It's time to go with the flow and be one with it...

`i come to talk story welcomes all to join in!

We are basically wooden sailboat rats that love the wild and want you also to enjoy, if yet to experience how fortunate life is!

Please take the time to transition w/us as we scale Humanity's work that we respect, and ask you to share while you do your walkabout for you into your opening, not rid on other's wave! Please scale w/us as we prioritize local plans where most leaving negative effects on al life! As together we rid toxic from earth-space and simultaneously each do w/communities your local plans! As you welcome your students to focus direct w/you using your communities as extended or only classroom!

Earth Markets can work when done w/agroecological systems! You can choose good investments knowing local cooperatives maintain local ecological control! Go eye to eye and see real experiences of the many good stewards still living w/agroecological systems in tact, prepared for weather to keep as in a flood, water in the ground, or how about no toxic pesticides as in Industrial agriculture that all need to help transition all out of! End the toxic as each local plan best to network w/skilled students showing what is toxic and whatnot as in toxic 5G-vaccines now w/Bill Gates-UN and Google who we are asking to redirect them!

Please support these local plans as we complete layered schematics so you choose good investments knowing the overall plan will happen as skilled network sharing what works and the local plans go eye to eye to then rethink what locally can be enhanced w/agroecological systems replacing bad technology as all transition w/respect w/skilled we are sharing! As together skilled students focus direct w/professors co_evolving curriculum while restoring enhanced sustaining healthy working communities, peacefully!

Start by gathering your community, as all take off their hats, as all get to know changes needing to be made, by having a local grown wild food potluck, add live music-space to vent and focus directed conversation w/follow up meets!


It's time to replace blame and ongoing activism w/mindful local-global shared skilled science of common sense, get healthy and do one's part, part time is all it takes! And all needs get met w/good offerings shared as people plug into understanding why local plans can sustain if we prioritize ridding toxic and replace w/good technology w/agroecologists helping you plan it out! Celebrate and enjoy exploring! Your choice to be healthy or ill!

As all give-gain support for all to stop control over any healthy human and stop blocking people from sharing words that are real! And you people blocked please come forth and share the protocol you followed up on with Ex; YouTube, and we too as w/Dr. Buttar once know more will also ASK YOUTUBE WHY AND WHAT NEEDED TO CORRECT IF WE WRONG? iF THEY WRONG AND WON'T LISTEN THAT WE SIMPLY SUPPORT ANOTHER IF WE CAN'T BEE RESPECTED TO TELL THE TRUTH, FOR RIGHT NOW A LOT OF CORRUPTION ALSO MISLEADING PRES TRUMP, SO PLEASE LET'S MAKE WRONG RIGHT!

I try to do updates on top as we are transitioning our sites asking Google to rethink the toxic Hoax of how people corrupt are misleading w/COVD 19 coronavirus, as w/Bill Gates and UN's agenda following manipulated science w/few at WHO-CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci all led by big pharma and hidden agendas pushing toxic 5G and toxic vaccines!

Which I do support the changes needing to be made long overdue and UN I've told this for a long time sharing our work! But not the toxic control over a Hoax of COVD virus that has been around for a long time and math is wrong as CDC is giving incentives to hospitals wrongly and reports of death are corrupt, being manipulated! Making people believe you have to wear a mask which is toxic, as well 6ft distancing is a hoax and vaccines will not work the way Dr. Anthony Fauci being corrupt created w/few at WHO-CDC knowing well vaccines will not work and they to are toxic as well tests will show positive to COVD wrongly! And this is wrong for Google to agree to vaccines w/Bill Gates, without skillfully stopping control as well requiring proper testing! and truth from these world entities manipulating science and getting permits without people aware they are done wrong! 1 of many Ex's is FCC permitting small cell towers too close to houses contaminating children playing in the yards and more!

Please folks get yourself straight and check back for updates and add yours on document below, w/sound science and see the links of those skilled working in Functional Medicine; Drs -researchers knowing it is wrong to control or I should say attempt to control for many of us do not allow it! Nor should you!

It is a crime against Humanity and the Constitution's 1st Amendment!

Please see a Google Drive Document I've started to show these links of people I respect, so together we cut thru controversy, as well sharing Humanity's solutions now to create with and add too!

Please see London Real's Plandemic's video and Dr. Buttar along w/Robert Kennedy, Dr. Judy Mikovits and more! As well my post on Democrat speakers for convention 8.18.2020 and don't stop there! Please see Emeritus Professor Miguel Altieri's take on COVD and what we can do and ar doing now as we welcome you to scale earth with us prioritizing Humanity's solutions w/agroecology as we do all we can w/good technology creating good investments for all in a variety of means. While together we restore ecologically enhance sustaining healthy working communities! Also please not as you scroll down on this page we did our homework and respected people until we did research as here on the top w/people proving the corruption of COVD and more! Yes it is a virus as a flu and if you ill it will make you more sick so get it together for there is much more you can do for you as well do your part to help us scale and take part, part time but before link below, please see now about MANDATORY VACCINES;

Now on Google Drive Document below see much more clarity of what all can do now, as well add your solutions -issues and what does not work, while we transition to our new platforms! If have problems email kara;, as it is this page we are working also affiliates to support `i come to talk story to fundraise to make these ideas happen, w/your help! For many are in serious need, long overdue w/skilled help not organized, hat now we he people can w/Gov is best so please let's hold Pres Trump accountable showing him what those before him yet to do and he now in charge to do it!

Make sure you check back for updates as I try to correct errors as well add as other's share as well yourself, please join in! Plus check out our Nabble Forum you to may want to have, we are in transition w/that as well, and figuring out a serious message board out of it, what ya think, please add suggestions that would work for you? So we can have conversation that won't be blocked.

Check Nabble out for your free forum as they are transitioning, It appears they have worked it out, so join in with them!

We want to prioritize a way to have 1 Universal sound science from the reality of rela need to prioritize the philosophy and get on same page for common sense, so together we can stop toxic mind and acts, from being permitted and remove toxic with all on earth-space! Which should be a part time goal for all! As we create earth-space investments that heal and prioritize all life on earth to enhance within the natural potential!

It is these local communities leaving most negative effects on all to prioritize w/them, local plans lw/good investments scaling agroecological systems addressing all life's needs and restore healthy working sustaining communities, that then all can join in to create upon this, doing their own, as all share and network working w/one's skilled students to orchestrate using communities as classrooms, co_evolving curriculums! Leaving no life left behind!

Join in this Google Drive Document and please share, checking back for updates!

Google we ask you to please join in and make change and Plandemic speaks it best;


Our idea for all is to create upon, and share w/us, so locals do a local cooperative investment to retain local % so no other investors come in and get permits wrongly to do toxic mind and acts, rather local plan retain local control over the ecology for all life working w/neighbors to work w/Humanity's solutions vs stay isolated as we sort all this out!

This will be interesting to see how that can be done, so either you all know that your Gov supports it or they programmed unable to understand or ask who is pulling their strings?

Welcome skilled students - Univ-Schools - professors - community members to help! Here is how this starts by gaining understanding. Emeritus Professor Miguel Altieri did a good job in this video addressing what many yet to know as he addresses the root of COVD, we all take part in, please share it, I also have this link in above Google Drive Document if did not see?

Please take part in upcoming meet June 22 to 24, 2020, for those of you speaking Spanish

SOCLA is pleased to inform the realization of the International Seminar "Agrobiodiversity: geographies, subjects and governments of the common goods in the reconstitution of food systems for Living Well" from June 22 to 24, 2020 . The seminar is an event convened by the JAINA Study Community, within the framework of the activities of the project "Assessment of agrobiodiversity to reconstitute healthy food", supported by GIZ in Bolivia. This initiative has been coordinated and developed through collaborative work involving different institutions, organizations and academics from different countries of the American continent, through an organizing committee made up of JAINA, SOCLA, CLACSO and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

The objective of the event is to deepen the analysis and knowledge, from different approaches and research experiences, for the comprehensive assessment of agrobiodiversity from a biocultural, agroecological, political and geographic approach, in such a way that it places food and agrobiodiversity as goods common in the construction of alternatives for restitution and reconstitution of Living Well. From this perspective, the seminar program is very rich in diversity of speakers and approaches. We invite you to be part of it by registering for free from . In particular, we invite you to join the tables in which SOCLA members participate!


Plus I want to introduce `letgo, to you all, for when we carry baggage in a variety of ways, all of a sudden time goes on, when if self reflect and edit, staying in the moment, amazing life explorations awaken; check out their `Guide to Solidarity, in support for Black Life Matter;

I add all life matters! For when humans have issues-ill, misuse-abuse, and until we all can share and guide, all life will be abused and scars will continue to repeat themself!

THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, for we know Humanity has solutions and we just need to organize to share them! We are very sorry for all species involved that have lost, included Humans!


We are co_evolving and editing all our pages if we keep them up, and as I learn more of editing on Google's site, they have done some nice updates and want to correct, but I just noticed how off balance the text is when site is published, different from when we actually edit the page, especially on different products viewing our page, so sorry! As well they yet to add comment space, so please let's all hold these social medias accountable, for they do want to help!

Those that feel they are being blocked wrongly need to share so we can cut thru this controversy, and hold medias accountable, for we want all to be on same page w/1 universal sound science the has been here for a long time w/agroecology as Ex, that we are scaling and more! The science being permitted wrongly to profit or whatever reason if incorrect, has to end! It is up to each to part time help us and whoever can, to know the reality, as you come and talk story, so we open up the conversation so all understand truth and ASAP resolve!

Please tell us what works for you and your needs not met as well offerings shared, for our plan is to have us collectively come together on a earth-space message board, w/categories to have a conversation over the much controversial issues! To define if need research to rid or how to resolve how best? Then I feel w/skilled we can create an empty shell for layers of investments to get the job done!

I may start w/a Google Drive Document so we all can add in different time zones, to see how best to create upon our plans to scale earth-space ridding toxic! Then we can define interested and see if a live conversation would help, as in Google Hangout or YouTube, etc?

I think us sharing Humanity's exchanges will be interesting to know, that many have great solutions now and once you understand more, you too can create and link your input, your needs and offerings as we efficiently address these priority toxic time sensitive issues! Restoring and enjoying what many patches now have, that all can transition into and more! While having some nice explorations along the way and celebrate! So please relax and let's see how we can address these issues, and I list a few for starters, that require all's attention ASAP, to do with kindness and respect, peacefully, if we are to save the complex life that sustains all humans on earth now, as we are losing many each day!

Suggestions that work for earth-space investments that heal and restore within enhanced natural potential, which effects most masses vs thinking you can just live local?? In our travels-our learning and sharing, we've experienced many able and many unable, so we do what can to simplify these plans w/your help.

No one needs a war mode economy, rather invest in priority ecological enhanced sustaining healthy working communities prioritizing the local plans negatively affecting the most species including earthlings, so please create with us as we scale sharing Humanity's solutions! Technological creations based on stewards of earth! Small investments, safe investments when local plans retain cooperative controlling %.

It's time to change the `Earth Markets! Feeling good by what you do is worth a lot!

This is how we all become a local-earth-space-mindful participant and explore!

1- Please all talk to each other and gather skilled students-school assoc's-teachers to support students to orchestrate and help communities organize! To gather-Gov-Businesses and people to plan a date for a potluck and welcome Pres Trump or your Pres, to gain understanding of what needed and what works as we share what we welcome all to join in and scale?

It's time to put some kindness and respect for all the people that vote for a President, and realize when you work together in respect, much more can happen successfully! Humanity is fortunate for earthlings still living as good stewards willing to share!

Meanwhile skilled student within all please guide to organize and start a means, perhaps a spreadsheet or Drive Document? Google has nice educational apps to log your neighbors and community, so those unable can do some of the work easier for them to do, maybe call the farms for excess food to not go to waste same w/people's fruit trees in backyards, and ask if they want to donate and another can make up some food, or draw or photo or have printed message boards to pin up around town, and those on internet pass on the word;

To have a natural local grown wild potluck and have a conversation focus directing with follow up meets, using your communities w/neighbors as a extended or only classroom, so teachers and school administrators support this project aiding skilled students to network w/all students, yet not interfere in present curriculum. But rather transition into existing and co_evolving during this restoration process. Note a tele number to call if need a ride? Pick a real issue now as in w/your local natural farms and have it at the farm. Bring in live music to rethink and relax w/skilled that know of the local issues and how to resolve, so you all choose a rep role interchangeable to focus direct w/skilled students by your side to gain this understanding of what we share here, w/follow up meets. Log it, that too pass it on, so no one gets overloaded, for those unable to attend to then make connections by reading the log in paper posted or internet link?

There is no better education then to have a penpal to learn w/hands on that is already doing it, as well a place you want to explore to have like thought when the world is filled w/pockets of chaos long overdue for exchanges, to truly enjoy the beauty of what is and also what can be while taking part where ever at! Same best tourism to share itineraries and welcome all to exchange and take home more thought for each local plan to rethink and add!

2- Collectively we feel it is time for many of us unaware to become aware of the earth-space toxic that negatively affects most life now, where are these local plans and how do we connect, as we prioritize helping these locals define if research needed to rid toxic and restore and who best to gather to cut thru controversy and how efficient can earthlings come together to do this? We are talking about all life, all microcosms humans are interconnected w/as a living organism! Great rehabs are supporting wild to go back into the wild!

Don't think Govs are not doing good work when people bring to their attention, policies needing change for communities to sustain! Sadhguru gathered many on motorcycles and went from community to community aiding people to understand the soil issues, and w/Cauvery Calling is good Ex; how they are saving rivers in India, planting trees building soil, and farmers using agroforestry to gain 300-800% when yet many were losing;

It is these kinds of engineering skills needed by earthlings as we target together these collective local plans leaving serious negative effects on our earth and life on it!

You ask what can we invest in? All you have to do is gather community to help understand what needs to be protected and why, create with our plans, welcome your skilled students to focus direct orchestrating for your local plan!

When engineers can create technology to go underground over 200 ft tunneling w/a 64 ft radius dredge, or 8 ft stories for tunnels as being done around the world, or as in Rwanda converting toxic Methane to electricity, and this list is lengthy as more conscious people are rethinking to support life on earth working within it's enhanced natural potential first, over profiting, more Humanity will gain, than every anticipated!

To care about life that sustains us, understanding the microcosms within in us that balance our gut to fuel our brain! I disagree w/Sadhguru in one thing, as he knows how well our body will take care of us if we care for it, when yet our minds as a human have great potential when our gut is balanced, Functional Medicine has proven! Sort this out and it will you you!

We can learn to reprogram, understanding the programming many have taken as normal, passed on, yet to know oneself, and now is the time! Tools are here for all to learn! And no better way then hands on, feeling the balanced energy of common sense!

Sadhguru, a Hatha Yoga teacher has excellent teachers at Isha Foundation as he states we did not come in with a manual and he created an inner engineering program; Let them show you yet another way! Trust me, we can edit our mind when body is healthy and not misusing abusing! We can create if we prioritize function energy efficiently, not ride on the wave of profiteers w/large energy grids ecologically destroying, w/parts from afar!

Same w/space, our scientists need more materials to do what is needed for earth to rid toxic on earth and in space. But not using 5G, Pres Trump and all please all need to immediately stop the 5g satellites from being put in space and remove them, along with stopping the small cell towers from being put in residential areas and go back to wires and cables. Or you to are contributing along with any one supporting this to destroy the complex life that Humans need to sustain with, as well the Human race! Already are children are ill from 2-3-4G and 5G is worse, untested and very toxic. We can show you skilled to guide you so you realize how toxic US Gov is on earth and in space! So you transition and stop it! People we are the Gov and as a team we can restore healthy working communities. Please continue this read to understand more and share, for the leaders on the planet need support and guidance and what we are doing now w/different Govs, all Govs can do! Pres Trump let us relieve you of the distress you've received from so much, and realize Humanity has solutions now to fine tune yours, so please rethink and contact us for more input!

It is wrong for US to do sanctions when yet we ourselves are earth-space number 1 polluters! It is wrong to have Military bases that interfere locally as they are, leaving toxic and more! It is time for Military to make wrongs right before they come home! Please guide them to work w/these people we suggest!

Pres Trump talk to these people w/first hand knowledge; The ways of the past are bad programming and if you listen you will connect!

3- Our sharing of whom we respect to start this overview, knowing well of how the small complex life has needs to be met, to sustain us all, is Emeritus Miguel Altieri whom has created agroecology curriculum from indigenous still living it, being good stewards. He and his wife, Dr. Clara Nichols as well scientists of SOCLA, are doing great work on earth! I feel Miguel's understanding of what needed can structure a way to then go figure. I repeat from our `Who we are, page;

Pres Trump this is your answer to making not just America Great Again, but to work w/all Govs to do the same for no ecosystem can be isolated, America will be great when earth continents all gain this balance! We all are on the same earth and can benefit by doing this efficiently! We don't want just communities here and there to work w/neighbors, we want your support for these people, so they judge each community's biome(s) knowing or not if they can more efficiently obtain objectives to rid toxic and restore by combining many! Knowing which local plans on the earth all should focus direct with.

See here and upcoming seminar June 18, 2020 showing the resilience of agroecology in Puerto Rico after 2017 hurricanes, sign up. Similar to Mozambique experience where community was devastated losing a lot of life and a SOCLA scientist went to visit afterward talking to them about another community w/like ecosystem that w/same weather kept water in the ground due to having agroecological systems vs flooded and killed much life.


The Caribbean is vulnerable to climate changes, yet the social-ecological characteristics of the islands’ inhabitants have historically allowed folks to absorb, adjust, and adapt to new conditions, particularly in the food production sectors. In the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and María in 2017, Puerto Rico was devastated. Nevertheless, agroecological farming systems demonstrated higher resilience than their conventional peers within a post-disaster recovery process that is politically unique.

Now there are and always have been good traditional indigenous engineers that consciously care about life needing time-sensitive solutions, to then create great investments! So investors can invest, knowing no more science manipulating the investments, as funds go into ecological whoring! As students skilled guided by professors and skilled people that have lived as good stewards of earth, guide, so layered schematics show the cooperative collective plan for each local plan prioritized, networking, so efficiently each then fine tune, with good investments on the table, to retain controlling interest, so no more toxic gets permitted and toxic gets prioritized to rid before new development!

So each Continent looks at the earth's life death cycles circulating the planet to create our organic tools daily. Now we can have Continents collectively uniting working w/earthlings, to support others to do the same, as borders become ecological borders to prioritize saving live, working w/earth's cycles for all life!

For there is no natural balance until we as humans do our organic exchanges and create this harmony. Only then w/balancing the genetic biodiversity can our microcosms link w/neighbors to further sustain healthy working communities! We can see these hands on communities that can feed the world and do it adjusting to weather as we let them guide us!

Jamen Shively and a group of nice people globally are focusing on this w/several Universities and groups to do a variety of prioritizing to save life on earth w/collective consciousness, working w/Emeritus Professor Guy McPherson to further define solutions to climate change, as they address a variety of issues, that is common sense;

Jamen and all, Miguel knows well that if the farmers using agroecology now on earth where given more land to work, they could provide enough people food on earth! Pres Trump the Industrial Agriculture has to transition, it is toxic! For farmers to stress over grain crops that are toxic when so many need to heal, as Functional Medicine along w/Sayer Ji's research on New Biology, knows well w/a list of Dr's -researchers what I say here can efficiently be done! Miguel knows we need to understand this change in nutrition! Dr. Jockers-Dr. Ben-Jonathan and many are doing good work healing using whole foods and good tests, using pharma w/short term ER issues only!

Diseases if caught in time can be reversed, Sayer Ji shows in his new book, ` REGENERATE the resilience of the human being! Pres Trump it is wrong to allow lobbyists to support pharma. as well western medicine without requiring curriculum change and Dr's and Pharmacists need to go back to school and I suggest; and learn from all these people doing good work. And Listen to them about the truth of Coronavirus as well vaccines, for they should not be mandatory! Rather they should be required to use science that works, not manipulated!

Do you all realize the unlimited potential investments to resolve all these negative effects circulating earth, that people have chased profiting over ecologically restoring to save life, and many unaware of the damage done on earth and to earthlings? We are going to change this and welcome all to gain this understanding, so collectively we can prioritize simultaneously many good investments to resolve! We have no priority desire accept to resolve time-sensitive issues to stop suffering and save species, including humans, before profits! And feel these are best investments if done right and can be a win win for all, if we are not to late! If we are so be it, as Dr. helen Caldicott says it best, 'it's not over until it's over,' and to be kind and respect all life, is very rewarding for all involved!



Why is US Gov not correcting their science so people can go back to a life vs all this energy in legalities? Why Pres Trump do you not support these people to get this over with and make wrongs right, to those still being affected by this throughout the world? How can thermite or a controlled demolition not be acknowledged by NIST or US Gov scienctists? Humanity needs to be on 1 page w/1 universal science of common sense? Stopping all manipulation and ending it in any Gov, let alone any community! See update to NIST for their correction;

I suggest Pres Trump you go thru and ask these questions of those in office, and if they continue such lies and not support these priorities, then Humanity needs to co_evolve the Constitution, starting w/US GOV!

Take a look at what Robert Kennedy Jr is saying, good Ex of controversy over vaccines! Not to mention supporting Hillary Clinton? Please Robert tell us why w/your intelligence, you could do that?

See Del`s and Patrick's offerings on vaccines;

Charlene did a nice job showing Bill Gates history and more with vaccines and his investments related to his attempt to get a vaccine made;

If any of you have yet to experience a child w/negative effects of vaccine, you should! I just did for the first time last week. I can't repeat enough how sad to see father a commercial fisherman love his daughters so much, mom could not handle the 200 seizures per day the little girl had, then for her father to be threatened to be shit if he did not release her to custody, due to cutting her medication. Then to get her back! This is trauma that stays with people until they can work it out skillfully, And this is happening on a large scale, so to nic pick what many are doing, it is not time-sensitive. We need to focus and skilled students aiding are the exponential help we need to stop so much suffering and misuse-abuse, You all see it now played out and it will get worse as people become more ill from all we say here. And that is not accepted when Humanity has really go solutions for people to nurture the unnurtured within due to all these scars continuing! Pres Trump and all, education can co_evolve, please listen to Miguel below as well Robert and help where can;

Google please stop vaccines not tested right! Don't block YouTube people from sharing truth!

Let's resolve the controversy and hear all sides!

We ask you, Miguel Altieri here, to guide us, to aid the understanding of sound science so 1 universal science that continues to exist is used clearly, overriding that which has been manipulated, that many here know well and also can guide! So skilled students focus directing w/them will rethink entire Continents to efficiently prioritize which time-sensitive local plans best to start to rid toxic, working w/all! As well efficiently let all help you lay out strategies for entire Continents to choose where best to do what w/time-sensitive issues as many are in now?? So no more these scars continue as in many pockets left behind w/seasonal water or toxic water, conflict when people have yet to learn to nurture within, or misused-abused! So it is time to pool our thoughts and redefine one's place!

Miguel knows well the principles of agroecology, the agricultural ecology and environment, knowing all can create what is truly efficient;

A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable. By using agro_ecology curriculum, which Miguel created by working w/indigenous still doing, w/out leaving toxic effects, can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

Institutional structures supporting research and development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution...


`i come to talk story wants to perfect this as we transition needing your help!

Please don't be afraid of something you don't understand, when we can!

Many are misunderstanding the reality of these times, and one thing for sure you can do, is control how you process it, to lessen your stress? And how best to do that is understand the bigger picture and what together all can do. Emeritus Professor Miguel Altieri says it best in this conversation;

And I'm sharing this w/you asking Ben Carson to share this w/Pres Trump, so please share;

Few Pointers; We felt it most important to help you if you need to focus on what you can do by staying in the moment, eating whole fruits and veggies, stop sugar, processed foods, and cut down on the carbos, as well transition from bad habits and do it slowly, w/skills already figured out in many things, and together can go figure more!

Get some nice exercise, while doing your chores and stop and take a breath of fresh air along the way, look at the beautiful clouds or if near water how the sun shines on it, or the beauty of the trees-plants and animals around you or any nature you may be surrounded by or close to you in a walk or stretch!

It only takes a moment to `boon w/nature and no one can take that away from you!

Keep your energy circulating, self-massage, take care of you first every day! Then you can better look out for those at high-risk w/good common sanitation and protection when caring for or even calling one to check-in and share, say Hi, that have infants, elderly and ill, as well when out doing chores!

Make sure daily all get fresh air inside like outside, as well open those curtains and let the sun come in! As well get out in it for a few minutes, that is all it takes w/some Vit D, and if you prefer it in whole foods only, then look up which ones have more of what helps daily! We share on our site some ideas from skilled people to guide us all for good maintenance-prevention as well if ill!

If I can explain more, please call and leave a message or gather a group and we can teleconference; 01-360-450-3749

Most of all we are thankful for the greatness Humanity shares in solidarity!

Is this photo not a beautiful creature to share w/all! Also, we are fortunate to have such skilled guides so join in and see how we are transitioning our platform! As we continue sharing our plans of Humanity's solutions now!

We are prioritizing ridding toxic on earth-space as well restoring ecological enhanced sustaining healthy working communities, as we welcome you to welcome your students and focus direct w/all, networking! Together all scale agroecological systems and solutions creating upon our plans!

Peace is real and we aim to help all understand good investments are better than conflict, and if each community works at balancing one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors in solidarity, now we get real w/what truly sustains us all!

kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effects...


It is so beautiful for a child to grow up learning about the life around them as well on earth! Some adults die never learning to love nature! As a gift I suggest share the audio of `The Hidden Life Of Trees, it is such a joy to hear a real story of the behavior of different species of trees. What they feel and how they communicate!

Spring is so special, we are living on a wooden sailboat and the Martan bird species comes and visits each year from South America, and they sit right by our bunk port on line, at 3 am and chirp away, as well during the day. They visit us every year the same!

4- Check back for updates and add your comment, you can email me; and I will add it, until we get up our plan transitioned to have an earth-space message board, so all on same page! Don't you think this type of sharing is better than violence, due to not knowing?? To destroy people's livelihood, is a scar we all want to end forever! Many care about people of all ages healing-self educating and creating upon the beautiful cultural ways of those that have been such good stewards, having a nice life along the way, making changes so we can have 1 universal science of common sense, even science needs to change, so we all co_evolve together!

Humanity has really good solutions. We all must realize many are ill from this toxic, not to mention have died prematurely! We are thinking to redo Nabble site for messageboard and imbed, still working at that decision? So we can have an archive of people talking to each other, so skilled students can network as like ecosystems-subject use agroecological systems overview to plan their investments, seeing the work already done on earth! They can learn good volunteering skills, as well gain credits before they graduate, as curriculum too co_evolves!

5- Natural building using old ways that work, people can keep water in the ground as I stated one from SOCLA visited Mozambique after their serious cyclone, explaining another ecosystem's similar that has agroecological systems that keep water in the ground not flood and destroy life! As I've said I want to learn more from the communities `boon w/their large browser transboundary migration paths in place, so each does their own and harmonizes. I feel many western ways totally are missing this and yes even Native American Indians are regrouping to support it for the children. Where I feel we must do this work w/our children or they will not see clear on how to get out of this mess! They as well us adults need each other to sort this out and can! Many may not be familiar w/natural building but for several years some of us have worked changing planning so these ways are permitted! As well if yet to be aware of agroecology, some may know more of permaculture which base from agroecology, and yes I don't speak for all! Geoff Lawton in Australia has done great work on earth w/Permaculture Research. As well locally Jenny a great mama has gathered many in Seattle as well Latin America sharing what communities can do together!

6- It is these techniques that skilled students can orchestrate w/communities as they see and take part in the collective local plans as they are started, so locally all find one's place? I also feel homeless-refugees-long term citizens, left behind can gain, as skilled come together w/these layered schematics, showing good investments, so now older run down areas can be rethought and made as a temporary restoration. For usually buildings are empty and with hands on people can have a good clean night sleep. Organizers can help w/local places already safely equipped for sanitation and food kitchens near, as they too get permitted and organized. So now this is looked at as not a long term living but a transitional shift, for self development and support where needed, vs people on the street or left tired and hungry unbathed, as many know well! Or new toxic construction being permitted?

So these people of priority are cared for as well taking part where can and locals help so all feel safe with care in place to transition. But not to the point where it is a given to remain forever misleading people. Rather it is part of the restoration plan, so their priorities are met. But let's go back to collective priorities!

7- In this collective plan reps are needed to simplify and make reality efficient! Ex; I'm not the one to have these skills to debate but all need to prioritize Nuclear radiation circulating the planet, and lack of monitoring still and or even awareness of it's need? But a few are, and Dr. Helen Caldicott is and she has a nice archive as well head on her shoulders to listen to so please all take note or her and her associates work. Look at all others you may already know of, yet still US has no sound plan for Nuclear waste, and as Dr. Caldicott stated recently Pres Trump is taking funds from International Aid and putting it into Nuclear investments, why? So how long are we to have these debates? Not to mention due to these waste dumps the radiation is quite high and IAEA has a way of not informing. So in some countries the accepted levels for Humans are higher than others? It boggles my mind why Pres Trump you don't work w/this intelligent woman! People read her work and we all need to help Pres Trump being in his responsible position, so let's show him the reality of how we want healthy working communities to survive now that are time sensitive due to toxic! See Helens' book, and this woman has given a lifetime to try to educate us all;

Pres Trump we will do all we can to help you, as long as you listen and rethink real quick, for I see your plans shifting, I see you listening to some but some is not enough! Plus i'm ashamed of how Democrats have acted toward you as well our children to see their acts are disgraceful! Rather this list is for you to rethink and talk to these people and develop a group that you can work with ASAP to correlate w/your plans that are fragmented, when yet what I share is time sensitive, and way over due to be worked, as Humanity has solutions and you can transition from your programing of Military along the way, ending bases, ending profiting over lobbyists, ending toxic permits from bad science, ending bad science as in 911 and have US Gov gain experienced scientists knowing well of this thermite present scientist of Gov will not admit to nor controlled demolitions when yet many countries still in havoc from this, ending sanctions when US Gov is the largest footprint leaving such a mess on earth-space! Sir it's time to make wrong's right! Same w/social medias blocking people, when it is time to have these transparent conversations to educate not control people, we don't want to be left uneducated! We the people can learn! We the people can help each other learn who should change in Gov or be voted out for what they have done wrong! So Judicial systems can work Democratically and for truth not a gambling casino making deals!

8- We don't have all these illnesses due to nothing? Yes I agree We the people speaking for myself and many are not or have not been that educated for much of our lives and yes self misuse-abuse does take a toll on our health, but we can't just hold oneself accountable when so much environmental toxins circulate the planet or locally abundant! So that too is another issue? With western medicine needing to change curriculum, and add TCM as well Functional Medicine and more conversation w/different cultural ways that work! From my experience as well many more skilled in Functional Medicine; So we have a political lobbyist issue w/Gov selling out and Pharma big time profiting as also educational systems are not informing more of what is real to heal oneself and maintain, so all gain discipline over one's self sensory observation vs belief, and that is another programmed subject same w/Military expense. as from US Gov that could seriously educate and heal all on earth. Realizing US does not need a war mode economy or be in delusion that US needs protection from those afar, when yet US Gov needs to make wrongs right, interfering in many afar! 911 lawyers work w/architects and engineers; can presently show how US Gov's science is wrong, leaving many in the world without, under Pres Bush's watch. Why Pres Trump do you have such dysfunction around you when more of Humanity is willing to help! Please let us show you another way!

US Military is the largest footprint on earth, how has it continued this long, and Industrial Agriculture #2. Meanwhile Vets hopital is still very incompetent w/many I see left behind w/medical and dental care!

I suggest as we scale we list the politicians supporting what toxic and show the economics, that usually is most important to people unaware, and once they see the reality of what they support, then they wake up. Many are saying we don't need Govs, but I say the mess they would leave, they need to have help and clean it up! So we don't just take it for granted that dysfunction will continue! Especially if we can show stories of people healing and how people can transform oneself w/this understandings as they then take part, same we can care of those masses getting negatively impacted and go beyond thinking we can just live local! Or students skilled network and organize to give hands on to the many left without, and then relieving them of simple chores can then enrich all, and when students feel the energy of one sharpening one's sensors and then want to come back to do their part, students unnurtured within all can feel this energy and it guides one to go within and edit oneself. We can edit out our baggage!

Especially as we have aware people that have done their homework to guide us as Sayer Ji does, and you can see more in his nice archive at GreenMedinfo. Here he shows Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg on the Coronavirus w/some common sense we all should ask; As well Sayer's new book; REGENERATE Unlocking your body's radical resilience through the new biology.

9- Sayer Ji and Josh del Sol take us into another one of the collective negative effects coming down on us all once more satellites for 5G small towers get put in place, which Professor Martin said it will be all over for Humanity. Please contact your Gov as we all must and stop small cell towers and satellites form being installed, for they are deadly We can go back and replace wifi w/wires and cables. FCC uneducated using bad science has already made decisions to permit this as well cell towers to be located 20-30 ft away from houses, and children playing in the yard will be affected negatively as well in house and those passing by!

Thank you Robert Kennedy Jr for your work w/Children's Defense and Pres Trump rather than scientists to bad mouth these entities, it would be more supporting to have a conversation so they speak their peace and you take funding from Military and support them to do good testing; Robert and Dr. Judy Mikovits, please talk to Sayer Ji and define the indifferences so all on same page, and update us?

Same w/Andrew J. Campanelli's showing us our rights, as all lawyers should be working for earth-space laws, not overload a few, for us all to know our rights as Andrew has done a good job working w/Josh del Sol and Sayer Ji, and these people can give and do common sense that is a Human right to know, The Govs on earth should require the Judicial systems to not even allow such rebuttal to have to take such humane realities to court. Rather new policys need to be created so earth-space is protected from toxic, which requires transitioning ASAP to remove toxic. I Kara,say this not Andrew;

10- As if children don't have enough w/toxic vaccines, being made mandatory which is another collective negative effect needing to end! Dr. Paul Thomas has a Friendly vaccine plan:

11- We know many other toxins as we all can get in a good headspace and share what know? By many so we unaware supporting it stop! As it is prioritized as more skilled link from what they know in each community, Ex: San Diego Univ researching the clouds knowing well the compounds toxic circulating earth and locally, from China from were they repair the worlds broken computers, polluting them locally, as well back to us! So each local plan or person will link and we define how simultaneously many good investments can be created to resolve, as well change the mindset of the investors and `World Markets.

12-After better seeing all this toxic mind and acts, then maybe we can look at climate change and who is manipulating what? A bit different perspective and Emeritus Professor Guy McPherson can help us, as we try to put this into another reality check that maybe science has not seen, or at least he can help us weed thru as what Dr. Wodarg talks about the scientists needing attention falsifying facts! And we all get real w/facts and why some social medias are blocking people wrongly and if so, then they need to stop or we stop using their products, same as Google working on vaccines w/a pharma company for if they do as Sayer Ji has reported and Dr. Paul Thomas and more in Functional Medicine they too are toxic due to not testing correctly, and they can explain this as Dr. Wodarg did w/unknowns. Same we need to see where Sayer disagrees w/Dr. Judy Mikovits? As well those supporting 5G? For if we have the help of skilled an earth-space message board can show why-who-where-whats to hold people accountable locally and afar, and that is not now happening! Same w/supporting Democrats or Republicans at voting time interfering, when already many are misinformed, so this too can be very helpful when people take part in this multilevel platform, self reflecting, gaining understanding or sharing for us all to become a more mindful local-global and beyond participant! Plus Guy is a true teacher and loves critters knowing the microbiome as Miguel Altieri does and Geoff, and more!

13- One job Govs should have besides cleaning up their dysfunction is to see that 1 universal science is used on earth and in space, all being on same page. My idea of a Peace plan hopefully transparent, but even if can get through to leaders, respecting their privacy can also be done! But to show why neighbors need to connect as earthlings, so each balance on'e genetic biodiversity that is rapidly dying and or killed w/conflict, can link, to sustain human health and restore. So all the above skilled can guide so each leader can then rethink good questions and aided to understand what is going on within each, whether an inner- inter personal issue of lack of earth-space life death cycles required for life on earth to continue healthy working communities or unaware of what is toxic and monitoring from skilled as Ex; Nuclear and Aerosol Masking effect aka Global Deming and our collective local plans in need of investments, as well working w/local cooperative investment for the local ecology to retain controlling % so no more people get permitted for toxic developments, and 1 universal science co_evolving will prove what needed to stop them!

To be continued or can we stop and do it? You people are very aware once we connect w/some common sense so please give me feedback or support so ASAP we can gain more help to get this

`i come to talk story, thanks you for taking part!

Please share us while doing your walkabout for you and your community;

We feel if we get the right support then work like yours/ours sharing Humanity's, prioritizing basic comforts, can be free to all to create upon, leaving no one left behind in isolated inefficient areas on earth, as presently is!

Thanks to Google's AdGrant and Nabble, as well those who can Donate-Grant!

Plus I want to give special thanks to Wendy + Guys, Tammy, Brittany, Mishi, Joseph, Fritz and list is long, and all the children and volunteers, for sharing love, kindness and skills!


Our children got to play with clay from day one as papa used exacto knife creating beautiful images as we built communities that harmonized! Other children like the Eboli orphans enjoyed having Joseph and other teach them how to build bricks of clay to build their school house they share w/community! Thank you Joseph for the kind work you do w/all! Love us at