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We care about the life of our children and yours, as well all of our lives as earthlings, and all the life on this planet!

How about you?

All related...

Thank you Nessi Gomes!

We feel once our new introduction to our ideas below are made w/your help, sharing Earth from Space and how the life-death cycles all contribute to the Earth below your feet, all will understand how we all are related!

Scale w/us please Humanity's solutions now, to save life restoring good technology;

And see our updated G Drive Document sharing emails asking all how best to do this above and much more w/our plans once we gather this team or merge w/those already doing, ASAP, so please join in, comment, correct, so togehter we make it happen. Please check back for updates on top and share;



I want to share why we are seeking your help, as well we want techies. So please share and lets define together how efficient we can make this happen! Get out your pen and paper please and take notes, correct us and add too!

Donate, if you like our plans and if you think any of this is real for you and your loved ones, then please join in, for we have much work to do together as earthlings!

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In saying that above, I want to share this reality of our focus that I see students studying the same science a many are using now w/climate change, that brings many student activists to the streets as well many ill! I asked Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson to help work w/Prof Miguel Altieri to define where perhaps his science and many regarding climate change that he follows working hard at trying to decipher the many making decisions, as well profiting, as well those that should be making decisions as what we are here, and they are not! As well Global Deming, to define accuracy to guide the many fossil fuel companies, as some now I've worked with do care and want to know this real intime data, that I and many think require 1 Universal science to be researched and on top of this, if all are ever to be fueled to make a difference and get this right! SO as to prevent suffering of all species as presently is happening!

Jamen Shively w/, welcomes all to join in w/him, I will continue to do my best to share this project for the many involved are doing good work! As well I ask you all to do the same! As he asks for people w/like minded thought to guide him as well, he willing to share freely the work we've all done to date, as well he welcomes all to his YouTube videos! And more if subscribe to!

Please realize, I repeat, our children are studying this same science that many now are in controversy over! They don't need to get ill over not knowing or being mislead by the many adults w/unnurtured child within them, unable to get out of the fog! Where many of us living in such dysfunction, take it easily as normal behavior when so many political-social-educational-medical-judicial and Gov structures are dysfunctional w/so much controversy now!

BUT LETS BE CLEAR PLEASE! Humanity has solutions outside this box, as well many good entities are doing great work as well people trapped in dysfunctional Govs, many positions on Earth, and this we all can change!

But question is, can we do it in time to make a difference, considering people have been suffering for a long time and we as Humans have been destroying the life that sustains us, because we simply did not understand! And now we can once we organize!

Do we not each have different priorities?????????????????????????? Do the scars not just keep repeating themselves?????????????????? Can we w/your help stop them for ever and do this efficiently?????????????????????????? Or tell us a better way, please! For we believe we can w/yourhelp!

This is why our plans w/your help will prioritize what we know now, and the reality that scars on Earth should never be continued! Many on this Earth have died prematurely as well suffered far more thatn you can imagine! And they suffered due to weak minded Kings-Pres-Leaders of gullable sheep modes due to much of what does not have to continue, as both sides have been ill!

We the people do not have to accept any of this anymore! If we self reflect, dig deep and see how off we truly are within ourself! For the 1% that thinks they control to get to what they have is meaningless to a healthy person, that holds oneself accountable as well others, not just in your face doing wrong, but afar where they take advantage of more weak, as well very good people doing great work now, then and will continue w/our and your help!

There is much we can do! We can go within and really define what is important and go after it to explore, and then lets get real! I'd like to see everyone ask your chidren and friends to write a short global warming essay, teachers too! Then reflect w/others on our page here. So as to be part of the solution not be confused from the controversy!

To go beyond the resistence, and have a conversation, whether over climate change news, global warming, greenhouse gases, why the weather on the earth is doing what it is, Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson may have some more ideas for you! For he is constantly reviewing many scienctist's work and thank you Guy for that!

Please see this links as I continue to update, that many of us agree with, which fuels. So please note when you have issues understanding something or it really is an attitude adjustment for you or hurts someway, then do your homework like I do, and it feels much better to act then to loose it, again that is our issues of lack of inner engineering as Sadhguru is talking about, plus he is willing to give young and old discounts, please see, and has class for children, his video explaining: How lucky for a child to learn this early on as well one's parents, for it is never to late!

Guy McPherson (Clip) - Academic Reticence

More on Guy's sharing; Nature Bats Last YouTube updates;

Or on ideas of what to do about the earth rising temperature w/Jamen Shively and all;

Or share the `Learn & Engage opportunities to understand what can be done and the 100 causes they address that their science team has discovered;

Or see; Fedor's explorations as he turned us on to Fuel Cells as he continues his explorations;

This list is long and our e-s once you help us create it, will be a good archived tool when you are working a thought and want to add it?


Please check back for updates and make them happen or together we define w/skilled what needs further research, to be proactive and in this experience to bring oneself to one's moment in itself is healing and harmonizing! Our take is to let these people on this page help guide where you are at or want to be or add more w/them or us, by joining into the conversations!

Email me, kara and I will add your thoughts until we or another, get the e-s up and running!

Humanity has solutions now to gain clarity and energy!

No one knows this better than the many indigenous peasants-farmers and fisherfolks that have and still are good stewards of the planet here to guide us all, that created agro_eology and many still living w/it, creating more! As we all self develop, understanding how to sharpen our sensors, so we are one w/the universes, making conscious decisions for oneself! And together for those unable to also do their best to choose! As we have good people now and always have had them but many have been land-seas-freshwater grabbed! And now we together can stop this knowing collectively all working together can do much more! We can together help guide, to heal these meaningless ill people as they too are programmed and many have no clue the damage they have done to us or you and will continue until they too can heal and become whole, w/support from us all!

Yes we all get upset at times, so Jamen I'm not just picking on you! I know my temper! To live is to be in motion and to flow w/is the best way! Not feel onething and then feel stuck, this is you Jamen within that you need to work at and I say this because I know I have to sort me out when I get heated!

Remember what I said, and I like to repeat it, a doctor I asked to help me w/mom, stated an old Tao saying,

`Food is better than medicine , energy is better than food, nothingness is better than energy...

To have these conversations when needed, while focus directing mindful acts, all can bring then oneself to one's center, to build one's path while one walks it into one's opening!

We all can learn as a human species to be calm, have joy of exploration and live in harmony, as each maintain disipline over one's self sensory observations vs belie,f that has been so wrong across the board! Causing misuse abuse, and that is from Kings-Gov-Presidents-to leaders and more bullies around the block, catching us off guard!

W/sharp sensors all can feel the life energy within, as well that which is blocked, and learn to allow onself to flow, one w/the natural enhanced local plan working w/neighbors as the most efficient peace plan ever created! I'm so positive of the folks in agro_ecological systems-movement to guide us to obtain, for every local community to work w/neighbors and achieve peace, clearly seeing within oneself what did wrong, and make it right!

Please make space and continue this read, please note to stop suffering as is, it can be done, but people need support for all to give-gain! We feel this can best be done by us having this earth-space message board e-s for short, so no more do we go 5 steps forward and 3 back, then to be caught by another fcking error or scam, from ill people simply trying to survive caught up from this continued disassociated energy that now can be harnessed, as well many have in past or we all would of disappeard as a Human species on Earth!!

Ok so that brings me back to Emeritus Professor Guy McPherson working w/Jamen Shively and some very kind skilled people to not just be concerned of one's own back yark, but Guy is very skilled as a Rrofessor loving all life as I and many of you, and us, knowing well we already are in the 6th Mass Extinction, as over now 200 speces /day are dieing, plus many more yet to be counted! As daily all of us continue unknowingly w/our bad habits yet to learn, so as to work w/us in this transitional shift Earth-Space Message Board to listen to skilled science that has worked a lot of this already, and is sharing as in the 100 top ways we are destroying the life that sustains us and our children;

My first study was w/the scientists reporting their research of the goodness of the Amazonians and still today thay offer much, so please see as skilled scienctists share these 100 ways for all to rethink what you can do;


Dr. Helen Caldicott Pediatrician and much more of a great woman: that has tried to educate us for a long time and continues! So please see her nice archives and give her support as well learn ASAP how to monitor w/your community, as you study her work and her associates; Whistle Blower Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen's site `Fairwinds, Prof Timouthy Mousseou an Evolutionary Biologist, Prof Kate Brown still teaching; along w/all sharing Nuclear reality of what circulates our planet both in toxic waste, mismanaged Nuclear plants staying active to support the plutonium for more Military profits as Govs move the toxic weapons of war around the planet at high risk to us all destroyng life where ever US Military and NATO bases are, ask Joe Leonardo and group no2nato 2019, as real communiites have first hand experience of their childish as well destructive forces, and this list is long of both good sciencitists to guide us as well those unskilled as puppets being controlled by those w/meak mindless and ill minds!

So no more once we all understand, we can truly heal, and mindfully act! We no longer have to be like a slug on the armpit of a pig, and eat away w/our own greed, rather we gather collectively and do our `collective plan, to start knowing which local plan w/neighbors is the one's to most efficiently resolve, as we pool critical thinking and define if research where and then do it! Knowing the law of locals to respect as well work at changes needed respectfully, whether permets are for good technology to be done on land-sea-freshwater or in space, we will do what it takes!

While co_evolving w/skilled strudents networking as we show what is needed for conscious people to fall into place as well good investments showing the `World Markets who is doing right. As we prioritize the `collective local plans as well simoultaneously, all falling into one's space w/one's local plan w/neighbors and Govs, w/the earth below one's feet, until clear of how to move on where!

This can take part time while we celebrate along the way such graditude for being alive! We thank you all and special thanks to Google for your help, YouTube, Babble, Lovee and my family for enduring such pain supporting me to pursue this, and I could not of done without their help!

We have 1 planet Earth and many universes to explore, so if we efficiently get on board here, and I say all part time, it will then give clarity to unite as earthlings and then see after using space for research to better earth, then we could go play and explore more, once we all can do it efficiently like RU does, not the waste like NASA does!

Plus I had to follow my heart and ask you to do the same; w/Pres Trump, Iran's leader Ayatollah Khamenie, Pres Putin, to ask for help to stop the largest Humanitarian crises now happening, not to mention the small ones in every community on earth, as from Kings to displaced are ill and left without proper attitude adjustments, as well good whole foods as our best medicine to gain mental clarity and energy, which `Functional Medicine and Keto Diet now offers!

My heart went to those suffering in wars, I went after who was supposedly the starter of this war, which was Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, then to have a year of the best and worst experiences of my life, working w/him and other leaders as I share on our patchestalk sight on Twitter! Sharing Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson's update on Aerosol Masking-Global Dimming for Aramco and their IPO, as well SOCLA Latin American Scienctist's work and others scaling agro_ecological systems, w/all helping! Let me let Guy share this a bit more w/Global Dimming, for I do not even claim to have the skill to understand all this and I really don't want to mislead any of you, so see more;

This is important if scienctists are going to be accepted for their work on climate change, let alone students get a grip of reality from the same science being taught to them. Plus as w/Emeritus Professor Guy McPherson, whom I respect, is showing old and new science on Global Dimming-Aerosol Masking effect, sharing how fossil fuels cannot be stopped cold turkey, due to the complex life that sustains our foods, clean air-water and more, would be destroyed shortly after! Studies Guy showed need to be tapered at no more than a certain amount and since I heard a few numbers I will try to define Guy's update from a 2019 report, see more a short older video that shares nicely;

Thank you Guy for sharing Prof Dr. Robert Allen's work;

Link on his page about stopping fossil fuels w/aerosols is really important for activists to understand;

This takes the best of science research, to inform, to share w/all earthlings, for much is in controversy, as many activists just feel all fossil fuels must stop, which they need to be stopped the right way!

Plus our plans for then local plans w/neighbors, if truly understand how each community needs to balance one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors to simultaneously fall into place doing the same, so as to truly understand why all should want peace w/neighbors and how life-death cycles circultaing our earth sustains us Humans, giving us our daily tools to then balance and enhance our sustainable healthy working communities! Who better knows this subject of science then those skilled in agro_ecology as SOCLA and a few others we are talking to as we define how to finetune our `collective local plans w/neighbors defining where best to start! So as to address earth-spac toxic, research if needed and resolve as critical thinkers join in!

Working w/Prof Guy McPherson, as a conservation biologist studying the extinction of species, Plus I thank him for sharing as he studies hard to inform us, and Dr. Allen's link below is great on speaking of more reserch needed, and that is my objective to see students not just protesting but also mindfully acting in all that's need as all of us prioritize these `collective local plans w/neighbors to start!

And Prof Miguel Altieir will be interesting, if I can get them to work together sharing what missing and what needed, focus on research or act, then all this controversy can be channeled into their support?? See some of the work Miguel is doing w/many at Berkeley in past and now as well w/SOCLA. For if these 2 men can confirm the science our students in public schools are studying is real, then all have to come together as we scale this to help more understand, as well Govs, as they are coming around, so all on same page mindfully acting in priority;

Plus see more on climate change w/Miguel and his wife Clara in links below and more;

Thank you Miguel for sharing Gerry's work;

Bases agroecológicas para la adaptación de la agricultura al cambio climático

Article Mar 2019 Thank you ResearchGate;

I feel so much inner-interpersonal lack of nurturing from people-leaders, as we continue to rethink how best to co_evolve w/this so we all self reflect, go within when we bring this awareness to each other! We can change w/Humanity's options now and help these leaders while helping ourselves!

I welcome you to scale the Earth-Space w/our `collective plan needing techs to help us, as together all come to the table and define what local plans w/neighbors are leaving the most negative effects on the masses of all species including Humans! So as to, make peace w/neighbors and all earthlings, as our plans here continue, w/your help! So please `charity is where it's at, and now it's your turn to Donate!

You all have heard many pros and cons about temperatures rising above what we all have never experienced! As well we have people and Univ's working together as Ex; reports I subscribed to as I need skilled to help decipher and Guy has helped, as he felt the Arctic's feedback loops contribute to the irratic weather as jetstreams are infuenced effecting many, as many of you know well!

I want you to know many are w/bad technology and that is where we take a stance for good science is defining and now we need good clear plans to develop good investments and conscious people to clean up our mess, we've all contributed to! Just self-reflect and check out your local and afar footprints! I know how many years I left my share and still working to lessen more!

Many die unaware, but no more such an excuse is real, when we have so many good tools to be finetuned to help!

That is our plan w/an Introduction to these plans, w/your help: Google's AdGrant is helping us reach out! You can to organize and have a free site or a few after seeing how each is unique, check out Nabble too! Gather as a rep for your local plan w/neighbors and come link w/us and more w/like interest!

We want to find people to help us use Google's educational tools, as in G Earth-Space satelite maps, down to street maps to connect w/hands on follow up meets and teleconference them on YouTube, which I thank for their great offerings, that I see many people yet to even know of their offerings, yet they watch TV. Meanwhile many skilled people welcome all in to share subject matter of your interest as well what is needed for us all to learn!!

Like how about good weather maps for every community, my plan for nanotech off earth sensors to monitor would be multifunctional, so as to rethink how we can redistribute nature's reality of how the earth and life is truly processing, what so many are having controversy over! So when one is hurting or the whole community we respond, Hello! I'm human w/same errors, it takes us working together!

Same satelite images from RU -US and all, w/good space projects, as Google maps satelite also show historys of the enviornment, so we can track this progress! And all can show how our `collective plans can progress, once recycling planning w/agro_ecological assessments, then to see other satelite maps showing like ecosystems-like season and subjects, w/good technology using it! I look forward to SOCLA's input of the Earth up to Space, `collective plan, for they have groups all over the Earth, and to me their opinion comes first w/this over all idea of lowering the Earth's temperature! Or Controls in place transitioning riding what toxics first, in what local plans w/neighbors, and where, so we can put investments together and start spreading the word??

We need a sense of their science grounded w/the earth below all of our feet! So as to equate ending this controversy and simplifying for young and old, so all know when to bring attention to real issues and how, then go beyond and do it! For controversy left w/out good focus directed conversation is draining life energy big time!

So Ex; RU and US Univs are and have been working together, as RU granted them funding, see some recent work I received as they worked in the Arctic and RU scienctists were very bothered a year ago w/large pockets of Methane. And if yet to see earthlings are using Methane and th Rwandan platform project is quite an example of how local skilled had to figure each layer of water's workings, as they then created electricity for the locals surrounding the lake for the Toxic Methane had to be worked or very dangerous coming from the Earth! and I just got these updates as I subscribe to Igor Semiletov as researcher in the Arctic w/group. See links;

I found their early investigtions of Lake Kivu in Rwanda, of how to do this was interesting, and you can Google that, where this link gives a nice overview to date;


Here is Igors update, I've shared w/several activists group saying NO to pipelines or LNG, NO JORDON COVE LNG;

Игорь Семилетов (Igor Semiletov) - new citations

Google Scholar Alerts <>

to me 11.28.19

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Which I too have a plan in lower orbit of space w/nanotech, but I'm not skilled enough to interfere in our Earth and the life on it, but I've asked an associate at Harvard working on their mirror project on the ocean, sharing w/ So you can see this on Jamen Shively's YouTube videos of, as well Jamens and others idea to also do more redirecting of Solar Radiation by covering spaces of desert leaving paths for critters w/thin material reflecting sun to cool the planet!

Jamen and all, welcome all and I share a bit of my update after not seeing their work for sometime due to my focus as I've had much delay this year w/Human errors and scams. I share Jamen/s over view and our comments on 11.25.19, as they talk about `Collective Intelligence and cooling the Earth:


Remember now, Jamen - Guy w/many Univ's and skilled people, along w/myself realize the love we have for all life on Earth now, and we have empathy for those yet to be aware? Of how microbial life feeds our gut enabling Humans to think clearly a well have energy! To truly sustain the food we eat to keep us alive and much more controlling pests that we all create, for as Masonobu Fukuoka stated, who I respected and now deceased stated their is no pest, we create them byt feeding them and they do what all of us do to much of and that is reproduce! As well we have empathy mostly for those weak that are still being controlled by the weaker thinking they are living justice when more puppets of dysfunction! Yet many of us have allowed them to interfere in our lives! is about not just saving Human lives, but all, so all live! And that means when Humans go down, f our plans don't work, and it is very clear it's over for the Human Species ON Earth, then ths group will do what it takes to deactivate Nuclear plants and I say we start now due to the toxic they all release, so as to not kill the exisiting life on Earth, so they continue to co_evolve on the Earth, once all Humans gone!

This is the least we can do to our speicies, our friends that have fed us and given us good medicine and wise cultures around the earth still giving us all life! As all animal kingdom has their job to do as us!

So I feel and many that we can spread the word, and no better way then thru word of mouth and tools of the times now! They too are here to be perfected, to get this out!

So please be well! Read on and remmember working together, creating your local plan now w/neighbors, as we've even locally started spreading the word w/a community 1 meal a day for homeless, and sharing `Functional reality of the bad diets many are eating and US Gov still subsidizing Industrial Agriculture toxic and US Military toxic, yet claiming we need it to fight the terrorist we have contributed to creating! Same outdated policies, as w/the Contitution needing to be updsted, if Gov is even to continue? For my heart is w/Pres Trump, and I'm ashamed of so many Democrats wasting such resources as is now! We need to work w/him to end scars from continuing!

I have a real problem w/Military being the largest footprint on Earth! Pres Trump you have the ability to co_evolve this, but first you have to break your strings and rewire your brain, that you have been programmed with! As well all the other leaders on Earth and Space that have them and buying more! Do you not see this is a unconscious state, when you feel you need them, to protect us? As well do you not see the highrisk of toxic now contributing to the ill-suffering-dying prematurely on this Earth now, that the US Gov in past and now is already left much negative effects, from the bases trashing local communities as well the wars profited over! Leaving many wtihout and much life dead! How do you think the survivors can have healthy soil to gain whole food that has no toxic in it? How can people stressed feed one's gut to fuel one's brain? Meanwhile over population as people seek human instinct to make love, yet unskilled without protected sex, having more children, in such conflicts! DO you see this root of issues yet to be addressed, as more need more stimulation, unable to go within and control self within our true Human potential!

We see no good peace platforms w/such subjects w/intermediaries to help leaders get clear, meanwhile I'm experiencing their heart, yet inner inter personal issues, that need clarity, that need their gut to gain balance as w/Humanity's offerings now! For you men have failed to follow your cultural beliefs and change them and now can!

Take a look at the fragments of reality that work, and lets look at the cultural awareness of the good stewwards on the planet that I share, as I welcome all to create w/us as we scale the Earth w/SOCLA scienctists, and I feel this peace platform can help as you work w/neighbors restoring both of your true Human needs in order to have mental clarity!

We share a few to give such innerpersonal understanding, for what I'm experiencing NO HUMAN should have such destructive weapons! Plus the Nuclear creators said this early on, to STOP ALL! But you did not listen, so `we the people must take a stance and we ask you to take your hats off and come to the table w/your country's people as you allow Humanity that has the answers to guide this path w/Human Diplomancy, as together we do this `collective plan, knowing we have 1 Earth and a lot of toxic on it! And that takes skilled technical people to guide us!

We`ve shared here the science issue, of much controversy and we need to get clear, and if you have a better efficient way then please contact me, kara; for many of us no more can stand the suffering to continue as well much life dying due to simply not knowing, due to LACK OF EDUCATION on EARTH, when yet HUMANITY HAS SOLUTIONS NOW AND NEED YOUR HELP IN ALL AREAS WE SPEAK OF HERE! So please find where you are most comfortable and join in! But please join in with your self 1st, or self reflect w/our offerings here;

I know after working w/Dr. Yun Wang over 40 years, as he has helped many! He as a Traditional Chinese Doctor knows the plants and animals of the EARTH to HEAL! He knows how the mindbody works and how to sharpen one's sensors, so you feel yourself, check in sooner and you act in control of you!


`Functional Medicine has a variety of skilled doctors-researchers using whole foods, Earth's products that are nontoxic not pharma, along w/nutritional supplements to replenish bad habits removing!


Yes if cannot make sense of self, skilled people are here w/awareness to help guide w/Earth's offerings to help restore your balance, so you check into what you are perceiving, to edit the stress and gain education understanding a new lifestyle w/new behaviors you yet to learn! To keep your self stay out of the fog, rather have mental clarity and real energy that is balanced, and you keep it that way! And that is what we need to do our plans, is healthy clear people, as well kind sensitive people w/empathy structuring support for thse of you in need of healing!

This is what our e-s message board can do as everyone is welcome as we do our best to focus direct in time rality so you help do your part as all give-gain support to make this happen! To post for self, your needs and offerings, and truly gain what you need, not what your ill mind is perceiving if so, Hello! After having a live conversation w/one to guide of what the local plan's needs are as we prioritize the `collective local plans w/neighbors, and also the priorities of the local plan w/neighbors, w/the Earth below your feet!

Or post for another unable! Or a rep for a group that too then is guided back to the local plans priority' needs and offerings or start them! Or a rep for a local plan starting or already in motion to join into! Do it sharing contact or retain your privacy? But the more people around you sharing w/the more they can share w/you, and that is the best way to start this transitional shift all Humans are doing now!

If we all gather like minds that are consciously thinking, then you to can feel the energy of being truly alive, and then you go within and self reflect asking self what you are feeling and why, and what needs to be sorted out, for many of us are a resultant of our experiences, as well many unaware that instead of riding on others wave, we should of continued to be one w/the universes holding our own ground w/earth below our feet, staying present in the moment, and still can!

As Helen Caldicott states, it's not over until its over! Thank you Helen for all you do! I do love you!

Same Sadhguru! His inner engineering class then can do this and more, as he states just start a little! And I know, you will feel the improvement as you learn to control your body to no more allow your energy to be blocked, when yet every cell needs to eat and poop, free it from stagnation causing inflamation and on to disease!

Dr. David Jockers suggests also peaing and pooping your way to such a healthy state! Him and his wife Angel are very sweet, one of the many in the HealthTalks Calander network w/offerings to help educate!

These sciences above know well within their own fields how best to guide the Human Body to regain it's natural balance to think, so you heal yourself! Same w/SOCLA's experiences working w/good stewards of the Earth and Univ's sharing a lot of good awreness w/agro_ecological movement!


I've yet to address this `WE MOVEMENT and soon will! And don't get me wrong pieces are good but I feel it is incomplete by my exeriences! For you are failing to see the root of all this disrespect and how we all have contributed as woman, so where do women get off blaming the men alone! And what are you doing to get to the street level or early education f all I shae w/Humanity's solutions now!

When yet Earth has no good education for the masses that need to be addressed, of true love for self and being mindful of others, and actually the 5G summit you can reach thru HealthTalks calander shared how doctors are seeing students using 2-3-4-G are losing the ability to be compassionate of others, which also contributes as we must go back to wres vs wireless until good technology is developed! SO when doctors remove the wifi children heal! And this is our public school system in dire need of change and more up to our Govs!

Please see what we all must do;

Same check out those on an older HeathTalks Calander 5G summit, even though older you can check out their websites; and more;


All at right age, and you can get to know that if talk to your children and their friends, for each can learn good sex education, knowing one's mindbody vs chase ones hormones out of control, being unaware! Plus it's nice to hear how it is very valuable to think thru this before choosing a mate and what that entails, when a situation confronts you to ask? If interested in it lasting! Then to have a relationship that gives you no space to ask, it just happens!

Together we all must start sharing this understanding of over population and what it truly takes to raise a healthy child, when so many are having such struggles, as un nurtured children in adult bodies are having children! Subjecting so many beautiful beings as now, to such toxic as we are!!

We would like you to join in to add to some facts to be gathered and take a local and afar review of this in our `collective plan, please! I'm thinking to have a conversation about love, and how it requires skill! Whether you are young or old, if interested in joining, contact me, kara;


`i come to talk story, our US nonprofit has not taken a dime from anyone over the years of researching all this, and nor will we sit back on our watch and allow this to continue without asking you to realize how important you are to do your part and if we do it togehter, all is more efficient! Please if you have any self respect, as well respect for all life on Earth, join in and help!

Read on, please!

We want everyone to participate in this Earth-Space Message Board, e-s for short!

Imagine every earthling getting one's needs met by taking part in the local plan w/neighbors, yes the Earth below one's feet! One's offerings shared, as both co_evolve under the true needs of the local plan's communities for all life while 1st taking a review of our `collective plan all create togehter!

Is this making sense to you!

Yes, some say no way they are not local residents, oh so now it is an immigration issue! What happen to being a good caretaker sharing w/all earthlings? Our plan supports skilled students to orchrestrate this sharing w/one's communities working w/neighbors, as the best peace plan w/intermediaries addressing all this detail! So as to fill in these worn torn missing pieces and create policy in the now for equality for all life to give-gain support for all to do one's homework! So no one is left behind and local plan retains controlling interest for locals! While students help orchrestrate w/you, sharing good schematics layered plans, showing what is in another localtion w/similar ecosystems-seasons and subjects, and what can be, as good investments are on the table, as you together restore your enhanced sustaining healthy working communities w/neighbors!

We hear people say they are not locals, and locals are without! Ok let's let the local plans speak for how many people can be local permanently vs transient visitor and remember here on our e-s we add a few other priorities before we just live local, but let's first finish this thought?

Let's respect all to be comfortable w/basics in place and heal if need, as well if can, let's get real with people and define what help they need as well the local plan? Do collectively exchanges to pay one's way, so no one person is burdened helping alone, until all can define how best to support this person or they support oneself, to be better placed in a community where one can do a fair exchange! As well work into one's desires, or a stage or 2 to get there, like we all have to!

Russia countryside where lovee lived as a child w/his aunt at times, all homeless never went without a meal or a good night sleep! All one had to do is come around at dinner time and knock on the door and they were welcome! They got to know others and all helped when could and the community took turns until one could find his space in the communities? Same w/growing whole foods, each knew ones soils and where best to grow what or do what chores or shae tools and then traded!

Let's think for a moment of how efficiently all can volunteer, recycle the damaged parts of one's community to make it safe enough - clean and comfortable enough to get basics met for all in need, to gain comfort, as all come together part time to restore a pleasant creative community! Start where efficient, talk to planning about short tern transitioning, and see how efficient this can be done, as in having space for single cots, empty rooms to rent, define where showers, ability to help disabled get around town, maybe close to a community kitchen so not have to buy expensive food, when can shop and buy bulk and share the expense, or room or shower or kitchen in church-gym or school to share, or even a restaurant where carry outs could be done at certain times, if a legistic issue and exchanges made within the known community, if one does not feel safe w/newcombers, etc?

List can be posted for updates of stages, and how about credits given for volunteers, and or consider co_evoling the curriculums to gain hands on experience before degreed, get the schools and students involved as well the educated seniors willing to guide! so all learns to live local mindfully!

Let's take a review, imagine you or another one posting for your or other's unable needs on our e-s, and imagine all the people needed for some tasks and others, yes a little offerings from many part time is all that is needed by some! Let's try to go beyond and look at all w/human dignity, respect and empathy for why they displaced or even long term citizens left with out! And if we keep it simple then people can heal, self develop and explore life, as we celebrate our good fortunes and then work part time of serious priorities locall and afar! So please rad on for I will explain our `collective plan requiring all to critically think!

Pretty cool once we can perfect a 24-7 line w/ our e-s right, don't you think! Imagine those days when ill and family away and could use an extra hand?? Or think of the joy from a small child whn you can share and guide them when their parents maybe split or without, etc.! Especially if we can all link and have helpers post for those unaware of internet or computer iliterate, and that is another good job for old and young to create seasonal postings to stay in touch, so all on same page w/priorities! Even all get exerise and go around making share the local plan is prepared for the unknowns and those in need of help get it!

Yes each community can be as creative, as like creating an e-s of own and link, whether posting paper or drawing pictures to do it sharing in the sand, meanwhile it can link via internet to bring more in to make it all nice? As well link w/our e-s as all share part time as you understand our objective to do these plans, as well scale agro_cological systems, so local plans work w/neighbors and entire communities are rethought replacing Industrial agriculture that is toxic for one! As well creating water shed areas, to sustain water in the ground not food and damage more life! And replanting native species to prevent erosion and co_ecolve the bad technology that never should of been permitted!

Our objective is to add a bit more before this is all you think of to live local, but unless you do this to begin with, you truly are missing out in life, for the world truly has great cultural exchanges to explore! And when new and old people come together on a regular bases and have fun while doing this and then meet new people and enjoy more activities, it can be very nice! When people from afar come into your community, they can also bring in great experiences and share nice stories! And when you take part as an earthling on our e-s you then can make nice penpals as well, and realize there is no better education to explore the Earth's uniqueness or help another subkect of lie intereste or explore a new ecosystem's loca plan and have a great penpal show you the way! For this is a great way to develop tourism, to welcome people into the meets and potlucks making exchanges, knowing you have local plans in common! Or they will want to start theirs or if space move into yours!

What do you think you forgot?

This list might be lenghty and yes we want to hear from you to create what works and this is how we got this far working w/locals! Let me share a few more thoughts before you share yours, but please take notes! I think a few techs can help us make this and I think we can have people do the job of 24-7 w/some on call for ER, helping guide people, don't you think? How many times have you thought how nice to have some choices to reflect and experience, when we thought we knew what we wanted, yet a bit stessed, tired or hungary, trying to get it together?

Student activist in interchangable roles would fit this local postion part time, and many more positions walking by our leaders sife sharing transparency, very well! To experience the harmony of not just bringing an issue to the forefront, as well seeing much contrversy or resistence, when can assist one in need to apply. Knowing it is resolving a piece of the local plan, grounding it within one's Earth below one's feet, gives more harmony!

So now people are not posting a need not real within the local plan locally, as well the `collective priorities, rather a rep speaks for a group and also another seeks out the local plan or starts one w/community! Staying on top of the local enhanced needs working to balance the genetic biodiversity w/neighbors, as all prioritize the life that sustains your-our, healthy whole food-rid pests, build your soil, clean your water and air, etc.! And prioritize the countryside's large browser transboundary migration paths that are familiar to them! So they too do their jobs which is ecologically required by us all to do our organic exchanges.

There is no natural communities, we all must make them and can, and our idea is to scale the Earth w/agro_ecological systems, by skilled people doing assessments creating your local plan w/neighbors, the more the better, as biome(s) become larger to restructure transitioning the communities! After review of the prioritized `collective plans are acted on by those that can, while others fall into their place part time to help! Ending toxic while protecting from all weather changes and bad technology! Sustaining healthy water to stay in the ground not flood! As well yearly I can't repeat this enough! If you look in our page ARCHIVE lengthy read, you will see the experiences of one from SOCLA sharing just this w/survivors in Mozimbique, Africa this last year, that did flood killing much life, meanwhile he showed them another community afar w/exact same ecosystems and storms, using agro_ecology and water stayed in the ground! ON our e-s we will be showing more of stories preventing!

When your displaced and have limited resources, it is nice to have some kindness assist and if healthy many want to do their part! Or it could be an opportunity for another afar, if that community's local plan needs one of such an experience as another offers? And our e-s will show these posts creating many jobs filling real needs, sharing real offerings!

I know the heart and joy in people, and collectively many can make this happen, and are?

Or would you rather wait until one struggles more, continues on into becoming a burden, as the many left with out one's needs met, and many do try to resolve? As well pay the price of them continually showing themselves without, or going to the hospital or jail at the community's expense? If interested I personally can share some horror stories as well much the local communities are not equipped to handle! But let's be positive here, for all these needs become good opprortunities! I think you get the idea, if not become a rep and gther a group and email me, kara, please and I will share more as we define how best to communicate? And I'm planning to do this in a series of conversations on Youtube so more can take part and gain the understanding needed as I bring in skilled to share w/us;

Does this sound like a good plan for you and your community? Would you like to be a rep and start it, once e-s gets developed for you to then post? And you can start it now on a smaller level!

Good so create w/us or start now as you reach out, and add more! Get friends and neighbers to help you, where you can be on same page and put the word out and start w/signs posted! Sign up sheet as one over sees and helps guide! But what do you think is missing here that we are not addressing and can, so when create a e-s more can be follow up and spread around w/internet? And it is good to gather friends and discuss locally what the solutions would be, as you know your locals! And students can do leg work as well reach out to existing community Govs to take part w/waht is available to be prioritized, as in emty facilites or sharing wothers, a community kitchen to use when establishment is closed or combine?

Their is nothing nicer then a community sharing, making space for unknowns, while cleaning up local areas and bring life in to your communities! Start sharing in a natural wild potluck to start talking about what is accessive, or lie a real issue supporting the commercial fisherfolks or natural farmers, etc.. As we did in Bellingham, WA w/Univ students, having meets and potlucks then working w/Gov and farmers changing policy! As well had 1 time a month free community dinners w/farmers excessive foods w/live music, posted signs of what working at so more could join in w/all our plans, choosing what feels most comfortable! As well a way to get to know how one can gain some support when feeling stressed w/early signs let alone wait until more distressed. For their is no reason to continue these bad experiences when early signs can be detected by skilled in every community as you get to know your people at event slike this!

We used a coop's kitchen and closed the street, people young and old volunteered and we all worked together and had a nice conversation, good food, and nice music to dance to, w/more aware of our follow up meets to join in!! Students can trek food to those unable sharing thought and bringing more back! Others can pick up ones unable! This all is needed and i'm glad you reminded me w/thoughts of many, realizing even though in our `collective plan we prioritize, nothing is more important to each of us, then to harmonize w/all life, right in our path!

Plus if we all don't get our immunity's strong and our guts balanced w/whole foods, none of us will beable to have clarity to critically think our `collective plan! `Functional Medicine has an introductory free class now at and more for doctors, as well HealthTalks calaendar offer free videos if watch within designated time, and then if want choose to buy;

This is not a fad, Keto Diet, named differently started near100 years ago, aiding epileptic seizures, and now healing major diseases, as well showing great results for Alzeheimers and more illnesses, that western medicine needs to study, vs state nothing more to do as they misguide and over drug w/pharma, and `Functional Medicine only uses that in ER short term, rather they use whole foods supplying micronutrients we deplete w/our bad living habits that Govs and Corps are profiting over w/pharma. Medical schools can change their curriculum, so please don't acept that you don't have answers, and sure insurance needs to be be worked out also!

This is basics, as we then build upon it, as students co_evolve the curriculum to live local, better knowing one's community and who is in needed help regularly, as all give a little and take turns transitioning w/this process. And then you can start focusing on location of issues w/potlucks bring attention to policies needing to be changed! Farmers are good to start with this support, as in your CSA Community Supported Agriculture, as well your fresh farmers natural markets, to get your whole foods on a regular bases! Same getting the local stores or coop to make it all more friendly! Where you take in your own jars and recycle getting away from the toxic waste as well what we've all ingested with out knowing from processed food and containers as well ships tipping over spilling them in oceans, coming from afar!

`Functional Medicine is great for all to learn about if yet to, check it out for healing, as well a way to live making it work for you; The doctors studying it can be located on the site as you plug in your location!

It's a bit tricky at first, go slow and check out this Keto Pyramid as well Google the recipes that are great!

I thank Dr. David Jockers and his wife Angel for this helpful tool!

Next , we take a step back, considering we've got some good local work going on and now we take a look at our `collective plan prioritizing Earth-Space toxic! Nasa has a great video if yet to see I suggest it! It shows the life death cycles circultaing the Earth, Ex; sands blowing to the Amazon, currents in the oceans, etc.. It is these tools ecologically that bring life to us to gain balance w/them! The videos show scientists and satelites doing this work observing it! As well SD University has a video showing how they detect in airplanes in the clouds what toxic compounds are coming from where, Ex; as we take our computers to China to repair, it has destroyed many communities and rivers, and the toxic compounds come back to US and around the world! Yet some are offering repir kits to stop this, as we need research so complanies stop creating tools for us that break for more pofiting and more toxic!

Same w/our issues w/controversy over science! So let's first address how we need 1 Universal science of common sense ASAP so our students studying it in schools now, are not in such controversy w/activism over climate change for one! Plus US Gov, I just tweeted again to Pres Trump to work w/the lawyers of 911;

as they claim US Gov's science is denying their research from architiects globally, as well local firefighters-early responders and people at 911 when the towers went down, stating they witnessed a controlled demolition. Plus many are still dieing from the thermite used! That the buildings had explosives long before they went down or the airplanes hit, and the lawyers are asking the Courts for the grandjury to acknowledge that science of discovery and define who did it and why!

I've added to make wrongs right! For Mohammed, a friend in Libya has stated how bad it is their now, considering what others did to his country and still fightin in Tripoli as his parent and the community lost their homes and living in shoolhouses! Plus children are now showing illnesses, after effects from Nuclear used!

So much work ahead yet to do as I feel there is no better peace platform then for neighbors to realize the importance of what truly sustains each! And the reality of how good investments can make it happen along w/good conscious intermediaries by each side, w/facts of 1 universal science! None better than those guiding w/agro_ecology! War is a time of the past, and it will take us all to end it! So thank you for joining in on these most critical issues w/us, as Humanity has solutions and together all can share them, while each self relfect and heal!

Please take a breath of fresh air and listen, my gift to Prof Miguel Altieri and wife Clare Nichols and their great work w/SOCLA folks;

Thank you! DanitTreubig & Nick Barbachano - Colibri Dorado +

Plantas Sagradas- Familia


I see we need researchers on top of all of this controversy, and we feel scaling the Earth w/agro_ecological systems-movement w/SOCLA skilled scienctists if all agree, and others, can guide so community's do all that can to self sustain from having whole food, ending the toxic Industrial Agriculture, as well restoring bad technology w/natural builders and restoring trans boundary migration of large browsers utilizing their offerings to build the soil, vs them destroying crops due to not allowed their old migration paths, plus sequestering carbon along the way, and planting native species to save the rivers and much more as pests are controlled by adding more biodiversity bringing in more life, and this list continues!

Sadhguru and the isha Foundation is a good Ex; in India w/Cauvery Calling using agro_forestry and planting 60% of native species along river beds to build the soil, to save the rivers there as well the farmers instead of commititing suicide struggling over Monsanto's GMO seeds whom has become Bayer. Now farmers are working w/Govs and gaining over 300-800% gains on food products grown in the forests and trillions of trees are being grown and planted and they welcome the world to help them! So please do!

This brings us to what? What now are you forgetting?

This is where we welcome the critical thinking in all!

Yes, this is our `collective plan, to define what local plans to start first w/Govs and the local communities?

Where are the local plans that the environment is causing the most negative effects on all life incuding Humans, and what do we do as mindful earthlings to stop it? Well first of all our Earth Space Message Board will help, as we define these locations as skilled scienctists guide us! Whether we use good technology on Earth, in the oceans or deserts or in space many now are working on this, while still others feel our climate is cyclic an natural, as well others are profiting wrongly as in carbon credits and more!

My take is that climate change is a hard topic to digest, if not skilled to sort it out! I too, did as many students and people have done and still doing, as in got ill thinking about it when I first got Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson's update. I had to get a grip of myself, inner and inter personally!

And that is when I had already been fueled for quite a few years from Prof Miguel Altieri's work creating agro_ecology curriculum from indigenous still living it around the Earth as good stewards. Which has fueled me at our US Nonprofit `i come to talk story to continue perfecting our experimental virtual platform to further support them and define how best to do this simply so all gain understanding as all do it together!

Miguel is affiliated w/SOCLA Latin American Scientific Study of Agroecology;

Indigenous creating and building upon agro_ecology, know well thru experience how many have continually land-sea and fresh water grabbed from them, wrongly! As they have yet to gain the respect for what they do on Earth, saving life as they continue to! To me there is no better technology of using good science as they do, then to scale the Earth with it, every local plan w/neighbors recycling w/planning, to end toxic Industrial Agriculture! As they then are best to guide where the `collective plans should start which local plans! They are the most skilled closest to the soil, knowing all the life in it, knowing what sustains Humanity's food source and how to do it efficiently!

Meanwhile there is no controversy over this, rather I don't care if one says climate change is a repeated pattern on Earth or if Humans have never had as high a temperature as now, or whether Humans have created all of the toxic to created temperature rise? To me it is all irrelevent, because I know I personally have had a large footprint and I know many more also have, as well many much higher that has caused much pollution destroying the true life that sustains our food and us as a Human specie! The scars on Earth have been insane and US Military Industrial Complex is #1 footprint on the planet and #2 is the Industrial Agriculture, and both need to stop ASAP and transition out of leaving such toxic and high risk as they both due! As well many others are very clear w/good science creating 100 more things we all can do to lower the toxic footprint on Earth easily!

Dr. Helen Caldicott who I respect has great archive on toxic Nuclear that circulates the Earth, and she deserves everyone's respect and support;

So let's take a look at some of these studies now being done to define how to stay healthy to rid the toxic, lower the temperature and more as it is defined clearly once scaling the earth w/skilled agro_ecology people working w/all! Besides what we've shared aready, if this is to be one of the largest factors Humans face now, as well in the future to come, so we all can calm oneself realizing many have done much more in the past experiencing the many scars of Earth-Space, realizing how together all can become more efficient in one's self control to better perceive true mindful acts and celebrate along the way of such focus directed priorities, while simply living local!

So in saying that check out;

Radical Collective Intelligence: whom has based what they do on science w/Univ's and Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson's science updates as well as he stays on top of many at Nature Bats Last; Jamen Shively has a Youtube station and are welcoming all to join in, by subscribing to I just recently after not following them closely, due to I feeling I needed to perfect what I felt was needed, and I too have more ideas as they do, and I gave them an update of our plans I share here, as they shared an Invitation to Join Solar Radiation Management and Collective;

Please join in where you feel most comfortable and also please note, it takes mental clarity to crititally think but also, if all stay healthy sharing what works, it makes all lives more harmonious, knowing we can work together as earthlings and make peace on Earth by understanding the life that truly sustains us all, and daily give gratitude for being alive!

I share a few more links that I've shared w/others for you all to rethink with;

that which bends will never break;

for us all:

I feel these people I share are the one's I respect and yes many more will follow once we get our e-s up or merge w/another! Your feedback and support is appreciated! Email me kara;

Be well! kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effects...

`i come to talk story...

ps No better gift to make one feel well! Thank you our friend! May peace be with you all!

The Arabic name, or Libyan Tervas, is growing underground and not like the rest of mushrooms. Grows above the ground. This is a kind of fungus in the Libyan desert and grows underground and not above the ground.

Mohammed is from Libya, has a wife and teenage daughter, working w/us. He also in issues as his family's community just got bombed in Tripoli. And Parents had to move to school house, no house left. Plus he sees many children ill w/Nuc Radiation lymph abnormalities, due to US Military and NATO bombing after 911. Yet he concerned about I and my family!

We thank a few plus Paul helping him as he considered asylum awhile back, and then after gathering more information, decided to stay home, like lovee suggested, and now again is rethinking? Many people can't imagine facing this delemia here in US, and more should! US Gov has done a lot of damage afar, and needs to hold past Presidents accountable for their choices in Libya and elswhere!

Mohammed felt me when I told him of some of the project errors, as I said this detained me also from seeing my children, so his reply was sweet as he shares, fungus w/me above. He knows I too pick red belted polypores.

He says; `hi, i wish you best healthy go to see your kids, life is finish and work no finish we saying that, when we see some one work no stop and we saying also, yourself has right on you


The cultures on earth have so much to share w/amazing love and skills!

Peace is real if we all organize and explore along w/prioritizing basic respect and survival for all life!




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