Time to Shift w/Solutions for Our Earth/Space that we all share..

Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs...

Together respecting all life, if we focus direct w/the student within all, using communities as classrooms, all can do one's part to clean up our earth/space with love/sensitivity, developing new skills needed.

You will learn many new skills to develop you, your family or how to plan for one w/protected sex, and your communities by interrelating in your local `plan.

As well co_evolve w/your explorations, having space and energy to help others along your path as you walk it, into your opening.. Accepting nothing less than a life of harmony.

We are applying for a `One Today Grant, for all to do just that.

Please see how UN reports the Current situation;

Today, 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services and 4.5 billion people lack safely managed sanitation services. Unsafe hygiene practices are widespread, compounding the effects on people’s health. The impact on child mortality rates is devastating with more than 340,000 children under five who die annually from diarrhoeal diseases due to poor sanitation, poor hygiene, or unsafe drinking water – that is almost 1000 per day.

Not to mention;

36.3 million people–including 13 million children–live in households that experience hunger or the risk of hunger.

This represents more than one in ten households in the United States (11.2 percent). This is an increase of 1.4 million, from 34.9, million in 2002.

For more info;


Yes we all can make a difference by supporting each to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant. For we are in this together.

This is a lengthy read but please make space. Please call me if want to donate or have questions or email please;

Tel; 1-360-450-3749

Email kara; kareje@ictts.org

Every day is a good example to help `i come to talk story (ictts) sort this out. Not all can easily handle all this material, so please check in w/yourself + define if can stay calm + mindfully act gathering w/others to work thru this.

No one has to do this alone.

Good example is `Homeless Solutions Coos County working locally in Oregon.

Check out their facebook;


Call them to learn more; 1-541-217-4095.

Another Good local example is a local group called `Leaven No Trace, who takes tons of toxic trash out of hidden places. They are here to educate you as well remove the trash if you work with them to help county regulators organize to have a place to dump it.

Check our their facebook and see the amazing tasks they have accomplished;


Call them to learn more;

Leaven No Trace, has regular work parties to pick up trash along roadsides; Ramond Block's phone number is 541-404-9734.

These local folks are working w/real problems that our legislators/Pres needs to hear about it.

President Trump/Congress/Senate + all Governing representitives on this planet/g20 + all people, please work w/us. Support each community to do one's local `plan that we can fuel, to cover all bases ASAP w/ypur help, ending the high risk of loosing humanity on this earth/space.

Please all do what you can to take part in the upcoming G20 meet + please see what we say now to President Putin, President Trump + all that will follow;

President Putin, President Trump + all that will follow you, what are you doing now to change the crises many are experiencing now? For each community has their own, + many sharing same. Tell us a plan better than what we speak of below + we will follow. If not we will pursue what works.

If you give all the land to communities supporting them to do their local `plan, to redefine the biome(s), so as to be efficient prioritizing working w/earth/space natural systems to reverse the crises now experienced by many, vs for profit that has left devastating negative effects producing the crises. Skilled students working w/professionals can rethink/co_evolve curriculums while ecological sustainable `enhanced working communities are restored.

YES + 1 universal sound science will be created from the ancient old agroecological systems that work still.

Filling in the fragments of science as we know it today that have permitted such toxic affects in every community, etc.

Linking the balanced genetic biodiversity to heal/nurture/create sustainable energy that sustains us/pollinates our food/controls pests + disease, etc..

Give the land to the peasants to work agroecological systems, they will feed the world ASAP.

Plus these types of systems restoring working communities will end homeless/produce many good sustainable careers so people explore, not just whoring jobs, rid the toxic pollution. Vs Industrial agriculture that is using space for fuel + cattle, using toxic chemicals polluting communities, increasing the crises globally/space.

President Putin we know you + your people are more familiar w/these agroecological systems that have been on this planet for over 5000 years, replacing pharmaceuticals as well, as local natural/wild food/fish/animal/herbal formulas for medicine are grown. + Thank you for not allowing GMO into Russia.

President Trump/US, you can learn a lot from him + together save our earth/space, as all other countries would follow. Enough scars from war, when yet their is no transparent platforms for peace, so that all have a voice + is interpreted into the root of why the terrorists are fighting + who supported them to begin, as this chain of events is worked + wrongs made right.

To think of how bad it is in US to see the many vets ill, when yet President Bush + others should be held accountable for crimes against humanity, using depleted uranium in bullets in the Iraq war, when their never should of been a war. + Now President Trump still now you should pay to clean up the still Nuclear radiated weapons US left behind that is still contaminating Iraq + other places w/land mines, etc.

Meanwhile i talk to PTSD vets that say we can't talk about depleted uranium, etc.

Now the 2 of you could help the world/space get cleaned up as you hold your own Military/Industry’s accountable to work w/local `plans as tapering transitions are created to define + work w/agroecological systems creating local food/energy + technological, sovereignty with out needing anything from afar. Perhaps some input to begin with then get off of outside codependencies. This is what students can do + need to do, as communities working w/them can co_evolve one’s health/direction + self educate + become aware.

Gov as is must end, not needed, rather people you need to rid the polcieis that have made this mess, become whole + realize you are needed where your sensors are maintained sharply by you to work w/all as a all gain support/give it. So we all become mindful local, global + beyond participants.

`We the people have great options working w/humanity's ways that have worked for thousands of years, to be created upon.

Choose people that are local participants to speak for you.

You 2 men can end the largest footprint complex which is those in Gove making wasteful decisions as Ex; the Military Industry, along w/dirty fuels which can be cleaned, not to mention focus on waste properly rid from Nuclear. + Stop all Nuclear use accept some medical w/no half life + can be recycled. Students networking in each local `plan can define how many ill from coal + how to transform clean, as well how to rid the Nuclear waste, end the pipelines of fuel, etc. No more traveling across the planet when you have local sovereignty covering all bases producing needs. Especially as people become aware to downscale one’s toxic uses/waste, etc. + develop quality inter/intra relationships respecting all life, so each local `plan is built by local people, no matter where from. Each can work into exploring as a local, global + beyond mindful participant.

This life i speak of is for your children/grandchildren as well, for they to are affected now from the Nuclear radiation circling pretty much the Northern hemisphere from all the toxic use/mismanaged Nuclear plants/accidents + the many now at high risk, like Los Alamos Laboratory, even Chernobyl yet to be complete or Fukushima, as locals are asked to go back to contaminated homes in Japan. Yet what do you leaders do? Your not even holding Japan Gov accountable for this misuse to their people. As well the contamination of our Pacific ocean, etc. Which the COASST Program feels the birds are dying from their research showing warming of the ocean in the Pacific due to marine life dyeing. So each have their own claims. + Their are very skilled people to tell you exactly how bad this is in different locations.

Russia/Soviet Union/US + many more countries have polluted our earth/space w/Nuclear use as you President Putin have been accused of dumping waste + people prior to both of you Presidents have dumped waste in a variety of places, still leaving harmful radiation, + depleted uranium for weaponry which is not depleted, rather contaminating, continuing to move around the planet w/winds/currents/materials/foods via oceans/rivers/air/fog/dust/rain/snow/soil, etc..

Every time you men use toxic Military on earth/space, you indirectly are contaminating your own family at the same time, are you not aware of this?? Your money can’t protect them from this. The only chance they have is for you to create upon what our plan can fuel w/each community doing ones local `plan. So that you men can then know exactly the faults of whom, where. when + how to resolve it, knowing well as students network how to most exponentially + efficiently turn the global/space crises around ASAP. Protecting those most vulnerable.

President Putin you must know the deformed babies in institutions from Chernobyl, that President Trump you need to see. For you have a beautiful son, daughter + grandchild, but don’t push your luck, for the next one could be like the many being contaminated in communities as this Nuclear radiation continues to negatively affect people. Look at our `the sun will set spreadsheet as i continue to list research/doctors reports/pdf’s/videos of the Nuclear crises on this planet/space. As well the links on this page below show the damage from US trying to change climate change w/geoengineering making it worse. As well Al Gore’s wealth from Cap + Trade, which he should be made to give all funds back + stop such a destructive program, interfering in locals ability to live local. Same w/people profiting from it like Bill McGibbin at 350.org + more. + See space4peace.org + work w/them to end Nuclear in space + more.

It is very sad to see how US/others have left such Nuclear radiated equipment in Iraq + other places, contaminating US/Iraq folks then/still. Not to mention carry ill fate into children the men had when they came home contaminating their family.

If you support every community to work w/one’s students to network in solidarity globally for our earth/space, using one’s communities as extended classrooms, doing one’s local `plan working w/neighbors ending all false aid from afar, humanity has a chance to survive. Other wise the figures Dr. McPherson has worked will happen, ending human/wild life on earth in 10 years. Please see his link/video below

It takes a gentle man + a gentle woman to realize that this affects your family as well all others the same, no one will be able to run from these changes if you continue as is.. Yet the control you 2 men have is very powerful + if your work with us can leave great affects in attempts to reverse this crisis that many now are already experiencing. Enough scars.

President Putin being from Russia i know you have witnessed humanity at it’s finest, as well much death through war that US has never seen. I know how humble my man is from Russia, as well how bad it was their, as well in other places how beautiful working w/the communities living w/these agroecological systems in the country.

President Trump make President Putin a brother/friend, not just a liaison, so together the 2 of you w/rest of Governing bodies can help humanity now. If you don’t our children have no future/many have already died/suffered.. + If Dr. McPherson + others are right you may still see the death of them + humanity in 10 years on this planet. They don’t deserve that to happen. We as a human species are so fortunate to have this earth/space to evolve with, so please lets all work together, for all is needed. Sure perhaps not w/the bad policies or positions, but they can change or end. People can step down if they don’t understand + find their space as a local participant + heal. All can be supported to become aware, to be a local, global + beyond mindful participant.

The refugee policies are very bad, people deserve to be on earth + can gain understanding how to respect it. Look at how many are dying to relocate due to distress/war, etc. Humanity has options now, that is prehistoric + you men are better than that. The Military is right their by the Med, how can you allow them not to pick up those trying to run in rafts, then to suffer + die?? Where is your heads at this could be your child? Who do you think you are to stop one from walking on this earth freely? Police/Coast Guard can handle this without Military. Why do you think they are needed, that is terrible programming from the past that you are carrying forward..

Local `plans can help people become humane as they take part temporarily as a local participant, gaining fuel to work into exploring/obtaining the home they want. That is what all of humanity deserves + can work for, doing one’s homework. Please support people to build one’s path as they walk it into one’s opening. Each can become aware to maintain discipline over one’s self sensory observation vs belief. For all should have the right to study what they choose as long as they maintains sharp sensors + stay calm, respecting others to do the same, letting the local `plan be the rule of law locally, where ever one is. This should be reality now. So even refugee no matter where, can find space to help the local `plan + it will know if space + how to work w/one to obtain one’s desire.

Especially as we work to control safe protected sex, family planning. For no child should have to be born into what presently is happening to many. + You men are causing some of it, so i hold you accountable to hold yourself accountable, to respect all life + clean up your own messes, as well each of us.

We have so much education needed now in every community, as many have lost the ways that work from the traditional indigenous engineers/native indians that knew how to live `boon w/the natural world. Yet we can network + still have enough to guide us as the world has answers, they still use the ways that work. By giving them more lands as Prof Miguel Altieri says can feed the planet. Many jobs can heal, fueling people into self development as all come to the table + interrelate in one’s local `plan. If unable can be supported. To restore/redirect w/reality, vs isolated delusion of unrealities in communities now w/curriculum focusing to compete for profits. Not even addressing any of what i speak of above or below. Look at your people running educational institutions + ask them how real they are w/todays crises getting worse, are they prioritizing support for each local `plan to do it’s work by networking??

Have the skilled students work w/you + define the footprints you already have left from Nuclear waste/use/Military Industrial Complex/false green toxic, economies as President Trump + President Putin you both feel pipelines are good, as they are not needed, they are interfering in people’s ability to live local + clean up the messes.

You men are missing the bigger picture, WE NEED TO SAVE OUR EARTH/SPACE, NATURAL SYSTEMS + you/NATO/others are destroying them, from being ecological whors/dysfunctional/not understanding + can. For to do AGROECOLOGICAL SYTEMS IN EVERY LOCAL `PLAN, they are INTERDEPENDENT ON THE LIFE OF EARTH/SPACE SYSTEMS TO BE HEALTHY TO FUEL THEM.


What will it take to wake you men up, the world is watching + many will follow this, for it works. US Congress will continue to use you President Trump as a puppet as they did President Obama + many before fking up the ability to be in real time w/each communities `enhanced natural world. They are lost. + I realize you too can only do so much President Trump. Let the world help you both to go figure together + co_evolve the Governing bodies or people will no longer work with them + many already are not.. Rather people are nurturing one’s life to restore collective community to be present in the moment, consciously humane, regaining the ability to make one's `enhanced natural world to sustain them. That is our responsibility as a human, if we want the species to co_evolve if we survive, for each of us to do our organic exchanges + as a whole can do it much more efficiently..

What has been done to our earth/space is from incompetent people, which many of us have been due to our educational systems + having no social systems to keep it in check as we speak of our options here.

Dr. Helen Caldicott’s addition below is right, please read it. It’s time for the World leaders to come forth + not let the Governing forces that have continued to self destruct be in charge. Help those in need step down. Humanity needs to live local. If you men can not do it, please step down, or end your positions + gather w/`We the People + help make this happen please..

Peace is an option, Nuclear use must end/war economies must end/false green large alternative grids must end, all are also just another hedge fund mode, when localized systems of low impact w/agroecological systems are the only way for humanity to survive these crises + restore healthy working communities that harmonize. All else must end! Humanity has good minds for peace + plenty, if we all share in solidarity, each other’s local `plans, utilizing great sensitivities developing great skills working w/those that have kept our genetic biodiversity as much as it has, fortunately.

Humanity can make amends by helping people become people that are healthy over profiting or thinking of one’s own back yard.. Or what ever other misunderstanding one has.

Thank you for what each can do + i look forward to your response!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect

`i come to talk story, is a US non profit


If want to Donate, we can give you a tax write off, so please email for details.

Email + let our plan fuel every local `plan w/your support; kareje@ictts.org

`Begin as community leaders. If they cannot lead then don't follow please.

+ If think you can’t focus then please pass it on to another. Remember even if you can handle this information, realize many out their can’t, so have compassion + empathy when sharing, making it easier for all to understand.

For people need to focus direct w/skilled sensitive people, calmly, here on these issues. Every educational entity having skilled students can do this, as they than network w/communities/other students/schools/home schooled, so people are present/consciously humane working locally, w/locals to resolve local problems as they are prioritized + researched to resolve.

Which prevents us from leaving negative effects on oneself/each other locally + afar. For too many scars on this planet/in space + we are on a high risk path of loosing humanity all together.

Most efficiently humanity has options if we work together + we are fortunate to have great young + old minds. It is unbelievable how destructive we all have been/are, unknowingly as we participate.

We are continuing to network/continue to perfect ourselves/our virtual platform w/humanity’s goodness;

Sharing an efficient local `plan mode to transform oneself/land/sea/freshwater, working within each community's `enhanced ecological natural potential. Fueling healthy working sustainable communities to heal/nurture/prioritze to stay in the present so as to consciously act where can, networking.

I know from EX; When the students from La Via Campesina acted in Bangladesh/Mali/Australia/Nepal, through out the world they act clearly so all humanity is affected positivly. That is what each should do + if not confident then please read on, check back on top for updates here + call your Gov officials + repeat what others are saying, until you can feel confident yourself + understand to speak for you + your community.

Don't just act out of fearbased misinformation please!

Many on our earth have lived this way carrying bad behaviors from so many just trying to survive unaware, not understanding.

Humanty has options now to continue to restore/preserve each communities genetic biodiversity to link, working within the earth/space natural systems, giving us all options to do the same. To heal/nurture/transform into human beings real clam potential to be compassionate, have empathy for our human family + the life that sustains us.

So please reflect/take part + share, for humanity has the answers for us to work together + resolve now.

Sure we here at `i come to talk story are without budget to do this w/bells + whistles, but we know dam well what works + who can guide us all.

Look around you, much is not happening at the higher levels of Government, so please gather your students + use your communities as extended classrooms, contact them, share this + network w/your local community, reaching out w/others afar.

Not cause more misinformation/fragmentation/passing the buck, but to mindfully gather collectively + act most efficiently, welcoming help, due to so much resistance in almost every community on this planet, leaving people left behind..

All an able person needs is to understand.

Collectively unable can be supported to take part too.

As delusional people are in responsible positions, as well positions/policies that should be deleted, can be, + people can be supported to step down to heal/shift realizing they are still needed to find out where best they can help.

Present polices must be changed w/transparency + peace negotiations, from within one's local `plan, for locals + for those afar, now at the same time.. So Governing representitives of each community, are in real time w/you/them + your community, for you to make healthy changes.

Realizing the damage we are doing now to each other/the life that sustains us..

When we all can do our part;

Support efficiently local `plans to mindfully act, so simultaneously all are helping to restore w/humanity's options w/agroecological systems that have worked for over 5000 years, that now can be created with. Working within the earth/space + local `enhanced ecological natural biome(s), respecting all life, to gain the genetic biodiverse balance so as to link w/neighbors.

To create your local food/energy/technological systems that are resilient, without outside help. Accept for working sustainably w/one's neighbors.




Each can take care of your own backyard before sticking your nose into others. + Share in solidarity the experiences, not land/sea/freshwater grab as you have been..


Please realize Dr. Helen Caldicott's reality says it best, + that can fuel your thought to share, as you + your community prioritizes not accepting anything less than to end all Nuclear use, accept some medical as Helen says that can be recycled + has no halflife/end all war mode + false green toxic, economies.


I am watching what is going on in the political realm in the US with absolute amazement.

There is a concerted effort to discredit President Trump because of his previous relationships with Russia. But surely we need a president who can liaise and negotiate with Russia as our lives depend entirely upon Russian policy and actions.

Together Russia and the US own 94% of the 16,400 global nuclear weapons stock-pile. North Korea could blow up a city but only Russia and America can blow up the world. Did you know that there are at least 12 Russian hydrogen bombs targeted on New York City, LA and most major US cities? Towns of 50,000 or more are targeted with at least one bomb.

Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, England are similarly targeted while the US targets China and Russia. Donald Trump is the only person in the US with the authority to press the button. If the Strategic Air Command detects a Russian attack, Trump will have only about 3 minutes to make a decision to destroy life on earth. As of today 96% of Russian strategic missiles are ready for immediate launch.

A bilateral nuclear exchange between the two nuclear superpowers would take little over one hour to complete.

Did you also know that the US still has an official policy to fight and win a nuclear war?

Let us examine the medical effects of such an event so we can understand the lunacy of this policy;

A hydrogen bomb will land at twenty times the speed of the sound, and explode in the fraction of the millionth of a second, with the heat of the sun. It will excavate a crater three-quarters-of-a-mile wide and eight hundred feet deep converting the buildings, and millions of tons of earth below to pulverized radioactive injected into a mushroom cloud. Six miles in all directions–every building destroyed, concrete and steel melt, every person killed, most vaporized. Twenty miles in all directions people are killed or lethally injured. Winds of five hundred miles an hour turn humans into missiles traveling at a hundred miles an hour who will then die from compound fractures and internal organ injuries.

The shock wave enters the nose and mouth causing acute pneumothorax and ruptured lungs. Windows will “popcorn” producing shards of glass flying at a hundred miles an hour decapitating people and inducing severe lacerations. Everyone will be burnt, some vaporized, some charcoalized, some with third degree burns. Everyone will die - some immediately, some in a few days, in the most extraordinary agony, and suffering from acute radiation sickness. I often visualize people staggering around amongst the radioactive smoking wreckage looking for their vapourized children.

The US Federal government has stockpiled huge quantities of morphine, in case of nuclear war but all hospitals will be destroyed and all doctors dead or injured. Forty miles from the epicenter one glance at the flash will induce blindness from retinal burns. The whole area will then be engulfed in a firestorm of three thousand square miles - a holocaust! A fallout shelter is useless because it becomes a crematorium as the fire consumes the oxygen and bakes the shelter.

Now apply that scene to the whole country - every city and town. The Federation of American Scientists estimate that if the nuclear attack occurs in summer, America will be consumed in fire, coast to coast, north into south. And it could happen tonight or tomorrow by accident, design or computer hacking.

Millions of tons of smoke and soot will be injected into the stratosphere there to cover the earth with a cloud so thick that it will block out the sun for up to ten years inducing a short ice age and everyone and everything will freeze to death in the dark.

It is clear that the majority of Americans and the media are practicing psychic numbing and manic denial as they sleepwalk to Armageddon.

Thank you Helen!

(Please note i will leave this post up of this below event from the Union of Concerned Scientists, even though over, to give you a sense of options, as we share thought/see their forms to create with.)

In response to The Union of Concerned Scientists online conversation on Twitter, we welcomed all to take part + do the same.

I’ve worked to prepare (ictts) for this. So please check back. I do hope we/you end up w/a nice understanding to hold self + others accountable. A letter/form to be sent by all to Governing officials that work w/us to do land reform/permitting, etc.

For the negative effects from people/entities is a crime against humanity + each one should be listed clearly + the results left, so as each local tapering transition, that our local `plan suggests, can help all understand how to make wrongs right.

For many of us continue on many levels to contribute unknowingly.

Controversy over reality is abundant w/many having different talking points.

Sorting it out can be hard when left isolated, as you could w/your students, using your community as extended classrooms, do your local `plan. For not all issues are yours.

Good science resolves. So don’t accept anything less. Humanity has answers.

Who’s to blame. Check in w/yourself. Ask are you part of your local `plan. If not then come aboard + make it happen if none.

Don’t get lost in fragments. Students prioritize networking w/like ecosystems/seasons + subject, gaining from the global work that has been done by peasants/farmers/fisherfolks for over 5k years.

Solutions comes from agroecology.

Let them help you reflect, define issues for your community + resolve.

Do your homework to understand the root of the issues.

See links below for help w/letters from The Union of Concerned Scientists, as well our thoughts of what makes sense to us.

Becoming aware;

Thank you for all you can do! Twitter Chat:

Holding Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable for Climate Action

Share this action:

Tweet, Facebook, Google +, Email

The Union of Concerned Scientists invites you to an online conversation on Twitter with investors, scientists, and environmental justice advocates on why we should care about ExxonMobil shareholders’ unprecedented success pushing through a climate resolution and how all of us can continue building momentum for climate action.

Date: Friday, June 16

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EDT

Join the conversation by following the hashtag #ClimateRiskChat on Twitter.

And be sure to follow us (@UCSUSA) and our virtual panelists:

Ploy Achakulwisut (@_APloy), PhD candidate in climate science, Harvard University

Yvette Arellano and Juan Parras (@tejasbarrios), Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (T.E.J.A.S.)

Danielle Fugere (@AsYouSow), president, As You Sow

Katharine Hayhoe (@KHayhoe), director, Climate Science Center, Texas Tech University

Kathy Mulvey (@Kathy_Mulvey), climate accountability campaign manager and advocate,

Union of Concerned Scientists

If you aren't on Twitter, sign up and they will send you an overview of the conversation.

See links + mindfully act please;



2 forms to help you contact ExxonMobile + your legislators/Pres trump;



Thank you Union of Concerned Scientists for initiating this letter + please see our additions on bottom;

Tell ExxonMobil and Chevron: It’s Time to Act on Climate

https://secure.ucsusa.org/onlineactions/55U49RbOnEmjTw1hm1YnnQ2?ms=twitter see our solution

Business as usual is not a climate action plan but we are all in this together + need your help!

At your shareholder meeting last week, your investors issued a powerful demand for you to lay out plans and strategies to align your business with global climate action. Your shareholders were clear:

Business as usual is not a climate action plan.

The science is unambiguous; unabated burning of fossil fuels has (not will) resulted in devastating climate impacts around the world and here in the United States. It is time to listen to your shareholders and the public: lay out a strong, honest, and forthright plan to address climate change and join the global effort to reduce emissions.

Currently, your business is not poised to meet the challenges of a warming planet, and you continue to spend millions supporting industry groups such as the American Legislative Exchange Council that spread climate science disinformation.

Your shareholders and the public need to know:

How will you change your business model to move towards a low-carbon world?

`i come to talk story's (ictts) additions, (please note we have edited to clean it up + add more here after submitting);

How can you help the public make Governing policy to hold you accountable? How can all of us make Governing policies be transparent, so public can help in real time, + in real time so they do their job + not permit any of us to go beyond a healthy local `plan wherever we are or do business?

The Military Industrial Complex has the largest footprint of all. What you can do for you will help others come aboard + co_evolve the World Markets to become ethically + ecologically within human priorities to grip these real issues, addressing the real life that sustains humanity, as many scientists say we have less than 10 years before extinction of all life on earth.

There appears to be a lot of controversy that needs to come together + be simplified so all can understand the truth.

Our systems are dysfunctional yet we are fortunate to have many sensitive skilled people now to help us all make good changes now, as each take part + gain understanding. Which we see no better way than to do a local `plan + network in solidarity for all globally to do theirs, w/your help to help us reach out + share what can be done by everyone of us.

EX; Thank you JC, Lynn, Rick, Jen, + all at Occupy CoosBay, Citizens Against LNG, for all your good work!

See what FERC has failed to do + please take part to hold them accountable to make wrongs right;

FERC, Jordan Cove sidestepping Jackson County | | theworldlink.com

FERC employs new comment format at scope session

I can’t repeat this enough;

Humanity has solutions + can help now by working w/you + all to do one's local `plan, showing exactly how you have or are negatively affecting each. As well how to change Governing policies so they do their job + you not have to be regulators, only business staying in real time w/our earth/space natural systems + help all as a local, global + beyond mindful participant to do your part + help others that can't.

Please check back + add to/reflect w/others, w/what we are working on + appreciate what you can do to help us;


Thank you for what you can do!

End (ictts) letter..

Solutions to be added to..

What our idea of a local `plan can do + many do not realize how good investments can be supported changing the World Markets, by locals living local;

This way investors can invest + lawmakers enforce good earthly/space policies for locals to restore healthy sustainable communities over profiting due to bad science/etc. When yet Universal Sound science can be clear to all tongues as all take part in one's local `plan, making it happen.

Help more people come together as a community addressing issues so important to the planet as Miguel says, can be very rewarding to work with.

If Dr. Guy McPherson speaking for many scientists are right w/climate science, we need to transition as an earthly/universal community to make a difference.

I’ve asked Dr. Guy McPherson, Prof Miguel Altieri + Geoff Lawton from Permaculture research, soon to ask Dr. Helen Caldicott, if they change any thought after viewing each others videos/work, or need some data from others in order to define. As well if it is needed for them to talk + share more with all?

Please see videos of Guy, Miguel, Geoff, Helen + more, You tube has much also.

This is 1 of many + you can view more on youtube;

Guy McPherson - Sierra Club Dinner in Berkeley, CA 4.27.17

I suggest you review videos below that i have spoke of before that are self explaining + i don’t get into them on this page. But considering they are a few more of the major topics of many, contributing to one’s ability to restore healthy communities, it can open your eyes to how important it is to rethink all this, working thru your local `plan to seriously define what issue that is priority in your local `plan.

For the reality is `we the people can resolve this working together, networking so as not to be isolated unaware.

See please;



This video can be seen on YouTube;

Psychiatry the Marketing of Madness, Are We All In Sane? 2009

(It would be interesting to see updates, if people once seeing this are taking mindful action. This is my first viewing + i knew what i went thru w/a life of this w/my brother as he continued to be enslaved by his doctors, suffering/dying due to side effects, living unbelievably w/oxygen full time, sleep apnea mask at night, nebulizers 4 times a day + numerous psychotropic drugs that left no space for him to develop, nor would his psych doctors even consider an herbal solution customized for him as he was left w/misuse/abuse, especially when they would mess up on the drugs, leaving family to deal w/serious issues. Then to have psych people not on same page w/ER hospital + it took the local police to help us.

Meanwhile Dr. Yun Wang in Seattle, WA w/business `Oriental Herbs, works w/patients + counsels at SIOM, was/still is very successful w/other loved ones/friends tapering them off oxygen/nebulizers/mismanaged drugs onto an herbal tea or pills at times, then off them. + Maybe when stressed w/weather changes as w/previous COPD problems, they would take a few herbal pills few days out of the week, etc..

Communities aware work together + obtain insurance to cover traditional Chinese Medicine, but if trying to act on own, much resistance occurs.

I was in constant battle trying to help w/changing doctors that refused any herbs. I can understand better after viewing this video why i had so many problems trying to pay the 3k dollars medical bills from drugs alone + when i tried to get them cheaper from Canada, their doctors resisted. I turned many into entities to hold them accountable. It is bad enough to experience people suffering, not knowing what to do, let alone fight these kinds of battles, which are many in every community, where people are left behind.

Then once one ends up in ER/hospital, it’s all over if a doctor is no good, or we are unaware what to do?? More infection from just being their/more detainment of suffering if unaware if one is dying or not/many unskilled people working their w/good people overloaded in between. Yet i can’t tell you how hard it is to watch one die as their flesh fell apart, don’t you think researchers would know when cells are unable to sustain one’s life + stop it early on?? Vs having to go thru this.

Another one to read his work is Dr. Leon Hammer, whom now is writing in his 80’s created `Dragon Rises Acupuncture School in Orlando, Fl years ago w/success. He was a family psychiatrist for over 50 years before he added eastern ways knowing well they work + then was able to work properly w/both.)

To think in this above documentary how this can continue is a serious problem from us all not getting involved to stop it, not to mention collectively put all these issues in order for not all are everyone’s priorities, when others may be. So best to work collectively w/a local `plan.

War is bad enough, as many of us support it unknowingly + must become aware w/all these Nuclear toxic weapons of war, Military having the largest footprint on planet + space + no peace platforms transparent for people to take part in, let alone soldiers on these drugs/become addicted by going to their doctor in the Military, they don’t have to get it from street. Than to come home + see many w/PTSD. Let alone young/old/foster kids + pregnant women in a variety of ways are targeted also from pharmaceutical’s marketing psychotropic drugs, as many psychiatrist also gain profits from their patient’s long use of them, as they are pushed to ride on the wave from drug companies to make billions thru samples from doctors/magazines advertising + media, etc.. This video did it’s homework accept why would they not focus w/those taking their license away + more?

Many of us in US are not being bombed, can you only imagine what people afar are going thru, while so many here are in the fog trying to process what is real to each. We are bringing up some of the major issues that can be stopped + by interrelating w/your local `plan networking, each community can go figure being updated w/like subject.

To see the World Markets to follow the money is a good start of who is at fault + their shareholders can also be held accountable. Ex; ExxonMobile’s above experience.

Where are those entrusted w/our protection as video above asks?? Well it’s time for `we the people to get clear + hold self accountable, working collectively w/what works. It makes a big difference than waiting for another to do it for you.

We have solutions, please see Jill Stein's work that should be added to everyone's, so all come up w/most efficient ways to mindfully act;



Add that to Miguel’s solutions that have been here for over 5000 years;

Earth Talk - Agroecology Video; Who will feed us in a planet of crisis with Miguel Altieri, A talk by Prof. Miguel A. Altieri Shumacher College April 29, 2015

If a local `plan is done efficiently, students orchestrate w/one’s communities using them as extended classrooms. Co_evolving the curriculum while networking in solidarity w/like ecosystems/seasons + subject, globally. While every community restores one’s ecological sustainable working communities. Creating 1 Universal Sound Science verbiage as a daily chore, for all tongues to add too, so as not to reinvent the wheel, but override the worn torn missing parts of fragmented science that has allowed toxic developments without transparency or truth, to be permitted.

People together making thought based on ecological enhanced science, as we speak of 1 Universal Sound Science to be co_evolved to support sustainable living via similar types of ecosystem/season + subject. As in Prof Miguel Altieri agroecology is different than 1 at a time working for profits.. So put people together how best, will be defined, as students network? In real time or to respond, Google Hangout/Drive document follow up for different times is one way, as Google is willing to do what it takes to perfect their tools w/your support. That has been my experience working w/them as they gave our US non profit an Adgrant few years ago. G Suite for Education is familiar to many, + can work into this local `plan calmly?

With your support we are perfecting our virtual platform `i come to talk story, to be such a shared tool/archive of links, for everyone’s community tool shed. For not all issues of the times are yours. But at the same time all can define what it takes to interrelate + work within one’s natural enhanced world. Prioritizing if it is too toxic to restore + one should relocate, protecting those most vulnerable. For many of us continue to leave negative effects locally + afar, unknowingly, yet locals are not held accountable afar. La Via Campesina knows well of this land/sea/fresh water grabbing, which networking can help share facts in real time as global communities help if locals can’t.

Students orchestrating this networking can address present lack of transparency + truth, be specific for each most vulnerable, so groups network, giving everyone an ability to interrelate w/the abundant work needed, so as to simplify these acts of ER/prevention, so as to go back to simple living in calm states. As each become aware to maintain discipline over one’s self sensory observations vs belief causing misuse/abuse.

Networking is a start amongst all. As students working w/one’s communities define real issues for each, as all types of school/education network, working for one’s communities. Gaining prerequisites, learning when to volunteer, preparing one to explore respecting/taking part as a local participant whereever at. Leaving no one isolated or left behind w/misinformation. This way collective groups can aid those unable to take part, locally + afar, as good organizing tools are used for our global community, so each do one’s local `plan, sharing what works/what doesn’t.

So to hold self + others accountable let's ask Guy, Miguel, Geoff, Helen, ??what data to use as a gauge to define if one’s communities are too toxic to restore? As well how best to network as people come together for our earth + space, defining what can be done, if yet to have a local `plan or have a better idea??

Ex; Nuclear radiation that requires on going good monitoring tools to measure. + What networks to use data from for plants/waste dumps/accidents/old testing, locally + afar??

Ex; Awareness education/transitioning/interrelating in local `plans globally in solidarity;

Local sovereignty of food/energy/technology/family planning/protected sex/collective support for vulnerable locally + afar, supporting all to become a mindful local, global + beyond participant, where local plans become local rule of laws, knowing limits of life w/agroecological systems, changing refugee policies to local participants, peace platforms sharing Military resistance/profiting over wars, showing real transparency for all to take part in local/afar conflict/war areas communicating why people upset w/US/others to resolve solutions, sharing what works..

Ex; The list that Guy, Miguel, Geoff, Helen, others come up with that need prioritizing, defining problem + solutions?(Please note Dr. Helen Caldicott has a great wealth of material from her many years of helping humanity resolve this + become aware, so do check out her sites. For it is crucial to not go 5 steps forward + 3 back, as many communities have toxic Nuclear Radiation levels + those most vulnerable as in pregnant women/fetuses/family planning/protected sex, are yet to be aware. As well is your community healthy enough to restore?)

Ex; Dr. Guy McPherson’s Sierra video link above. Guy collects variety of scientists figures/work;

James Hanson Aug 12, 2015 history of humans, Shakhova Methane Arctic, Noel Brown Director of NY UN June 29,1989 says 10 years to solve Greenhouse effect before out of human control, UN Advisory Bd on Greenhouse Gases Oct 1990 said 1 degree C increase would cause devastating effects to ecosystems, Gerado Cebalous June 19, 2015 Entering 6 mass extinction.

Scientists came together in 2015 saying geoengineering not answer;

US National Academy of Science February 10, 2015 + EU Transdisciplinary of Climate Engineering in July 16, 2015

Human Erectus for last few million years living primitive existence but not over human population overshoot for 2.6 million years w/no problem up until few thousand years ago?? when homo sapiens came on.. Within 10 years we will be reaching the highest temperature ever on earth, same as of 2.2 million years, highest in last 2 billion years. When 90% of species + all complex life went extinct over 880-1800 years of temperature rise, yet now same temperature rise w/in a decade, 9 years from now. Homo sapiens here for 200k years + only last few thousand years have grown grains at scale can control food supply therefore control people.

1750 baseline. Temperature 1.92 degrees above 1750 baseline. 1.6 is consensus. Missing 19% + 1.9 closer. Maximum heating is lag by 10 years behind emission =1.6.Ads 1/2 degree due to carbon dioxide + equal water feedback = add 1degree. If stop burning coal, stop sulphates/carbon we stop umbrella effects = 3 degrees, conservative 2.5 rise in matter of days. EX; 9-11 planes stopped flying for 3 days + drop. Decrease in Albedo changes in Arctic 1/2 to 2 watts/meter + maybe can over come, but not geoengineering = 1.2 to 2 w/ice free Arctic dodged a bullet did not happen in 2016 but may happen this august 2017 + a tremendous heating will come w/it. Peter states it will be worse than that.. Inability for ice to reflect sun back into space. 1.1. degree rise form Methane in Arctic ocean from shallow sea floor.Shakhova states first 50 gigaton burst of Methane by next year from Ice free Arctic will produce abrupt global rise. Extra water feedback due to carbon dioxide, etc. = 2.1 degree rise. Put all feedback loops together = rise. Ex; Terrestrial permafrost in Siberia w/jello like substance where one puts foot on it + pressurized methane + carbon dioxide come out of earth, produces hiss. July 2016 video clip from Siberian times.com. This plus 6 dozen other self reinforcing feedbacks contribute to rise to hothouse earth up to highest range in last 2 billion years. Sam Carana states 10 degree C-17 degree F warmer by 2021.

Today we have information of contributors to climate change.

Prof Miguel Altieri

Root Causes;

Africa + Asia (Where these part of proposed TTP, etc?) Hunger due to Multinational Corps controlling food system.

2010 data in Miguel’s video link above, needs updating?? Industrial Corporations interested in producing biomass, use 70-80% of land, use 70% of water + 80% of fossil fuels used in agriculture.. More than 464 global land grabbing projects led by India, China, S Korea, Saudi Arabia. More than 80 million hectares + locals are left w/nothing. Industrial agriculture uses 80% of the land + produce 30% of the food. Systems suffer ecological resistant to Roundup in Brazil + many bugs resistant. Produces more problems than what it solves.

Turning food to fuel on the hungry continent of Africa, as large investors/corporations + Govs take land for biofuels. Millions of hectares of fields + forests turned into biofuels for export; toxic jatrophy/sugar cane/corn based ethanol/ethanol plantations halted by protesters..

Industrial Agriculture/Monocultures being a major force on biosphere where located as well far away as dead zones in ocean created from pesticide runoffs. Plus nutrient deficiencies from herbicides killing green plants, where peasant farming has variety of biodiversity components w/ducks for food + manure, same w/fish/insects/water fleas/worms/plankton/weeds eaten, leaving no deficiencies, as it is a totally self sufficient farming system.

Names of those leaving huge ecological tole on planet; Addix Bioenergy sugarcane biofuel plantation in Sierra Leone, Africa. ADM, Cargill, Bunge control 80% of grain, are grain merchants + retailers. Monsanto controls 1/5 of seed (new name Bayer?), Syngenta, Dupont are seed + biotechnology companies. Walmart + Carrefour are supermarkets.

US can only supply 12% of biofuel ethanol space. So they grab w/others from Africa/Asia wiping out forest + indigenous cultures that have been using agroecology for over 5000 years, leaving a huge ecological footprint on earth. When if use agroecological strategies you can gain food sovereignty, energy sovereignty + technological sovereignty by generating your own ecological systems that are going to sponsor productivity.

Miguel states solution;

Knowledge + technology is no problem. People in US/EU do not have millenary knowledge, no big social movement to counter corporation resistance, nor seeds, all the 1.9 million seeds especially in centers of origin, are in the hands of those in S America. More on creating a powerful movement to push the agenda.

Local `plans, networking, sharing in solidarity, globally. REQUIRES LAND REFORM To Nourish locals from biodiversity that is sustainable systems from combining;

Grains/veggies/fruits/animals/insects/fish/ducks/weeds as non crop plants providing more nutrient than EX; GMO Golden rice as a monoculture leaving deficiencies, toxicity from pesticides, depleted habitats, contaminating water shed areas, etc..

People don’t realize the real costs of Industrial agriculture/Green Revolution. Above the cost of food at the checkout counter, in fact many still think if they buy only organic food they are doing good. This is a very small piece of the agroecological systems.

Industrial negative effects;

Water contamination w/pesticides, nitrates, phosphates, bacteria, dead zones.

Air emissions; Methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide + others i can't put in here..

Soil losses, erosion; Loss of Carbon dioxide + organic matter.

Disappearing wetlands; Draining + tilling, dewatered rivers, impact on species.

Biodiversity loss: Wildlife + habitat, hedgerow + woodlot loss, bee colony decline, vanishing crops + breeds.

Human health; Pesticides, asthma, bacteria + viral diseases, antibiotic resistant, mad cow + E. Coli, obesity.

Agroecological strategies is a real science of combined systems to end all that + more;

De-coupled from fossil fuel dependence.

Agroecosystems of low environmental impact, nature friendly.

Resilient to climate change + other shock.

Multifunctional (ecosystem, social + cultural, economic systems.)

Foundation of local food systems.

Polycultures, animal integrations, rotations, green manures, organic amendments. 20 times more ecologically efficient than any other Industrial agriculture. + It is not just for small farms, it can be incorporated into large farms as rows are added of beneficial species to collect bugs to pollinate crop, or an island for them to go to then back to the plants, or animals underneath trees or different species planted for compatibility, etc.


Ex; Brazil 1 million people went to talk as they shut down the city. To accept nothing less than locals using agroecological systems passed on from centuries that work. Providing local natural grown food sovereignty for every community. Totally not reliant on any outside pesticides or supplements. It is a sustainable system from a combination of systems working together. Where it is social movement with state support for extension research, credit, markets, etc. A land reform w/access to land, seeds, water. This is a true local `plan using agroecological strategies.

Ex; After Hurricane Ike + few smaller came to Cuba, Miguel’s groups studied the fields + discovered that the farms w/hedgerows/agroforestry + other agroecological systems with stood much better than those without. + Most important was their ability to recovery afterward, those w/more diversity where more resilient. Resiliency is when no matter what the weather, grounds stay stable.

If people did not have corporation?? Would they do it as people? Corporate board policies that restrict land grabbing/ecological whoring of earth + space’s natural systems? Inform people who these people/products are + alternatives to them, so they don’t buy these products, so these people have to change + hopefully by helping them understand they will want to change.

Give the Peasants more land to farm, they have the solutions to feed people, vs Industrial farming doing 50% for feed for cattle + 50% for biofuel.

Define meat/biofuel alternatives.

Food production must increase sustainably but use same arable land base, using less petroleum, less water + nitrogen, within a scenario of climate change, social unrest + financial crises. This challenge for next decades cannot be met thru Industrial agriculture model + biotechnological derivations.

Features of an agriculture for the future;

De-Coupled from fossil fuel dependence. Agroecosystems of low environmental impact, nature friendly. Resilient to climate change + other shocks. Multifunctional (ecosystem, social + cultural, economic services). Foundation of local food systems. In (15-25 years, says Miguel in 2010 video so now 2017 so by 2025 - 2035, which Guy says now in 2017 less than 10 years of human existence which is 2027.) 75% of people will live in large cities, about 50, w/food traveling 1000 km. carrying 6000 tons of food per day, imagine energy, effects, fragility.. Need agroecosystem efficiency w/low external inputs, high recycling rates, crop-livestock integration. Don’t depend on external inputs, May Be organic only at first.

Peasants + world food;


1.5 billion peasant farmers on 380 million farms, 1.9 million crop varieties, peasants produce 50-75% of food, on 25-30% of the land, use 30% water + 20% fossil fuels used in agriculture. Have been here for over 5000 years. Give them more land. Now in Mexico, Central + S America, Africa, Asia. Globally 90% of farms are less than 2 ha.

Social movements are the answer + networking w/one’s local `plan can cover all bases, leaving no one left behind;

Key to achieving supportive policy environment, (movements of farmers, workers, indigenous people, urban poor, consumers, environmentalists, human rights, etc..)

The combination of family farm agriculture + peasants w/agroecology can feed families, cities, countries + the world w/higher productivity, efficiency, + autonomy, lower costs, be more environmentally sound, produce healthier food, reduce migration, + be more resilient to climate change. Up-scaling really requires social movements at the center, who can build alliances w/gov institutions, NGO, researchers, students, etc. but on new terms.

WHY is agroecology compatible w/social movements?

Socially activating (participatory).

Economically viable (using local resources).

Culturally appropriate (respects + mobilizes traditional knowledge.

Ecologically sound (optimizes-revitalizes peasant systems).

Agroecology provides the principles to reach food sovereignty.

Declaration of La Via Campesina, Mali 2015;

We see agroecology as a key form of resistance to an economic system that puts profit before life.

Agroecology within a food sovereignty framework offers us a collective path forward from the multiple crisis of climate, food, environmental, public health promoted by the industrial food system.

The real solutions to the crisis of climate, malnutrition, etc. will not come from conforming to the industrial model.

We must transform it + build our own local food systems that create new rural urban links, based on truly agroecological food production by peasants, indigenous people, urban farmers, etc.

We cannot allow agroecology to be a tool of the industrial food production model; we see it as the essential alternative to that model.

Response of peasant movements to aggressions by corporate interests, aided by neoliberal economic policies;

Social movements of rural peoples, ie. peasants, family farmers, rural women, landless, are increasingly using agroecological diversification of their farming systems, as a tool in the contestation, defense, (re) - configuration + transformation of contested rural spaces into peasant territories in a process that has been termed (re) peasantization.

There are legal initiatives fostering agroecology in Latin America; Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Brazil, Guatemala.

Local `plans welcome all to the table or to collectively support those unable so their voice also is added. This way all become aware to heal/develop/make a difference, by being a local participant even if their temporarily. For the present refugee policies are inhumane/inefficient + require change to adapt to the enhanced local `plan’s potential, which will require social awareness to change policies globally. By simply understanding the local ecological enhanced potential vs what is. Realizing this restoration w/natural building + sensitive skilled people such as Miguel w/his social movement w/agroecology is a proven way that works, for each to gain local food sovereignty + stop the Green Revolution that is toxic.

So globally every local `plan is efficiently working with the earth/space’s natural systems that sustain tools for all to do one’s organic exchanges. So each community maintains balanced genetic bio diversity to self sustain as they link w/neighbors. Ending all false aid from interfering. As entire biome(s) are rethought + sensitively/skillfully worked each season to sustain a local living rule of law fueling all to explore.

So no matter where one is, support is put into place for each to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant wherever one is, even temporarily, working simply to get to where space is available to live locally sustainable + to achieve personal harmony as such a participant. Until further research defines if can pursue one desires, respecting the local `plan’s ability to respect all life which requires space.

See Variety in this Permaculture video;

Inhabit - A Permaculture Perspective 2015

We are so fortunate to have so many sensitive skilled people, but they need support to reach out, + we have the tools of the times to do this, so please lets make this happen + more.

Don’t ride on others wave. Define what can we do for climate change. Students help network to define. Gather community, network/collaborate.

Organize, join in a meet, become aware. Don’t just swallow what you hear. Debate + accept nothing less than truth.

Don’t accept passed on behaviors of misuse/abuse that interfere in you being control of you. Dig deep, center + ground. Edit what you failed to in real time.

Realize our human potential to communicate.

Peace is everyone’s option if we organize efficiently showing the good work many are doing now. As is Lynn’s experience as a nurse over the years in US/Canada/activist/co-creator of community services, knowing well single payer works.

+ If each community can efficiently do one’s local `plan, w/everyone being supported/actually paid to do community services for locals + than those that can collectively come together for those unable afar as good transparent platforms are formed to share what works/what doesn’t.

All any able person needs is to understand + those unable can be collectively supported to take part as well, so all interrelate, network, then priorities + real needs can be defined + supported as funds are taken from stopping excessive waste that interferes in people’s ability to simply live `boon w/one’s natural `enhanced world;

Say No to Military Industrial Complex, bombs/weapons of war, toxic developments, etc. so people come home + live as a local participant, remove bases globally + stop all weapons of war along w/all Nuclear. Accept some medical as Dr. Caldicott supports us to protect oneself + stop it, as she knows if without half life + can be recycled, it can be helpful in medicine. Her experiences over the years w/her associates Dr. Timothy Mousseau, Arnie Gundersen at `Fairwinds, + more continue to do this work due to Governing bodies not telling the truth in real time, nor are they transparent w/real time realities of such toxic effects that many globally experience on a regular level, etc..

They know well the suffering Nuclear has produced from testing bombs/Nuclear accidents/mismanaged plants for profits + still building more as well Nuclear weapons, yet still US + many countries have no waste disposal in place, as it contaminates our earth continually. + It has been known of it’s serious destructive powers early on, yet Corporations mismanage/Congress/US Gov continues to use it.

See our `the sun will set spreadsheet on our Google site, for a variety of videos, pdf’s, research papers, etc. on Nuclear as well sharing the living local process + more as we need your support to help us perfect it, as a US non profit, your donation can be a tax write off. If interested please email kara; kareje@ictts.org for further details.

This together all can stop if Universal Sound Science verbiage is applied supporting local `plans for all to be on same page w/our earth/space/human/wildlife that sustains us, etc. into real needs that people experience daily, which a local `plan will give support to self develop, interrelate + resolve, staying in real time..

Don’t ride on others wave.

Get to know what can we do for climate change. Students help network to define.

Gather community, network/collaborate.

Do a walkabout.Not all issues are yours. Prioritize what is real for you + your community. Do your local `plan. It will tell all if locals come together + remove the Colonial grids, so no more does anyone afar come in + control resources to be used for a far, etc.

Don’t get lost in psychobabble. Feel real energy in mindful acts.

Love is not enough to restore your natural community.

Students networking will bring together solutions to self reflect with, as your local `plan defines. Humanity has options to create + resolve with sensitivity, skill + love.

Welcome students to help do a local `plan.

Restore a healthy community.

Accept nothing less.

Imagine funds from war stopping, to support local people to harmonize as our earth/space natural systems gain respect. Where art lived fills the air, as in personal support for transformations, as in our;

`Transitional Shift Message Board

on our Nabble site in post on left side, as well spreadsheet on Google site, to start sharing everyone’s desire to take part, nurturing/healing abilities to `boon w/our natural `enhanced world. Restoring healthy resilient communities, where no one is left behind.

Sharing what makes each comfortable as each self register + stay in real time w/oneself. A great variety of alternative ways to share/care for the many long overdue that have been left behind as w/locals in every community consisting of children/adults/vets/seniors homeless/suffering/diseased/over medicated/incorrectly diagnosed, + yes even wildlife/pets misused/abused, etc.

When yet the world/humanity offers us a great deal of alternative medicine/science to address ER preparedness + even go beyond prevention, to simply living in harmony w/the natural `enhanced world each local `plan can create, when working w/the natural systems of earth/space..

Then perhaps our minds can be free to collectively deal w/our local + afar issues ASAP simultaneously. For their are so many needed jobs to make this happen, plus the joy from this transformation is amazing. Much better than as many work for ecological whoring jobs, not even knowing their is an option to create w/natural building, agroecological systems fueling everyone’s local `plan, as each community balances one’s natural world, to link it’s genetic biodiversity.

So we all get to the real root of what sustains our energy + protect it.

I share a letter to FERC in response to saying NO to Jordon Cove, a LNG plant owned by Corporations afar, to take LNG afar, trying over years to come in to the local community to build an LNG plant;

To FERC Re; Jordon Cove docket number PF17-4

Please co_evolve with `we the people, working together + say No to Jordon Cove after using sound science to show LNG plants to carry fuel afar is not the answer..

It is very unfair to even allow fragmented marketing of Jordon Cove, when people are uninformed. You should not allow any advertising unless it has both sides to the equation debating their facts, so together Sound science can be the rule of law for each local `plan that is needed.

NOAA included natural gas + coal in their global update on numbers for climate rise, sunday of over 400.

Please see;


I thank the many working hard to show the truth that you people have failed to address + I can only add more fragments of priorities, when FERC should put it all in perspective. So please do take this into review + ASAP stop Jordon Cove + all pipelines;

A 30 comment period is not long enough to respond to thousands of pages. FERC should extend the comment deadline until all is debated factually w/Sound Science.

The company has not filed all the resource reports yet. All draft resource reports should be made available to the public so that we can give informed comments.

Hearings should be pushed back so that adequate notice can be given to the public.

FERC should hold a hearing in Jackson County and in an urban center like Portland. Currently hearings are scheduled for only 3 of 4 impacted counties and none are scheduled for major population centers in the state. This is a statewide issue and all folks should have the opportunity to have their voices heard. Many folks in rural Oregon have limited internet access and deserve an opportunity to give comments in person without unnecessary travel barriers.

I speak for my personal experiences living in the Charleston Marina, under the control of the Port of Coos Bay;

Ex; A local Fisheries in Marina failed to have proper valves + had an ammonia leak almost killing my man + few others, as they blocked off the marina not realizing people were even down their. First responders were not aware of how to properly care for those subjected to the fumes. No follow up.

Ex; I’ve asked the Marina from the beginning why no ladders on docks to get out of water if one falls in, i’ve had to tie one due to too heavy, seen others be pulled out unable to get out them self, recently a small girl thru a crab pot w/line wrapped around foot on dock + went down w/it, luckily to have one help her get out. One fell off sailboat few years ago w/no life jacket + current took him to buoy, which if known of ladder may of reconsidered, he went down, + stayed down when they finally found him. Meanwhile they searched the old river area.

Marina is in limbo w/locals over budget, electrical realities + more, still unresolved, due to trying to get budget under control. Meanwhile they invested in train + other community functions + state they will pay half of Jordon Cove’s dredging in river.

Meanwhile Commercial fisher folks know well it is not good for them to await the boats along w/the very large boats involved, or ecosystem to be disturbed or the reality of Charleston Marina not getting even safety issues met due to budgets/ability to organize, so what would people do w/real accident from Jordon Cove's potential realities, let alone the inconvenience to those w/eminent domain + more?? Considering this statement is limited, i say more to be done as locals take part working w/Port.

I’m filing as an individual here in Or. But we share our idea of a local `plan w/our non profit, to show you humanities good work when people work within the earth/space systems;

`i come to talk story, (ictts) www.ictts.org

End all Nuclear + war modes, false green toxic economies as in LNG, + do it w/peace platforms where every local `plan on earth knows who is resisting + why. So that all get clear to make wrongs right. US GOV/MILITARY is wrong to take weapons of war against communities/destroy habitats, for no ecosystem can be isolated.

Mindful people do not want to be allowed to remain unaware. Jordon Cove is a good example paying over 1 million dollars to support how good they will be when yet local programs were not supported to do one’s local `plan welcoming locals to go figure for locals. Rather the local jobs will be minimal to what they could be if a true `enhanced ecological sustaining use of the property was taking place in stead.

Gather w/like minded. Humanity has answers, network. Solutions come from agroecological systems that are resilient + protect all life, preventing people from these acts of misuse/abuse.

Do a local `plan. Interrelate w/humanity’s options working w/the `enhanced natural world. Agroecology works.

Professor Miguel Altieri explains this best what is needed + these needs fuel our virtual platform to perfect;

A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

Defining first what is toxic, whether Nuclear radiation from local or afar that continues to need monitoring + is it? Or is it a local toxic development unresolved or even planning to come in as w/Jordon Cove??, etc. + How bad + can one’s community be restored?? Then if can, educate people most vulnerable as in family planning/protected sex/monitoring w/local `plan prioritizing, + by using agro_ecology curriculum/social movement, etc. One can obtain local food sovereignty, energy sovereignty + technology sovereignty.

Miguel knows well,

`this can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

Institutional structures supporting research + development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..

` Enhancing; At the broadest of levels the principles of agroecology ask the following questions of any system: Recycle Nutrient – does it enhance recycling of biomass, optimize nutrient availability and balance nutrient flows?

Thank you for allowing `we the people, to have a right to take part in making a transparent entity, filling in the worn torn missing parts to stay in real time w/our earth/space natural systems, not someone’s pocket book for profits!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln

p.s. If I can explain more of the good work many are doing please contact me;

`i come to talk story


Email; kareje@ictts.org

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End FERC letter.

For many years we have had our handful of loved ones suffering from the interference of others as well ourselves not knowing how to address it. We continue to perfect our virtual platform w/your support/research how to simplify these solutions, worked w/this awareness, one way or the other co_evolving together as we continue to network/learn + share;

Mishi in the countryside w/aunt + family in Russia, living agroecological principles as common sense, as neighbors supported neighbors. You grow this, i grow this, we exchange, etc. No false aid from afar, People did it + developed/carried on a great wealth of artful living, that continues today throughout the peasant world that we are so fortunate to have, that has saved our natural biodiversity to what is is. Even though each one of them are land/sea/freshwater grabbed from people/corps/Governing bodies, including Mishi’s aunt as the Gov came in + took the farms away from the people or they worked for the Gov. + Peasants today continue to experience resistence when yet all can rethink this + simply learn from them/stop supporting Industrial ways + get healthy in the process.

Versus losing it all, if Industrial Agriculture/Green revolution had it’s way. They must stop. We the people must realize when you support it, you support destruction of the genetic biodiversity that is our true sustaining life force on earth.

Gather w/your community/students, + have a natural local, grown wild food/fish/animal potluck. See how close you are to your local food/energy/technology sovereignty?? Now start your local `plan.

Humanity has solutions to build on, start w/a few that we all are fortunate to have to guide us, for they have done remarkable work on this planet + for space + deserve our utmost respect + support. Please do your homework + study their work, for they will fuel you to transform, interrelate + become whole. It is this support needed for all to become aware, so together we all become mindful local, global + beyond participants.

No ecosystem can be isolated, on earth/space, we all are interdependent on each other.

Dr. Helen Caldicott has answers. Support her work please. See her web sights w/abundant facts. Define if you are protecting yourself/your loved ones/your communities, from Nuclear Radiation. Learn how to collectively resolve this locally + help us all for those locals unaware locally + afar..

Ask local Governing/permitters to make changes, as they come to your local `plan w/locals + rethink these real issues ASAP to restore your `enhanced ecological sustainable working community. We know agroecological systems can fuel this.

If Governing people cannot support this, then you have the wrong people representing/working with you, so make changes.

Have you seen the folks at `Brand New Congress, check them out, they are helping people to become aware to support good people, doing good work, even w/no Political experience, yet they are gaining support to put them in Political office.

Family planning is a must along w/protected sex, preventing Nuclear Radiation from affecting the pregnant woman/fetus in utero which is most vulnerable, 1k times more, than small children, girls then boys, then ill + frail elderly.

For Nuclear Radiation accumulates + can be passed on thru food, air, fog, smog, rain, snow, wind + currents shift it globally, mismanaged Nuclear plants leak it, as well NEVER yet with all the Nuclear use via Military, no waste disposal has been successful. Yet Military continues to build more Nuclear weapons of war + use them;

Ex; The Iraq war where bullets had undepleted uranium, that was not depleted. Women + men where contaminated + brought home radiation on their clothes/bags + men transferred when had sex, carrying forward to their children. Yet Military did not inform them of such health risk in the field or when they came home. Meanwhile they left contaminated junk vehicles that children their play on.

We all can maintain optimum health and fight off some radiation, but not all are so fortunate, when US Military/NATO + others define to attack + destroy habitats/environments, we don’t get to participate in peace negotiations before that.

Do you realize how expensive these Military weapons of war are? And how ending all weapons could resolve all human made problems as well those that contribute to the natural one's.

The report, Is the U.S. Military Getting Smaller and Older? includes a chart that depicts the cost of a variety of combat aircraft purchased from 1955 to 2017. The prices are in constant 2017 dollars to account for inflation. It's an eye-opener:

CSIS graphic.

The three Joint Strike Fighter aircraft all cost much more than their predecessors. A F-35A Joint Strike Fighter costs approximately $100 million, far more than the $35-40 million of the F-16 it replaces. The $131.2 million carrier-borne F-35C Joint Strike Fighter replaces the $65 million F/A-18C Hornet, a 100 percent increase. The Marine Corps' F-35B costs $131.6 million each, way up from the $50 million AV-8B Harrier II and the $60 million F/A-18 Hornet.

See more of this article;


Yet many in US have no clue that you support this.

Or when a Nuclear plant accident happen like Chernobyl + Fukushima Daiichi plants/prolonged mismanagement like in the many in US, continuing to contaminate those close. Then Governing officials don’t have transparency nor truth. Actually they just increase the safe dosages, but that is not true. So many people are in contaminated areas yet to understand the health effects.

Can you imagine how US Gov does not hold Ex; Japan accountable for the atrocities happening there now, as they tell people to go back to contaminated areas. See; Arnie Gundersen’s work at `Fairwinds, he’s been their + shares his experiences.

Dr. Helen Caldicott also has been their talking to women w/ill children that did not know it was from Nuclear Radiation, meanwhile Japan Gov has warned media/doctors if they tell them this truth they will go to jail.

Well since then Pres Trump you had Japanese officials in your office, yet i did not hear anything about this. Can you imagine if this happened to your children or grandchildren. You would be so peeeeeeeee.

See `the sun will set spreadsheet, as we continue to perfect our virtual platform, check out the great videos, pdf’s, research papers of our earth/space realities that are crimes against humanity.

Now is the time to stop such scars from continuing + it will take us all to do our part to make a difference. Come to your table w/your local `ploan so collectively your voices are all heard w/your local facts. Knowing detail of changes needing mindful priority actions w/your communities.

Agroecology systems are resilient. Each can provide when you prioritize local food, energy and technology sovereignty. Gather community + do your local `plan.

Let students help as they use your community as an extended classroom. Let them gain prerequisites, while they work w/you, get the truth of climate change. So no more no one is lost in the fog w/so many talking points that differ.

Now get real with what to do.

Dr. Guy McPherson has answers, working w/many scientists on how bad are existing problem is. See their work + ask local governing/permitters to make changes, as they come to your local `plan w/locals + rethink these real issues ASAP to restore your `enhanced ecological sustainable working community. We know agroecological systems can fuel this.

Add study of Guy’s web sites, Miguel’s, Geoff’s, Bruce’s, Dane’s + many more you may discover that might interest you.

But remember your local `plan can prioritize if you look thru filters that are sensitive, skilled + w/love, which humanity has done very well for over 5k years as indigenous have naturally created agroecology principles that still work, that prof Miguel Altieri has worked w/creating agroecology curriculum to reach out + fuel real solutions to our earth now.

That to me is restoring if not to toxic from the many possibilities that need to be focused first while collectively supporting those in need/vulnerable, etc. Your community starting w/all biome(s) assessed with agroecological systems overview, gaining optimum nourishment from your natural `enhanced world to heal/nourish locals working w/neighbors to be prepared due to ER issues.;

Prof Miguel Altieri has answers. I can’t tell you more then the good work i’ve already introduced here. It is up to you to study more if need. Ask questions? Do your homework!

Agroecology systems for your local `plan is the answer to fuel you

to study more of geoengineeringwatch.org + space4peace.org to see where, when to do what. To restore a sustainable community to survive your issues of the times, that your students networking can help you + your community resolve.

For each have unique realities that we all need to come together on, + if you see a more efficient way than doing one’s local `plan + networking then please tell us.

For we know thru our networking/learning that there are many great people sensitively w/love + skill doing permaculture. When you reflect w/these people the energy shines thru them. All i wanted to do when i first met Jenny Pell, a great mama/permaculturist is to go within + say wow, where is my energy like that? So this has been a learning curve for us all. + We continue to co_evolve w/it, defining how best to do our part personally as well w/our US nonprofit virtual platform, which we continue to perfect so please excuse our errors;

`i come to talk story (ictts)

To reach out to all, with your support/donations, sharing links to help sort out the chaos many are lost in. + Give good options for you + your students to bring home. So your local `plan makes sure you network w/humanities options + create your own best for your `enhanced ecological natural environment.


For this is the root of your beginnings to restore your ecological sustainable working communities that are healthy + harmonious if networked, filling the air sharing living local how tos, globally in solidarity. As we all work together to efficiently respect the earth/space systems that need everyone’s attention.

So everyone is supported to be aware realizing they too are needed. Sure you may have to shift positions to heal/gain awareness/become whole before you too can go back to a responsible position, but that is what love, sensitivity + skilled people do, they support each to make it happen.

So each build one’s path as they walk it into one’s opening. Not ride on other's wave. Which would then take them back to unknowing misuse/abuse. Those times are over!

Geoff Lawton has answers. Permaculture respects all life. It also uses agroecology principles naturally created from peasants/indigenous/traditional engineers going far beyond w/universal sound science. + People around the world are networking w/our human family + all life on earth to do all one can w/natural building to restore beautiful artful healthy communities that heal + support all to come to the table + have their voice take part + make a difference!

Enhance a resilient community + accept nothing less.

Now after doing some of your homework to fuel more for you to center + ground, then please gather w/collective community + rethink what + how best to do it.

Letter to Pres Trump

The Union of Concerned Scientists did a nice job sharing how to reach out to Governing bodies in this form, for you to define subject matter that you understand. But please read on before just following the Talking Points of it, for this form can be used for other talking points that we feel can be more efficient to resolve the real priorities in every local `plan.

kara says; Stand Up for Science in the Budget + make it 1 Universal Sound science to correct the fragmented science leaving toxic effects yet permitted, why???

Your Local Action Toolkit to do your local `plan w/your community w/agroecological systems equating 1 Universal Sound science so people understand, should be the root of all thought to fuel you + your community to mindfully act.

(To Resist President Trump's Budget to us at ictts feel like it only detains + adds more fragmentation, for can’t you see how dysfunctional Gov already is? Pres Trump has his hands full.)

Please don’t just ride on others wave. It is time for you to take time for you + transform, dig deep, self developing you in this process as you take part in your local `plan. So you can make a real difference helping all understand your resistance + what to do to resolve/or your good experiences to share, accepting nothing less.. + To be clear of another we really need to walk in their shoes.

I have to center myself + ground wherever i’m at, doing my best as a local participant without interfering, if planning not to stay. So I respect when we all work sharing what it takes to `boon w/earth/space’s natural systems. So as not to interfere in our own ability to be clear of pursuing what is important for each of us, + continue to explore, doing one’s part mindfully where ever fortunate to be along one’s path.

It can be easy to get stuck or interfere in other’s ability to mindfully act for self.

We’ve worked hard at this defining how best to be efficient networking, developing thoughts to fuel local `plans. For one person should not have such a burden to resolve, nor should a President have to process so much bombardment. Rather those in planning should do it w/locals sitting w/them at the table, staying in real time.

We all have to file our stuff when wanting to do a business/gain a license, etc. So why would a company/corporation be able to do something that leaves negative toxic effects + get permitted? Many of us would be put in jail/sued, etc.. So why should we hold the President accountable when local planner/permitters/people do not do their work properly?

In our idea of a local `plan, entire biome(s) are rethought + Colonial grid removed so the `enhanced natural world is respected for it is our tools to sustain oneself + our communities. So take a look now at what your experiences have been + gather w/community to make a letter efficient to real needs that are real for your locals, locally + afar, holding self + all accountable to do this mindful change?

Ex; Our local Sheriff Craig Zanni is tired of having mentally ill in his jail + has worked w/locals for social/medical/mental health to fine tune their help to stop it. So please help him by discussing and mindfully acting on real needs in time, adding them to your local `plans as priorities and resolve.

Ex; Leaven No Trace, a new group of locals removing toxic trash from hidden places, yet they have faced all kinds of resistance for the locals Governing bodies don’t have the resources, nor organized to remove what he collects. So he has had to stop what needs to be done, + has felt no one has worked with him to go figure a solution.

Ex; locals are coming together for homeless working w/all to create little houses, so people can be out of weather if don’t know bushcrafting skills, while they heal/transform + help perfect the many dysfunctional systems that exist in almost every community globally. For humanity has great ways globally to reflect w/now + draw from it what your local `plan can add;

Mishi had fortunate fragments in Russia + never in the countryside was their a homeless person or a hungry person. For each family would take turns housing one, as well when dinner came around, if you were hungry you showed up + were always welcome. People healed, found oneself by working w/so many experiences, so they became a local participant.

The present refugee policies are twilight zone + need to end. People need to share earth/space thru local `plan participation, so eventually once all organized, each can know + feel oneself where to go + what ecological perimeters not to pass. An able person needs to understand these `enhanced natural ways, not an unnatural wall that divides ecosystems which interfere in the earth/space natural processes that we as humans are interdependent on. They make our tools for each to balance our priorities such as genetic biodiversity that heals/nourishes our food, prevents pests, etc.

The Industrial Industries/green Revolution/Al Gore credit swaps + Bill McKibben are all wrong, they are out of control running on profit motivation misleading people, as they themself are mislead + need your help to rethink these issues with all.

We the people refuse to support these toxic acts,. We have many alternatives to reflect with + w/your help we can thru local potlucks/local tapering transitions w/local `plans, help people understand how to make wrongs right. So all take part + find their space + correct oneself, self develop + become a local participant.

Interrelate, do your part and gain from it, so collective support groups in every local `plan help all prioritizing those in need and share/network thru story, so all become mindful local, global + beyond participants.

Please realize when people struggle they gain sensitivity the hard way, that is what i have done along w/my family, whom i’m sorry to of put them thru this.

We have earned thru great suffering past on as normal, considering their where no efficient social/educational/medical/political/judicial systems responsibly acting sensitively to help the many dysfunctional families in need, that were isolated in small communities + still are.

As you see the many suicides/pharmaceutical overdoses, mismanaged medicine, etc. yet humanity has great solutions to catch these early signs. No better way then to start your local grown wild potluck so you see the body language, see those not attending + define why, when yet all are important to take part to make this happen, so go get them.

No more is their no tools to resolve, they are here now. Gather a group if need more confidence in understanding + as a fundraiser we will be happy to help via teleconference or come together if local with you. For humanity has options to have a nice life now, even w/all these issues, we can make it better when we work together!

It is an unnurtured child to waste funds + be aggressive listening to delusional people. It is a real woman/man that talks diplomacy, respecting life, using only gentle words/sensitivity, skills + love to make peace happen. Where are these platforms that every local `plan deserves to have.

All other aggressive acts are crimes against humanity. The Military Industrial Complex has the largest footprint on earth/space producing climate change. With your support they will end + while the bases are all over, they can start now supporting as a local participant where at, one’s local `plan, networking showing wrong doing + making wrongs right. As local are supported to speak their story + gain understanding how US was wrong in one’s aggressive attacks, as well NATO + other countries. For never is their an excuse to use any aggression beyond a healthy ego. These times are over + we need a planetary movement to make it happen.

This can be successful far more than anyone could imagine. I only wish you all could make space to work w/my daughter wendy, who is co_creator, helping Mishi, I + volunteers help perfect our virtual platform `

i come to talk story (ictts.org)

Her lessons have been hard yet she is resilient from her taking charge of herself. She shares these natural lessons w/young + old as her work, helps them experience the `enhanced natural world, in different locations on the earth. As each unfold the editing within needed, she then extends her support to help them bridge humanity's potential, until one can see it clear + feel it within.

Unfortunately as a very young undeveloped person/mother i could not give her anything but love, as our grandchild is fortunate he gets sensitivity/skills along w/such love which is required. For love alone is not the answer.

My children + grandchildren have suffered due to coming into this world w/unprepared parents that had only love to offer + limited skills. That we as parents/single parents have failed to do family planning, unaware of our own undeveloped realities as well no local `plan to interrelate with or even aware we could start one. Especially with so much controversy over religions, science mental psychotropic drugs, all, being fragmented interfering, leaving no space for one to become whole on own, leaving one more delusional unable to go within + realize we all must edit.

Meanwhile so many still think western medicine that does not work alone is the only way. When yet humanity’s biocultural experiences are vastly w/earth medicine that work. + Many western doctors are studying it.

Locally a group called `Homeless Solutions Of Coos County, is building little houses, not just to house but help transition people into being a local participant. Then on to pursuing their desires w/such skills, sensitivity + love that works.

So many in US choose profiting over restoring healthy communities + have no awareness of the quality living that comes with it..

Life is beautiful once one gains the ability to process incoming information, edit it, realizing how if you don’t mindful interact, you suck up others wave + that starts the baggage building process stored in your memory, filtrating your entire being. + until you take space to listen to yourself + edit it, your moment will be stolen + energy drained to beable to become consciously humane in your moment.

Life is your choice + it’s time to hold you + others accountable locally + afar. For many of our locals are land/sea/freshwater grabbing, interfering in locals ability to simply live locally afar, yet locals afar don’t hold their locals accountable.

Well know we can. We offer our virtual platform to share who, what where + when in a variety of spaces, informing people to globally mindfully act where can, when locals can’t.. Or add more suggestions while browsing our virtual platform we are perfecting w/your support/donations. Please email kara, if interested; kareje@ictts.org

We all love this earth/space, as well our volunteer friends that accept nothing less, even though each one of us have had to work thru many bad experiences. Yet we don’t give in to them;

Rather we work them by reflecting w/other options to fuel us to do good overview of our options. Endure by making space w/oneself to be in natural world, as well sharing w/each other, holding our self accountable to do our homework, making space to `boon w/the enhanced natural world, doing what we can along our path, that we build, to our opening. Respecting all life/sharing w/all to do the same.

Holding others accountable as well, + best if do it thru one’s local `plan to deal w/facts in real time story w/the natural world that continues to co_evolve.

If Talking points as The Union Of Concerned Scientists speak of to tell Pres Trump were replaced w/what we speak of to do locally, from humanity's global experiences, then locals would resolve these issues. The jobs from these issues resolved, are far more gratifying, then to continue to ecologically whore by developing more that exceeds the `enhanced natural communities or pass the buck. We do not have to have that kind of job security. Rather each can center/ground + get real w/humanity's goodness on the planet now to develop one’s local `plan.

That in itself will fuel priorities to restore `enhanced ecological sustainable working communities w/localized systems of low impact, from aware people downscaling their once materialistic illusions.

If every local `plan worked w/skilled to define if toxic + what to prioritize, then on to restoring while resolving priorities, then just imagine how whole/healthy all would be + the changes of energy/clarity to mindfully act, that can be felt to fuel all. No need for so many words.

Ex; No one would need food stamps, nor should urban farmers need support, for they would be part of the community making it happen w/plenty of food using agroecological services, producing far more than Industrial agriculture/Green revolution that is destructive producing hungry or distressed farmers/habitat that is toxic/depleted.. Food from healthy local farms would go direct to communities locally first/schools/hospitals/workers/seniors supported to go to or have it delivered if unable, then on to neighbors, always working w/neighbors in case of ER.

Ex; No homeless/ill, for everyone would be supported to come to the table + energy would be assessed to take part w/fair compensation. Students networking would prioritize space + one’s personal intent to self develop + heal, via collective support groups for all needed, before they gain their local prerequisites, etc. So refugees would be respected to transform oneself being considered a local participant, when running from war modes/natural disasters, as neighbors would help neighbors, not false aid from afar.

Ex; Locals at the table in a local `plan would understand what locals are responsible for + not get confused by science/business/Military misusing/abusing the earth/space, when others support it unknowingly that there is another way that works. Rather each would be able to have hands on to resolve locally, as they network w/ real experiences that have already co_evolved these issues, or hold locals accountable afar, because they have organized to stop land/sea/fresh water grabbing. Collectively when locals are unable to hold locals accountable, those that excel can join the collective global community to get clear + resolve, holding the right people accountable, vs so much fragmented misinformation leaving so many in the fog/ill, unable to do for self, let alone their community.

Ex; Humanity has a right to share earth + space w/respect. + We all should work for each to freely or at low expense be a local, global + beyond mindful participant where ever desire, respecting one’s local `plan, knowing space is important for all life. + Each local `plan will have it’s own ecological rule of law, where no ecosystems can be isolated. So each community needs to balance one’s genetic biodiversity so each link for it’s natural critters that humans depend on for one’s ecological sustainable working communities. This way people feel the life energy to fuel them.

`Homeless Solutions in Coos Bay is doing this work, also. building tiny houses to help transition people, vs just house them. A process can be supported to remove mismanaged western medicine on to alternatives that are very skilled + sensitive leaving no side effects.

Ex; Investors are human + should also be supported to be a mindful local participant, where ever at or doing business. Having a general overview from participating in support to become a local, global + beyond participant, then knows well of the process. of local `plans, from knowing one's own. That you don’t exceed the local `plan’s natural enhanced ways in real time. If you do ASAP locals can have helpers to help understand how to make wrongs right. Not years of toxic effects as many in US/other countries, have been allowed to do. So gather w/community + define why this is not happening to your community. How you can start this awareness + for those that resist, gather more sensitive skilled to network with to help get clear what is missing + resolve it. Take action + be a leader to guide or find your place as a listener w/hands on to learn, etc.

Humanity has options + if we deviate by asking others afar to help, we just get more entangled in the mess, prolonging good healthy community restoration


Work w/your students to prioritize so schools are helping. Seek others that also had these problems + now living w/natural building respecting all life w/artful creative energy, communicating. Would you gather w/your community + buy a very expensive weapon of war + go bomb your neighbor? Is this not a bit prehistoric + twilight zone? Same w/utilizing good needed resources elsewhere to build a wall to keep people out?

Why would you not gather with communities to discuss why people are leaving? What are their needs not met? Why should we not all ask our self/each other/President + representatives to be human + work within our human communicative potentials. + If they cannot they should step down + heal oneself + let us help.

We need some common sense denominators + most people are not aggressive beyond a healthy ego unless they are ill. + If ill they deserve community support w/early signs. Not sell their local resources to others afar to take afar, as in proposed LNG/pipelines interfering in one’s ability to live local, etc.

So almost every community needs to prioritize it’s real needs + define if self is also guilty of expecting another to do for them, when if understand is happy to do for self + w/others.

Together we can make great changes on earth + in space ASAP once everyone understands the truth of humanities ethnic traditional indigenous/peasants/fisherfolks over 5 thousand years of good work + still living it, + create upon it/with it.

So science is understood by all. As each local `plan works w/one’s students networking gaining prerequisites as well learning to respect all life in one’s hands on exchanges w/communities. So all can restore working ecological sustainable healthy communities, where people are informed making good in time choices, working within the earth + space’s natural systems.

Thank you all for making a difference!

Thank you for adding your voice, support/donate for the entities you feel

most clear to want to help, so together all can reach out to all!

kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect..

`i come to talk story (ictts) is happy to share more. Please see our work in

progress or help us fund raise by gathering a group + lets talk, no reason to be left

in the fog.

Email; kareje@ictts.og

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