It's time to scale Humanity's kindness and skills!

We welcome your participation to share what works to end scars forever! No more repeats, as we welcome you to share transparency, and together create healthy working communities w/neighbors!

Starting w/a `transitional plan of how, as we share Humanity's solutions w/agro_ecological systems to define a `collective plan w/critical thinking for earth-space, defining where to start and how, as we work w/Gov's to do `local plans!

Let's prioritize riding toxic mind and acts that create these scars as in Industrial agriculture-Nuclear and other toxic-weapons and war! Time to rethink, define how best to take part and hold self-others accountable to mindfully act locally and afar!

Lucky us on earth to still have indigenous traditional engineers to focus w/all our plans, showing good stewardship to all, if we organize to link, sharing this information from people w/hands on!

Together all can perfect support for what it takes for all to take part and gain understanding!

Please work w/your students using communities as classrooms, as all can co_evolve curriculum while restoring your local healthy working communities w/your neighbors and those from afar in need of help!

Donate, help us do this most efficiently by scaling earth w/agro_ecological systems, as every `local plan redesigns, realizing the effects contributed negatively afar-viceversa and how you can change it!

The tools of the time are here, for all to better protect one's communities as we share in creating an earth-space message board. So all are respected to get one's needs and offerings met, working within the `local plan's fueling each to share in solidarity, as it's time for all to rid this toxic,

saving life on earth!

Thank you Google and Nabble, and they are here for you to freely to organize and create a site to link w/us!

Work of SOCLA, a Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology

Every `local plan deserves to work w/Humanity's solutions now!

I, kara am sorry for so many typo errors, i've been on a run w/human error interfering in our ability to get our plans off the drawing board and hire technical teams, as a few are working hard to try to help us, but we need Donations to cover these errors that get in the way and hire skilled techs to perfect our plans! So please email me and tell me to correct when you notice or if interested in Donating! Do check back for updates, Thank you!

We can start here, I'd like you to see and update I shared w/US Gov.

Subject matter, Military and defense;


I've worked hard w/many researching why people don't do more in communities as they say they would like too. Our research that we've shared on our virtual global platform, has been more responsive in other countries then how Oregonians in Gov respond to me here.

Recently we had a lot of human errors interfere and delay our plans, but I'd like to show you the gest of them, please see our recent campaign, for we feel people can be much more efficient and this is how, as we decided to perfect our plans so as to help people understand the missing links they fail to see. Which are hard. We know how hard we've worked as a US nonprofit, never taking funds, due to focusing w/those displaced, to get real with what can be!

I select this subject of Military due to contributing to the No2NATO Campaign on March 30 in front of Whitehouse as many personal experiences show ever where there is a MIlitary base, it leaves negative effects. Joe Lombardo can tell you more after working at this for 22 years. Seeing how the US interferes, same as in Venezuela, as they went there repeatedly talking to the people-Maduro knowing well that is the people's choice. HAve you spent time there?

Also, the extreme waste of spending as well whenever you move MIlitary it is a very high Nuclear risk. Also were ever at. Yet it appears US Gov has no idea of having a peaceful healthy working economy without Military profiting!

It was very wrong and still is for Democrats to pursue the Mueller investigation when those funds could of went to many of our plans alone, let alone what people can create with them, resolving refugees-displaced, etc. as we do!

I respect much of Pres Putin's diplomacy as well changes the Saudi's are making! It is wrong for some of you to pursue accusing them wrongly without proof, as I appreciate earthlings talking part in protecting Humanity! The distraction and spending is very wasteful when yet our homepage shares more of what all should be prioritizing together ASAP!

I ask you to stop all this Mueller waste, as well as accusations against Ex; Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, accusing him of taking part in the journalist's death and more! Tulsi Gabbard is very rude, not talking about the detail of changes being made! As well many Democrats, which I'm ashamed of! It's not the way to resolve efficiently, nor show our students good communication, when people should go direct and work out the indifferences!

Also, I too worked hard and continue w/students walking out of school due to climate change, yet the Industrial US Military Complex and Industrial agriculture, has the largest footprint on earth-space. And to put sanctions as well tariffs on trade as is, is missing some very important priorities!

Plus I support Iran, as well China, I do not support any farmers in US doing Industrial agriculture, as you will see we are working to scale agro_ecological systems, prioritizing where and how to start what `local plans and more. I feel US Gov is very dysfunctional, same w/locals, unable to want to communicate. Same the schools as they can only apologize for not getting back to me.

No one needs the high risk of Nuclear weapons or even the other toxic weapons as US moves more Military wrongly when they should end it all! We will show more negative effects as in live reports from Joe Lombardo and real people living in these communities where US Military has destroyed their habitats.

I have empathy for all these human errors and feel together they can be sorted out and I'd like to see US Gov transparency, and we suggest skilled students and professors using communities as classrooms, working w/communities, as one walks by each Gov official's side, showing exactly what you and all are doing, as well what you can be doing! As real hands-on community awareness is shared as our `transitional plans are enacted w/all plans, showing via the updated message board what is and what can be `enhanced skillfully.

So as all plans are working together prioritizing where on earth-space to start, which is leaving the largest negative effects, as many scientists say the Arctic. So we need to cut thru this controversy so all on the same page, so every community does one's `local plan, better prepared for the weather, even if we did not have the climate change issue, don't even have to go there. For many are living unskilled ways, causing own misuse-abuse!

So no country is isolated and all must work together, for US and many are not even telling the truth or monitoring Nuclear and other toxic in every community! Let alone the high risk of Military weapons as it has been proving having Military misuse.

Humanity has solutions, please share this campaign; and please study the links!

For our earth-space virtual platform being perfected deals w/the basics of life, as well prioritizing ridding toxic as well restoring ecological `enhanced sustaining healthy working communities. So people don't go 5 steps forward and 3 back, thinking they can only live local! Rather they get what they want, but yet to do it by themself, for people need this fine tuning to see the missing worn torn links, due to how issues of the times have left them in the fog.

As no one can mock anyone and interrupt one's brainwave pattern, if one is aware of self control! Nor interfere in one's ability to self edit and bring one to a calm state, so as to listen and perceive what others are saying-doing and add support for them also to understand! Only each person can allow another to negatively affect one! Yet many are lost w/brain fog and that is why I suggest all to view the KETO diet as a good aid! To free oneself of this toxic Industrial Military Complex as well Industrial Agriculture, for now we have skilled scientists thru SOCLA, still working w/skilled indigenous engineers saving life on our earth now w/agro_ecological systems! And it is working w/these people that we ask your help in scaling the earth-space so as entire biome(s) are rethought and worked efficiently!

It's time to realize we have 1 earth and we must share it in peace and end the Industrial Complex Profiteering, and redirect these resources into awareness education. Realizing may jobs are needed to do this on earth-space! And as the 911 lawyers are showing in the present grand jury case, US Gov is using wrong science, as they prove the 911 buildings went down as a controlled demolition. I've suggested to the lawyers that once this is clear then now US Gov should also go back and make wrongs right for the trillion dollars spent blowing up Libya and many more countries, again profiting by many! For I'm following Libya and now much Nuclear radiation is leaving many ill from US Military then.

Plus I never see US Gov hold Japan accountable either for their Nuclear radiation traveling the planet, as well sending their own people back to contaminated areas and the IAEA also is fragmenting information as well UN. I share Kate Brown's link on our homepage about Chernobyl's truth. I know I had to throw away my seaweed I collected from Bastendorf Beach, after Fukushima Daiichi accident, for it showed contamination from there being to high!

Pres Trump and all Presidents-Kings-People, please take a look at the;

see their Grand Jury Petition and follow this case, and offer to them your corrections-suggestions as I have, for this is an efficient way to correct the science many are using now including the wrong science US Gov has used over 911 reality of what took place. These lawyers have the answers and when the Grand Jury finishes defining who-what and where to be held accountable, now this same science can see how our scaling can enact solutions for earth-space, putting all on same page universally.

This truth can make wrongs right preparing people for any weather, same help those countries that US Gov spent a trillion on Military tearing them apart after 911, as in Libya, which I can show detail now how people there have become ill from US Nuclear attacks, as many Americans have no clue of the damage under Pres Bush, as now they can show the reality of crime-lack of water and other systems they no longer have throughout! As war is still taking place in Tripoli, and this is just one of the countries and we will show more on our message board!

Let alone science will be clearer, as we now try to redirect the students walking out of school across the globe, to use communities as classrooms and scale with us these solutions now, for many have and still are confused, young and old!

I could continue but I also know many times I've tried to share w/US Gov yet no follow up of our hard work. Same as I tried to share w/SWOCC when I saw them get a grant, as it went for profiting vs restoring as in our plans sharing Humanity's work to prioritize!

Pres trump asked me to lead his 2020 campaign and I shared all my work and he says no one wants what I offer, their concern is `immigration, and it shows how unaware people are, over taking responsibility for oneself and others, locally and what locals do afar! When yet if all could understand what I'm saying, each could then see much improvement as our message board being perfected would place everyone according to their health assessment, so as to get `local plans needs and offerings in check. Fueling each to heal-self-develop or aid locals displaced-dysfunctional, to develop as well, to gain one's healthy desires leaving no footprint, aiding all to become a local-global and beyond mindful participant!

Continuing w/all to perfect policy, where the `local plans retain controlling interest! Rid all Nuclear use from earth-space, as well the waste cleaned up properly, not just pass it on to next generation to go figure! Rid all weapons of war and Military bases, as they interfere in our simple objective of sharing Humanities work now, that saves the life that humans depend on for their gut to fuel their brain! And that is why we all cannot just live local, for the effects US Gov and others, are leaving locally to many and afar, is a delusion! Causing this imaginary ideology of needing Military to protect us, which is false news as well, as they profit by selling the Industrial Military Complex to the world! Meanwhile life on earth that truly sustains humans is dying rapidly from it and Industrial Agriculture, and our plans is the best idea yet to preserve life on the planet as we share Humanities ways that work now ending toxic from earth-space.

Helping all understand this is the most efficient way to focus on climate change, once we all include ending Industrial Agriculture. And scale the earth with agro_ecological systems, where no one needs to then go thru these trade-tariff wars and grow toxic food contaminating-creating disease-premature deaths, etc. as communities are depleted of natural microbiomes, required by all life! This way Pres trump you can subsidize this scaling to best help not just the farmers, but every community filled w/toxic-unhealthy people-and care better for those suffering-dying prematurely ASAP, as locals truly can now live local as our message board is perfected w/transparency, for all to share in this prioritized focus!

In this 6th mass extinction, we are all losing enough as it is, at 200 species per day, let alone more due to not even being aware of what indigenous have done to save much more, for quite some time, very successfully.

I was ashamed at the last Mayors meet here in Coos Bay, where the Native Tribes wanted to preserve their heritage sites and culture, yet I and another lady were the only ones supporting the `TCP. And I had solutions, which due to human errors interfering, I was able to only briefly share some of this in an email to Roger Craddock, but he too has not responded, as I offered more, as well before in my attempt working on the homeless issue.

For many had the concern of more planning and losing control of one's land, when yet they totally missed the picture that our Native Indians, even though they may not speak a science verbiage, translated it as our ecological `enhanced sustainable reality of survival, the way I saw and spoke of it! Goes w/much more than preserving cultural and historical sites, it is a way of life that heals and sustains all life that is our true energy source!

I feel much more can be done thru awareness sharing, and as a US Nonprofit, we welcome all to join in and correct-share this and link what works, while you do your walkabout for you and your communities! Then working w/your students, they can organize and have a rep come share, as we would like to create w/skilled techs a working archive, staying in real time! As well share in conversation, the many areas needing clarity from so much controversy! Tell us what you suggest, to see more of Humanity's work or yourself, enacted?

I repeat we welcome Donations to resolve human errors, as we have several plans to perfect along w/a great earth-space message board to get all needs and offerings correctly met for each local `plan as well each person, to gain clarity and support from the `Gov's plans in each country, so as to focus priority in one's community-one's country and the one earth-space we all share! And do it peaceful, as well efficiently as many now are doing in small patches, so `collective plan reaches the pockets without!

W/funding we plan to do a global outreach and I continue to work w/Google's Ad Grant since 2014, licensed out of WA. And due to Oregon not being responsive in follow up, where I've networked, I've continually gained in research w/the terrible issues unresolved from displaced in local areas near me. I've not pursued active fundraising or sharing more here, as I've tried to reach out to many and no follow up or a lot of apologies as I stated w/human error! Meanwhile others in other countries are becoming the Gov working these great ideas, as we continue to learn from them and share!

I thank you for this read, and I'm happy to speak to the Congress, but I at this time feel unless they pay for my trip, I have my budget directed to my research to continue, so as to perfect what we say can be done by all, working w/skilled students and techs, creating upon Humanities plans as we soon will be sharing more, w/your support!

As well I'd like to add to the peace negotiations, as an intermediary for I feel US is not doing it's full potential w/Iran and yet many people support Israel, when it is wrong to give what you give to them when they do what they do to Palestine and others! This list is quite long and yet I feel working w/students is our only chance of survival, as they need to walk by our side and see how inadequate humans have been, so as to come together and stop these scars from continuing! Exponentially, they can focus direct w/all to fact find, they need the education as well in exchange w/many good communities doing great work, as they network!

For the world has greatness, and to support Industrial Agriculture as US Gov does now paying all these fees due to tariffs on China is wrong, for the farmers need to stop growing toxic food-using toxic chemicals making people very ill! And the western medicine as well Vets Hospital is not doing the job that many others are doing, much more efficiently. So the answers are here but US Gov and many other Gov's are not on top of them, being efficient, when yet all can be if you redirect and prioritize Humanity's plans to create with.

Please note we are soon to start a world tour sharing what is and what can be as we show how working w/students skilled and professors along w/using communities as classrooms, are focus directing together! We want to work w/techs to show engineered-economic layers of schematics, realizing how wrong US Gov and others are when they think the only economic way is the Industrial Military complex, when all will show for each `local plan working w/all `plans that prioritizing restoring earth-space systems-ridding toxic while simultaneously doing one's `local plan will give more profit in so many healthy ways for all life! As all support scaling Humanity's skills now-act on now, produce many more healthy jobs, then any of us can imagine, stopping all ecological whoring! While each take part in all plans, sharing-gaining complete understanding!

Only this awareness should vote, for each `local plan's rep to represent what the truth is! And become the Gov needed or realize how Gov no longer is needed and people break more of their co_dependencys, as all become local-global and beyond mindful participants enjoying a healthy working earth-space, as together all go figure via networking, linking story on message boards everywhere to stay in real time universally!

Thank you for sharing and doing what can to make this a better world for all life-earthlings to live in, for no ecosystem can survive on its own, nor a country! Please check back for updates as we progress w/your Donations!

Please continue this lengthy read and see Humanity's work to share and take part in!


Now Imagine and this is what we all should be doing, thinking thru solutions then discuss w/Gov!

These girls at CODEPINK are creative, but I tell them to stop being so critical if CIA who has proven to be corrupt states something about one, so if they don't change that verbiage then I won't support them, as they did here w/Ex: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He says he did not do what they accused him of and I yet to see facts!

Same w/Dem Tulsi Gabbard, speaking so negative of the Saudi's when yet my experience is they are making changes yet she fails to mention!

To much telling people what not to do, as I'm telling Madonna to perform in Israel, when many want her not to, when yet Israel needs to make change and she can have a conversation and share this work we are sharing of Humanities hard work over the years, to make it work now and create w/the many good indigenous engineers knowing well good stewardship of the earth-space to technologically rethink with!

But when I got this letter from the CODEPINK from Donald Trump, I thought it was real, and he was finally listening! For I've shared a lot w/him. I believe all need to stay in the instance and hold people accountable. in what should be responsible positions. It has been so wasteful to not see priorities dealt with, when he has been accused of so much and Democrats have this huge bill accumulating w/Mueller and they want more! I'm happy when earthlings take part on a planetary level? If we deal w/transparency, people can admit once they understand how wrong we as humans can be! But yes those without good facts need to step down, but that does not mean we still don't need their help once clear or in other areas, as it is these types of communication that need to continue even if disagree, so piles of waste gets corrected! So all of us work thru the truth and become a local, global and beyond, mindful participant!

Please read on and share, and yes lets hold oneself and all accountable, for many afar are not being held accountable by their locals, and as in US Gov Military, much negative effects are left everywhere they are, see our page on No2Nato Campaign, it shows well, or if took part in the rally on March 30, 2019 in front of Whitehouse talking to many w/hands on experience!

Why do I share this below, because CODEPINK works hard to define many facts, sure not all I agree with but Amb Bolton should not be in such a responsible position! Plus it is a high risk of toxic weapons when Military shifts around the planet not to mention expensive, as many profit over it! US has yet to learn how to have a good economy without it being a war economy! It has a bad practice of creating conflict to create jobs, and this must end! For our plans sharing Humanity's options now to heal-resolve weather issues-make peace w/neighbors and save life on earth prioritizing the toxic will create more than a job, rather it will build wholesome careers! SO thank you CODEPINK! And Thank you Pres Trump for rethinking and hire skilled people to surround you and show you how the Military and Industrial Agriculture is leaving the largest footprints on earth-space now and all can understand as we receive support to create these plans!

We can't just ignore these men and women w/programmed war modes, we need to define how to get them to understand the damage they continue to do, to all life as sensitive complex life cannot process these toxic effects, and these microcosms support human's gut in order to process mental clarity and have physical strength!

The `Institute of Functional Medicine, has research to prove this!


You can also forward this email on to friends and ask them if they want to sign:

Here's the full petition CODEPINK has started, subliminally it is just another way that works, for too many are in the fog not able to put together these fine tune missing links, yet Humanity has solutions and they are not being used now! It is our `transitional plan on our drawing board that can help all define how to start!

Fire Bolton

Statement of the People Calling on Trump to Fire Bolton

As citizens of the United States, we the people are tired of bloated Pentagon budgets and endless wars.

Trump campaigned on a platform of bringing troops home, not creating more wars based on fake evidence and outright lies. But here we are on the brink of new wars in Venezuela and Iran, talks with North Korea have broken down, and the war in Yemen rages on.

Trump is correct about National Security Advisor John Bolton misleading him into thinking it would be easy to replace President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela with puppet Juan Guiado. The coup attempts continue to put the Venezuelan people at risk of a bloody civil war.

Bolton played a key role in the collapse of Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-Un in February and now, with the help of the media, he is running a propaganda campaign of lies about Iran similar to what led us into war with Iraq. Both Trump and the American people have been clear about having no appetite for another destructive, senseless war, but Bolton has other ideas.

Bolton’s position in Trump’s cabinet is contrary to Trump’s campaign promises to bring troops home and to have a less interventionist approach than his predecessors. For the sake of the people of Venezuela, Iran, Yemen, Korea, America, and the entire world, we call on President Trump to FIRE BOLTON!

Your friends can sign here:


Please continue to get real w/my friends at NIAC;


Humanity has solutions now to restore peace in every community, as toxic should be prioritized to be removed! This is a human and all life right!

Work w/these options, as we thank all above and Miguel Altieri, another great professor, as his work and SOCLA, a Latin American group of scientists need your help scaling agro_cological systems to answer the issues of the times!

I've respected Miguel's work for several years, knowing his good work creating curriculum w/indigenous still living it, knows well that;

' A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

by using agro_ecology curriculum-systems, which Miguel created by working w/indigenous still doing, w/out leaving toxic effects!

As well the good work that continues from Clara Nicholls his wife, Miguel and many at SOCLA, a Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology, still working with them, knowing well:

Agro_ecology can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them...

Institutional structures supporting research and development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution...

See some beginning;

What does this mean simply? Well they can show you and we intend to as well scale this throughout the earth, hopefully w/their guidance of a variety of skills, as all focus on toxic priorities to resolve! So no more no scars continue, as we all reach into our critical thinking abilities!

We can go beyond being stuck in climate change or global warming, controversy. For Humanity has options now w/agro_ecological systems.

We feel community's that have transboundary migration of large browsers in check, can guide us w/their results. As those skilled as from SOCLA, can then do an agro_ecological assessment, to do all that can be done, allowing large browsers to lead one's path. To better prepare for any weather.

Ideas are worth a million but without funding they get done slower. Why when all should prioritize Humanity's plans on our drawing board and DONATE to make them happen as your community's create with them!

So technically we hire teams to create a blank form. For you then to support your engineering-economic students-professors-community members to focus direct with you. Filling in all layers of what is and what can be in the schematics form.

Showing how community's profit once good health-preserving microbiomes are in tact, as each community balances one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors. To pollinate-supply micronutrients in soil creating whole foods to feed our gut, feeding our brain and much more... To edit within, controlling one's brain waves so as to truly listen-communicate and envision, w/all of Humanity's plans we are sharing, via networking on our upcoming perfected earth-space message board, w/your Donations.

As all network sharing via like ecosystems-season-subject, of what works. For each then to create upon, further defining what works for your `local plan?

By Donating, you help us technically develop our proposed earth-space message board. So people can gain respect for their offerings-those without needs met can work supplying the needs of the local `plans. Fueling all to become a local, global mindful participant, working w.neighbors, fueling each to gain one's desires!

As together, students show open transparency of Gov officials work to us all as they are welcomed by their side or not?? So you know who to vote for! Communicating real plans to do this for each `local plan, knowing who supports what?? Networking-prioritizing toxic on earth-space, so as to define where on earth for all to focus attention w/local good stewards to rid the toxic mind and developments permitted wrongly, contributing to weather changes. Affecting many more than some, as well the effects of global warming on animals and depleting microcosms unable to adapt.

SOCLA's skilled people can guide your `local plans `enhanced natural potential, as you help us scale agro_ecological systems. So as a movement all utilize its 3 components of; knowledge-territory-sovereignty, in review of all life, for every community.

Good recent Ex;

The difference as in the floods killing people, as in the recent cyclone in Mozambique, where agro_ecology was not used vs those lands using it, that channels the water under the ground for crops as well water yearly supplies and more, vs the many now on the planet that have only seasonal water, yet no agro_ecological skills nor support to have it at their disposal, and we want your help now to scale it throughout earth, aiding all to mindfully act with it!

Let's address these bigger issues so all can get on same page, so we don't leave anyone in guilt alone, for bigger profits are being made, and `We the people, must stop it thru understanding truth! Let's go figure addressing in time issues;

It is these same good stewards, that SOCLA, has been working w/throughout the earth, that we are proud to have share w/us to scale what we feel is long overdue, for peasants and fisherfolks have been working perfecting these skills from long ago, and we are fortunate to have them to teach us more!

Plus we are fortunate to welcome many Country leaders to join in this discussion thru the variety of social media outlets! I thank father-King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for all their attempts to support us and MbS is in! I appreciated co_evoling our plans to share Humanities options as we state here, w/their Saudi Vision 2030, respecting the SOCLA skills and our plans;

In their plan to reduce Saudi Arabia's dependence on oil, diversify its economy, and develop public service sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation and tourism.

As we 've suggested for all to research `Fuel cells w/H, on demand, with localized systems, stopping the use of toxic large grids, products using batteries, minded by children in the Congo mines for cobalt-lithium, etc.

We welcome your participation to make this and more happen!

Please continue to check back for updates, as in this link below, for you to share in your walkabout for you and your communities, as we continue to fundraise, sharing our plans of Humanity's great work now, as we just need to organize and hold people accountable, as I also share post to Pres trump, as he invited me to take part in his FL recent speech. Also this document shows more of the history of agro_ecology w/thought of scaling it, showing how corrupt many have been, as well the many skilled still doing;

Please join in w/this update as of 5.21.19, and let's see how it can be translated?

Good morning,

As a member of SOCLA (since the last congress in Guayaquil), I would ask if it could spread through the network SOCLA the video (documentary) that they are publishing on the issue of agroecological transition in the district of Umari (department Huanuco in Peru).

Lines below, you find the broadcast message with the video link we have called "Cultivating tomorrow."

Thank you very much in advance for s or collaboration and very cordial greetings.

Gael de Bellefroid | Director Peru - Belgian NGO Peace Islands

Faustino Sanchez Carrion Jr. 117-119, Paucarbamba Amarilis Huanuco | ([062] 511914 | *

Good morning,

We present (the following link: ) the video:

" Cultivating Tomorrow "

Towards an agroecological transition in the Andean context

Umari - Huanuco - Peru

( Trailer )

This document is intended to illustrate the process of migration of peasants to a healthy and organic farming, and all the challenges that arise in this way.

Do not hesitate to post a comment on the same Youtube, and please help us to spread it as widely as possible through personal and institutional networks (setting such as a publication on its website Facebook or mention in your next "newsletter"). Thank you in advance!

And those who have more interest, we could also coordinate the organization of a projection followed by a debate, or trade in any way on this issue.

Waiting for your comments!

Best wishes to all.

Gael de Bellefroid | Director Peru - Belgian NGO Peace Islands

Faustino Sanchez Carrion Jr. 117-119, Paucarbamba Amarilis Huanuco | ([062] 511914 | *

Secretariat SOCLA

Twitter @soclaglobal

Attachments area

Preview YouTube video Cultivando el Mañana ~ "HACIA UNA TRANSICIÓN AGROECOLÓGICA" | Documental Iles de Paix, Perú

Cultivando el Mañana ~ "HACIA UNA TRANSICIÓN AGROECOLÓGICA" | Documental Iles de Paix, Perú

Preview YouTube video #TRAILER Cultivando el Mañana - Hacia una transición agroecológica | Documental Iles de Paix, Perú

#TRAILER Cultivando el Mañana - Hacia una transición agroecológica | Documental Iles de Paix, Perú

ictts says Thank you all above and we will be commenting more! So check back all and tell us yours!


See Kate Brown's Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future, can be addressed as a priority. This is a wakeup call for many thinking UN has been honest and they haven't ;


Please take part, and share w/your `Country's Gov's plan, to get real if they in or not?? It's time to end the waste of Nuclear toxic use-clean up waste-rid toxic in every community, prioritizing where on earth-space is leaving the most negative effects for all, as well stop wasteful spending in US-NATO Military bases, ending them everywhere!

Peace is real if we all fuel our guts w/natural whole foods to feed our brains, so we can have a conversation and hear what each other is saying, not just listen or assume!

So all have the option to go within and edit, so as to stay in the instance and envision-create upon Humanity's options now as we lower our brainwaves, being on the same page, prioritizing peace!

As together we identify w/good science common sense, what is and what can be, clarifying the controversy that gets in the way, as we are planning an upcoming conversation of where and how to start. I share a few ideas and happy to hear yours! We considering opening it on YouTube.

If interested please email kara and I will give you heads up to join in a local potluck eye to eye, if in same area or teleconference details with us if afar, and suggest what works for you, as well check back here for updates; and please head it `transformation conversation, I'm in!

The tools of the times are here to perfect, thru Google and Nabble, that has helped us get this far, and they are here freely for you as well! And more for business! I welcome people skilled in both to volunteer and help us utilize all their tools in our upcoming introduction as we scale these thoughts and much more with your support!

So for those of you organizing, please check them out, for many good tools are free!

It's time to link, and our virtual earth-space message board being perfected, as well many throughout earth already doing, along w/our plans, on our `blackboard, soon will share more, for you and your communities to organize and link, sharing what works-what doesn't! So check back please!

Plus take a look at NASA and join in to show them what they missing, that Humanity offers now to create with from the many great stewards of our beautiful earth, that we thank for doing what they continue to do! I also say check out Russia's for never have they wasted so many resources AS NASA has! Showing us we all have 1 earth and need to share it in peace, cleaning it up ASAP!


We Welcome everyday to be an `Earthday to share our upcoming plans and get them off the drawing board w/your help and many now already working great ones! As we tap more into Humanity's options now to create with;

Welcome students-communities and have a natural whole food-wild fish and animal potluck, w/follow up meets, use communities as classrooms. So as to get real w/all, so all understand Humanity has solutions.

Invite live music-have real conversations. Get to know the real local issues, while bringing critical thought into the collective plan. To define where is the most toxic on earth-space creating havoc in weather where, and define why, and know how is it affecting you? But don't stop there, we need to know how it is affecting many as well the microcosms and genetic biodiversity that humans and other life that sustains humans, are effected?? And prioritize where-what -how to resolve??

To then get real w/local toxic, networking on soon to come earth-space message board w/your Donations. So all on same page linking via like ecosystems-eason and subject. No one should have to reinvent the wheel!

Donate, make a difference, so we can share issues as people link, creating a nice working archive.

This is the best tourism and education for anyone to take part in.

Feel the energy to be alive doing all one can, while celebrating along the way!

Donate so technically we can perfect Humanity's plans to prioritize toxic and resolve, leaving no one left behind. As well an earth-space message board to get all needs met and offerings shared. For the numbers of refugees-displaced-homeless are best defined by one's `local plan. Let there needs get met by working the needs-offerings of the `local plans, fueling them to gain their desires as earthlings!

Our proposed plans sharing Humanity's options now for all to create with;

`Transitional plan defines needs-offerings for a person, rep for a plan or rep for a group, working into all plans.

`Collective plan defines where most toxic on earth-space for all to define local plans, working w/all plans, as in now many say Arctic's 22 feedback looks are controlling jetstreams causing severe global weather.

`Govt plan defines w/people, if staying in real time prioritizing `local plans w/all plans. If not then people need to break one's co_dependency of the Gov and via networking can find other ways to engage for understanding w/the Gov and make it work. For if we say Gov's are dysfunctional and not try to help, then they will consume more waste! We feel skilled students using communities as classrooms working w/professors w/us, can walk by all the legislators and put together a reality of what they do and know, to sort them out or they step down and work in the community, on oneself, while also working w/the community to resolve what can, find their space to tell the truth!

`Local plan recycles local planning, w/neighbors, to efficiently rethink entire biomes, for their ecological sustaining `enhanced natural potential with agro_ecological systems. Working w/all plans. So all gain respect as a mindful participant, w/support in place for those in need. And thru the message board once perfected all then can see this transparency, knowing what needs to be prioritized where, for no more can we just live local!

Imagine being respected for what you do, and even as a displaced person a community posting there needs can even help you get there to fuel your needs in exchange! It is inexcusable to not have support in place for any earthling to work within letting the `local plans define theri capacity and support them to get to where best to heal if need and work where can, to get back home, or even have support where those that interfered wrongly now are making wrongs right, as more policy prioritizes, changes made w/transparency!

Please share-discuss w/friends-neighbors and see what interests you and join in, for we will be seeking several tech people-photos-video segments, and skilled heartfelt people-students, to help us, and we will be posting as we have a plan, list soon, seeking volunteers!

And now, I'd like to know who will allow me to use their beautiful wildlife photos' of large browsers transboundary migration in tact, for in this upcoming campaign as we perfect it, many are supporting wildlife conservation and we want to scale this project including good stewards in this field to guide us? I feel large browsers old transboundary migration can fuel the path for agro_ecological systems to be more efficiently implemented as they work w/all life, that humans are interdependent on for a variety of reasons. Yet many species are dying at a fast rate!

I'd really like some communities contact info, on-near, transboundary migration old paths in tack! So I could talk to them and represent what they do, use some photos-videos, in an introduction to our plans and updates showing needs and offerings on our a virtual earth-space message board we are perfecting, w/your help! For all to get on the same page to do what can and rehab those found to go back into the wild.

In our `collective plan critical thinkers define targets on earth to start, then `local plans fall into place, hopefully with your help as you share what works!

Our plans are to work w/Humanity's goodness to scale the earth with these TBM old paths fueling, agro_ecological assessments to be acted on, w/SOCLA working w/many, doing global work, so as to restore sustaining `enhanced healthy working communities, guiding us in all plans!

Along w/natural building-restoring, changing policies as many have done, prioritizing ridding the many toxic substances that circulate our planet, as well in many homes or rid them properly, as workers are yet be protected. Not to mention the way many live within their homes are toxic, as I see many! This is why we feel w/welcoming your students to use your communities as classrooms, they will exponentially self develop in this process of aiding others in need to sharpen one's sensors, then to feel the energy as they come alive, wanting to do their part!

It is so wrong to allow us humans to be so uneducated, causing our own misuse-abuse, when yet Humanity has such good offerings! I just aided a few just having heart attacks trying to define how to eat, when western medicine is so bad in so many ways, when yet do share the Keto Diets, and help people create a nice grocery list! It really hurts after you lose loved one's thinking you knew and guided, yet it was wrong! There are so many jobs needed by us all to make what can work, work for all! After a lot of research working w/skilled people, never did I see such clarity as in a Keto diet! For when we stress in a variety of ways, then eat the toxic food from Industrialized agriculture creating more toxic in the communities, on top of eating too many carbohydrates or toxic food to one, it is easy to understand why we have brain fog, low energy, become diseased and die prematurely, while many are profiting again from pharmaceuticals-mismanaged assessments and more! Whether intentionally or not, it needs to be stopped!

Same w/our understandings of energy alternatives, that is such a controversy that many are profiting over, vs restoring healthy working communities by locals doing the work!

We suggest fueling by Fuel cells w/Hydrogen on demand, in localized systems, so as to stop the children-adults working the Congo mines digging for lithium for batteries as in for solar-wind-electric cars, etc. requiring them. It's time to give back support to all that has been stolen from many countries on earth as well in space! While prioritizing cleaning up the toxic mess!

So all have the means to do what needed to have a nice life and do one's homework and explore, celebrating along the way! While yet actively being a local, global and beyond mindful participant of earth-space prioritizing toxic mind and developments to resolve, ending all scars from this long overdue pattern of repeating!

Our proposed funding we did not get was to perfect all our plans on our drawing board, developed over years of networking. We thought `transitional bases would be a way! For needs and offerings to get met with displaced people, interacting w/young and old, as they work in exchanges w/the `local plans, fueling each to gain one's own desires, while helping the locals. Networking via our virtual earth-space message board once complete!

If interested let me know and we will be having a conversation or few and I will give you heads up. This way we don't go 5 steps forward and 3 back, as in thinking, we can only live local! Rather we need your input! But first I need to get back on track from all these human errors that interfered in us getting more help to do what I speak of here, so as to get clear of all the controversy, and if no answer of it, that too is ok, for w/agro_ecological systems being assessed by SOCLA skilled, the answer is in front of them! And all can prepare for any weather much better than many unskillfully have! Not to mention have support to do one's homework-heal-self develop while hands on w/many skilled now networking in patches around the planet!

Dr. Guy McPherson states the earth has some issues causing havoc in weather, as in supposedly the Arctic 22 feedback loops causing jetstreams to produce heavy weather and supposedly more to come, in same places! I've asked him to help us w/the much controversy about the science involved in climate change, as well the Global Deming, he claims scientist have no answer for.

For it's only fair to our students to be studying what is in real time to obtain common sense to mindfully act efficiently to help us rid the toxic from this planet and space!

We want all to efficiently take part going beyond these words that seperate us inefficiently, and mindfully plug in working within the earth-space systems, prioritizing where and what, while simultaneously living local w/neighbors restoring all they can, to protect from any weather! As together the messageboard will share in like ecosystems-seasons and subjects, as all take part sharing links, as all is capable, once understand, to become a local-global and beyond mindful participant! This way all can tap into a nice archive we hope to also build w/your support-share what works-donate if have-correct us and more! Email kara; kareje@ictts,org or call and leave a tele message and I will get back to you; 1-360-450-3749.

Your feedback is appreciated and please share us along your walkabout for you and your communities! For we have work to continue and we thank the many already doing, please join in, so together we learn more efficiency in changing earth-space policies, as all get on same page, prioritizing what to do first, while celebrating along the way! As we find nothing better than to gather w/one's community and have a local grown natural wild potluck-live music-great conversation and follow up meets! Getting real w/what is and what can be, and do it!

Peace is here for all, we all just need to share it, along our walkabout, as together we are ending scars from repeating! The more that join in, the more we learn and more work will get done, reaching these pockets long overdue without support in place, I have a list!

We thank Nabble and Google for their help and they are free for you too and for business more!

Love kara, speaking for our combined `effect...

`i come to talk story...