What all can do now...

Is link, come together, celebrate our good fortunes to `collaborate, `rethink and `shift for those still being abused by all of us unknowingly!

Our Mission

`i come to talk story is a US nonprofit. We are a global virtual platform sharing humanities links that work.

Students using one's communities as classrooms, networking ER priorities locally and afar, gaining basic human nuts and bolts, via like ecosystem/season and subjects, can be a very efficient way for all to focus directly together.

We welcome all to reflect w/our site pages and come talk, sharing what works/what doesn't. As you and your community create upon humanity's options to create your local `plan prioritizing the `collective earth-space plan, interrelating, creating upon ideas w/a `transitional shift message board (TSMB). Where each able person posts one's needs/offerings or for one unable, while a rep posts for a group on to starting one's local `plan, or in progress. To restore the ecological `enhanced healthy working communities, w/neighbors.

We suggest starting w/a natural local wild food potluck w/follow up meets. Celebrating along the way one's good fortunes to have such tools of the times to work together to go figure, earth/space in peace!

Your support in sharing and donations are welcome! Peace, ictts.org


`Shift, check in w/self please! It's time to hold the right people accountable ASAP!

Humanity has great work to share, and we want to share it!

Let us know where you want your Donations to go, `i come to talk story to perfect this virtual global platform that is a US non profit association or one of the entitys you read story of below??

Please check back as more solutions come aboard, as we welcome all to come together ASAP for all to gain great tools working within earth/space systems!

Please make space for this lengthy read and take part/correct, for we are `Shifting to resolve and we welcome you to do the same, for our secular science through out the world is not on the same page!

WE WELCOME ALL TO SHARE CLARITY, EMAIL kara and we will add; kareje@icts.org

For researching is real work, and we are still not resolving!

This page and our twitter page is becoming a lot of yada, as people loose focus, vs taking a stance yet to collaborate! Please we are not a merchant to advertise unless we have socially responsible people supporting us/doing mindful acts for change, so stop posting your ads/talking negative or we will block you, thank you!


Please see update, take part and share!

This Summit was a success and they are having an Encore;

Join us for (free) Encore Weekend on August 25-26, 2018!


The Addiction Summit is now over but do see their ongoing scheuled events;


Wow, this was good, thank you all!


We have a lack of serious detail on a number of issues yet to be prioritized, and many have no clue, due to no efficient structure to network, yet can now, so please make space to read this!

Iran communication is 1 as well ending GMO's, to name a few!


Let me share by best addressing President Putin's speech here;


This response is for all to add to/correct and take part!

President Putin thank you for what you say and I do hope all network globally, as you say all cities can work together! Yes in solidarity we feel doing one's local `plan, creating upon Humanities options now, can then best network details, so no earthling is left behind!

Where I see the problem is;

Is many scars as Humanity is correcting the history books, so we can all share earth/space in peace. But the secular science that our public schools study in US and many countries is the same that Dr. Guy McPherson and Dr. James Hansen study. Dr. Hansen has previously worked w/NASA , now is the representing scientist for the legal suit for `Our Children's Trust against US Gov, which should never of had to happen. We all should be welcomed to communicate and collaborate in a real Democracy, resolving together, only then can all get on same page working within earth/space systems ASAP, so all can celebrate along the way that all critical thinkers are supported to guide!

See Dr. McPhersons overview;



Also see this update that we appreciate all taking part in;


Why this is so important is because we on earth /space need 1 universal secular science common sense that all can use. Not just our students studying science, then to have our good scienctists/professors, not be respected to listen too as they speak out, trying to make all aware of serious issues! Then to have others be in fragments as toxic priority work does not get done!

I'm trying to talk to Pres Trump and his campaign, staying in the instance as well w/Bernie and the Greeen party, answering questions and asking mine, for if all can take part in an open transparent platform, we all then can mindfully act in the instance!

I continue to go figure how best to pursue Humanity's work that I know works well! And do it so all can do the same and celebrate along the way, that we are all doing all that can be done and research is focused as we all mindfully act, doing one's local `plan part time!

So ASAP the children are reunited w/their families and all refughee camps are taken down forever. So all of us rethink how our communities now need help, and let them know the help needed. So while people are in `transition, each can take part to gain fuel to explore/heal and obtain one's own desires without leaving a footprint.

Once all start doing one's local `plan, each then can network and you can set up the `Transitional Shift Message Board now (TSMB) now! And start sharing your needs and offerings and as the local `plan starts forming, all can interrelate so people know ahead of time as well even after if stuck somewhere, where they can be best appreciated to simply be themself and heal, helping where can, as we all do our part to respect all life and make this peaceful transformation.

As I told Pres Trump, he needs to change his slogan of `Lets make America Great to `Lets make wrongs right, so together we end all weapons/end Military bases/end Nuclear use, and take all these resources and shift into resolving ER issues first, that students using communities as classrooms focus directing w/communities will be best to define, what is toxic and resolve via networking!

We don't have to reinvent the wheel, we can share what works and not stay isolated!

So thank you for joining in! For there is a lot to be done. And you can make a difference by using our thoughts sharing Humanity's work, to create your local `plan and make it happen, network fueling others to do the same. For we are all one global community on earth, and when we work together calmly in peace, much more can be figured out!

Peace is real once all organize, for all any able person needs to do is understand! If unable you are the beat one to start a collective support system for all to take part to help all take part.

I feel every community can resolve conflict w/early signs, sure we can get upset but the more we interact and resolve the more will get done and now when your celebrating along the way of doing good work, you gt a break in between of pure joy!

If you find yourself not in this mode then seriously try bringing together an intermediary for both sides tohelp each center and ground! Now have anotehr one to aid the focus of all involved, whether a leader misusing/abusing/conrolling/interferring, etc. share understandings via networking of good work of others globally. Then have the intermediaries that represent earth/space systems as w/the great people I suggest so as to rethink w/and sort self out!

Reflect and feel the energy of good people doing sood work in the instance. Don't carry this heavy baggage eating away at your organs draining your energy, so as to weaken your immunity, effect your gut negatively then to end up w/brain fog and more!

Dr. Paul Thomas and the others at the above HealthMeans.org studying `Functional Medicine can help you make sense of what you are feeling.

So don't stay alone, check them out and do your homewok and help others along the way!

Our `Transtional Shift Message Board can do this to network, bringing the global commuity together to resolve much more efficiently then what is being done now! Especially w/so much repeating of information that has nothing to do w/getting this work down within ourself as well our communities!

I want to say one more important lesson I learned at this Addiciton Summit amongst many, is that this Opioid addiction from western doctors putting people on pharma drugs and not managing them, is inexcusable! You need to go back to school!

Dr. Yun Wang teaches at SIOM, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well customizes formulas for each person at `Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in Seattle area, to help not have cravings, as well not leave toxic side effects, while being tapered off of toxic overload, etc. .

The Institute of Functional Medicine at IFM.org is a directory to find skilled people to help you or a loved one, in your area.

1 person every 7 minutes in the US is dying due to this lack of competency treating people wrongly. Meanwhile the street drug carfentanul which is 10,000 times stronger than morphine is surpassing it! If you go near one trying to aid them, requires you to have on gloves and a mask, covering your skin or you too will need to have more than what many think, as 1 or even 2 doses of the antidote Narcan may not be enough, see real experience, as yes many are not prepared;


And also be taken to the ER, for this is worse then treating heroin. And you won't even know how toxic this drug is until you become aware, as if one tells you or you also start getting ill, from inhaling or it hitting your skin!

So please share and do what can to help people and oneself to realize we either feed dirty genes or we can create new ones, stating w/organic whole food, ending GMO's. No one has to accept that there is no way out of this, when there is! So having skilled aid/few tests will help you understand the root of the problem for you to heal a lot faster, especially when so many addicited can't even comply w/exisiting local present medical facilities not being on the same page, nor are they aware on how to help!

Thank you and Please check back for updates!


In response to the Pope and Miguel Altieri who's work and SOCLA deserves everyone's respect, as well to be aware of;


As I share this old message that is real today, see my comments on twitter and please take part and share what we all can create upon now, once critical thinkers come together and guide;

Thank you all! Sadly it has gotten to the point of real critical thinkers working within earth/space systems to not stop the dirty coal too fast as @Guy_McPherson states/to collaborate w/controversy as @StrongEconomics adds to the equations! Please act @POTUS @KremlinRussia_E

@PresChina @Pontifex @DalaiLama @KremlinRussia_E @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @Guy_McPherson @StrongEconomics Please all come together, clear the fog, for all to help!

A message we share for all to take part and here real stories as they continue and check back for updates, please;

To all;

It is a busy week for us at CODEPINK. This morning we were in the halls of Congress calling for the abolition of ICE. This evening we will be in front of the Israeli embassy celebrating the release of Ahed Tamimi from Israeli prison.

We are also spending the week deepening our understanding of the issues we work on. To do this, we are hosting a series of webinars on Iran, Korea, Palestine, Yemen and Blackrock/Divest from War.

All webinars will be hosted live on our Facebook page or you can participate through this link.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 10am ET, (7am PT)

Iran: Is the US headed to war? How are present tensions affecting civil society in Iran? CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin will talk to Iranian-American Sussan Tahmasebi, Co-Founder and Executive Director of FEMENA, an organization that supports women’s organizations in the Middle East.

Wednesday, August 1 at 12pm ET, (9am PT)

Korea: Will US foes of the peace process manage to derail momentum? Is North Korea constructing new missiles? Medea will talk with Professor Simone Chung, who serves on the Steering Committee of the Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea and is part of the Korea Peace Network and Women Cross the DMZ. This will be a bi-monthly webinar series between Medea and Simone to stay updated about the situation in Korea.

Wednesday, August 1 at 5pm ET, (2pm PT)

Palestine: What impact has Ahed Tamimi had on Palestinian youth? What are the conditions Palestinian children face in Israeli military detention? CODEPINK’s Ariel Gold will discuss Ahed Tamimi’s release and the Israeli military’s detention of Palestinian children with Jennifer Bing. Bing works for the American Friends Service Committee on the campaign called Israeli Military Detention: No Way to Treat a Child.

Friday, August 3 at 2pm ET (11am PT)

Yemen: What is happening with the Saudi-Emirati attack on the port of Hudeida? What is the humanitarian situation and are there any prospects for peace? CODEPINK’s Brienne Kordis will interview Sama’a Al-Hamdani, a Yemeni-American analyst who is a consultant with the Atlantic Council.

Thursday, August 9 at 1pm ET (10am PT)

BlackRock/Divest from War: Why does a company that calls itself ‘socially responsible’ invest millions in weapons manufacturers? CODEPINK’s Nancy Mancias and Natasha Rappazzo will talk about BlackRock’s investments in merchants of death, as well as their role in migrant detention. They will discuss CODEPINK’s campaign to hold them accountable and how you can get involved.

Share our webinars on Facebook and Twitter and invite your friends and family to join.

Towards peace,

Ann, Ariel, Brad, Brienne, Eric Jodie, Katie, Kirsten, Mark, Medea, Nancy, Natasha, Paki, Rita, Sarah, and Tighe

Thank you again all at CODEPINK!

PS you can view again on FB even if not signed in, if miss these webinars


Please Divest From the War Machine and learn the facts;


Our twitter comments;

@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @WhiteHouse @IvankaTrump @DrJillStein @ajamubaraka @KremlinRussia_E @codepink @PresChina N Korean's are moving forward/US sanctions are off, nothing skilled, hurting many people, same in Iran @President_Iran Please earthlings come together + stop them

We thank CODEPINK for these webinars and their mindful Acts!

We share our link here for you to correct/join in sharing what works and stay in the instance and co_evolve w/us ASAP, please!

Fritz says it best as far as many of us at times;

Alarm, alarm, alarm.

Reality is often alarming. Being the new kid on the block can be overwhelming, especially the physics involved is hugely dynamic, and as of yet, only poorly understood.

Our existence appears to be like living on a knife edge.

And, having the plebs frightened surely can be useful.

I think we are overwhelmed, confused and frightened. That makes for fine bubblewrap weaving...

Thanks Fritz, but we refuse to get lost in this, it's not easy but we figured a way to make it easier w/everyone give/gaining, support, see our link below Noam's!

See Noam's perspective and thank you Noam!;


So please all see how you can best sort this out w/your loved ones/friends/neighbors/communities, locally and globally;


In saying that I've discovered Mark was wrongly treated from the Judicial System in US, as I and many, stealing precious time from ourselves w/our family's, and Mark was imprisoned for I think 10 years wrongly, yet he still comes back to aid Humanity, Thank you Martin!

Please see Martin Armstrong's take, as I invite all to rethink together;


I've been fortunate to know a few good men/women, that make changes happen. But my input makes a difference, so please realize priorities required to work within one's local `plan working w/neighbors to link, within our earth/space, over one's own boundarys!

The problems need to be addressed in the instance, as I see now Pres Trump has his hands full processing Congress, filled w/out of real timing of good thought, ending up as interference. It's not real prioritizing and all need to come together and sort this out one issue at a time, to make it happen fastest. For we and many already have lost, and more to come unless all act mindfully ASAP! And do it calmly, ralizing aggression just sets us back!

As you all must see Dr. Guy McPherson's work and see how short of time he projects, and support him to collaborate w/global scienctists now/prove him wrong, give us facts/rethink together and open the platforms for all to view and take part where can, giving truth! For we the people deserve to get this straight.

We don't have time for years of research if the earth already has good work knowing now what to do. But science too has been a religion that need to co_evolve w/real time of what all can do, being on same page. Local `plans can make this happen as we share globally in solidarity.

I'm co_evolving asking myself and you, as I think of how we are working to end all toxic/resolve, end Nuclear use and waste correctly/end weapons of war as bases close. Ok so in this thought I too am unskilled researing the difference in tools now as well what critical thinkers can research as in how to stop one from hurting self and others, see Ex;


Some of these volts amounts are crazy, for they do harm and each person is different especially if hit internal organs weakened already w/accumulated Nuclear radiation and other toxins.

But I want to start researching this conversation, as well sharing w/you all and my local Sherriff. For I see heavy weight police w/heavy equipment and they get warm, even if thinner, surrounded by all they carry in car and on body's. So how can they carry less using AI technology and more?

So as Dr. Jill Stein states police alone are all any community needs. And we say all Military should stop, for the US is the largest footprint on the planet/space and this takes many jobs now needed to clean all this up and convert over to each community doing one's local `plan so police too are interrelating as mindful local participants, where all get to know one's communities.

But to be over weight and bit programmed if a racist? Then awareness needs to be shared so as to beable to quickly act and protect one from hurting oneself, the police and all near!

I know technology exists in many fields and this too has been left behind as too many people are getting hurt.

So I ask you Pres Trump/Ivanka and all in this new program to educate as in thru P-tech, whcih I presently emailed them, do you want people to save life on the planet 1st? Or serve the Military Industrial Complex? Do you want people to die w/weapons of war, or do you want to rehab people and research how to use only tools that stop one w/a weapon quickly, yet not hurt them internally or externally? Whether eye to eye or dropping a bomb? Ending expensive jets/submarines, etc./toxic Nuclear weapons and others? Needing no war funding as needed, rather transition to loca cost no profiting tools for use by skilled only, and others designed for personal care and personal hunt for food, etc. that still does no harm but stops them, and as in animals to then remove from family before killing them consciously!

So your feedback is important, for us to know how we can work w/you?

For that research needs to be done by skilled technicians knowing well good stewardship of the earth!

We will support that as we further prioritize saving life on earth ASAP, and please read on to the many that know now Humanity has answers now to create upon. We hope to work w/you all!

Look at Ronnie's programs below, and then look at some of your plans now in Trade, do you see how no more can anyone ecologically whore? I've asked Ronnie Cummins and Miguel Alteri to talk to Dr. Guy McPherson and you people should too. You can't get any better skills to work with.

President Putin you've been offensive where US Military is out of control w/so many bases and expense in the Military Industrial Complex, backed by Congress w/defensive non realitys that must end. President Trump I was proud to see you talk about the work needed on Nuclear. I'd like you men to talk to Ajamu Baraka, for so much more can be done now. For what US is spending on weapons of war is insane, especially w/the Nuclear waste not cleaned up and Nuclear plants a mess, as well we need climate change discussion to be common sense.

And stop such foolish waste taking issues to court, in order to talk to people and do good jobs. It's like how can you men and women even discuss war, when you don't see same secular science on climate change, and to prioritize that, which as our local `plan shares, many more jobs can come out of doing the right thing for earth/space systems, over profiting or being trapped in old mindsets?

Please see if yet to;


When Govs can not speak/collaborate and resolve w/`we the people and children, and it's not just US, it is becoming a movement globally, then we have an earthling problem on earth and in space! So PLease President Trump talk to these children and listen to Dr. James Hansen speaking of the science for them and for us all. Requiring us each to get real and go figure, as we suggest do one's local `plan w/your communities and neighbors, see more below and in other pages to the right. So now w/such good minds we share, more can be figured w/the students help!

Plus the scientists Dr. Guy McPherson speaks of, also are talking about life on earth ending sooner than anticipated due to the Arctic ice melting , dependent on when it does. And if this year, Dr. McPherson is talking about 7 years of life on earth continuing. I' m asking him to rethink w/Ronnie's plan w/France `Four for 1000` link below.

Please see, for many do not agree, yet many are not even skilled to go figure and assuming;


People already are having trouble not prepared, having to relocate due to weather feedback loops from the Arctic's effects. Here's a few;


But fails to talk about people on a Marshall Island relocating to Arkansas, having a hard time culturally adjusting. This is inexcusable when preparation can be better done.

Please stay w/me here for this read is lengthy but I think you will find it helpful, as you each are needed!

I use this link below, even though I've not respected NASA's work w/the space program in past, not as efficient as Russia's in finances, energy or ability to communicate equally, etc.. But this shows a lot of detail to debate and some work done nicely.

Please see;


Ok now add this issue of secular science debate of 911 w/US Gov's team;


Don't you think all secular scientists need to come together for our earth/space and rethink all this, and do it based on traditional engineering that knows well of being good stewards of the earth?

This way all can lower one's footprint to work within earth/space limits, as Humanity's plan suggests, in doing your local `plan, if continue this read, and create upon it most energy efficiently.

For to see you President Putin, state what you do in this meet above, I already know well of some of your work, respecting biodiversity, cultures and doing what can to preserve this life for it is our sustainable future, and I respect you for it! President Trump please learn from him, as well others. I've shared Prof Miguel Altieri’s work on agro_ecology to Pres Trump, from his beginning of Presidency, as he knows well what works in the world, yet to gain support his work deserves, to help us solve many of these ER issues! Plus he and other associates can be contacted thru SOCLA, please talk to them please;


See Ronnie Cumming's offerings as he explains different methods, which I feel together, all can co_evolve what is needed for each community working w/neighbors;



Now is the time to get to know each other and share your stories, as we welcome all, including Govs everywhere to make wrongs right working w/all! For each local `plan can define best via networking what one's `enhanced potential is, focusing on which technique is best for where, as entire biomes are rethought?

For what I know from my love mishi over 38 years w/him, as he was raised part time in the Russian countryside, and this beauty was simple common sense to them, until the Gov back then took farms away! Yet when he came to America due to family requiring it or they could not leave, and yes those times were rough for them all! But point is the Russian common sense is equal to the American few years of colledge.

So please all realize the opportunities of coming together working within earth/space together, exchanging in solidarity, for all to truly heal and harmonize! Enough scars, lets rid them from continuing please!

We respect You President Putin to saying no to GMO's, which is another mindful act that You President Trump can learn from him, for as Ronnie states, 85% of American people are undernourished. We've worked hard to say NO to GMO's, not just to lable, but to rid Industrial Agriculture and look at these above links of solutions now! Helping people heal from the toxic preservatives/pesticides/degeneration of our soils/waters/communities/minds and bodies. As `we the people welcome all to turn all this into opportunities and resolve!

As well President Putin, you have shared some of your views of the Arctic ice melt happening in past and not appear to see it as a problem, only good to further 30 million tons more of cargo thru ships going thru this Northern route w/ice more friendly, if I remember correctly.

But I also saw your lady scientist that leads a global group talking about the Methane being a big concern! So I would like to do what I can to bring your scientists together w/US people I mention above as well the world, to see how efficiently all can simultaneously do a number of issues for all life now! And share it with all to do one's local `plan and network, having priorities to view from others, so no more anyone makes incorrect judgment on such serious issues now that require the world's attention as, Ex;

Continued developments contributing to ER states defined, which now Arctic seems to be high on the list/Nuclear use/waste buildup/how to decommission if humans on earth will not be here and Nuclear plants are on their own, so as to keep earth available for future life vs like Mars, as Dr. Guy McPherson speaks of.

Dr. Helen Caldicott and Arnie Gundersen and more of their associates also can help, yet they also don't gain the respect for all their good work, meanwhile International entities as IAEA is not held accountable, good Ex; The Fukushima Dachii Nuclear plant accident as Japan Gov and Corps withhold reality of that situation! Same here in US, President Trump you are not correctly dealing w/this problem! As well ending weapons of war, as you continue to fight without peace discussions and getting to root of issues of who is causing what by interfering, for what reason and resolve, as those before you and you in Syria did wrong and need to make these wrongs right, let us all help, please?

This list can be lengthy but no one knows it best then local stories working w/networking so as to clarify what is real and what is programmed or manipulated under other's control, etc. And doing your local `plan can be the best way to define this as students use communities as extended or only classroom, networking via like ecosystem/season and subject, to then bring home options to go eye to eye and rethink what one's local `enhanced ecological sustainable healthy working community can look like? Working w/neighbors so entire biomes are rethought and worked sensitively and skillfully w/agro_ecological systems as a movement!

Miguel Altieri and SOCLA is best to share detailed assessment, knowing it works through out the world in patches. And He knows well it can feed the world if indigenous farmers using it were given more land. Where as our plan sharing Humanity's work is for each community to do this in one's local `plan, to best define w/neighbors how best to also prepare for climate change, if yet to, as well gain one's own local natural food/low impact energy alternatives as people understand downscaling/technology based on traditional engineers, sovereignty!

Don't you think this would open you as an earthling wanting respect, to give respect and gain respect as an equal, as all do on'e homework and make wrongs right, sharing policies for the earth/space, vs preoccupy as many do in one's back yard, or even isolate to one's community or country? When yet no ecosystem can be isolated and earth is all one system that life and death creating more life is a cycle produced by all countries, doing what they do? As the negative of one pollutes the other going thru the currents of wind/water, etc.

Tools of the times are here to perfect and we welcome your participation to join in such collaboration, so all on same page working within earth/space systems, staying in the instance w/good investments on the table as the skilled student within all create doing one's local `plan. And the local `plan retains controlling interest for locals, and we speak of refugees/homeless as equal earthlings having the option to be a local mindful participant, during this `transformation of all earthling facing such ER issues as is.

Dutch has done some good thinking, please see if yet to and this kind of critical thinking for each biome w/neighbors is required, plus support for those that excel via ecosystems, as in the feedback loops, so all realize no one can just focus on one's back yard!

Rather it takes sharp sensors to stay in the instance and many secular scientists are doing that now, while much is fragmented/manipulated, and can even do better w/your support vs condemnation of entity groups trying to make this happen, yet people are fragmenting and time is going on, more are suffering, dying prematurely, fragmented wars continue for profit, etc..

This is what Dutch is doing for seawater rise;


as well in Lake Kivu, Africa, look at the high risk w/Methane;


Such technical specific high risk work happening in many places, and I was glad to hear of President Trump speaking of the 90% of Nuclear that Russia and US have and need to focus on, and all should take part in.

CODEPINK's good work brings to our attention that if President Putin and President Trump can talk diplomacy then also Iran's President Hassan Rouhani can join in! As all end all Nuclear weapons as well weapons of war and end Nuclear use, researching how best to clean up the waste on earth and space, end sanctions and use Fair Trade so as to work within earth/space in time realities w/it's ability to give tools to each community to manage one's local `plan for locals.

Meaning define the priority space for ER, respecting all micro biomes needed for all elderly, collectively support for all to give while creating w/sensitivity and respect w/neighbors. Ending false aid from afar!

Do you see how this support/rethinking can assist the process for all to heal, get real w/internal problems that our friend Fritz works hard at, on himself w/success, when yet he deserves a good research team, yet Vets Hospital yet to help! He feels humans cognitive abilities are interfered w/by parasites within, that dentists don't want you to know about!

Fritz feels this awareness at a young age can perhaps prevent, if children before 11 would brush their teeth w/lactose!

Then they will have clarity w/sharp sensors to mindfully act in the instance, w/conscious humane empathy for all, that many now fail to do. These scars we speak of on this page have continued for quite some time. Sure we never had the tools as of now, but now we do, so lets make this change! We have to ask ourselves why and what will it take for us to create upon these ideas to resolve, so research is prioritized simultanously in these areas we speak of and more discovered and prioritized n each local `plan.

Which plugging in as a local mindful participant, where ever from, can then be fueled to gain awareness of getting to where you want to be, and doing it the right way, as these many issues are properly supported to be researched and resolved, as all network, so no one has to reinvent the wheel!

We are not just interested in correcting history in the books, we want to see how all survivors now of trauma/still working to relive oneself of suffering, are compensated not just thinking throwing money one's way does it, rather real policy changes so people equally give/gain, support for research to resolve. For all to be equal and have the opportunity to save life that truly sustains us all on earth now, vs ecologically destroy thru profiting and delusional fragmented control, from ill/misinformed people, that all can help now!


We think a consensus of understanding is of utmost importance, to end these scars of others controlling/interfering, when each should start by give/gaining, support when can! Prioritize the instance while bringing the truth of past to the table. So each organize to structure collectively, so all network/update ER issues/important tools/prioritizing collectively as reps in interchangeable roles can speak for groups. And each self-develop gaining one's needs, no longer overloaded stressing to deal w/the many issues locally and afar, while staying consciously mindful in the instance, interrelate and celebrate along the way, knowing each is doing all that can!

I can't repeat enough, I thank Google/Nabble/LibreOffice and more, for their support as they can help you too organize so all can network and each can make a difference! The tools of the times are here to be perfected, and all must find the space to stop contributing unknowingly, so together these scars stop being created!

It's time to truly heal all fields of secular science, so all life can simply be using 1 universal common sense verbiage that works for one's ecosystem/season and subject, to sustain a healthy working community, prioritizing as an earthling for all life on earth/space to gain peace to efficiently create on what we say here, as you do your homework, correct us if wrong, and add to it, please!

Link your solutions now on our `the sun will set spreadsheet... add comment and share where best and I will help, or email kara; kareje@ictts.org

As well if you want to Donate/Give a Grant so we can hire/gain tools/over head expenses, to reach out to all more efficiently, let me know in email, as well if want a receipt to write off, for we are a US non profit association seeking support to perfect and simplify this virtual global platform for all to add t one's community shared tool shed!

Please for give our mistakes for we need support and we seek to reach out to the many still imprisoned within, misusing/abusing/interfering, that need collective support, and are best to help create it!

You people pulling the strings making Military happen has done a lot of earthly damage to our microbiomes and all life everywhere and more very intensively, as well people dying prematurely and many still suffering, as well from the Nuclear radiation used and toxic chemicals, etc..

Scientists told Congress in US long ago Nuclear should stop, and now `we the people refuse to accept it!

Keep it simple, all can start right now w/a group doing what can, as each dig deep within one self, share and prioritize for you first. For then together all have many good ideas to apply, remember you have heart to even be here, so if all of us simply work these ideas good for each, others will feel the energy and do what can to reflect/network, as I do!

Please don't try to change others to do anything, we each have to do this for ourself, thru understanding, so please do your part to give/gain, support for all to interrelate in one's local `plan, unless you have a better plan?

We thank President Trump, President Putin and the media for being in the instance, admitting truth in this meet on 7. 16. 2018 and look forward to them following thru w/us all! For Humanity has options now to critically resolve with all to understand and interrelate, creating upon it!

Please do your collective local `plan and do it most efficiently working w/all in solidarity, networking for all life!

Do for you and be thankful of each other sharing, while you break that codependency of interference on other life to build yours!

When we help each other in a balanced way, we also help ourself along the way!

My perception of the meet of NATO is far from balanced, rather it is delusional programmed thought from the past wrongdoing! Please see my comment how I suggest tallying up all that has been taken from Natives everywhere and make wrongs right, If President Trump wants to get real w/tallies;

7.11.18 President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Breakfast with the Secretary General of NATO


as well in this link;


I comment, welcoming all to join these events;

I'd like to welcome you all to check out, register and participate to make UN work or rid it, as together we make a plan and act mindfully locally, working within our earth/space systems in the instance. Event;

Let's get ready for the 2020 World Leaders' Summit on renewal, innovation and reform of the United Nations!

Inaugural Global Town Hall, July 21-23, 2018 at the University of Colorado Boulder, ask questions;


Please note I tried to take part but many technical errors on Livestream and locally perhaps, so I've added here a Google Drive Document of what I could do and I will be starting a review over w/all the videos/pdfs soon and continue commenting on this live document for all to edit/correct/add, so thank you for taking part;


These are difficult times being able to stay in the instance w/people making decisions in the instance good and bad, for all to sort out, when as Ex; we may not like who is in a responsible position yet trying to work w/them to rethink?

At the same time check out this first time meet Nov 16-18, 2018 and register now, so you can participate and your funding will help them organize it;


I prefer to continue a discussion in a more positive manor as all stop NATO/all weapons of war and all Nuclear use, not to mention stop sanctions, for people are quilty yet want to tell others what to do wrongly, this has to stop!

If you look at the weapons industry's profiting and what they interfere in, as US tax dollars and others, could go for paid in full medical care, (not even first single payor), as other's do, to start! For the secular science can work w/traditional medicines to fill in these worn torn missing gaps leaving people suffering/doctors uneducated to self develop and help people heal oneself!

By educating about the real priority sustainable issues to resolve, as in working w/the natural world preparing for disasters before they strike. To maintain a balance of one's communities genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors, for healthy microbiomes to support all within. as well prevent pests that no other pesticide can do without producing more toxic, making more ill! Let alone pollinate our food, for people are eating toxic food from the GMO's and Industrialized agriculture that are profiting over it! Let alone if you wait for disaster to hit then act!

With our focus using agro_ecological systems, now rethink w/these folks that `boon w/the natural happenings.

Thank you `New York Times and MICHAEL KIMMELMAN for writing this article.

The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World Is Watching;


Thank you and these types of stories is what students focus directing w/communities can create with, when doing one's local `plan, sharing schematics `enhancing the natural ecological potential via each ecosystem. Fueling each community to then go eye to eye and rethink, so no one stays isolated.

So please wake up to what you are supporting and rethink w/Humanity's options now, as you do your local `plan, network and rather to await disasters and pay huge amounts as well loose lives, you too can collective create before it happens!


`i come to talk story thanks to you for helping us reach out, as we share a few alerts upfront!

We want to continue to contact those in need, as you help us by sharing what works/what doesn't, lets co_evolve together, for many are in need of support. And yes for some it is overloading to know how to help what when and where?? And when we come together, support lessens this load of information that is real, as we can sort it out, for many in groups now are sharing really good work! And it's time to come together to go figure how best to help rid scars from continuing!

We find, to do what can calmly along the way is the answer, other wise you are being part of the problem, misusing/abusing, interfering in a energy efficient way for you to heal if needed, as well to be mentally clear and physically strong to interrelate, and stay in the instance. Without your organs stealing from each other trying to process the much disassociated energy from all this, when not in a calm state producing more mixed signals. As well your/our ability, to seriously resolve suffering scars from continuing takes critical thinking, as well w/ER issues now/as well organizing w/the many left behind, while new issues continue.

To name a few;

I see how people have yet to learn respect for all life, yet some have and I want all to learn of one man and his staff, which I have the highest respect for. Dr. Mukwege thank you for all you've done. I see in his eyes the many cries he has seen, says another.

Please all do what you can to support him and his requests;





This recent photo from Independent, we thank, which makes me sick! Of the black giraffe killed for trophy/some say conservation? What must be stopped is the glory of killing any creature! Yes for conservation scientists know problems and good one's deal w/early signs. So did that happen here??



This is a great video I've been awaiting and gives an Ex; Of how we can make priority change together sharing in solidarity one's local `plan;

First Humans Episode 1 + 2- Homo Sapiens Becoming a Human


It's amazing what preoccupies humans now as well over time, when we must come together more efficiently for we can stop suffering. I've suggested to UNHCR and others working at the Congo war and others to not just show videos of suffering, rather enough good journalists know well how US Gov/Corps/People, in each country have done wrong and these worn torn links need to be clearly stated. So we all hold self and others accountable now to make wrongs right, for all life, and get on w/climate change working within earth/space realities of priorities ASAP w/people that can critically think.

I welcome people to collaborate on this issue of making wrongs right, for our natural world only happens when we do our organic exchanges and balance the genetic bio diversity, linking w/neighbors. Secular science has done a good job showing Ex; The Amazonian’s learned this lesson early on, there is no natural communities, we as a human species must balance it. And Miguel Altieri's work w/others skilled in agro_ecological systems can help all go figure, as each `enhance one's natural ecological potential, while interrelating doing one's local `plan that we add, sharing the good options Humanity has now to resolve priority issues and save life.

I respond to Dr. Guy McPherson and Peter Wakeman, as this video shows real heart of good journalism, and how I respond below to their truth, as well see more at Nature Bats Last; https://guymcpherson.com/


I agree w/all accept I won't accept just this;

When the tools of the times are here to be perfected, and sure human error in us all can be simple interferences, but also if we collaborate/network/organize so each can collectively work so each give/gain, support for all to interrelate w/one's local `plan! Than a structure can be a great fueling force w/students within us all, to exponentially make a difference, creating/researching/resolving, co_evolving, aiding all life in one's path! While still prioritizing earth/space realities in the instance!

In my own experiences, I know well my faults that can be corrected, and sure we all can, taking more time editing oneself, once aware of more early signs. But this synergy of conscious connecting, then produces great affects in microseconds well worth it!

Vs just one on one exchange, which when put into this local `plan perspective, exchanging on one's `Transitional Shift Message Board, connecting w/our global community, is what truly will make great results.

This is why all are needed that are alive, otherwise the universal conscious community has missing links!

Here's a few of many priority issues needing everyones' attention ASAP and we welcome your support, for us to share Humanity's plan and do it most efficiently by welcoming all into one's local `plan to connect and resolve, prioritizing the ER issues along everyone's path, yet not fail to prioritize the priorities, as critical thinkers rise to this occasion and supported. So no one is interfered with to do the same.

This has been the problem as great ideas have been incomplete or not acted on mindfully due to fragmentation, as others got interfered with, unable to self develop thru this process while others stepped on them to excel oneself or one's idea, even if thinking good for all! I know I'm guilty unaware as this easily can happen, when others just soak it up and not hold self accountable to not allow it.

Dr. Jill Stein did a great job w/Green folks, and it's up to us all to make it happen, please see;


This is the good work of Natural Justice, even though from afar, this thought can help all rethink;


Aiding communities to be aware, or others step on them. Same w/all the wasted energy blaming the 1%, gives a great Ex; Of so many people unaware how we/they support them unknowingly, losing oneself in the process. And this can change as we become aware of the misusing worn torn connections that students can help us see, as the student within all, sharpen one's sensors, and not allow oneself to be hurt, or one's communities.

As local `plans can be the best rule of understanding that you can start if none, wherever you go!

This can change as we share such specifics as Fritz brings to our attention of how the parasites within us all 24/7 constantly killing others in our healthy natural processes within each of us, let alone how it is enacted from one person to another or even consuming oneself to ill states, wanting one to commit suicide as the organs fight for survival of the fittest, once our healthy bacteria is compromised!

So its time for good skilled people to share such lessons via groups and each local `plan will be best judge of what is missing as we focus direct together, putting a priority list, for review, to be added to everyone's community shared tool chest.

We reach out and ask all in responsible roles consuming the most, when one is yet to be aware to hold one's own;

In response to First Lady regarding ABC's report of her 2nd visit, addressing the children yet to be w/parents in lock up, as well President Trump, please see my response;


Same w/her `BeBest Program, I ask to support 1 Universal Sound Science our students require for earth/space and make wrongs right for 911!

Please all take part;


I also ask, and please all also ask, First lady and President Trump, in their visit w/@KingAbdullahII and @QueenRania of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, why Middle East and US are not supporting UNCHR, for the lack of truth w/911 from President Bush and many caused many of these issues, along w/other countries, yet not held accountable, why?



Black Alliance For Peace says it best!

Why are thousands of Central Americans fleeing violence and economic devastation and flocking to the United States? Because of the American dream? Because the streets are paved in gold?

If you’ve been following us over the past year, you know we keep it real.

U.S. multi-national corporations’ and finance capital’s penetration of nations and control of peoples have wreaked the economic distortions, social violence, austerity and lack of democracy that push and pull people to leave their countries in search of security, peace and material survival.

Yet these issues are presented as if they just descended from the heavens.

What we are seeing is the inevitable and predictable consequences of the policies of successive U.S. administrations over the last three decades—all with the understanding that the neoliberal agenda would require a wall be built on the U.S.-Mexico border.

NAFTA caused the first wave of migration, wherein millions of farmers were uprooted, thousands of women were forced into the slave conditions of the Maquiladoras and thousands of men sought sometimes dangerous work in the United States and Canada.

Members of the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) understand the link between the U.S.-backed coup in Honduras during the Obama administration and the subsequent violence and social instability that compelled so many to make the long trek from that embattled nation.

And we don’t forget the irony that the one nation in Central America in which conditions didn’t force people to leave is Nicaragua, a state now engulfed in an intensifying social conflict that many suggest is being supported by elements of the U.S. state and its affiliated institutions.

Migration is a class issue and migrants have human rights that must be protected. They don’t lose their human rights just because they cross a border and are “undocumented.” Unfortunately, U.S. officials’ understanding of what constitutes human rights is incredibly narrow. The United States doesn’t respect the human rights of migrants because they don’t even recognize the human rights of their own citizens. This was reflected in the recently released United Nations report on growing U.S. poverty.

BAP National Organizer Ajamu Baraka writes that this narrow understanding of human rights ensures the United States will continue to violate human rights.

Here is an analysis that makes the link between war, economic exploitation and migration.

And while people are outraged—as they should be—that families were being busted up and children were being taken away and objectively imprisoned, it is important to note this classist and racist assault is not anything new for Black people. This leads BAP Coordinating Committee member and Black Agenda Report Senior Editor Margaret Kimberley to ask why the public has no sympathy for Black people.

No compromise. No retreat.

In struggle,

Ajamu, Ana, Jaribu, Kali, Lamont, Lukata, Margaret and Yolande

Coordinating Committee

Black Alliance for Peace

P.S. The oppressors won’t dismantle the U.S. war machine—that’s our job. Contribute today!


These communities in Puerto Rico have had their share w/weather, and it will get worse, so lets help each other w/issues now before they get to ER modes. It has amazed me when so many people offer such good ideas w/like alternative small energy and rain water catchment, like Geoff shares weekly good stories to live in the instance, so all are better prepared when large girds fail and to free oneself from them;



Not to mention support needed as in doing one's local `plan. Here is a Good Ex; Schools are being closed down In Puerto Rico, sign the petition!


Or how about getting our US Gov and the world to correct the reality of 911, where they are yusing bad science. Please see how you are needed to help now;



Let alone `Friends of the Congo can tell us more of the WW3 happening for some time in the Congo, please open your eyes and take part. We started this project hearing the Rwandan war making me ill as we crossed the pacific in `etak our sailboat we made, before we had `tzegunka and heard this story over shortwave.

This problem is still being supported wrongly by US Gov interfering as people/Corps/US Gov/EU, and would like to see the updates of who in detail, profits over the Congo mines, leaving many distraught and must be stopped by the International community working with us to stop/US Gov and others being corrupt from profiting wrongly.

This story link below tells more of update;


Here is some history well written;



Jamal at NIAC needs all to take part;

Our Strategy Moving Forward

  1. Expose the lawmakers supporting Trump's ban. The current Republican-led Congress has blocked a vote to repeal the Muslim Ban.
  2. Uncover the information that Trump is hiding. That is why we worked with Senator Chris Van Hollen to require Trump to turn over documents that will lay the groundwork for repeal. to lay the groundwork for a vote to repeal the ban.
  3. Organize to elect a new Congress this November that will vote to overturn the ban.
  4. Pass legislation to repeal the ban once and for all.

Have Questions on the Decision?

If you're wondering what yesterday's ruling means for you, we offer some answers in our FAQ. To see our legal analysis on the decision, look here.

Want to Get Involved?

We need your support. You can donate your time and you can donate your money. See where your representatives stand on the issue, and contact them. If you've been impacted by the ban, share your story with us.

If our community is fully invested, we will overturn this ban.

In solidarity,

Jamal Abdi

Executive Director

P.S. Justice Kennedy's retirement, announced today, raises the stakes even further for the upcoming elections. It's crucial our community has a voice in November, so I hope you'll be part of our efforts.


For not all issues of the times are every community's problem, yet please be aware many of the local and afar problems happen because of the effects we leave unknowingly, so please make space for this review and share in collaboration for your community to better prepare.

Many of the global issues are not being prioritized w/secular science that is sound, yet they are affecting us all, some now more than others. As well ongoing problems left unresolved, so much to do to end these scars from continuing, sort them out so all go figure!

Share what works locally and network afar if need, don't be left isolated, solutions are abundant, so all can get to the critical issues defining more research for all to collectively mindfully act ASAP!

We are perfecting our global virtual platform rethinking to simplify, would you prefer to add your link in a Google Drive Document or spreadsheet? Please reflect;

`the sun will set spreadsheet.

To make this more friendly, if want to link sharing what works for you/what doesn't, and can't, please email; kareje@ictts.org (Title it; want to link.) and I will put it up and you can review. But please realize these links we support our people working to save life, ending the scars from continuing.

We are not a merchant catalog, we do not charge for linking and sharing, fueling others to not be left behind!

Bring to our attention how you overcome resistance so together we rethink, showing people there is another calm way to act. So we go figure, network, share ideas via like ecosystem, season and subject. So all prepare for changes w/neighbors, ending false aid from afar!

Ex; Look at the ethnic traditional engineers that have preserved much of the genetic biodiversity on this planet, not to mention the many being abused/misusing. Yet many have failed to learn from them, and still can now. We know how misleading our families have been trying to survive, yet no social support to help all become aware, beyond what those profiting have pushed, sure many did not know they where ecologically interfering as well.

Until now, now many have the tools of the times to network and make it right, every local community can prioritize what truly sustains you, no longer staying isolated. Rather it is time to stop supporting profits over restoring healthy communities.

So together we link focus directing on serious global issues that are not being resolved, like land/seas grabbing from people not held accountable locally or afar, same as w/Governing bodies in dysfunctional states. Interfering in other countries governing bodies, yet doing what they can't do and get away with it.

It is long overdue for our earth and beyond's people to come together w/local `tapering transitions, to define priorities within one's local communities w/neighbors. So we hold oneself and others accountable to help each other understand why one should not continue a toxic way/development, etc..

Via students networking using one's communities as extended classroom, each can list what is and network seeking options then come back eye to eye and resolve w/real hands-on experiences/teleconferencing/commenting/Hangouts/Drive documents collaborating, etc.. Sharing how best to do that w/us here on our spreadsheet as we perfect it together.

As well use the same tools as in Nabble, LibreOffice, Google Apps for Education freely, and more for business or working within your communities budget so you can network.

No longer stay isolated, leaving so many left behind.

Please have patience w/us as we continue to study and work w/these great tools of the time to be perfected. Your support/donations/grants are welcome. Email if interested!

Or mail us a check, we are here in Charleston, OR trying to sell our sailboat to simplify our virtual global platform for you to take part;

kara j lincoln `ictts.org %General Delivery

Charleston, OR 97420


Meanwhile, let me show you some groups I respect;

I share here with this group, due to perhaps not making their webinar invited too, and feel these lessons can fuel all to rethink and `Shift. For we need students to help us exponentially reach out and resolve as well they need us to see what we've messed up and what help we can be now walking by their side, as each learn from each other; http://www.youthonboard.org/listeningworks

and you can see one of their past webinars to understand their work; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i3z-pgBbvc

for these young and old are working at the root of what is needed, sharing some very good points, so do check them out and experiment?

For many have stopped communicating w/local officials, not present in the instance, as well each other, as many seek the internet. Which can be a good tool, but nothing is better than to bring our lessons home eye to eye, as we support, after being welcomed into one's local `plan, to do exchanges, then to take home more options to fine tune one's own!

And not doing this interferes in one’s living local process, which disrupts one’s local energy balance within, to center and ground as a local, to then fuel one to explore and gain one’s desires, without leaving a footprint.

To get real story local and afar is how we all become a local, global and beyond mindful participant! Making real change for the instance, as earthlings respecting all life!

Please consider how we have co_evolved, and continue to learn/explore, sharing w/those without, good exchanges that are here now!

And if all rethink and do this for you, locally and afar, as well w/our global family now, then now real change will happen for all, to share our earth/space in peace and prioritize cleaning it up, to save life on earth, considering we also in the 6th mass extinction.

Please all work within our earth/space issues, that gives us our tools to balance our natural `enhanced communities to give us our true sustaining energy within/ and that we all share.

It does not happen naturally, there is no natural community, we must all do our organic exchanges. And share w/truth! So as to co_evolve our wrong understandings yet to be aware of, for Humanity has worked thru a lot for us to create with now, so please take part!

Rid GMO’s/Industrial agriculture/farmed fish/animals for a start, realizing the toxic pesticides/polluting organic fields/inability to save seeds w/many and the toxic ill affects to all that consume them, let alone the monocultures accept for industrial hemp, that destroys our water shed areas and more.

Agro_ecological systems can help each community transform!

What all do is very important, for without this natural base nurturing all, one's sensors become numb, no one can feel how we leave affects on ourself and other life. Meanwhile others are profiting over weapons of war/Nuclear use, that all must stop!

If look at the link below for JOIN THE GLOBAL CAMPAIGN AGAINST US/NATO MILITARY BASES they show you more of why.

I'm going to share here, thought due to, I may not be able to participate in the webinar, `Youth on Board, invited me too, but will try, so thank you for welcoming me!

For I do want to listen, and learn, but when I choose to listen, I also respect others to give me answers/feedback and listen in exchange, to also realize they are needed to make a difference in work needed. I’m not one for small talk, for truth goes a long ways, if you give each the space to understand where your coming from. And yes my truth or anyone, may think it is real, when yet until we truly understand what needs to be edited within, can we really know ourself. And I’ve learned to come back and correct when I experience this correction, and I appreciate it when one does it to me.

I'm editing a new overview of how we are perfecting our global virtual platform, to do just this more friendly. To simplify for understanding. For many are lost in fragmentation and we want all to realize Humanity has solution oriented options now, to use, yet many unaware.

So please take a review of our link below now being edited/correct us as well add to it, and I will edit it in, so comment or email me, kara; kareje@ictts.org. For we have co_evolved into supporting what we do, vs aggressive reaction or resist, rather if important we take the time to state our feelings and welcome a response to collaborate, etc.. As well I welcome President trump and all, for if this is to be a responsible position and continue, we must all connect.

Do I lose it sure, but not often, and will I continue, I’m sure for humans have a lot going on w/our neural networks, and most of us use very little of our brain. But I have total confidence that we all can develop, so collectively we can use communication as our only tool, needing no more weapons accept for a healthy hunt for food/clothing/shelter, etc.

Which makes it more hard when one does not answer to our detail, in responsible roles. And that is why collective a local `plan having a rep and support can bring more clarity and focus to get answers and give them. Vs generalized emails as many legislators do. Not to mention `we the people can self sustain and do much more now to help oneself and our collective communities. ending false aid from afar as well Colonial grid modes.

But I also try to tell Gov/UN, when I disagree for I refuse to suck up others energy if I think it is wrong, rather I do my best to share good options in real time. But most important I don't allow myself to await my mindful acts due to others dysfunction. Nor working on myself to heal and self develop, sharing what works w/others!

This link below is this page we are working at for overview, of how we are co_evolving and then we will have new pages to show more examples in detail, so please share, for more to join in to future Hangouts to work on understanding. For we can't let lack of awareness get in the way, for it must be addressed or we keep repeating. And to do it along the way makes a big difference. So my experiences have taught me to grip the moment when can and equally give space. But yes I understand when focusing on some subject matter, that can be finished later w/follow up.

Share this link of this page please and help us perfect what works by sharing your link on our `the sun will set spreadsheet;


And even now our peace negotiations w/all earthlings should be an open transparent platform for all to take part, if we seriously want to end these scars from being repeated, and our plan we share of Humanity's work can fuel you to create your own best for you and your communities

This can fuel how US/others create a peace economy vs a war mode, let alone make sure all has such education to transform and heal, as in our `TSMB ideas to implement, working into one's local `plan. So all end aggressive acts ASAP, beyond a healthy ego and find one's place as an earthling complying w/present local laws, while those unable being supported to work together to transform the existing unconscious, out of time policies, as root of cause is resolved in the instance, and those effected become included into the community until the local `plan becomes the best rule of understanding.

Please, all give respect for all life that truly is our sustainable energy and if we all comply ecologically, w/what locals can `enhance, all human needs will get met;

Whether a long term senior left unable, a homeless yet employed or not, a refugee unaware or confused or very cognitive willing to interrelate, or one running unaware of boundaries that are unnatural, when only the ecology should divide our reality space available, as boundaries are rethought. As earthlings all can now communicate one’s true needs and offerings, to work within the local `enhanced natural potential for each community working w/neighbors. And do it most efficiently if do one’s local `plan and let it fuel you to create w/it. And communicate local and afar once `TSMB’s get established in every community, globally.

Just imagine good schematics for your local `plan shared for good alternatives to be shared, as well investments/jobs that heal, build great careers, support explorations as people take part in every local `plan where ever at as the best pen pal mode/tourist guide/buddy, etc. as you take parts in the meet and do exchanges and bring home more to share!

Not to mention if want to be accepted and not have to run, or say want to leave yet unable, or being abused and can’t make change, then to make a connection where you really feel appreciated or to heal, etc. Or as in climate change as you will see below a group welcoming all, that wants to resolve the melting ice affect in the Arctic and more… And then the many links we share now thru our spreadsheet, from people in groups local and afar doing really good work to learn from and create upon to take home to your local `plan and come link what works as a rep, fueling others.

Humanity is an alive energy and once aboard fuels a nice synergy, accepting nothing less than harmony!

For we all participate at one time or another, leaving negative impact unknowingly, good Ex; US Military Industrial Complex, and now the tools are here for us not to just listen, but share more of our human energy requirements, and stop it from destroying us and many globally;

So we feel w/sharp sensors vs dull, this energy vibration that changes and adjust w/early signs in an exchange. So as to go within ourself and maintain good balance of our microbiomes within, as well what we exchange w/another, and to maintain a collective community balance of genetic bio diversity to link w/neighbors. Wanting all communities to do and have harmony w/one’s natural `enhanced world and link.

Especially when one has yet to know how to go within and edit, clearing oneself to know oneself, especially when need to heal/nurture. As we are often a resultant of how we perceived our experiences and knew how to respond or if limited, as well carried abnormal behaviors as normal creating more disassociated energy that can be harnessed and energy redirected.

Yet some are in responsible roles making irresponsible incomplete decisions, and that all can change if work w/one mindset, working within our earth/space systems to sustain life on earth and not destroy it…

All this and more can create a self, misusing/abusing, or very balanced by `shifting. Yet many take them both as normal. And when don't define this in a energy balance w/all involved, we store just information riding on others wave, producing more scars, vs answering as a true self, co_evolving harmony. That each can do, to consciously be humane, holding ourself and others accountable in the instance and most efficient if do it collectively as an earthling, doing one’s local `plan where ever at!

So this can be complex when many don't take part or unaware they can gain/give, support, to interrelate. For all is needed. But now w/so many people misusing/abusing, we still can support all rehabs/prisons/jails to have local connections, as a local mindful participant, to help one regain a healthy balance.

Even if have the skills needed and no one else able, if that is even real to say? Where that would appear to be a localized perhaps ER issue, in that case all is equal. For these positions need to be respected or all need to make Constitutional changes, which I've also suggested over time, due to staying in the instance w/reality. I feel our forefathers and women, did that in their time the best they could, and deserve respect to keep this in time reality to be a huge part of what we are!

I've said this many times to all political parties to pool their thought and co_evolve 1 universal secular science common sense. Based on local 'plans being rule of understanding, as many don't realize how the ecology is part of us, where ever one is, and can make a big difference when people interrelate while there.

Cultural unique stewardship of this planet over time, has best been done by indigenous traditional engineers that are still doing and even if not, as much as wrongly been taken away from Natives as here in US w/Native American Indians as well elsewhere w/other cultures. The wisdom should be studied and created upon to be brought to the present.

Prof Miguel Altieri from Berkeley has created agro_ecological curriculum from them, and works still thru SOCLA w/them globally, that has done great work in their movement that can help us all. There work fuels us to perfect a nice tool for all to add us in one's community shared toolshed.


This awareness is a human right as well to protect the wild life so needed to do it's part! To pollinate our food, build healthy soil, balance preventing pests, nurture the trillions of microbes within us and that which we share amongst us, helps us heal and gives us energy if balanced to live in the instance, and much more, as I feel large browsers transboundary migration in tact w/communities coexisting, can give us more lessons, etc...

Over time I've had to learn and continue to listen due to thinking I hear what one is saying and intervening too early, responding intuitively vs truly listen to what they say, vs interfere, so they too have a nice energy exchange in expressing their thought.

Dr. Leon Hammer, I respect, who did family psychology for over 50 years and knew his healing was not truly effective until he included his studies of Chinese Medicine working w/energy in the meridians. As he then opened the `Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine Acupuncture School, in Gainesville, FL.:


As he still writes books and studies. But he realized it is not what we say but the tone we say it in. So if cut one off, we interfere in their energy release, even if it does not have words we may not understand, it is how they process them. Then a sensitive skilled can aid the correction of getting to oneself and the words to match a whole being, if those words are repeated negative patterns interfering. This is why all should be supported to come to the table and interrelate.

Which I never intended, nor now to interfere. My objective was to give options, but when people are imprisoned in oneself, this can be a foreign language and takes time to get on same page. And that is why so many suicides and addictions, from one not being heard, etc.

This is why we suggest starting your local `plan project w/a local natural wild potluck w/good conversation from all/live music and on going meets w/each interrelating as w/agro_ecological systems being the best rule to understand. As this is our answer to many critical issues now. As it is a social/economical/political movement beyond the ecological efficiency of balancing and preparing for climate change/sequestering Nuclear radiation, as well means to resolve the toxic that almost every community is facing at different levels now. This will get worse if large bodies of people don't act mindfully ASAP.

I've discovered when one is listening to another, you can reflect. While still being a good puppet with oneself, knowing what you feel is not all, knowing there is more, so stay open. and work to define it. This is why short term commitments are good in your local `TSMB. To truly listen to yourself by spending time knowing you. This way you can feel good about stating your truth.

For as a healthy child knows innately, and when as in many are homeschooled they immediately become part of the community, vs what is happening in public schools being controlled/influenced, as many seek profit over ecological realities being respected. As in our plan to fuel local `plans can show also better profits… Only then will you be open to others feedback that then may help you rethink, due to if their energy is balanced, and that energy will fuel you to go within and edit yours. For when positive w/learned experiences, all know the energy from your whole being, is what is needed to truly communicate and co_evolve together.

I've discovered all can learn w/early signs to maintain sharp sensors to maintain discipline over ones self sensory observation vs belief. But only when each give/gain, support for each to build one's path as one walks it into one's opening. And this has been my best lessons when I feel the balanced energy of one that enters my path, that makes me go within myself to want to feel such good energy within myself.

Do you see the need in the global peace negotiations, to communicate, as what all can do, as in `Affirm, Bridge and Connect, w/basic ABC’s, vs just a few, as others yet to even talk, then a few deciding on war. Bernie says US is now in war in 74 countries! This is insane! Thank you `Youth on Board!

So all weapons of war are ended and we work together on local `plans. As our plan fuels, sharing Humanity's work, so each community is used as extended classrooms. And for some the only classroom. This way students exponentially can network, prioritizing toxic. Which we would like you to see our `Transitional Shift Message Board (`TSMB). A simple format for all to exchange one's needs and offerings and all you have to do is be honest in real time w/yourself. This includes needs for climate change as well research w/secular science and or a ride to a food bank for one hungry...

As well the communities needs are listed and offerings;

so all realize if we work together and ground oneself as a local mindful participant, no matter who you are or where your from, whether legal or not, you are an earthling and deserve respect as an equal to do your homework as us all, in this transformation. So without local `enhanced balanced biomes, that now can be sensitively and skillfully worked giving locals many more options.

I recently especially had to work hard to overcome some thought of fear when I heard of President Kagame becoming president of African Union, when yet Spain Judges are trying to hold him and past President Bill Clinton accountable for war crimes Internationally, due to Bill ordering him to kill the 2 presidents, which he supposedly did as he ordered their plane to be shot down fueling the Rwandan war, as well fueling many soldiers to do atrocities, as they also protected much corruption of the Congo mines continually, etc..

This is a good example fo how vulnerable our communities are getting, carrying corruption as in business/politics, and US Gov which supports this/him continually many times. Not all people in Gov, many are trapped or working hard for change, but `we the people need to realize much corruption can too be over come, if we don't ride blindly on others.

`Brand New Congress and `Indivisible are working at supporting good people to define themselves in responsible positions. And it's time for all to talk and go beyond parties!

This is why I find common subject w/the `Green political party, yet the other 2 party’s won't allow them in, which is wrong.

Humanity has answers now to be used to lessen the suffering and define critical thinking needed now as w/climate change/Nuclear radiation that needs to be resolved ASAP by us all. Monitored as well waste needs to be prioritized high on the list as many are affected by this daily circulating around mostly the northern hemisphere. Yet many vulnerable as in pregnant women/fetuses/young girls then boys, elderly and ill, are affected due to the accumulation. And protected sex needs to be part of the issues in the instance. So all are aware of all these realities and each then get a grip to go figure together, explore, as we all take part of open transparent platforms.

Which is our objective to be a helpful archive, as we focus direct to help people shift, as we seek out the many communities w/pockets unaware unable to self sustain, to do exchanges w/the many patches of people in groups w/good offerings, even if in fragments, that can connect and create upon, so no more people and whole communities are left behind, as is. Then add us in their community tool shed, to network with/add to, reflect with/correct us along the way, as we reach out to all.

We look forward to adding your work, to perfect our offerings!

Thank you again for what you do! For many are creating projects, that can inspire and fuel much more once you network!

Peace is here if organized to receive it and share.

See a few that do successfully use agro_ecological systems;

La Via Campesina works w/SOCLA. They consider World Social Forum as an important space to build collective strengths of social movements worldwide – all of whom are fighting for social, economic, cultural and political justice. So join in!

In Montreal, their delegates will collectively organize and participate in sessions that would address the questions of agrarian reform, climate justice, peasant-led research, alternatives to corporate-controlled food systems, people’s sovereignty over corporate impunity, young peasants, the future of agriculture and many more.

AGRA Watch does great work locally and afar!

The lessons you learn here from these students working w/one's community can be carried forward to your community. As you fine tune for your `enhanced abilities within your local `plan, and if have none please use our ideas and create one, by supporting all people to come to the table. Network w/the many links already doing!

Nuclear issues need attention and Dr. Helen Caldicott has been such a kind lady for many years trying to help us learn to end it and how it harms us all!

You can see more on our `the sun will set spreadsheet sheet #6 Transmute Nuclear contamination.

Please support Dr. Helen Caldicott she has a really nice archive and helps us all be aware of the toxic condition many are in locally and afar. As all should collectively in each community, monitor local radiation and work w/her to stop all use of Nuclear, accept as she says, some medicine w/no half life, that is recyclable. As well demand all radiation waste to be properly stored and all new stop being developed!

Nuclear plants continue to be built to support Nuclear weapons, as the plutonium used is cheapest, to my understanding.

People are yet to be aware in many communities globally, that Nuclear radiation is very toxic and learn about this reality to help your vulnerable people, let alone yourself.

This is not just an Iranian issue, rather IAEA is not being complete, w/good transparency. While limitations that are supposedly safe are being increased wrongly w/bad science.

Not to mention the controversy over Governing bodies that are taking this subject into their own hands to decide, when it is time for all on earth and beyond to get organized and join together. So we prioritize and stop this high-risk lack of 1 Universal Secular Science, that each local `plan can take part in.

Do you see the homework cut out for all to do?

Iran should be respected like any country on this earth, and all should be truthful and transparent w/the reality of our skilled secular scientists. Not political leaders making bad science decisions as both US parties are now. Rather humanity can work on this issue to stop all Nuclear use/stop the Military bases and let all come home and stop interfering in others afar.

The war mode economy can be replaced as each local `plan shares good investments on the table as the local `plan retains controlling interest from locals, whom ever they are from where, to take part in this `tapering transition, fueling all to gain one's desire. As we all end, war mode/Nuclear use/false green, toxic economies.

Thank you CODEPINK and all!

Divest from the War Machine Now!


`We the people can become aware and interrelate in one's own communities working w/neighbors in solidarity, locally and afar, making space for new combers until the local `plans in every community defines space and subject matter for each to self satisfy, until can go home if that is what one chooses?

Nothing better than to start w/local grown, saved seed, natural/wild food, and medicine, sovereignty. Have a potluck and start/maintain the discussion and start your local `plan now. See the links of all to share ideas as you and your students prioritize for your local `plan.

No better tourist attraction then to welcome all to join in to your local `plan at all stages, and learn in exchanges, giving them more to take home as each continue to network what works and come post on `the sun will set spreadsheet until we change it.

For it is time to calmly do what all can do now to make sure bad science does not override what is best for humans on earth now, prioritizing, balancing one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors and protect the life that truly sustains us all.

Don't be sold that large alternative energy grids are the answer, for they are more of the same Colonial mode - to do for, vs able people doing efficiently for self and for one's communities, say NO thanks, same w/GMO's!

Many now globally are do_in great work and all need to merge to fill in these worn torn missing pieces of detail needed. For there is no natural balance unless we the people make it happen. The Amazonian’s have taught us this long ago.

Please take a review of NIAC's work and what they are confronted with as they need our support! The Muslim Ban is wrong and `we the people can make new global policy for all to share this earth/space in eace as mindful participants, it just takes a lil empathy and respect!

See Natural Justice's great work;


I could type a long list of good folks reaching out, but it's time to go figure and make this virtual platform another tool for your community to share. Helping your ability to accomplish your healthy reality now in your community. Sharing in solidarity, for we need and appreciate all, delusional or not, working together, people can understand and heal or be healed. Even though I too have no problem telling ill/delusional/those misunderstanding to do one's homework and shift or step down, when in responsible roles. But I do feel they as a local mindful participant, have the right to give/gain support, as all are needed to make change, so people heal and make a difference, making wrongs right!

Please mindfully act and show your compassion w/love, be grateful and in return, all will gain.

If not, then collectively rethink and do your homework and edit within, don't ride on others wave, tap into the earth energy, be a beneficial organism. Be the best you can within your skin. As all should give/gain, support for each to build one's path as each walk it into one's opening. Share your story!

Please remember;

Point is all are coming to the table w/yet another issue all we need to not resist, stay calm, listen and gain clarity. So as to share the goodness of everyone's thought, w/communities as each live locally, even if in `transition, it will help all! Take responsibility for what sustains one/all, into ones own hands. But also prioritize whom you/we can touch, that is unable to process, as in early signs that all humans show when distressed...

Ex; Suicide rates have gone up 25 percent nationally since 1999. When so much more can be down addressing early signs!

Lovee says this best;

Suicide is a permanent solution to a short-term problem..

Please share options so each defines how to regain one's control/heal, simplify and ground what each can do with whom and make note-taking turns sharing, checking in throughout the day, giving back up support once one expresses oneself, that they are unable to get needs met, etc.. And this alert can be posted on the `TSMB, as more do what can to involve them, to help them find their place in community, so they realize they are needed to make this happen;

This is how we all become a local, global and beyond, mindful participant!

There is no better education then coming together eye to eye, using the internet as a great tool, sharing links locally, as well your rep coming to post on our list of links, reaching out to those afar.

This fuels thought and create volunteer desires working into meaningful careers replacing the job mode that leaves so many distraught.

Come add to your ethnic framework, sharing wildcrafting that our earth requires, making this a friendly platform to link via like ecosystem offerings. For all to check back and carry what needed, as one adds to one's community shared tool shed. As well work within your existing school curriculum. So as local communities working together restores the curriculum needed to co_evolve, and also find one's place, so students stay in real time, w/communities, all on the same page when it comes to the basic nuts and bolts of living local.

So no more does a developer exceed natural limits, without going thru a `tapering transition understanding facts of secular science to work within the ecological `enhanced boundaries of the local `plans..

This changes Wall Street/World Markets, as local `plans depict what is needed, maintained by locals. Now business can do business without the threat of using fragmented science when they now become mindful local participants investing. Remember, I repeat students w/in all, can have local schematics of the local `plan to retain controlling interest or something fueled that works.

For not all issues are everyone's, but many are getting more negative effects sooner than others in some issues, as w/climate change/Nuclear radiation and each local `plan will prioritize what toxic, and networking will help monitor and resolve, if can?

  • We are an archive in the building w/your support, as we perfect this virtual global platform, as a great tool for everyone's tool chest. So tell us what works for you to fuel others!
  • See all pages, then share your link of `living local sharing what works. For Humanity offers many solution-oriented options now. That all can get a grip understanding, so no one handles issues of the times alone.
  • Saying there are no jobs is wrong. Rather it is when we get stuck in the dysfunctions we are unable to dig deeper into ones ability to stay present at the moment feeling the dysfunctions and addressing the early signs.
  • So please give feedback along the way as this fuels you, and let Miguel's work help people understand.

We thank once Prof Miguel Altieri, now retired but affiliated w/SOCLA. His abundant offerings address our global food crises. Let me share his definition of `enhanced that we use;

`Enhance food security while conserving natural resources...

`Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability..

`Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable...

As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus `enhancing their impact on pest populations.

Begin w/Miguel's agro_ecology curriculum that works. Sharing w/others to do the same;

Then each person shares work, so all know what to prioritize when. And as we say do this in a natural local grown potluck, and use work from others if none local to share.

Ex; Thank you Tami Canal and friends for March Against Monsanto (MAM) as well Moms Across America;

See Tami's good work and join in...

and `Moms Across America...

and Thank you Richard for all you do!

Check out `Slow Food International...

and lets celebrate along the way! I can't wait until this takes off and all are sharing their celebrations and meets w/all on page 8 of spreadsheet. You can link and comment/make corrections on any page of `the sun will set spreadsheet, knowing all is doing what can mindfully!

This is how we are ending the war mode, Nuclear use and all toxic, as well the false green economies.

Thank you for making a difference!