I chase words to end war, another take sharing...

Post date: Mar 11, 2018 7:47:02 PM

Anyone that knows me realizes how bad my yada is w/editing, so sorry. But I do try to come back and clean it up when spell check is not working, why? Well, I went to help and looked up spell check and downloaded this link which is cool free. So thanks. And to all for your interference, but this is what happens when I overwork without support! And i'll blame myself for too much preoccupation w/learning at a young age vs listening to the teachers. So now I have to learn w/good helpers in place, so thank you Grammerly!

Plus that means many are getting big money yet we don't get donations as a US Non-profit, why? For one reason I work w/many that are yet to help oneself so I can't take from them, and those with money, many have such big footprints that I also will not take their money unless they agree to let me help them lower their footprint. But the kink to that is I prefer to help one without then greedy people with. But many are yet to be aware they even are, so that leads to having empathy if we truly want to resolve the issues at hand!

Plus I too know all have the goodness to offer something, and all have our homework to do and we can do it together via like subject to make life easier. Plus I do welcome all and know in due time those of you reading my work will come across when can. And I truly ask you to help yourself before us, and if aware of one that you want to share with that can help us, donations are appreciated.

Email kara; kareje@ictts.org

This all has to do w/the effects one leaves, it's all about our energy consumptions, not realizing what we do to oneself and all the life within in as well on our path and how we share w/others. So read on and i'll explain a bit more that has helped me and I think if you make space to study this it will help you too.

So for one, I downloaded this link for spell check, thank you Grammerly for your help, it's really cool, see how easy life can be if you are honest w/yourself and others. Plus i'm better originally I never capitalized my sentences, why because when I play w/children, especially that are living in very terrible conditions and they were not using grammar well either, to me it was important not to know everything and always correct them. So I focused on subject content first and that has always prioritized what I do, even now. But seriously I do not want to make it difficult for anyone to read our work for I share much of many and many have much good to say and I thank you all!

For it was a few ladies that told me how terrible my grammar was, so that made me at least capitalize my sentences so they could find them Plus it really slows ya down when you start being concerned about learning so you stop leaving negative effects on others, as well oneself, so lessons shared are great for all! But yes it's easy to ride on one's wave. Ex; Even here as it's easy to click to correct spelling vs take the time to learn. Thank you, Grammarly!


This is why many are having a hard time focusing on space to do one's homework to clean up one's own baggage. As all can do this and make it nice, take a walk in a wild space barefoot and ground, take a breath of fresh air. Realize this baggage is no one's issue but your own. No matter if you misused or another abused. It still depends on how you ride on their wave or suck it in, unaware humans naive are a sponge soaking it up. Vs. aware of processing energy. Why, one reason due to how sharp one maintains one's sensors. Is an easy way to work with this whole energy mess we all are being negatively affected by now. Some really worse than others.

Mostly because we take too much and consume too fast, vs creating ways that can define 1 issue at a time, listening to 1 person at a time. Plus many fail to be gentle for young and frail to also be included. There is more to this but this starts the ball rolling. especially when we share what we perceive early on or even come back after sleeping on it!

And truly listen, where my love of going on 40 years, mishi trying to teach me, and this is what we try to do to each other, and most people space out chasing oneself, not realizing how beautiful it is to have a mate and grow together every day, taking the time to share so each co_evolve in the process and stay healthy, not get bombarded by others lack os maintaining one's share sensors, as many are living w/dull sensors unaware it is not natural!

As he says i listen but don't hear, due to already listening in my head thinking i know and then i project as i interfere in other's ability to also express. Or i'm a busy camper in love w/life fortunate to have the beauty of wild around me wanting more, due to always editing out large browsers from afar. I once thought due to being a living organism having genes of all or being part of the universe as one with same chemistry, etc. It is just a matter of perception and timing to go back and forth, not truly knowing our true human potential or this time now in existence?? Which mandy good minds are working on and if we obtain an inner peace and control one's own discipline over one's self-sensory observations vs belief, especially that which contributes to misuse/abuse. We then together can resolve these serious issues, vs expect to dump them on other life as we have.

As in the many children and frail experiencing terrible living conditions on this earth, it is overwhelming to many! Yet many good beings are working at it and we need to hold self and others accountable every micro instance of the way!

Is that being neurotic, well you call it want you want, but I don't think so!

An experience w/beautiful being i love and you know who i'm talking about, that is reading this. That i had not seen for a bit was difficult, and that is the downside of the internet. You think you're communicating but you don't feel and smell and hug or see the gestures of one stuck in old behaviors yet saying words of disconnect to one's body and mind's true potential being stolen from one's instance. As one's organs are stealing as survival of the fittest takes from each other, draining ones body's energy. Especially if in stress or diseased or menopause, etc.

So when I felt this I was amazed and in awe so I had to observe and try to help, which was uncomfortable for another, feeling this energy of observation. Which when stressed can take these signals wrong, leaving one especially if truly w/dysfunctions/mental illnesses or just a lot of baggage!

It can really accentuate one's misuse/abuse. And that is happening now w/school and other shooters, as well others interfering in many ways! For our US Gov and many in the world; Shame on you, shame on us all for allowing it to get so bad when it can be so simple working w/Humanity's offerings now. And that means everyone is part of Humanity! So what are you doing now for you?

So lovee catches me telling me i listen but i don't really hear due to being a busy happy camper, for my crying days are over, i'm into mindful action w/mindful people, which is anyone that wants to grow and seriously make a difference now, prioritizing calmly, helping the many without that our way overdue! Or the many that can't listen due to so much baggage in one's head or pain in one's body, due to the programming of all these scars continuing, etc.

This is truly inexcusable when if you look at our collaborative form we are prioritizing now to share, for Humanity has answers, share yours! It is not w/good editing but you can get the message and take part letting it fuel you.. I thought it would be helpful but people said they were interested yet follow up in own life, which is shifting too!

So we each have our own hangups to work out, and best to do it on our own time if we are to ever work together to resolve some of these serious issues. Padma for one is great at sharing as a truly heartfelt being, which i love!

Our work asks for all to take part part-time, to resolve efficiently, as you and your community are best to define yours. I apologize if my yada has caused more unclarity. Yet we feel our collaborative form can fuel you to rethink, as you reflect w/humanity's offerings we are sharing, welcoming yours as we restructure a virtual platform that makes sense as we reach out as far as Google will let us. Thank you, Google!. Vs just repeating chaos.

For those yet to be aware, we 've been working to perfect and share our work thru Google's Ad Grant as a US Non profit, and it has been a while since i counted but we've had over 15 million ads globally sharing our work, and yes w/limited support, which could make it much better truly utilizing all the tools they and Nabble, Libre Office give us freely and they offer it to you also, and for business more!

So I was seeking new words to help people understand how each can make a difference, end war/Nuclear use (accept some medicine w/no half-life, recyclable) to focus all resources where can on awareness to lower one's footprint, yes actually selectively choose one's space/one's products and services of others that do respect all life, that do respect the toxic priorities already here, that do respect how much oneself/and others consume, as far as energies from all life.

You can Google solar energy and jump to Amazon and buy some, if you think you are using it to save money forget it. It's use is a conscious one so as not to pollute and contribute by lowering your footprint! Do you really look at your consumptions and look at alternatives, how they were made, where and by who w/what affects left on them and their environment? Or do you jump into your cost projection for your greed to have more yet thought you are going solar to lower your footprint, meanwhile you live in a big house or how about several consuming?

I've been just as quilty same now w/consuming so much space on internet, so I have my homework to edit big time and rid it. Lovee is so good not storing baggage!

I even see that now w/people helping homeless, where is your head at?

I'm seeing people that are so ill mentally and physically in pain every day, as well on social media. Vets untreated or overtreated, insensitively as well people homeless the same, hiding in the woods yet no clue of bush camping or living in their car w/children and as the one i met recently a mother that had lost her husband/had a stroke and heart problem and now have been living in car for w/son working for 2 years, while she plays games on telephone! Many are on DD/SS etc. w/pharmaceuticals, meanwhile hungry or hiding from one's family or society! Or overly still giving having no clue of centering oneself and grounding!

Yet people! Hello, look around you? My discussions continue with them to co_evolve, and yes it is hard when you see they don't and realize it takes a community on same page;

We get to know them, feed at first then talk about budgeting, for i'm not about to continue to pay for another that is excessively wasteful and consume wrongly when we work at it.

Nor will I blame them when I see a social structure that is copping out! And big time our wasteful Govs. When capable minds have no clue what their community is doing and i suggest walking w/one without and taking them to where your community suggests. You see how difficult it is for one to even make a call/or have a ride/or take the time to do it then find out it is the wrong place/wrong-fragmented information.

Meanwhile, this person is not educated in processing one's inner being or physical needs. And they're rubbing their head, and hungry or tired and in pain, and you want them to concentrate!

So if you are going to participate even part-time this collaborative form can help you do it efficiently as all give a little and it adds up thru out the week. Let alone takes off the stress of others to do their work for others doing a better job once update wrongs and make them right creating other jobs.

Look at all the empty buildings/schools/library public free spaces/churches freely when using tax dollars and invest which every one of these should open their doors-showers-bath-kitchens at night for community's chosen, especially when cold/raining, etc. And this would not continue to be repeated, rather you will resolve issues.

Share needs and offerings as well as one's communities. Spaces can be rented/exchanges of work made/organized w/community, as in letting our collaborative form above fuel you to connect w/students/schools using communities as classrooms, w/exchanges to make a difference w/selective like-minded subjects for a designated time. Now compare that footprint to whatever else you think you are doing for yourself or another? Whether building your own life or helping another w/a tiny house or thinking you are doing great job teaching/a doctor-psychiatrist or sharing a new alternative energy device, etc. you are best then to define a route to rethink and mindfully act!

For i'm thankful for my friend Dr. Yun Wang, when I have to go to him to ask him for his heartfelt simple answers that resolve. I've shared this w/local group on pharmaceutical addictions and they don't answer me. And our police were there and Sherriff Craig Zanni has asked all of the social/medical/mental people to work together so he no longer gets mental people in his jail.

For Traditional Chinese Medicine is cheaper for all, to get insurance in the community to cover it, actually create shared gardens as your local `plan accesses w/agroecological systems knowing where to do what as you end all the Toxic that contributes to much illness locally and afar.

For if i did not need a computer and a friend gave it to us, i would never choose a Mac again. For their footprint in the world is terrible. People you don't realize how wasteful we are as a species, buying stuff designed to break and have to throw, vs obtain tools ourselves to repair. Which better people are doing that, helping create tools to repair as well better products. And to recycle the right way.

China and many in the world Get Macs and others, leaving local pollution to repair as children are left w/polluted waters/toxic soils, etc. to grow up in, Shame on us all!

Then the toxic minerals don't dissolve they go in the air and winds bring it back to us and it comes down w/rains. Same w/Nuclear accidents/toxic waste not stored properly! Or any toxic development that you and your community are best at defining as you do your local `plan, letting our collaborative form fuel you.

As well we do not have 1 universal sound science and feel by understanding and doing one's local `plan this can happen as each network via like ecosystems/season and subject. So better chosen representatives will deal w/the truth, vs having to study all these fields independently, rather have the common sense of good policy/roles filled w/skilled science. This way once working w/one's students, prioritizing your communities as classrooms, defining what is toxic, resolve and onto restoring one's ecological `enhanced sustaining working-healthiest possible communities. Each can then know best whom are misusing/abusing what where and resolve on local levels.

So when I see good people as in Dr. Guy McPherson doing all he can yet not be listened to. Why would we have schools of science if they cannot be perfected or respected, as much now is in controversy as well in fragments as permitters are allowed to permit toxic developments? Or not regularly monitor and developments go toxic. Meanwhile short-sighted people unable to focus/concentrate on the bigger picture of amounts of illnesses/premature deaths/funds to the public from medical expenditures of wrongdoings and even the many rights trying to save lives. Due to toxic industrialized products polluting air/water/soil/food/people.

Yet President Trump and First lady you don't say anything about it and you have children yourself and grandchildren, SHAME ON YOU! Russia and others are ending all GMOs going organic. Yet here our organics are being contaminated and becoming toxic from GMOs, same, our fish, animals and our children and people! Yet here our hospitals/many doctors needing to go back to school are making people sick! Yet you waste as your inexperience does not work w/skilled scientists as in agroecological systems or those now reaching out to many showing how life is becoming extinct to the rate of 200 species per day and people are on the list, as temperatures rise!

Meanwhile look at your budget for Military not knowing how to economically make a peaceful country where you stop giving funds to Isreal as EX; Or Stop creating interference as in Iran, and create a peace process where students/skilled walk by your side and now open platforms allow all to share the truth, not onesided profit motivating over restoring healthy communities. Where local `plan retains local interest.

Where universal science is addressed w/early signs and all resources go toward ER issues ASAP, staying in the instance via local `plans doing by locals for locals, even as a refugee no longer uses that term, rather they are mindful participants. As all prioritize policy for support for all to give/gain support to become a mindful local participant. Knowing best that each local `plan knows best as a rule of understanding, so the ecology is supported not bombed or depleted or interfered in by others. And as i repeat World Markets will become ethical and moral as investors can invest while students have good investment schematics on the table in every local `plan! Where local `plan retains local interest.

We are earthlings, not pawns to be manipulated any longer. We know where the problem comes from, some of us can concentrate as we continue to lower our footprint, as more skilled fuel us to share their work. And yes we welcome you all into local tapering transitions to gain the understanding of good science made to replace these worn torn missing parts and resolve harmony for all life to take part and make a difference!

So NO we do not support any funding to go anywhere except the US. So US Gov can gain it's needed, ridding its dysfunctions along w/the American people, then to share in solidarity how all do it for oneself in other countries. As creative resolving ideas flow around the earth/space and clean it up ASAP.

For it is bad enough scientists say we have 9 years left w/life on earth as we know it, as in Jamen's quest to resolve along w/others support, trying Via Google Hangout and live `Sierra Club gatherings, to help Dr. Guy McPherson share his tireless work, as well meets w/people trying to resolve as well calm the people's fear of going thru this, well you can join in!

Guy McPherson and Jamen Shively invite YOU to join us at the Sierra Club Dinner on March 22!

Meanwhile, others are doing great work to resolve their way;

Kiss the Ground

President Trump and First Lady, take a look at your child and see that he will not have a life as now, as it continues to get worse, and in years to come it will be gone according to Dr. Guy McPherson, others are not putting such timelines on. But unless you mindfully act to help support where can, and rethink w/our plan to share each community, to do one's local `plan, w/agroecological systems, where all can make a difference to resolve this efficiently! So Please help these scientists have tools to research/resolve, guiding all so we all can help!

Nor will your grandchild! Or any of the other 6 billion people already without water or safe sanitation etc. along w/diseases from it and premature deaths that continue on your watch!

Which you should have high on your priority list, as you walk by the side of your children, as all take part w/Dr. James Hansen in `Our Children's Trust lawsuit, and end it! Giving them all, at their disposal what it takes to try to reverse this ER crises all are in now!

For the children are trapped in this!

Let alone you President Trump/First Lady and Congress that want a budget for more toxic Nuclear and Military bases around the world, when all should end! And before the end, they should make up for the wrongdoing in the local communities they interfered in.

SHAME ON US ALL to let it get to this where the children are taking US Gov to court;

`Our Children's trust

Not to mention the profits from weapons of war globally interfering and locally destroying more communities. SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON US ALL! As wars continue to be thought up! And more so-called terrorists are supported by US Gov!

Since when do you President Trump, allow this kind of support for people to come into US territory and have weapons of war given by others to fight US?

If i was in your place i would have a UN gathering to make UN perfect and end `Deterrence, as you work w/all to end all Nuclear/all weapons fo war and all bases return and ended. Any smart company/people/Gov should sod this ASAP and just watch the stupidity of US Gov as you self-destruct! For `we the people are no longer supporting you, yes we welcome you to help you but if you don't want to listen it's good by US Gov as you know it, and you will self-destruct and are by yourself not by us!

For `we refuse to be part of any aggression, beyond one's healthy ego!

For `we the people have seen all the scars we care too and are into shifting all are resources into education to help each learn to nurture self. Not the way your Education people think, as they compete and specialize schools, rather we do it so people come together for one's communities. You or your Education Dept doesn't even respond to me.

So `we the people will continue to share, if you don't do it, the dysfunctions of others will destroy you ASAP.

This means ending all Military/Nuclear and all that is toxic, prioritizing each community's local `plan's findings. As all where can then help others unable to do for self, as in helping neighbors to help them, not false aid from afar! Being aware of that toxic globally affecting many as in stopping Nuclear use and cleaning it up along w/everything else toxic that we discuss.

So let me go back to my quest to understand verbiage to better share this message so people stop wasting energy stressing and redirect as they rethink and shift;

Then to discover a lady that fueled me in a few minutes of here sharing, as i then put missing pieces together. As she does medication education and research for humanity and the brain. She shared that people are using very little of their brain and states we must not accept this home where we stay in stress modes, resorting back to it for it is one's comfort zone. Whereas in here offerings she shares a simple exercise, which takes 3-4 min;

Close your eyes and breath deeply and gently, letting thoughts flow thru as you observe where they are from, past/future or are you present? Gently observe one's thoughts yet not interfere. And take a real look. Then imagine a flame of a fire in your forehead, which she feels is where people are stuck in. And that is when one is stressed/depressed/unclear, etc. Vs finding one's center to create one's desire, sharing w/the world, being one w/the universe, getting out of me me state. As she suggests using your full brains' potential. So imagine a flame in the middle of your skull, this is your new home. Let it glow. This is where you gain your power and energy balance to get free of the stress that many have become used to as normal. Now bring a gentle smile to your face and open your eyes. So in the morning this can be helpful and whenever feel like you run back to your old home for that is your comfort spot, then do this exercise. It takes the time she says, but if you keep doing this you will open up and gain, ending stress and having joy! So what better to work at then these short sessions whenever you feel stress is building. Stop it!

Ok so I thanked her for her sharing, for all my life i've pursued understandings within my reach of how we process information, etc. So I looked into her offerings and have asked her what she is supporting beyond charging a lot for her/their offerings.

For as I told those whom originally shared many offerings, including this lady's, in their online gathering, which I will research more before I support an ecological whor without being able to say more! That when I see Oprah being included in any part, especially here, I felt it was wrong to support her actions in this mode when people are trying to go figure oneself and for one's family. So to be fare I researched again Oprah's investments and still felt as long ago when I tried to tell her there was another way, that she was still being an ecological whor.

So I await this entity's answer to my questions before supporting them more. And also my schedule did not permit me to listen to more. But whenever I gain something from one, i'm appreciative. For we are in this human mode and humans have a lot of errors to sort out. For our brain gives us much room to mess up, or make it right!

But there is a serious problem when people offering goodness yet not realize what they take part in is part of the problem, from having large footprints. To own several million dollar properties especially without having it as an educational entity and w/low footprint of energy consumptions as in self-sustained off large grids etc. Which i've been there done that on a much smaller scale, but principles are the same. Being unaware of the effects you leave are the same, just different amounts. We don't realize what effects we leave on the local life that is our true sustaining energy, let alone our own misuse/abuse. Yet people are chasing it, enslaved by it, as well destroying the life that requires each community to balance, as in the genetic biodiversity, so as to link w/neighbors.

What does that mean many still ask, the critters that live within us, on a microbial level beyond what one sees w/the eye or feel, until it gets out of control and you get a stomach ache/headache/pains/lines in your forehead or any of these physical signs if yet to listen deeply within feeling the early signs, etc. Due to our/your consumptions, we as humans end up hitting oneself over the head w/hammer vs a gentle bell awakening within to shift one's energy. And that can come from excessive anything; over thinking/lack of scheduling for even too much good is just as bad as too much bad. Especially when it comes to men having sex!

But when it is right you know it, for it heals oneself, not retrogress into aggressive acts!

So in seeing US Military the largest footprint on our planet/space, all this assessing has to be put into retrospect to stop one's footprint from leaving negative effects on others, locally and afar. Which is out of control in US Gov w/people locally as well the interference of US Military afar and ongoing toxic Nuclear use, accept some medicine w/no halflife, recyclable as Dr.Helen Caldicott knows best. We welcome all to her great work and archives if yet to be aware of her lifetime of work trying to educate humanity on this deadly subject, as well many of here associates doing great work! We thank you all! Please see;


Padma brings to this discussion reality of many that have gone thru and still continue due to our original thought above from people ecologically whoring chasing one's belief of misuse/abuse, yet feeling they give so much to humanity. So I ask you to rethink and shift w/all these thoughts of those above as well below. For peace is an option if we share what works and what doesn't, as each are in different spaces when yet others can't even comprehend the communication, and yada continues as scars continue/ So thank you for this review and your support where you are most comfortable and share it with us fueling others.

Thank you, Padma for your offerings of activism! As well I can't thank all above enough for your lessons!

In respect and learning on International Women's Day, I hope you did too. For many people are unaware of the history in what created this, so let me share what Padma De Pana did, in case you were unaware as i was;


The Commission for Women of the Altiplano Peasant Committee, CCDA, which is made up of women leaders from different parts of the country, participated today in a peaceful march commemorating International Women's Day. The main demands focused on equality and gender equity, as well as the demand for greater participation in decision-making at all levels, it was reported. The march in which thousands of women from different sectors participate every year also indicated the lack of intentions of this government to promote true changes that generate development for a dignified life of Good Living for females.


The commemoration of Women's Day is born of a bloody history ... where abuse, exploitation, and impunity caused the death of 146 women, some burned and others killed on the sidewalk because they threw themselves out in fear of the flames ... it was not thanks to the beautiful, kind, good women or of good family or wealthy, those who achieved it was the revolutionaries, the indecent, the furious non-religious, the indignant, the migrant and of low social scale. ..the ones who asked for greater equity in married life and in productivity ...

Fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York.

The fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist shirt factory in New York City on March 25, 1911, is the deadliest industrial disaster in the history of New York City and the fourth in the number of industrial accident deaths in the history of the city. The U.S.

The fire caused the death of 146 textile workers who died from burns caused by fire, inhalation of smoke, or by landslides (and suicide).

The majority of the victims were young immigrant women of Jewish and Italian origin between sixteen and twenty-three years of age. The oldest victim was 48 years old and the youngest was 14 years old.

The tragedy was due to the impossibility of escaping the burning building since the people in charge of the shirt factory had closed all the doors to the stairs and exits, a common practice to avoid robberies and altercations.

Many of the workers who could not escape from the burning building jumped from the eighth, ninth and tenth floors to the streets.

The disaster in the textile factory of Triangle Shirtwaist forced important legislative changes in the occupational and industrial safety and health standards and was the trigger for the creation of the important International Union of Women Textile Workers (International Ladies 'Garment Workers' Union) that fights for improving the working conditions of textile workers.

The fire marked the celebration of the International Day of Working Women, later International Women's Day, which is celebrated on March 8.

On March 8, 2011, the centennial of International Women's Day was celebrated and on March 25, 2011, the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist textile factory disaster was commemorated.

The year 1909 and 1910 - Proclamation of the International Day of Working Women

On February 28, 1909, the Day of the Socialist Women was held for the first time in the United States after a declaration by the United States Socialist Party.

In August 1910 the II International Conference of Socialist Women, gathered in Copenhagen, reiterated the demand for universal suffrage for all women and, at the proposal of the German Socialist Luise Zietz, approved the resolution proposed by Clara Zetkin proclaiming March 8 as International Working Women's Day.

Zetkin's proposal was unanimously supported by the conference attended by more than 100 women from 17 countries, including the first three women elected to the Finnish parliament (Finland). The objective was to promote equal rights, including suffrage for women.

The year 1911 - First celebration of the International Day of Working Women

As a result of the decision adopted in Copenhagen the previous year, International Working Women's Day was celebrated for the first time on March 19 in Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland, with meetings attended by more than one million people, They demanded for women the right to vote and to hold public office, the right to work, professional training and non-discrimination at work.

Years 1913 and 1914 - International Women's Day before the First World War.

In 1913, within the framework of the movements for peace that emerged on the eve of the First World War, the women of Russia celebrated their first International Women's Day on the last Sunday of February of that year.

In 1914 in Germany, Sweden and Russia are commemorated for the first time, officially, International Women's Day on March 8.

In the rest of Europe, women held rallies around March 8 to protest the war and to show solidarity with other women.

Years 1922 to 1975 - Institutionalization of International Women's Day.

After the October revolution, feminist Alexandra Kollontai (who since her appointment as People's Commissioner for Public Assistance won the vote for women, divorce, and abortion was legal) got March 8 to be considered an official holiday in the Soviet Union, although a workday.

On May 8, 1965, by decree of the USSR Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union of the USSR, International Working Women's Day was declared a non-workday.

Since its official approval by the Soviet Union after the Russian Revolution of 1917, the day began to be celebrated in many other countries. In China it is celebrated since 1922, in Spain, it was celebrated for the first time in 1936.

In 1975, the UN began celebrating March 8 as International Women's Day.

In December 1977, two years later, the UN General Assembly proclaimed March 8 as the International Day for the Rights of Women and International Peace.

This adhesion of the UN-led several countries to make this day official within their calendars.

The year 2011 - Centennial of International Women's Day

In 2011, the Centennial of International Women's Day was celebrated. The UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, also known as UN Women, also began to operate.


As earthlings we welcome all to realize how each of you is appreciated when you shine and are happy finding your inner peace, as your energy joins w/humanity's great options now, fueling more to get resolved, as we fine tune and share! For we know it is more then just what some say is easy! For many have resorted to this stressed home, not realizing the cage that enslaved us, as our past generations took it as normal passing it on. Until a beautiful energy from our children/grandchildren/loved ones and anyone in our path shared another unfamiliar energy, which made me go within and edit, wanting to feel such life i was never aware of.

So thank you all and even though i'm asking people on our social media' to leave our page if not focus directing our Non-profit work, as in collaborating on this form, please realize we too know how hard it is to get to the new space, that new home which is worth working for. So please don't give up! But also don't use our pages, as your personal sounding board just to vent, rather join in understanding humanity now has answers. And as we repeat we see no more efficient way then to do your local `plan part-time, to fuel you to give/gain support to find your inner peace, as well along the way help w/our life being lost on earth in rapid proportions.

Join in where comfortable for you and redirect this stressful daily state, in to healing and asserting mindful action as you learn and share w/many good people, even though they too are in fragments, but together each can take great ideas as you work your local `plan, even if not a citizen and are temporary! For it will fuel you to find your center and explore fueling others, that get you to your beautiful desires.

Sure when being bombed or filled w/toxic/ill etc. it sounds good but easier said then done. But that is where tools of the times to be perfected can help! If you got this far you too can realize how we all are an earthling and deserve the equality and respect. So where ever you are plug into the earth and it will fuel to then find or start your local `plan, getting your needs met, and your offerings shares and appreciated, as together all change policies to make this easier for all!

Peace is not worth giving up on. For if you don't have it, you've isolated yourself, so start there and gather like-minded wanting also to find a new home within. Which then fuels all to interrelate for local giving/gaining of support as you work w/your students using your communities as classrooms. Networking, prioritizing what is toxic, so as each takes part-time, restoring one's ecological sustaining `enhanced working healthiest possible communities, sharing in solidarity, the earth below your feet where ever you are!

For one may think they can control you, but only you can allow them to control your mind, even though your body may be restricted, which we share in your sorrow! And as you pursue your thoughts, please realize you are working w/humanity's goodness creating more energy for all to end this enslavement and fuel understandings that work, as these people locally and afar are held accountable. So w/you sharing your story, it helps all hold oneself and others accountable. If you can't find a space in all my yada to post such negative acts as well your positive, then please email to kara to post, as we perfect `the sun will set spreadsheet, link below in footer.

Addressing many issues, sharing humanity's good work, which we welcome you to be part of!

Please do your homework so the conscious humane realities sync in the instance w/us all, as earth/space speaks to us. If having difficulty then communicate one on one w/me, email kara; kareje@ictts.org

Thank you all for making a difference and please share while you do your walkabout for you and your communities!

kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effects...

`i come to talk story