It's time to join the moment!

We care about the life of our children and yours, as well all of our lives as earthlings, and all the life on this planet, and once that in check, I'd love to explore space, but not until, rather we are focusing on ridding toxic on earth-space and there is plenty on both, and I feel that is what we should prioritize vs more resources out there!!

As well a better understanding to `boon w/nature!

In saying this I share Anna and Colin's work;

Then we go to this crime against Humanity, so please join in w/Robert F Kennedy, Jr;

Do take part as you still can buy the Vaccine series, even though it is over! Thank you, Charlene and Ty! We are so sorry for all due to Twitter, along with multiple other social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, not supporting them!

This past week, without warning or reason, Twitter suspended all 3 of their Twitter platforms — TTAC, TTAV, and CancerTruth. So I too said my last words to twitter and all those that continue to ecologically whore or support the COVD 19 upcoming toxic vaccines that Bill Gates and others are pushing for profits, plus as is they are toxic! Not to mention as you will see in this series people in WHO-CDC and Dr Anthony Fauci are lying!

In case you missed Episode 1, Episode 9 or our Roundtable part 1 and part 2, they are still available to view for free here, todays date is 5.9.2020:

They show some terrible information about how corrupt CDC is and has been over vaccines! Please note below I tell you if you are in fear to listen to them, so that you can get a mental grip of this fear and realize, together we need to change policies so we have 1 Universal science, as I told Pres Trump and first lady! There is nothing more productive they can do then to get a grip of this corruption and 911 should be part of it also! US Gov needs to get real and make wrongs right;

Do I suggest you to get a vaccine? I suggest you to educate yourself as in this free series, today is day 3, and you also can gather in a group and purchase, or sign up now to watch the rest free! But to support these people to reach out and share them freely reaching more, by you purchasing this series helps them do just that!

Let me take a break from what I've done below on sharing our take on COVD 19, as all rethink w/us as of this time of 4.15.2020 and please let me know what can help you to take part, add comment please!

Plus please see SOCLA's update;

Now go back to COVD 19 and ask your Governor and Mayor to let people go back to work and more!

Thank you Institute of Functional Medicine:

See Sayer Ji and Josh del Sol's upcoming series on 5G;

Thank you Gentlemen!

Please see Sayer's website and join in for updates;


I see many w/fear based misinformation, please check back as I continue when can to share, But now is the time to be kind! Work w/all Govs and if see them wrong have a discussion, share what is right, please! For we are Humans and all have errors, that can be rewired once understand. But many now don't understand simple common sense and together we can aid all educational institutions and more to co_evolve, so plenty of work to do now, and we all have options if work together, see a few I prioritize:

I go in the wild out of weather in the sun and take a pile or 2 and work it and suggest you also to get your Vit D and more; As Google, CDC, WHO, Govs are all human too, yet all need us to help! Because they are not using new biology, as many in Functional Medicine have defined, so we must have empathy to learn our self and then when clear try to share w/all. Meanwhile lets try to get our Gov's on same page w/good science, and change curriculum, requiring already people w/degrees in fragments to gain efficiency in science, and transition into making wrongs right!

Let me share an older piece of work from Adam that is appropriate here and make space to rethink w/him and our questions; I asked same w/ that I welcome all to rethink w/also please!

So please stop your fear, which I don't have due to how germ theory really works and fear alone will make you ill. SO listen to what so called experts feel, as I feel they are fragmenting! For what ever reason, even if from their heart thinking they are doing all that can be done, lets calm our self and within this requirement, please do some simple things, if it calms you, such as some items you may already know of, so maybe call your neighbors and check on them and share what you are doing to calm you and be mindful helping out and then sharing nice projects! Let our's below fuel you and share w/us!

Soon once I get a chance I will upload a sweet little Do-In book, old, was $1.50 and I pass that around the world, for it has pictures, don't have to read to do a self massage! So check back and you too can view and share! Same see tapping, or Sadhguru for some nice inner engineering to center and ground free on his site or YouTube! Thank you!

Wow, I was about to share this book online and I see how profiteers have jacked up the price, and I'm not interested in a lawsuit, as well I respect publishers, but not to raise price to $125. but you can search and find for $20 or less, or just go to the library or Google for self massage! Or if have a group interest, we can teleconference, email me; or tune into yourself and give yourself a treat, self massage-tap, your entire body and follow your energy to flow nicely!

Please realize without the many microbes that exist we would not exist, and if stay strong you will not catch an illness, but you may carry it to one ill. We've all done this over time, You have a choice make some common sense and think that you should stay away 6 ft, but please be real w/the political agenda and if they believe this and enforce what they are, if you yourself don't consciously work w/us all including them to help the truth be known, then those in charge may feel you are resisting against what they feel can help you? So don't take all this has they the bad guys, but look at them as same as you and realize truth has just not been prioritized and if get deep we all have participated in all this to continue. So lets together not fear or hate rather lets try to help them understand and share skilled people trying to guide.

Sadhguru is offering free inner engineering to healthcare workers;

Home stay now of a billion people is not necessary, as well the fear base due to this control, is our true cellular level rejecting because it is not real. So try to control and lets get the truth out! If you even do as I say below within their guidelines as they are not supplying their own belief, it is incomplete w/what they perceive to be needed. Meaning CDC, WHO and US Gov has left Pres Trump w/a crime against Humanity, as well many Gov's around the world are not telling the truth!

See Sayer Ji's update on this;

Plus see some of this, we minds well get real on life, heh!

See Dr. Steven Greer's celebration of his release of his truth of Govs listening to corruption;

I try to update on top, w/COVD-19 updates, as I continue to work at our transition into our platform. See what Josh del Sol shared;

So to comply, while Humanity resolves simply, which I thank all for adding updates! Do read below and you add common sense that you feel from your whole being and trust your judgement if calm, if anything else then please read on and gain some more experience as from Sayer Ji's links;

See Jonathan's help on adding zinc and to resolve isolation negativity;

Sayer publishes David Crow's work, for to date there is no germ theory of this virus called COVD-19, their science does not prove it.

See please Sayer's take of this which I agree with;

See Sayer's sight; and `The Corbet Report, and stay updated to calm the air sharing some truth of science, I'll post update 4.1.2020 and then I'm going back to our transition perfecting our platform to act not just report! For together we can do much more and celebrate along the way!

You all can go to Sayer`s sight and others below for updates! Not to mention learn a bit of staying healthy, as he has done a lot of work on the `New Biology!! As well check back and join in as we go beyond this misinformation that you can listen to and get it together yourself getting your life back together if lost it for a few moments from these death tolls, from misinformation! As well please help those along your path in fear based misinformation! Thank you! kara

Thank you Sayer and Jim!

Ex; Do we need to support our immunity, a resilient strategy, definitely, as we look at our whole body! Or we get sick from many issues, I repeat if did not see the Oral Biome Series, they stated Humans can get disease from their teeth and gums without even knowing they have a problem! Our curriculum's are in need of going back to old ways that worked joining dental and medical western curriculum combining Functional Medicine! So all on same page educating, same w/public and private schools from young on!

Our nutritional decisions right now is the way to go w/whole foods to calm and stay strong, for stress alone depletes. Define foods grown in healthy soil, high in micro nutrients, Vit C proven to make us better from oranges, green leafy vegies, etc.. Go to ! You don't need supplements if eat right, support your natural organic agroecological farmers! Add Vit D same w/whole foods and especially when not much sun exposure. Learn what foods offer high amounts and take them. Do your homework to gain a healthy balance for your needs as they change addressing early signs! Note foods you need to eat to get those missing micro nutrients making you malnourished creating illnesses!

Elderly people even w/this corona COVD-19 are healing w/high does of Vit C skillfully administered with in hours in China! Elderly can be just as strong if people give them kindness, support, good education if they not eating whole foods getting right Vit C in times of stress, same all ages, and more, as well good EMF exposure from sun and earth, so help those w/out, if they can't get out in the beautiful wild. All can heal more then giving a non tested vaccine malarial drug that will hurt them more. For many are ill due to this lack of simple kindness as well human nature when we get old especially if we don't tune in, it is human nature.

Common sense; As Gov Brown and many are missing the point! As you noted if saw link above where Pres Trump misinformed! Spreading misinformed information, when all should get a breath of the wild fresh air inside as outside! Take a walk in the wild and sure respect the police if have an accident for they may need to care for more unaware ill. If ill or be near ill, + need to be out, vs walk in the wild by yourself or friends healthy and or if not the that ill, then a gentle walk is good! If have to go out around others, by ill, wear gloves-mask-change clothes before back to ill!

The 6 ft rule is incomplete for where is the research being done for microbes in the air and how long on the clothes, as you walk into the next person's space, etc.. I see controversy, so make change if going back to ill! Same some merchants doing 6 ft and wearing gloves, others not, then hospital in Coos Bay, OR is checking in patients ill next to healthy people or others ill w/clerical staff not wearing gloves, yet exchanging papers w/different people! Gov Brown, If you were smart, you would step down and work w/the Green party to replace you, very skilled lady!

So focus on yourself! Study whole foods you can take in place of Vits, as a healthy balance is needed normally let alone during times when flu, etc.. For those unable to care for self, it's never to late for loved ones to work them and together learn! Vs fear which weakens you more! For even elderly ill can regain strength if have good Functional Dr's guide!

I do not support a vaccine for anything, as much science proves how toxic they are, so please lets together do our homework and help those that don't understand and get calm as we share skilled people to guide all, check out Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine as I respect Dr. Yun Wang, and many more great skilled to guide you in Functional Medicine, look up site and fine one closest to you!

See Jonathans' work;

Below is what I've tried to share from all to make sense of the many unable to go to work and this is truly hurting people, for how can they buy their whole foods and stay strong, get out in the sun and exercise, when yet many live inside wrongly, etc.

When controlled by incomplete science, western medical curriculum that needs to add Functional Medicine and Drs. made to go back to school is what can happen ASAP convenient. You decide from what people are saying below including me, and have compassion for yourself first like Sayer states, take care of you, then you can help your family much more;

  • Prevent, it's a good time to connect with friends and community to resolve where businesses are prohibited and to create upon these ideas I share below, making new friends never ends, please enjoy!
  • DO NOT USE toxic;

EMF's, see IRIS to aid those on computers, many cleaning fluids due to off gassing from petrochemical exposure are like smoking 3 packs a cigarettes a day, when essential oils and variety of known simple vinegar and water, so Google it, see people's many nice recipes.


See this link and gather your community and tell your local Gov you want fluoride removed from your water, make your list and call when can of your local toxics, for many have rid it;

  • Where ever you need to go that is important, if you believe the agenda being prioritized which has incomplete science, doing medical martial law, as well not even following thru them self w/own belief from Gov-CDC-WH0, then simplify please, until you and them understand truth, and share and update them. Take box of thin gloves non allergenic to you and comfortable to wear and N95 face masks or make them; along w/trash bags. For every entity I've experienced is fragmenting failing these important parts even to prevent one from catching the flu, or illnesses transmitted; Banks atm machines, hospital check-in paperwork and ill people coming in, get a tire fixed, tow a car, taxi, the list is long. When you can take responsibility for you, and do this.
  • As well w/children have fun 6 ft away from people that could of been incubated or ill already symptomatic, but don't then walk in their space as in stores, if ill or near ill,when much illness is transmitted in air or carried on items, etc.. Good time to have cooking lessons for good food, make and take some probiotics, prepare a nice Vit kit as stages change from good maintenance-prevention-stress-actual illness-heighten infection of the virus, which Vit C skillfully gave, if needed intravenously high does or you take and learn how and what type which links below show. You can actually do pets for ER too, that is pretty cool, so when you ill or hurt, they can learn to go fetch you medical kit or tele.
  • Play games, put some colored powder on shared surfaces let children participate, then see how many get those colors near eyes, nose, mouth, clothes, toys, computers? Make art as you educate hygiene, viruses that heal and how hurt? And go on and have a nice day!

Do few things which takes little time and energy vs freak out:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing; going to the bathroom; and before eating or preparing food.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • I repeat, I say it is not to bright to stay 6 ft away and then move into the persons position once clerk is finished w/them, rather if signs of illness stay home, if w/ill ware mask-gloves take off clothes in an entry way before being around another ill person, due to particles on your clothes as well skin-hair and wash up before carrying for another!

See Sadhguru's offering free, and be cautious and act not worry;

See Dr. Steven Greer's update;

  • Pets
  • When possible, have another member of your household care for your animals while you are sick. If you are sick with COVID-19, avoid contact with your pet, including petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked, and sharing food. If you must care for your pet or be around animals while you are sick, wash your hands before and after you interact with pets and wear a facemask.
  • Particles last in air, clothes;
  • Also check Functional Medicine's Guide, I will update more so check back and control your fear, stay calm and be proactive!

******Know when to stay home or guidance from Dr

People who are mildly ill with COVID-19 are able to isolate at home during their illness. You should restrict activities outside your home, except for getting medical care. Do not go to work, school, or public areas. Avoid using public transportation, ride-sharing, or taxis.

***********Know when to go get exercise in fresh air and beautiful scenery and be creative, stay apart 6 ft or more, and be proactive, having fun?

  • Who at most risk

People of all ages can be infected by the new corona virus (2019-nCoV). Older people and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease) appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus.

WHO advises people of all ages to take steps to protect themselves from the virus, for example by following good hand hygiene and good respiratory hygiene

  • The “incubation period”
  • This means the time between catching the virus and beginning to have symptoms of the disease. Most estimates of the incubation period for COVID-19 range from 1-14 days, most commonly around five days. These estimates will be updated as more data become available.

  • What to do if think have corona virus
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early. Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority.

  • Emergency warning signs
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest.
  • New confusion or inability to arouse.
  • Bluish lips or face.
  • This list is not all-inclusive. Please consult your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning.

  • Recovery
  • Using available preliminary data, the median time from onset to clinical recovery for mild cases is approximately 2 weeks and is 3-6 weeks for patients with severe or critical disease.

​RELAX, When done prioritizing come back and read for Humanity has solutions and we want you to join in to share them! Never allowing another being to take you away form being one w/nature and the universal energy we all have!

How about you?

I love this song, thanks lov that shared it! All related...

Thank you Nessi Gomes!

We feel once our new introduction to our ideas below are made w/your help, sharing earth from space and how the life-death cycles all contribute to the earth below your feet, all will understand how we all are related!

Scale w/us please Humanity's solutions now, to save life restoring good technology!

We welcome you to welcome your students to focus with you, using your community as a classroom, while ridding toxic from earth-space, scaling agroecology w/natural building, celebrating along the way!

Please see some repeats of links in Google Drive Document below, for easy access to share w/those worrying over corona virus, to see how you can be proactive and educate yourself to stay healthy;

Thank you all! Please fuel some motivation for those unaware to become aware!

I'll put updates on top, for all to get a grip!

I repeat and old Tao saying;

`Food is better than medicine, energy is better than food, nothingness is better that energy!

Please if we stick w/the truth as earthlings we will succeed, preventing such misinformation as all rethink, give-gain support so no one over exerts one's energy in real time, which is the root of our illnesses, if we don't stay in the moment w/oneself!!

Consider so many scars on earth-space our experiences are related to so much toxic, but still until we clean it up and change these ways, we can do more to be healthy!

I'm working to simplify my sharing so please excuse me and I will share links here for now that I think can be helpful until I start simple logging by subject via pages, so thanks for your help to do this faster!

Please note, I respect communities sharing from the soil up, so real issues are prioritized and together w/neighbors bulk can be obtained, Azure does that now w/drop off and people sorting out large quantity's in one's own containers-recipes shared even for supplements, so do your homework, so those without too can gain! This way no matter why one is ill from misuse-abuse, we still all prioritize empathy and sensitivity to guide for one to heal and self educate, taking part where can!

Thank you, for many times we don't realize the effects we leave and when we share we then can do our part to correct them, as well hold self and others accountable locally and afar w/right tone of voice, as in remaining gentle w/adult as we do w/a beautiful child!

This should follow thru w/all community entity's to transition! Ex; school lunches to be aided by students, including the farm issues-to those without food and shelter-sanitation-rehabs-prisons-hospitals, removing all w/toxic ventilation to simple sanitation and awareness w/particles in the air, co-evolving curriculum in education, for simple basics to harmonize one's energy!

So all enjoy and have gratitude for the goodness that all life offers when healthy!

So no one fails to include those without, along one's path, as one continues to build one's opening! Cooperative community can creatively help, as function is prioritized, energy efficiently, which then offers good solutions!

This can all be a true joy to do, as well build long lasting means to explore creating healthy working communities! Please note links below as many skilled are doing great work to calm the air and you can to once understand simple common sense as well skilled knowing more w/the now corona virus which is co_evolving from others as viruses do continually, they like to create to survive!

Dr. Andrew W. Saul, an international expert on vitamin therapy, says, “The corona virus can be dramatically slowed or stopped completely with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C. Bowel tolerance levels of C taken in divided doses throughout the day, is a clinically proven antiviral, without equal.”

Please add for the child w/in us all, nice art, and create w/children to love and learn how together it is needed to balance one's community of genetic biodiversity, so naturally all share w/neighbors, building healthy organisms to feed our gut-pollinate our food-rid our pests-cleanse our air and water, bring life within our soil to give required micro nutrients in our diversity of whole food! This is what sustains us all!

Please share thought for those in worry or fear, for that just wears down one's immune system, making it easier to get ill! When yet we have a lot of life within us to keep us mentally clear and physically strong if all simply understand how humans work most efficiently! Self massage and support the energy to flow, for every cell needs to eat and poop, the microorganisms within, require the balance of ph and more to do their job to protect, when yet there are only a few bad that can hurt us! It is up to each to do one's homework and keep all in check! So gently listen deeper and edit to bring yourself to calm! Be nice to you, all the life within you and surround you, that gives you the means to be alive and harmonize!

Have gratitude for being alive! Donate, check on your neighbors, know who is ill, frail and may need a hand and use simple common sense of hygiene, if don't know study first, Google it!

No more can anyone just live local, w/out prioritizing the collective plans affecting masses of species, including humans! As well the much controversy over truth! We want to share Humanity's solutions now and feel the people we support are very skilled to guide us-work and learn w/all-or know when more research should be done and from who? So together we go figure and resolve!

Donate please, so we can gather help to do our plans for an intro plan, for all to understand all our plans, sharing humanity's solutions. Together, perfect an earth-space message board to help get needs met, as all get real w/the local plan's below one's feet, understanding consciously how all can become aware of what truly sustain one's energy! Students can have on the table layered engineered investments as you create w/them your local plan's investments, so local plan retains controlling interest for the local ecological life.

Volunteer part time making this happen, define your space, imagine taking part creating clarity-cutting through controversy, creating policies by working w/Gov, as mindful reps interact w/you, being in a conversation to make it right, so all give -gain support for all to freely do one's homework. Where one's experiences can be respected and even supported upfront to relocate prioritizing the collective local plans, then on to local plans, while exploring earth-space w/all on same page sharing part time like subject matter of choice, as together we prioritize ending toxic!


Please check back as we add updates to this new Google Drive Document for you to comment on or contact us to understand more;

`i come to talk story in tech mode building of common sense...

Agroecology, climate change and resilient farming systems...

Right now I'm riding on Sayer Ji's wave and Josh del Sol showing a good Ex; of many people's reality now, as we get confused when Gov and what should be responsible entity's allow toxic as in 5G to make us ill, then try to push agendas-vaccines to heal us, ignoring the reality of educational truth of how 5G makes us ill to begin with and more toxic, as we go through, gaining understanding, that many are fragmenting on, so together we end it, not allowing services and products to get this far, when they must be tested and if toxic, not permitted!

This requires 1 universal science of common sense, so all on same page, even Word Markets as investors ar running rapid in the wrong direction, destroying the life that sustains good health for the species that sustain us as well Humans ability to create healthy working communities on earth first!

Please join in and stay in tune w/Sayer's updates, as he addresses what it takes to maintain healthy immunity, getting to root of even coronavirus;

Sayer also works w/Josh on ending 5G, aiding how we can protect oneself while changing polices to end it;

Check in for updates;

Stay updated w/HealthTalks calendar supporting many aware of Functional Medicine;

Just have to sign up and see each day free series or buy and support them, sharing w/community! Sayer has done great work along w/many in Functional Medicine;

In follow up to Regenerate Series w/Sayer, please see his comment on the Coronavirus and few other links you might find interesting, if you did not see my twitter 5 parts given to our earth Presidents?

Quote Sayer Ji;

I want to briefly touch upon the present global coronavirus scare. The first thing I want to say is that fear of the kind being foamed up right now over what is essentially a novel form of the common cold virus (the majority of deaths attributed to it have never undergone proper verification via PCR tests and are, therefore presumptive), is intrinsically immunosuppressive (i.e. fear makes you more susceptible to infection).

When whipped up into fight-or-flight, not only does our general health suffer, but the adrenal glands, in particular.

The one thing we know both our immune system and adrenal glands need plenty of in times of duress is vitamin C (something we don't manufacture, outside extremely small amounts in the gut -- the New Biology teaches us this). And, as we discussed in the module on Endocrine Health and Longevity, vitamin C's ability to donate electrons not only makes it a fabulous antioxidant, but also enables it to resuscitate and regenerate your steroid hormones -- literally.

Another highly relevant but increasingly censored fact is that the Chinese are using it to treat those afflicted by Coronavirus. Dr. Andrew Saul, who I consider one of the world's foremost experts on vitamin C therapy, has been trying to get the word out about this, and the potentially life-saving properties of vitamin C. You can watch his incredible story in the video embedded in our latest article on the topic: Three Intravenous Vitamin C Research Studies Approved for Treating COVID-19. This information, however, is highly threatening to the drug- and vaccine-based agenda we see unfolding before our eyes. After coming out about vitamin C and Corona virus his social media accounts, including YouTube videos, were either banned or shut down.

So, what if you don't want to inject vitamin C in your body?

I don't advocate vitamin C injections unless absolutely necessary. I aspire to get everything I need from food, and I generally consume vitamin C rich foods, which include virtually all leafy green vegetables, fruits, and berries. You might want to bookmark and explore this amazing resource from which enables you to identify the highest vitamin C containing foods and beverages out there:

This resource is simply incredible! You can also read my article Research Proving Vitamin C's Therapeutic Value in 200+ Diseases, which will give you greater insight into just how essential this one, water-soluble compound is, and why the New Biology shows how food is always the best form.

So, you might ask, what do I do? When I feel I need extra vitamin C, I use food supplement forms such as camu camu, and amla berry, always from wild-harvested or organic sources. But when I'm looking to give myself a therapeutic dose, I use a liposomal (fat-soluble form) like this. It's the closest thing to intravenous I have found, and by a manufacturer I know personally and trust.

A closing thought...

The key with coronavirus -- like the Anthrax (2001), West Nile Virus (2002), SARS (2003), Bird Flu (2005), E. Coli (2006), Swine Flu (2009), Ebola (2014), Measles (2015-19), Zika (2016) scares before it -- is NOT to freak out. In fact, the best thing you can do for your immune system is EAT WELL, breath deeply, move intentionally, get exposure to the elements, hydrate, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy your life as best you can (despite the hysteria drummed up by the media). This is the simply KEY to regeneration, because they'll have another germ scare waiting for us as soon after Coronavirus becomes another plague that never was. (Read more about how the New Biology challenges germ theory: How the Microbiome Undermines the Ego, Vaccine Policy, and Patriarchy).

I so appreciate your interest and support! I hope to see you at Thursday's live Q & A: (please share this event with friends, family, or loved ones!)

Warm regards

Sayer Ji,


Founder of

P.S. My book is being released on March 31st through Hay House, but you can pre-order a copy through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or better yet, support and connect with your local, independent book store to carry it. : ) INDIE BOUND is a great resource to locate your local bookseller instantly!


If you yet to see it, your making a big mistake for we all need to be on same page w/biology transcribed for our best health, which comes from our ancient history, yet many profiteers are manipulating it, trading it around the earth, polluting in all ways, even products making people crave more toxic, and gain weight = get ill, thinking they should reduce their calories!

It takes supposedly an N95 respirator mask to keep the virus out, video here is interesting, showing how hard to wear them as a Dr says he can only do 1/2 hr at a time;

The downside of all this is so many ill people around, making it easy to house germs for us to catch, or easier for them to catch more, that is why lovee isolates himself, and I continue to try what I see we were missing? The large does of Vit C wiped out what I was lingering with, as I spaced out and forgot to take larger doses!

Supporting insurance as Dr. Levy talks about for people to get care from who they want, can then gain more insight for prevention. If did not listen to the last links I sent, I add below. The dentist talks about how you can have infections and not feel pain, leading to serious diseases, as a child as well heart attacks and more. › imm19 › transcripts › thomas...

Sayer and Sadghuru have a lot to teach us, and us them by reflecting and taking part, making this right, i'd like to get them both together for a conversation on this one, ` How Yogis live without food and water; as well the Ice Man, see his Youtube videos!

Remember w/your help scaling agroecology, we get our real energy source from well grown foods, yearly clear fresh water, where water stays in the ground not floods in these severe weather patterns. As all can transition from where at to entire biome's w/neighbors working w/local planning as communities welcome one's students to orchestrate so all have good layered engineered plans for investor to make it happen!

Please gather w/your communities, see updates on top as well read the Google Drive Document and watch `Aluna movie on YouTube;

Restore healthy working communities w/good technology based from indigenous! As good stewards still living it, in patches on earth will guide, so all can have the opportunity to see these plans and take part making it happen, creating what works for you! This is a lengthy read of what we feel will work most efficiently to get us to a virtual platform to seriously get clear and do what it takes!

Which is prioritizing a collective earth-space plan first, before thinking you can just live local, so please read on and share your feedback w/us!


Healthtalk videos are free from the calendar or a Dr and or you can buy if can't watch in time? But it is mindsets of living w/misunderstandings, being a thick substance to penetrate when don't understand how, that weakens us as infections live far before we feel them, and viruses are just the end resultant! When we now can educate oneself and loved ones!

But I think w/all you people's good work and many others, we can have gentle bells to awaken us to early signs!

I see w/this tapping procedure that is new to me, shows me I'm wrong when I'm positive when I see negative, or maybe I just adapt faster?? Or maybe not, for the root of issues can be deep, and they say tapping only works if in the emotion in real-time, and it is negative so you have to be negative with it, to bring it to positive. So that can be hard when we don't feel it from long ago, but taping says you can get there by tapping, if persistent and want to! You can get there, they say it is like opening a file and then you see it to edit it. vs assume you can just go on without facing it, even though something may pop up once in a while and we don't understand, but we let it ride? Tapping says it doesn't work that way!

Tap every day and it will get clear to address the negative, give self gratitude to acknowledge and then measure along the way the emotional feelings from 1-10, each time you tap, and the more you can tap in it, then it works, so getting to it, requires focus and do it every day, even if forget and ready for bed, still do it, says one expert knowing the nuts and bolts of how our brain works and how tapping tunes into these mechanisms well!

To me, when I watch it a little bit, I think same as one of my teachers now in another field, which I suggested you can say that, but consider adding many already know yet need further strategies to have harmony for efficiently! Vs Stating when feeling so down, I don't like it so I find one more balanced to listen to? But It made me want to be positive more w/lovee when he gets down!

So that was good that I saw how I felt they do it wrong, for when your down, I did not think it helped to listen to one talk more of people being down or negative, as they state it has been proven by science that you got to get back into the negative to work it, then you can bring in positive! Meanwhile even when negative or doing wrong, give your self some respect of encouragement that it is ok to be in that emotional upheaval, it is the process, and we will work thru it! So it is a reflection of being in it, to sort it out for self, and tapping supposedly helps there. Not listen to another throw you off! But some tap together and say it helps?

Where I say fck this shit, I not staying in it once I see it? But yes this could be another way to see faster, those subtle signs yet to be clear? But also have empathy for many truly being bothered or ill by them, for I know me, when I had issues w/my children for several years, I could not just listen to anyone, telling me to let it go, I could not do it! So this tapping is rewiring the brain, getting into the nuts and bolts of how human processing works most efficient!

When alone in that mode of not knowing how to process our emotions, our feelings when really hurt over something is a heavy energy you may have felt or not? Even from parents trying to process one's own, we fail to understand how that too can interfere in another's attempt to process oneself, as in our children, same feeling our distraught energy, etc.?

SO yes we need to become more aware of the effects we leave on self and others! If tapping can do that early on, so we don't pick up and soak it in unknowingly, more power to it!

I know how I've liked self-massage and pounding lightly! So they only choose if you yet to see tapping instructions, like 10 points, 15-30 min or so, so that is simple, but don't do it while driving, they say stay focused only 1 at a time!,

I've seen Functional Drs help people resolve their own childhood trauma as an adult and it changed their lives. This is why when we talk to each other we may not connect, for this frequency of yet to be clear creates another one, and we think we have to adapt and do when yet we did not take the opportunity nor knew we had it, when yet we should just simply be, and still can no matter how we thought we were adjusted!

So here are cheers to do our homework!

Health talks calendar has an Oral Biome series coming up in June also;


This is why w/your Donations, you will help us perfect an earth-space message board so we all have the opportunity to self reflect w/skilled-link your own thoughts but be prepared to see some real answers, as many of us are still carrying old programmed ways, for skilled positions that need to update their curriculum as in the western medical schools! As well require all Drs to go back regularly for the good research uncovering reality of what we do to our self to make us ill along w/our choices listening to the wrong unskilled people, in responsible positions!

Including Gov on earth, that all need to stay in the instant with! Don't be so wasteful w/so many spending such foolishness on future plans when the now issues need your attention to work w/Pres Trump for you to stay real in the moment w/yourself! Only then can you get a true sense of politics knowing well who is doing what to support in time realities w/him, and welcome newcomers in and those dysfunctional out!

For it is very wrong and wasteful to see what I see locally and afar, working this virtual platform, trying to share more. Meanwhile if any one wants to compare counties, I probably have you beat, for here in Coos County where International Port of Coos Bay wants the proposed high risk, interfering in commercial fisherfolks and more, Jordon Cove LNG plant to come in proven to disrupt an already dysfunctional County, yet to even have space to rid it's trash!

The folks here know best, even though I tell them to follow the law as I tell you all, and change the policys at the same time, or you too will experience what they have, going to court because they picked up toxic trash from our neighborhoods in revines-creeks as toxic pharma is going into our water systems and more, along w/the woods, as people continue to dump their trash due to no good communication resolving the real root of the problems. Check out these folks knowing well after picking up to date 180 tons of trash and then trying to find space, an you wonder why priorities don't get done;

Do see Josh's great work w/ Sayer Ji: `How We Regenerate Despite the Harmful Agendas this one is on YouTube and you don't have to register;

Please see Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson's `The Only Love Remains workshop updates;

As well thank you Josh del Sol and all for this update, and please check back to them for updates;

Check back for updates, for I've asked a few, of some co_evolving thoughts, as I see large funded projects w/many fragmented ideas, and pieces are good, don't get me wrong, but I'm asking how real all this is efficiently, due to time-sensitive reality, that I feel all need to be on same page with! That has yet to happen, and also that is why 1 of our plans is to create the earth-space message board, to start these detailed conversations w/you!

For many people are in different modes from restoring 30k year old species as in the woolly mammouth project in Siberia;

To many countries restoring habitats, yet many also are yet to support co_existing w/Humans! Where my take is to seek out more good stewards of the earth living it now, `boon w/the large trans boundary migration paths in check of large browsers w/communities, or working on transitioning back to this good technology, where Humans center and ground oneself creating the natural world, taking responsibility for oneself and respecting all life!

So any thing else to me, means same old scars being produced that have put us in this mess, leaving high risk for life on earth now, as many species continue to die rapidly, not to mention many humans ill, dying prematurely due to the toxic on earth-space, continuing, that we want to prioritize to end, w/your help!

For those of you that want to comment and read more, correct us and link, see our recent emails sent, plus see my updated awareness sharing w/all another piece of this puzzle so all make this happen or better sooner. Please note, due to another scam snowballing on us, I yet to add my last few emails sent out;

Humanity has solutions, yet responsible positions are behind, they need us all to set this right!

This is a G Drive Document sharing emails asking all how best to do this above and much more w/our plans once we gather this team or merge w/those already doing, ASAP, so please join in, comment, correct, so together we make it happen.

We need your help part time, or Donate, to help us build this team needed to scale Humanity's solutions now, as well create upon and perfect our plans! If want to ask more, or gather w/a group and teleconference, if we not local, please do call and leave a message w/me, kara; 01-360-450-3749, I'm in US on Skype or email;

We welcome all to take part in and share outreach capabilities. We're a US nonprofit that relies on the generosity of individuals and foundations. If clear and want to Donate, it would be much appreciated so as to expedite our plans! Our research is tax exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Contributions may be taxable. Our tax ID is EIN 51-0588120. After Donating, you'll receive a receipt by email.

If you prefer to Donate through `Kindest, please do!

All life is Fragile!

Please check back for updates!

Thank you! kara speaking for our combined `effects...


How best to get clear understanding how we need your help part time, to do please what we share here full time, and have energy for you to build your life, as you walk it into your opening, sharing us and others along the way, then to try the Keto Diet!

Especially if you just wiped out a page without saving, I just had to keep going and thanking the universes to continue! I know I yada too much but please I did not want to reduce this way! LOL!

I thank Dr. Jockers for this pyramid and his great work! If ill, please have a Dr. like him guide you, you can go to of `Functional Medicine and find a Dr. closest to you that has studied it-researching!

But if curious this science is not new, it actually is near a 100 years old, started helping epileptic seizures, and it is great for mental clarity, energy as you build your life and lose weight along the way!

There is much more to life before one can gain and that is the skill of knowing oneself, as well the joy of doing one's part, caring about all life, as we efficiently prioritize time-sensitive issues facing us all now, some more than others. Not to mention many know all the scars continuing, and we want to do this right, ending them so no more repeat!


I want to talk teams w/skilled students within all! To organize as we scale w/SOCLA agro_eclogical systems to every community on earth ASAP, w/yur help!

No one can just live local for long, playing in one's isolated bubble! If you do fine, for I want you to have harmony, so share it w/us! I'm asking for you to give part time attention, as you prioritize you, and focus direct w/us, sharing what you choose along your path as you build it into your opening! As you focus direct w/us all prioritizing ridding toxic from earth-space, restoring ecological enhanced sustaining healthy working communities!

As well do it part time w/your community, please and join in, have a rep or as a rep, correct us, we need feedback!

I like when you share your explorations, but I'm not the type of person to just play, when so much life dieing that sustains us Humans! As well if it continues without all trying to stop it! The life that sustains us will be dead, and we as Humans will follow, if we all do not focus on priorities that skilled people can help us define once organized to talk to each other!

One of our plans is to create this earth-space message board, to do just this!

Many of you people do a lot of good work, so you decide if what I share here is new to you, do you like it and realize yes we all must act part time, or share w/me who can do it better??

Meanwhile, I see some of you sharing w/me great things in your responsible positions, that are important! Thank you! As well your personal journeys which also are interesting! Thank you!

I have to ask you why when I feel this information and lengthy read is so important for Humanity, yet you do not talk about it?? I'm going to continue to share what I feel works, as I learn more from indigenous community's that `boon w/their large trans boundary migration! So do check back for updates and share your with us! Please email me, kara and I will add and adjust;

I feel those still retaining this harmony has many lessons to share inner-inter personally w/all!

We welcome you to gain this understanding as agro_ecological systems live this in many small patches on the earth, and Emeritus Prof Miguel Altieri creating curriculum with those still living it knows well, platforms are needed!

I share more of this definition, as we continue to perfect ours from his great work and his wife Dr. Clare Nicholls and more via SOCLA and others. As also I ask and add more detail to what I feel I'd like their help with, or they do it!

As I'd like to welcome all of you, to scale the earth, prioritizing toxic in our `collective plan defining which local plans to prioritize, on earth-space, as well then, simultaneously skilled students focus direct using communities as classrooms, so together networking, all pockets without link, making good exchanges in solidarity, as well good investments, so please read on!

Santiago Sarandon, who we thank! W/SOCLA, The Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology, is reaching out to all members 12.23.19, for the purpose to improve the database with information building a platform to help our / os SOCIAS / OS is better known and facilitate greater interaction with one another.

Also to serve, to know which topics interest are ours via SOCLA and our associates and the demands of the training, which can be addressed in future courses or seminars, or during Precongress SOCLA Montevideo!

Please join in;

Twitter @soclaglobal

Santiago takes this opportunity to send you, from me and the entire board our best wishes to spend a beautiful holidays with your loved ones and have a fruitful 2020. SOCLA in their recent request for their upcoming Precongress SOCLA Montevideo! Thank you Santiago!


Next , we take a step back, considering we've got some good local work going on in patches on earth-space and now we take a look at our `collective plans, prioritizing which ones most toxic! NASA has a great video if yet to see I suggest it! It shows the life death cycles circulating the Earth, Ex; sands blowing to the Amazon, currents in the oceans, etc.. It is these tools ecologically that bring life to us to gain balance w/them!

The NASA videos show scientists and satellites doing this work observing it! As well SD University has a video showing how they detect in airplanes in the clouds what toxic compounds are coming from where. Ex; as we take our computers to China to repair, it has destroyed many communities and rivers, and the toxic compounds come back to US and around the world! Yet some are offering repair kits to stop this, as we need research so companies stop creating tools for us that break for more profiting and more toxic! As we all become aware to stop having them produced, as well research how to rid what is now toxic, and how to stop toxic from being produced!

Same w/our issues w/controversy over science! So let's first address how we need 1 Universal science of common sense ASAP so our students studying it in schools now, are not in such controversy w/activism over climate change for one! Plus US Gov, I just tweeted again to Pres Trump to work w/the lawyers of 911;

We need all to come aboard and support the lawyers! It's Time for the real truth of 911 and this will be the most efficient way for all other desires of our mission here to fall into place!

As they claim US Gov's science is denying their research from architects globally, as well local firefighters-early responders and people at 911 when the towers went down, stating they witnessed a controlled demolition. Plus many are still dying from the thermite used! These buildings had explosives long before they went down or the airplanes hit, and the lawyers are asking the Courts for the grand jury to acknowledge that science of discovery and define who did it and why!

I've added to make wrongs right! For Mohammed, a friend in Libya has stated how bad it is there now, considering what others did to his country and still fighting in Tripoli! His parents and the community lost their homes and living in school houses! Plus children are now showing illnesses, after effects from Nuclear used!

So much work ahead yet to do as I feel there is no better peace platform then for neighbors to realize the importance of what truly sustains each! And the reality of how good investments can make it happen along w/good conscious intermediaries by each side, w/facts of 1 universal science!

None better than those guiding w/agro_ecology! War is a time of the past, and it will take us all to end it! So thank you for joining in on these most critical issues w/us, as Humanity has solutions and together all can share them, while each self reflect and heal!

Please take a breath of fresh air and listen, my gift to Prof Miguel Altieri and wife Dr. Clare Nichols and their great work w/SOCLA folks;

Thank you! DanitTreubig & Nick Barbachano - Colibri Dorado

Thank you! Plantas Sagradas - Familia


We need scientists to tell us what researchers need help, and people like these I speak of on this page need to be in conversation ASAP w/Nuclear peace-ridding waste-monitoring and support, talks-UN climate change-toxic and how to rid %'s of what where?? Not students talking for them as they are bringing attention but enough, skilled positions require skilled people to guide them!

We can get on top of all of this controversy, w/Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson and his associates, as we feel scaling the Earth w/agro_ecological systems-movement w/SOCLA skilled scienctists if all agree, and others, can guide w/our plans! So community's do all that can to focus direct all prioritizing the `collective local plans, doing what can, then on to their own local plans doing the same, if they are not already part of the `collective local plans!

Now we can live local, self sustaining prioritizing as w/Functional Medicine via findings for most efficient means to restore healthy immune systems and heal, replenishing the micro nutrients we all have depleted within us, unknowingly! Balancing one's gut to think and have energy to heal and more, take part part time! Transitioning w/whole food, ending the toxic from Industrialized Military Complex being #1 footprint and #2 the Industrial Agriculture, as well restoring bad technology w/natural builders and restoring trans boundary migration of large browsers utilizing their offerings to build the soil, vs them destroying crops due to not allowed their old migration paths, plus sequestering carbon along the way, and planting native species to save the rivers and much more as pests are controlled by adding more biodiversity bringing in more life, and this list continues!

Sadhguru and the isha Foundation is a good Ex; in India w/Cauvery Calling using agro_forestry and planting 60% of native species along river beds to build the soil, to save the rivers there as well the farmers instead of committing suicide struggling over Monsanto's GMO seeds whom has become Bayer. Now farmers are working w/Gov and gaining over 300-800% gains on food products grown in the forests and trillions of trees are being grown and planted and they welcome the world to help them! So please do!

This brings us to what? What now are you forgetting?

This is where we welcome the critical thinking in all!

Yes, this is our `collective plan, to define what local plans to start first w/Govs and the local communities?

Where are the earth-space local plans that the environment is causing the most negative effects on all life including Humans, and what do we do as mindful earthlings to stop it? Well first of all our Earth_Space Message Board will help, as we define these locations as skilled scientists guide us! Whether we use good technology on Earth, in the oceans or deserts or in space many now are working on this, while still others feel our climate is cyclic an natural, as well others are profiting wrongly as in carbon credits and more!

My take is that climate change is a hard topic to digest, if not skilled to sort it out! I too, did as many students and people have done and still doing, as in got ill thinking about it when I first got Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson's update. I had to get a grip of myself, inner and inter personally, for it was a true attitude adjustment thinking if Humanity does not come together large scale, Humans will become extinct soon, as the complex life that sustains us all cannot handle such temperature changes as int the Aerosol Masking Effect aka Global Dimming!

Guy studies many entities and scientist's work, and they feel they have no answer, and this needs priority research, ASAP, as many say stop fossil fuels, when it is not them alone, rather none can stop cold turkey! Nor can they continue at high rates! This % needs to be precise and we can show this w/your support. Gov have none of this since 1929! Guy and associates are working on this and need our support! Vs Guy not even being welcomed to UN, why?? Because he states they are off w/their data! As well our students studying his same science speaking this, is being manipulated by profiteers, wrongly!

And that is when I had already been fueled for quite a few years from Emeritus Prof Miguel Altieri's work creating agro_ecology curriculum from indigenous still living it around the Earth as good stewards. Which has fueled me at our US Nonprofit `i come to talk story to continue perfecting our experimental virtual platform to further support them and define how best to do this simply so all gain understanding as all do it together!

They know well we need;

'A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

by using agro_ecology curriculum, which Miguel creates by working w/indigenous still doing, w/out leaving toxic effects, can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

Institutional structures supporting research and development can re link the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution...

Miguel is affiliated w/SOCLA Latin American Scientific Study of Agroecology;

Indigenous creating and building upon agro_ecology, know well thru experience how many have continually land-sea and fresh water grabbed from them, wrongly! As they have yet to gain the respect for what they do on Earth, saving life as they continue to! To me there is no better technology of using good science as they do, then to scale the Earth with it, every local plan w/neighbors recycling w/planning, to end toxic Industrial Agriculture! As they then are best to guide where the `collective plans should start which local plans! They are the most skilled closest to the soil, knowing all the life in it, knowing what sustains Humanity's food source and how to do it efficiently!

Meanwhile there is no controversy over this, rather I don't care if one says climate change is a repeated pattern on Earth or if Humans have never had as high a temperature as now, or whether Humans have created all of the toxic to created temperature rise? To me it is all irrelevant, because I know I personally have had a large footprint and I know many more also have, as well many much higher that has caused much pollution destroying the true life that sustains our food and us as a Human specie! The scars on Earth have been insane and US Military Industrial Complex moving weapons of war around the planet and other Gov's for profit are high risk, leaving more toxic, same Military bases everywhere they are!

Many are very clear w/good science creating 100 more things we all can do to lower the toxic footprint on Earth easily!

Dr. Helen Caldicott who I respect has great archive on toxic Nuclear that circulates the Earth, and she deserves everyone's respect and support;

So let's take a look at some of these studies now being done to define how to stay healthy to rid the toxic, lower the temperature and more as it is defined clearly once scaling the earth w/skilled agro_ecology people working w/all! Besides what we've shared already, if this is to be one of the largest factors Humans face now, as well in the future to come, so we all can calm oneself realizing many have done much more in the past experiencing the many scars of Earth-Space, realizing how together all can become more efficient in one's self control to better perceive true mindful acts and celebrate along the way of such focus directed priorities, while simply living local!

So in saying that check out;

Radical Collective Intelligence: whom has based what they do on science w/Univ's and Emeritus Prof Guy McPherson's science updates as well whom he stays on top of many at Nature Bats Last; Jamen Shively and group working with him want to do something to change what science is not on top of or if there are know nothing will help if all do not respond ASAP!

Also they are planning once all Humans are known to go extinct, due to losing the complex life that sustains one's food, to then deactivate the Nuclear plants to save what life they can on earth!

Jamen has a Youtube station and are welcoming all to join in, by subscribing to

I just recently after not following them closely, due to I feeling I needed to perfect what I felt was needed, as in our plans, and I too have more ideas as they do, and I gave them an update of our plans I share here, as they share an Invitation to Join Solar Radiation Management and Collective;

Please join in where you feel most comfortable and also please note, it takes mental clarity to critically think but also, if all stay healthy sharing what works, it makes all lives more harmonious! Knowing we can work together as earthlings and make peace on Earth_Space by understanding and sustaining this life that truly sustains us all, which we are fortunate to have those good stewards knowing well agro_ecological systems to share more!

Peace is real, we all just need to organize to link, prioritizing those skilled to guide us, so once all understand, everyone does their part, part-time! Google and Nabble offer free tools to do just this!

Daily, we give gratitude for being alive and thanking those good stewards for teaching us more!

I share a few more links that I've shared w/others for you all to rethink with, and once we gain funds we will create this team, as even now we continue to communicate rethinking how most efficient to do w/who, what!

that which bends will never break;

for us all:

I feel these people I share are the one's I respect and yes many more will follow once we get our e-s up or merge w/another!

Your feedback and support is appreciated! Email me kara;

Be well! kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effects...

`i come to talk story...

ps No better gift to make one feel well! Thank you our friend! May peace be with you all!

The Arabic name, or Libyan Tervas, is growing underground and not like the rest of mushrooms. Grows above the ground. This is a kind of fungus in the Libyan desert and grows underground and not above the ground.

Mohammed is from Libya, has a wife and teenage daughter, working w/us. It is him I spoke of earlier as he is under stress rethinking what best to do? His family's community just got bombed in Tripoli. And Parents had to move to school house, no house left. Plus he sees many children ill w/Nuc Radiation lymph abnormalities, due to US Military and NATO bombing after 911. Yet he was concerned about I and my family this year w/all our Human errors!

We thank a few plus Paul helping him as he considered asylum awhile back, and then after gathering more information, decided to stay home, like lovee suggested, and now again is rethinking? Many people can't imagine facing this delemia here in US, and more should! US Gov has done a lot of damage afar, and needs to hold past Presidents accountable for their choices in Libya and elsewhere! Aiding the truth of 911 is a good start that then can lead into wrongs being made right;

Mohammed felt me when I told him of some of the project errors, as I said this detained me also from seeing my children, so his reply was sweet as he shares, fungus w/me above. He knows I too pick red belted poly-pores.

He says; `hi, i wish you best healthy go to see your kids, life is finish and work no finish we saying that, when we see some one work no stop and we saying also, yourself has right on you


The cultures on earth have so much to share w/amazing love and skills!

Many have no clue how US Gov have left a lot of scars on Earth_Space! Leaving many left behind locally and afar!

Peace is real! We all can organize and explore, along w/prioritizing for all to have basic respect to do the same!

Check out our first test page on Nabble, to help all earthlings globally, as we will perfect our use of Nabble for our transitional shift message board. Please join in to share on your local message boards hung around town that stay in sync w/your and this internet page. As we welcome earthlings to share local offerings as they do exchanges to get their needs met!

Together we make this work for all, even those now migrating, so they help us and we help them in return, as good earth-space policies are created by all!

Google and Nabble are here freely for you to also organize and link, so please groups have a discussion, while having a natural local wild potluck-share good conversation-live music + follow up meets, welcoming all as your best education offering tourism, as you welcome all to take part doing exchanges, making a difference:

Help us perfect plans for an earth-space mesage board so all on same page...

We welcome you to fuel us all, as you prioritize and create your local plan networking/sharing in solidarity what works best for you and your communities, working within your `enhanced ecological sustaining healthy working potential, linking the natural genetic biodiversity w/neighbors, working within earth/space systems.

Let's give options to all, as all seek solutions-networking via like ecosystem/season and subject, creating upon our ideas of a transitional shift earth-space message board `tsmb, to fine tune your needs and offerings as well your community's, working within earth/space systems, so all co-evolve together, leaving no one left behind!

You as a critical thinker, join in to the collective plan, that we together prioritize w/skilled people soon, students using communities as classrooms can prioritize and rid toxic that leave negative large effects on our planet now, via networking, focus directing, orchestrating w/communities to do one's local plans w/neighbors, prioritizing first the collective plans all choose! Only then can we be grounded to live local!




of the `collective local plans, most efficient to start, that leaves the most negative effects on masses of all species, including humans!

Coming soon w/your help!

Local plans prioritize collectives local plans, then ground living local!

Already happening in patches and patches are talking!

Coming soon w/your help!

A few of much work being done to have skilled sort this out? Anyone can subscribe to; Игорь Семилетов (Igor Semiletov) + more!

Massive blow-out craters formed by hydrate-controlled methane expulsion from the Arctic seafloor

Signatures of Molecular Unification and Progressive Oxidation Unfold in Dissolved Organic Matter of the Ob-Irtysh River System along Its Path to the Arctic Ocean

Microbial Fe(III) reduction as a potential iron source from Holocene sediments beneath Larsen Ice Shelf

Earth-Space message board (e-s) for all to get real w/one's needs and offerings, within the local plans, creating 1 universal science of common sense!

Coming soon w/your help!

Alerts for earthlings!

Coming soon w/your help!

Who is resisting,

who to follow!

A few are in!