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s/v tzegunka no longer for sale, if all goes well we are giving to the Sea Scouts! And Please all consider them also! They have started a few co-ed in Oregon. (We yet to edit all below to update, accept for some items no longer w/boat.)

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`i come to talk story is a US nonprofit. We are a global virtual platform sharing humanities links that work.

Students using one's communities as classrooms, networking ER priorities locally and afar, gaining basic human nuts and bolts, via like ecosystem/season and subjects, can be a very efficient way for all to focus directly together.

We welcome all to reflect w/our site pages and come talk, sharing what works/what doesn't. As you and your community create upon humanity's options to create your local `plan prioritizing the `collective earth-space plan, interrelating, creating upon ideas w/a `transitional shift message board (TSMB). Where each able person posts one's needs/offerings or for one unable, while a rep posts for one's local `plan in progress, while restoring the ecological `enhanced healthy working communities, w/neighbors.

We suggest starting w/a natural local wild food potluck w/follow up meets. Celebrating along the way one's good fortunes to have such tools of the times to work together to go figure, earth/space in peace!

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s/v `tzegunka 38`LOA 30`LOD `Buehler wood sailboat.

We are moving on to what fuels us to better be part of the solution..

We were seeking Fundraising for our nonprofit, if gain Grant/Donations we wanted to give the boat to a wooden boat school, and we contacted several but sadly communities not together to make it happen for young and old, so do see our plans in progress on our homepage that you can take part in! So if aware or have one in mind, please let us know the contact info!

Please note we require every person interested in buying, to come talk or send a rep, if interested after we send an intro email w/detail and pictures.

This sailboat is a nice coastal cruiser on Dock I-30 in Charleston, Oregon Marina, where surroundings are natural.

Documentation 911528. 30 ft LOD, George Buehler - grizzly bear design sailboat with boomkin bowsprit = 38 ft LOA. Double ender full keel cutter.

Needs a depth sounder maybe?? This one partially works, but if you put on hard you may find it clogged?? As far as other electronics like radar, chart plotters, you may want to choose for yourself, for we do not use them. Sails are in good shape, main a little stretched but good and 2nd stay sail fairly new, used a few times. We scraped all paint off deck last year so now just sand 1 coat and paint your choices of color. We have a gallon of black Petite for the bottom. You can pull out when available space at the hard here at Charleston Marina boatyard near the Marina.


Ports are dull on one side of boat w/bronze that open and could be replaced, on other side is just clear glass, that does not open.

House over entrance could be redone with the board similar to the hull if wanted to retain tradition. We did with plywood, epoxy and paint. Nice for wind and sun. Presently wood has de laminated and need repairs to cut wood out and replace windows, Or remove.

Simple design but the choice of wood is nice with a traditional shape. Wood is from locally grown woods found in central to the southern coast of Oregon. Built-in Coos Bay, Or. Launched in 1988. Wood includes Port Orford cedar mostly, Douglas fir, Pacific yew, Yellow cedar, White oak. Topsides decking are cotton caulked.

Decking laid Douglas fir old growth with galvanized steel wood screw fastenings. Ceiling 1/2" thick yellow cedar fastened down with steel nails. Concrete keel encased in case hardened steel with 1" diameter galvanized steel bolts. Tractor tread steel pins inside extended seats, to have more weight for volume. Equal 1 1/2 ton of pig iron lead ingots. More weight was added to provide more stability for the aluminum mast which is 7 taller than the original wooden mast. Herringbone chime wood construction. Keel w/cement and wood shoe.

Original owner Elmer Atkins was a forest worker in Oregon selected each board. Built it for 10 years died right after finished 1988.

56" headroom in cabin, v birth has a nice raised hatch, with wood vents or clear plastic. As well back entry hatch. Does not have a head.

Aluminum, mfg Le Fiell mast is 7 taller than original wood that broke. Boom is solid douglas fir. rigged as a Bermuda Cutter. A. Lam, Hong King dacron 590 working sail plus new staysail. Standing rigging 1 x 19 stainless steel, NaviTec 316 turnbuckles, ss 1/4 x 1 1/2" chainplates. Ss backstays, Schaefer deck hardware. 3 Harken 8 halyard winches, 4 bronze Southcoast sheet winches.

The engine is a Westerbeke diesel, model M-42, 4 cylinders, 2 Racor filters. approx 1900 hours. We do 4-5 knots conservatively but easily can do 7. The last owner pulled 8 logs and replaced the original smaller motor. Runs great.

Only major negative of this boat except for maintenance needed and few repairs stated below, is the location of the 30-gallon diesel stainless tank, which would be a major job to get it out if needed. When our fuel lines got clogged we think due to biocide breaking up pieces or perhaps Mexican fuel big seas churning the fuel. We resolved by putting a line to the cockpit to switch if be in similar condition and unable to easily empty out tank. We do have 2 filters and now can also have the option to go directly into a 5-gallon jug of clean fuel in the cockpit. Which is great back up. We carry external jugs of fuel also.

Sleep; 40-inch bed to side in v birth, but for larger comfort could shift size to larger vs offset? Also, clothes cabinet and large shelf could be rethought? A nice very large metal vent mushroom can be put on from the top deck for v birth. In second only other room is the galley, beside chain locker is another single seat for bunk and a small seat, which both have been extended from a normal size bench, to add the tractor tread steel pins as a weight for ballast. Making seats comfortable, extra wide. Also for passage can lay bunk across both benches for a bunk that would block off v birth.

Bunk has opening to chain locker with hydraulics which need to be cleaned up, rust removed and taped, for capstan 175 - 5/16 chain gal, 160 -3/4 polyester line for 33 lb Bruce anchor 100 nylon line 50 - 5/16 chain gal for 15 lb Danforth. Both anchors stay on deck.

2 ss sink, Stoves removed.

Weather panels, cockpit top which slides to work main, and ties on for sides/back, waterproof material, white.

Soft solar panels on cabin roof of the house over entry hatch with a morning star Sunsaver-10 solar controller. 12 volt D.C. system

and 110 Volt AC.

2 Bilge pumps on auto, which we are not taking any water on. As well we have a huge manual pump Edson diaphragm installed in cabin cupboard if needed. Danforth Constellation compass. Handheld VHF + GPS.

The boat is wired thru out for connecting to dock electricity. We`ve used a little 12-volt cooler. As well the lights on the boat, are all run on shore power when on the dock or solar when at sea. House and starter battery with a manual switch depending on usage.

12 + 19-gallon water tank, simple piping for the faucet with a foot switch manual pump.

To keep boat in Charleston Marina is very nice. You have to contact the harbor master for their permission/if want yearly rates and if so, be put on the list or ask to be put on before buy boat or they may put you on right away?? Ask for updated status to keep the boat at this marina or at a different slip if choose and they will confirm what available.

Call Charleston Marina, International Port Of Coos Bay, to get info if want to haul out at boatyard near to work, they have a few choices:

Within 4 miles you can hike in old growth/fish of the cliffs, sail the ocean in one of coasts nicer bars, river exploring, clamming, crabbing in the bay or on the docks. Bastendorf beach around the corner, at the entrance of the harbor, kayak the estuary, get to know the commercial fishing fleet, sports and more.

Laundromat/campground with cleaning stations.

`tzegunka is a strong little ship, does great in big seas with chine, herringbone and cement keel/wood shoe. Low and wet boat in heavy weather but even open cockpit good, good for coastal cruising.

​ ​Nice large front hatch slides over bunk, so needs a tarp if go into seas.


Besides maintenance to sand, oil wood, paint in and out, 1 splash board needs some wood removed and replace, as well an area on the back top cabin on starboard, and repair around sink to replace some wet wood and seal. Cover over front hatch needs replacing.

No dingy, sorry it would of been a nice plan to rebuild, but no longer have.

Thank you for sharing, if know of anyone interested in `tzegunka!