Our Mission

`i come to talk story is a US nonprofit. We are a global virtual platform sharing humanities links that work.

Students using one's communities as classrooms, networking ER priorities locally and afar, gaining basic human nuts and bolts, via like ecosystem/season and subjects, can be a very efficient way for all to focus directly together.

We welcome all to reflect w/our site pages and come talk, sharing what works/what doesn't. As you and your community create upon humanity's options to create your local `plan prioritizing the `collective earth-space plan, interrelating, creating upon ideas w/a `transitional shift message board (TSMB). Where each able person posts one's needs/offerings or for one unable, while a rep posts for one's group on to starting one's local `plan, or in progress. Together restoring the ecological `enhanced healthy working communities, w/neighbors.

We suggest gather all, have a natural local wild food potluck, w/follow up meets, celebrating along the way one's good fortunes to have such tools of the times to work together to go figure, working within earth/space systems in peace!

Your support in sharing/donations are welcome, contact info below! Peace, ictts.org

>>> Who we are <<<

We are like this bridge, growing new roots every day, to make a path for all to understand how each of us can learn our early signs, to maintain discipline over our self sensory observations vs belief! Become a local mindful participant creating upon Humanity's plan to do your local `plan, network and share in solidarity via creating your community's `Transitional Shift Message board (TSMB) from our research in progress, so you and your communities, get all needs and offerings met, while all celebrate along the way!

Please see all pages and take part...

Thank you for making a difference, it's takes us all!

Hello, I'm kara and this is mishi, nice to meet you! Lovee we all love you in your path!

We appreciate all that has helped us get this far, for each has been a great influence to reaching out, as we continue to perfect

`i come to talk story...

Welcome new friends!

Let me give you a brief overview of what we are about and you can reflect, correct and comment where comfortable, sharing what works!

Miguel Altieir knows well along w/his wife Clara Nicholls, that;

' A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

by using agro_ecology curriculum, which Miguel creates by working w/indigenous still doing, w/out leaving toxic effects!

Can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

Institutional structures supporting research and development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution...

We thank Clara and Miguel along w/ SOCLA for such lessons!

We are perfecting our virtual global platform to do this, as it creates 1 Universal Sound Science to fill in these fragments that have allowed such toxic on earth-space to continue w/out being prioritized and rid!

We feel all schools should come together for one's community, and for oneself, to better understand and support our true sustaining micro biomes, all humans are interdependent on. Which is our true sustainability to have this in balance linking the genetic biodiversity w/neighbors, staying in the instance!

Not do as many are doing now, competing or not even addressing the many inter/intra personal issues one has, unable to even comprehend the information given wrongly, let alone many are left without support.

When with our plan to work w/students, they self reflect as they give hands on to these priority issues. Supporting all to sharpen one's dulled sensors, then to feel the true energy once sharpened, as people want to do their part once healthy, ending misuse/abuse.

We love nature, and we love life that it gives and want to save it!

But we are also interested in all equally having the same options on earth and that is not happening!

Below `Nana, a Chief on an Island in Solomon Islands, would come visit us on `etak the boat we built, and exchange stories, saying;

`i come to talk story...

Which became the name of this virtual global platform.

To reach out welcoming all, to do what can, for all on earth to have the same options, gaining sensitivity w/us all, respecting restoring everyone's local `plan! As all part time interrelate and make them happen in every community on earth/space!

We know patchestalk, for we are fortunate to have patches of people globally doing great community work within earth/space systems, willing to do exchanges w/pockets without, so we all co_evolve as we gain truth and not stay isolated!

The tools of the times are here, Google/Nabble/LibreOffice to name a few, give freely for all to organize and network!

Together we can share in solidarity to become a local, global and beyond mindful participant!


We thank Wendy for her beauty and Mom here, for all the love she gave us as well all our parents, and many more along our path, making this a better world to live in! We welcome you to share Humanity's offerings, as we scale what works, and welcome you to join in!

Peace is real, we just all need to share it! Thank you for making this happen!