`In Solidarity, come take part..

     It is time for change, as we shift. Please lets talk, humanity has options.

Let our thoughts fuel yours..

  What ever you have done, where ever, when ever, please realize we welcome you, to help you understand the natural `enhanced way. For you to define, working w/your local `plan, so you become a local mindful participant..

  It is time for being grateful to lead the path for those unable to calm. Show sensitivity, empathy + love. Let our plan fuel you, for you are not alone.

    Together you can network sharing ideas for you to prioritize + go figure, gather friends, neighbors + w/critical thinking mindfully act as all interrelate. For each to regain a sense of self direction while working within the natural enhanced potential, sharing the living local process in solidarity.

Welcome your students, they can orchestrate + organize, using one's community as an extended classroom. Focus directing w/your community, bringing home eye to eye solutions to rethink, that which is not harmonizing.

Rather many of the developments brought in have left ill toxic effects. When yet many locals are isolated, already left behind.

Leave No Trace behind is a local movement that is removing tires, trash, police even finding bodies, etc. That goes into mosquito larvae habitats as well leeches into rivers, ocean + requires everyone to help out.

Share awareness to prioritizing toxic dumps + research so no more does anyone in future be affected either. Rather set the mode of not creating what is toxic, reuse, recycle + toxic stuff needs to be disposed of correctly on earth or elsewhere with good research + it must be prioritized.

Especially as in NO depleted uranium used for weapons of war or any product for it is not depleted, it contaminates. The Iraq war did just that big time.

When communities use critical thinking + network each can define what real priorities one has on plate, so as to act mindful. Redirecting worry.

Please come link your work to fuel others. For this is how we gain understanding of what truly sustains life on earth + beyond.

Balancing genetic biodiversity in every community to link w/neighbors is the best way to conservation + restoring healthy communities. No matter whom is in office, the governing bodies will take some time to sort out their dysfunction. So please realize what you can do now for your self + your community working w/them, showing ways that work. For presently EPA has proven to be not functioning + it will take people working together creating a local `plan, prioritizing what issues of the times effect you + what you can do about them.

Students creating/working w/a local tapering transition can go figure w/all to make wrongs right, before it is too late. Do you realize how many waste energy worrying over the issues of the times, when reality may be different for your community, + you may have none or a few?? While yet others may have much more, yet aware of.

The point is if all in real time w/our earth + beyond, using 1 Universal Sound Science, vulnerable people/wildlife can be protected, while research is being done to clean up what was allowed w/fragmented science that permitted it. + Make changes ASAP. Jobs open for everyone.

 For to date, many in the world are not even addressing the reality of the Nuclear toxic radiation contamination that circles our northern hemisphere + perhaps 3 places in southern hemisphere, why?? Not to mention the toxic developments that continue, while yet many are working at it.

Can you handle the truth? Do you want to know what you can do to take part? Well join in for our plan is to share how every community can do one's local `plan + w/good tools in place w/neighbors. Defining what is real for one's community, w/agroecology at the forefront w/natural building, can then end all aid as is, from a far. Do what is needed to restore your healthy enhanced natural ecological sustainable working community.

So all become mindful + understand how our natural world needs to link the life that sustains our real energy. + As humans each need to take part in organic exchanges supporting this life to be in balance.

Rid big money from wasting our local resources. Which Bernie Sanders' values intended to do, but when he went to Hillary we switched to Jill Stein. So all can then build on this for your local potential + become a mindful local participant. Supporting all to become a responsible local, global + beyond participant. Realizing all are interdependent on our earth + beyond to do it's natural process. Giving life + death to build more life, as a natural flow circulates our planet.

End the Colonial Grid + simply do not accept `big money as income or payment unless they are participating in your local `plan, that ours can fuel, for it leaves life left behind, somewhere?? I promise you.

+ If you welcome your students to prioritize your local `plan, they can network, filling in these worn torn links for you to understand, where, who + how..

 When yet presently big money has exceeded our abilities to live w/Democracy. Rather they decide on profiting not ecology's limits. Not allowing us to work with in our enhanced natural limits in every community. Which require us all to naturally enhance the balance of the microorganisms that sustain our life, not just our own back yard can do this. When yet others are unable to even be aware that this organic exchange is required by us all. When yet they yet to have simple basics in place to live local, unable to understand, the natural communities link are required to link on our earth.

It is time to shift our thinking + redirect what contributes to our misuse, abuse + be mindful to heal + harmonize. Accepting nothing less than to live w/basics, `boon w/the natural enhanced world. + Collectively share in solidarity so every community can do the same. It is time for change to prioritize the natural enhanced world that sustains our real energy + link it.

Students know their friends + can help bring those misusing/abusing to calm.

  Love is energy + if you want it, then please realize the more you give in right proportion to yourself, the more you then can receive to obtain a natural balance.

 Our plan can show how students can share schematics so locals do work + maintain local `plan. All Colonial grids are removed. People become aware to be sensitive + skillful working seasonal needs + offerings for one's community. So no more is created to go afar that interferes in other local's ability to live local.. Rather local needs + offerings are prioritized. As no more should any one person buy this control over one's community's local `plan.

It is wrong to create a unnatural wall, rather all this energy + resources can go into helping people become aware + do one's local `plan. This way people gain respect fro all life + no matter where fortunate to be, can feel the natural `enhanced limits to work with. Not abuse or interfere, rather w/own sharp sensors contribute as beneficial organisms as we all can become.

  Good investments can be on the table with the local `plan from students networking sharing options retaining controlling interest, yet locals have first choice to invest while % of space is always to be left for neighbors, for those afar in case of needs, etc. To also be a local participant, even if temporary.

We as an international community have to grip these realities + share in transparency so we all stop these scars from continuing. As others profit + feel they need wars to survive economically. This detail has to be filled in + students can do this homework w/your community.

 Many say but there is no room for people afar, when yet locals are without. Well family planning is a high priority, along w/self directing + love awareness so students within all, are prepared to become a local, global + beyond participant, were ever fortunate to be. This living local process is real for our earth + beyond. + No one then will want to have a child unless fully able to provide a healthy balanced life for one.

Safe sex is mandatory from mindful healthy people. If can't respect your life or another, then please don't mess w/a new life when so much unawareness fills you, if you yet to be a responsible local, global + beyond participant.

No more can we live in our own back yard, as Military Industrial Complex is out of reality for our earth. + All Weapons of war must stop being produced, traded or given. + All people should come to the table + talk a reality tongue that is mindfully followed up on.

For this is our repeated problem that continues. People are programmed to think aggressive acts are the solution, when yet when confront sick minds w/it, it accelerates the problem.

  Each can learn the value of volunteering into hands on experiences, as curriculum is restored along w/one's community. As all choose the path one builds, as each support each other to walk it into one's opening, once we focus together for our earth + beyond.

This is not easy information to process when carry old neural networks, but please realize you can set a daily flow to make change to stay present in the moment.

 Respecting one's story as long as they maintain one's own discipline, over one's self sensory observation. This is true Democracy w/Diplomacy within our human potential. + I thank those of you that reflect it. For all can learn the early signs of all life, respecting it. So no one has to put up a wall, rather you will know the natural borders as your rule of law.

`In Solidarity, please realize all can better understand some of these missing worn torn links, that many in every community are having problems with. As together we prioritize a basic structure to simplify, leaving no one left behind. When yet many in every community have greatness to share, so we welcome you to join in.


Peace is our option if we share these fine links that many in every community have, yet many not connected with to understand. So this is an organizing issue that students can help over come. As they them self reflect w/hands on, giving people the chance to sharpen one's sensors. Then to feel life energy come back as they then want to take part + do an exchange w/what works, sharing what doesn't in solidarity. So all can live local, globally.

This energy is not being experienced in present curriculum that staff + teachers are having problems with, for it is not grounding centering energy that is real. This is how people come up with spending/wasting good resources on a unnatural wall. These people need help to understand that is wrong + we have a better way efficiently to work w/our neighbors.

We are seeking grants/donations to make this happen to reach out to all + your support is appreciated in many ways, so please come take part.

Love + gratitude, hoping all will stay calm, from those of us working hard to welcome you to join in + see a way that can harmonize.  


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Gather a group + come talk, for we are thinking Hangouts would be a good series to do just this, to help all understand. We can organize Drive Document for time differences so you also can answer in either a Hangout or on Drive Doc to go with each thought or what you bring to the table.

Please see some of our ideas on starting a Hangout or join in w/us, it was taken as we moved on from this page w/Bernie into Jill. Put link into search please;


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Peace is not being properly negotiated w/in our true human potential + with your ideas set in motion, together people can help sort out what is real + healthy vs what is programmed + ill. Peace can be an option for all, once understood.

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