We want to hear from you, your needs/offerings to better prepare our platform to help!

Post date: Sep 28, 2017 7:44:11 PM

What are your needs and offerings, to enable us to efficiently help you reach out to resolve/exchange, so humans share in obtaining their basic nuts and bolts.

It's time to know you - and community's potential.

We are perfecting a plan for all to share needs and offerings, prioritizing.

Let's focus on few of these priorities..

Until you and your community work collectively to define thru your local `plan what is real for you to mindfully act on, this will not happen as efficiently as it could, to hold self and others accountable locally and afar.

President Trump and all in Gov, what should be responsible roles, it would be nice to work together, for we have empathy for the many issues now. But you people are doing crimes against humanity and you take it as normal, are many so preoccupied to stop it, that all fail to be mindful in the instance.

When yet you can open the channels of Gov and realize you should be working w/the people and should at least know their needs and offerings, yet how many are you are being a local, global and beyond mindful participant??

What excuse do you and others have, etc. when you and your family's wake up daily w/resources that could feed and water entire Peurto Rico, yet now 5 days later and no use of Military equipment to drop it and more needed to people without??

When yet they should already be prepared as well anyone living on an island or coast, Ex; Save rainwater, use reverse osmosis machine, as each community can build small ones to create fresh water from filtered wastewater, or if near ocean use a desalinator to make fresh water from the sea. Where is the support for local education?

Our plan sharing humanity's options now, can help you create upon, as you welcome your students to use/work w/communites as extended or only classrooms, to do your local `plan. This can be done most effciently sharing updates as each post for oneself or another unable/a rep for a group on to one's local `plan , as you create upon our `transitional shift message board. To focus direct, network locally and afar/prioritze locally and define what to prioritize for earth/space, so as to collaboarate in solidarity so all on same page, to research and resolve. While simultaneously restoring one's `enhanced sustaining healthy working communiites, w/neighbors!

In saying that, once in place, reps would not allow toxic high risk developments!

Let's hear Hannah's update and Oct 3, 2107 deadline to submit a comment to US Army Corp of Engineer.


ThIs is a campaign to stop the proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline and the Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal.

Kicking into high gear to make sure Governor Brown and the State of Oregon stand up for our communities and stop the pipeline.

There are a few important updates and opportunities to take action.


    1. Last Thursday, Versen filed their full pipeline application with FERC, kicking off the official environmental review process for the Pacific Connector Pipeline and the Jordan Cove LNG project. This is the third time that Jordan Cove has applied with FERC. You can read more in our coalition press release HERE or this Mail Tribune Article. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) now has up to 10 days to review their application and accept or reject it. At that point, individuals, organizations and agencies will have a short window to file as “interveners” which means that we submit comments to FERC to preserve our right to challenge any FERC decision. We will share instructions on how to do that in the coming weeks.
    2. Communities across the country are having a significant pipeline and fossil fuel export victories at the state level that continue to show us that Governor Brown and our state agencies can protect Oregon’s rivers and streams and deny permits for Jordan Cove and the Pacific Connector Pipeline. For example, this week the Washington Department of Ecology denied a key water quality permit for the largest coal export terminal proposed in North America. In New York State, the courts upheld the authority of the State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) right to deny the Constitution Pipeline Co’s application for a clean water permit even after FERC approved it.
    3. The Trump Administration appointed two pro-pipeline members to the FERC Commission in August with the unanimous consent of the Senate, including Oregon Senators Merkley and Wyden. Two additional Trump nominees to FERC will be voted in shortly, bringing Trump’s nominees to the FERC commission to 4 out of 5 members. Since the Trump administration has openly voiced support for Jordan Cove, we will need to continue to pressure our state agencies to protect Oregon.


    1. Submit Comments today to the Army Corps of Engineers about dredging the port of Coos Bay. The Port of Coos Bay is seeking permits to significantly deepen and widen the bay for facilitating export projects including (if not exclusively) Jordan Cove LNG.The project would be funded in part by $60 million state grant, meaning taxpayers would foot the bill for a project that would largely benefit Jordan Cove Energy Project, a private corporation. The Army Corps of Engineers is taking comments on this development until October 3rd. Please click HERE for instructions on how to submit your comments and talking points on what to say.
    2. Volunteer hours and monthly meetings are up and running in Jackson and Klamath Counties! Jackson County volunteers hours are the 2nd Tuesday of the Month from 5pm - 7pm at the Rogue Action Center (3932 S. Pacific Hwy, Medford). Klamath County volunteer hours / monthly meetings are the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the Month from 6pm - 8pm at the Gaucho Collective (1038 Main St, Klamath Falls).

Thanks, Hannah

p.s. From kara w/sailboat moorage at Charleston Marina, Port of Coos Bay. I just want to share again a thought here about ER Preparedness. Ya know if all stay in the instance you can collectively do one's local `plan, even if it fragments to become more efficient in getting needs met when calm as well in crises. Please see good Ex; Now w/Puerto Rico going like now 5 days w/people blocked roads not receiving goods dropped off and still without water/food, etc. Due to the US Governing people not in the instance where they have Military resources around the world, yet can't have drones oversee actually during tail end of storm whom would be most vulnerable. Then w/helicopters/CG and all others drop ship water/necessities until roads can be gotten thru and aware of how to self-sustain as i state above w/reverse osmosis, desalinator and simply catching rainwater.

Let's see an example of being in the instance, Ex; Here at Charleston, Corp of Engineer own road out to fuel dock. After fires from people, they/Port of Coos Bay decided to put a gate on road w/chain that is hard to cut. Ok so i was talking to the security of Marina and he states every maintenance/security person has a key, yet they still are awaiting decision to give one to Firemen in case they have to get in. I said just find a common spot for all needing in case of ER, he thought that too or give them a key! Let's just see how long this takes to lock the gate, for they won't do it until this is resolved?? For one of the fires recently was a motor home parked within yards of where fuel truck fills fuel. Old man w/oxygen tanks were smoking and explosion is what i heard, and motorhome had pieces of metal left that was projectiles now on the ground. He went to the hospital with serious burns covering most of his body.


You people are bright and can go figure so don't miss the deadline to add your comment, please!


Please, everyone, make sure you let NIAC fill in the worn-torn missing gaps regarding Iran and take part;


As well with understanding Pres Trump's Muslim ban;


Thank you NIAC for keeping us informed!


I just signed the petition, “U.S. Congress: Rescind the Muslim Ban Immediately #NoMuslimBanEver.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link:



Next, I want to thank you all for sharing, having patience, when so many times we could not fit into your schedule for a meet. But I ask you to help now where can as i share a few needs for us. And yes many of you that know us have heard much of this before and we thank you for sharing it while doing your walkabout for you and your communities.

We thank you! And Clara, our new librarian at OIMB for being very supportive and skilled. And OIMB for sharing! As well thank you Bappi for coming aboard helping us better understand the Myanmar issue helping Rohingyas as you stay in touch and post here updates. Same Pathak and others focusing on their communities which include the reality for all humans on earth.

This list I could keep writing but that DEPENDS IF YOU PEOPLE CREATE YOUR OWN MESSAGE BOARDS AND LINK OR WE CREATE ONE? So each can share/heal/be appreciated and more.

Many are doing great activism for local and afar homeless, as well helping stop the pipelines/LNG `Jordon Cove, thank you Hannah and all, J.D. and others building a tiny house for homeless, Lynn, J.C., Mary, Bittin, Jen, Fritz and more....

I'm thankful for all the lessons that we have co_evolved with.

Same with these folks and I look forward to how they fit in helping people afar as well w/Nuclear radiation we share below;


Your ongoing local support and good work in local/afar projects, and sharing us is appreciated and we feel if organize more can be done as needed. Now we ask you to join in and make this happen more efficiently to reach more, so let us know your needs and offerings, come talk/post/or email.

We thank Nabble, Google, LibreOffice, for there ongoing support to us as a US non-profit, as well here for all to reach out and resolve.

Please don’t forget to celebrate along the way, your good fortunes, welcoming all to join in!

Please, new friends, note we are perfecting our global platform sharing the basic nuts and bolts for all communities to gain one’s own comforts, as we work w/transparency. You locals where ever we’ve been or networking, have helped us learn, as we did exchanges. And this includes what many of us fail to do as in better preparing w/one’s neighbors, for Crises that many now are facing.

Now many people afar are not as fortunate, as well these scars have continued from long ago. As many of us have a good night sleep, many don’t if they even survive? And to come into our/your platform and take the time to focus is not always easy when in the middle of a crisis, whether natural, made by misuse or human-made abuse. For the earth/space is having all in many places. UN/Governing bodies are not in real time w/resolving, so `we the people must mindfully act ASAP where can calmly, working collectively to make a difference to address those without, and then when calm continue to self-educate for humanity has answers.

We feel if all gain some understanding and gain empathy to give, more can help now. Many overstressed are unable to focus, w/the issues of the times, even though not all are everyone’s fault or even one’s communities. Yet without basics in place. When with our plan to share humanity’s ways that work, everyone can define which issues they can control and make a difference. By welcoming schools/one’s students to help define root of problem, network, as well help meet needs not met. For there is much controversy w/story, as many feel US news/even global networks are being paid to say what those paying want. Vs what is really taking place.

We all are the reality of one’s experiences, whether programmed, carrying forward bad behaviors as normal or struggling left in the fog. For it is this manipulation/overload of information unapplied mindfully that causes this. For a healthy person staying in the instance, present w/conscious awareness remains open to perceive then make a good effort to give in time feedback.

In saying this many are misusing/abused and many local and afar have mixed signals. So we are working to perfect our platform to go figure what is real as each then sorts out for oneself as well collectively for one’s community. So each of our account for one’s actions and make wrongs right w/mindful exchanges. Whether a long-term resident or recent refuge arriving, all are earthly participants and this process of living w/respect for each other and the life that sustains us, w/empathy must be learned.

Not to mention people coming together w/fragments that work building into the efficiency of doing one’s local `plan can truly aid, as all gain facts of one’s real potential working w/the enhanced natural environment that surrounds one. Learning what true tools are available when working within earth/space natural systems, that circulate the earth as life is born from the death of other. W/hands-on focus directing w/one’s students, networking sorting this out, filling in the worn-torn links can restore ecological working communities that are healthy supplying needs/sharing offerings to locals.

Local plans transform land use - Use community as classrooms.

Network/link, humanity has options for many jobs if mindfully live local.

Giving all a grounded reality of clarity, so as to pursue one’s healthy desires fueling all to explore. As all are supported/give support, to do one’s homework and for little cost be free to navigate this earth, locally and afar. As earth/space, natural ways also retain controlling interest for the earth/space.

See; space4peace.org for they know well how toxic it has become.

Let alone earth;

Myanmar Rohingyas, are one of many examples and Bappi needs donations to do what he can to help! Please contact us if can give; kareje@ictts.org

So please define your means to give where??

Not to mention the refugees still running rapid in small boats from Africa and surrounding areas, which is crazy, when yet so much US Military and others not helping, yet boats near, w/all the US bases around the world. Abby Martin’s interview w/Venezuela’s Gov speaks of them wanting their own control of them and happy to help others, not as US Gov thinks they are abusive to people. Same w/people in Puerto Rico or anywhere where there are intense heat and no water to drink or wash with for some for over a week now. As we learned in South Pacific that people are sold products not conducive to one’s natural environment, living w/materials/unaware to maintain, etc., causing illness. Nor should they restore with them. And restore only once local `plans are made as we speak of them. For much of Texas is showing low lying areas that flooded should not be built on. This list is lengthy... I think you get the gest of real needs!

And support should be given until needs can be met by anyone, anywhere on the planet or in space, when crises occur. This should come ASAP from local `plans having ER plans in place w/neighbors. And in case of extreme controversy, help from afar should give support then work w/people to define issues. That is our true human potential to communicate in the instance.

Not spend trillions on weapons of war, failing to have transparency w/peace negotiations or ER assistance.

People do deserve to be helped w/existing plans in place Ex; FEMA/UN, etc. and not just giving them loans/temporary help, rather those in need give/gain support by local collective support. Giving much assurance of gaining self-mastery, being in control only of oneself. While yet taking part, for all should do one’s part to be humane meeting all needs of all until they able, locally and w/neighbors.

Many people have no clean, have to travel far to get it, no sanitation in place, no local grown variety of food or shelter beside contaminated materials from heat and moisture growing microbes. Even the many people living not in a crises area simply left unaware or unable to care for self, living with air inside same as outside if not polluted?? Which our plan in the working prioritizes one to define how and if toxic and to resolve. And want to share `Transitional Shift Message Board for all to fine tune with. As each post one’s calm needs or ER and offerings, same. Then all we ask is to stay in real time w/own post.

For if able, all one needs is to understand, let alone wants to participate if the community is organized. And if unable, support can be given collectively for them to understand.

US Military/Governing bodies have no rights to tell other country’s what to do, many in the US are without. As well no one on earth/space should have a Nuclear use, rather end it ASAP and research should be prioritized to rid waste. And all countries need to work w/transparency, fueling others to become aware, to give us all truth to know when one cannot sustain one's needs or offerings or one’s community’s needs and offerings for locals.

Not give weapons of war or go into train Military failing to see inter/intrapersonal needs not met or even addressing support for communities to do one's local `plan networking w/humanity's options now.

So in saying this how did humanity allow these figures to grow?

UN states “ 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services and 4.5 billion people lack safely managed sanitation services”. How crazy is this when humanity has such good tools of the times, yet people fail to prioritize, i know for many years i had my head filled w/preoccupation of useless stuff too, totally unaware.

I ask you to part-time take part ASAP, please.

In our travels circumnavigating the Pacific Ocean via sailboat, i got sick from what i saw and that started this project. So i could redirect and resolve vs waste energy getting sick, It works! It was not long before my brain calculated all the bacteria growing from lack of education, plus people afar taking advantage and selling them goods not allowed in their country, including the US. And knew w/how people/goods, travel/fly back and forth globally, much would spread. This was unacceptable to us!

Ex; Water is abundant to pre-filter as in rain runoff especially if have clean collecting devices and refigure one's creek to have the rocks and sand help filter/dishwater/bath/stream runoff/flood, etc. and once pre-filtered well add salt to freshwater waste and makes clean fresh water, as well from sea water into fresh, if build a reasonably priced reverse osmosis machine. Schematic can be gotten online to build. Can be made for groups, but we do not support large desalinization plants/dams/any large grid system. Same sanitation pits build the right way for bacteria not to spread and maintained by locals understanding how to maintain and build.

Where is the conscious humane clarity that is in these so-called Governing responsible positions now? Especially when so much false aid is given? That many people count on?

Don't you think it's time to shift and gather w/friends and neighbors to cover these bases??

Ex; US Gov and all Military on this planet and w/materials toxic in space, should be prioritized. Even give up % of wages/or lay off even, to those needs not met ahead of time for such disaster, holding accountable those in those positions to provide for ER crises and are unprepared... Or not give President as w/Puerto Rico correct reality in the instance to instantly respond. Not to mention have resources in place as locals are supported to prepare or leave lands to wildlife if patterns repeat crises.

For Military are the largest footprint of all and should come home and stop interfering w/weapons of war afar, and start where at restoring before they leave, as we speak of here educating local `plans and for crises mode. As well then come home and be a local participant and do one’s local `plan to help each shift back into being consciously humane. Become aware of effects left on self and others/heal, and go figure one’s truly healthy potential.

This is the only way true stories will be gained for us all to understand the support needed and give it, as we all become local, global and beyond mindful participants, co_evolving together. Vs leaving millions without basics, which is a crisis against humanity and these people in charge should ASAP accept students/communities help to become more efficient while prioritizing help ASAP or step down/be removed and or voted out??

We are asking you to help where ever you can and best thru collective measures w/your community, requesting that Governing bodies immediately take action in these crises locally and afar. For they need to come ware that they are to represent and work for and with the people. To help until locals most vulnerable not cared for are. And not repeat inefficiencies. For every community, we’ve experienced in the US and many other countries, as we networked, are in the same boat. But never yet have we been in the middle of a war or fleeing of refugees to the extent of what has been taking place, except for in sleep dreams or awake thoughts of other’s suffering, which these ongoing scars are insane..

Sure we’ve had bad experiences but never seen such inefficiencies, that we know people can do once focus direct together. And before an ER triage like mode, communities can sort this all out ASAP where can and communicate where can’t, calmly.

All of us as earthlings deserve to understand how to live w/respect within oneself and for each local `plan, sharing earth/space in peace vs present condition of people profiting interfering ecologically, as in creating climate change as well terrorists, and then profit over it.. As all take part and create calmness vs controlled abuse/walls of waste, etc..

So the more help we get the faster we can restructure and reach out w/offerings for you to fine-tune your exchanges of needs and offerings for yourself and for your collective communities, as all link, making a difference.

We have been very assertive to being lost in studying to do a new infrastructure for our virtual global platform. We thank Google for helping sort this out. Supporting us all to do our work as tools get better w/one’s feedback. Sharing the basic nuts and bolts of all humans, no matter who, what involved in, or where you are, even if temporary. This will fuel one to center and ground, get clear and rethink one’s desires as each gain/give support to obtain them. Making it more simple to reach out, networking w/humanity’s ideas to fuel all to rethink and shift. Changing old outdated non-functional policies, even Constitutions written by slave owners, so local `plans give understandings, gaining respect for all life as a rule of understanding for each local `plan is unique.

Reality, controversy, solution - Humanity has answers, Network.

Donate, accept nothing less

than knowing you can make a difference.

Sharing w/visitors as all should be welcomed into one’s meets/celebrations to learn specific ecosystems/seasonal offerings and subject perfected for their species habitats that sustain locals. And let them help as you also learn from them. Not just provide space for tourists not allowing locals to live `boon w/the wildlife, which is required for healthy habitats to be made to sustain healthy communities.

Like many in Africa do wrongly as Colonial grids still control much. But we know those living w/large browsers in check have real lessons for the world and we aim to define them. The even US setting aside lands, wrong you are missing the point here. Please rethink w/humanity’s lessons that have been hard. Good Ex; Is one on Ted talk, i’d have to look up his name, but after killing like 400k elephants they became aware of how elephants built strong soil/plants/trees by being able to have their old transboundary migrating paths. And people living `boon with them as each respect own needs and offerings, migrating.

This and more lessons are hard to grip and should not be repeated.

Don't look at people as a refugee or tourist, but a person visiting, a local participant. And upon first exchange notice/listen to, if in need or not?? And humanely give it. And learn/share, then to go home if can and want to. These lessons will co_evolve how locals live and how they should be able to freely migrate as well explore the world w/respect once homework is done as we speak of it here. Then fine tune sharing experiences doing one’s local `plan, as they to link w/like communities to obtain/or if have, share how to via like ecosystem, season and subject, for all to gain local natural grown/wild food-fish-animal/energy/technology, sovereignty.

There is no better education than to have a student self-reflect w/one’s communities needs and offerings, locally and afar networking as we focus directly together linking local `plans.

By prioritizing what toxic and defining how to monitor the transition of making it healthy. From lead/fluoride in drinking water to Nuclear waste and more defined by each.

Dr. Helen Caldicott

August 13 · 2017. Helen Caldicott is reaching out for donations also, as she continues to help by sharing her great skills, says it best;

This is the truth

-The US constantly threatens North Korea with a

nuclear attack like conducting "Nuclear Bomb

Dropping Drills" on their borders

-Annual war games on the North Korea border,

which include military training exercises with names

like "Decapitation" and training with Seal Team Six,

the same Navy Seal team that took out Osama

-The last contact they had with the US military

was the Korean War, which the US killed 20% of

North Korea's population and completely devastating

North Korea's infrastructure, like committing war crimes

Of bombing water dams

-the US has consistently refused to negotiate.

North Korea voted to ban nuclear weapons in the

UN vote, the US didn't vote and condemned the vote

-Agneta mentioned this, but the US has taken out Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and currently have military operations in Syria along with the continued situation in Ukraine. North Korea surely is up-to-date with these events. Maybe the only reason North Korea is still standing is that they ACTUALLY have nuclear weapons (unlike the invasion of Iraq in 2003)

North Korea has openly stated what they want:

For the US to stop threatening them.

Thank you, Helen;

See Helen's Foundation...

Please help her fund their book from the symposium and upcoming monitoring project through Donate Now! Every little bit helps. The planet has never needed our collective attention and protection more.


This monitoring project is for Nuclear radiation. That many of you are still unaware of as it circulates thru out the globe, affecting many more negatively than some. You want to understand what you should be testing??

Prioritize toxic, stay calm - Support needs and offerings.

Network, hold self/others accountable.

End Nuclear use/waste/abuse and war.

President Trump and all US/UN/Governing bodies, we ask you;

Why are you/your family and your Governing body not in the instance w/humanity??

Where is the dialogue of peace w/Kim Jong-Un? Why is it you do do not invite him to the Whitehouse and discuss with him the Nuclear reality the earth/space is present in, as Dr. Helen Caldicott states?

Why do you continue to disrespect them and as they claim, threaten them? Do you not see the lack of diplomacy here? Why is it you do not open the channels w/transparency and talk to them.

To do this to North Korea, after all, they have been thru is wrong. Many of the American people/International Community see this as a total waste of resources when yet you people have no plan to rid waste now. Which is subjecting ongoing accumulation of Nuclear radiation/illness, glob Not to mention many throughout the world and US are without basic nuts and bolts as we speak of here.

We the people, accept nothing else than for you to negotiate peacefully within human's communication abilities, which require no weapons of war, no foolish expense. Rather we ask all to end all Nuclear use accept some medical w/no halflife that can be recycled.

Along with it end all Military weapons of war and while the US has all the bases, please shift and help people do one's local `plan and then leave. Come home and do yours here. As we repeat, we want you to heal, end these scars from continuing, end your programmed ways that are outdated.

Please, self-reflect as we tell others when they show signs of disrespect to all life on our earth. Are you not thinking of the lessons you are leaving for our children/your children/your family and all!

There are many more issues that are real that need your attention first then taxes, as well UN for you people are spaced out, not in real time with our earth/space nor all life on it, including humans. This is why people need to become self-reliant and we suggest working with all sharing a plan for each community to do ones local `plan, preparing for ER modes as well going beyond them, and even prevention and simply being aware to `boon with the natural enhanced tools available when working within earth/space systems.

Which now sorry to say people here i speak of in this post can tell all how toxic both have become, so you people have no excuse to not be on top of it, in what should be responsible roles. Yet it is very dysfunctional with good people trapped and that can stop ASAP by opening transparency and allowing `we the people to take control of self-working with neighbors, recycling US Gov's resources that you people are wasting.

A good example of not being in the instance for humanity, Ex; The people blocked by damaged roads, in Puerto Rico could use these resources to give them water, for one that has been sitting there, brought in by boat, yet no transportation to get thru the damaged roads. Why did you not or now use helicopters/CG/Military to drop ship as drones could have been used and still can at the tail end of the hurricane to resolve? Can you imagine people frail/children without water now for 5 days and needed supplies, not knowing how hurt they are?? And this went on for a long time and still not good in some places, why?

All can gain support to do one's local `plan to gain one's own sovereignty w/neighbors so as not to rebuild where ecologically not permitted.

For the US Gov's ideas, w/FEMA will only repeat scars. And if you work with us this can all become efficient.

Let one's students organize ASAP to help all in crises as they learn when to prioritize self/locals and those in need afar. Gaining prerequisites/learning when to volunteer, then network to support all to come to the table and review prioritizing toxic, helping all in need/those most vulnerable. Then review w/locals that can all biome(s) w/neighbors w/agroecological perspective of one's communities natural enhanced potential.

Letting as Ex; Prof Miguel Altieri’s agroecology curriculum and movement guide. As well Geoff from permaculture research and many more doing great earthwork.

We suggest coming together in a local potluck w/live music. Reflect w/what is familiar to all, as in food, as each share thought of working w/one’s natural enhanced potential. Define real issues w/follow up meets. And celebrate one’s good fortunes of having the ability to rethink and mindfully act, if fortunate to do, when yet so many local and afar are misusing/abused. Addressing the reality of what is available locally and how healthy as well health effects it leaves on locals as well the environment. Helping people understand the damage Industrial Agriculture/GMOS/Monocultures/Pesticides, etc. do.

We feel our plan developed after several years of interacting, seeing the great potential from all, as well humanity’s offerings now shared, can make a difference. As people organize to prioritize and mindfully act as a whole for one’s communities. Prioritizing high on the list what negative effects are being left from each, yet unaware as people share one’s needs and offerings and work into supplying the needs and offerings collectively for one’s communities. Coming together to do exchanges for those unable.

Jobs to develop, restore. - As you define real priorities.

Share what works, link with our plan

for people to exchange needs and offerings.


Don't forget and take what can from Lynn's lessons as a nurse in US/Canada, knowing well, as she continues to see how people can do this, as she stays involved and you can to as you do your local `plan, prioritizing real needs and offerings;

Dear Ones,

TIME NOW to Stop recruiting for more Armed Forces (& militarized police) with single payer & START RECRUITING for Heart, SOUL & GREEN COMMUNITY SERVICES with single payer!

How we can co-create our new earth WPA/CCC legislation for Heart and Soul community services with single payer for all is to use our internet social media to UNITE all the churches spiritual groups, green groups, minority groups, occupy groups, Unions, US chamber of commerce, women's groups, indivisible.org groups (700 now ), people'saction.org, our revolution.org, workingfamilies.org, the peacealliance.org and veteransforpreace.org & other peace groups, UN groups, Parliament of Religions & all those who resonate with Micheal Moore's movie,

'Where to Invade Next?

These are very important Govt policies! Care Standford edu will help;

commpassioncities.org, internationalcitiesofpeace.org, thenextsystem.org, body, mind spirit healer groups, lightworker groups, renewable energy groups, USDAC.org = US Dept. of Arts and Culture.. and help all the aggressive youth find a sport - more kinds of movement therapies and sports worldwide too. We must unite all red, yellow, black and whites from inside out via each person own divine unique Soul purpose and eternal wise Soul Energies because all the answers lie within each person when they are angry and feeling upset in any way.

Teach people about the 12 basic universal cosmic laws. #1. Is the Law of One and help people learn how to attract LOA = Law of Attraction from their own higher evolutionary wisdom from their own eternal Soul energies.

We need Heart and Soul Community services with a basic guaranteed income with single payer for all need to feel Loving connections and life purpose;

So that, we can replace the old ego mind programs and problems related to race, religion, and gender and coping with drugs, guns, violence, abuse, jailing and war systems.

Time to shift old paradigm systems with new heart, soul & renewable green education jobs creation with mass media support that will shift the thoughts, feelings, jobs, money, actions, and intentions towards co-creating OUR Golden Age of Gaia and universal travel too.

What we focus our money & intentions on, we help manifest.


Lynn Mystic-Healer

Thanks Lynn!


Please realize your local `plan can give you answers/tools/ER Preparedness, as well contributes to our earth/space awareness to end scars from repeating, as you share fueling others to shift and do their local `plan.

Take part in creating 1 Universal Sound Science understanding local `plans to live by as a rule of understanding, where ever one is. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just regain the respect for all life that sustains humans. So each community balances one’s genetic biodiversity to link. Restoring the life that fragmented science permitted wrongly. As it disturbed the habitats/microcosms, leaving ill effects on all life including humans, as toxic developments where allowed and still continuing to contribute to rising temperature, affecting weather abnormally.

This way as we share humanity’s ideas and people fine-tune working w/fragments, for many are doing great jobs, this then will get more people closer to the reality of doing one’s local `plan, gaining true efficiency. As more jobs are created. Which can offer a better ecological perspective over profiting, as people restore one’s sustainable working healthy communities, working w/neighbors. Where local `plans retain controlling interest for locals, which also provide alternatives to ER disasters. As people gain insight working the biome(s) in all seasons, having camps of comforts in place, etc.

Not all issues are yours - Make space to see problems.

Create jobs by resolving with your local plan,

restoring your healthy community.

Giving much more value to investors, as World Markets are rethought and people are welcomed into tapering transitions to gain understandings. To make wrongs right/heal, before it is too late. As w/climate temperature rises, ER crises, etc. Both human-made and natural. As controversies get clarified thru collaborating, as well peace plans, ending the use of Nuclear, researching to rid it’s waste, ending Military/weapons of war, as all master self-responsibility, lowering one’s footprint. As common sense is restored by all offering exchanges, gaining an understanding of working within earth/space natural systems. Cleaning up the present mess many have taken as normal.

Welcome your students to focus direct with you, using communities as extended or only classrooms, networking, leaving no one left behind.Together we can address these nuts and bolts of basic comforts, as people produce one’s own healthy community, being prepared for worst. Taking responsibility and not leave negative effects on anyone else, locally or afar. So all can prioritize one’s healthy water/air/soil/save seeds/ponds of fresh fish/ducks-birds as w/agroecological systems supplying answers to using the right species as Ex; to kill mosquito larvae protecting against malaria, etc..

Having needs in place w/neighbors for ER issues, localized energy, not large grids of even alternative energy. Rather a low impact as w/small reverse osmosis, as i speak above, to clean wastewater once salt added and pre-filtered first, as well sea water made into fresh clean drinking water. Simple sanitation skills/tools, as in digging pits 6 ‘ deep by 4’wide so as to protect against bacteria, until stable to build a toilet and learn composting w/natural building working within the enhanced natural limits, having a good night sleep, ending false aid from afar as neighbors are prepared for the worse, supporting each other. And once crises stop work into where best to do what and create communities that offer much more, that have lived w/agroecological systems for over 5k years still working..

You can make a difference!

Gather w/friends and neighbors, do your walkabout...

Share links, reflecting, collaborating, donating where can...

We are a Us nonprofit and appreciate your donations/grants. Please contact us if interested, see contact info below. Also if in the area we are happy to do an exchange for fundraising, while still perfecting our platform changes. And once to next stage, then we can communicate in a variety of ways, as we focus directly on important issues, gaining understanding from the many that respect earth/space natural systems and work hard to make this a better world for all. Which to date, not all have been appreciated for such good work and now it’s time for `we the people to make a difference to gain sovereignty, by sharing in solidarity what works, what doesn’t. While holding self and others accountable in a peaceful calm organized efficient manner.

Humanity has solutions - have a potluck and go figure.

Network, redirect resources from Military

to restoring healthy communities.

Thank you, peace is an option once all reach out and share, working together within earth/space systems, cleaning them up!