An update of our needs and offerings to reach out better to you.

Attention, we have an important issue to share,

that globally involves us all!!

Please take part in `i come to talk story's Google Drive Form in editing mode, self-reflect, comment, correct us and please share while you do your walkabout for you and your communities.

For all it takes is for all to focus part-time, for one's communities, doing one's local `plan, working within your ecological `enhanced potential;

To truly gain one's true sustaining energy, balancing one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors... Supplying one's true microbial means within and that which we share between us, as well that which pollinates our food and keeps our pests in check, to name a few...

Collaborate, save life on earth now by working w/one's students, use your communities as classrooms. Let's work w/our children, not for them. Start w/a local natural wild potluck/live music/nice conversation w/follow up meets, welcome all to join in to help thru this transformation.

And celebrate along the way!

This is how all will get a future to explore.

With empathy and love, it's time for you to make a difference!

Humanity has answers, share yours!