If you think you know what your doing, think again w/us!

Our Mission

`i come to talk story is a US nonprofit. We are perfecting our global virtual platform sharing humanities links that work. Please see our recent activation of our `transitional shift message board as we welcome all to join in to make this happen. Excuse us as we will make corrections on all pages soon w/your Donations to help;


Welcome your students to use your communities as classrooms, focus directing w/all/networking ER priorities locally and afar, gaining basic human nuts and bolts, via like ecosystem/season and subjects, can be a very efficient way for all to focus directly together.

We welcome all to reflect w/our site pages and come talk, sharing what works/what doesn't. As you and your community create upon humanity's options to create your local `plan prioritizing the `collective earth-space plan, interrelating, creating upon ideas w/a `transitional shift message board (`tsmb). Where each able person posts one's needs/offerings or for one unable, while a rep posts for one's group on to starting one's local `plan, or in progress. Together restoring the ecological `enhanced healthy working communities, w/neighbors, no matter where you are!

We suggest gather all, have a natural local wild food potluck, w/follow up meets, celebrating along the way one's good fortunes to have such tools of the times to work together to go figure, working within earth/space systems in peace!

Your support in sharing/donations are welcome to help us reach out ASAP, contact info below!

Just imagine now, if all the people young and old running from issues, had the chance to see this alert in each local community/globally. So now each rethinks before they leave or during. Imagine yourself in their situation, especially the way politics is being corrupt throughout the world, as people/Govs including US Gov, interferes in others ability to simply live local and self sustain in harmony as all humans deserve to do!

If you see this post please don't wait for our limitations, unable to act faster, you do what you can to reach out w/your community and have a conversation to do this now for yourself/your loved ones/your community and help those along the way, as you share this. Let them know they too can start this conversation amongst themselves and w/communities along their travels.

See some update as Vox did a great job; https://www.vox.com/2018/10/24/18010340/caravan-trump-border-honduras-mexico

It's amazing how shallow Governing officials are! Please people they need help, for why is it that all Governing heads don't all on a UN ER meet and have a conversation to update humanity's needs and offerings, and use our local `plan, so all life is respected, and creating upon, until we do make an App, our `transitional shift message board globally can be put together w/resources at hand.

Instantly people's issues in the instance can be worked and local `plans, globally can be restored, so now people heal/locals work w/them to have a clean/safe/comfortable night sleep/shower/food, as they all take part making where they are at a better place! Meanwhile one can self educate and take part/volunteer/do an exchange while working into what you get clear on, meanwhile do an overview of basic personal responsibilities;

This list can become simple when reflecting w/sensitive skilled people to help you become aware if not/or you help others become aware? For many still are having children as unnurtured children themself in adult bodies, never having this personal assessment overview, as in prioritizing one's space to do a equal exchange that is fair. So one's true needs are met. And every community has places needing to be worked, and once one's local `plan is organized or even in the beginning of defining, you can take part. So now people come together prioritizing, and you would help where can, as in cleaning a space to be safe to lay and to have a good night sleep/perhaps a food kitchen if many/a place to clean and share showers/ do laundry/obtain clothes or items in need, etc. the basics of human survival!

So now priorities are continued on top of the list as in sex education w/protected sex, so no one carries bad practices daily without other sensitive skilled people sharing how best to avoid accidents/unsafe practices, and no one should even think about having a child when under such stress. Yet sex can be calming but you must not just think of yourself, for you must prevent an unwanted/unprepared for child!

Same w/addictions left uncared for, this can do serious harm, so please see Dr. Paul Thomas's work, as HEALTHTALKS has free videos and calender connecting these people, as Paul had recently an Addiction free Summit, showing how you can work off of pharma and street drugs w/whole foods/supplements/better practices/better choices. If a Summit has already happened, you can still go to their links;


So more on our `the sun will set spreadsheet as we continue to share and seek a better way for all to mindfully act energy efficiently, and appreciate your help to make this happen, for your Donations can help us create an App for you to just post and check in to others! See spreadsheet page on right side.

Meanwhile humane consciousness tilts the scale as human potential balance's true reality that all are earthlings, and only the local ecologies should become the rule of understanding. Not WW2 laws on immigration or Presidents unable to see this bigger picture, that they should not be solely held accountable, that this is a global issues for the International communities to come together and implement ASAP.

SO everyone is taking part in this `transformation make peace on earth/space, so no more scars continue.

What does this take for all to gain wellbeing as a human life right?

Well lets talk about it;

Humans are earthlings, and these scars are continuing and this same human made corruption, could happen to any one of us at any time, not to mention the natural disasters, as we speak of such controversy over climate change yet to be efficiently understood and acted on mindfully by all, so as to prepare for it, if fortunate to yet to have it negatively affect you as in the feedback loops from the Arctic creating global weather extremes now!

In our local `plan we prioritize toxic, as we use students to focus direct w/all, using communities as classrooms. Start yours now, wherever you are at, from wherever? Please start this conversation and rethink! We want all to know good choices will help us all co_evolve together so each give/gain, support to all, to gain self awareness.

Meaning take self responsibility and use your inner tools. Please be aware of how we all support these scars still while being unaware of doing them. This can stop ASAP, once we understand! And by working within the existing bad policies, more can safely gain a good night sleep/healthy balanced natural food/end the stress as each take part, part time.

Sure if your on the run, from whatever, we do have empathy for you, but you still have the options to aid in this `transformation all are going thru. Whether a long term resident imprisoned/isolated in one's own head, ill/or diseased without proper care, when yet care is here now to resolve naturally! Or very angry, not realizing how you must help one calm oneself! W/support from another, one can learn to maintain self discipline over one's self sensory observations vs belief. So get real for you have good tools within, and should look no farther, for it's up to you to sharpen your dulled sensors, if out of control!

One you or we create an App to see many options and to add yours, then to see once the local `plan is being planned, that you may need to co_evolve your offerings to fit within the communities needs, or change community? For the `transitional shift message board is a true tool for everyone's community shared tool shed.

Ex; This can be hard if accepted behaviors are abnormal, yet one accepted them as normal, riding on others wave, for you may need some calming help if you are unable to calm yourself. For I too know what stress can do and the good people here now to help.

Dr. Nancy and husband Yun Wang, a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor creates individual herbal formulas to help one sharpen one's sensors, balance the imbalances so you regain your control/taper off pharma addicting /damaging drugs, etc.! If can talk to them, they are in the Seattle, WA, US area, and can help you from anywhere over the telephone or email, if unable to go eye to eye:


We feel after going on 40 years of networking/researching, if all would tune into creating upon our `transitional shift message board posting your needs and offerings, staying in real time with yourself, see page on right, to do one's local `plan, where you gain insight to where you are best appreciated, or you get real w/making changes/self educating/volunteering for exchanges to fuel your desires to be whole, help others off balance, to co_evolve with us all and gain good healthy choices in need now, as the local `plan ecologically becomes the best rule of understanding via those ecosystems. As the biomes working w/neighbors are sensitively and skillfully replanned w/agro_ecological systems/movement, as those doing in groups globally, as the folks at SOCLA are doing.


See page on right as we share more on doing one's local `plan. And the more that come aboard and do one, either stat one or interrelate, even if passing thru, as you take part doing your exchanges fueling you to get what is important to you;

Or support us to create an App, so you just receive a link to post/as well see all posts, and off an running, you can rethink and shift your energy to then gain awareness of whom and where and how, to appreciate you doing an exchange, for you to heal if need/get personal needs met as you plug in, center and ground, fueling you to gain your desires! Sure like us all doing our homework, nothing happens overnight, but at least you can get like minded support from humane conscious people! As we continue to help define good people to link with, fueling others to come link, as we are serious of making global policy change w/your help!

Ex; Have you ever seen couchsurfing, these folks have the right consciousness for all to learn from and work with. As you offer or receive homestay, as you meet and stay w/locals around the world;


With all these conscious options and many more in patches as groups globally are linking, willing to share w/pockets without to help become aware ASAP;

No more need for Military profiteers/Military anywhere/Nuclear use when so much waste is not cleaned up and is very toxic making many ill/ same w/profiteers creating alternative large energy grids that give a false sense of energy, when localized systems of low impact from locals are best once people understand how to stop being wasteful/stop consuming and realize how this affects you and all locally and afar!

When community reps can be in real time w/Governing officials until they clean up their mess, and local `plans co_evolve the systems. SO no more profiting over restoring healthy communities, rather good investments are made as local `plans have students networking schematics, so local `plan retains controlling interest for locals. And space made for ER issues for locals and neighbors.

Meanwhile all are in good communication so no more does one community/country invade/or interfere in another's resources. Rather as entire biomes are rethought and worked sensitively/skillfully w/agro_ecological systems, all do what can to save life on earth now. Considering 200 species /day are becoming extinct and w/climate change controversy, that needs to be clarified ASAP and aided, so people prepare even now from the feedback loops from the Arctic, as global storms are making havoc!

So do you see how we can do so much more then to rattle over fake news/created news for profits/misinformation and science yet to be transcribed from/with, indigenous traditional engineers that carry forward good stewardship for our earth/space systems. So all respect the life that sustains us humans and protects it! All being on same page, vs such inhumane ways presently as in `Our Children's Trust lawsuit w/US Gov, such a waste not showing more diplomacy from US Gov as well the world, holding all accountable!

Together all can do so much more and our `tsmb and local `plan working w/neighbors is the answer to create upon! Please contact kara; kareje@ictts.org and fund us to create these Apps to simplify or do it yourself w/our help!

Peace is real now if we share humanity's good options now, for all to work together now in this `transformation! For w/our plan we will show sensitive skilled people to link to, to guide each in understanding the many unaware worn torn missing parts, each human has had to endure and address to regain balance, after all the scars on this earth/space that continue due to profits/misinformation, etc.. As many of us still contribute unaware, that we are contributing negatively!

Thank you for what you can do to help us! See more our pages on `transitional shift message board `tsmb and another page on local `plans, kara


Wow, what a treat to share Humanity's great solution oriented options now, so all can take what works for you and your community, to work within earth/space systems! Celebrating along the way! These below are a few Ex`s of what is happening now, as many have educated oneself due to such struggles, and the sky's a limit as each community can create upon the great patches of people willing to share w/pockets without!!

As in having a potluck so people share understanding how one's health is affected by one's choices, starting w/the foods one grows/purchases, w/toxic chemicals or processed with? How we think when no good self awareness skills to edit?

Interrelating as local `plan works w/neighbors reviewing entire biomes skillfully assessed w/agro_ecological systems/movement to gain one's own local natural food/localized energy w/out large grids or Colonial control from outside profiteers/technology based from indigenous transcribed science of good stewardship of the earth/space to work together, so all gain one's own sovereignty, as the local `plan's ecology is best to define what offerings and how much to whom, as all needs get met once supplying the local plan`s needs, as each work in solidarity w/each other community?

And now each volunteer, while finding one's space as the community, globally as a whole supports basic needs to be met in exchange, so communities work within the earth/space systems and clean it up/prioritize globally to save all life on earth ASAP!

The people are here w/needs not met and willing to do exchanges, and w/respect each can gain one's desires as they gain fuel from aiding the local `plans! Please help us do these Apps, `transitional shift message board, to sign up posting needs and offerings while aiding `transformation, so people everywhere share their updates and all one has to do is stay real w/oneself, respecting all life! As part time each work into interrelating in one's/or others, local `plan to make all restore harmony, before it is to late for us all!

** Please note we apologize for the link redirect box in error, you can open and click on link but it won't allow you to return to this page, or copy and paste link in, Google needs to work at this.

We apologize for any inconvenience as we try to perfect our platform! Take a fresh breath of air thru the nose, if fortunate play some nice music to take a break for this is all heavy stuff, but together we can simplify for all to understand and want to make a difference!

These are some of my favorites to listen to;



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF9uQI-SRv4n, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF-qs_jxrH0




Please see our follow ups to the Addiction Summit, as well sharing some ideas for all to do one's local `plan, as you can see more of those ideas as you reflect w/all our site pages

I can't thank you all enough for sharing!

Our take added to the great ideas from the Addiction Summit that Dr. Paul Thomas shared;

Illness, if not from an accident, is a resultant of accumulative factors we don’t pay attention too, for some are not visually seen, and others are known but incomplete if trying to supply a balance w/them alone.

If trying to regain balance, we have skilled to help us understand the whole picture, that many in western medicine don't. See Dr. Kasia Kines, she is a great lady, that is very experienced in Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), see more;


Same as w/The Institute of Functionality, as well Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc., if you do your homework, you then take information to these people and they can do great work w/you! Where as a western doctor normally is not educated in nutrition, etc. And Dr. Kines has written a book 2/3rd of it for you to resolve, and or take the book to a clinical nutritionist, for a doctor won't have the answers.

As well cultural bio protocols around the world work, as w/ these folks from South Africa and I share a response to this pdf, due to it being a big piece of the puzzle to our local `plan showing what can be done, please Google link below;


This shares the resistance as well see our comment to it below. On how it helps our plan sharing Humanity’s work, so all locally are best to put their own puzzle together w/neighbors, and share in solidarity, fueling all to Shift and Rethink, taking what can to co_evolve!

As all know community is very important. So please make space to read this in full and check back for updates. No excuse to stay isolated when we have the tools of the times to perfect! Such as Google, Nabble, LibreOffice and more which we thank, that can be free to you too, to organize and network!

Few Ex’s of what can get us stuck;

Many take one’s behaviors passed on as normal, from past generations simply trying to survive, in their realm of time and space which is different then todays. This interpretation doesn’t usually enter one’s mind, we just do a collection of toxic behaviors/substances, and many are unaware that we even do them, as well that they are even toxic to us, or the life that sustains us.

Then when we shift locations, Ex; Like Dr. Paul Thomas, from the great harmony in Africa, then to come to US, many factors were involved, and we don’t pay attention to these adjustments or give self support needed to work into them, or even supplement the deficiency from them as w/experiencing such early signs and adjusting along the way, this list is plenty.

Especially if get exposed to negativity or toxic substances that make our sensors more dull, if over doing, numb to being in the instance w/oneself and the reality around us, etc..

We can plan for them, always leave space for the unknowns, take a breath of fresh air throughout the day as well a nice walk in the wild?

I’d like to share w/ you all about my ideas of the lessons I feel African people living in harmony w/their large browser transboundary migration can help the world with ASAP! Maybe you can share a contact? As I add comment to the Kukula-Traditional-Health-Practitioners, regarding the pdf above and my feelings.

Actually I’ve worked our project thinking of riding on elephants w/students and their laptops/ODK (APP for offline editing ability to upload information/make questioner, etc., then add it later when have internet, great for working in the bush!) to share Humanity’s solutions while learning! This way the student’s can continue the conversations so all understand!

Elephants have meant a lot to me along w/other large browsers globally. Especially as I’ve seen other transboundary migrations worked at that I felt were being done for the best interest of profiteers, the little I saw, but I could be wrong. Plus all must of heard the Ted talk from a scientist I believe, that took part in killing many, maybe 400k? Thinking that would help, then to realize how their work stomping fecal matter and urine into the ground helps people build healthy biomes. You can Google the subject and it should pop up on Ted Talk.

And these species go thru such trauma over a death of a another. I’ve been told from an elderly recently that died that has a rehab for elephants, that her Mahouts had to sleep and be w/a baby elephant for 6 weeks 24/7 or they would die.

Can you only imagine the distress that a refugee goes thru or homeless, family that lose their loved ones or taken away, or people imprisoned within oneself, unaware of Humanity’s great solutions we have now on this earth/space or even with an illness such as a stroke and more?

Life is amazing when we start a thought process, like Dr. Ben Lynch states, not to give up! But I bet if I asked him he could show us what is happening to our neurotransmitters/genes and more, as that alone triggers the next act? Then to have stress adding more? Plus if can’t do what want right away, it needs to be calmly accepted or rethought if never can happen! So we take a breath of fresh air and rethink and connect w/the local community, even if not local! Ground w/the earth below your feet as an earthling!

I try to share now w/Pres Trump and his campaign, these last few months. Why? Because he is our President and it is most healthy to stay in the instance w/oneself as well become aware of those that Govern to do what can to help, as well correct or vote in another! And Best to do it collectively so as to make sure we all are understanding, for Humanity has options now!

So I’ve answered all their questions and I’ve asked many, and want to know why they don’t like our solutions, for I cannot agree w/many acts they are doing now, and I’m awaiting a response and then I will share the direction we are going in, as we then update w/the Greens!

I also did this w/Pres Barack Obama, giving all I could to hold him accountable in the instance. Then to finally listen to the voices telling me how bad he did while in office. So I decided to take a review of this, realizing what I missed locally and globally, and I don’t want to do that again! I created a Google Drive Document to collaborate on and many voices shared how toxic the world was from Pres Bush/Clinton’s and their surroundings, and Pres Barack added more and inherited more.

See our Document if interested;

It's about time to talk about how!



Please realize how good you feel when you say to yourself, I’m going to do this and do it? There is no more efficient way then to maintain discipline over one’s self sensory observation vs belief! Wow, we have powerful tools within us!

Any one can start if unaware and have support, of simple calming practices as w/this sensitive lady, Mukta Khalsa, PhD, thank you Mukta! And I like taking water first thing w/citrus or apple cider vinegar! Try it and then wait a bit to drink coffee or tea or eat, it feels great!


We realize and have empathy for those unable to go figure! They are everywhere walking the streets or laying in them!

And that is where community comes in, and please create upon our `transitional shift message board,(`tsmb), which is yet to be up and running from anyone. And we are sharing it as we perfect our research. For we are not at this time saying we will have a global network, but we are saying that we share our thoughts and if each community would take responsibility then together we all could decide if linking is best? The tools and the answers are all here, one just needs to understand them, so please help along your walkabout for you and your loved ones!

We can experience different ways and then make a simple explanation you can understand. Even make a song about your daily tools as they become clear to you or what you should prioritize, as some are worthy and give great results in time, that help you. Realizing you can do it w/others if choose, that can be fun! The local group here working w/Salie, a beautiful yoga teacher also has great music meets at the beach and camp over w/Daniel who also works w/her teaching people about snakes.

I thank Salie and Daniel, and his son Skyler! For their sense of community and helping all, along w/me overcoming my fear of snakes that I carried for many years as well many more have. These people do a great job helping us become aware!

So it’s a way to share like minded thought. Actually the last event they shared had a meet w/laughing yoga. Also Salie has a yoga meet if people are interested before the evening music/fire and sharing, etc.. So if not in Coos County, OR to ta meet her, then Google for your local community to connect w/one, for eye to eye is the best exchange for yoga!

So w/all the good people learning themselves, many will share if having questions w/EX; deep breathing/meditation/yoga/how to communicate w/self and others, most energy efficiently.

But if unaware as many of us still learning, not doing it or doing the right way, then to add more stress and their is a number of them, especially if stay w/those like minded people and not balance the deficiencies. Or if we don’t have funds for skilled to help sort out all the present controversy in everything, as well testing, to regain our healthy being/balancing energy by being aware of what is wrong around us and within us.

And I know all the work we’ve done sorting thru the controversy, but you just don’t allow misunderstandings to get in your way. The minute it starts not making sense speak up, and if you are w/people that can’t take the time to help you understand, then say can we schedule another time and explain your feelings w/them, and if they are pushing another way you don’t understand then just say, I’ll consider it, thank you and good bye and try another!

This `Institute of Functional Medicine, is new to me, thank you from the Summit, I had never heard of it before. Yes many of the ways but as w/some detail it is very clear and focused to get to root of understanding, especially if can tune into the right tests early on.

It is important to think and reflect w/where your pain is, EX; If stressed and been ill for awhile or misusing/abusing/addicted, what ever, when one says start w/protein and salad, you must go easy, for if your Adrenals have been overworked trying to process your stress and you feel pain in your lower back, too much protein at one time can hurt it more. So go gentle, see the link for vegetarian proteins, and add small amounts of animal or I even suggest not fish at first. Just use veggies to get that protein and a little fruit for taste balance to suit your needs.

Actually on Nov 5, 2018 the AutoImmune Revolution Summit will be starting, so register now for free videos for a short time, and if want to purchase to view later you can, this is how they promote free Summits, which is great for us w/low budgets. Break your cycle of pain;


Then whether funds or not, start w/a deep breath as Dr. Ben Lynch said. And I say w/a breath of fresh air as I love to go into the old growth, especially after a rain or during. Take a deep breath throughout the day, and breath thru your nose says Ben!

These people above work from the heart so don't miss out, the HEALTHTALK Summit calendar shows many and each person too has sometimes their own Summits, so check out their sites, if a Summit you wanted to see is already over;


Now make space to understand your options around you, whether you are able to do this by yourself or not? If not who can help you?

Our `transitional shift message board (`tsmb) can give you and your community ideas to create upon, as if every community would do this. We then can network and local `plans can guide us as a rule of understanding. So all needs get met from each person as well being aware of the communities `enhanced ecological sustain healthy working community, w/neighbors. As students use communities as extended or only classroom.

All people can give/gain, support at different levels, while healing and becoming aware, if all of us organize and network

For if all can aid each other when experience early signs within oneself as well around us, then energy efficiently all can gain! Especially if our politicians are not listening or we are not expressing clear enough, to prioritize what is toxic, within and without all life, and we think to do it most energy efficiently is to do it by interrelating in your local `plan.

And to gain understanding about this, is made simple by creating a (TSMB) in your community working w/neighbors!

By doing this your local `plan networks via like ecosystems/seasons and subject detail, as you take part making it happen. So what is discovered in the instance, all co_evolve together using what can. As well all prioritize w/the helpers that share w/us great ideas, as well resistance and who details, as we keep posting on our `the sun will set spreadsheet, as you keep their links and ours in your shared community tool box

So imagine coming to the table to start this, and we will be teleconferencing to share more detail w/you, so let us know if interested and check back for updates. For Humanity has great options globally in patches, and we want to simplify so all can gain such goodness, creating upon these patches, and take home what can and rethink what your community can do w/neighbors as you start your local `plan!

As well, the pockets of us without come aboard, and now the patches doing realize how important it is for us all to work together! Exchanging in solidarity, working within our earth/space systems. So now all gain much more big time along the way big time!

I can’t thank Dr. Paul Thomas enough for aiding us w/fine detail, as he shares the `Addiction Summit Encore! Thank you Paul and all for informing us of such a terrible problem as well how we can take a review within ourselves and this too is helpful for a variety of issues out of balance that many of us carry as normal!

So Ex; I just Googled this, to share what people think a gene is, but I did not read it, so please before going into their link below first see Dr. Ben Lynch’s link below that, so you see my point of what I’m trying to share here;

The genetic code is the set of rules by which information encoded in genetic material (DNA or RNA sequences) is translated into proteins (amino acid sequences) by living cells. ... Those genes that code for proteins are composed of tri-nucleotide units called codons, each coding for a single amino acid.

Genetic code - ScienceDaily


Take a review of Dr. Ben Lynch’s work, he has done really nice work to help us understand, thank you Ben! And his work needs a class so all seriously understanding what him and Dr. Paul are talking about it;


Quote Dr. Lynch; `Believe you can do it, and if you think you have tried every thing, you haven’t! If you believe something, actions will follow from that, so believe and be hopeful!

Filtered water is so important and please tell your County officials to stop the fluorine in the water, it is toxic to the body in and outside. You can buy at Goodwill, so check in and their are nice choices if have money, as well can get filters when on sale! Do you homework!

Vit D comes from sun, the body does not produce it. So if not getting sun then take a supplement. Other wise all others required daily can be gotten from nutritional organic whole foods.

See the 12 dirty dozen and 15 you can eat non organic foods to avoid toxic products and practices if can’t afford to obtain all organic foods, see link below John Dempster.

Get good sleep, exercise and socialize, trying to define what is available within your means, and smile, give some hugs and get them!

Depending on what you know is the problem? Reaching out to others can help you sort this out simply, so don’t struggle because you think you know! Go to the local library, they are my best guiders, if can’t afford a book. But surely every community can share and it is great to do it simply!

The Summit suggested the 16/4 fasting which is what I’m working at;

Stop eating 4 hours before bedtime, then hopefully you have a good night sleep for 8 hours or so, then don’t eat for 4 more hours. That’s about 16 hours. Drink water in am, warm w/pinch of citrus or apple cider vinegar. I just found one w/a mother, which is nice. I’ll explore if I can keep it going by adding it to my other organic apple cider vinegar?

Plus I make kimchee or if can’t I buy it, and try to eat a little at every meal, a fork full is good after your meal and some take a bite before and after, so define what works for you? I like to take a small amount and cut it fine w/it’s juice and eat it, or sometimes I make like a sauce over stir fry w/baked organic tofu I buy.

I heard a study but lost it, but women can get cancer from soybeans if not organic, and I can feel that when I drink too much even organic soy milk, it effects our biochemistry, so if over due it can interfere in the right balance required throat your activities. So I can only imagine of not organic how bad it can be.

Zen from `Mom’s Across America did a nice presentation! Thank you Zen! These women and men are doing a great job!

It’s worth it to simplify and weed thru the controversy to get healthy and stay healthy. If can’t do this now, please accept others that can read to you!

The root of most people w/illnesses get healed by using organic whole foods, it’s time to come together and make sure foods are whole and organic;

How? Have a fun day by going to take part in your local CSA to prepay and choose seeds to plant so you get fresh box in season delivered to you or the local farmers markets from farmers you support locally in your local `plan. For many may not have it readily available, or can’t afford it, so talk to them and do a work exchange or create an agreement? Ask them about what they are having problems with and help out!

The world has so much goodness to offer thus now;

When mishi was in Russia as a child, he would grab a biscuit and run for the day, if got hungry he always could help out a Bubuski and carry some wood for her and she would give him a meal. Never was there homeless hungry people. Rather you show up at meal time or bed time and people would rotate and share, so one could truly find one’s place in the community or heal!


Most important if we are to have a Democratic Government anywhere on this earth, then people should prevent toxic chemicals in our foods/air/soil/medicine and clean it up together and work at all toxic issues ASAP. No more allowing people to manufacture or distribute these products. Only skilled trained, so they are rid properly, and anyone that has them should be turned in.

It is a human right to have organic whole local grown food, without toxic sprays/GMO’s or monocultures accept as I can’t repeat enough, Industrialized Hemp to rebuild oil any more. But first gather at the table to do your local `plan and do it w/skilled agro_ecological people to access and do an overview of all your biomes w/neighbors!

For many laws are being broke and each of us can part time interrelate in one’s local `plan to stop this. For this is your communities and if come together and do this w/your neighbors, you will resolve via networking w/others doing the same. Not labeling as in GMO’s but not allow them at all in any product or animal/sea/plant/marine/fresh water, air, soil, life.

When one manufactures, they have to get a permit, who and what is allowing toxic? Or misusing a product/service causing toxic? Your students/the student within all, can focus direct with all and gain the ability to volunteer as well prerequisites as the schools co_evolve the curriculum while you all restore your `enhanced ecological sustaining healthy working communities w/neighbors, as well collectively for those unable globally! And share in solidarity!

Watch out for those that misrepresent like EX; Whole Foods


***Nice Source; If have the means let some one more skilled guide you so you can take some tests, EX;

John Dempster, ND, FAARFM, ABAAHP from Ontario, Canada


He also will suggest if can’t afford to start w/some basics;

Whole organic foods, or if can’t get all try not to take the worst foods that should be bought organic and choose what you most like, then see the list of 15 that you can buy non organic.

See this links below I Googled to help you out, as well as I study, Ex;



Vit D foods; https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/9-foods-high-in-vitamin-d#section1

Yet to view below?


Protein for vegetarian or not; https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/protein-for-vegans-vegetarians#section17

Nutrient rich food;


Check back as I yet to finish me edit w/all on the Addiction Summit! But I wanted to bring you aboard to realize how simple and beautiful life can be!


See the Comment I shared about the local `plan w/the South African Healers/Natural Justice/Legislators and K2C Biosphere & Tourism Nodal Centre;

Hello South Africa !

To the Kukula Traditional Health Practitioners Association, Mr. Ephraim Mayinga, whom I ask others if they have an email for him to please share? Natural Justice; info@naturaljustice.org.za and K2C Biosphere & Tourism Nodal Centre; info@kruger2canyons.org and the legislators involved, if one can share their contact email, or share this with them, for all to be part of this discussion?

Re; BCP-Kukula-Traditional-Health-Practitioners-Association-English.pdf


I want to thank you for this very good pdf you produced! As well I thank you for the work you all do in your communities!

It’s interesting how many of us are working on this level and it is nice to see so much that this includes. Although having the pieces to the puzzle is important, it is more important to create the mindful acts from the completed picture.

I’m a bit confused what the resistance to you is, for it appears the legislation you state is supportive of you? Please define exactly what is unclear, for it appears it is in support of what we say?

My thoughts would be that In our ideas we share Humanity’s options now, being done in patches on the planet very well. So as to take from these fragments so the entire earth is working within earth/space systems. As we speak of all doing one’s local `plan w/neighbors, using communities as extended classrooms.

So each local `plan reviews the entire biomes w/neighbors, that includes all the legislative set asides previously known as State parks, etc. for tourism or protection of wild species, etc.. So as to co_evolve it in a local `transition, where toxic is prioritized, researched and resolved. While restoring the `enhanced ecological sustaining healthy working communities w/neighbors using agro_ecological systems.

Where you folks stay in the instance creating legislation w/all involved. As our suggestion to do one’s local `plan, as all come to the table to recycle what is, into what can be.

There is no better tourism than to welcome people into your potluck as I suggest below. And exchange what works, so they too take home lessons, to improve their own, as they follow up w/yur meets helping out/exchanging. And no matter where one goes it will be nice to plug into the local `plan, showing the real ecological work needed to plug in or the joy s of life experiencing balanced genetic bio diversity, as well in old growth and how beautiful to have hands on working with it, for it to sustain all it can!

I’m referring to Prof Miguel Altieri’s work, no longer Professor but still involved w/Berkeley UNIV in CA, USA as well SOCLA working through out the world. As this is also a movement. You can Google these folks in Latin America as well Africa and more, if yet to know of their work.

But please realize I’ve yet to talk to Miguel about our local `plan in detail, for this is a bit different then what they do. But these people live it, they become legislators and create legislation to sustain their lands they live on, and utilize all the land to it’s full natural `enhanced potential.

And when I use this word `enhanced, you can see his pdf explaining more, Google it;


Miguel knows well;

A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

by using agro_ecology curriculum, which Miguel created by working w/indigenous still doing, w/out leaving toxic effects, knows well,

`which can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

Institutional structures supporting research and development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..

This work has fueled us to continue to perfect our virtual global platform called `i come to talk story, to share links, so no one has to reinvent the wheel. Rather all fuel each other to energy efficiently be respected so all communities doing one’s local `plan prioritizes are local and global issues effect us all, some more than others.

So as to bring critical thinkers together to collaborate and guide to make changes, including legislative, if those in charge cannot interpret the existing as you add here in the pdf, to do this w/all.

To assess and implement communities where best suited, to respect each community to balance the genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors.

And It appears that your legislation you share is saying this is your right to not just harvest species you desire but to live the way that sustains them and you.

Here in US, I’m presently asking President Trump to tell us why these ideas cannot be completed in US, so as to share in solidarity for every community globally to do one’s local `plan. As I tell him I cannot agree w/some of his wishes he wants to implement now. And to create upon these ideas are ways to resolve issues, not create more.

Actually I’ve been wanting to come to Africa to learn from the communities living in harmony w/large transboundary migration in tact. For I feel this would incumber even ore ideas to share, adding to the ideas of all to do one’s local `plan, linking w/neighbors.

I envisioned when doing a lot of work, which started when we had built a sailboat and was circumnavigating and crossing the Pacific ocean, then to hear of the Rwandan war and no help to resolve. This made me ill along w/other communities we witnessed w/such degradation, etc. So I knew I had to do something. We left US but when got to Australia, our family asked us to come back due to illnesses, so we did. And since then tried again to come to Africa and that did not work either, so I’ve continued to study from afar what I can.

Plus my last idea was to come to E African Islands and see if any one would like to build a sailing scowl w/us. As we would share in tools/how too, and work together on a beach or river access to the ocean, maybe 50’ by 50’ for each depending on size one would want to do, for we are thinking 38’-40’. For this plan we’ve worked with can be a nice cargo fishing/educational/live aboard, easy to sail w/2 Chinese junk rigs, and would be nice to have some nice recyclable wood, for I cannot cut down a tree unless it has to be cut, etc..

When we built our 42’ Wharram catamaran we found a 250 year old tree that had to be cut and all our wood we ordered was cut to our list from that tree. This boat we sold when we helped family and financed it and the guy ran not paying, so it put our plans way back. I asked a few in the E African area, but never got a response. But still open if such a plan could work!

Plus recently I realized President Paul Kagame was President of the African Union. And I also had heard recently that he and prior President Bill Clinton was being accused of war crimes and a judge in Spain wanted to hold them Internationally accountable and supposedly working at changing some legislation to do that? So I’m not afraid now, but I was for awhile for I heard some terrible stories of what they did from survivors in the Congo and surrounding areas, giving their stories to journalists and Doctors without Borders.

For I originally thought it would be good to share and learn as we traveled thru Africa and based on the E Coast, considering I could obtain visas to do this, and find locals to guide us, for I yet to learn the African languages also. But if we don’t make it to Africa, we will appreciate studying w/communities from afar! So please keep me in mind and share our link w/those that do live in harmony w/large browser transboundary migration in tact. And please I do feel, even thought not there that all your parks should be restored back into living communities such as these lessons from those can share, as wild life and people co_exist and no more any set aside for tourism or the delusion to save the wildlife.

Humanity can learn and guide, so everyone not just become a worker, but heals and reflects to the true energy of living a whole life on earth, by interrelating in one’s local `plan to realize how each are needed to make a difference! And make this happen so all heal, as earth/space life giving tools are in harmony as they get cleaned up, so as to stop the degradation and do our best to save life on earth ASAP! And prepare for more climate changes!

I do wish for Africa to be free of US Military bases as well all, globally. For you now have many issues as we do and other, but weapons are not the answer. Actually we are supporting as I told Pres trump tools to replace public weapons, as they would simply immobilize one not injury even as a teaser does. And police only can have a tool that has an App to detect early on these others, so no one gets hurts, and prison/jail reform takes place, as people become mindful local participants and all come to the table so police get to know each other.

And early on who needs what, gets met as people post on the (TSMB) simultaneously on a handwritten message board posted locally. As well in time w/internet for those users, and people shift w/early signs. As the local `plan rep in interchangeable roles also posts in time for it’s needs and offerings.

For sometimes all that is needed is just a little support. And if everyone is honest and stays in time w/oneself and shares what they can do, as well what needed, amazing transformations take place locally and w/neighbors.

Please enjoy this `transition!

Dr. Guy McPherson and James Shively are working w/the public on you tube to also share what can we do, w/heart, as they focus on the Arctic and more, when Govs don’t act, see an invitation and join into this technological journey, as all can do something;

Invitation to Tech Sector to Join Search for Solutions to Climate Change


I apologize for not giving you the links of all, but you can find them in our spreadsheet on our page as well it is easy to Google. Plus I’m working offline and unable to search easily so thank you for searching if these links interest you, that I share here?

I’ve respected `Natural Justice’s work for sometime. I had originally when working our project envisioned myself and students traveling via elephant w/computers/ODK.(An App to create a form, etc. to collect data offline then when have internet upload it. Some in Africa now are using it for medical reasons.) So as to share how communities can do this, as well learn the resistance and come together sharing as people overcome them. This way the students then could continue to focus direct w/communities and network, to maintain in time harmony for each community. As all network and share as in our virtual platform, links of what works/what doesn’t.

Also we share ideas of a `transitional shift message board, (TSMB) for people to create upon so as to link, as the local `plan shares it’s needs and offerings, while locals get their needs met and offerings shared within the `enhanced sustaining natural limits. It’s also a way to start this process or continue where ever one is.

Plus if everyone does this then people can Google and search. Ex; If one has to leave for what ever reason, w/addressing early signs all then collaborate, so as to learn the truth so as to hold self and others accountable.

In other words as I tell Pres Trump and yet to get his response, accept for wanting me to work w/him, is that all people, no matter who from where should be able t be respected as an earthling to transverse this earth/space, in respect to the local `plans being the run of understanding. So each then aid this `transition, help the locals and then the local `plan defines the space for how many. Meanwhile while all refugee camps close, and people work together to have basic human comfort/heal if need and self educate by giving/gaining, from all. As all come to the table.

And yes change policies according to the local `plans natural `enhanced potential. So when now total biomes are worked sensitively and skillfully w/agro_ecological systems, each season, this prepares people also to have ER options when needed. Plus as the Amazonian’s did long ago before they where interfered with, as they would trek and replant along the way, covering many miles as they would work the lands and sustain them. Knowing exactly where best to plant or replant what!

For nature has no natural balance until people do their organic exchanges making it natural. As well no ecosystem can be isolated, earth/space systems fuel us all, as they circulate life and death around the planet, all interdependent on the other.

So I’ve been kind to answer Pres Trump’s questions as well his campaign, and I also asked many questions and awaiting an answer before I decide to support him. Meanwhile I stay busy doing work needed ASAP! For I feel all of us should respect whomever in office and I disagree w/the much disrespect going on now. Where as if we the people would work together in the instance w/all, then good legislation would co_evolve w/the reps speaking for one’s local `plans in real time.

I’ve told Pres Trump I’m happy to explain more and I would like to work with him if he makes changes, or i will work w/others to do what we know works!

For it is wrong for so much toxic to exist now, from Nuclear radiation circulating the planet, mostly N Hemisphere, but plants are starting in the S, as well the climate change issue that also is not being addressed efficiently and can be. Not to mention the various toxic substances in each local community, from unskilled people in responsible positions not skillfully acting, plus fragmented science is permitting them, for a number of reasons, and we want to share links that aid collaboration to resolve, via like ecosystem/season and subject., as students work w/community to do this work.

Their is no better education then to have all students within take part and sharpen one’s sensors, by mindfully reflecting as local `plans start and or those started and already doing fragments do exchanges to then link w/neighbors, fueling others to do the same!

So I’m using your good work as a big piece of the puzzle, thank you!

As well I feel innately it is wrong to not have all humans live by the side of large browsers transboundary migration in tact. Not controlled by those w/lots of power for private hunt or those misinformed as in, people cannot learn to interrelate in one’s local `plan. Respecting all for their offerings, as the community is creating it’s natural biodiversity to flourish,, creating the cultural expressions Humanity is so fortunate to still share!

I would think you people would be well aware of what I’m saying as well how all life does it’s participation as large browsers too need their space. As well water needs to flow from the mountains to the sea, to feed the marine life, which sadly the oceans are in sore shape. As sell many species are dieing off and Dr. Guy McPherson whom has a lot of skills, that our students now still study.

And he is saying if the Arctic Ice melts this year, then along w/the Methane release, humans may have only a short time to have the life we all know on this earth. Due to now already the over 20 feedback loops creating havoc in weather. As well the climate change unable to sustain complex life and grains would not grow due to temperature rise. Unless Governments everywhere pool their resources w/critical thinkers and collaborate to resolve ASAP, for time is short.

Dr. McPherson’s version of climate change can be found on his website; Nature Bats Last.

Plus we also are telling Pres Trump that the US Military is the largest footprint on earth must stop. We are collaborating w/CODEPINK whom has a Nice Divesting site sharing how people can get out of Military supported businesses and find others to work with as in Banking, Credit Unions, etc. Google them if interested.

If you see Dr. Helen Caldicott’s website, she has very helpful links on Nuclear radiation, as she continues to try to help Humanity monitor radiation in every community, and stop it completely accept some medicine that uses it w/no half-life, recyclable.

And stop all toxic pipelines, Dr. Guy McPherson talks about how no once can stop cold turkey the dirty coal, for it would throw off the temperature big time in 6 weeks, where complex web would not survive. So we feel a local `plan fro people to work together and network these serious issues, are needed ASAP, as all calmly act working w/one’s students and schools if have? As well end all GMO’s/pesticides/herbicides/fungicides using glycosphate/Roundup, etc.. And each local `plan will research what they use that is toxic and network so together we make this process as energy efficient as possible.

We suggest to start this conversation welcome community to come to a natural local grown wild food/fish/animal potluck. It is a good way to stat the conversation so all hear real issues and create solutions in follow up meets. Have some live music, go on location in some beautiful wild space, for I can only imagine how beautiful Africa truly is.

When I go to the forest here I see the wild life of other places, it is been with me for quite some time, so please do your best to love it, and it will provide for you all!

So all can celebrate along the way, sharing gratitude for having so many good people to help guide!

I hope this helps all rethink a bit to find your space and sort this out w/all calmly!

Lastly I ‘d like to ask if you folks have awareness of the stories we are hearing of White Farmers in South Africa being killed by locals? And why? For also some have understood that these locals have misused/eaten the seeds and unaware of how to farm, which will leave them in more problems, is this true?

Please see this link I share on the `Addiction Summit that I recently viewed online, as I learned of `the Institute of Functional Medicine that may interest you? For US has a serious drug problem from the use of Pharmaceutical Opioids prescribed by western doctors that have been very irresponsible. Many deaths. And these folks at the summit show people of many types of addictions how to gain good healthy by using natural healthy means. Actually some may know Dr. Paul Thomas who put n the Summit. He is from Africa.

Also please note the street drug carfentanil, is very toxic, and can contaminate another thru one inhaling or getting it on one’s skin. If so may need and antidote, such as Arcane is used here and many are unfamiliar that it may take more then 1-2 injections? This is an elegant tranquilizer, and they are not sure where from? MX/China? and it is put into many other drugs, so people really don’t know how bad this can be. It is killing more people than the Opioids!

Plus I’ve been an intermediary at times for others in need and Dr. Yun Wang, a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor has guided, tapering off western meds into a customized herbal formula. He too offers to teach doctors as well community gardens as people should now what each community is more prevalent in as far as illnesses? As well until restored to as in agro_ecological systems, which will give optimum growth!

I’m happy to answer or please correct? See links below.

Peace be with you all and I hope this helps you find the words to get all of your needs met, and do see our other pages on our site as well our `the sun will set spreadsheet of links and add yours, or email me and I will.

Please excuse our work in progress as we continue to shift and try to simplify this understanding. So we share our thoughts along the way, and suggest each to create upon what best works for you and your communities, and link, for you know best!

Our objective is to seek out these pocket without and welcome them into share w/patches willing to share, as we yet to see any community do a local `plan, as energy efficient as it can be and more once locals do it!

We look forward to what life brings to us all, as we do all we can to make it happen! We are a US non profit trying for a Grant for we have yet to fundraise, due to prioritizing research to resolve what we speak of here. As well I have been working w/Google since 2014 and will be soon working on a new ad campaign sharing our work. For we have `15 million ads and more globally out there as we share along the way. So do please check us out, take part/correct us, and share along your walkabout for you and your communities!

Thank you again for all that you do!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln