`the sun will set spreadsheet

Welcome all!

Please self reflect, this is a test as we explore and have ideas for new plans so please share yours, email; kareje@ictts.org if unable to post your link of like subject accourding to page heading or suggest more w/every page that we are working and open to your corrections, as you too add your link of what works/what doesn't on appropriate page! Please note we are not marketers for profits, rather we think when each take part in one's local `plan, working within one's natural enhanced potential w/agro_ecological assessment/movement, you will then see your true needs and offerings to working within. Where students focus directing with all, can then network schematics showing true potential, so the local `plan retains controlling interest for locals!

No more Colonial mode profiteers from afar coming in to take over! Rather good investments laid on the table for what is needed as no more investors need to be ecological scientists or even good stewards yet. Rather as we transcribe the good science from these indigenous ways, technology will then create a different tune, working within earth/space systems, to provide great tools for all to clean it up and continue to sustain, as all share in solidarity! This way nice cooperatives also have a chance to join in and invest!

Peace is real and humanity has the options now, as we continue to share what works, So please Donate, so we can perfect our virtual global platform, creating the technical Apps to help all more efficiently understand and do their part to make a difference! Thank you for your read and mindful acts!


Love us at patches talk at `i come to talk!