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Are you lost in the fog or see the light of truth!

We want to simplify so no more waste of good energy over misinformation, we want you to celebrate along the way while gaining real understanding, exploring this beautiful earth as we clean it and space, then explore space, w/you!

If you want proper science and proper immunity then please read on, at the many tasks at hand as we strive for common sense. Please see some start up plans in transition and join in, comment so once we edit and refine we add! Thank you for sharing!

Please note due to so many errors on our budget from banks, CHASE BANK FOR ONE, HSBC FOR ANOTHER and more!

I will update you w/inviting you to go to NABBLE's link as I have been late there too see below!

So please Donate, email me kara; farmwuwei@gmail.com if have to give, but do take care of you first! As we are correcting errors on our own, no thanks to those banks snowballing on me, plus I continue to work off line on these plans, so do please take a review add and correct as I share Humanity's solutions we all have now! Join in and share, make space to define your part and do it part time, please!!

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Do check into this need today before July 26 please;

Dear all:

As you surely know, this year the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) is held, and the Pre-Summit begins this Monday, July 26.

Criticism of the UNFSS is massive due to the influence of the agro-industrial sector in the process. That is why SOCLA, together with other organizations and groups, has launched a " Call to governments regarding the 2021 Summit on Food Systems, promoted by the UN".

We invite you to read and join the call until this Sunday, July 25, from the following link: https://forms.gle/nwD6DkEsjhoLWvaZ8 .

In order for this initiative to have the greatest possible force, the invitation is particularly extended to networks, groups and associations of social movements, civil society, academia and other sectors committed to agroecology and food sovereignty.

Thank you for joining and spreading the call

Kind regards,


SOCLA Secretariat


Twitter @soclaglobal

FB https://www.facebook.com/soclaglobal/


Also I just love Shelley and james' work;



This below ink is old but nice to look up sites for updates!

Prepare now and please join in 5G Protest March 20, 2021

https://www. stop5Ginternational.org/5G-protest- day-March-21-2021


Prepare how you ask?? Review our work in transition and come in!

Note our new Nabble link and share please and I may not have yet corrected it below; but here you can see some nice updates!



TeI decided too much info and many getting lost in it, so everyone should have a package of `patchestalk in their back pocket! I'm the worst for all my yada, so join in! Reflect with ways that work!

How to handle stress, is to be clear and share Humanity's solutions we respect, as we together create a simple package! We need students to get involved!

Please take part, make a difference as you share your experiences correct and share w/others! Together let's package real needs yet to be done!

Please correct and add input, let's all go figure, while all prioritize local communities that leave most negative effects on all life! We appreciate if you share investments that work for your communities, as we are creating a blank form for each local plan to fill out w/bullet list, sharing in solidarity as all experience hands on via like ecosystems of agroecological systems in place, to rethink together!

As your local plan w/skilled students within all, find people skilled for you needs once you self reflect w/communities that have these systems in place, along w/large browser trans boundary migration of large browsers to fuel one's path and network! Then w/neighbors create a good transparent investment showing a schematic w/layers of how to do this, and get it done! When unaware we research and network! Once clear please act locally and afar w/these local communities of these priority plans we start with!

On Nabble we want to create a earth - space message board, so people w/a variety of skills fall into place w/their offerings as well needs, that local plans done right will supply!

No more can any just live local without also prioritizing earth - space toxic mind and acts and how to start where, joining in w/those locals, creating good investments to resolve! Then simultaneously gather and do one's local plan w/neighbors the same!

Warming weather has created a lot of thought Ex; Dr. Ye Tao's mirror project; Meer, at Harvard, to help us know facts, think clear and ask questions w/him and Emeritus Professor Guy McPherson, see more in link above.

This can fuel us to get to the realities we need, for all to resolve and can help part time! Make space please to review this.

I want you to understand no matter what on list below, we celebrate along the way having the good fortune of proper scientists to help guide us!

Whether warming climate w/climate change or excess carbon emissions from us all, or methane releases - melting permafrost, etc.. Understanding Aerosol Masking effect aka Global Dimming as we can't just go cold turkey on carbon emissions...

Nuclear radiation abundant circulating planet some places more than others, same w/Nuclear waste stock piled, other toxins, yet to have waste disposed of, nor stopping Nuclear weapons as well plants, and should do cooperative testing in every community...

COVD 19 is mismanaged from Gov's being mislead from International entities wrongly that are corrupt wanting to profit...

Proper immunity comes from getting involved, centering and grounding self, ridding one's baggage, using Functional Medicine-Alternative Traditional Medicine education;

As the nutritional pyramid is reversed, they don't use pharma unless ER short term only, they use whole natural food varieties, have great tests defining supplements, diet, fasting, exercise, ridding trauma before can heal, realizing Western Medicine needs to change curriculum.

Sex education as too many children having children uneducated as well Ex; Sierra Leone young women have high death rates w/pregnancy and more...

People misusing-abusing and can't free oneself needing help, committing suicides...

Bad insurance profiting and no good Health care! As Gov's need to rid Nuclear use and extreme budget yearly on Industrial Military Complex w/all weapons of war and support police to get to know one's communities! Plus all Gov's stay out of other country's business and take care of own, as well hold self and others locally accountable for what they do afar... Ex; see our package to prioritize and rid toxic on earth - space, while sharing in solidarity restoring, as well each local plan networks creating good investment transparency showing layered schematics of what needed to complete.

We welcome fragments of budgets from those of you that have done this to add to list, both where people show expenses from dysfunction, as well restoring so all that ends!

This list continues and will be clear as each local plan prioritizes w/neighbors and together we all prioritize these local plans leaving most negative effects on all life on earth - space as together we research if need and resolve w/good investments, changing the World Markets! As all realize we can replace the toxic and end Operation Warp Speed, end Industrial Agriculture and end Industrial Military Complex ending war mode economies via restoring our communities w/neighbors, sharing these good investments! As skilled students - Gov's as earthlings, network in solidarity, co_evolving the curriculum's while focus directing w/these patches still living as good stewards!

Together all can create good technology and policy w/every community on earth!

Meanwhile we show Humanities solutions minimizing what all can do part time, as we scale earth - space ridding this toxic or research what already is known yet to be done, as each community restructures w/agroecological systems as a base to get to root of these and more problems! While conserving resources to focus on that which needs long over due good research defining if have and use it! As Gov's ignored to prioritize to resolve and get it done! Now we must get clear and hold them accountable to prioritize! Welcome them to join in as reps communicate and stay updated w/them!

Join in w/our package we are determined to simplify, so all share, and join in the understanding of this structured package, w/abundant solutions, that together all can create upon, knowing proper science and who can do what! Please see for we refuse to accept misinformation or any one person to be overloaded doing the work of others! It's time to be self reliant, develop self while supporting local needs and offerings below your feet, prioritize the local plans afar, all choose to stat with, while simultaneously doing what can part time, as we critically think, while celebrating having gratitude to work w/so many heartfelt people;


Let's go figure ><<><><><><><>><><<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When calm, it's a good time to sort things out w/in self, let me suggest what works for me, as I sort myself out here doing above, as well share many links of others throughout our platform welcoming you to transition with us all!

Let your children participate as we want self reliant children, where they understand information clarified! Same adults! We welcome students! As too many are interfering when one does for the other! Don't want to end these scars for your child, want your child to walk by your side and do this with you! Other wise they will never learn how to survive what we have left them!

We want you all to join in with Jamen Shively's past meets w/many creating Radish.org events, as well his new `The Press Conference, where their objective is to save life on earth, resolve climate change, share consciously how to transform, and much more! This is your chance to share your offerings freely to the world!

See; Radish.org, https://thepressconference.org/, https://theconversation.cc/,

snac.bar intro; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoClIt27Z6M

They welcome all to come on Thursdays, sign up and share 2 minutes of your offerings, and if they have space you can do several 2 minute offerings of different subjects! It's time to critically think!

Then choose a time to have an Open House for each or combined I think, check out the rules for I don't want to misguide you! Or choose others w/like subject matter, and spend few hours when you choose as they provide freely this service in a webinar or do your own.

Volunteers take part, explore and experience! So we all can give freely!

The snac.bar saves all these Open Houses and The Press Conferences, for all to join in or build new conversations that merge, etc. or offer in emails to correct or add aiding others, or you start a New Press Conference! All saved in an archive to choose from, for the objective of mindfully acting to get these jobs done!

As well all share welcoming more so we get serious w/priorities and I add our take also to end these scars forever, for some are very time sensitive!

What I've been doing to help out as I notice is to email when I can correct or share our work here on `patchestalk, due to objectives being similar and I want to add w/Humanity's!

I can share them and more utilizing Google's Adgrant as a US nonprofit, which we appreciate and thank Google and Nabble giving freely to do this, and can do the same for you. And more if a Nonprofit, do check out their prerequisites, as well for you to organize w/your community to link w/us and more! I've appreciated Google's tech helping me from around the earth! Thank you all, as well Nabble thank you for your honesty! I actually have yet to utilize all they offer, so please do check them out! But we are transitioning and plan to do more!

I've shared real issues w/Google, thinking they control YouTube, which they don't so those that are being controlled or blocked from YouTube, please realize they have a form to rebuttal, etc. And it is good to correct or if they wrong, then let your supporters also hold them accountable, same w/other social medias!

Google wants to see our plans succeed, and I want to see them rethink their involvement, same YouTube, I respect, but not for blocking these people, and I ask them to edit their participation w/Operation Warp Speed, toxic vaccines, toxic 5G and wifi 6 ( Repeated Wi-Fi studies show that Wi-Fi causes oxidative stress, sperm/testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects including EEG changes, apoptosis, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, and calcium overload. And 5G and lower Gs are making many ill until they remove wifi and go back to wires- cables) From;


Sayer Ji and Josh Del Sol have shared alot about toxic 5G, see take back your power and more;


and more, supporting truth to be shared! I yet to discuss this w/them but will, as well all should;

Operation Warp Speed- Interview with Whitney Webb And Dr. Mercola


Google and YouTube, Please I suggest for you to do what is stated here, please have a conversation w/Humanity, so you do good work with us, not for us! I using your AdGrant, your Drive Document, G mail, your G site and see a lot of good work done, as well I shared a lot to make errors better... I appreciate your techs, but just as I get into your offerings and learn you change it! You want to think for me, I like some but not all, and it interferes! You could put a list and each can choose from that list what they want to add! For those unaware, please help them to become aware! I hope to hear your response to above link, so you see the toxic and co_evolve, ending these scars w/us from being continued! Please review our work and join in w/us, not for us! There is time sensitive work to be prioritized on earth-space and we need all to do their part to make it happen! If want to communicate or any of you please contact kara; kareje@ictts.org

Thank you Google and YouTube!

See more in links on our Nabble forum above, we are transitioning creating our package, as well a message board, welcoming all to share what works - what doesn't, where we will have such conversations and can start now, as we create categories!

I think it is healthy for more to combine and share to get these real issues taken care of!

I'm always working in the wild, and suggest you to take a breath of fresh air! I wake up on a small sailboat for last several years, enjoying the wild life on the docks and sun hitting the water and even the beautiful clouds that comes w/storms, enjoying nature's wonders w/beaches and old growth forest on my walks, as I focus on `i come to talk story! Prior to that we sailed 60k miles to other country's networking learning and sharing to make this happen! Now soon to package it as we welcome your help above, and share investments once all start one's local plans as well the priority local plans! As many scale earth and travel w/this platform!

We are getting to the point where we see we all can create on this list, when network your local plan's investments as locals maintain cooperative controlling %, as well sharing in solidarity!

So no more others come in and manipulate profits over your ability to ecologically enhance sustainable healthy working communities, w/neighbor's! As skilled agroecologists, which agroecology is the bases of permaculture, which also we are inviting, if need? To show you how to take entire biome(s) w/neighbors, going beyond borders! Which again you all will have to help, to sort out the lands and waters as you recycle your local communities, planning presently? Accepting nothing less than ending scars for ever, as you ecologically enhance your full potential, as healthy working communities! Preparing for all kinds of weather w/good technology that works based off of good stewards still living this also co_evolving in real time!

I've been fueled as I repeat the many at SOCLA Latin American Scientists w/Emeritus Professor Miguel Altieri and his wife Dr. Clara Nicholls, good work, which have much to offer, as many are in small patches on earth w/great skills to guide as well part of many Univ's; http://agroeco.org/, https://ourenvironment.berkeley.edu/people/miguel-altieri, https://agroecology.berkeley.edu/index.html, https://ourenvironment.berkeley.edu/research-section/organisms-and-environment

And Geoff Lawton's Permaculture Research Institute in Australia ; https://www.permaculturenews.org/author/geofflawton/

Offering his master class free now virtually online: https://www.geofflawtononline.com/

As they offer more! And many others skilled from these fields of science!

Jenny Pell for one: https://globalearthrepairfoundation.org/jenny-pell/

These sciences are more than just agriculture, they are a a way of life w/respect for all life!


  • Make space to review all this and Nabble as well our Google Drive Document.

It's `Time to turn the page on what we all are missing, if yet to, considering you are already here, so lets move on, correct what needed! If can't do see our links on our Google Drive Document as well Nabble site above!

  • Reflect w/skilled we respect, take a look at what is inside you, your family-loved ones and your community's commitments, as you all decide! Please prioritize a schedule, making time for each! To fuel by each being in control of self, if not give support, for Humanity has solutions and we are sharing many!

  • For efficiency, hold off w/us until you can sort out space for you! Then come think of your real needs and offerings, filling in yours, and link w/our earth-space message board in the building, as we do welcome you to help us perfect it, covering all bases and awakening all to do their own and link as a rep stays updated!! In link above I'm working it! But please any person w/real needs, I know personally locally how bad it can be to gain help!

  • Especially when one claims they don't need it where people need to help for official won't until state statues change. Ex; I got up at 3:am on 10.10.20 to check on a homeless lady, named Jennifer, as it pours rain, to call police once again as for the last 4 weeks, she refuses to get help, so they can't take her in, so she sits on a wet couch w/high winds and high rain pouring on her bare legs and her princess shoes, in lower 40 degrees F! Yet been coughing all this time, and I've called everyone and she still on the street surrounded by trash, tarps in piles but not on her, nor a blanket that hangs in the rain, as I've tried to show her how to dry in the day and cover w/it and the tarp below her and above her, but no way does she connect, when it rains. Plus not knowing me, she feels I'm stealing her stuff among the trash all wet, pools of water around her from past rains, where others witnessed her beating herself screaming! Crises people from mental health come and give her a raincoat, that also hangs on fence but not on her, some water and bars for food!

  • We all need to come to the table w/common sense, in every country, as it appears in US state statutes and policy's stand in the way, to protect people's rights, which in this case is a crime against humanity, shame on us all!! These Gov Departments thinking they are helping are hurting us! So one can be left endangering self and others yet still claim they have a right and even combative w/police and still not taken in to gain basic human comforts and support when unable to provide wellness for oneself! I recently took Amtrak to Portland, OR and along the track just out of sight of many, as well in town, huge campsites of homeless! Shame on Gov Brown for she is unskilled in a skilled position!

  • Meaning Natural means as w/Functional or Alternative medicine and treatment that works, vs Western-pharma-psychotropic drugs-corrupt insurance that should not profit and Gov should pay for, ending the war mode economy! Then do wellness checks as this lady will end up in ER w/respiratory issues-limited testing and need for change in curriculum's-as well financial means to gain what works! We are transitioning this w/all, so no one chases delusions or what you are used to!

  • Rather I want you to self reflect w/incoming input from skilled I respect to guide us. You can make notes if something pops up, to do later, if you do not have serious needs ASAP. Or even want to bring attention to another, then please do! Now make a graph so you stay in control of all of your involvements, understanding this is for you to make space for you, to accomplish the best enhanced experience possible utilizing your full natural potential to develop a frequency unique to you, as you build your path into your opening!

  • Dr. Buttar; https://www.advancedmedicine.com/site/ offers AHead Map free to have you reflect w/your issues! W/critical thinking many issues that need resolving ASAP can be! Your health comes first! This centers and grounds you if not already! Deep within, you will edit your baggage, as you feel energy from people in movement already working at these issues going in circles w/some when yet to rid trauma, some inching alone w/solutions resolving! Others enjoying the healing process and self education! To then get back to doing one's part w/Humanity building our package I speak of above, as well one's own! You can empty out so nothing steals time from you, nor will distance prevent you from connecting to what is important to you as you stay calmly present in the moment without stress, from it all! Leaving space for the unknown for Human errors will continue, and those conscious will make wrong's right! Sadly many take a long time when unaware using Western Medicine vs ifm.org, where you can find one skilled in Functional Medicine close to you, or do via a webinar afar?

  • When you focus part time with us as you regain your energy, this will fuel you more! To rethink w/us and help define the local communities leaving the most toxic effects on earth, and space, some life more than others! Together we have a lesson to understand why we should care about this, when so many have been programmed to live local? So we choose these communities together, as we all listen within to one's critical thinking, as skilled people guide us. So we choose what reps best best to talk to these locals to aid their local plans w/neighbors! Defining how we can use our blank schematics, still being worked, for overall investment for each local plan. As locals gain skilled help viewing other like ecosystems w/same negative issues, to define how they resolved if did, holding self and others accountable locally and afar, as all become aware of not being aware, of how we contributed to creating this toxic locally and afar? So locals work w/neighbors and fill out this blank form reviewing others, as all welcome students skilled to help orchestrate these findings, using your communities and the priority one's all start with, as extended or only classrooms! Working w/professors and experienced people locally and afar. in agro_ecology which is also base for permaculture!

  • There is no better education - tourism or peace process w/intermediaries, then to welcome others in to share and take home more experiences! We suggest open this conversation starting w/a local grown wild potluck on a small natural or wild organic farm to support real needs understanding what they are, and then add focus directed conversation; as healthy whole foods balancing our gut microcosm is the beginning to healing and obtaining mental clarity, making mindful choices... Maintaining physical balanced energy through out one's whole body... Too do your self satisfied career and share our work part time, together!

  • Let's talk earthlings, and resolve w/good technology creating w/stewards of earth, still living it. We welcome all to add to this message board prioritizing the toxic that circulates our earth and or those communities w/large amounts of toxic. As well use the tool in process for in time reality's needing attention! Log in detail and we will continue to update technically to make it work! So we know where and what for change to be researched-people involved-contact links to add or correct-monitoring systems in place cooperatively shared among neighbors, so no more vulnerable are left unaware, as Ex; children having babies, unaware, yet we can have good conversation on hormones-sex protected-healthy relationships-family planning-self developing first... Women becoming pregnant yet unaware of high Nuclear radiation levels or other toxins and not monitoring yet can share community tools... Homeless mentally ill or physical unable left without support, when many want to give, so all can give-gain support cooperatively... As we truly awaken to our global consciousness doing what we each feel can help resolve w/empathy-kindness and sensitivity, so all transition to resolve and gain the support needed, as we don't just overlook a priority right in our face and focus afar! So please understand this! As many are numb to basic human survival! Then to be mismanaged from Gov as in COVD 19! Ex; When a scientist shows proper science, and proper immunity you will know the difference, see when you view these video's, Ex;

Dr. Mike Yeadon, Unlocked - Covid-19 Government Mismanagement


And COVID Cover Up w Dr. Judy Mikovits The BioSecurity State Illusion That Led To Your “New Normal” 29Oct20


  • Once needs and offerings on these priority locations defined, then we all do what can to see there is an over view of simplicity for us lay people to understand what they mean? As we see real experiences-video-photos-plotted on G earth-space, is what I'm thinking, using their tools to help all earthlings, listening to how other good stewards are still living with this good technology. As well be clear where and who involved, as well space for policy change, so people work the earth-space as it should be and once was, until Native Indians had it taken from them wrongly! Same still in many cultures on earth!

  • This is the time to restore our human common sense that once was and can be again and more, as we have the tools to perfect, more than ever before! We hope spreading this awareness more will come forth wanting the truth and stop blocking people from having a conversation to resolve, and these actually can initiate it, in their platforms already having the tools available! Same more organize w/your community of like thought so when people or wild life are misusing-abused, more have solutions vs await dysfunctional Gov to resolve if they do not listen and work w/you? As well community's isolated thinking they know! NETWORKING is the answer by our skilled students, they need you and you need them, same all of us!! Meanwhile skilled log it locally so reps help resolve on a state level or federal if that is what it takes? Let alone bring all to the table as we have and take off hats and get real w/our human earthly enhanced natural potential! That is why we structure each local plan w/agro_ecological systems!

  • To be continued for efficiency and to utilize all resources to reach out to all earthlings, as we start this process, not just jump in but to get real w/all that is needed and do our homework! So you create upon us and add-correct vice versa as you organize your message board, to have your rep in interchangeable roles link w/us, and many, so all co_evolve together, w/one common goal to transition our understanding so all work w/Humanity ending scars of suffering on earth, heal and celebrate while self educating-exploring along the way!

  • Simply put do for self and be a role model, don't do for others, do with others, same don't do for children do with children, same don't do for unable cooperatively do part time so a join in and give the support for them to also do their part! Fuel all by each learning to do for self or we interfere in one's ability to do for self! This way all no more will waste energy on misinformation, as all do it until it is right and that is why good to network so what you think you know, you don't get isolated with it! Plus only you control you! Vs riding on other's wave! This is a way to reduce stress and redirect the energy that is stealing from your organs depleting your immune systems! Not to mention develop you to center and ground as you build your path as you walk it, sharing us, into your opening! Now the subject matter you define important to you will emit a frequency to attract like subject matter, not to mention can be a fulfilling career, even love relationship!

  • I repeat if not exploring seeing hands on w/others in patches doing this great work as stewards, getting out of the computer, actually Celebrating along the way, there is something you are doing wrong!

This is Jennifer, tarp down w/blanket and extra pillow waiting for her deceased husband to come home! She was lucky to have some dry days! Same scene happens w/all wet and her sleeping on it! Tonight wind gusts are strong, it's cool and tarp in a pile while she sits sleeping on a wet cloth couch, bare legs as rain pours over her! I ask her if she wants to go get support and she screams again! Same this day, as she will talk one moment calmly and next freak, so I've watched her from afar, to continue to reach out to many to try to get her help and housed, vs upset her!

I can't tell you how many stories like Jennifer? She can walk many are crippled more so having to walk far!

Let this be a lesson for communities to gather w/early signs and help us transition your and our Nabble message board for priority earthlings + microcosms to get 24-7 needs met when unable to do on own, and more, when interfered with!

You may say why do I not offer her to come home w/me? After a few attempts trying to help her clean up her surroundings and stay where she would like, and sleep w/dry coverage, and warm blanket, she got upset and went and got one she knows, telling them I was taking her stuff one minute and the next calmly talking to me and listening!

Not to mention I'm packing my boat to give to the Sea Scouts if plans go well! Leaving little space for us until we leave, and surrounding security allows no one to sleep in a vehicle!

Tonight when I called the police and asked them to pick her up, I said this is a crime against humanity! They said to do a wellness check and then if she disagrees they have to respect her and leave her alone!

Meanwhile state statutes don't focus on one getting more ill!

After all I shared w/them and many other Gov officials locally and afar, as well surrounding people, to step up and help, and few have, so she now not there! It only took 6 weeks that I alone did, not to mention others!

Well about a week later trash and jewels are back, this time w/bed on cardboard and soaking wet! Where is she now??

Now over 3 weeks her abundant trash still there and luckily I see no sign of her sleeping there! SO please all don't give up!

Thank you for what you all did to help her! Humanity has solutions, together all can do much more!

So what is wrong w/this picture of COVD 19 when stores require masks and social distancing? Yet Gov's not helping the health or education and it has been very hard through out earth to show Gov the expense of suffering. due to i, nothing to do with COVD 19, yet CDC is giving incentives to hospitals to claim it is COVD as well one's Death!

I've helped a few back and forth into ER, no help long term for some yet! Same their are people in houses as long term residents, living in terrible unhealthy conditions as well homeless, yet CDC-WHO-UN-pharma and Dr. Anthony Fauci - Bill Gates-Govs and others feel they have right to regulate on one hand COVD 19 wrongly and breed sewers on other hand!

Meanwhile Dr. Buttar and k's of skilled are traveling the earth speaking out on this corruption and falseness of regulating COVD 19, sharing Humanity's solutions, when they feel they know the people in these entity's that manipulated the genetics, knowing the vaccines are toxic in past, as well vaccines upcoming done wrong, ineffective, yet they plan to profit more!! Our links on our sites and our Google Drive Document, show detail of of this;


While common sense aids one's health when stay healthy w/what it takes to heal, we have shown supplements early on, w/whole foods addressing early signs w/Functional Medicine; www.ifm.org and alternatives, yet many unaware, so please share this while doing your walkabout for you - your family and communities!

Meanwhile Pathak and his communities in Bangladesh and others, w/parents as activists and indigenous farmers w/La Via Campasina, as a student had done remarkable work over the years spreading this awareness and becoming the Gov's to make the changes needed!

These patches talk all over the earth and together all can link these pockets without basic awareness, as together all go figure more solutions that works creating w/humanity's solutions, in every community as our skilled students network using communities as extended classrooms!

So please scale w/us agro_ecology and do your local plan w/neighbors, realizing no more can we just live local, when you will see the earth-space toxic defined as together all prioritize the local plans to start! As then all simultaneously join in w/local plans best suited for each!