Congress and blame Russia and Iran before inspectors did their job. And I see Sena Merkely and others running on that wave of the blame.

 So that is no fun, for watching people unprepared go down, as happened continually since the beginning, so it has been WW3 for many since WW1. That even if all tax payors stopped paying the US Gov, Military and allies have tools to obtain their profiteering cycle. Sure to vote them out as Ex; Brand New Congress/Indivisible, working with good people in office takes time. But all should be added to the equations. For I see a lot of misinformation and naivety in us all to work thru. And we can.

Jamen you probably heard of Jennie Pell a great mama/preserving life, in your area working Seattle and global on `permaculture now plans. Where people are exchanging new dialog/forms of exchange. As well my man coming from Russia never heard of money until 16, but also Gov paid for medicine, education, and housing... But in the country, w/family, all basically defined who best to do what an exchanged, w/out any money and did great, until back then when Gov came and took farms away from people and all worked for Gov or went to prison.

Not sure if you heard but Pres Putin is offering 35-45 acres? don't hold me to exact amount, but anyhow along with citizenship, in Siberia. And the only prerequisite is you add to the community, and he is going without GMOs, all organic. Also, quite the community has already started and they talked about the methane holes and one started covering to use for his stove, and that has been a tool for many. Plus Pres Putin still supports having more children due to lack of them in years to come and still feels the melting of the Arctic as he and others have experienced over time, another cycle, for much, has melted before.

  I do know my man dropped out of school early on and was mentored by his physicist teacher that spent 30 years in the Gulag. As he early on made a shortwave radio for her, to hear the world, for much was good at that time as Gov cared for much, but also as i said before, if they saw any protest, they would simply run over people w/a truck, this was like even up to late 50's early 60's. So Russians, I do respect for how they survived and how they multitask, never is anything done for 1 purpose. 

  But I do not support any aggression, rather we feel all should end all Nuclear accept as Dr. Helen Caldicott states some medicine w/no half-life good, recyclable. And educate oneself to how radiation accumulates and Russia/US and others dumping so much, as well w/Chernobyl still have places where babies were born as lumps of flesh, quite distorted babies, yet lived and kind-hearted people could not let them die due to lack of support. So they are cared for and if you see them, they have made a beautiful family amongst them all.

   Dr. Helen Caldicot has done great work all her life and I suggest you ask her what she thinks as well Arnie Gundersen and Nuclear engineer whistleblower that lost all and still fighting to help, as well Helen in her late years, they know the high risk we all are living with now. Also, she knows of these birth defects for she has been a pediatrician, as well tried for years and continues to inform all of how bad Nuclear is. She knows how many survived, and people cared for them and still. But to support more children at this time is crazy in my books.

So again many in our human family are lost in sewage soup. And the more clarity and compassion we can give, even to Pre Trump, but if you saw my words to them in response to striking Syria, you would see I too will not sit back and let them think that is what a win for US Gov/people, for to me it is a real illness. And healthy people need to in responsible positions. Yet Russia, if you did not see got overruled in UN SC meet a few days ago due to others feeling it was justified to strike when Russia asked for all strikes to stop.

So you see the planets' condition has much to work at. And I still feel once we reach out, there is more of us w/common sense than those that push the buttons, so we continue and go figure!

  I see the children aware of a lot of this, yet still not getting it nor I, let alone Pres Trump spend what he does on more Nuclear for Military. For they used to think that as in soldiers coming home from Iraq passing on radiation thru sex, due to not knowing they were contaminated from US Military using depleted uranium that is not depleted. But now skilled people know radiation continues on to grandchildren, etc..It's truly a sick subject and it does take a bit to digest, but every community should be w/a good monitor system and share. So those vulnerable, pregnant women, children/frail should not go our that day if rain/fog/smog/pollen, etc. has a high rad reading. 

   As well see Arnie Gundersen's' Fairwinds sight/research, that some scientists in academia don't believe. As he tested high levels on children's shoe strings near Tokyo, knowing it was from Dachii Fukushima accident. Yet IAEA/Japan Gov/TEPCO/GE, and more lie as many were to believe their cleanup worked, yet when it rains more comes down from the Mountains. Piles are stacked from racking the leaves, yet US Gov said nothing when Japan Gov visited, nor have they ever held anyone accountable;


  When yet many in this country have yet to realize even in stores if organic next to one w/pesticides, if not divided away from each other or gloves worn, then one hand contaminates the other... Sure some can be cooked out, but w/winds, there is very little organic in the US for many fields contaminating the others. Not to mention Monsanto is being bought out;

 Where i know agroecological systems is the answer on earth for food, and any good permaculturists use it, for it is not just agriculture, it is a process to live, also sequesters carbon, etc. a political movement. Those that knew it in the South/Latin America become the state for policy change. So we continue to support our plan for people to efficiently do one's local `plan w/students, using communities as extended classrooms. But to get schools on board has not been that easy, but also I've seen a lot of human error and apologies, so I yet to give up researching. And I feel the indigenous engineers still doing w/large browsers intact by their side w/communities, are best to fuel our path. For it is amazing how some species adapt. So that is what i seek to do.

Join in or donate so we can reach out and resolve what can!

Thank you, kara

Any U.S. Attack on Syria Is International Gangsterism.

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 **  Update;

     No one should be deciding for an able person, all one needs to mindfully act is to understand the truth and have organized open transparent platforms to participate. And those in need of support can also take part as collective support is best put together by their lead.

 Which we suggest can best be done by all interrelating in one's local `plan, working w/one's students/schools of all kinds to work for one's common communities, `enhancing the natural potential. 

    Fueling all to self-develop/heal/collectively help and prioritize toxic local and global, on to resolve while restoring healthy working communities adapting to natural and human-made changes. 

                   Enough scars no more should any be left behind.

     Do you realize how long overdue this is, for many already have died prematurely/diseased/unaware misusing/abusing, the list is long...

  Yet look around you now and see how many are organized to do this, as well yourself? Are you?

           I start by quoting Dr. Guy McPherson; 

                                    `Love is all that's left...

           I share what he recently posted on youtube 4.11.2018; 

           Dr. McPherson is a kind, educated man that has studied the same science our students now continue to study.

               Don't' you see what is wrong with this picture for our Govs/UN are not on the same page, ask them why, please! 


        Please, Join March for Peace and mindful acts, April 15 and 16...

                                        It's timefor equality and peace!

   APRIL 10, 2018—The pending military intervention into Syria by the United States represents yet another case of unilateral illegality that continues the systematic assault on international law and morality that has characterized U.S. foreign policies since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, when the United States found itself without any countervailing global power. The result for the people of the world has been unending military conflicts, destabilization and the destruction of whole nations.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., correctly identified exactly a year before his assassination that the United States is the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet. The 50th anniversary of his murder just passed on April 4 and five decades later, the United States continues to hold that distinctive position. This reality makes any declaration on the part of the United States that it alone has the responsibility to intervene on the side of human-rights protection an absurdity and an insult to the intelligence of the national and international communities.

Today, the people of the United States are supposed to believe the racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic Trump administration is supposedly so concerned about Arab life in Syria that it feels morally compelled to engage in direct military intervention. That is a position we in the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) do not believe based on the documented actions of this administration and all previous administrations. These regimes have demonstrated their utter contempt for the lives of non-Europeans in their quest to maintain their global dominance.

U.S. support for the continued brutality of the apartheid state of Israel and its immoral justifications for Israeli crimes against humanity committed at the apartheid wall in Gaza reflect the bi-partisan moral degeneracy of the ruling parties, media, and ruling oligarchy. Their lack of real concern for Palestinian life reveals not only their lack of morality but the real imperialist interests that determine their opportunistic position on Syria.

Just a few weeks after the massive marches to address U.S. gun violence, the people of the United States are being asked to support the ultimate form of gun violence—war. For BAP, the only way the movement to oppose gun violence in the United States will have any moral credibility is if people link gun violence in the United States to militarism and war abroad.

BAP takes an unequivocal position against U.S. intervention in Syria. We say the only institution with the right and power to protect the peace and resolve international conflict is the United Nations. We condemn any and all unilateral interventions by any state and assert that any state that violates the international norms that are committed to the maintenance of peace as established by the United Nations Charter is a rogue state that deserves international condemnation.

We say if the United States is concerned about human rights, it should:
  • prosecute killer cops who savagely murdered Stephon Clark in Sacramento, California;
  • investigate the approximately 1,000 killings each year at the hands of police in the United States;
  • stop the mass transfer of children from juvenile courts to adult courts;
  • stop the militarization of its domestic police forces;
  • stop the raids of migrant communities;
  • release its political prisoners; and
  • cease the collaboration with the corporate media and private communication companies in its effort to censor and limit news content on the Internet.
But we know centering human rights has never been a commitment of the U.S. state. That is why BAP says if you want peace, you have to be willing to fight for it. This weekend, BAP is mobilizing with groups around the country to highlight our opposition to U.S. warmongering, demanding an end to U.S. lawlessness, calling for the closure of more than 800 U.S. military bases around the world, and ending the war against the Black and Brown working-class and poor. We support self-determination for all oppressed peoples—domestically and internationally.

            Join us on April 14-15 for united, nationally coordinated regional mobilizations to challenge the war makers and defend humanity. The future is in our hands. 

Stop the ongoing agony in Syria. Demand the United States withdraw its forces from Syria and respect international law. Call for the United States to adhere to international human rights norms and cease its status as a rogue state.

Media Contact:
Ajamu Baraka
National Organizer

Here is the link to this statement:

As i chase words to end war, perhaps the truth is we need to change our home.

posted Mar 11, 2018, 12:47 PM by `i come to talk story   [ updated Mar 20, 2018, 10:42 PM ]

Anyone that knows me realizes how bad my yada is w/editing, so sorry. But i do try to come back and clean it up when spell check is not working, why? Well, i went to help and looked up spell check and downloaded this link which is cool free. So thanks. And to all for your interference, but this is what happens when i overwork without support! And i'll blame myself for too much preoccupation w/learning at a young age vs listening to the teachers. So now i have to learn w/good helpers in place, so thank you G! 

Plus that means many are getting big money yet we don't get donations as a US Non-profit, why?  For one reason i work w/many that are yet to help oneself so i can't take from them, and those with money, many have such big footprints that i also will not take their money unless they agree to let me help them lower their footprint. But the kink to that is i prefer to help one without then greedy people with. But many are yet to be aware they even are, so that leads to having empathy if we truly want to resolve the issues at hand!

    Plus i too know all have the goodness to offer something, and all have our homework to do and we can do it together via like subject to make life easier. Plus i do welcome all and know in due time those of you reading my work will come across when can. And i truly ask you to help yourself before us, and if aware of one that you want to share with that can help us, donations are appreciated. 

                                One can go here to DONATE, thank you!

  This all has to do w/the effects one leaves, it's all about our energy consumptions, not realizing what we do to oneself and all the life within in as well on our path and how we share w/others. So read on and i'll explain a bit more that has helped me and i think if you make space to study this it will help you too. 

   So for one, i downloaded this link for spell check, thank you G help, it's really cool, see how easy life can be if you are honest w/yourself and others. But i still have a problem capitalizing my i or names, why because we are not what this is about, it's about the bigger picture of the effects from us all. Plus i'm better originally i never capitalized my sentences, why because originally when i play w/children, especially that are living in very terrible conditions and they were not using grammar well either, to me it was important not to know everything and always correct them. So i focused on subject content first and that has always prioritized what i do, even now. But seriously i do not want to make it difficult for anyone to read our work for i share much of many and many have much good to say and i thank you all!

For it was a few ladies that hollered and told me how terrible my grammar was, so that made me at least capitalize my sentences so they could find them. But the i's is another story for another time, i've got work to share. Plus it really slows ya down when you start being concerned about learning so you stop leaving negative effects on others, as well oneself, so lessons shared are great for all! But yes it's easy to ride on one's wave. Ex; Even here as it's easy to click to correct spelling vs take the time to learn. Thank you, Grammarly!


This is why many are having a hard time focusing on space to do one's homework to clean up one's own baggage. As all can do this and make it nice, take a walk in a wild space and take a breath of fresh air. Realize this baggage is no one's issue but your own. No matter if you misused or another abused. It still depends on how you ride on their wave or suck it in, unaware humans naive are a sponge soaking it up. Vs. aware of processing energy. Why, one reason due to how sharp one maintains one's sensors. Is an easy way to work with this whole energy mess we all are being negatively affected by now. Some really worse than others. 

Mostly because we take too much and consume too fast, vs creating ways that can define 1 issue at a time, listening to 1 person at a time. Plus many fail to be gentle for young and frail to also be included. There is more to this but this starts the ball rolling. especially when we share what we perceive early on or even come back after sleeping on it!

    And truly listen, where my love of going on 40 years, mishi trying to teach me, and this is what we try to do to each other, and most people space out chasing oneself, not realizing how beautiful it is to have a mate and grow together every day, taking the time to share so each co_evolve in the process and stay healthy, not get bombarded by others lack os maintaining one's share sensors, as many are living w/dull sensors unaware it is not natural!

   As he says i listen but don't hear, due to already listening in my head thinking i know and then i project as i interfere in other's ability to also express. Or i'm a busy camper in love w/life fortunate to have the beauty of wild around me wanting more, due to always editing out large browsers from afar. I once thought due to being a living organism having genes of all or being part of the universe as one with same chemistry, etc. It is just a matter of perception and timing to go back and forth, not truly knowing our true human potential or this time now in existence?? Which mandy good minds are working on and if we obtain an inner peace and control one's own discipline over one's self-sensory observations vs belief, especially that which contributes to misuse/abuse. We then together can resolve these serious issues, vs expect to dump them on other life as we have. 

   As in the many children and frail experiencing terrible living conditions on this earth, it is overwhelming to many! Yet many good beings are working at it and we need to hold self and others accountable every micro instance of the way!

            Is that being neurotic, well you call it want you want, but i don't think so!

  An experience w/beautiful being i love and you know who i'm talking about, that is reading this. That i had not seen for a bit was difficult, and that is the downside of the internet. You think you're communicating but you don't feel and smell and hug or see the gestures of one stuck in old behaviors yet saying words of disconnect to one's body and mind's true potential being stolen from one's instance. As one's organs are stealing as survival of the fittest takes from each other, draining ones body's energy. Especially if in stress or diseased or menopause, etc.

    So when i felt this i was amazed and in awe so i had to observe and try to help, which was uncomfortable for another, feeling this energy of observation. Which when stressed can take these signals wrong, leaving one especially if truly w/dysfunctions/mental illnesses or just a lot of baggage!

   It can really accentuate one's misuse/abuse. And that is happening now w/school and other shooters, as well others interfering in many ways! For our US Gov and many in the world; Shame on you, shame on us all for allowing it to get so bad when it can be so simple working w/Humanity's offerings now. And that means everyone is part of Humanity! So what are you doing now for you?

    So lovee catches me telling me i listen but i don't really hear due to being a busy happy camper, for my crying days are over, i'm into mindful action w/mindful people, which is anyone that wants to grow and seriously make a difference now, prioritizing calmly, helping the many without that our way overdue! Or the many that can't listen due to so much baggage in one's head or pain in one's body, due to the programming of all these scars continuing, etc.

          This is truly inexcusable when if you look at our collaborative form we are prioritizing now to share, for Humanity has answers, share yours! It is not w/good editing but you can get the message and take part letting it fuel you..

   So we each have our own hangups to work out, and best to do it on our own time if we are to ever work together to resolve some of these serious issues, that Padma for one is great at sharing as a truly heartfelt being, which i love!

    Our work of serious issues that need all to take part in part-time, to resolve efficiently, as you and your community are best to define yours. I apologize if my yada has caused more unclarity. Yet we feel our collaborative form can fuel you to rethink, as you reflect w/humanity's offerings we are sharing, welcoming yours as we restructure a virtual platform that makes sense as we reach out as far as Google will let us. Thank you, Google!. Vs just repeating chaos.

   For those yet to be aware, we 've been working to perfect and share our work thru Google's Ad Grant as a US Non profit, and it has been a while since i counted but we've had over 14 million ads globally sharing our work, and yes w/limited support, which could make it much better truly utilizing all the tools they and Nabble, Libre Office give us freely and they offer it to you also, and for business more!

    So i was seeking new words to help people understand how each can make a difference, end war/Nuclear use (accept some medicine w/no half-life, recyclable) to focus all resources where can on awareness to lower one's footprint, yes actually selectively choose one's space/one's products and services of others that do respect all life, that do respect the toxic priorities already here, that do respect how much oneself/and others consume, as far as energies from all life.

   You can Google solar energy and jump to Amazon and buy some, but do you really look at your consumptions and look at alternatives, how they were made, where and by who w/what affects left on them and their environment? Or do you jump into your cost projection for your greed to have more yet thought you are going solar to lower your footprint, meanwhile you live in a big ass house or how about several consuming? 

    I even see that now w/people helping homeless, where is your head at? I know Sherriff Craig Zanni awhile back told me he was tired of seeing so many w/mental issues in jail. And i add Craig and all, this is inexcusable for any student/community to have a school, yet not incorporate as in our collaborative form to fuel solutions ASAP. As all students within all become a local global and beyond mindful participant!. 

     I'm seeing people that are so ill mentally and physically in pain every day, as well on social media. Vets untreated or overtreated, insensitively as well people homeless the same, hiding in the woods yet no clue of bush camping or living in their car w/children and as the one i met recently a mother that had lost her husband/had a stroke and heart problem and now have been living in car for w/son working for 2 years, while she plays games on telephone! Many are on DD/SS etc. w/pharmaceuticals, meanwhile hungry or hiding from one's family or society! Or overly still giving having no clue of centering oneself and grounding!

   Yet people! Hello, look around you, do you feel the energy from another without hurting? Well, my discussions continue with them to co_evolve;

    We get to know them, feed at first then talk about budgeting, for i'm not about to continue to pay for another that is excessively wasteful and consume wrongly when i don't.
   Nor will i continue to blame them when i see a social structure that is copping out! And big time our wasteful Govs. When capable minds have no clue what their community is doing and i suggest walking w/one without and taking them to where your community suggests. You see how difficult it is for one to even make a call/or have a ride/or take the time to do it then find out it is the wrong place/wrong-fragmented information. 

   Meanwhile, this person is not educated in processing one's inner being or physical needs. And they're rubbing their head, and hungry or tired and in pain, and you want them to concentrate! 

 So if you are going to participate even part-time this collaborative form can help you do it efficiently as all give a little and it adds up thru out the week. Let alone takes off the stress of others to do their work for others doing a better job once update wrongs and make them right creating other jobs.

   Look at all the empty buildings/schools/library public free spaces/churches freely when using tax dollars and invest which every one of these should open their doors-showers-bath-kitchens at night for community's chosen, especially when cold/raining, etc. And this would not continue to be repeated, rather you will resolve issues.

  Share needs and offerings as well as one's communities. Spaces can be rented/exchanges of work made/organized w/community, as in letting our collaborative form above fuel you to connect w/students/schools using communities as classrooms, w/exchanges to make a difference w/selective like-minded subjects for a designated time. Now compare that footprint to whatever else you think you are doing for yourself or another? Whether building your own life or helping another w/a tiny house or thinking you are doing great job teaching/a doctor-psychiatrist or sharing a new alternative energy device, etc. you are best then to define a route to rethink and mindfully act!

 For i'm thankful for my friend Dr. Yun Wang, when i have to go to him to ask him for his heartfelt simple answers that resolve. I've shared this w/local group on pharmaceutical addictions and they don't answer me. And our police were there and Sherriff Craig Zanni has asked all of the social/medical/mental people to work together so he no longer gets mental people in his jail.

  For Traditional Chinese Medicine is cheaper for all, to get insurance in the community to cover it, actually create shared gardens as your local `plan accesses w/agroecological systems knowing where to do what as you end all the Toxic that contributes to much illness locally and afar.

  For if i did not need a computer and a friend gave it to us, i would never choose a Mac again. For their footprint in the world is terrible. People you don't realize how wasteful we are as a species, buying stuff designed to break and have to throw, vs obtain tools ourselves to repair. Which better people are doing that, helping create tools to repair as well better products. And to recycle the right way. 

   China and many in the world Get Macs and others, leaving local pollution to repair as children are left w/polluted waters/toxic soils, etc. to grow up in, Shame on us all!
  Then the toxic minerals don't dissolve they go in the air and winds bring it back to us and it comes down w/rains. Same w/Nuclear accidents/toxic waste not stored properly! Or any toxic development that you and your community are best at defining as you do your local `plan, letting our collaborative form fuel you.
   As well we do not have 1 universal sound science and feel by understanding and doing one's local `plan this can happen as each network via like ecosystems/season and subject. So better chosen representatives will deal w/the truth, vs having to study all these fields independently, rather have the common sense of good policy/roles filled w/skilled science. This way once working w/one's students, prioritizing your communities as classrooms, defining what is toxic, resolve and onto restoring one's ecological `enhanced sustaining working-healthiest possible communities. Each can then know best whom are misusing/abusing what where and resolve on local levels.

 So when i see good people as in Dr. Guy McPherson doing all he can yet not be listened to on a level where Gov responds ASAP. Why would we have schools of science if they cannot be perfected or respected, as much now is in controversy as well in fragments as permitters are allowed to permit toxic developments? Or not regularly monitor and developments go toxic. Meanwhile short-sighted people unable to focus/concentrate on the bigger picture of amounts of illnesses/premature deaths/funds to the public from medical expenditures of wrongdoings and even the many rights trying to save lives. Due to toxic industrialized products polluting air/water/soil/food/people.

Yet President Trump And First lady you don't say anything about it and you have children yourself and grandchildren, SHAME ON YOU! Russia and others are ending all GMOs going organic. Yet here our organics are being contaminated and becoming toxic from GMOs, same, our fish, animals and our children and people! Yet here our hospitals/many doctors needing to go back to school are making people sick! Yet you waste as your inexperience does not work w/skilled scientists as in agroecological systems or those now reaching out to many showing how life is becoming extinct to the rate of 200 species per day and people are on the list, as temperatures rise! 

  Meanwhile look at your budget for Military not knowing how to economically make a peaceful country where you stop giving funds to Isreal as EX; Or Stop creating interference as in Iran, and create a peace process where students/skilled walk by your side and now open platforms allow all to share the truth, not onesided profit motivating over restoring healthy communities. Where local `plan retains local interest.

  Where universal science is addressed w/early signs and all resources go toward ER issues ASAP, staying in the instance via local `plans doing by locals for locals, even as a refugee no longer uses that term, rather they are mindful participants. As all prioritize policy for support for all to give/gain support to become a mindful local participant. Knowing best that each local `plan knows best as a rule of understanding, so the ecology is supported not bombed or depleted or interfered in by others. And as i repeat World Markets will become ethical and moral as investors can invest while students have good investment schematics on the table in every local `plan! Where local `plan retains local interest.

  We are earthlings, not pawns to be manipulated any longer. We know where the problem comes from, some of us can concentrate as we continue to lower our footprint, as more skilled fuel us to share their work. And yes we welcome you all into local tapering transitions to gain the understanding of good science made to replace these worn torn missing parts and resolve harmony for all life to take part and make a difference!

  So NO we do not support any funding to go anywhere except the US. So US Gov can gain it's needed, ridding its dysfunctions along w/the American people, then to share in solidarity how all do it for oneself in other countries. As creative resolving ideas flow around the earth/space and clean it up ASAP.

  For it is bad enough scientists say we have 9 years left w/life on earth as we know it, as in Jamen's quest to resolve along w/others support, trying Via Google Hangout and live `Sierra club gatherings, to help Dr. Guy McPherson share his tireless work, as well meets w/people trying to resolve as well calm the people's fear of going thru this, well you can join in! 


   Meanwhile, others are doing great work to resolve their way;

                                                       Kiss the Ground

  President Trump and First Lady, take a look at your child and see that he will not have a life as now, as it continues to get worse, and in years to come it will be gone according to Dr. Guy McPherson, others are not putting such timelines on. But unless you mindfully act to help support where can, and rethink w/our plan to share each community, to do one's local `plan, w/agroecological systems, where all can make a difference to resolve this efficiently! So Please help these scientists have tools to research/resolve, guiding all so we all can help! 

   Nor will your grandchild! Or any of the other 6 billion people already without water or safe sanitation etc. along w/diseases from it and premature deaths that continue on your watch!

Which you should have high on your priority list, as you walk by the side of your children, as all take part w/Dr. James Hansen in `Our Children's Trust lawsuit, and end it! Giving them all, at their disposal what it takes to try to reverse this ER crises all are in now!

                                            For the children are trapped in this!

 Let alone you President Trump/First Lady and Congress that want a budget for more toxic Nuclear and Military bases around the world, when all should end! And before the end, they should make up for the wrongdoing in the local communities they interfered in.

  SHAME ON US ALL to let it get to this where the children are taking US Gov to court;

                                                  `Our Children's trust

  Not to mention the profits from weapons of war globally interfering and locally destroying more communities. SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON US ALL! As wars continue to be thought up! And more so-called terrorists are supported by US Gov! 

    Since when do you President Trump, allow this kind of support for people to come into US territory and have weapons of war given by others to fight US?

  If i was in your place i would have a UN gathering to make UN perfect and end `Deterrence, as you work w/all to end all Nuclear/all weapons fo war and all bases return and ended. Any smart company/people/Gov should sod this ASAP and just watch the stupidity of US Gov as you self-destruct! For `we the people are no longer supporting you, yes we welcome you to help you but if you don't want to listen it's good by US Gov as you know it, and you will self-destruct and are by yourself not by us!

  For  `we refuse to be part of any aggression, beyond one's healthy ego!

  For `we the people have seen all the scars we care too and are into shifting all are resources into education to help each learn to nurture self. Not the way your Education people think, as they compete and specialize schools, rather we do it so people come together for one's communities. You or your Education Dept doesn't even respond to me. 

     So `we the people will continue to share, if you don't do it, the dysfunctions of others will destroy you ASAP.

This means ending all Military/Nuclear and all that is toxic, prioritizing each community's local `plan's findings. As all where can then help others unable to do for self, as in helping neighbors to help them, not false aid from afar! Being aware of that toxic globally affecting many as in stopping Nuclear use and cleaning it up along w/everything else toxic that we discuss.

    So let me go back to my quest to understand verbiage to better share this message so people stop wasting energy stressing and redirect as they rethink and shift;

   Then to discover a lady that fueled me in a few minutes of here sharing, as i then put missing pieces together. As she does medication education and research for humanity and the brain. She shared that people are using very little of their brain and states we must not accept this home where we stay in stress modes, resorting back to it for it is one's comfort zone. Whereas in here offerings she shares a simple exercise, which takes 3-4 min;

    Close your eyes and breath deeply and gently, letting thoughts flow thru as you observe where they are from, past/future or are you present? Gently observe one's thoughts yet not interfere. And take a real look. Then imagine a flame of a fire in your forehead, which she feels is where people are stuck in. And that is when one is stressed/depressed/unclear, etc. Vs finding one's center to create one's desire, sharing w/the world,  being one w/the universe, getting out of me me state. As she suggests using your full brains' potential. So imagine a flame in the middle of your skull, this is your new home. Let it glow. This is where you gain your power and energy balance to get free of the stress that many have become used to as normal. Now bring a gentle smile to your face and open your eyes. So in the morning this can be helpful and whenever feel like you run back to your old home for that is your comfort spot, then do this exercise. It takes the time she says, but if you keep doing this you will open up and gain, ending stress and having joy! So what better to work at then these short sessions whenever you feel stress is building. Stop it!

  Ok so i thanked her for her sharing, for all my life i've pursued understandings within my reach of how we process information, etc. So i looked into her offerings and have asked her what she is supporting beyond charging a lot for her/their offerings. 

For as i told those whom originally shared many offerings, including this lady's, in their online gathering, which i will research more before i support an ecological whor without being able to say more! That when i see Oprah being included in any part, especially here, i felt it was wrong to support her actions in this mode when people are trying to go figure oneself and for one's family. So to be fare i researched again Oprah's investments and still felt as long ago when i tried to tell her there was another way, that she was still being an ecological whor.

  So i await this entity's answer to my questions before supporting them more. And also my schedule did not permit me to listen to more. But whenever i gain something from one, i'm appreciative. For we are in this human mode and humans have a lot of errors to sort out. For our brain gives us much room to mess up, or make it right!

 But there is a serious problem when people offering goodness yet not realize what they take part in is part of the problem, from having large footprints. To own several million dollar properties especially without having it as an educational entity and w/low footprint of energy consumptions as in self-sustained off large grids etc. Which i've been there done that on a much smaller scale, but principles are the same. Being unaware of the effects you leave are the same, just different amounts. We don't realize what effects we leave on the local life that is our true sustaining energy, let alone our own misuse/abuse. Yet people are chasing it, enslaved by it, as well destroying the life that requires each community to balance, as in the genetic biodiversity, so as to link w/neighbors.

   What does that mean many still ask, the critters that live within us, on a microbial level beyond what one sees w/the eye or feel, until it gets out of control and you get a stomach ache/headache/pains/lines in your forehead or any of these physical signs if yet to listen deeply within feeling the early signs, etc. Due to our/your consumptions, we as humans end up hitting oneself over the head w/hammer vs a gentle bell awakening within to shift one's energy. And that can come from excessive anything; over thinking/lack of scheduling for even too much good is just as bad as too much bad. Especially when it comes to men having sex!

 But when it is right you know it, for it heals oneself, not retrogress into aggressive acts!

  So in seeing US Military the largest footprint on our planet/space, all this assessing has to be put into retrospect to stop one's footprint from leaving negative effects on others, locally and afar. Which is out of control in US Gov w/people locally as well the interference of US Military afar and ongoing toxic Nuclear use, accept some medicine w/no halflife, recyclable as Dr.Helen Caldicott knows best. We welcome all to her great work and archives if yet to be aware of her lifetime of work trying to educate humanity on this deadly subject, as well many of here associates doing great work! We thank you all! Please see;

  So i'm cleaning my house that is way overloaded w/yada consuming airwaves on the internet, and have much to do. But my point is if we are not on the same page working w/our US Non-profit, then please communicate with me thru email below, or find like subject and not waste our space, when focusing on projects. 

  For we are a US Non-profit trying to hold Gov accountable as well our self and all. And we feel as in our research that we have funded for going on 40 years, has been hard work. Yet we know many have not been fortunate to obtain such clarity as well to keep sharing, so we continue. And we welcome all to take part in this collaborative form;

                                      `Humanity has answers, share yours!

 As well we ask Dr. Guy McPherson to take a look and Jamen w/his new ideas also organizing in a Google Hangout w/ongoing meets to resolve saving life on earth, to review Dr. Hansen's science offerings to ` Our Children's Trust and give rebuttals to them if have and share it with us all. Please see and take part as they continue to organize w/everyone's input; 

                                               `Our Children's Trust

   My friend Padma brings to this discussion reality of many that have gone thru and still continue due to our original thought above from people ecologically whoring chasing one's belief of misuse/abuse, yet feeling they give so much to humanity. So i ask you to rethink and shift w/all these thoughts of those above as well below. For peace is an option if we share what works and what doesn't, as each are in different spaces when yet others can't even comprehend the communication, and yada continues as scars continue/ So thank you for this review and your support where you are most comfortable and share it with us fueling others.

Thank you, Padma for your offerings of activism! As well i can't thank al above enough for your lessons!
    In respect and learning on International Women's Day, i hope you did too. For many people are unaware of the history in what created this, so let me share what Padma De Pana did, in case you were unaware as i was;


The Commission for Women of the Altiplano Peasant Committee, CCDA, which is made up of women leaders from different parts of the country, participated today in a peaceful march commemorating International Women's Day. The main demands focused on equality and gender equity, as well as the demand for greater participation in decision-making at all levels, it was reported. The march in which thousands of women from different sectors participate every year also indicated the lack of intentions of this government to promote true changes that generate development for a dignified life of Good Living for females.


The commemoration of Women's Day is born of a bloody history ... where abuse, exploitation, and impunity caused the death of 146 women, some burned and others killed on the sidewalk because they threw themselves out in fear of the flames ... it was not thanks to the beautiful, kind, good women or of good family or wealthy, those who achieved it was the revolutionaries, the indecent, the furious non-religious, the indignant, the migrant and of low social scale. ..the ones who asked for greater equity in married life and in productivity ...

Fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York.

The fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist shirt factory in New York City on March 25, 1911, is the deadliest industrial disaster in the history of New York City and the fourth in the number of industrial accident deaths in the history of the city. The U.S.

The fire caused the death of 146 textile workers who died from burns caused by fire, inhalation of smoke, or by landslides (and suicide).

The majority of the victims were young immigrant women of Jewish and Italian origin between sixteen and twenty-three years of age. The oldest victim was 48 years old and the youngest was 14 years old.

The tragedy was due to the impossibility of escaping the burning building since the people in charge of the shirt factory had closed all the doors to the stairs and exits, a common practice to avoid robberies and altercations.

Many of the workers who could not escape from the burning building jumped from the eighth, ninth and tenth floors to the streets.

The disaster in the textile factory of Triangle Shirtwaist forced important legislative changes in the occupational and industrial safety and health standards and was the trigger for the creation of the important International Union of Women Textile Workers (International Ladies 'Garment Workers' Union) that fights for improving the working conditions of textile workers.

The fire marked the celebration of the International Day of Working Women, later International Women's Day, which is celebrated on March 8.

On March 8, 2011, the centennial of International Women's Day was celebrated and on March 25, 2011, the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist textile factory disaster was commemorated.

The year 1909 and 1910 - Proclamation of the International Day of Working Women

On February 28, 1909, the Day of the Socialist Women was held for the first time in the United States after a declaration by the United States Socialist Party.

In August 1910 the II International Conference of Socialist Women, gathered in Copenhagen, reiterated the demand for universal suffrage for all women and, at the proposal of the German Socialist Luise Zietz, approved the resolution proposed by Clara Zetkin proclaiming March 8 as International Working Women's Day.

Zetkin's proposal was unanimously supported by the conference attended by more than 100 women from 17 countries, including the first three women elected to the Finnish parliament (Finland). The objective was to promote equal rights, including suffrage for women.

The year 1911 - First celebration of the International Day of Working Women
As a result of the decision adopted in Copenhagen the previous year, International Working Women's Day was celebrated for the first time on March 19 in Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland, with meetings attended by more than one million people, They demanded for women the right to vote and to hold public office, the right to work, professional training and non-discrimination at work.

Years 1913 and 1914 - International Women's Day before the First World War.

In 1913, within the framework of the movements for peace that emerged on the eve of the First World War, the women of Russia celebrated their first International Women's Day on the last Sunday of February of that year.

In 1914 in Germany, Sweden and Russia are commemorated for the first time, officially, International Women's Day on March 8.
In the rest of Europe, women held rallies around March 8 to protest the war and to show solidarity with other women.

Years 1922 to 1975 - Institutionalization of International Women's Day.

After the October revolution, feminist Alexandra Kollontai (who since her appointment as People's Commissioner for Public Assistance won the vote for women, divorce, and abortion was legal) got March 8 to be considered an official holiday in the Soviet Union, although a workday.

On May 8, 1965, by decree of the USSR Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union of the USSR, International Working Women's Day was declared a non-workday.

Since its official approval by the Soviet Union after the Russian Revolution of 1917, the day began to be celebrated in many other countries. In China it is celebrated since 1922, in Spain, it was celebrated for the first time in 1936.

In 1975, the UN began celebrating March 8 as International Women's Day.

In December 1977, two years later, the UN General Assembly proclaimed March 8 as the International Day for the Rights of Women and International Peace.

This adhesion of the UN-led several countries to make this day official within their calendars.

The year 2011 - Centennial of International Women's Day

In 2011, the Centennial of International Women's Day was celebrated. The UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, also known as UN Women, also began to operate.


   As earthlings we welcome all to realize how each of you is appreciated when you shine and are happy finding your inner peace, as your energy joins w/humanity's great options now, fueling more to get resolved, as we fine tune and share! For we know it is more then just what some say is easy! For many have resorted to this stressed home, not realizing the cage that enslaved us, as our past generations took it as normal passing it on. Until a beautiful energy from our children/grandchildren/loved ones and anyone in our path shared another unfamiliar energy, which made me go within and edit, wanting to feel such life i was never aware of. 

   So thank you all and even though i'm asking people on our social media' to leave our page if not focus directing our Non-profit work, as in collaborating on this form, please realize we too know how hard it is to get to the new space, that new home which is worth working for. So please don't give up! But also don't use our pages, as your personal sounding board just to vent, rather join in understanding humanity now has answers. And as we repeat we see no more efficient way then to do your local `plan part-time, to fuel you to give/gain support to find your inner peace, as well along the way help w/our life being lost on earth in rapid proportions.

        Join in where comfortable for you and redirect this stressful daily state, in to healing and asserting mindful action as you learn and share w/many good people, even though they too are in fragments, but together each can take great ideas as you work your local `plan, even if not a citizen and are temporary! For it will fuel you to find your center and explore fueling others, that get you to your beautiful desires.

     Sure when being bombed or filled w/toxic/ill etc. it sounds good but easier said then done. But that is where tools of the times to be perfected can help! If you got this far you too can realize how we all are an earthling and deserve the equality and respect. So where ever you are plug into the earth and it will fuel to then find or start your local `plan, getting your needs met, and your offerings shares and appreciated, as together all change policies to make this easier for all!

Peace is not worth giving up on. For if you don't have it, you've isolated yourself, so start there and gather like-minded wanting also to find a new home within. Which then fuels all to interrelate for local giving/gaining of support as you work w/your students using your communities as classrooms. Networking, prioritizing what is toxic, so as each takes part-time, restoring one's ecological sustaining `enhanced working healthiest possible communities, sharing in solidarity, the earth below your feet where ever you are!

  For one may think they can control you, but only you can allow them to control your mind, even though your body may be restricted, which we share in your sorrow! And as you pursue your thoughts, please realize you are working w/humanity's goodness creating more energy for all to end this enslavement and fuel understandings that work, as these people locally and afar are held accountable. So w/you sharing your story, it helps all hold oneself and others accountable. If you can't find a space in all my yada to post such negative acts as well your positive, then please email to me and i will post, as we perfect;

       `i come to talk story welcomes you to join in our `the sun will set spreadsheet...

addressing many issues, sharing humanity's good work, which we welcome you to be part of!               

 Please do your homework so the conscious humane realities sync in the instance w/us all, as earth/space speaks to us. If having difficulty then communicate one on one w/me, email kara;

Thank you all for making a difference and please share while you do your walkabout for you and your communities!

 kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effects.

`i come to talk story...

tel-1-360-450-3749 Please leave a message and i will get back soon.

Please note we have quit Facebook, and we thank them for their services!

It's time to prioritize, working w/humanity's tools to work on global issues effecting every local community.

posted Feb 1, 2018, 4:52 PM by `i come to talk story   [ updated Feb 16, 2018, 4:30 PM ]

I share a message to US Gov and all people on earth. Please share it along your walkabout for you and your communities;

   Pres trump/Congress/Senate/House of Representatives and all people!

Please note, Pres Trump, your verbiage may be real for a time of the past, but i could only connect w/Jill Stein's rebuttal to what you said at your first Inaugural Speech, for that is my experience of the years i've spent on this earth. Many of them being unaware, same as you ecologically whoring, unaware. I say that for every property you own or manage, where you part of the community's local plan to define what is best planning for the community, w/agroecological assessments/political movement which takes all life into consideration. Working within enhancing the natural potential, ending toxic.

I reallize how important all life, all wild life, all microbs required within us and that which surrounds us, for a healthy human exisitence! We as a human speices require genetic biodiversity to be balanced in every community, to link w/the next.

I can't believe you can say what you did during this speech without talking about priorities required by all, to do what we can to end all Nuclear accept some medicine w/no halflife. As well what is toxic and how efficinet our plan or one better can do this to fuel all to better define even as we link.

I had total empathy for you w/your lack of abiity to talk about the suffering now and premature deaths from Nuclear/toxic in every community not being efficiently handled.

As well the links to day i shared in last post to you today. I share them again here as i reach out to all i can and ask for help;…/runit-dome-nuclear-wa…/nicky-benson…/Concrete-dome-holding-radioact…

This is not something to take likely. You and all must realize humanity has great options to help figure this out if all on same page. But you sir must prioritize this, in yur responsibe position ASAP as a crises against humanity. When yet all i heard was `Trade and business, for yes sir you are a business man and may of made profits, but how much ecological whoring have yu done personally, let alone what you bring into your responsible role now??

And if we had 1 universal sound science all could due business without it harming all life on the planet, but now everyone no matter what field you are in you must be consciously humane of the life you kill, bith humans and wild life.. Different places differently. This is why students can help gain prerequisites by prioritizng survival now, volunteering, gaining credit, etc. Helping the student within all sharpen one's sensors and take part now with what each can do comfortably.

We hace a plan to share how and this gives all needs to be met along the way as well offerings shared locally and each community defines prioritizys for locals first. We differ here, for humanity no matter where on is, should have the human right to have support to do one's homework and help in this transition that all are in. Making the opportunity for those that can to make a difference fueling all to change policy and make wrongs right. So each can work toward one's desire while par time responsibly working for one's local community.

But efficiently it appears, no one around you is telling you this, or are you not listening sir?? If common sense from every ecosystem sharing real needs and offerings, this can fill in this fragmented science. That permits business to be toxic, it must stop. You and every one of us must make good daily choices working w/one's collective community where ever at.

You can conserve and shift resources in a priority ER Triage mode now to these global issues w/global leaders/people, as each local community rep defines and can network/stop the toxic ASAP. By opening platform for this to be corrected by all doing one's local `plan, assessing with agroecological systems/political movement that is very clear on humans needs. So then responsible reps update real community needs and offerings.

We are working at this but our continued studying to do this on a low or no budget, should not delay humanity's goodness from helping many left behind and more at risk w/time and your desire to do more Nuclear which is insane!

ASAP please resolve these issues by opening to all to do what can and help educate w/our plan to make even a much better one if so?? When you have at your disposal people and platform or know of people that ASAP can do this. I will help.

Our plan we are working on is to have students use communities as classrooms, as well walk by all Govs side, network and go figure together w/all. Prioritize toxic, for you are getting incomplete figures, for many are left behind in every community we have traveled to in US and afar.

UN is not efficient. So are you w/your business mind naive to think these responsible should be roles have skilled ecological people to protect life on earth using good science?? Or just ecologically whor the way it is being done now, while people chase profits? I did it w/out knowing, education is not good and allows many to continue to do it wrongly.

When yet w/local `plans doing this, then mindful people do it for locals. Where even community pays for those in need to do what can to get needs met, as well offerings shared. Your idea w/Trade local is good. For all to think of one's own soverighnty s good! But to travel internationally when supposedly 27 cargo ships per day roll over in the ocean. at high risk to traffic let alone leave toxic killing marine life that is life to all!

Pres Trump, if you read my last few posts before, i gave a lot of recent data on ocean pollution and death of 2/3rds the coral. Plus this is our foodchain as well sea rise that is leaving negative effects already and rapidly continuing.

Please sir let me help you understand, let me be your mouse so i can fit into your mind and show you, when you are so preoccupied w/your programmed ways. For good investors will beable to continue once good responsible roles are filled and local `plans retain local controlling interest. To prioritize ending all toxic and restoring a sustaining working healthier community. Before it gets worse beyond our control to make a difference.

Which many skilled already think it is to late, but many also working at this will not quit, nor will i. I've reached out to the global community to help and to do their part. For we need research to rid waste properly and use clean fuels where can w/supplemental energy sources. NOT large grids for they too are an uncontrolled hedge fund mode also ecologically whoring. As many scared think that is the answer, but it isn't.

But agroecological systems sequestor the Co2, put nutrients back into the earth/space natural systems and give all communities doing local `plans, local natural wild food-fish-animal/localized energy systems/technology, soverignty.

You must stop Trade/business that is toxic like GMOS, like Russia is, as well stop all monocultures and use of deadly pesticides and even organic farms are contaminated by GMOS making them toxic. More important agroecology is like a great customized formula for each ecosystem/biome, and when worked w/neighbors now microbs/good bacteria link and help balance the good life that humans require to heal and make sharp sensors w/good education as students using communities as classrooms, self reflecting/self educating while helping all that can.

There is no better education, or tourism increase or job increase, then for everyone to interrelate in one's local `plan and make these changes of priority ASAP and actually celebrate along the way, starting w/local natural wild food potlucks/live music/gret skilled focus directed conversations w/scheduled follow up meets then celebrate and enjoy realizing all can be done by each part time interrelating..

President Trump and all, together we can make a difference ASAP when comfortable for all!

Thank you and please come talk. I'm happy to do an exchange for fund raising for our US 501.c3 non profit association, to help us do this faster and reach out to all!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect..

`i come to talk story
tel; 1-360-450-3749 skype, please leave a message and we will get back to you!

Peace to all and your support where can/donations and grants are appreciated!

It's time to prioritize survival, healing and education please!

posted Feb 1, 2018, 2:26 PM by `i come to talk story

How frking crazy have we all been? Don't ya think it is time to be more efficient to handle all this vs Pres Trump you wanting to create more Nuclear, are you out of your mind? As well all legislators that claim to represent people?? People it's time to hold self and others accountable w/assertively part time mindful action in the instance. Our idea of sharing humanitys good work is to gather an do our/your local `plan, where ever one is, even if temporary.

For you/us locally are best to define working w/your/our students networking, what is priorities as well the global priorities effecting all locally, and how all collectively can have a rep in interchangeable roles and make a difference. For the US GOV/Military is unable to sort this out on their own, an efficient way without wanting more Nuclear, yet unable to rid the waste and damage now eft from Nuclear. As people continue to get ill/suffer/die prematurely.

So if you have a better way, please share, other wise we are working at an idea and happy to share it, so gather a group and lets talk in an exchange for us to fundraise, and get our platform completed w/humanities ideas for all to link with, as you define best together w/your community, and have rep share..

Peace and don't forget compassion, empathy and respect for all life, for we are in this together and need all to stop the waste of resources and redirect what can ASAP locally and those that have access help those unable afar.

ps we are a US 501.c3 non profit association and appreciate your donation/grants when can and we are happy to send your recipt for tax write off. So please contact us, email;, tel please lv a message and will get back to you; 1-360-450-3749 skype, thanks for making a difference where most comfortable for you! kara speaking for `i come to talk story..


Help us continue networking, we need funding! Buy our wooden sailboat and make it yours!

posted Jan 16, 2018, 11:35 AM by `i come to talk story

Please, if you are interested in a 30' LOD wooden traditional design sail boat to live in or as a coastal crusier, or know of one interested, see our 1988 `George Bueler Design, for sale, here in Charleston, OR. 

   Cherry it out and make it yours, keep it here at Charleston Marina, for it offers much natural wildlife/scenery near estuary/open ocean/river/trekking the cliffs/fishing off them/clamming/crabbing the docks and more. A working boatyard close to take it out on hard. 

 Please check in to the Marina's policys to make sure you can do what you want. Or take it elsewhere;

Thank you for sharing, if know of one interested, for we have a plan that helps us continue our work as Peace/Nuclear/War, activists sharing the living local process that humanity offers now, w/agroecological systems/political movement. Using communities as classrooms, working w/one's students, prioritizing what is toxic, on to restoring one's ecological sustainable enhanced working healthier communities. As those that can help the many pockets without basic nuts and bolts for human comforts/as well help resolve the global issues negatively affecting some more than others and eventually all, as we are now in the 6th mass extinction.

So do your part and share what works as you self reflect and add to humanity's offerings now. As well Donate and make a difference.

Peace is an option if together we go figure! Thank you, for what you do! 
kara speaking for our combined `effect..

`i come to talk story..
tel; 1-360-450-3749

Please note we are in Port Townsend, WA, it will be nice to see you all!

posted Dec 16, 2017, 9:35 AM by `i come to talk story   [ updated Dec 16, 2017, 9:37 AM ]

Note our address to reach us for those wanting to Donate/support/update us on how to help your needs and offerings get met as we restructure our platform, thankyou; kara j lincoln, po box 634, Port Townsend, WA 98368

Also we would like to share w/you an email to Brand New Congress;

Peace, kara j lincoln

Make a difference, please collaborate, for life on earth!

posted Dec 2, 2017, 12:16 PM by `i come to talk story   [ updated Dec 3, 2017, 10:31 AM ]

This is for you, that cares about life to continue, peace, temperature rise, efficiency to restore..    

It's time to see the light..

                                                  `i come to talk story..                

                                                  Happy `Super Moon!                                                           

                           I appreciate your sensitivity, skills and heartfelt sharing.. 

  Please reflect w/a lenghty read and comment, share and correct if i wrong, over some serious issues globally that face us all. For many of you are centered and grounded, where we've been working too hard to get our objective shared. Mostly w/technical crap, but for now good enough for you to get our point. We  will keep updating.

  Please share this along your walkabout for you and realize the seriousness of time sensitive material for many;

  Shifting together, so all co_evolve in harmony, sharing earth/space in peace!  11.30.17

                          If want to come direct email me kara;  

                          We are restrucuturing our platform and appreciate 

                                       your input/support and Donations! 

   Check back and stay updated on this document or here, as well we recently started our US non profit page, i come to talk story also w/this link of Google Drive live documents for all to interact and help us reach out, share where efficient for you.


      We yet to be paid for any work and now would appreciate your interrelating

      to get this restruturing done, making exchanges w/patches talking to pockets without.


                                   Peace is an option for all w/your support!

                        Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect..

                                                  `i come to talk story

                    Thank you, Google, Nabble and LibreOffice, for all your help!



         1-360-450-3749 skype. Please leave a message and we will get back to you soon!

We want to hear from you, your needs and offerings to better prepare our platform to help!

posted Sep 28, 2017, 12:44 PM by `i come to talk story   [ updated Apr 6, 2018, 3:43 PM ]

   Please see our needs and offerings to enable us to reach out to every community, so humans share in obtaining their basic nuts and bolts.

                           It's time to know you - and community's potential.
                                       We are perfecting a plan 

                         for all to share needs and offerings, prioritizing. 

                                 Let's focus on few of these priorities..

     Until you and your community work collectively to define thru your local `plan what is real for you to mindfully act on. Holding self and others accountable locally and afar.

President Trump and all in Governing, what should be responsible roles, it would be nice to work together, for we have empathy for the many issues now. But you people are doing crimes against humanity and you take it as normal, or many so preoccupied to stop it, that all fail to be mindful in the instance.

  When yet you can open the channels and realize you are working for the people and should at least know their needs and offerings, yet how many are you are being a local, global and beyond mindful participant?? Or even reaching out to students to help you as well to do our plan fueling local `plans, i don't get feedback from you, why? 

   Please add in a comment here what excuse you and others have, etc. when you and your family's wake up daily w/resources that could feed and water entire Peurto Rico, yet now 5 days later and no use of drones/helicopters to drop it and more needed to people without??

  When yet they should already be prepared to Ex; Save rainwater, use reverse osmosis machine they can build to create fresh water from filtered wastewater, or if near ocean use a desalinator to make fresh water from the sea. Where is the education?


  Let's hear Hannah's update and Oct 3, 2107 deadline to submit a comment to US Army Corp of Engineer;


The campaign to stop the proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline and the Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal is kicking into high gear to make sure Governor Brown and the State of Oregon stand up for our communities and stop the pipeline.  
There are a few important updates and opportunities to take action.


  1. Last Thursday, Versen filed their full pipeline application with FERC, kicking off the official environmental review process for the Pacific Connector Pipeline and the Jordan Cove LNG project. This is the third time that Jordan Cove has applied with FERC. You can read more in our coalition press release HERE or this Mail Tribune Article. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) now has up to 10 days to review their application and accept or reject it. At that point, individuals, organizations and agencies will have a short window to file as “interveners” which means that we submit comments to FERC to preserve our right to challenge any FERC decision.  We will share instructions on how to do that in the coming weeks.

  1. Communities across the country are having a significant pipeline and fossil fuel export victories at the state level that continue to show us that Governor Brown and our state agencies can protect Oregon’s rivers and streams and deny permits for Jordan Cove and the Pacific Connector Pipeline. For example, this week the Washington Department of Ecology denied a key water quality permit for the largest coal export terminal proposed in North America. In New York State, the courts upheld the authority of the State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) right to deny the Constitution Pipeline Co’s application for a clean water permit even after FERC approved it.  

  1. The Trump Administration appointed two pro-pipeline members to the FERC Commission in August with the unanimous consent of the Senate, including Oregon Senators Merkley and Wyden.  Two additional Trump nominees to FERC will be voted in shortly, bringing Trump’s nominees to the FERC commission to 4 out of 5 members. Since the Trump administration has openly voiced support for Jordan Cove, we will need to continue to pressure our state agencies to protect Oregon.


  1. Submit Comments today to the Army Corps of Engineers about dredging the port of Coos Bay. The Port of Coos Bay is seeking permits to significantly deepen and widen the bay for facilitating export projects including (if not exclusively) Jordan Cove LNG.The project would be funded in part by $60 million state grant, meaning taxpayers would foot the bill for a project that would largely benefit Jordan Cove Energy Project, a private corporation.  The Army Corps of Engineers is taking comments on this development until October 3rdPlease click HERE for instructions on how to submit your comments and talking points on what to say.

  1. Volunteer hours and monthly meetings are up and running in Jackson and Klamath Counties! Jackson County volunteers hours are the 2nd Tuesday of the Month from 5pm - 7pm at the Rogue Action Center (3932 S. Pacific Hwy, Medford).  Klamath County volunteer hours / monthly meetings are the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the Month from 6pm - 8pm at the Gaucho Collective (1038 Main St, Klamath Falls).




p.s. from kara w/sailboat moorage at Charleston Marina, Port of Coos Bay. I just want to share again a thought here about ER Preparedness. Ya know if all stay in the instance you can collectively do one's local `plan, even if it fragments to become more efficient in getting needs met when calm as well in crises. Please see good Ex; Now w/Puerto Rico going like now 5 days w/people blocked roads not receiving goods dropped off and still without water/food, etc. Due to the US Governing people not in the instance where they have Military resources around the world, yet can't have drones oversee actually during tail end of storm whom would be most vulnerable. Then w/helicopters/CG  and all others drop ship water/necessities until roads can be gotten thru and aware of how to self-sustain as i state above w/reverse osmosis, desalinator and simply catching rainwater.

Let's see an example of being in the instance, Ex; Here at Charleston, Corp of Engineer own road out to fuel dock. After fires from people, they/Port of Coos Bay decided to put a gate on road w/chain that is hard to cut. Ok so i was talking to the security of Marina and he states every maintenance/security person has a key, yet they still are awaiting decision to give one to Firemen in case they have to get in. I said just find a common spot for all needing in case of ER, he thought that too or give them a key! Let's just see how long this takes to lock the gate, for they won't do it until this is resolved?? For one of the fires recently was a motor home parked within yards of where fuel truck fills fuel. Old man w/oxygen tanks were smoking and explosion is what i heard, and motorhome had pieces of metal left that was projectiles now on the ground. He went to the hospital with serious burns covering most of his body.



  You people are bright and can go figure so don't miss the deadline to add your comment, please!


Please, everyone, make sure you let NIAC fill in the worn-torn missing gaps regarding Iran and take part; 

  As well with understanding Pres Trump's Muslim ban; 


Thank you NIAC for keeping us informed! 


I just signed the petition, “U.S. Congress: Rescind the Muslim Ban Immediately #NoMuslimBanEver.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link:

kara j

  Next, I want to thank you all for sharing, having patience, when so many times we could not fit into your schedule for a meet. But i ask you to help now where can as i share a few needs for us. And yes many of you that know us have heard much of this before and we thank you for sharing it while doing your walkabout for you and your communities.

   We thank you! And Clara, our new librarian at OIMB for being very supportive and skilled. And OIMB for sharing! As well thank you Bappi for coming aboard helping us better understand the Myanmar issue helping Rohingyas as you stay in touch and post here updates. Same Pathak and others focusing on their communities which include the reality for all humans on earth.This list i could keep writing but that is for a new Fusion spreadsheet in the works as each share and more. Many are doing great activism for local and afar homeless, as well helping stop the pipelines/LNG `Jordon Cove, thank you Hannah and all, J.D. and others building a tiny house, Lynn, J.C., Mary, Bittin, Jen, Fritz and more.... 

                   I'm thankful for all the lessons that we have co_evolved with.

  Same with these folks and i look forward to how they fit in helping people afar as well w/Nuclear radiation we share below;


   Your ongoing local support and good work in local/afar projects, and sharing us is appreciated and we feel if organize more can be done as needed. Now we ask you to join in and make this happen more efficiently to reach more, so let us know your needs and offerings, for we have a plan and making a form for each to fill out and network.

   I thank Nabble, Google, LibreOffice and One Today, for there ongoing support to us as a US non-profit, as well here for all to reach out and resolve. 

   Please don’t forget to celebrate along the way, your good fortunes, welcoming all to join in!

     Please, new friends, note we are perfecting our global platform sharing the basic nuts and bolts for all communities to gain one’s own comforts, as we work w/transparency. You locals where ever we’ve been or networking, have helped us learn, as we did exchanges. And this includes what many of us fail to do as in better preparing w/one’s neighbors, for Crises that many now are facing.

 Now many people afar are not as fortunate, as well these scars have continued from long ago. As many of us have a good night sleep, many don’t if they even survive? And to come into our/your platform and take the time to focus is not always easy when in the middle of a crisis, whether natural, made by misuse or human-made abuse. For the earth/space is having all in many places. UN/Governing bodies are not in real time w/resolving, so `we the people must mindfully act ASAP where can calmly, working collectively to make a difference to address those without, and then when calm continue to self-educate for humanity has answers.

   We feel if all gain some understanding and gain empathy to give, more can help now. Many overstressed are unable to focus, w/the issues of the times, even though not all are everyone’s fault or even one’s communities. Yet without basics in place. When with our plan to share humanity’s ways that work, everyone can define which issues they can control and make a difference. By welcoming schools/one’s students to help define root of problem, network, as well help meet needs not met. For there is much controversy w/story, as many feel US news/even global networks are being paid to say what those paying want. Vs what is really taking place.

  We all are the reality of one’s experiences, whether programmed, carrying forward bad behaviors as normal or struggling left in the fog. For it is this manipulation/overload of information unapplied mindfully that causes this. For a healthy person staying in the instance, present w/conscious awareness remains open to perceive then make a good effort to give in time feedback.

   In saying this many are misusing/abused and many local and afar have mixed signals. So we are working to perfect our platform to go figure what is real as each then sorts out for oneself as well collectively for one’s community.  So each of our account for one’s actions and make wrongs right w/mindful exchanges. Whether a long-term resident or recent refuge arriving, all are earthly participants and this process of living w/respect for each other and the life that sustains us, w/empathy must be learned.

  Not to mention people coming together w/fragments that work building into the efficiency of doing one’s local `plan can truly aid, as all gain facts of one’s real potential working w/the enhanced natural environment that surrounds one. Learning what true tools are available when working within earth/space natural systems, that circulate the earth as life is born from the death of other. W/hands-on focus directing w/one’s students, networking sorting this out, filling in the worn-torn links can restore ecological working communities that are healthy supplying needs/sharing offerings to locals.

           Local plans transform land use - Use community as classrooms.

       Network/link, humanity has options for many jobs if mindfully live local.

         Giving all a grounded reality of clarity, so as to pursue one’s healthy desires fueling all to explore. As all are supported/give support, to do one’s homework and for little cost be free to navigate this earth, locally and afar. As earth/space, natural ways also retain controlling interest for the earth/space.

            See; for they know well how toxic it has become.

 Let alone earth;

    Myanmar Rohingyas, are one of many examples and Bappi needs donations to do what he can to help! Please contact us if can give;

                          So please define your means to give where??

   Not to mention the refugees still running rapid in small boats from Africa and surrounding areas, which is crazy, when yet so much US Military and others not helping, yet boats near, w/all the US bases around the world. Abby Martin’s interview w/Venezuela’s Gov speaks of them wanting their own control of them and happy to help others, not as US Gov thinks they are abusive to people. Same w/people in Puerto Rico or anywhere where there are intense heat and no water to drink or wash with for some for over a week now. As we learned in South Pacific that people are sold products not conducive to one’s natural environment, living w/materials/unaware to maintain, etc., causing illness. Nor should they restore with them. And restore only once local `plans are made as we speak of them. For much of Texas is showing low lying areas that flooded should not be built on. This list is lengthy... I think you get the gest of real needs!

    And support should be given until needs can be met by anyone, anywhere on the planet or in space, when crises occur. This should come ASAP from local `plans having ER plans in place w/neighbors. And in case of extreme controversy, help from afar should give support then work w/people to define issues. That is our true human potential to communicate in the instance. 

        Not spend trillions on weapons of war, failing to have transparency w/peace negotiations or ER assistance.

   People do deserve to be helped w/existing plans in place Ex; FEMA/UN, etc. and not just giving them loans/temporary help, rather those in need give/gain support by local collective support. Giving much assurance of gaining self-mastery, being in control only of oneself. While yet taking part, for all should do one’s part to be humane meeting all needs of all until they able, locally and w/neighbors. 

Many people have no clean, have to travel far to get it, no sanitation in place, no local grown variety of food or shelter beside contaminated materials from heat and moisture growing microbes. Even the many people living not in a crises area simply left unaware or unable to care for self, living with air inside same as outside if not polluted?? Which our plan in the working prioritizes one to define how and if toxic and to resolve. And want to share `Transitional Shift Message Board for all to fine tune with. As each post one’s calm needs or ER and offerings, same. Then all we ask is to stay in real time w/own post.

     For if able, all one needs is to understand, let alone wants to participate if the community is organized. And if unable, support can be given collectively for them to understand.

  US Military/Governing bodies have no rights to tell other country’s what to do, many in the US are without. As well no one on earth/space should have a Nuclear use, rather end it ASAP and research should be prioritized to rid waste. And all countries need to work w/transparency, fueling others to become aware, to give us all truth to know when one cannot sustain one's needs or offerings or one’s community’s needs and offerings for locals. 

        Not give weapons of war or go into train Military failing to see inter/intrapersonal needs not met or even addressing support for communities to do one's local `plan networking w/humanity's options now.

      So in saying this how did humanity allow these figures to grow?

   UN states “ 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services and 4.5 billion people lack safely managed sanitation services”. How crazy is this when humanity has such good tools of the times, yet people fail to prioritize, i know for many years i had my head filled w/preoccupation of useless stuff too, totally unaware.

                        I ask you to part-time take part ASAP, please.

   In our travels circumnavigating the Pacific Ocean via sailboat, i got sick from what i saw and that started this project. So i could redirect and resolve vs waste energy getting sick, It works! It was not long before my brain calculated all the bacteria growing from lack of education, plus people afar taking advantage and selling them goods not allowed in their country, including the US. And knew w/how people/goods, travel/fly back and forth globally, much would spread. This was unacceptable to us!

      Ex; Water is abundant to pre-filter as in rain runoff especially if have clean collecting devices and refigure one's creek to have the rocks and sand help filter/dishwater/bath/stream runoff/flood, etc. and once pre-filtered well add salt to freshwater waste and makes clean fresh water, as well from sea water into fresh, if build a reasonably priced reverse osmosis machine. Schematic can be gotten online to build. Can be made for groups, but we do not support large desalinization plants/dams/any large grid system. Same sanitation pits build the right way for bacteria not to spread and maintained by locals understanding how to maintain and build. 

   Where is the conscious humane clarity that is in these so-called Governing responsible positions now? Especially when so much false aid is given? That many people count on? 

   Don't you think it's time to shift and gather w/friends and neighbors to cover these bases??

       Ex; US Gov and all Military on this planet and w/materials toxic in space, should be prioritized. Even give up % of wages/or lay off even, to those needs not met ahead of time for such disaster, holding accountable those in those positions to provide for ER crises and are unprepared... Or not give President as w/Puerto Rico correct reality in the instance to instantly respond. Not to mention have resources in place as locals are supported to prepare or leave lands to wildlife if patterns repeat crises. 

   For Military are the largest footprint of all and should come home and stop interfering w/weapons of war afar, and start where at restoring before they leave, as we speak of here educating local `plans and for crises mode. As well then come home and be a local participant and do one’s local `plan to help each shift back into being consciously humane. Become aware of effects left on self and others/heal, and go figure one’s truly healthy potential.

      This is the only way true stories will be gained for us all to understand the support needed and give it, as we all become local, global and beyond mindful participants, co_evolving together. Vs leaving millions without basics, which is a crisis against humanity and these people in charge should ASAP accept students/communities help to become more efficient while prioritizing help ASAP or step down/be removed and or voted out??

    We are asking you to help where ever you can and best thru collective measures w/your community, requesting that Governing bodies immediately take action in these crises locally and afar. For they need to come ware that they are to represent and work for and with the people. To help until locals most vulnerable not cared for are. And not repeat inefficiencies. For every community, we’ve experienced in the US and many other countries, as we networked, are in the same boat. But never yet have we been in the middle of a war or fleeing of refugees to the extent of what has been taking place, except for in sleep dreams or awake thoughts of other’s suffering, which these ongoing scars are insane.. 

     Sure we’ve had bad experiences but never seen such inefficiencies, that we know people can do once focus direct together. And before an ER triage like mode, communities can sort this all out ASAP where can and communicate where can’t, calmly.

  All of us as earthlings deserve to understand how to live w/respect within oneself and for each local `plan, sharing earth/space in peace vs present condition of people profiting interfering ecologically, as in creating climate change as well terrorists, and then profit over it.. As all take part and create calmness vs controlled abuse/walls of waste, etc..

  So the more help we get the faster we can restructure and reach out w/offerings for you to fine-tune your exchanges of needs and offerings for yourself and for your collective communities, as all link, making a difference.

   We have been very assertive to being lost in studying to do a new infrastructure for our virtual global platform. We thank Google for helping sort this out. Supporting us all to do our work as tools get better w/one’s feedback. Sharing the basic nuts and bolts of all humans, no matter who, what involved in, or where you are, even if temporary. This will fuel one to center and ground, get clear and rethink one’s desires as each gain/give support to obtain them. Making it more simple to reach out, networking w/humanity’s ideas to fuel all to rethink and shift. Changing old outdated non-functional policies, even Constitutions written by slave owners, so local `plans give understandings, gaining respect for all life as a rule of understanding for each local `plan is unique. 

                     Reality, controversy, solution - Humanity has answers, Network.
                                             Donate, accept nothing less 
                                 than knowing you can make a difference.   

  Sharing w/visitors as all should be welcomed into one’s meets/celebrations to learn specific ecosystems/seasonal offerings and subject perfected for their species habitats that sustain locals. And let them help as you also learn from them. Not just provide space for tourists not allowing locals to live `boon w/the wildlife, which is required for healthy habitats to be made to sustain healthy communities.

   Like many in Africa do wrongly as Colonial grids still control much. But we know those living w/large browsers in check have real lessons for the world and we aim to define them. The even US setting aside lands, wrong you are missing the point here. Please rethink w/humanity’s lessons that have been hard. Good Ex; Is one on Ted talk, i’d have to look up his name, but after killing like 400k elephants they became aware of how elephants built strong soil/plants/trees by being able to have their old transboundary migrating paths. And people living `boon with them as each respect own needs and offerings, migrating. 

      This and more lessons are hard to grip and should not be repeated.

   Don't look at people as a refugee or tourist, but a person visiting, a local participant. And upon first exchange notice/listen to, if in need or not?? And humanely give it. And learn/share, then to go home if can and want to. These lessons will co_evolve how locals live and how they should be able to freely migrate as well explore the world w/respect once homework is done as we speak of it here. Then fine tune sharing experiences doing one’s local `plan, as they to link w/like communities to obtain/or if have, share how to via like ecosystem, season and subject, for all to gain local natural grown/wild food-fish-animal/energy/technology, sovereignty.

   There is no better education than to have a student self-reflect w/one’s communities needs and offerings, locally and afar networking as we focus directly together linking local `plans.

       By prioritizing what toxic and defining how to monitor the transition of making it healthy. From lead/fluoride in drinking water to Nuclear waste and more defined by each.

   Dr. Helen Caldicott is reaching out for donations also, as she continues to help by sharing her great skills, says it best;                                              

                                                          This is the truth

                                  -The US constantly threatens North Korea with a 
                                  nuclear attack like conducting "Nuclear Bomb
                                          Dropping Drills" on their borders

                                  -Annual war games on the North Korea border,
                             which include military training exercises with names
                              like "Decapitation" and training with Seal Team Six,
                                   the same Navy Seal team that took out Osama

                                   -The last contact they had with the US military
                                   was the Korean War, which the US killed 20% of
                             North Korea's population and completely devastating
                          North Korea's infrastructure, like committing war crimes
                                                 Of bombing water dams

                                      -the US has consistently refused to negotiate. 
                                   North Korea voted to ban nuclear weapons in the
                                  UN vote, the US didn't vote and condemned the vote

-Agneta mentioned this, but the US has taken out Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and currently have military operations in Syria along with the continued situation in Ukraine. North Korea surely is up-to-date with these events. Maybe the only reason North Korea is still standing is that they ACTUALLY have nuclear weapons (unlike the invasion of Iraq in 2003)

                                         North Korea has openly stated what they want:

                                                 For the US to stop threatening them.                      

 Thank you, Helen;

                                          See Helen's Foundation...

  Please help her fund their book from the symposium and upcoming monitoring project through Donate Now! Every little bit helps. The planet has never needed our collective attention and protection more.


 This monitoring project is for Nuclear radiation. That many of you are still unaware of as it circulates thru out the globe, affecting many more negatively than some. You want to understand what you should be testing??

                    Prioritize toxic, stay calm - Support needs and offerings.

                                  Network, hold self/others accountable. 

                                 End Nuclear use/waste/abuse and war. 

      President Trump and all US/UN/Governing bodies, we ask you;

 Why are you/your family and your Governing body not in the instance w/humanity??

 Where is the dialogue of peace w/Kim Jong-Un? Why is it you do do not invite him to the Whitehouse and discuss with him the Nuclear reality the earth/space is present in, as Dr. Helen Caldicott states?

   Why do you continue to disrespect them and as they claim, threaten them? Do you not see the lack of diplomacy here? Why is it you do not open the channels w/transparency and talk to them. 

  To do this to North Korea, after all, they have been thru is wrong. Many of the American people/International Community see this as a total waste of resources when yet you people have no plan to rid waste now. Which is subjecting ongoing accumulation of Nuclear radiation/illness, glob Not to mention many throughout the world and US are without basic nuts and bolts as we speak of here.

     We the people, accept nothing else than for you to negotiate peacefully within human's communication abilities, which require no weapons of war, no foolish expense. Rather we ask all to end all Nuclear use accept some medical w/no halflife that can be recycled. 

Along with it end all Military weapons of war and while the US has all the bases, please shift and help people do one's local `plan and then leave. Come home and do yours here. As we repeat, we want you to heal, end these scars from continuing, end your programmed ways that are outdated.

  Please, self-reflect as we tell others when they show signs of disrespect to all life on our earth. Are you not thinking of the lessons you are leaving for our children/your children/your family and all! 

  There are many more issues that are real that need your attention first then taxes, as well UN for you people are spaced out, not in real time with our earth/space nor all life on it, including humans. This is why people need to become self-reliant and we suggest working with all sharing a plan for each community to do ones local `plan, preparing for ER modes as well going beyond them, and even prevention and simply being aware to `boon with the natural enhanced tools available when working within earth/space systems. 

  Which now sorry to say people here i speak of in this post can tell all how toxic both have become, so you people have no excuse to not be on top of it, in what should be responsible roles. Yet it is very dysfunctional with good people trapped and that can stop ASAP by opening transparency and allowing `we the people to take control of self-working with neighbors, recycling US Gov's resources that you people are wasting.

  A good example of not being in the instance for humanity, Ex; The people blocked by damaged roads, in Puerto Rico could use these resources to give them water, for one that has been sitting there, brought in by boat, yet no transportation to get thru the damaged roads. Why did you not or now use helicopters/CG/Military to drop ship as drones could have been used and still can at the tail end of the hurricane to resolve? Can you imagine people frail/children without water now for 5 days and needed supplies, not knowing how hurt they are?? And this went on for a long time and still not good in some places, why?

  All can gain support to do one's local `plan to gain one's own sovereignty w/neighbors so as not to rebuild where ecologically not permitted.

            For the US Gov's ideas, w/FEMA will only repeat scars. And if you work with us this can all become efficient.

        Let one's students organize ASAP to help all in crises as they learn when to prioritize self/locals and those in need afar. Gaining prerequisites/learning when to volunteer, then network to support all to come to the table and review prioritizing toxic, helping all in need/those most vulnerable. Then review w/locals that can all biome(s) w/neighbors w/agroecological perspective of one's communities natural enhanced potential. 

Letting as Ex; Prof Miguel Altieri’s agroecology curriculum and movement guide. As well Geoff from permaculture research and many more doing great earthwork.

   We suggest coming together in a local potluck w/live music. Reflect w/what is familiar to all, as in food, as each share thought of working w/one’s natural enhanced potential. Define real issues w/follow up meets. And celebrate one’s good fortunes of having the ability to rethink and mindfully act, if fortunate to do, when yet so many local and afar are misusing/abused. Addressing the reality of what is available locally and how healthy as well health effects it leaves on locals as well the environment. Helping people understand the damage Industrial Agriculture/GMOS/Monocultures/Pesticides, etc. do.

   We feel our plan developed after several years of interacting, seeing the great potential from all, as well humanity’s offerings now shared, can make a difference. As people organize to prioritize and mindfully act as a whole for one’s communities. Prioritizing high on the list what negative effects are being left from each, yet unaware as people share one’s needs and offerings and work into supplying the needs and offerings collectively for one’s communities. Coming together to do exchanges for those unable.

                              Jobs to develop, restore. - As you define real priorities.

                                          Share what works, link with our plan

                                    for people to exchange needs and offerings. 

  Don't forget and take what can from Lynn's lessons as a nurse in US/Canada, knowing well, as she continues to see how people can do this, as she stays involved and you can to as you do your local `plan, prioritizing real needs and offerings;

   Dear Ones,

TIME NOW to Stop recruiting for more Armed Forces (& militarized police) with single payer & START RECRUITING for Heart, SOUL  & GREEN COMMUNITY SERVICES with single payer!

How we can co-create our new earth WPA/CCC  legislation for Heart and Soul community services with single payer for all is to use our internet social media to UNITE all the churches spiritual groups, green groups, minority groups, occupy groups, Unions, US chamber of commerce, women's groups, groups (700 now ), people', our, the and & other peace groups, UN groups, Parliament of Religions & all those who resonate with Micheal Moore's movie, 

'Where to Invade Next? 

      These are very important Govt policies! Care Standford edu will help;, body, mind spirit healer groups, lightworker groups, renewable energy groups, = US Dept. of Arts and Culture.. and help all the aggressive youth find a sport - more kinds of movement therapies and sports worldwide too. We must unite all red, yellow, black and whites from inside out via each person own divine unique Soul purpose and eternal wise Soul Energies because all the answers lie within each person when they are angry and feeling upset in any way.

Teach people about the 12 basic universal cosmic laws. #1. Is the Law of One and help people learn how to attract LOA = Law of Attraction from their own higher evolutionary wisdom from their own eternal Soul energies.

We need Heart and Soul Community services with a basic guaranteed income with single payer for all need to feel Loving connections and life purpose; 

    So that, we can replace the old ego mind programs and problems related to race, religion, and gender and coping with drugs, guns, violence, abuse, jailing and war systems. 

Time to shift old paradigm systems with new heart, soul & renewable green education jobs creation with mass media support that will shift the thoughts, feelings, jobs, money, actions, and intentions towards co-creating OUR Golden Age of Gaia and universal travel too. 

What we focus our money & intentions on, we help manifest. 


Lynn Mystic-Healer

Thanks Lynn!

 Please realize your local `plan can give you answers/tools/ER Preparedness, as well contributes to our earth/space awareness to end scars from repeating, as you share fueling others to shift and do their local `plan.

   Take part in creating 1 Universal Sound Science understanding local `plans to live by as a rule of understanding, where ever one is. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just regain the respect for all life that sustains humans. So each community balances one’s genetic biodiversity to link. Restoring the life that fragmented science permitted wrongly. As it disturbed the habitats/microcosms, leaving ill effects on all life including humans, as toxic developments where allowed and still continuing to contribute to rising temperature, affecting weather abnormally.

   This way as we share humanity’s ideas and people fine-tune working w/fragments, for many are doing great jobs, this then will get more people closer to the reality of doing one’s local `plan, gaining true efficiency. As more jobs are created. Which can offer a better ecological perspective over profiting, as people restore one’s sustainable working healthy communities, working w/neighbors. Where local `plans retain controlling interest for locals, which also provide alternatives to ER disasters. As people gain insight working the biome(s) in all seasons, having camps of comforts in place, etc.

                           Not all issues are yours - Make space to see problems.

                                  Create jobs by resolving with your local plan, 

                                        restoring your healthy community.  

  Giving much more value to investors, as World Markets are rethought and people are welcomed into tapering transitions to gain understandings. To make wrongs right/heal, before it is too late. As w/climate temperature rises, ER crises, etc. Both human-made and natural. As controversies get clarified thru collaborating, as well peace plans, ending the use of Nuclear, researching to rid it’s waste, ending Military/weapons of war, as all master self-responsibility, lowering one’s footprint. As common sense is restored by all offering exchanges, gaining an understanding of working within earth/space natural systems. Cleaning up the present mess many have taken as normal.

  Welcome your students to focus direct with you, using communities as extended or only classrooms, networking, leaving no one left behind.Together we can address these nuts and bolts of basic comforts, as people produce one’s own healthy community, being prepared for worst. Taking responsibility and not leave negative effects on anyone else, locally or afar.  So all can prioritize one’s healthy water/air/soil/save seeds/ponds of fresh fish/ducks-birds as w/agroecological systems supplying answers to using the right species as Ex; to kill mosquito larvae protecting against malaria, etc.. 

   Having needs in place w/neighbors for ER issues, localized energy, not large grids of even alternative energy. Rather a low impact as w/small reverse osmosis, as i speak above, to clean wastewater once salt added and pre-filtered first, as well sea water made into fresh clean drinking water. Simple sanitation skills/tools, as in digging pits 6 ‘ deep by 4’wide so as to protect against bacteria, until stable to build a toilet and learn composting w/natural building working within the enhanced natural limits, having a good night sleep, ending false aid from afar as neighbors are prepared for the worse, supporting each other. And once crises stop work into where best to do what and create communities that offer much more, that have lived w/agroecological systems for over 5k years still working..

                                               You can make a difference!

                              Gather w/friends and neighbors, do your walkabout...

                           Share links, reflecting, collaborating, donating where can...

   We are a Us nonprofit and appreciate your donations/grants. Please contact us if interested, see contact info below. Also if in the area we are happy to do an exchange for fundraising, while still perfecting our platform changes. And once to next stage, then we can communicate in a variety of ways, as we focus directly on important issues, gaining understanding from the many that respect earth/space natural systems and work hard to make this a better world for all. Which to date, not all have been appreciated for such good work and now it’s time for `we the people to make a difference to gain sovereignty, by sharing in solidarity what works, what doesn’t. While holding self and others accountable in a peaceful calm organized efficient manner.

                        Humanity has solutions - have a potluck and go figure.

                                   Network, redirect resources from Military 

                                       to restoring healthy communities.     

             Thank you, peace is an option once all reach out and share!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect…

`i come to talk story

   p.s. Please note i’m posting this around, to reach out ASAP to do as we stated above. Contact kara if need more input or want to donate; +1-360-450-3749 and leave a message and i will get back to you or email;

                         Donate, help us reach out - You can make a difference.
                                        Our global platform welcomes you 
                                 to share/reflect, nuts/bolts all humans use.

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