Time to turn the page...

First let's try to help people understand what yet is missing, as I just was thinking while Pres Trump was speaking on Youtube in NC, sharing how he is changing Health care, I share my thoughts here 0n 9.27.2020 asking all to help where can to help all understand to hold Pres Trump accountable as well legislators and oneself!

Then below this review of what we feel is yet to be done, as we all work at what each can do, as well working w/one's community locally and afar, we move on to what all earthlings can do ASAP! As we all organize to link, not having to reinvent the wheel, the tools are here to be perfected and I thank Google as well Nabble, as they both offer freely to you to do this, plus more as a business!

To work now w/Humanity's solutions prioritizing these local plans and yours, scaling agroecology ridding toxic prioritizing where to start on earth-space, doing all one can working w/good stewards of the earth, still living what works! Stay in your moment please, I find it most simple then to address these real issues as each find our space to work what can!

Please make space for this review I posted to Pres Trump on 9.27.2020 ( a few words corrected and added on that post not here, but I think you will get the point we trying to make!)


Sir, I feel you are not in need of $'s as Obama sold out for his wealth! So I ask you, why are your beautiful women and men, in your family not saying dad or honi, look at what the manufacturers are doing that make people ill!

Do they say to you and show you the science behind the processed foods that are toxic in many store bought foods if not organic, especially legumes and grains! That make people ill, just so they can have longer shelf lives as well profit over how produced! Not to mention contaminate adjacent organic foods growing, same in stores if near!

You talk about insulin, yet what about education showing those issues can be resolved by food choices, exercise and controlling one's energy and stress! As well early education of what health is all about as humans as well the complex life that sustains us, via pollinating our foods, controlling pests that humans create, as they is not natural pest!

You don't talk about how they destroy habitats for complex life that sustain Humans in a variety of ways! And the environments as the Industrial Agriculture w/many of these foods, also spray w/toxic pesticides that go in soil-air-water, and in foods, making all life ill!

Do your children and lady see the educational systems not sharing this in nutrition classes? Or w/Western Medicine or pharma that need to change their curriculum, says Functional Medicine; www.ifm.org that uses only pharma in ER issues and manage closely! They go back to our human origin and repeat what is healthiest for Humans, create tests, far more detailed them Western Medicine and use whole foods and organic where toxic as in legumes and grains and fruits and veges w/out protective covers!

Plus Functional Medicine has taught many Western Doctors tired of seeing themself ill or family dying-suffering wrongly treated w/Western Drs using pharma, saying nothing else to do, on their patients unable to heal, until they took ifm.org courses, as they also work w/alternative medicines that work and heal.

Many along with myself have watched these unskilled untrained w/pharma curriculum, rather listening to sales people, while many become addicted or more ill, yet Drs to profit!

It appears Sir you want to help and read what others are saying but why do you not hear the 2 million that watched the vaccines series recently, as I shared link w/you, or Robert Kennedy Jr's speech in Berlin w/1 million 300k plus activist wearing no masks or distancing as none if this is real beyond common sense if ill, and even that should stay home when ill! Dr. Buttar and many Drs traveling earth sharing how toxic all this is and virologist know this is not the understanding Humanity should have nor restricted from as you too Sir have wrongly controlled people, same many Govs and this is a crime against Humanity as well against the first Amendment and more contributing to people's stress levels making them ill! The testing also is interfering, as well prohibiting people in a variety of ways! While others are profiting!

You know these same people that shared w/you how wrong all this is, yet who control s you to continue these ways without getting to the root of the issue and have a conversation w/transparency, letting people hear Functional Medicine speakers showing how they heal vs Western medicine, as they explain is not just science that is manipulated it is philosophy! So we need to get to the root of the issue so people are educated understanding early signs and how the toxic Nuclear radiation that still is not cared for, circulates the earth, some locations more than others, same a variety of toxins that can be tested!

Many people are living unaware of how to live with materials and moisture, having bad air quality both from what they produce as well the communities and that which circulates from afar! Which we at https://www.ictts.org are transitioning our sites to scale earth-space, w/all to prioritize ridding toxic, as we define what local plans to start with affecting most life! Showing good investments of what it takes to rid toxic! As all welcome skilled students to orchestrate doing one's own using community as classrooms, for no more can anyone just live local!

Scaling earth w/agroecology has the answers to good tech so all basics in check, as well co_evolving curriculum for locals to maintain in real time! Time for scars to not be repeated, enough suffering when Humanity has solutions, we just all need to share them!

Yes Functional Medicine needs support w/reduced rates- insurance and pharmacys can have both schools of medicine and then compare what is best for who and how managed, whether a test for parasites-lymes-heavy metals- and a variety of tests, as they keep uncovering more healing abilities! As well knowing the many ill from vaccines of past as well now, and upcoming for COVD, including flu vaccines making many ill! and more to come w/yours done wrong says skilled! Where pharma-CD-Bill Gates-Dr. Anthony Fauci, and more are wrong, and profiting big time! As well Drs see CDC is giving incentives to report patients died of COVD, in hospitals manipulating records, when they had it but did not die from it, same enforcing to put one on ventilators when should not of, making them more ill!

As well yourself pushing vaccines, is it because you are not listening to Functional Medicine Drs-researchers traveling the earth sharing this message w/no masks or social distancing! As well YouTube-Facebook and others are blocking words, when they talk about toxic 5G and some of these issues, w/vaccines, as I've asked them to give us more detail so we then too can ask the social medias why?

How is it you Sir can be isolated from this truth of virology, when good scientists know bad science is being profited over to manipulate! How you speak Sir is a time of the past, when I too could only ask a Dr to do what they felt best! As I watched loved ones and many others still suffering doing the same, as well Vets Unable to afford to go to Functional Medicine, when yt they at Vets Hospital are so badly treated, I see this first hand from many!

Sadly Sir those around you must be profiting or are they this unaware also! Legislators are not doing their job! I after few weeks now still cannot see and answer to pick up a homeless lady I feel is serious mentally ill and needs to be off the street as well many yet all entities say they cannot do this due to state statutes that must be changed! Where are these legislators not reporting all these mental people on the street as well very healthy that had real issues, not to mention many elderly and young living in homes under very unhealthy conditions!

I'd love to talk to one here in Charleston, Oregon to correct these policies so Jennifer could go to Salem, for there is no place locally for her to get help she really needs! I can show you many in every state I've been in just beyond people's views as many have no clue of how to resolve! Plus this can help the many other states and country's w/same issues, as well learn from the many cultures around earth that have answers, not having these issues!

Please email me if want to know more or go see Jennifer that represents many on the street w/mental illness!

Thank you all for what you can do to join in, so every community realizes the many solutions now to prevent this from happening, as well create upon our work in progress, sharing Humanity's solutions, and add to it-correct us, for no one should be left behind! As well no one like pharma as well those that make all these toxic preservatives and pesticides as well monoculture toxic growing methods should be stopped and also supported to transitions, for to many of us were unaware and supported them to be cheap!

Time for all to have empathy and resolve, same Sir w/Sanctions on Iran and others, it's time to work w/good investments restoring , realizing the war mode economy is a time of the past! Now it;s time for solidarity as many patches are already successfully living it!

Please all help Pres Trump and staff become educated about what many now are doing successfully, and you can too! I share more on our site link above!

Peace be with you all! Kara, kareje@ictts.org