How about this page...

When calm, it is a good time to sort things out, let me suggest what works for me, as I sort myself out here above, always working in the wild, enjoying nature's wonders,!

  • Make space to review a bit, `Time to turn the page and what we all are missing, if yet to, considering you are already here, or correct it w/us?

  • Now take a look at what is inside you, your family-loved ones and your community's commitments, please prioritize that schedule.

  • For efficiency, hold off on thinking of your needs and offerings, filling in our earth-space message board, as we do welcome you to help us perfect it! But please any person w/real needs, I know personally locally how bad it can be to gain help! Especially when one claims they don't need it, Ex; I got up at 3:am on 10.10.20 to check on a homeless lady, named Jennifer, as it pours rain, to call police once again as for the last 4 weeks, she refuses to get help, so she sits on a wet couch w/high winds and high rain pouring on her bare legs and her princess shoes on! Yet been coughing all this time, and I've called everyone and she still on the street surrounded by trash, tarps in piles but not on her, nor a blanket that hangs in the rain as I've tried to show her how to dry in the day and cover w/it and the tarp below her and above her, but no way does she connect, when it rains. Plus not knowing me, she feels I'm stealing her stuff among the trash all wet, pools of water around her from past rains, where others witnessed her beating herself screaming! Crises people from mental health come and give her a raincoat, that also hangs on fence but not on her, some water and bars for food!

  • So we all come to the table w/common sense, as it appears in US state statutes and policy's stand in the way, to protect people's rights, which in this case is a crime against humanity, shame on us all!! So one can be left endangering self and others yet still claim they have a right and even combative w/police and still not taken in to gain basic human comforts and support when unable to provide wellness for oneself! I recently took Amtrak to Portland, OR and along the track just out of sight of many, as well in town w/huge campsites of homeless!

  • Meaning Natural means as w/Functional or Alternative medicine and treatment that works, vs Western-pharma-psychotropic drugs then do wellness checks as this lady will end up in ER w/respiratory issues-limited testing and need for change in curriculum-as well financial means to gain what works! We are transitioning this w/all, so no one chases delusions or what you are used to! Rather I want you to self reflect w/incoming input from skilled I respect to guide us. You can make notes if something pops up, to do later, if you do not have serious needs ASAP. Or even want to bring attention to another, then please do! Now make a graph so you stay in control of all of your involvements, understanding this is for you to make space for you, to accomplish the best enhanced experience possible utilizing your full natural potential to develop a frequency unique to you, as you build your path into your opening! W/critical thinking many issues need resolving ASAP. This centers and grounds you if not already! Deep within, you will edit your baggage, as you feel energy from people in movement already working at these issues going in circles w/some, some inching alone w/solutions resolving! You can empty out so nothing steals time from you, nor will distance prevent you from connecting to what is important to you as you stay calmly present in the moment without stress, from it all!

  • Rather rethink w/us and help define the local communities leaving the most toxic effects on earth, and space, some life more than others! Together we have a lesson to understand why we would care about this, when so many have been programmed to live local? So we choose these communities together, as we all listen within to one's critical thinking, as skilled people guide us. So we choose who best to talk to these locals to aid their local plans w/neighbors! Defining how we can use our blank schematics, still being worked, for overall investment for each local plan. As locals gain skilled help viewing other like ecosystems w/same negative issues, to define how they resolved if did, holding self and others accountable locally and afar, as all become aware of not being aware, of how we contributed to creating this toxic locally and afar? So locals work w/neighbors and fill out this blank form reviewing others, as all welcome students skilled to help orchestrate these findings, using communities as extended or only classrooms, working w/professors and experienced people locally and afar. in ago_ecology! There is no better education or tourism then to welcome others in to share and take home more experiences, as we say open this conversation starting w/a local grown wild potluck on a small natural or organic farm to support real needs understanding what they are, and then add focus directed conversation, as healthy whole foods balancing our gut microcosm is the beginning to healing and obtaining mental clarity, making mindful choices, w/physical balanced energy through out one's whole body!

  • Let's talk earthlings, and resolve w/good technology creating w/stewards of earth, still living it. We welcome all to add to this message board prioritizing the toxic that circulates our earth and or those communities w/large amounts of toxic. As well use the tool in process for in time reality's needing attention! Log in detail and we will continue to update technically to make it work! So we know where and what for change to be researched-people involved-contact links to add or correct-monitoring systems in place cooperatively shared among neighbors, so no more vulnerable are left unaware, as Ex; Women becoming pregnant yet unaware of high Nuclear radiation levels, or homeless mentally ill or physical unable left without support? As we truly awaken to our global consciousness doing what we each feel can help resolve w/empathy-kindness and sensitivity, so all transition to resolve and gain the support needed, as we don't just overlook a priority right in our face and focus afar! So please understand this! As many are numb to basic human survival! Ex; When a scientist has needs or offerings on these priority locations, then we all do what can to see there is an over view of simplicity for us lay people to understand what they mean? As we see real experiences-video-photos-plotted on G earth-space, is what I'm thinking, using their tools to help all earthlings, listening to how other good stewards are still living with this good technology. As well be clear where and who involved, as well space for policy change, so people work the earth-space as it should be and once was, until Native Indians had it taken from them wrongly!

  • This is the time to restore our human common sense that once was and can be again and more, as we have the tools to perfect, more than ever before! We hope spreading this awareness more will come forth wanting the truth and stop blocking people from having a conversation to resolve, and these actually can initiate it, in their platforms already having the tools available! Same more organize w/your community of like thought so when people or wild life are misusing-abused, more have solutions vs await dysfunctional Gov to resolve! Meanwhile skilled log it so it does get resolved on a state level or federal if that is what it takes? Let alone bring all to the table as we have and take off hats and get real w/our human potential!

  • To be continued for efficiency and to utilize all resources to reach out to all earthlings, as we start this process, not just jump in but to get real w/all that is needed and do our homework!

This is Jennifer, tarp down w/blanket and extra pillow waiting for her deceased husband to come home! She was lucky to have some dry days! Same scene happens w/all wet and her sleeping on it! Tonight wind gusts are strong, it's cool and tarp in a pile while she sits sleeping on a wet cloth couch, bare legs as rain pours over her! I ask her if she wants to go get support and she screams again! Same this day, as she will talk one moment calmly and next freak, so I've watched her from afar, to continue to reach out to many to try to get her help and housed, vs upset her!

I'm happy to thank all involved for Jennifer is with one and off the street, it only took 6 weeks that I noticed in my attempts, so let this be a lesson for community to gather w/early signs and help us transition our Nabble message board for earthlings to get 24-7 needs met when unable to do on own!

You may say why do I not offer her to come home w/me? After a few attempts trying to help her clean up her surroundings and stay where she would like, and sleep w/dry coverage, and warm blanket, she got upset and went and got one she knows, telling them I was taking her stuff one minute and the next calmly talking to me and listening!

Not to mention I'm packing my boat to rid it! Leaving little space for us until we leave, and surrounding security allows no one to sleep in a vehicle! Tonight when I called the police and asked them to pick her up, I said this is a crime against humanity, to do a wellness check and then if she disagrees leave her get more ill, after all I shared w/them and many other Gov officials locally and afar, as well surrounding people, to step up and help, and few have, but not enough!

So what is wrong w/this picture when stores require masks and social distancing and it has been very hard here locally to show Gov the expense of suffering, as I've helped a few back and forth into ER, no help long term for some yet! Yet their are people in houses as long term residents are living in terrible unhealthy conditions as well homeless, yet CDC-WHO-UN and Dr. Anthony Fauci -Bill Gates and others feel they are right to regulate on one hand and Gov's breed sewers on other hand!

Meanwhile Dr. Buttar and k's of skilled are traveling the earth speaking out of the corruption and falseness of regulating w/COVD, when they feel they know the people in these entity's that manipulated the genetics of a SARS, knowing the vaccines are toxic in past as well unable to work for this human made virus, yet they plan to profit more!!

While common sense aids one's health when stay healthy w/what it takes to heal, and we have shown supplements early on, w/whole foods addressing early signs w/Functional Medicine; yet many unaware, so please share this while doing your walkabout for you -your family and communities!

Meanwhile Pathak and his communities in Bangladesh and others, w/parents as activists and indigenous farmers w/La Via Campasina, as a student had done remarkable work over the years spreading this awareness and becoming the Gov's to make the changes needed!

These patchestalk all over the earth and together all can link these pockets without basic awareness, as together all go figure more solutions that works creating w/humanity's solutions, in every community as our skilled students network using communities as extended classrooms! So please scale w/us agro_ecology and do your local plan w/neighbors, realizing no more can we just live local, when you will see the earth-space toxic defined as together all prioritize the local plans to start! As then all simultaneously join in w/local plans best suited for each!