It's time to prioritize survival, healing and education please!

Post date: Feb 2, 2018 12:52:15 AM

I share a message to US Gov and all people on earth. Please share it along your walkabout for you and your communities;

Pres trump/Congress/Senate/House of Representatives and all people!

Please note, Pres Trump, your verbiage may be real for a time of the past, but I could only connect w/Dr. Jill Stein's rebuttal to what you said at your first Inaugural Speech, for that is my experience of the years i've spent on this earth. Many of them being unaware, same as you ecologically whoring, unaware. I say that for every property you own or manage, where you part of the community's local plan to define what is best planning for the community, w/agroecological assessments/political movement which takes all life into consideration. Working within enhancing the natural potential, ending toxic.

I reallize how important all life, all wild life, all microbs required within us and that which surrounds us, for a healthy human exisitence! We as a human speices require genetic biodiversity to be balanced in every community, to link w/the next.

I can't believe you can say what you did during this speech without talking about priorities required by all, to do what we can to end all Nuclear accept some medicine w/no halflife. As well what is toxic and how efficinet our plan or one better can do this to fuel all to better define even as we link.

I had total empathy for you w/your lack of abiity to talk about the suffering now and premature deaths from Nuclear/toxic in every community not being efficiently handled.

This is not something to take likely. You and all must realize humanity has great options to help figure this out if all on same page. But you sir must prioritize this, in yur responsibe position ASAP as a crises against humanity. When yet all i heard was `Trade and business, for yes sir you are a business man and may of made profits, but how much ecological whoring have yu done personally, let alone what you bring into your responsible role now??

And if we had 1 universal sound science all could due business without it harming all life on the planet, but now everyone no matter what field you are in you must be consciously humane of the life you kill, bith humans and wild life.. Different places differently. This is why students can help gain prerequisites by prioritizng survival now, volunteering, gaining credit, etc. Helping the student within all sharpen one's sensors and take part now with what each can do comfortably.

We hace a plan to share how and this gives all needs to be met along the way as well offerings shared locally and each community defines prioritizys for locals first. We differ here, for humanity no matter where on is, should have the human right to have support to do one's homework and help in this transition that all are in. Making the opportunity for those that can to make a difference fueling all to change policy and make wrongs right. So each can work toward one's desire while par time responsibly working for one's local community.

But efficiently it appears, no one around you is telling you this, or are you not listening sir?? If common sense from every ecosystem sharing real needs and offerings, this can fill in this fragmented science. That permits business to be toxic, it must stop. You and every one of us must make good daily choices working w/one's collective community where ever at.

You can conserve and shift resources in a priority ER Triage mode now to these global issues w/global leaders/people, as each local community rep defines and can network/stop the toxic ASAP. By opening platform for this to be corrected by all doing one's local `plan, assessing with agroecological systems/political movement that is very clear on humans needs. So then responsible reps update real community needs and offerings.

We are working at this but our continued studying to do this on a low or no budget, should not delay humanity's goodness from helping many left behind and more at risk w/time and your desire to do more Nuclear which is insane!

ASAP please resolve these issues by opening to all to do what can and help educate w/our plan to make even a much better one if so?? When you have at your disposal people and platform or know of people that ASAP can do this. I will help.

Our plan we are working on is to have students use communities as classrooms, as well walk by all Govs side, network and go figure together w/all. Prioritize toxic, for you are getting incomplete figures, for many are left behind in every community we have traveled to in US and afar.

UN is not efficient. So are you w/your business mind naive to think these responsible should be roles have skilled ecological people to protect life on earth using good science?? Or just ecologically whor the way it is being done now, while people chase profits? I did it w/out knowing, education is not good and allows many to continue to do it wrongly.

When yet w/local `plans doing this, then mindful people do it for locals. Where even community pays for those in need to do what can to get needs met, as well offerings shared. Your idea w/Trade local is good. For all to think of one's own soverighnty s good! But to travel internationally when supposedly 27 cargo ships per day roll over in the ocean. at high risk to traffic let alone leave toxic killing marine life that is life to all!

Pres Trump, if you read my last few posts before, i gave a lot of recent data on ocean pollution and death of 2/3rds the coral. Plus this is our foodchain as well sea rise that is leaving negative effects already and rapidly continuing.

Please sir let me help you understand, let me be your mouse so i can fit into your mind and show you, when you are so preoccupied w/your programmed ways. For good investors will beable to continue once good responsible roles are filled and local `plans retain local controlling interest. To prioritize ending all toxic and restoring a sustaining working healthier community. Before it gets worse beyond our control to make a difference.

Which many skilled already think it is to late, but many also working at this will not quit, nor will i. I've reached out to the global community to help and to do their part. For we need research to rid waste properly and use clean fuels where can w/supplemental energy sources. NOT large grids for they too are an uncontrolled hedge fund mode also ecologically whoring. As many scared think that is the answer, but it isn't.

But agroecological systems sequestor the Co2, put nutrients back into the earth/space natural systems and give all communities doing local `plans, local natural wild food-fish-animal/localized energy systems/technology, soverignty.

You must stop Trade/business that is toxic like GMOS, like Russia is, as well stop all monocultures and use of deadly pesticides and even organic farms are contaminated by GMOS making them toxic. More important agroecology is like a great customized formula for each ecosystem/biome, and when worked w/neighbors now microbs/good bacteria link and help balance the good life that humans require to heal and make sharp sensors w/good education as students using communities as classrooms, self reflecting/self educating while helping all that can.

There is no better education, or tourism increase or job increase, then for everyone to interrelate in one's local `plan and make these changes of priority ASAP and actually celebrate along the way, starting w/local natural wild food potlucks/live music/gret skilled focus directed conversations w/scheduled follow up meets then celebrate and enjoy realizing all can be done by each part time interrelating..

President Trump and all, together we can make a difference ASAP when comfortable for all!

How crazy have we all been? Don't ya think it is time to be more efficient to handle all this vs Pres Trump you wanting to create more Nuclear, are you out of your mind? As well all legislators that claim to represent people?? People it's time to hold self and others accountable w/assertively part time mindful action in the instance. Our idea of sharing humanitys good work is to gather an do our/your local `plan, where ever one is, even if temporary.

For you/us locally are best to define working w/your/our students networking, what is priorities as well the global priorities effecting all locally, and how all collectively can have a rep in interchangeable roles and make a difference. For the US GOV/Military is unable to sort this out on their own, an efficient way without wanting more Nuclear, yet unable to rid the waste and damage now eft from Nuclear. As people continue to get ill/suffer/die prematurely.

So if you have a better way, please share, other wise we are working at an idea and happy to share it, so gather a group and lets talk in an exchange for us to fundraise, and get our platform completed w/humanities ideas for all to link with, as you define best together w/your community, and have rep share..

Please don't forget compassion, empathy and respect for all life, for we are in this together and need all to stop the waste of resources and redirect what can ASAP locally and those that have access help those unable afar.

Thank you and please come talk. I'm happy to do an exchange for fund raising for our US 501.c3 non profit association, to help us do this faster and reach out to all!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect..

`i come to talk story