Local `plan ideas to create with as we edit together...

For some, life could not be better!

I sat for 2 hours and watched this little child play alone in this creek flowing into the ocean w/the birds.

Now lets together see how we can make it good for all!

`Leaven No Trace folks know well, many creeks are so polluted and many are unaware as their children play in toxic water! When I just asked how are they, this was their answer;

`Doing really good, a lot of good has happened, I cleaned both sides of the 101 in Oregon, took 8 1/2 months, 5,614 bags of trash. Please support these folks and learn from them/take part!

Leaven No Trace; https://m.facebook.com/leavennotrace/


Our Mission

`i come to talk story is a US nonprofit. We are a global virtual platform sharing humanities links that work.

Students using one's communities as classrooms, networking ER priorities locally and afar, gaining basic human nuts and bolts, via like ecosystem/season and subjects, can be a very efficient way for all to focus directly together!

We welcome all to reflect w/our site pages and come talk, sharing what works/what doesn't. As you and your community create upon humanity's options to create your local `plan prioritizing the `collective earth-space plan, interrelating, creating upon ideas w/a `transitional shift Earth-Space message board (e-s) .

Where each able person posts one's needs/offerings or for one unable, while a rep posts for a group on to starting one's local `plan, or in progress, restoring the ecological `enhanced healthy working communities, w/neighbors.

We suggest starting w/a natural local wild food potluck w/follow up meets. Celebrating along the way one's good fortunes to have such tools of the times to work together to go figure, earth-space in peace!

Welcome your students to focus direct w/you!

Peace is real we just need to all organize and make this happen!


Your Donation is appreciated!


Join in, our plan is to share how every community can do one's local `plan creating upon Humanity's solutions now, w/good tools in place working w/neighbors, scaling agro_ecological systems!

I'm ashamed to hear the UN reports today, requiring all Gov's to join in a year from now, when already we are late in having a good conversation so all on same page! We feel it is an uptmost ER issue and skilled need to support reality of what can be done, and where research needed, together w/Igor Semiletov's ongoing research of the Arctic, w/a Grant from the RU Gov. Which the last I heard will end this year.

Emiratus Professor Guy McPherson states the Arctic feedback loops are causing our severe weather and this is where we should start if I understand right. After trying to communicate w/Pres Trump I see we neeto act w/or without him in hopes someone can make him understand the urgency of comng together w/all resources the earth-space can offer to define and resolve w/solutions.

We welcome critical thinkers to come forth, on our upcoming `collective plan to further define what local plans are negtively effecting masses of all life the most, including Humans! While all then simultanously do one's local `plan!

Prof Miguel Altieri and his wife Clara Nichols and many w/SOCLA are doing very good work knowing well what people are working at now;


W/agro_ecological systems, each local plan can best define what is real for your community, w/agro_ecological systems working within earth - space systems, that give everyone understandings to save life on earth, preparing for climate change/getting real w/the local `enhanced natural communities.

Each community can gain one's own local natural grown food/localized energy/technology based on indigenous stewardship addressing water to stay in the ground as biodiversity links w/neighbor as each gain one's sovereignty!

We welcome Pres Trump to learn about the natural world and how we each have to work it and do one's organic exchanges, and that there is no natural balance until `we the people make it. Imagine the destruction from weapons of war, when yet all Military bases can end. Police and Coast Guard can come to the table and interrelate along side one's communities.

Can you imagine how the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant accident continues to leave radiation? As it rises to their mountains and comes down w/the rains/snow/fog/pollen and more. Meanwhile circulates thru the currents to us all, mostly in Nothern Hemisphere.

As you continue to read, we want all to reach out and rethink, it is time for us all to become a critical thinker!

Please share this and start your local plan, as well contact us as we continue to collect good minds to collaborate on these local/gobal issues, to network as all organize to link.

To give you an idea of what some are doing that welcome all to join in, see Jamen Shively/Emirate Prof Guy McPherson and many good hearted people coming together on YouTube, which I thank to help welcome all to join in working at saving life on earth;

Introduction to Radish.org


Also please see our experimental `the sun will set spreadsheet link below and see page 11 as I comment fueling you to rethink and help out! Do check back for updates as our plans got detained!

We want to help keep this subject matter in some order.

Quote from Kyoto link below;

'As the disaster is ongoing, extremely harmful radiation, both gamma and "hot particles" like Strontium and Plutonium are still being released both into the environment and the sea. Rain and snow, as well as strong winds that can carry radioactive pollen, are a continuing danger. Melting contaminated snow transfers radionuclides to rivers that flow to the sea, affecting river life and human water supplies, before threatening the contamination of the Japan Sea as well.

A catalogue of failures, mistakes and continuing earthquakes has seen TEPCO continue to poison the sea and air.'

Thank you http://kyotoradiation.blogspot.com/, even though this is an older article, it was done well!

Arnie Gundersen went to Tokyo last year and tested the dust in people's home and saw the radiation as well on children's shoestrings, yet the Japanese Government has yet to be honest w/the people. The medical system has been told not to tell the people why their children are ill w/early lymph abnormalities, and threaten the doctors and media to go to jail if they speak out. Dr. Helen Caldicott went to Japan and spoke to Japanese women to tell them how important early treament is.

Look at this report of what is happening in Japan. I asked Pres trump when Japan's Gov came to WA, if he was going to hold them accountable, I heard nothing!

To many, mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, we too are experiencing how the winds and currents have contaminated from the Fukushima accident. As well the waste not properly rid, and Nuclear plants releasing radiation in US. What they say about Koyoto and Japan in whole after the Daiichi Nuclear accident, is also happening globally at different levels.

See Ex; of an older post;


See how the institution of society collapses;

The Reproduction of Real Life. The Privatization of Politics - Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV


See a few interviews w/Eneritus Prof Guy McPherson that explains nicely climate change overview;

The World’s Most Radical Scientist – Part I


The World’s Most Radical Scientist – Part II https://fatcatinvest.com/worlds-most-radical-scientist-2/

See Peter Wadhams - After 50 Trips to the Arctic and Antarctic. What are the Conclusions? - Offstage Int


I've discovered Natalia's research portal as they continue this year, w/their Grant, w/the global community over the Arctic, funded by Russia's Gov. But now I await some questions to Igor as I see he continues.

To condense this climate change information I've decided to use a Google Drive document for all to edit with, and we will continue to add to the top of that as well clean it up when can, for some of the editing is in need due to transfereing posts from our Nabble site, so all together. I've put on top Dr. McPherson's 2 parts of a great interview, links above summarizing the climate issue reality that he and others see. Please check back for updates;


Thank you for sharing!

What is sad is that people unaware stop these people from doing what can help all life now, by doing one's local plan, as our plan shares Humanity's ways that work! This is why I like to study how people create natural ways, as in the many did in the past, that no longer can, as they know well how to be good stewards of the planet, creating the `enhanced natural ecological sustainability for all species, to live healthy lives. Some of these lessons should never be taken away from earthlings!

Look at our ER issues now as w/Climate change that require critical thinkers, same w/ending Nuclear use/rid waste and end all weapons/wars/toxic ,and local plans can aid this process to resolve!

We welcome all to take part in our plan to see all do one's local `plan and share what works/what doesn't! I will share this as a good EX; The life of an Il Torobo hunter-gatherer:


I hope all find a way to continue one's journey as earthlings, as all give-gain support for all to build one's path as they walk it into one's opening!

Peace is real!


See this beautiful reality of these local plans as nature is put in a balance supporting all life, as people work it and many after the Nuclear accident in Fukushima still do not know there food is contaminated.

Satoyama: Japan's Secret Water Garden [Full Documentary]


Satoyama Japan's Secret Water Garden II


We have options to learn from those that live in Harmony and take what can, as we assess agro_ecological systems!

Organize and do your local plan, and network, so all stop all Nuclear use and priortize ridding the toxic waste, while simultaneously also restoring one's `enhanced natural communities working w/neighbors, reaching out to Goverments to come interrelate w/us at the table about the `collective plan, as all define where best to focus on what local plans to start with, negatively effecting most life now!

To create more Nuclear weapons and even recently as tested. This takes the cake for me, for I've been talking to Pres Trump and his campaign to help him understand how US Gov is destroying life on earth by doing such stuff and more:



W/agro_ecological systems assessing your local plan, you and your students can focus direct using your communities as extended classrooms, toxic developments can be prioritized and rid as together all network or research created to collaborate, we just don't give in to lack of awareness!

And any of these people if do it right use agro_ecological systems, also as a movement, and a base for what they do;

`Regeneration International/Geoff Lawton's permaculture research and many more doing permaculture/natural building, etc., and by using what can, all can end all aid from afar, as is. Please read the links on agro_ecology, as they are written well! They can help you balance your communities genetic bio diversity to link, as all come to the table and interrelate, reviewing entire biomes, to energy efficiently develop to save lifes that sustain all!

There is not better peace intermediary platform!

There is no better way to stay healthy and stay in the instance, so as to have strong immunity against the accumulation of radiation, as well be clear to focus on early signs of climate change and end all toxic in your community, both within one's mindset w/misinformation/ill and realize Humanity has answers to heal and supply deficiencies.

We cannot accept others to mislead anyone, you/we are earthlings and this shallow propaganda state of understanding is ill! We can work w/Gov and try to reach them. Students can walk by their side to show them options of what is vs what they are wallowing in wrongly keeping them programmed, serving profits, vs `enhancing ecological sustaining healthy working communities, that work w/neighbors, not build walls between them.

And help all earthlings on your soil and all give/gain, support for critical thinkers to collaborate Internationally, so patches of goodness link w/pockets without, and resolve basic nuts and bolts for all life to be respected to co_evolve togehter, doing one's homework!

I believe these Governing programmed people allowing lobbyists/Pentagon/Military/oligarchs and more, to direct them are working w/dull sensors, and we don't know the real connections. So doing one's local `plan, connecting, sharing in solidarity will go right by their heads! This is how `we the people can do this, and aid all to heal!

See this food for thought, even though outdated, rethink so when you prioritize you add to your list;

Michel Chossudovsky | The Broader Global Crisis



Do what is needed to restore your healthy enhanced natural ecological sustainable healthy working communities w/neighbors! And do it most energy efficiently by creating upon our plan to share Humanity's tools to use what you need to do your local `plan.

So all become mindful and understand how our natural world needs to link the life that sustains our real energy. Did you see the insects and what their part was in above video of Japan? As humans each need to take part in one's organic exchanges supporting this life to be in balance, so as to link w/neighbors. This is why neighbors work together and reccyle exisiting planning maps of entire biomes and rid the Colonial grids/set aside wild only for tourists, and work all lands sensitively and skillfully, respecting all life, as well restore what bad practices have destroyed.

There is no better way to change the `World Markets, then to have students networking via like ecosystems/season and subject as they lay out schematics so the local `plan retains controling percentage for locals and investors then invest, without continued ecological whoring. This si a win win for all to become whole beings, making wrongs right!

As well no better tourism plan then to welcome them into your local grown natural wild food-fish-animal, potlucks as well follow up meets. So as to do exchanges, so they too take home options to then go eye to eye w/their communities to rethink and see what they can use, as all co_evolve together.

It is our objective to make a nice archive of such links as we welcome ways that work to prioritize toxic/network and resolve while each community's local `plan starting or in the process, restores the `enhanced ecological sustainablw healthy working communities. That means no one interferes in the local `plan, that means Nuclear plants decomissioned, Military bases stopped, weapons of all sorts stop being manufactured and good tools replace that immobolize if one is on a fair hunt or feeling they need to protect oneself. Then the police only have AI to early on perceive who has what and then can stop them from orver powering the police. This way police don't hurt anyone rather it simply deactivates the tool, same w/public having a tool, it immobilizes one ill wanting to hurt another or oneself!

Rid big money from wasting our local resources. Which Bernie Sander's values intended to do, but when he went to Hillary we switched to Dr. Jill Stein. This does not mean Bernie is better than Dr. Stein, it ment I was not aware of the Green Party's iniatives ebigbn so similar to mine, so that was my lack of awareness.

And most important for our own, meaning everyone's centering and grounding, all must stay in the instance and seriously talk to your Governing reps! So know how they are numb or act mindfully!

It is really a good feeling to try to stay in the instance as I've tried to talk to Pres Trump, answering their questions, sharing mine, but they don't appear to connect andanswer mine, they just want me to be on their side. To me this is not about sides, this is about saving life on earth, for we have serious problems, scars from the past continueing.

So Pres Trump can't say I didn't try to share why they are wrong or why our good ideas can not be worked, willing to discuss and try to understand where I/we are wrong?? Considering most of the world lives this way, and many in US are very unaware unless they are using permaculture or agro_ecological practices, our true sustaining energy coming from all life doing their part/all species!

But please if you know me, I'm learning like many, and I refuse to repeat, for I respect my energy and I'm Shifting to solutions! And yes we all have to be aware of how these powerful machines destroy all species! So we must prioritize this toxic, and get a grip of Humanity's goodness to work w/people to get out of their fog and take part part time!

For even just using organic products is not enough, for in US and many places the toxic GMO's/pesticides/herbicides, etc. are contaminating the organic fields, and are being even hidden in some foods as well in many foods that people are not aware of when they buy packaged foods or non organic foods. Please do see the Addiction Summit page and more on what all can do now, making better choices!

And we are talking about having fuel thru our foods and acts to realize our gut bacteria needs to be fed in a balance, if we even think we can use our minds to make changes, to share earth/space in peace togehter!

You see the many cycles of insects doing their jobs in the above video of Japan's rice fields, these are complete systems and that is what your local `plan can do for your communities working w/neighbors. Creating more jobs then you will imagine, especially when you come aboard and link, sharing what works/waht doesn't fueling others to do the same!

Now to see how the toxic is removed will fascinate you, for the more bio diversity you have the more the life will help us. But now time is of the essence to reach out to your local schools and work w/them. Shar our ideas w/them. For 200 species a day are becoming extinct, so working w/your students to resolve will be Humanity's best chance to make dramatic changes ASAP. To define 1 universal secular science to collaborate with via networking to resolve, and no longer stay in fragments, rather prioritize and simultanously have all participating part time!

For we are in the 6th mass extinction and w/climate change effecting many now and more to come, unless all seriously ASAP work together to do one's local `plan and network! Still trying to welcome all Governing bodies to work w/you!

So all can build on this for your local potential and become a mindful local participant. Supporting us all to become a responsible local, global and beyond participant.

Please realize all are interdependent on our earth and beyond to use it's earthly process. Giving life and death to build more life, as a natural flow circulates our planet, giving us local tools to do a local `plan with, working w/neighbors and all life to bring to balance, so as to link.

End the Colonial Grid and simply do not accept `big money as income or payment unless they are participating in your local `plan, that ours can fuel, for it leaves life left behind, somewhere?? I promise you. Now is the time for the local `plan to be the local rule of understanding to guide all that stand upon it's soil. And no ne should control that accept locals working w/the local ecology as it speaks it's `enhanced potential and skilled sensitive people help you interpret it, to sustain w/it's full `enhanced potential.

I use Prof Miguel Altieri's definition of `enhanced;

1. Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability and balancing nutrient flow.

2. Securing favorable soil conditions for plant growth, particularly by managing organic matter and enhancing soil biotic activity.

3. Minimizing losses due to flows of solar radiation, air and water by way of microclimate management, water harvesting and soil management through increased soil cover.

4. Species and genetic diversification of the agroecosystem in time and space.

5. Enhance beneficial biological interactions and synergisms among agrobiodiversity components thus resulting in the promotion of key ecological processes and services.

These principles can be applied by way of various techniques and strategies. Each of these will have different effects on productivity, stability and resiliency within the farm system, depending on the local opportunities, resource constraints and, in most cases, on the market.

The ultimate goal of agroecological design is to integrate components so that overall biological efficiency is improved, biodiversity is preserved, and the agroecosystem productivity and its self-sustaining capacity is maintained. The goal is to design a quilt of agroecosystems within a landscape unit, each mimicking the structure and function of natural ecosystems.

End Miguel’s quote from his work, Google it;


Miguel knows best and fuels our virtual global platform to do this;

A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

by using agro_ecology curriculum/systems, which Miguel created by working w/indigenous still doing w/out leaving toxic effects, as well many globally, as Miguel no longer teaches but is involved w/SOCLA, and they know well,

`which can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

Institutional structures supporting research and development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..

For local `plans to do most energy efficiently ASAP to prepare for the global climate change, as well even if that was not a factor, many know are ill due to not fulfilling one's deficiencies do to being unaware. As many are misusing/abusing, and the Governing bodies are not properly using secular science when regulating toxic developments/products in our food/services in our hospitals/public places as in good ventilation to prevent more disaese spread, rather profiting people/lobbyists are controlling, and we all need skilled to guide us to stop this ASAP!

If you welcome your students/student within all, to prioritize your local `plan, they can network, filling in these worn torn links for you to understand, where, who an how is producing toxic and via networking locally and afar, resolve!

When yet presently big money has exceeded our abilities to live w/Democracy. Rather they decide on profiting, not working within ecology's limits. Not allowing people to work with in one's `enhanced natural limits each create, in every community, complying within the local `plan's potential.

Which require us all to naturally enhance the balance of the microorganisms that sustain all life, not just our own back yard can do this. When yet others are unable to even be aware that this organic exchange is required by us all. When yet many yet to have simple basics in place to live local, unable to understand, the natural communities link, and are required to link thruout our earth, fueling us all.

It is time to shift our thinking and redirect what contributes to our misuse, abuse and be mindful to heal and harmonize. Accepting nothing less than to live w/basics, `boon w/the natural enhanced world. Collectively sharing in solidarity so every community can do the same. It is time for change to prioritize the natural `enhanced world that sustains our real energy and link with it.

Students know their friends can help bring those misusing/abusing to calm.

Love is energy and if you want it, then please realize the more you give in right proportion to yourself, the more you then can receive to obtain a natural balance.

Our plan can show how students can share schematics so locals, meaning anyone there helps in this `tapering transformation to define and fuel all to gain a home where desired on earth, as all take part in changing policys. Do work and maintain local `plan while sorting self out and healing, doing what can!

When all Colonial grids are removed. People become aware to be sensitive and skillful working seasonal needs and offerings for one's community. This helps each take responsibility for self and collectively for unable part time, so they get full time needs met if need. So no more toxic is created that interferes in other local's ability to live local. Rather local needs and offerings are prioritized. As no more should any one person buy this control over one's community's local `plan.

It is wrong to create a unnatural wall, or put sanctions on anyone, rather all this energy and resources can go into helping people become aware and do one's local `plan, not interfere in it. This way people gain respect for all life no matter where fortunate to be, and can feel the natural `enhanced limits to work with. Not abuse or interfere, rather w/own sharp sensors contribute as beneficial organisms as we all can become.

Humanity has answers now!

Good investments can be on the table with the local `plan from students networking sharing options retaining controlling interest, yet locals have first choice to invest while % of space is always to be left for neighbors, for those afar in case of needs, etc. To also be a local participant, even if temporary.

We as an international community have to grip these realities and share in transparency so we all stop these scars from continuing. As others profit and feel they need wars to survive economically. This detail has to be filled in and students can do this homework w/your community.

Many say but there is no room for people afar, when yet locals are without. Well family planning is a high priority, along w/self directing and love awareness so students within all, are prepared to become a local, global and beyond participant, were ever fortunate to be. This living local process is real for our earth and beyond. No one then will want to have a child unless fully able to provide a healthy balanced life for one.

Safe sex is mandatory from mindful healthy people. If can't respect your life or another, then please don't mess w/a new life when so much unawareness fills you, if you yet to be a responsible local, global and beyond participant.

No more can we live in our own back yard, as Military Industrial Complex is out of reality for our earth. Time for all to take part and stop it. All Weapons of war must stop being produced, traded or given. All people should come to the table and talk a reality tongue that is mindfully followed up on.

This is our repeated problem that continues. People are programmed to think aggressive acts are the solution, when yet when confront sick minds w/it, it accelerates the problem.

Each can learn the value of volunteering into hands on experiences, as curriculum is restored along w/one's community. As all choose the path one builds, as each support each other to walk it into one's opening, once we focus together for our earth and beyond.

This is not easy information to process when carry old neural networks, but please realize you can set a daily flow to make change to stay present in the moment.

Respecting one's story as long as they maintain one's own discipline, over one's self sensory observation. This is true Democracy w/Diplomacy within our human potential. I thank those of you that reflect it. For all can learn the early signs of all life, respecting it. So no one has to put up a wall, rather you will know the natural borders as your rule of law.

`In Solidarity, please realize all can better understand some of these missing worn torn links, that many in every community are having problems with. As together we prioritize a basic structure to simplify, leaving no one left behind. When yet many in every community have greatness to share, so we welcome you to join in.

Peace is our option if we share these fine links that many in every community have, yet many not connected with to understand. So this is an organizing issue that students can help over come. As they them self reflect w/hands on, giving people the chance to sharpen one's sensors. Then to feel life energy come back as they then want to take part and do an exchange w/what works, sharing what doesn't in solidarity. So all can live local, globally.

This energy is not being experienced in present curriculum that staff and teachers are having problems with, for it is not grounding centering energy that is real. This is how people come up with spending/wasting good resources on a unnatural wall. These people need help to understand that is wrong and we have a better way efficiently to work w/our neighbors.

Please everyone let this post fuel yours globally, working w/your local `plan;

Yes it is lenthy but if want to simplify lets talk;

Contact us to gather a meet and lets co_evolve together;

Tel; 1-360-450-3749, email kara and leave a message and we will get back soon; kareje@ictts.org

5.13.17 As I shared in response to; Tell Oregon House Committee on Energy & Environment: No Loopholes for Radioactive Waste

I strongly urge you to reject SB 990 and protect the health of Oregonians from the threat of nuclear waste. And every community should do this, and stop all Nuclear use ASAP!

Shame on you; Chair Helm, Vice-Chair Johnson, Vice-Chair Power, and Members of the House Committee on Energy and Environment, and all in US Government as well International entities that should have truth and transparency for the earth/space’s natural systems being abused, not isolating for 1 community or state or even 1 country. We all are one and effected when the earth’s currents/winds/food/people, etc. travel as they do continually.

No more as in many may think if can think at all, that many of us in US Governing bodies and other countries are controlled by the Rockefeller zionist Dynasty, as David Icke speaks of it and others.

See video and do your own homework;

The Anatomy of a Great Deception (2014). Written, Directed + Produced by David Hooper.

Or how about the controversy of Ex; 9/11, please join in and share this;



Where no Universal Secular Science is used, when now we can create w/traditional engineers that know how to be good stewards of the earth. VS people profit first vs think of healthy communities, leaving many ignorant and many left behind suffering, dyeing prematurely..

Fueled by our plan sharing Humanity's options now, which represents many globally doing great work in patches. It is these patches we hope to link w/pockets without sharing in exchange these basic nuts and bolts for living local, leaving no one left behind.

As all local `plans prioritize what is toxic and what can be restored, protecting those most vulnerable from not just priorities such as Nuclear radiation. For there is much controversy. But also as what Dane speaks of at geoengineeringwatch.org, not to mention the many Universities thru out the earth/US as w/Julia, Professor at UN WA, where she runs the COASST program w/citizen science to log dead birds on the beach. They use science to chart, feeling the warming ocean is not from Nuclear radiation from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear accident. So I sent her the geoengineering link and yet to hear her response. Nor does she believe Arnie Gunderson's work.

But what is not good is for science/lack of sound science, in schools/communities/Gov, etc. to be so fragmented/corrupt/ misinforming, etc.. When People like Arnie Gundersen, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Timouthy Mousseou, Kate Brown and many more work hard due to most Govs/entities globally not being truthful, nor transparent. As Nuclear radiation fills the planet, mostly N hemisphere yet no plan for waste. Yet Military Industrial Complex keeps draining/wasting resources leaving the biggest carbon footprint, not to mention interferes everywhere it goes.

To think that any ecosystem can be isolated from our natural earth/space processes, is you people not understanding 1 Universal Sound Science, which Humanity has. But sadly many scientists are fragmented/issues corrupted, lobbyists pushing thru, etc. to permit such toxic developments.

Humanity has options now if we organize! You tell us a better way and we'll switch!

For Gov/Entities/Universities, etc. are housing people that are, as many say are doing reruns with;

*Pithy put-downs *Name-calling and insults *Ad hominem attacks that try to negate an opinion by alleging negatives about the person supporting it *Impugning others' motives *Emotional rants *Bullying and harassment *Completely off-topic posts *Posting inaccurate "facts” etc.. This list goes on..

Please know that we don't have time to engage in senseless banter.

We support local tapering transitions as students orchestrate local `plans, focus directing w/communities, walking by the sides of skilled/communities, networking can give facts as priorities are broken down. As you and all that exceed these `enhanced natural limits in your policy making/decisions/misunderstandings, can then rethink, step down or change policy for all to become whole and do what is right for one’s local `plan. Which will be great for you and all to get one's needs met and do it creating upon our `Transitional Shift Message Board (TSMB).

Where locals stay in real time w/oneself and simply post how they can help, as well what does one need and post. Meanwhile a rep in interchangeable roles post for the local `plan's needs and offerings. See the (TSMB) page.

Working within the natural systems of earth/space, as many jobs/healing processes are supported to stay in real time, prioritizing those vulnerable and removing what is toxic. Then on to restoring one’s enhanced sustainable ecological working communities, w/everyone taking part, part time.

Where local `plans retain controlling interest by locals, whether one from afar (refugee, immigrant, running from abuse, etc. all become local participants, as local `plans define how many people can live in harmony where they are part of it, interrelating, ending all refugee dysfunctional policies that are in effect now. ) or long term local, that live locally together in harmony. Working the enhanced natural systems of earth/space, which defines the local `plan. For locals to become healthy self sustaining people able to explore and self develop, being a local participant where ever fortunate to be, taking part, part time, doing one’s homework which is required/supported by all.

No more people allowed to be uneducated, controlling any able being and those unable get collective full time support if needed to also do their part. No more producing own illnesses unknowingly as others profit/misuse/abuse/unskilled, unsensitive people any where or in any responsible positions locally or afar. For all positions are equal when humans exchange one’s energy and should have equal pay.

Rather all can rethink, even those unnurtured in adult bodies can shift and define one’s place as each take part coming to the table, doing one’s local `plan. Supporting each to become a local, global and beyond mindful participant. Exploring this earth and beyond, working in harmony, cleaning it up first, as those that excel one’s local `plan then can come together w/others unable afar for their’s to self sustain.

Local `plans are the best rule of law that should supersede any Constitution/Policy/Entity, etc. that is outdated or even in real time but not of universal sound science respecting any life. Especially when human rights/wildlife where/still are abused, as those participating that where slave owners among other issues now days from Governing officials, as well people that can be Corporations acting irresponsibly. These Corporations should be held accountable when any of their people do wrong. Yet many just create another Corporation hiding the chain of events that continue, etc.

I feel those early on that created such as the Constitution, did their best, even as a slave owner, expecting us to co_evolve in our real time, doing our part. Where now their are the tools of the time to prioritize collaboration, making sure their is no more life rights abused, anywhere on earth or in space. Yet both are terribly polluted and must be cleaned up if humans are to co_evolve in healthy states, as well the life that sustains us on earth.

People say how can we start this universal application, and we say when you start your local `plan, if have none, then it will define the local rule of law, where ever fortuante to be. Welcome your students as they network w/all types of schools, so as to work for the community, not independent false hoods/competing, etc.

This way each local `plan can then share via like ecosystems/systems/subject w/others. So as not to have to reinvent the wheel. As students network gaining credit/learn to volunteer/self reflect when give hands so people can regain sharp sensors, within one's communities, where ever at working to get real with oneself + one’s true desires. Then to feel and want to have such energy within one’s human potential, when one communicates and shares the true human spirit, wanting to then come back and do one’s part locally and afar. As all can continue to explore this unique earth and beyond, doing one’s part. Before it is too late, for much life continues to disappear/suffer/misuse/abuse, and you can take part to prevent it.

Enough scars from repeating!

Peace is an option now if we share what works.


We are seeking grants/donations to make this happen to reach out to all and your support is appreciated in many ways, so please come take part.

Love and gratitude, hoping all will stay calm, from those of us working hard to welcome you to join in and see a way that can harmonize and `shift!

If want to see more story of what led to this please take a review at

`i come to talk story

Gather a group and come talk, for we are thinking Hangouts would be a good series to do just this, to help all understand. We can organize Drive Document for time differences so you also can answer in either a Hangout or on Drive Doc to go with each thought or what you bring to the table.

Please see some of our ideas on starting a Hangout or join in w/us, it was taken as we moved on from this page w/Bernie into Jill, as we feel all should sty in the instance and hold Governement accountable and do what can to help, where all people work together across the board. So all collaboarte the good ideas to outweigh the bad going on and go figure how to rid it ASAP calmly within our human communication potential, not aggressive acts!

Please see;


Thoughts worked a few years ago;


Thank you and please share ideas and we will clean up all this editing!


This is so cool, thank you Google! All note the tools of the times are here to perfect, and many free from Google/Nabble/Libreoffice and more!

No excuse not to organize and share schematics of your local `plan on Maps and help all understand by using YouTube/live Hangouts w/teleconference, and use Drive Documents for those w/time differences to collaborate within real time span, that all can rethink with, etc!

`i come to talk story is a virtual global platform, based out of Port Townsend, WA, as a US nonprofit, reaching out to the many patches of goodness, willing to link, as we seek those without, to do an exchange!

We are perfecting w/your help means for all to simplify the issues of the times and work w/the many traditional engineers in patches, willing to share w/pockets without the basic nuts and bolts in place! As students use one's communities as extended or only classrooms and link the genetic biodiversity w/neighbors, which is our true sustaining energy!

Donate please! So this map someday will include links for all the local `plans being worked in every community! As people create upon our `Transitional Shift Message Board (TSMB) to network!

Imagine if need to explore, have to run from ER or wars, etc. which we invite you to help end, as well stop the use of Nuclear and seriously join in, so every local `plan networks, rids toxic and restores one's `enhanced ecological sustaining healthy working communities, w/neighbors, sharing in solidarity. Ending false aid form afar. So we all become aware local, global and beyond mindful participants, before it is too late!

This is how all can give/gain, support and develop critical thinkers, for all to come add/collaborate and resolve the local/global plans yet to be resolved. As together we prioritize most important toxic issues on earth, working within earth/space systems to resolve, see page 11 on `the sun will set spreadsheet; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DMZF4u6HVWYVSwEDFZxIioS_9XSAs7gWvPMqbrejx70/edit?usp=sharing

We welcome your Donations/Grants as a US nonprofit to make this happen ASAP, for it is long over due!

Peace is real if you help us reach all!

love us at `i come to talk story...