Why We Fight

Thank you folks that made this video`Why We Fight, telling your side of why we went into Iraq + more!

People do check it out to see another take of how the Military Industrial Complex worked then, as US Gov/people, need to make amends.

So we the people, ask how is it continuing? How has these terrible atrocities co_evolved, into what conscious humane sense of comprehending our real focus that needs to be addressed ASAP in every local community, globally.

I thought this would be appropriate pre thought for Senator Wyden`s visit on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at Egyptian Theater, as he promotes TPP.

For we suggest all welcoming ones students, as we shared before, to use one`s community as an extended classroom. So together all network, getting real w/the scars presently on the planet + beyond, + the toxic now happenings that responsible positions are permitting to continue to exceed the natural enhanced rule of law.

We suggest students to seek like ecosystems/seasons + subjects, so as to fuel options to bring home, as each community prioritizes. So no more is anyone left behind. As all go eye to eye, have a natural local grown wild food/animal/fish, potluck + sort this out.

For history has proven that our US Gov is out of control + those running the Military Industrial Complex are taking the resources wrongly. + As Dr. Helen Caldicott states w/speakers at her last 2.28.2015 Symposium on Nuclear/War, etc. they showed in detail, how all these entities started w/good intent, got exaggerated into fantasy + set into motion.

See Helen's update as well Arnie Gundersen.

+ Once in motion profiteers have kept it going, being trapped, paralleling the natural enhanced potential every local community has globally to work within the natural rules of law.

Enhanced as Prof Miguel Altieri speaks so well of, where our microbes our nourished, etc. As he knows well the global food crises we are in, as industrials w/ similar yields, yet leave toxic ill effects.

We know well in our continued assertion to stopping all GMOs. Showing people how to live local, so as to obtain ones own locally grown natural wild food/fish/animal sovereignty. That has no place for the Military Industrial Complex.

Rather we can restore working sustainable localized systems w/low impact, as all work w/ones students to orchestrate this exponentially, reaching out sharing what works/what doesn`t. As all restore the natural enhanced functionality of every local community.

As each then are the best to define `what is, to sustain the balance of the local genetic biodiversity, so the bio cultural ways that humans are best designed to live, can continue to be fueled.

As Dan Rather stated in above video, giving limited information to cover the back sides as in Iraq as example, of those starting the war, cannot be accepted.

Senator Wyden is this what you are doing? Do you realize the outcomes of what you offer? Are locals in charge of obtaining local sovereignty as our plan suggests to fuel everyone to do a local `plan, along w/a tapering transition, giving all transparency to then seek like ecosystem/season + subject. Knowing best how locals self direct,w /respect, love + gratitude as Dr. Emoto`s work shows us, that we can make an influence w/our inner tools being aware.

So as to stop the toxic ill effects as he proved w/children`s cancerous thyroid tumors, that he healed. Knowing well using love + gratitude can change the water crystalline structures.

Which we feel if we can prioritize research ASAP, we can define how the nuclear radiation that is now on our planet, more so in some local communities than others, as the winds/currents, etc. move it around our planet.

For there is no boundary for radiation. + Today`s Science is incomplete + being manipulated, as the Military Industrial Complex takes precedence leaving no transparency for people globally to become aware of what all have unknowingly supported w/our tax dollars, etc.

Dr. Emoto`s work + other`s w/traditional engineering have proven w/respect, love + gratitude humans have the power within to make a difference in one` own health as well work exponentially w/one`s students to restore the truth.

That is all anyone needs.

Our plan is to share sound science based on these ethnic values from traditional methods still being worked as skilled people technologically rethink + restore human`s potential for humanity has solutions. All just have to become aware of those that are trapped in parasitic social cancers, welcome them to one`s tapering transition, showing what Prof. Miguel Altieri knows well what we need as a platform linking the biophysical, social sciences w/the ecology, as it defines for each community what can sustain it, as our proposed plan is to review ones capability to work ones seasonal biomes.

Now giving options for the ongoing natural disasters, let alone the human made, that are presently out of control, that all can harness once we organize to share links. For we have options globally + beyond to be worked.

Please see our `the sun will set spreadsheet + come link, as we continue to perfect this virtual tool + appreciate your help. Please see a variety of ways on our donate page, you can help your local community + yourself as you do your walkabout as you help us.

For now my friends are working at sharing what we know, please see Chuck Hindmen`s facebook page of his work + these are some corrections to be made that is not being told, please note this comment from a friend w/many years experience w/radiation + ongoing researches;

He looked at Mid-America-Land-Restoration-Microbes-Probiotics (facebook). Wuz a video "Fukushima ☢ West Coast Impact", & watched it. Says never mind about a little Ce137 with all the "Natural" K40 around.

Bullshit, I blew my top, decided to do a little math.

K40 half life is 1.25 Billion years (that's B for billion).

Ce 137 half life is 30 year.

Half life denotes the activity of radioactive releases, as in how fast or slow.

If u divide 30 into 1.25 billion u get something just over 40 million. So Ce137 would put out 40 million more particles than K40, for any given period of time.

That's hard to get perspective on, so, in comparison:

If u put one gram of Ce137 in your left ear, and a little less than a third of a gram of K40 (for particle numbers equivalence) in your right ear, and if u could get the Ce137 to do one radioactive release per second, for 40 million seconds, then it would take just over 12 years for the K40, in your right ear, to fire it's very first shot. Wow, & they want to equivocate K40 in bananas, chips, etc. to radioactive Cesuim? Talk about bulldozing your brains.

I have two other comparisons to add, & will later.

Soon we will be uploading a document that will explain more.

Please we want all to stay calm so efficiently all rethink + redirect ones energy back into oneself, edit, don`t just act, reflect w/many good folks, simply do_in, as together we continue to work at this.

For no more can we accept misinformation taken out of context, as above video stated was done, as people purposely falsely took real information from another time + made a factoid from it, as the US Gov told the American people wrongly of why we should go to war in Iraq.

Thank you for what you can do for you + your community!

Peace is an option now, if we share what works!

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Please make a difference + realize how important you can be to help us reach out + perfect our tools!

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