><<><><><> Lets talk priorities.. ><><><><><

       It's time to get real w/oneself, center + ground as one's home is defined.

              Life is for you to create, let our plan fuel your harmony!

Whether you are misusing/abused/confused/displaced/homeless/running from resistance or delusion or riding on another's wave unknowingly, whether living in suburbia or in the mud running as a Syrian refugee..

              MANY HAVE MANY CHOICES TO HELP oneself + others!

But most likely no one has helped you understand human's inner tools that all are fortunate to have, to edit + edit, until you are happy w/you, yet leave no footprint on another life.

    We are trying to talk to UN + other governing bodies as well all people!
For the Refugee policies are not real with humanities potential as simple neighbors helping each other. They are still under the Colonial grid mode that wants control. Even though people are so programmed to see this reality.

  Please have empathy + bypass this reality as you now can become a local, global + beyond mindful participant. Even though in reality locally people may be disrespectful in this reality.

    We want you to mentally sharpen your sensors + realize you are an important participant to our earth + beyond.

   Many US citizens apologize for those not wanting Syrian refugees or others + the abuse many are experiencing, this is wrong. Rather those not wanting, them self should not be in responsible roles, as we try to show them yet the goodness humanity offers, globally, when each in solidarity restore one's local `plan. 

   So please share your story + come link where most comfortable for you. So together we share love, solutions + answers w/you interrelating in this critical thinking required by all now to end these nightmares + realize life now can give you harmony if you do your homework as we all have to do..

   Especially when many in Governing positions are war mongrels, interfering, undeveloped them self. So please welcome them to understand, invite them to their/your local `plan. Tell them to come critically think + interrelate w/their/your community, as a local participant. So all share love, solutions + answers. Redirecting the fear based worry into positive calm acts.

  As together all can create 1 universal sound science verbiage for all to follow one's natural `enhanced rule of law, as community balances harmony sharing organic waste.

 You can take part in showing, as you do your walkabout, that we have a peaceful way if we communicate one's `enhanced potential, as each does one's local `plan. Sharing living local, globally in solidarity. Fueling all to do for their `enhanced natural potential.

   Welcome your students to use your community as an extended classroom, can then network via like ecosystem, season + subject, bringing home love, solutions + answers..

     We want all to know the world offers us an abundance of goodness. So please everyone, we want you to realize every community restoring w/a local `plan can only do it more efficiently if you welcome whom you can, to also become a local participant. Even if temporarily.

  Organized w/a local `plan, then each community will know the space available for transitioning new permanent local participants. Due to both taking part in sharing humanities goodness, as all co_evolve. As well in ER natural + human made disasters.

 Organize, refugees/migrants/homeless/locals, so all take part in developing the living local process. Open one's mind to what can be real harmony in this sharing process now + tunnel focus so you ignore the stupidity of programming. So they too will gain understanding + heal for all to go figure. 

   Set a daily calm assertive work exchange to give you a goodnight sleep. To awaken w/new ideas to stay current in the moment, as you be present making a difference in the community. To develop self, to then better define one's place to explore + realize home can be carried in one's head, for the earth + beyond, for us all to share, even though you may not be appreciated as you deserve locally right now.. Don't give up + make it happen. 

            We are only passing thru + by sharing become good caretakers.

    For every community has an abundant of jobs awaiting to be done! 

  Just look around, within + bring negative issues, yet to be resolved within you + others, to calm. Restore function, energy efficiently + creative expression follows.

    This gives everyone the living local reality to build upon, w/natural awareness fueling to define one's desire. Please see some extended reading as we share the many solutions humanity gives us know. As i extrapolate on a few of the links on our the sun will set spreadsheet, that you can go see more of. 

  We Welcome you to add your link/comment/local sharing in your walkabout, etc. As you self observe + share what works/what doesn't. Giving students as reps, from your community, reflection to then take home further thought eye to eye. So your community can rethink, no longer leaving anyone isolated w/fear based worry, or a heavy footprint, not knowing their are many solutions + answers.. 

    Nor let anyone talk you into polluted developments exceeding nature's `enhanced limits.. When you can welcome them into your tapering transition, that you + students create w/your community. To understand 1 universal science that works when you restore your local `plan, respecting all life, recycling organic waste. 

  Realizing it is the natural world that all must balance to link our genetic bio diversity, that then sustains our real energy, locally + afar, as all link the natural world.

    Not a large alternatively energy grid system. Thinking it can diversify from fossil fuels. When yet localized systems w/low impact work most efficiently using natural building. Where locals maintain local Food Sovereignty, to start the living local process. As you do it by starting w/a local grown wild food, fish, animal potluck. Sharing `enhanced solutions + answers, defining options, etc.

  Please you edit + fine tune, letting our work fuel yours + see the comment, as we welcome you to take part in the UN Climate Conference, as you restore your `enhanced ecological sustainable working community, showing it does not require large sums of money. Rather it requires clarity + our plan can fuel you to do your home work creating upon this to prioritize your issues of the times;

                                        Come take part..

  Let large browsers lead your community path. For everyone, even  if lost them + working at rethinking, brings a centered grounding reality to every local `plan, if you explore those now working at their trans boundary migration/community building to live local.

     This way everyone realizes the distress involved from those living w/many species in conflict now. To see how each can help as we support each to become a mindful local, global + beyond participant.

 + Can be avoided if all would support those having difficulty where the browsers path have been interfered with by profiteers. Showing each how we can define the effects one leaves, locally + afar. + Hold self + others accountable locally + afar. By sharing real story in real time w/us + anyone you see networking.

   These lessons can show us all how to live local + share in solidarity, globally.

 + With Miguel Altieri's agroecology curriculum, + the much good work he does, students can restore one's local `plan w/community, as each create an `enhanced ecological sustainable working community. 

  Where locals maintain the living local process. + Food Sovereignty is a good place to start.

  We at i come to talk story welcome you to share what works as you link on our the sun will set spreadsheet, as together we perfect making it a tool for everyone's shared community tool shed. Also see links on this page in the left column.

   Where you can welcome your students to focus direct with your community, as it is used as an extended classroom, for all to develop. + As they reflect w/our virtual platform, they too can be fueled to network, sharing what works as they represent your community.

  Students can create as they bring home humanities options from locals + afar. 

 No longer leaving anyone isolated. When yet everyone can `enhance one's natural potential w/Miguel Altieri`s definition to satisfy our true sustainability;

  Quote Miguel;

   `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources... `Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. `Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable... 

    `As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.

                                    See Miguel's work..

  Please gather like subject w/friends, create a free website personally or for business, see ours we embed from Nabble + add your story to; 

                                     i come to talk story 

                                   + This site on Google; 


   Both give them freely. + Seriously let us fuel you to do the same in your local + afar communities, as together you create your local `plan w/neighbors, as you rethink your entire biome(s) sensitively + work them skillfully.

   Giving you a great wealth of inner peace, as you bring up from the depths that which is you, yet to be developed + now reach out + experience before just acting. Define what is you vs riding on other's wave. + Rid that which you never should of allowed to steal your energy within. Keeping you w/mixed signals, unable to be present in the moment?? + Bring yourself to calm, realizing humanity has great offerings for you to work with defining yours.

    Do your home work, let good links help you structure so you know when to do what for whom. As you take part in your communities local `plan. If none, create one.

  With all of humanities goodness, all have now to create upon do_in this living local process. Please realize we have a serious ER issue to prioritize, defining what each community can do ASAP to help those vulnerable. + It will take us all to prioritize what is one's local reality as each tune in + address what can be done in detail. Regarding global issues effecting locals now, as w/the US + global Nuclear Radiation Contamination. 

        See more on on our the sun will set spreadsheet + add yours.

      This requires all to talk to one's Governing bodies to act now,                                                             responsibly.

                         Thank you + please see more examples;

                     The Hemlock Tea Room and Ladies' Emporium

  Our plan can fuel your ER preparedness for natural + human made disasters, as your seasonal offerings give you working comforts that give you familiar options, if so need.. Going beyond prevention into becoming `boon w/your natural world as you balance it. Gaining true harmony, yes in this life time. 

   Open your inner self, to rid baggage from the many scars of the planet. + Realize it is your time now, w/the tools of the times to gather w/all + efficiently clean up our environments, locally + afar. By having a shared focus, it frees you to explore safely + by building pen pals, networking, along the way, their is no better way to share experiences. Then to be part of the local stories when both work at one's local `plan.

    Look at your examples now. How many good vs bad? If i took the handful of bad + stayed paranoid thinking all where bad, i never would of gotten to explore out in the world,  having beautiful experiences locally + afar.

  So don't let anyone, even those in responsible roles or trying to get into one, lead you astray. Never have we had a negative issue in the 60000 miles via sailboat, all of us have traveled. Rather only in US where people profit, gamble + judicial systems allow time consuming misinformation to cushion their security in a job. Did we have interference in our life. As well that is why we also choose to use the tools of our Governing body as in developing a US 501.c3 non profit charitable association.

   For common sense should not be profited on. We are seeking a grant so even donations would not be required +we could continue defining, resolving w/sharing solutions, answers + love. + Many in US offer just that as well globally with our experiences. So lets continue to share real story, so you do your home work efficiently, not run on delusions.

  + Yes every community needs to organize, for many patches of goodness are fragmented, when yet pockets without need the exchanges + that is what our virtual platform is perfecting to do w/your support.

  For patches talk wanting to share as people simply live local, sharing in solidarity, for our earth + beyond, giving respect to all life.

   So no longer does any community live without basic comforts, when all can naturally build as students network, creating one's local `plan locally + those able can come talk so we do exchanges w/locals unable.

  Opening jobs into self fulfilling careers, that are far more pleasing, when you use natural building. Then to whore w/those that continue to profit over our earth's resources, leaving life ill + premature death.. When yet we all can live in harmony, if we are fortunate to act before it is too late.

   All, if an able being, can maintain ones discipline over ones self sensory observation vs belief. Gather your friends/neighbors + make this home work more friendly that all must do, no matter where one is at on this planet or beyond. Come talk so we can teleconference in groups, or if local come eye to eye.

   Many can support many to get mentally clear + physically strong. As each edit ones baggage, not allowing it to steal from ones organs, so one is unable to be present in the moment. Then simply gather in groups + share like subject matter. + With students organizing then all come together w/simple message boards, updating respecting adults that choose not to do computer. So eye to eye experiences become one's best means of understanding. 

   This way students give hands on exchanges, self observing, co_evolving together as each experience the negative + positive as all sharpen + maintain one's discipline.  Creating not allowing mixed signals to imprison nobody. With early signs exposed from people being involved, sensitive skilled people can then help one rethink + gain support to build one's path as one walks it into one's opening. 

  No fear based misinformation, thinking they will become a terror. Rather having understanding of how humans work most efficiently. When each can self direct, activating one's neurology. Leaving no footprint as good community activities are focus directed. 

   Involving all to be supported if in need. For all are required to participate part time. + Many do much more due to the joy of working together, locally + afar + share this living local experience where ever explore, as a local participant.

Rather lets harness this disassociated energy that all have contributed to blindly + redirect it into fuel. Rid the false aid from afar, do not choose Al Gore's profiting mode of credit swaps that do not help people live local, as you organize the local `plan w/your neighbors.

   So if you have ran w/out thinking or did not have the chance to collaborate supporting all to come to the table to do ones local `plan, then do it now.

  + Please don't forget to celebrate along your way + come post on our the sun will set spreadsheet, as we share itinerary's so as to welcome people along one's way.

   YOU CAN TAKE PART FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE AT NOW, BY LIVING LOCAL, SHARING IN SOLIDARITY. If people are not aware, then you gather a steering committee + let our links fuel you.

   Even if in a displaced situation, Don't let your mind follow, rather stay focused so you too can become a local mindful participant where ever you are at now. Giving you the best fuel to define your place. + Do your homework like all of us have to.

  Please share empathy for those sociopaths that have become parasites + realize all can help them understand if you create tapering transitions using 1 universal sound science that your community will create, as together all network.

  We don't have to reinvent the wheel. We just all have to work the science fragments that where permitted wrongly, as many contributed unknowingly. With students networking w/us, all can prioritize one's community, knowing well the worn torn missing parts + resolve with bringing home options, answers, solutions, questions, love for locals to be fueled together eye to eye + define one's local `enhanced natural potentials. 

       Not run on someone locally or afar, rather work w/locals do_in organic exchanges, respecting all life, as you focus direct on your local `plan w/locals sharing the living local process with others locally + afar.

                                 Do you see the difference?? 

  Meanwhile in living local exchange, all work at what it takes for local natural harmony, so as to fuel your clarity aiding locals + afar to understand, your locals, that are in need of priority help. So each can sharpen one's sensors to focus direct where best, whether locally or afar, to bring one back to live local. Only this way can others network most efficiently, to help each get clear to then pursue self healing/skilled intervention.

  So together we support each to become mindful local, global + beyond participants, where ever fortunate to be. + Together we can make it better for all to navigate sensitively this earth + beyond, if we replace misinformation w/true stories, working w/real time facts

    Prioritizing our earth so no more are left behind, rather collectively, those that can come talk, please do for self or others experienced in distress. So those that can, do exchanges to restore the many communities now in need.

  It is amazing how you may center + ground more easily by networking w/one afar the living local process, easier then you can do at home, first. Then it helps build your clarity to center you. + Their is no better way to ground then to share w/your neighbor eye to eye.

   So those of you that are lost in computers, please stay with us a bit more to allow our work to help you center + ground. For this living local process lived w/young children from adults knowing oneself before having a serious relationship. Or even together helping each develop oneself during a serious relationship, before becoming a parent, long before being pregnant, is the way to go!

   Their is no excuse to not use condoms or other birth control if having sex. + More important realize what understanding sex is all about, before having it.

  For many adult bodies have undeveloped children within, let alone as still a child having children having children. Not knowing how to self express + truly enjoy what life gives us. Rather many carry bad behaviors as normal, this is wrong. This is why socially, good education as in our plan working w/students, can help your community set all this straight. 

  I, kara am very happy to prioritize this subject w/a group, we can teleconference from afar, or if local go eye to eye. Both as an individual being honest w/oneself. As well building a serious relationship that requires each to continue to support the other to build one's path as one walks it, into one's opening. Leaving no footprint on the other or any life.

  For no one should be left in the fog taking on the responsibility of a child until oneself is fully self directing, mindfully being a local, global + beyond participant.

   We are seeking a grant to fine tune this detail, that we experience varies in many communities, so as to do just that, offer archived story as we collaborate w/real issues, letting people share their story. + We organize locals sensitive + skilled for them to guide, as they take part in the discussion.

  EX; Look here at Nyleni's great work + let it fuel you as it fuels us. For when you deal w/building local `plans, then space is also made for responsible discussions to be in place, as you get to know real community priorities + resolve them.

  I respect Nyleni for specking for us all globally, when yet locals have a hard time organizing in many communities, unable to speak out;

      You can maintain sharp sensors by self regulating, interrelating + networking locally + afar. I know many think they should follow their beliefs, as in religion, science, parents way, etc. But this is being misinformed, for each must work within one's discipline of one's self sensory observation vs. said belief, no matter what it is.

  We are not telling you you cannot have your story + respect it. We are telling you that you have to get real w/the nuts + bolts of being a human species. Which everyone houses trillions of bacteria, good + bad, within, on our skin + around us out to 3 feet sharing w/all around us.

   If we keep our immune system strong + healthy, we simply don't get ill, or can better fight the much ill toxic developments now that require everyone's attention. So each community creates a tapering transition, prioritizing those that exceed the `enhanced natural potential, leaving ill toxic effects, locally + afar. + Help those left behind suffering, w/wrong diagnoses or mismanaged drugs, unaware of the many natural alternatives we have as in Traditional Chinese Medicine, from our experiences over 40 years, knowing it works.

   As we suggest any unable to heal or be comfortable, to talk to your doctor + ask him to collaborate w/you + Dr. Yun Wang, our friend. If your doctor disagrees or does not support herbal customized formulas for you, then call Yun + discuss your options + answers w/him. He is in Seattle + you can call him at `Oriental Herbs.

        Let our thoughts fuel yours, please, for all need to use critical thinking to prioritize. Vs Get lost in simple common sense as many do, failing to realize the real global issues of our times that effect us all, sadly many more then others!

    We ask for your support to define how best, share your needs + offerings regarding real priorities. Giving students ways to also fuel them to rethink. To perfect one's work, that is pertinent to their community. Sharing these living local processes, w/your experiences of what works for you. 

    As we gather more links, focus directing in time solutions. As all need to continue eye to eye research, w/hands on creating solutions. As humanity offers a wealth of it from our bio cultural exchanges.

    So now is the time to come together to act mindfully as we collaborate on some of these issues. We will be organizing real story for more support.

          In receiving a grant, we then can better reach out, perfecting our virtual platform, sharing humanities wealth of goodness. For everyone should naturally build w/one's community while a local `plan is being prioritized. for you to know what you + your family is being subjected too, as far as ill toxic effects from locals, locally + afar.

   Common sense in growing collective food/medicine gardens/wild foraging/small farms naturally grown, should not have to be bought. When yet so many in patches do it very well, globally. Or even those without having to give donations, for it is common sense to many thru out the world, yet foreign to many in the US, to create pristine organic exchanges creating a balanced biodiversity to sustain one's community in harmony.

  The Amazonian's have taught us well, building preta earth, black soil. Yet look at how US Corporations + others are destroying the rain forest. This requires us all to learn these wrong doings + stop participating in them. Please make yourself aware + help!

  So no matter where you are at, or whatever another regulatory board/Governing body is telling you, you can add your voice + take part. Maybe not directly but you can with us.

   Our links on our the sun will set spreadsheet can help you rethink to organize so as to work into peace of mind for you + your family/friends + neighbors. For we are all in this together living on earth. + You should know well it is here for us all to share, if we sensitively work it, respecting all life.

      SO please open your mind + before you think of leaving your space, rethink. Ask yourself what are you chasing?? What are your options?? What is this truly you are thinking + are these thoughts yours OR are they loved ones behaviors that you have picked up as normal behavior, yet it is not??

  For many chase delusion of another, for it can be fairly easy at times to get where you think you want, but look out once their. Not always friendly to free yourself of that connection.

  + Look at the energy + time that has been consumed away from loved ones. When yet you can walk by each others side now, as all do one's walkabout to self develop + heal. This is much more enjoyable to share this awareness, then try to get back once you have failed or lost one or one is ill, etc.

  OUR ideal is for every community to work w/ones students, focus directing do_in ones local `plan. This takes each of you to start it. SO please see some links we continue to collect on our the sun will set spreadsheet on that web page on this site. + You or have your rep add yours, sharing what works, fueling others to accept nothing less than peace + harmony.

   Their is no better education then to reflect/network, + go within + edit what is really within you. Don't just act on what is their, rather create a center that keeps you calm, do your homework + build you, without leaving a footprint. As you work w/your community, creating a local `plan.

   Google + Nabble have much to offer as they continue to support us to achieve what we say, as a US 501.c3 non profit charitable association. We + they need your support to do it, as well.

  They both have supported us as a US 501.c3 non profit. Google to date has given us over 8,240,000 ads thru out the world that we choose to advertise. They can you too!

                       Do you realize what we all can do together?

   Please realize your importance to be part of the global community making peace happen as all live local, simply pursuing food sovereignty for starters as each create one's local `plan. Welcome your students to orchestrate this using your communities as extended classrooms. So they share your link as you fuel others, as we discuss these real issues unresolved + share solutions, answers + love.

  SO wherever you are, if you have internet or not, you can communicate w/you number 1, to gain calm control over you. Number 2 look around you + make this process more friendly by not do_in it alone, as your community gains your goodness from you sharpening your sensors. Number 3 your community balances your genetic bio diversity, to link w/the natural world, giving you + your community the `enhanced effect as Miguel Altieri showed us above.

               Please SHARE WHAT WORKS<> WHAT DOESN'T..

  This is how we end the Nuclear use, war mode + false green, economies.

     Reflect + link, for where ever you are at, we want you to know, we want to hear your story of these areas of conflict as well harmony sharing what works/what doesn't. SO gather a student rep to share it, while you do something else. + Seriously get real as you + those around you organize.

  For their is nothing more valuable then you to maintain sharp sensors, realizing we all need to hold oneself + others accountable, locally + afar. Even though you may be in a temporary situation where you cannot speak freely to one around you. But you can speak your piece as you take part in humanities goodness, by linking w/us. So all create within ones own reality of where we have put oneself at.

  SO whether you feel stuck or appreciate what you have, please take part time + think of others. For many are suffering on this planet for a number of reasons + each one can be resolved if we co_evolve together. 

      Please share like thought, gather for truth + transparency to be networked + create upon, vs. secrecy/profiting/manipulating/programmed, carrying forward ill states continuing scars on the planet + beyond.

      RATHER NO MORE will many accept nothing less than knowing all can be supported/whether able or not, to work w/such good peaceful solution oriented options, that are abundant on this earth + beyond now.

        SURE you may not have it in front of you, but you can open your mind + allow the global consciousness to fuel you as you take part, edit within, bring peace within you as you sort this out/interrelate. It will help you build clarity to reach out + come talk to like subject. Work collectively restoring your local `plan, networking w/others sharing earth + beyond peacefully. 

  Share your experiences in good exchanges, admit your truth/make amends, + others sensitive + skilled will help you find your path as you build it into your opening. 

  Able people living simple, care w/respect for all life. + Set measures to notice w/early signs the sociopaths programmed within us, as well that are plenty globally making Colonial decisions that are to be a time of the past.

  Mark Lakeman  proves this in his ethnic travels defining what works globally, as he gathers workshops transitioning people to create w/love + art solutions sharing the living local processes. Leaving no one left behind. As all work together to make one's community theirs, take back from the Colonial grid mode that has created so many dysfunctions. 

     As all gain much more then a job, rather you build a healthy life for you + your family, neighbors, communities..

     Working within the natural `enhanced rule of law, that we fuel in our plan for you to build yours. As people simply respect all life, using natural building. So as to welcome all to rethink, sharing with them 1 universal sound science verbiage that all can perfect, showing hands on experiences as your students network w/like ecosystems/seasons + subject, sharing in one's exchange w/organic simple living.

  We all must support this organic exchange for their is no pristine natural balance unless we make it. + Share in this old bio cultural reality of what balancing our genetic bio diversity offers too you, as fuel sustaining your living on our earth now.

   But all must prioritize + organize in each community. So as to conserve one's energy to globally participate in the serious toxic health effects. That continue to circulate around the northern hemisphere, as it lands in every community globally. SOME MUCH MORE THEN OTHERS. 

   As many continue to exceed the earth's natural `enhanced limits, + each can define these specifics do_in this work our links offer.

   The natural world gives us fuel to work within respect of all life, so as to restore oneself + ones habitat by simply working within the natural `enhanced limits. To ecologically sustain ones local `plan, whether temporary or not, local or from a afar. If you plug in locally, it will fuel you to get where you choose.

   Gain from the synergy from collectively networking, globally. The earth + beyond offers us all a wealth to explore with. So as to accept nothing else then the bi`joy experiences that many continue to enjoy. As they simple live w/harmony in their daily chores. Fueling all to build new neural networks to stay in real time w/good choices, so as to have good night sleep, awakening w/new thoughts.

   Along your path you will connect w/good people/options for you to try, locally + afar, as together many accept nothing but harmony + simply do not give in to dysfunction, rather they take dis-pare + turn it into opportunities, love, answers + solutions as they simply make it work w/respect to all life.

   It is these fragments of harmony that every community has, that can network w/ones students from all schools, so no more is anyone left behind, enslaved, imprisoned in ones mind or ones space.

  Students can lay out great investments required to do this local tapering transformation, learning from welcoming all that have exceeded the local `plans enhanced potential. Sharing so locals structure to maintain, rebuilding ethical international investors, locally + afar, supporting the living local process by locals maintaining it w/great exchanges, paid careers, etc.. So the local `plan can only change by co_evolving w/the natural changes.

  End racism, slave labor, child misuse/abuse + create awareness for all to become mindful participants, locally + afar, by making good ethical policy, correcting bad.

  Students need reflection + people need energy + reality attitude adjustments to self develop the many undeveloped children in all. Networking together gives us humanities finest to create upon, within each communities enhanced natural potential, working w/neighbors.

  Yes, Governing bodies + regulatory boards are dysfunctional as many good people are trapped within in them, yet we can take dis-pare + turn it into opportunity + volunteer, without any long term commitment. Accept to oneself to self satisfy, stop whoring for others that have no respect for the life that sustains us.

  As you redirect your energy + work into a fulfilling career on this planet or beyond where you choose, first volunteer + experience real people simply living in respect for all life. In natural communities that prioritize working with it to make it balanced, + slowly transform your reality, by living local, even if temporary.

  Not just because you have survived thru all this, or are good at one thing or another. Sure that can fuel your studies, but don't stop until you get exactly what you want, without leaving a footprint! This is what life + love, working w/humanities offerings to respect + create upon, can give you now.

  So whether you make changes to local or afar policy/Constitutions/Governing bodies/Peace Negotiations or work within your small group right in front of you, please keep it simple + gather collectively + prioritize the real issues of the times, working w/facts, not isolated belief. 

I repeat; Realize no environment is balanced until you take part in an exchange w/your organic offerings.

    Take responsibility where ever you are, be mindful, put your hands in the dirt restoring w/natural building. Whether building an outhouse on the run or supporting all to come to the table, work within the local `plan + it will fuel you to create yours. Meanwhile working together accomplishes much more.

  Welcome your students, they can orchestrate + organize, using one's community as an extended classroom. Focus directing w/your community, bringing home eye to eye solutions to rethink, that which is not harmonizing.

Rather many of the developments brought in have left ill toxic effects. When yet many locals are isolated, already left behind.

Leave no trace behind is a local movement that is removing tires, trash, police even finding bodies, etc. That goes into mosquito larvae habitats as well leeches into rivers, ocean + requires everyone to help out.

Share awareness to prioritizing toxic dumps + research so no more does anyone in future be affected either. Rather set the mode of not creating what is toxic, reuse, recycle + toxic stuff needs to be disposed of correctly on earth or elsewhere with good research + it must be prioritized.

Especially as in NO depleted uranium used for weapons of war or any product for it is not depleted, it contaminates. The Iraq war did just that big time.

When communities use critical thinking + network each can define what real priorities one has on plate, so as to act mindful. Redirecting worry.

Please come link your work to fuel others. For this is how we gain understanding of what truly sustains life on earth + beyond.

Balancing genetic biodiversity in every community to link w/neighbors is the best way to conservation + restoring healthy communities. 

  The life on earth that sustains us all requires all to balance ones genetic biodiversity, not destroy it via war/Nuclear waste or false green large grid systems that only interfere more. Rather w/locals do_in a local `plan land, fresh water flow from mountain to sea review, support large browsers to lead ones path, only then can one self sustain. 

  So if have none, network w/those that do + let your students within, all see the reality of our human species on this earth now.

  Now is your chance to take part + develop you in your walkabout, sharing us, so you can organize that which you have carried within too long yet not acted on it.

   Don't do it alone, do it with your students, come together w/school boards!

     Let us fuel you to rethink + take part for our human family now, as we ask all to prioritize efficiently so your community knows exactly whom + what is resisting?? How to resolve via networking?? So students bring home eye to eye , options for all to redefine what locally all can do w/good short + long term schematics on the table ASAP for good International + local investors to make it happen, so locals are in control, managing the local `plan.

+ By working with 1 global sound science developed for our earth + beyond, we can live local. Agroecology over views w/natural building creates amazing meaningful jobs  from within all. As each, many times i hear, say NO more whoring when such good options are here now, to build thriving creative healthy communities.

Decentralize, remove large grids of even alternative energy that only carries forward the Colonial Grid Mode of others controlling another, via hedge funds, etc.. 

   NO MORE, NO THANKS< WE FOUND LIFE ON PLANET EARTH that creates peace + respect for all life.

       Now everyone can participate in the living local process for locals to harmonize.

  OK those of you investing diversifying from fossil fuels, now see how you can hold people accountable in all entities as well yourself. Transform good change w/ecological ethics saving the true natural world that sustains us all. Not large technical plans that work only on the drawing board, nor in any natural healthy community. They interfere in locals ability to live local, as wild life also is interfered with. Rather recycle + use localized systems w/low impact, it works.

 Whether you have depleted life or not, humanities bio cultural ways built from people working together can regain balance w/a natural `enhanced local `plan. It will naturally link the life that sustains our earth + beyond, to then sustain each of us.

  International Businesses/People open to live + love, sharing respect for all, as we prioritize leaving no one left behind, uncomfortable without basics to heal, + take part. 

    We welcome you to come talk, so you understand how together, locals can build tapering transitions, as all create a verbiage for 1 global sound science to fuel each community to do ones local `plan.

   For you to gain understanding to rethink + redirect your energy/resources, so as to ethically make changes to the world Markets. As every community local `plan lays out sound science investments on the table.

                     As all restore ones natural `enhanced potential.

  Prof Miguel Altieri whom has fueled our platform, + others, as we co_evolve w/his work. We know he has the answers creating w/indigenous local traditional engineers as he created agroecology curriculum, from those still using it that works.

   The TPP/NAFTA + others, interferes unless rewritten to do it this way.

  SO if you feel something wrong + not clear then please come talk, reflect + donate. Help our virtual platform reach out to every community, sharing globally in solidarity. As everyone is given the chance to self develop w/support in place to work ones local `plan, explore + create w/humanities finest, globally + beyond.

  We thank those of you that have given us such good support, like Nabble, Google, LibreOffice + many more. Whom welcomes to you as well freely many opportunities to join into this global discussion, making changes now as our students walk by one side, making it happen, as you organize together, so we all link the natural ability for everyone to heal + share this planet + beyond in peace. 

     Yes, w/your support now you can help all communities working w/ones students, exponentially reach out, so those w/priority needs get them met ASAP. 

      As they are supported to heal, clear the fog + plug in as a mindful participant, locally + afar. So sensitive skilled people guide w/early signs. SO no more injuries on any one inflicted by ill people.

      As each choose ones own path, staying within calm discipline over ones self sensory observation, no more chasing any belief leaving misuse/abuse. Rather each gain respect choosing ones own story.. As each leave no footprint on another, rather give respect for all life.

       Every one deserves to self develop w/support from all one's true human potential. + Can be done most efficiently as a local participant in the local `plan.

  Thank you + we look forward to your support, share your link of what works on our the sun will set spreadsheet, see other links in left column. + Add yours + please share to others our link as you do you walkabout for you + your communities.

    So we can fuel the missing worn torn links, globally. That is all any able person needs.

     So all link ones balanced genetic bio diversity, building healthy natural communities, as we share earth + beyond, peacefully.

     So everyone can freely explore it, knowing well w/early signs how not to exceed the natural `enhanced limits. Rather create upon bio cultural ways that still work. To transform the much needed technical ways that have developed to the point of depleted natural habitats, leaving locals ill w/toxic effects, without support to heal + self develop. As many people land/sea/freshwater grab, globally. Yet research is badly needed for many priorities.

             If your help supports locals to prioritize, then each community can efficiently work at real issues, as they stop wasting energy in worrying, not knowing how to help.

      Please realize w/your donation to us as a US 501.c3 non profit association, you can have a tax deductible write off. 

Email kara; kareje@ictts.org

Love us at www.ictts.org

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