the sun will set

We want to say thank you, in celebration of being fortunate to continue to go figure sure it is not the best w/editing, etc., but we have worked hard at it + will continue.

Nabble, Google + LibreOffice Writer have done a great job to support us, so don`t blame them, blame us, if want to blame any one! For their techs are more then kind to help us learn + all are open to people`s input to make it better.

So together we share this earth + beyond in peace!

We welcome you to come aboard to do just this as together we end the war mode + false green economies.

Please take a review of our thought we worked at w/many, in a few documents below + a spreadsheet, to trigger you to rethink + add your link of your story, on our spreadsheet link below. Or on appropriate document as you share your input to help us make this a great tool for every one`s back pocket + the community shared tool shed. So we ill try to simplify for easy search.

+ Even if have no site to link, you can join Nabble freely + link that, or comply w/Google`s requirements for business, personal or free support as a US non profit. you can use even an Open Source like LibreOffice Writer, open a document + explain your story + then link it on our spreadsheet as you put in a brief description of what you are sharing to trigger others or set us straight.

If anyone has a problem email us; or call + leave a message + will get back to you; 001-360-450-3749 on skype.

You may think why are we supporting these networks..

Why! Because we have too many solution oriented options to live local, globally, if we share what works. So no more does any one live w/misinformation or left behind.

Rather here we support a variety of working documents to reflect + add to, so together our students can network, using one`s communities as an extended classroom so all focus direct together do_in one`s local `plan. Then bring home the many options via like ecosystem/season + subject, so together all come to table + self express for how ever long one takes, eye to eye, to review the local biome(s) natural *enhanced potential to work it sensitively + skillfully.

Please realize we can gain awareness to use only nature`s rule of law, as we pursue our natural functionality. That UN/Govs everywhere could + should comply with, which would define the sound science now needed to over ride the fragmented science that many are left with depleting one`s natural habitat that we all are in need of to link with. As many are left homeless, ill, in toxic spaces, dying prematurely or killed as locals are not held accountable afar as many land/sea + fresh water grab.

We have a `plan for all tongues to create a local tapering transition, so as to welcome these people that exceed mother earth`s *enhanced limits, locally, welcoming them into one`s community as a local mindful participant.. So together all rethink, using sound science based on the traditional values for respecting all life. + Together co_evolve in this process as wrongs are made right, giving all a chance to become whole as each hold self accountable locally + at the end of one`s reach afar.

It is this transformation clarity that we invite you to share, for we know how it is changing the world markets as people now invest in all to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant so all can live in harmony, leaving no one left behind.

For no ecosystem can be isolated, our earth is a living organism that gives birth of life + death to sustain birth as this cycle continues around the planet to sustain the life that sustains us all.

We all are required to not interfere as we restore our natural options to live local. For we all are interdependent on our local balanced environment to be our best medicine, + then can only happen when we naturally link for our migratory species to maintain balance for our genetic bio diversity, fueling our bio cultural well being w/one self + one`s neighbors locally + afar.

Here we share how to live local so all can restore one`s ecological sustainable working community, to help each define one`s voice..

Your feedback is well appreciated!

Every where we go we learn to live local as locals/traditional engineers/indigenous, wild craft that we love to learn from as we `boon w/the natural world.

It is here w/this platform we want to make this process of living local more friendly + w/the many good tools we have now over the internet, we can do it at a very low to no cost, depending on one`s choice of tools.

We continue to repeat what works as each are triggered to rethink + prioritize for your self + your local community to work together to do your local `plan.

Prof Miguel Altieri says it best;

A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

by using agro_ecology, Miguel`s curriculum he creates working w/indigenous still do_in w/out leaving toxic effects, knows well;

`which can strengthen original ecological processes instead of over riding them.

Institutional structures supporting research + development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..

This is what we can do now, working w/our students as we focus direct together, sharing what works!

Please come link + see that we also are building a format to debate that which locals cannot resolve locally, so as in solidarity we all rethink + do an exchange. So please take a review our our examples + add your thought.

the sun will set..

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