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`i come to talk story is a US nonprofit. We are a global virtual platform sharing humanities links that work.

Update Alert 11.1.2018, we did our first test on Nabble to create this `transitional shift message board for you to join in now and help where can to perfect/correct/post and share!

Thank you for making a difference ASAP for all earthlings and yourself. If can't join in ASAP on link below, then please Donate now, mail us a check as we are here trying to fundraise by selling our sailboat. Mail; kara j lincoln (ictts) %General Delivery, Charleston, OR 97420

For those of you that can commit a post now wherever you are globally please do and help us help all, and work w/all your students focus directing w/communities, and network w/your Governing officials now to act on well-being for all earthling. This link below can also be found in the `i come to talk story link below above photo, so please see move of our newspaper and take part;


Students, use your communities as classrooms, focus direct w/all/networking ER priorities locally and afar, gaining basic human nuts and bolts, via like ecosystem/season and subjects! This can be a very efficient way for all to focus directly together. Especially when already have good teachers helping! Like I see Joseph Kamara's good work in Sierra Leone, as we start this conversation w/him, so they help us perfect this understanding, to fuel all to do the same, please!

We welcome all to reflect w/our site pages and come talk, sharing what works/what doesn't. As you and your community create upon humanity's options to create your local `plan prioritizing the `collective earth-space plan, interrelating, creating upon ideas w/a `transitional shift message board (`tsmb). Where each able person posts one's needs/offerings or for one unable, while a rep posts for a group on to starting one's local `plan, or in progress. To restore the ecological `enhanced healthy working communities, w/neighbors.

We suggest starting w/a natural local wild food potluck w/follow up meets. Celebrating along the way one's good fortunes to have such tools of the times to work together to go figure, earth/space in peace!

Please see this page for solutions to helping those on the run now;


Your support in sharing and donations are welcome! Peace, ictts.org


Please note I will continue to add updates under this above Mission Statement, so check back and reflect/add thought w/us, thank you! Also we are correcting errors on links and the Redirect page so I apologize for the inconvenience! You can always email kara for help; kareje@ictts.org as well if interested in Donating! Thank you!

Wow, now after a few months of correcting errors w/Google, that appear may not be resolved, so we have to rethink their link Redirect box, for it does not work. So when see a link just please copy and paste! And now we have broken computers and working w/others, so sorry for inconvenience!

If you appreciate what we are working at then please help us fundraise, DONATE! We also are trying to sell our `Buehler design Port Orford Cedar wood sailboat 30' LOD 38' LOA, which is moored in Charleston, Oregon, to gain funds to continue to perfect our virtual global platform.

For we know our priority focus now is to collaborate on global climate change due to many not seeing the ER issues in the Arctic that scientists say are producing the global severe weather patterns we are having now, and they will get worse! So we want to get real and define w/skilled what all must do to prepare and resolve locally, and that which globally needs to be prioritized that is effecting many now locally!

Plus we want all to know if we do all we can to continue research so all are on same page, globally then Pres Trump and US Gov can also take part in ending the `Our Children's Trust lawsuit against them to act mindfully on climate change now. This court battle has continued too long and is not the way for people to resolve differences. Especially when these scientists speaking for the children are using the same science that our children now study in public school. Rather than to waste time and resources. it can go into research and good collaboration, so all on same page to mindfully act. Not to mention celebrate along the way!

Then back to work as others are resolving this issue and more;

Let's define the real issue behind the Yemen Crisis? Please help us learn the truth! I see this post;


and I seek more story, Amnesty International say they will soon release their report, so check back and add please!

As well a local issue that has gone on too long leaving the commercial fishing industry a mess, as local oldies are not being listened too! See this article and our idea to create upon;


I am sharing these thoughts w/EPA, whom I can't respect due to so much Governing ways using fragmented science that interferes in communities ability to do what works. And our local `plan ideas are long overdue. These commercial fishing folks are my neighbors here in Charleston, OR. Hard working people barely making the overhead due to so many wrong regulations. Broken down boats in the boatyard to be demolished that could be successfully fishing still!

These people long ago sustained this industry w/backroom salmon being produced and put back into their home of origin, as in small creeks/estuaries/rivers were appropriate to grow healthy lives. Not be genetically modified the way they are now not just w/farmed ways that have very low nutrient content and contaminate other wild, rather also the programs Gov has developed that takes them away from their healthy behaviors, that these local folks were sensitive to achieve.

And these fisherfolks are so discouraged due to young degreed Governing officials telling them what to do, that can't even define the name of some of the fish, meanwhile they do not listen.

So where is the problem? Fisherfolks can't fish and also represent reality slipping away and never have they had good representation, due to all joined and volunteered as they produced successful seasons. Now no one listens to them and look where they got! Warming waters are from a variety of reasons that EPA has not been in touch with. and they don't act responsibly and skillfully as good stewards w/early signs as all still must.

Our local `plan to rethink entire biomes can work, as all come to the table and listen to each other. Networking, bringing in experienced. Have you ever seen the Code of Conduct Linux uses, check out what these folks are working at and create upon it, I'm sending this to Pres Trump too, for I see Linux folks too are working thru conflict, but this edit can fuel:



Point is Climate change's effects on the marine environment, including warming sea water temperatures, ocean acidification, sea level rise, and changes in currents, upwelling and weather patterns, have the potential to cause fundamental changes in the nature and character of marine and coastal ecosystems. Quote;


My biggest problem is this controversy as w/Dr. Guy McPherson's experiences, whom has many science credentials, using the same science the scientists and teachers now are working w/our children in public schools with, yet he is not being listened to or others he works w/as they consider him a doomsday person.

Nor is Pres Trump and the US Gov, as they continue this lawsuit against `Our Children's Trust, which is insane. When we need to come together and collaborate and resolve. The Governing officials are so ingrained w/profiting and w/lobbyists supporting Military and toxic developments everywhere on this earth/space and now is in extreme danger. Along w/the 6th mass extinction all are in. So 200 speices a day are becoming extinct and humans soon to follow if as Dr. Guy states, if the Arctic ice melts this year or next, give or take 7 years or so and humans too will be extinct from earth!

How sick is this kind of communication, and `we the people will not accept such stupidty to subject all life too!

We feel the `transitional shift message board can be networked via educational entities as all network w/communities, as student use them as extended or only classrooms. And we ask for all to support and create upon these ideas, so each community priortizes toxic and does one's local `plan, w/neighbors.

Most Important is transcribing the good stewardship that humanity offers now, ASAP w/technology as w/the agro_ecological systems/movement does into common sense that all can create w/doing one's daily chores. So every biome is reviewed and structured to save life on earth, preparing for climate change to get worse. As all come together now to do this part time!


Does this make sense then to stop all MIlitary/stop all Nuclear use, accept some medicine w/no half_life/recyclable working w/Dr. Helen Caldicott and Associates, guiding us! Stop all sanctions so as no longer to interfere in local's ability to do what they must to sustain as together all restore one's `enhanced ecological healthy working communities, w/neighbors in the instance. Ending all false aid from afar! Rather networking in solidarity doing what can to save life on earth ASAP! And do it within good stewardship so as not to continue the scars to be again repeated!

Do you realize the many good folks working hard to overcome suffering/death of loved one's due to such profiteers as in pharma, again that EPA and Gov has allowed to continue! Local traditional folks have stewardship skills and whole foods naturally grown the right way heal diseases! Let alone create sharp sensors, so all can learn early signs, so as to maintain discipline over one's self sensory observation vs belief, and act mindfully as each are calm! Yes this is our true co_evolved human potential, to be mentally clear in the instance and physically strong, for now many have to use critical thinking to help the many so damaged gain comfort, so suffering stops ASAP! And the cold turkey mode the Vets Hospital is doing is not the way! Nor is the controversy over a good health plan, when Govs everywhere should provide free health care and those seriously into healing ony will pursue the field!

<> I'm so happy to share these people below, humanity has options and we can all celebrate while being efficient, making more peace happen while restoring healthy communities preparing for such natural/human made disasters that will continue!

Let's take a breath of fresh air, breathe in thru the nose slowly and gently and hold, than breath out thru the nose and do this a few time throughout the day, this is even better than whole foods! I respect Dr. Ben Lynch, please see his suggestion on his Facebook post;

Dr Ben Lynch

July 15, 2017 ·

Mouth breathing. It's not good. Learn some tips here - I am taking my youngest son to see Sarah in a month or so. He is getting better with it already since we are focusing on it. However, I want a professional giving us a thorough review and training. It's very important to fix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P_QRcumqXI


Enjoy some music, take a break along this lengthy read, so you make space for you to digest that which it triggers or fuels? For not accepting any negative interference, rather we welcome all to make a difference, as we together share humanity's great options now to create with or you share/correct us, and link!

Please see Adam Hurst on you tube or plan to see a great performer;



I'm so happy to see the Nobel Peace Prize go to this man, thank you Dr. Mukwege and you are a true lesson for us all!

Please see; http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1098478691513&ca=d13ffe5b-17a5-444c-bd80-f7ce15250539

And thank you Friends of the Congo, and do all please take part,

Join them for Congo in Harlem!

Stay abreast of the latest updates via @Congofriends!


Let's look at what many are going thru, that is dysfunctional now, and see that Countries/locals, are not being held accountable locally or afar. To get to the root of these International problems, of why people are running, as well locals in every community w/needs not met, yet have offerings to share part time? And community has needs not met and can do exchanges if we organize and stay in real time w/oneself and each other!

This beautiful photo of Libya above is an Ex; My friend said; Once our people had a good life! Then US/NATO bombed it continually making it very unsafe, `still US supports rebels there and in Syria.

How can we stop this now?

A good start would be all new in Gov/President, making wrongs right from prior, not continuing riding on the wave of this dysfunctional energy that has interfered in many countries. Dr. Jill Stein said it best thinking of all that has been interfered with wrongly! But as I reflected w/the guys on climate change link below, I too co_evolved, so take a look as I apply my comment to them, for you here to rethink. For my point is people are not on the same page and we can do this much more efficiently, as many patches of people globally now have great options to share;



Prioritizing is difficult when no organization. We can all organize but then all need facts of prioritizing. Who speaks best for the earth/space systems? I don't live w/thoughts of inability to resolve when mega projects are everywhere, even though indigenous traditional engineers may have another take to resolve.

Considering some mega-projects don't last long, for this one was eroding before finished, and NATO bombed Khaddafi's water project? I'll use another person's comment elsewhere and I think you will get the gist of using this as an Ex; Not a word about Hillary Clinton behind NATO bombing of Benghazi, headquarters of Khaddafi's water project, and NATO use of depleted uranium bombs, to poison pipeline water. I still feel doing local `plans globally via networking one's `Transitional Shift Message Boards (TSMB) can organize to help people understand/collaborate/support critical thinkers to research. So 1 universal secular science can be put into a common sense verbiage, for all to mindfully act on priorities, as well as each balance self/genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors.. Either way, why would anyone do nothing when so much around us, is needing to be done and do it calmly and celebrate our good fortunes?

For it would be wrong for ecological whors profiting to do mega-projects that interfere in local's ability to sustain as many have, that got us into this quandary. It also is wrong for scientists to continue a verbiage of research/findings of such local/global priorities, when it is not acted on, as good stewards of the earth/space. Look at the controversy now and the many variances of why. I will continue to attempt to get a global grant to organize and focus on controversy to see what is most efficient to resolve priorities, and others w/out thought of that, can attend to basic needs, badly needed by many. I feel if engineers have shown that US Gov's science is incorrect regarding 911, and want people to help get Gov to reassess, then perhaps if get on the same page, then the same science can fuel definition of climate change reality and act on it as people support the right way to address it. If unaware of the 911 work in progress, please see; https://www.ae911truth.org/ (Please copy link for when click on it it takes you to wrong place, sorry)

Thank you for your thoughts and I will also add this to the (TSMB) page I have on site, as today I sent out it sharing for a local prep by Fire Dept for the earthquake expected off the coast of Oregon. I find it good to apply what I think along the way of trying to go figure. If have other ideas please let me know, same w/one that may be able to give us a global grant, considering we too gave up a lot to go figure how best to do this, vs focus on fundraising for our US nonprofit. W/our limitations of choosing to research vs bring in funds, I've seen people giving global grants not interested? And I've asked Google also, whom I've been working w/their AdGrant since 2014, and want to continue their ads to share this story, after we fix an error presently in w/our site. For we have done over 15 million ads globally sharing ideas as we keep co_evolving.

I feel we the people can do this, not need the Govs the way they have destroyed life continually, and they rise above the dysfunction, having choice w/us to make wrongs right in priority/rethink why they are needed in what position? People can become local mindful participants finding their space as we grip the energy of life while having it! Not accept anyone to interfere in other's ability to do for self. One I just spoke w/in Libya knows well how good life was before US/EU destroyed the country and now they feel w/no Gov many places are very dangerous/no one visits, etc.! I said they are not sheep, they too can organize, and share w/them there is another way. For us earthlings, we share this earth and should define how to communicate so we resolve our indifference.

In saying that I just worked hard explaining all this to Pres Trump/campaign, as they wanted me to work w/him. But it came down to I not getting my list of needs, so I unsubscribed to his campaign that I never subscribed too. All he could offer me was 40% off his products. I was asking for also educational support for our `TSMB so all whoever they are from wherever could also be a local mindful participant aiding this `transformation, to then fuel them to obtain their desires and ASAP have a comfortable space-end refugee camps and homeless and empty buildings needing renovation could house w/a little prep from all volunteering/no wall between the US and MX accept and ecological one/no sanctions/no Military only police and CG getting to know the community/no weapons rather a tool of sorts that does not injure signaling to police to override/no Nuclear accept some medicine with no halflife-recyclable/tariffs I would have to study more?

I'm sharing on Twitter that I will not support negative repeats when such important priorities are in need, as many are lost, unable to focus. It's a bit different when I say that when a woman wants to accuse another of a sex violation long ago, she herself needs help and should not be able to hold the guy accountable now w/a family, from something taking place when they were young, especially when still now many have no good sex education, or as a child/even adult learning how important good love w/protected sex so as to not have a child under these conditions now, not to mention unbalanced hormones, etc. Same as in US Gov going back and making wrongs right, from other Pres's wrongdoing, when yet other priorities for all of Humanity are in jeopardy!

So to do all this right, it will require us all to center and ground as good stewards, staying in the instance, to know the priorities to address first and where! Please comment or email me, kara; kareje@ictts.org

Peace, love kara j lincoln


W/all involved staying in the instance, truth should be clear and trails can be verified. Not get lost about the conflict of negative blame and who is profiting seeking what? I stopped supporting Pres Trump's campaign due to I do not agree in his objectives, but I will support him when others continue to fog and issue, that can be resolved.

Connecting w/locals locally and afar, we all must hold self and others accountable and make wrongs right, which require all to network, so we listen to each other and bring in facts to continue to help others understand, when people are getting wrongly treated. So as to make change by coming to an agreement.

It can help to have intermediaries to help us become aware of what we are not noticing in ourself and or each other, and then center and ground w/earth/space realities too, vs pie in the sky, so all this work is easily accomplished and resolved if we don't accept conflict.

I share a piece of what i'm sharing w/some techy's to further gain support to see this happen;

My network question was if you would think your product could work as Ex; If I had a site that people posted their needs and offerings as well for one's local `plan for the local community. Then people could have my 1 global tel number from you, that I would advertise, which would take them to an operator or prompts to post on tele or go directly to our site, to then be posted/post on site, maybe on a Google spreadsheet. So it is each person's responsibility to stay updated.

Ex; you needed a ride to a food bank, you call in and ask telematic service or digital? and then it comes up that Mary can give a ride between 2-4 on Wednesday to the food bank. Or a person in conflict needs to run quickly, asking for a place to stay in 3 countries, and the search comes up w/detail and then he contacts them thru their contact info. Or students are networking for one's local `plan and searches who else globally is working on ridding Methane and those developments come up converting Methane to electricity, etc. Or one calls in to update and cancel old post, so people find it stable to check in as well the local `plans get priorities met as Ex; Governing developments or people, post we have a vacant 6 room building needing restoration and planning will allow people to move in once clean and use cooperative baths/kitchen elsewhere while restoring this building, so homeless can work off their room and board, etc.

This way communities will not just pay to have one go home when homeless, rather they work w/themto gin from their skills that fuel them to define self-reliance/heal/gain support/or give it, to educate maybe where at best or another temporary move fueling them to respectfully and efficiently obtain one's ability to get clear and gain one's goals, even if no visa or paperwork/or policy in order, rather can take part in the local `transformation to make changes short and long-term and co_evolve along the way what works, staying in the instance. As many are being stranded/paying high fees to illegally do something/getting ill and dying due to others stealing, etc. due to losing or moving too quickly, whatever the reason. As we would reach out to innovative projects already doing, so not redo, rather create upon energy efficiently, working together!

So as I state it would not be a catalog of materialistic trinkets, only serious nuts and bolts to help those without getting needs met and offerings shared to better the community's local `plan at the same time as agro-ecological sovereignty gets met as in local natural grown food/wild fish gets planted as once did that works, localized priorities get addressed as students network and use one's communities as classrooms, co_evolving the curriculum as well getting credits/learning to volunteer/giving hands-on to those in need, so people don't live in unhealthy conditions, rather their home gets restored, as people/students within all, gain support in exchange as they aid the community. This way homeless are permitted to live in places vs living illegally on other people's property in the woods or trashing out places when now they learn to recycle/gain credit for cleaning, etc.

Let alone serious priority focuses as we will initiate to gain collaboration of controversy, to gain clarity so all act mindfully on the same page using the research/facts of secular science in common sense that all science must do to apply for one's work by someone in the community. No more degreed young people in responsible positions telling skilled older people what must be done when yet they failed to bring them in to learn ways that work. So all work and communicate, as students fill in these missing worn torn information causing anxiousness/anxiety/stress, then on to conflict/misuse/abuse, and we know how bad those emotional out of control are injuring oneself and others. So this is a means to work w/early signs creating w/humanity's solutions in patches globally, so pockets without are reached, leaving no one left behind. A win-win for all!

I thought you could suggest your offerings if can create this kind of App or who best and for what fees or where we could get support to do it?

Peace is real if we go figure togehter!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln


See this link below and see how our thoughts above can be created upon to resolve w/more respect and empathy!


It is time for change, as we `shift. Please lets talk, humanity has options.

Please see James Maskell w/others offerings, to get to the root of many problems, by doing many good things for self and doing it w/others; I'll do a follow up w/Paul's info to connect w/his and many people's great work sharing in several Summits. Thank you Paul for the;

The Addiction Summit!

Few notes of it; Have you felt run down, tired, as if running on empty? Today, Dr. Deanna Minich explores the role food plays in addiction and healing. Plus, learn how Valerie Silviera -- whose daughter on heroin was shot to death -- overcame tragedy and now teaches to restore hope, happiness and peace. You'll also hear from Author Annie Grace, who won her battle with alcohol, and eloquently teaches us how to think differently about this toxin. And, James Maskell presents a New solution to healthcare! Enjoy learning!

See if every community creates upon our `transitional shift message board, then all can see whats going on, as in these sessions that continue. The ladies started Oct 1.2018 and can see thru week free video's, so stay current w/this link;


These folks from HealthMeans are really working at truth! I thank them all for sharing as they do freely and then offer to sell the info so they can continue to give it free for a short time.

Ex; Today Summit from this week is really good for the issues of the times, still can register each day even though started,please see, this one is on sex and partnerships.

Thank you Misty Williams! You have done a great job putting this summit on!

This is the greatest summit for the issues of the times as partners get real w/oneself, in real time! These folks speak from their heart to help us all! Reflect w/the subject mater in link below for today and the rest of this summit, then register today to see today and the rest of this summit free for like 24 hrs or so or buy, and then see schedule of all summits;

The Fix For Female Hormones Summit! http://healthaffiliate.center/refer.php?

To many people have suffered in order to learn to resolve, this is not how it has to continue, become aware and share for humanity has answers to harmonize with!

I share this w/all as well First lady Melania on her trip to Africa, so people everywhere enjoy life calmly, aware early on so as to prioritize ER issues and join in, interrelate w/one's local `plan to become skilled, by giving and taking as all reflect/network, so not just local issues get resolved, but also those coming from earth/space also!

I love children and I know well when hormones off and uneducated, it is very easy to get pregnant, and no child deserves to come into this world that way when mom and dad also have yet to learn to nurture oneself!

Please see Niki's work, she is skilled in working w/childhood trauma, as many adults are unaware of why ill and not realize the emotional trauma as a child, that still can be healed and make one healthy now;


Thanks again to Misty and all at HealthMeans!

Please share, for we are fortunate to have such good skilled people! So please all rethink and shift and make a difference!

Donate so we can share w/all as we perfect better ways to help people understand, as many have no clue when left without or confused trying to stay real w/the issues of the times!

Charlene and Ty did a great job on the cancer Summit, thank you folks! If you didn't get a chance to see it, you can purchase now, supporting more to see it freely.

10.18.18 until midnight only free the Series Finale, Episode 9, last one, Charlene And Ty say to learn more about each package, simply click on the banner images below the episode video or check out the links in this email below.

Thank you so much for tuning in and we hope you’ve enjoyed this docu-series as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

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We’ll see you there, and God bless.

Ty & Charlene

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>>>> Our comment;

Thank you Ty & Charlene, you did a great job doing this series along w/many!

People don't realize how influencing Drs can be when they say to one, have to co chemo/surgery/nothing more, etc.. That paralyzing direction to people that don't know better is something that needs to be studied so people really heal from this, and prevent it!

I too like you lost loved ones, and they did not even have any of the food they should of as well even suffered from simple constipation, yet Drs continued more drugs, and the physical experiences were overwhelming to witness, knowing there is something else yet not finding it until too late.

Same w/other medical issues. To see people in Intensive care watching their flesh fall apart before they died is a true crime against humanity.

Then to have the guilt of contributing as they caught your cold, or unaware when other immaterial preoccupations felt so real at the time, yet thinking you were doing all you could to help, yet so much more now people know can help and they were not fortunate to have that awareness or skills to help. Nor community to help loved ones that stressed so much in this entire affair, working really hard not even close to doing what is real.. People and skilled, are not treating the families/communities from all these hidden agendas, as surgery or chemo does not address these emotions or whole mindbody deficiencies that caused the cancer to begin with! And this can stop and be addressed early on w/the un nurtured at any age!

The tools of the times are here to share understandings, just because some of us are not w/resources to reach out, please those of you that are help us or correct us or lets share better ways to gain an understanding​ ​of how pain from these modes stay in us, how they are generated and how we can process our ability more efficiently to heal, prevent and educate. Even when staying in the field to share and help others, it's amazing how if not clear w/staying in tune w/self, it's easy to ride on others wave. For the reality is many perceive very well reality but until we have had self reflection w/skilled that beam an energy of understanding, we continue to be without the balance of perceiving what is in the instance or if we do that, are unable to efficiently process what to do w/it, in the instance. Or many vice versa, that only know passed on programming as normal, until one day and energy comes into our lives and wakes us up!

I believe it is this lack of information balancing that yes upsets our gut, but many times we feel no gut response rather preoccupied in head, knowing well something is missing and realize it will be figured out, when yet many freak out or get overloaded riding on others wave. And this is how we see the muscular disfiguration in one's body signs, mostly I've noticed faces and eyes and energy emitted differently from each eye, as well if cover one side of your face and look in the mirror, then do it to the other side, what do you see?

Yes many of us are not anymore into makeup/materialism, so I know from experiences, I did this early on in teens and even before, so early on done that been there and quit and went natural. So I'm the type that once a day if lucky I look in the mirror, wet my curly hair, for I know it can get kinked over night, dependent on if I use shampoo or the types?? So then a quick puff and I'm off and running. When yet others spend so much time on covering up what is so beautiful! Spending time/resources on clothes/looking good for the neighbors, etc. Meanwhile all these years are loved ones were inprisoned in their head battling these misundrstandings, not having balance to perceive reality or know what to do with it, led them on a path of survival mode which over powered or undersourished the true nuturing ability we as humans are fortunate to have if born healthy!

This is why each of us must share these exeriences and prevent unnurtured from having children, rather have protected sex and good sex education developing self first before taking on such a beautiful important responsible task as being prepared to bring a child into this world, especially when it is so toxic and needs are not meet from many on earth. Yet only in patches are good groups of people doing great work!

It is these groups we support to reach out and guide the many pockets w/out, as we continue to reach out and prioritize w/your help, so as to have a list on the TSMB for all to start one's local `plan, and reflect w/so as to not have to reinvent the wheel. Rather calmly find space to have a nice conversation w/follow up meets and create upon the efficientcy that humanity has developed, as you further prepare to organize oneself, one's family along w/the local community, no mater if new/or temporary/or forced to be there/or a long term local participant, etc. And become a local mindful participant to aid this `transformation, creating and sharing, as you and all interrelate, to make this happen!

We will be having a Google Hangout andwelcome you all to join in the conversation, so please chaeck back for times! For we can have the best tools and if peope space out failing to emit a balanced nurtured energy that ios our true healthy state, then again scars continue to repeat themself over and over and over again! Lets get it right please! Realize how you can make a difference, by interrelating and starting your TSMB to start your local `plan, where ever you are, and do your walkabout along yourway to help you first!

Only then can you/we, be clear to share w/others to give/gain, support along the way as we all work together networking, sharing what works, what doesn't w/common sense verboiage all, at any awareness level can comprehend. For some of this medical research put into this is very overwhelming and we know how hard you all have worked to further define simple solutions, but still many can't stay w/us in this prolonged necessary thought to reach the end, to then begin! The kiss principle is something all of us need to retain please!

Even though my journey has been a roller coaster of tears, that I had to finally time my crying to complete the instance to survive! I'm very thankful for the many good people trying to make life better for all. The few that entered a beam of energy that made me go within myself to go figure! And a handful of people can do that to us, so imagine a perfected simple global virtual platform reaching out, so now Yemen is helped, as we all go figure ASAP w/early signs and if miss them still have a chance to hold our selves accountable and others! It does not take a skilled person to do this all the time, it takes an honest person to reflect truth, that stays in the instant with oneself! SO please check in and ask yourself am I interfereing in others abilty to balance oneself? Our my children teaching me or grandchildren as they had to work hard to rid self of our behaviors we did not know were anothers? Am I able to listen to learn? Or am I truly sharing as together we go figure? Or what the hell is happening here and get real w/self!

I've been very fortunate to have a beautiful family that gives love, as we also had many dysfunctions to work out and many died suffering before we could do that, so we know your pain can be real, but we also know how imporant it is to cry, but cyring alone can stay w/people for years and years and some die crying! So please I've tried to reach out to students to go into their communites and give hands on to the elderly or unable, for years, yet still what can be efficiently worked at is still not happening.

We need your help to do this! For I've seen stories of very kind people that gave their life to help others along their path, then to find them dead, laying for 4 days on the floor and their dog continually barking, until one discovered them, and this kind lady was in her 80s. These stories are abundant! SO look around you and realize if we organize and use our communities as classrooms or extended or the ony ones, then so many can be helped sooner and many can learn to volunteer as well gain credits as each work into very self satisfied careers, exploring this beautiful earth/space, systems, as together we prioritize and clean it up!

Dr. Yun Wang, a Traditional Chinese Doctor in the Seattle, WA, US, tele; +1-1-206-367 -9180 in area long ago, and still in area, is a simple man along w/his wife Nancy, also a doctor, very skilled and helpful over the years, aiding us from afar. He would always say his objective was to sharpen sensors. Many years ago I shared what I was feeling and he gave me a herbal formula and I truly took for a few days and said wow, how could I allow myself to need this and seriously had an attitude adjustment and keep the 30 day supply for many years, and every once in a while when I would stress I would take some.

Now I'm far from saying Yun could not have helped me much more if I would have listened and continued to communicate, but I too was to busy helping others. And when people have family's one really has to focus to stay in tune w/self as well not interfere in other's ability to do for self. And when we don't do for self, we never learn to nurture oneself, w/true reality as a living organism. So in our work, I look at people as earthlings and our focus is to network the basic nuts and bolts for people to prioritize themselves/and their communities, or as a refugee where presently at, etc. The earth below are feet, not what race or religion, makes us a human family to be a local participant where ever at, to work thru these `transitions.

I briefly shared w/Dr. Ben Lynch our project, but yet to share all this, for he does not have time, but he would be a candidate to define what happens when one is not using one's full potential having one's left right brain in balance. For many are riding on other's wave or preconceived behaviors past down taken as normal and or programmed, as in the Military, let alone unaware of the Nuclear radiation effects and much more toxic mindbody stuff. And we feel if network our plan for each to do their local `plan, then they are best to define, once we share humanity's options to guide w/some basic shared realities of priorities.

And one of mine now once get back online w/tools that work and help, is climate change and the

controversy of science. For as Dr. Guy Mcpherson whom taught and continues to study, knowing well many scientists know if the Arctic goes ice free this year or next then humans on earth will soon be becoming extinct, due to increase in temperature and grains and microorganisms we depend on, unable to survive the adjustment. And he was talking 2-7 years. And now being in this 6th mass extinction, we already are loosing over 200 species each day. And the over 20 feedback loops in the Arctic is causing jetstreams giving very bad weather globally, and they expect it to get worse unless some miracle.

Whereas I believe we must define a common verbiage and science should be it, I feel the I feel the indigenous ways of good stewardship just has never been equated into such a science until ago_ecological systems/movement is more shared, w/our tools of the times. Whereas it is this that people can do in one's local `plan so as to prepare now for even if climate change was not an issue, to heal, growing medicines and food, as well wild food fish/animal the right way, and then best prepare for climate change! So yes so not cause the same issue that started this all, but to now communicate w/locals and not interfere, but yes also create upon the mega projects being done, as in controlling the Methane in Lake Kiva, Africa as it is turned into electricity. But this time look also at the footprints supported, but some of these people did unbelievable jobs to go figure even this project!

So we must all give/gain support, for critical thinkers globally to come together, and even

work w/the aliens that have been supposedly had a communication w/earthlings long ago and still have. For truth needs to be revealed.

Same the science be clear of what happened at 911, if yet to know that truth in progress, please see;


So when I see the study preoccupying as in understanding even natural medicine, it is mindboggling, yet the results are simple if people become aware. But simple is best in order to process the earth/space issues affecting many more than some, long ago, as well now. As in knowing good peace intermediary for peace amongst those in conflict, to center and ground and get real w/bigger issues. Or end all Nuclear use accept some medicine recyclable and no half-life, or the many developments allowed to profit over good health, and this list will be lengthy as we share experiences of what our students can help us do focus directing doing one's local `plan. So the student within all feel the life of sharp sensors vs dull, knowing well once give some hands-on relief, same w/ending sanctions, not realizing how it affects all, then to see one regain one's energy wanting to do their part, can make true policy change along w/co_evoling the curriculum along the way of restoring one's natural enhanced potential, as well the local `plan being one's rule of understanding, where ever and whoever is on it's earth.

For people can and do give respect to all life and together define where best for each, to be respected while also doing their part fueling their desire to be obtained, as each heal and learn to leave no footprints!

And we say, celebrate along the way. Start in a local natural wild potluck and get real w/people and oneself close in one's community. With follow up meets to do all this in priority, welcoming all to share in, to then take home good options for all to rethink and do more exchanges, for no one should have to reinvent the wheel, time is short!

There is no better tourist business, then to rethink one's entire biomes w/neighbors and work them sensitively and skillfully. As I told Dr, Paul Thomas Africa has many lessons for the world, from those boon w/their large browser transboundary migration intact, living close in harmony. Vs set aside for wild only and people unable to migrate, etc. This is not the way, nor should Military continue. Nor profiteers! When yet local `plans can retain local control for locals, and students can network good schematics being very efficient working w/the many skilled, to have good investments on the table, to make this happen and more then any of us could even imagine. For enough scars, it's time to go figure and be calm while doing it!

In fact, Chinese Medicine looks at medicine different than western, and Yun and Nancy treat w/ customized herbal formulas. And I know so much more can be done when people are ill, and you and Charlene did a good job sharing many stories. And yet many to be aware of their early mindbody signs as in facial lines, to growths on the outside, to what feeling on the inside and what to do about it, or that which they unable to even get to! When it can be as simple as self-massage and stretching, essential oils, when caught early on in the instance w/self and not having seconds or minutes or even hrs/days to act or never, rather in microseconds pay attention. And if don't understand what can change uncomfortable tension/pain within, emotionally or physically, then it's time to self-educate, as there is a lot out there. And I even see since Dr. Paul Thomas's Addiction Summit, controversy amongst even the natural suggestions. So it is hard to learn, and simple people are really appreciated! And we can maintain discipline over our self-sensory observations vs belief.

I plan to talk to Yun about my lengthy quest to understand people's left-right brain effects when not in balance, leaving facial imbalances on each side of the face, along w/my perception of feeling different energy intensities from each eye. For I've never guessed what was inside one's head, but I did early on develop a rude habit in intervening when one would say something thinking I knew what they were saying to try to be helpful to answer. I'm not saying I'm an empath but It was perhaps a means of survival in trying to go figure. For early on experiencing a lot of family love and dysfunctions, I knew what I was thinking was not all there was and I would find it and I have a lot of it, even though it took 30 some years or so.

But Ty watch your videos if you yet to notice your eyes and sides of the face. Same w/Charlene w/lines in her forehead. And my limited experiences and my own stress tells me to back off when I produce mine. They tell me that I feel your empathy for what you have been thru and sometimes it takes a long time to sort it out, and that takes one away from being in the instance or chasing what one feels to rid it, which then can add more to the problem. When yet one has to get real w/what is inside to heal as well as self-develop and know one thru all one's experiences. As I feel people should not just do what they are good at from such scars, rather sure it can be a part-time sharing, but when empty and in creative mode, as I say prioritize function, energy efficiently then make sure creativity is part of it, then now you are a contributor to the bigger picture of humanity and our global consciousness.

Different skilled people have shared as in impermanence, and not being attached, that is one thing, another stated, who was a guru and that stuck with me, that even if when one is unable to discuss w/one no longer here, they can find another sincere. So that the two can seriously discuss this issues as if happening now, and our brain will resolve it and let it go.

Dr. Leon Hammer also has some interesting writings, as a researcher, Dr. of family psychiatry for over 50 some years knowing well he was not as effective until he worked w/acupuncture and in his 90's I believe now he still studies and writes. I think in his 80's he was studying like 50 pulses, etc. He founded Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine Acupuncture School in Orlando, Fl; https://www.dragonrises.edu/

I shared my thought w/what I felt from Dr. Paul Thomas, from his move from Africa, but he never answered back. But I also see he may not have even gotten my email, for I was not aware of any of you prior to the Addiction Summit. And like I told Dr. Ben Lynch, who I admire, that since then I'm getting bombarded w/Summits that overlap others. When I thought you all were working as a community. But I see even Ben's team say they are not part of Health Talk. And As I stated to Health Means as in their calendar, the subject is too good to have such intenseness, and many can't pay, including myself, but I do like to learn and share. But when so much is in a short period, it is too much. I did like Dr. Ben's recent Summit having a shorter duration of videos, then yours Ty. Especially since I've gone thru a broken computer and still not in a good schedule. So this is nice to share free videos, but the scheduling for all to really apply is best I think if all would schedule as a global community in respect to perhaps even sharing again the series another time.

I can't tell you the different experiences I and many have had negative, from Drs I've turned in to the insurance, or told them they should not say there is nothing more to do, rather just say you quit studying, or to walk out w/a loved one crying due to the emotional attachments they did gain from one trying even though organs were getting more depleted due to pharma prescribed as they stayed in a very weak state. And then to have family going 360 putting more stress on a person. Then to hear of these children being taken for mandatory chemo, just shows all the more, that people need to work together in there community, to stop this now and help change policies. I was just sharing and looked up this issue, I don't know if saw this story;


Working w/humanity, we created a means to communicate, to get needs/offers in check alone w/the community's by doing one's local `plan to use communities as classrooms/networking/prioritize toxic, as well restore the enhanced potential of ecologically sustaining healthy working communities, working w/neighbors. and even though we are still perfecting our global virtual platform seeking donations/grant, to get overhead expenses and create it so it is efficiently utilized the way we see it, for when we share w/all to create upon it, it still is not being done as efficiently it could be. You can see our links below and on our site; http://www.ictts.org

For life keeps us busy, and I know how I learn each day, so please may peace be with you and your family and thanks to your crew for what you do! And please make time for you!

love us, kara speaking for `i come to talk stories experiences...


What ever you have done, where ever, when ever, please realize we welcome you, to help you understand the natural `enhanced way. For you to define, working w/your local `plan, so you become a local mindful participant.

It is time for being grateful to lead the path for those unable to be calm. Show sensitivity, empathy and love. Let our plan fuel you, for you are not alone.

Together you can network sharing ideas for you to prioritize and go figure, gather friends, neighbors and w/critical thinking mindfully act as all interrelate. For each to regain a sense of self direction while working within the natural enhanced potential, sharing the living local process in solidarity.

Welcome your students, they can orchestrate and organize, using one's community as an extended classroom. Focus directing w/your community, bringing home eye to eye solutions to rethink, that which is not harmonizing.


Rather many of the developments brought in have left ill toxic effects. When yet many locals are isolated, already left behind.

Good EX; Leaven No Trace behind is a local movement that is removing tires, trash, police even finding bodies, etc. That goes into mosquito larvae habitats as well leeches into rivers, ocean and requires everyone to help out.

Please share awareness to prioritizing toxic dumps and research so no more does anyone in future be affected either. Rather set the mode of not creating what is toxic, reuse, recycle. Toxic stuff needs to be disposed of correctly on earth or elsewhere with good research and it must be prioritized.

Especially as in NO depleted uranium used for weapons of war or any product for it is not depleted, it contaminates. The Iraq war did just that big time.

When communities use critical thinking and network, each can define what real priorities one has on plate, so as to act mindful. Redirecting worry. And developing upon our ideas of a `TSMB, all can that take part vs heavy weight on a few or those yet to gain support when doing good things needed to be done, like `Leaven No Trace.

Please come link your work to fuel others. For this is how we gain understanding of what truly sustains life on earth and beyond;

By balancing genetic biodiversity in every community to link w/neighbors is the best way to conservation and restoring healthy communities. No matter whom is in office, the governing bodies will take some time to sort out their dysfunction. So please realize what you can do now for your self and your community working w/them, showing ways that work.

For presently EPA has proven to be not functioning and it will take people working together creating a local `plan, prioritizing what issues of the times effect you and what you can do about them, and do it!

Our `Transitional Shift Message Board can help you create upon it for your community! We are making our site more friendly so cometalk and share what works for you! For now we start collecting our thoughts of this `TSMB and then together we can edit;



Students creating/working w/a local tapering transition can go figure w/all to make wrongs right, before it is too late. Do you realize how many waste energy worrying over the issues of the times, when reality may be different for your community, and you may have none or a few?? While yet others may have much more, yet aware of.

The point is if all in real time w/our earth and beyond, using 1 Universal Secular Science, vulnerable people/wildlife can be protected, while research is being done to clean up what was allowed w/fragmented science that permitted it. And changes can be made ASAP.

Much more then Jobs open for everyone, rather people heal, self develop, stop whoring jobs just for money, etc.!

For to date, many in the world are not even addressing the reality of the Nuclear toxic radiation contamination that circles our northern hemisphere and perhaps 3 places in southern hemisphere, why?? Not to mention the toxic developments that continue, while yet many are working at it.

Can you handle the truth? Do you want to know what you can do to take part? Well join in for our plan is to share how every community can do one's local `plan and w/good tools in place w/neighbors. Defining what is real for one's community, w/agroecology systems work within earth /space systems that give everyone tools to save life on earth. As each community gains one's own local natural grown food/localized energy/tchnology based on indigenous stewardship, soverighnty!

W/natural building, can then end all aid as is, from a far. Do what is needed to restore your healthy enhanced natural ecological sustainable healthy working communities w/neighbors!

So all become mindful and understand how our natural world needs to link the life that sustains our real energy. As humans each need to take part in one's organic exchanges supporting this life to be in balance.

Rid big money from wasting our local resources. Which Bernie Sanders' values intended to do, but when he went to Hillary we switched to Dr. Jill Stein. So all can then build on this for your local potential and become a mindful local participant. Supporting all to become a responsible local, global and beyond participant.

Please realize all are interdependent on our earth and beyond to do it's earthly process. Giving life and death to build more life, as a natural flow circulates our planet.

End the Colonial Grid and simply do not accept `big money as income or payment unless they are participating in your local `plan, that ours can fuel, for it leaves life left behind, somewhere?? I promise you.

If you welcome your students/student within all, to prioritize your local `plan, they can network, filling in these worn torn links for you to understand, where, who an how is producing toxic and via networking locally and afar, resolve!

When yet presently big money has exceeded our abilities to live w/Democracy. Rather they decide on profiting, not working within ecology's limits. Not allowing people to work with in one's `enhanced natural limits each create, in every community, complying within the local `plan's potential.

Which require us all to naturally enhance the balance of the microorganisms that sustain all life, not just our own back yard can do this. When yet others are unable to even be aware that this organic exchange is required by us all. When yet many yet to have simple basics in place to live local, unable to understand, the natural communities link, and are required to link thruout our earth, fueling us all.

It is time to shift our thinking and redirect what contributes to our misuse, abuse and be mindful to heal and harmonize. Accepting nothing less than to live w/basics, `boon w/the natural enhanced world. Collectively sharing in solidarity so every community can do the same. It is time for change to prioritize the natural `enhanced world that sustains our real energy and link with it.

Students know their friends can help bring those misusing/abusing to calm.

Love is energy and if you want it, then please realize the more you give in right proportion to yourself, the more you then can receive to obtain a natural balance.

Our plan can show how students can share schematics so locals, meaning anyone there helps in this `tapering transformation to define and fuel all to gain a home where desired on earth, as all take part in changing policys. Do work and maintain local `plan while sorting self out and healing, doing what can!

When all Colonial grids are removed. People become aware to be sensitive and skillful working seasonal needs and offerings for one's community. So no more is created to go afar that interferes in other local's ability to live local. Rather local needs and offerings are prioritized. As no more should any one person buy this control over one's community's local `plan.

It is wrong to create a unnatural wall, rather all this energy and resources can go into helping people become aware and do one's local `plan. This way people gain respect for all life no matter where fortunate to be, and can feel the natural `enhanced limits to work with. Not abuse or interfere, rather w/own sharp sensors contribute as beneficial organisms as we all can become.

Humanity has answers now!

Good investments can be on the table with the local `plan from students networking sharing options retaining controlling interest, yet locals have first choice to invest while % of space is always to be left for neighbors, for those afar in case of needs, etc. To also be a local participant, even if temporary.

We as an international community have to grip these realities and share in transparency so we all stop these scars from continuing. As others profit and feel they need wars to survive economically. This detail has to be filled in and students can do this homework w/your community.

Many say but there is no room for people afar, when yet locals are without. Well family planning is a high priority, along w/self directing and love awareness so students within all, are prepared to become a local, global and beyond participant, were ever fortunate to be. This living local process is real for our earth and beyond. No one then will want to have a child unless fully able to provide a healthy balanced life for one.

Safe sex is mandatory from mindful healthy people that learn about oneself as well be prepared to learn about having a mate as a friend and a lover! If can't respect your life or another, then please don't mess w/a new life when so much unawareness fills you, if you yet to be a responsible local, global and beyond participant, make sure you have protected sex, and as a woman check out a iud, for not all rubbers are safe. And all should want to learn and be a local participant before bring a child into this world, please!

No more can we live in our own back yard, as Military Industrial Complex is out of reality for our earth. Time for all to take part and stop it. All Weapons of war must stop being produced, traded or given. All people should come to the table and talk a reality tongue that is mindfully followed up on.

For this is our repeated problem that continues. People are programmed to think aggressive acts are the solution, when yet when confront those that many of us are unknowingly interfering in, we can understand when each side truthfully shares. As many are unaware of our US Gov and others interfering in other people's communities, creating anxiety, illness/premature deaths and habitats are being destroyed, which accelerates the problem.

We think when people come together as in `transitional shift message board (TSMB), groups can be formed to get clear, talk to party's involved w/intermediaries or reps that are skilled to fill in these worn torn missing parts, so people on each side of controversy can get a reality check of centering and grounding. Then once local `plan's come about, an intermediary or rep for that, then on to same skilled/rep speaking for earth/space ER issues, so all use common sense to mindfully act on the controversy in each stage until clear, to make wrongs right and seriously part time do ER priorities locally or as well if earth/space is more important then shift critical thinking w/the international communities, also networking on the (TSMB). Then others can simultaneously do local ER issues as students help/network/giving hands on using communities as classrooms, working w/neighbors locally and afar, sharing in solidarity to save life on earth ASAP!

We feel w/all these issues of the times, the controversy of this above and climate change needs all to be on same page!

We ask for your help in Donations, so we can research, share w/all humanity's solutions to help along the way, while getting overhead expenses paid, as a US non profit! If interested please contact kara; kareje@ictts.org

See our climate change Google Drive Document we are working at, so as to bring together people and create a verbiage of common sense to prioritize locally or afar ASAP, so we all mindfully act!


Each can learn the value of volunteering into hands on experiences, as curriculum is restored along w/one's community. As all choose the path one builds, as each support each other to walk it into one's opening, once we focus together for our earth and beyond.

This is not easy information to process when carry old neural networks, but please realize you can set a daily flow to make change to stay present in the moment.

Respecting one's story as long as they maintain one's own discipline, over one's self sensory observation. This is true Democracy w/Diplomacy within our human potential. I thank those of you that reflect it. For all can learn the early signs of all life, respecting it. So no one has to put up a wall, rather you will know the natural borders as your rule of law.

`In Solidarity, please realize all can better understand some of these missing worn torn links, that many in every community are having problems with. As together we prioritize a basic structure to simplify, leaving no one left behind. When yet many in every community have greatness to share, so we welcome you to join in.

Peace is our option if we share these fine links that many in every community have, yet many not connected with to understand. So this is an organizing issue that students can help over come. As they them self reflect w/hands on, giving people the chance to sharpen one's sensors. Then to feel life energy come back as they then want to take part and do an exchange w/what works, sharing what doesn't in solidarity. So all can live local, globally.

This energy is not being experienced in present curriculum that staff and teachers are having problems with, for it is not grounding centering energy that is real. This is how people come up with spending/wasting good resources on a unnatural wall. These people need help to understand that is wrong and we have a better way efficiently to work w/our neighbors.

We are seeking grants/donations to make this happen to reach out to all and your support is appreciated in many ways, so please come take part.

Love and gratitude, hoping all will stay calm, from those of us working hard to welcome you to join in and see a way that can harmonize and `shift!

If want to see more story of what led to this please take a review at

`i come to talk story

Gather a group and come talk, for we are thinking Hangouts would be a good series to do just this, to help all understand. We can organize Drive Document for time differences so you also can answer in either a Hangout or on Drive Doc to go with each thought or what you bring to the table.

Please see some of our ideas on starting a Hangout or join in w/us, it was taken as we moved on from this page w/Bernie into Jill. Put link into search please;

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eatuCWVOfPkzDDmPi-edD_6WHS1Whwrdi3X9HQ-8Nyg/edit?usp=sharing make a difference where comfortable for you!

Contact us if we can help you understand;

email kara; kareje@ictts.org or tel; 1-360-450-3749 Skype and please leave a message.

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We thank you for choosing `i come to talk story.

Peace is not being properly negotiated w/in our true human potential and with your ideas set in motion, together people can help sort out what is real and healthy vs what is programmed and ill. Please Donate to make this happen sooner than later! Email kara if interested; kareje@ictts.org

Peace can be an option for all, once understand!