It's time to act w/skilled love, for love alone is very destructive!

Please see the gist of our plan of all plans, on our drawing board now being worked, in this comment below this link, and if all take part making this happen, I would not be telling Greta and all the protestors now, what I did;

Peace is real, all just need to organize to link! Nabble and Google are here to do that now as well others!

Please see a facebook post; In response to one I love!

Greta Thunberg

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Recently I’ve seen many rumors circulating about me and enormous amounts of hate. This is no surprise to me. I know that since most people are not aware of the full meaning of the climate crisis (which is understandable since it has never been treated as a crisis) a school strike for the climate would seem very strange to people in general.

So let me make some things clear about my school strike.

In may 2018 I was one of the winners in a writing competition about the environment held by Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish newspaper. I got my article published and some people contacted me, among others was Bo Thorén from Fossil Free Dalsland. He had some kind of group with people, especially youth, who wanted to do something about the climate crisis.

I had a few phone meetings with other activists. The purpose was to come up with ideas of new projects that would bring attention to the climate crisis. Bo had a few ideas of things we could do. Everything from marches to a loose idea of some kind of a school strike (that school children would do something on the schoolyards or in the classrooms). That idea was inspired by the Parkland Students, who had refused to go to school after the school shootings.

I liked the idea of a school strike. So I developed that idea and tried to get the other young people to join me, but no one was really interested. They thought that a Swedish version of the Zero Hour march was going to have a bigger impact. So I went on planning the school strike all by myself and after that I didn’t participate in any more meetings.

When I told my parents about my plans they weren’t very fond of it. They did not support the idea of school striking and they said that if I were to do this I would have to do it completely by myself and with no support from them.

On the 20 of august I sat down outside the Swedish Parliament. I handed out fliers with a long list of facts about the climate crisis and explanations on why I was striking. The first thing I did was to post on Twitter and Instagram what I was doing and it soon went viral. Then journalists and newspapers started to come. A Swedish entrepreneur and business man active in the climate movement, Ingmar Rentzhog, was among the first to arrive. He spoke with me and took pictures that he posted on Facebook. That was the first time I had ever met or spoken with him. I had not communicated or encountered with him ever before.

Many people love to spread rumors saying that I have people ”behind me” or that I’m being ”paid” or ”used” to do what I’m doing. But there is no one ”behind” me except for myself. My parents were as far from climate activists as possible before I made them aware of the situation.

I am not part of any organization. I sometimes support and cooperate with several NGOs that work with the climate and environment. But I am absolutely independent and I only represent myself. And I do what I do completely for free, I have not received any money or any promise of future payments in any form at all. And nor has anyone linked to me or my family done so.

And of course it will stay this way. I have not met one single climate activist who is fighting for the climate for money. That idea is completely absurd.

Furthermore I only travel with permission from my school and my parents pay for tickets and accommodations.

My family has written a book together about our family and how me and my sister Beata have influenced my parents way of thinking and seeing the world, especially when it comes to the climate. And about our diagnoses.

That book was due to be released in May. But since there was a major disagreement with the book company, we ended up changing to a new publisher and so the book was released in august instead.

Before the book was released my parents made it clear that their possible profits from the book ”Scener ur hjärtat” will be going to 8 different charities working with environment, children with diagnoses and animal rights.

And yes, I write my own speeches. But since I know that what I say is going to reach many, many people I often ask for input. I also have a few scientists that I frequently ask for help on how to express certain complicated matters. I want everything to be absolutely correct so that I don’t spread incorrect facts, or things that can be misunderstood.

Some people mock me for my diagnosis. But Asperger is not a disease, it’s a gift. People also say that since I have Asperger I couldn’t possibly have put myself in this position. But that’s exactly why I did this. Because if I would have been ”normal” and social I would have organized myself in an organisation, or started an organisation by myself. But since I am not that good at socializing I did this instead. I was so frustrated that nothing was being done about the climate crisis and I felt like I had to do something, anything. And sometimes NOT doing things - like just sitting down outside the parliament - speaks much louder than doing things. Just like a whisper sometimes is louder than shouting.

Also there is one complaint that I ”sound and write like an adult”. And to that I can only say; don’t you think that a 16-year old can speak for herself? There’s also some people who say that I oversimplify things. For example when I say that "the climate crisis is a black and white issue”, ”we need to stop the emissions of greenhouse gases” and ”I want you to panic”. But that I only say because it’s true. Yes, the climate crisis is the most complex issue that we have ever faced and it’s going to take everything from our part to ”stop it”. But the solution is black and white; we need to stop the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Because either we limit the warming to 1,5 degrees C over pre industrial levels, or we don’t. Either we reach a tipping point where we start a chain reaction with events way beyond human control, or we don’t. Either we go on as a civilization, or we don’t. There are no gray areas when it comes to survival.

And when I say that I want you to panic I mean that we need to treat the crisis as a crisis. When your house is on fire you don’t sit down and talk about how nice you can rebuild it once you put out the fire. If your house is on fire you run outside and make sure that everyone is out while you call the fire department. That requires some level of panic.

There is one other argument that I can’t do anything about. And that is the fact that I’m ”just a child and we shouldn’t be listening to children.” But that is easily fixed - just start to listen to the rock solid science instead. Because if everyone listened to the scientists and the facts that I constantly refer to - then no one would have to listen to me or any of the other hundreds of thousands of school children on strike for the climate across the world. Then we could all go back to school.

I am just a messenger, and yet I get all this hate. I am not saying anything new, I am just saying what scientists have repeatedly said for decades. And I agree with you, I’m too young to do this. We children shouldn’t have to do this. But since almost no one is doing anything, and our very future is at risk, we feel like we have to continue.

And if you have any other concern or doubt about me, then you can listen to my TED talk ( ), in which I talk about how my interest for the climate and environment began.

And thank you everyone for you kind support! It brings me hope.



Thank you Euronews;

I share this below for all children and the unnurtured within to heal oneself now and nurture oneself now as you create w/us now!

To Greta and all earthlings, w/love!

I share this now vs await your answer Greta, for honi all these people, globally in motions, many may yet to have a balanced brainwave, knowing how to maintain say getting out of beta mindset maybe like a trekker says in the African bush at 7.5 or Hz and we will be testing all this w/those skilled that know more. For alpha, theta wave is better to maintain! This way all can experiment now, take a walk in the forest and listen to the birds, are they warning all that you are present or are they calm one with you? That is your brainwave they feel w/mental chatter uncontrolled doing harm to oneself and others or peace within as you did your homework and edited you only! But he is a bushman a hunter for his own respect, as he chooses to kill to eat and survive and give gratitude to the species.

We are humans but also our mind is quite a range and that is why when many as well us did not maintain a healthy balance we misuse. abuse our self and get sick as well others! Tell all now to stop this for we are misusing the great life energy now to redirect for healing and self educating/caring for those unable/researching and resolving while networking using schools to co_evolve their outdated curriculum and resolve as students focus direct w/communities/self reflect/respect Pres Trump and help him understand not due as Democrats and some reps have as in the waste of redirecting time and resources as in blaming Russians. We must respect our fellow earthling to speak up when so much global corruption is happening now. Clintons were doing and still are corrupt.

Pres Putin, I respect for his diplomacy and love for all life, they have few bases and I tell him too to quit all weapons of war, US has 800 - 1000 an everywhere nousnato bases will show you how toxic they are! and humanity has more of these good people for all to work with as an earthling, not isolate a country but let it shine! and work w/neighbors working within the earth+space systems that move death and life around the planet for all life to have daily tools to create the balance of genetic bio-diversity for life to heal now, for our food to not be toxic, to keep the pests in check so the microbes in our gut that feeds our mind, now can get balanced linking w.neighbrs so we use them as tools within us and amongst to stay healthy w/whole natural foods/wild fish and wild animals not processed toxic farm fed GMOS as people profit over health and profit over illness!

As deceased Masanobu Fukuoka's Natural Farming knows well there is no pests, we create them!

And learn as each gives hands-on then to feel one want to come back to help as they sharpen their dull sensors, now beaming the true energy all can maintain and understand how to listen to oneself, not these religions that are a story to be of the past that all can have on their shelf. But now we need to stay in the instance w/oneself and all life around us. We have these great tools to network and organize. We need your help, for all of you to do your part,

We have had bo funds and limited due to many stealing from us, but we've not got supporters hopefully coming aboard, so check back so we know who we can get as far as techies we need now to do all we propose, as efficiently as we all can now to reach out to all, before these unaware misusing people do more harm to all life on earth-space, vs allow us all to help remove these dangerous hair alert weapons of war/Nuclear (Dr. Helen Caldicott has much experience so follow and listen please?) and all waste now circulating as children and frail/fetuses are most sensitive accumulating, and more cancers that Functional Medicine now is healing or stopping or calming if too late? and no more fcking pharmaceuticals for profit.

When all now can look at the Institute of Functional Medicine and rethink w/good researchers now to heal oneself w/out drugs! Same w/Dr, Yun Wang w/his Chinese Traditional Medicine and many more globally that have it in their gardens, not charging extreme prices then to have uneducated doctors say nothing more to do as they profit over medicating w/toxic drugs leaving side effects, this is wrong people don't get vaccines/don't use chemotherapy and western medicine unless they redirect and study Functional or cultural stewardship of our earth-space that respects all life and saves it, not kill it for a profit, that is an illness!

We can learn this love, but you now and all must hear me now so all can become calm and it is up to you to open yourself deeply and calmly edit yourself, For there is no one else that will do this, as well as you, can, once understand this. For honi many around us are sick and are hurting all life and we must all not interfere in them making them worse, we must give calmness and be aware to have skilled help them more! They may be in our crowds now,

So please all become aware and sharpen your dulled sensors that all of us have allowed to happen, they don't just happen, we never learn the normal behaviors as these bad behaviors past down from our loved one's teachers did their best to survive themselves carrying from their past generations.

It's time to be in the instance and sharpen w/skilled understanding w/love, for love is not enough!

Ex; Now Greta we can help many by looking at these many important issues of processing information, which if you and I and many would have had an infrastructure to address this w/our parents/grandparents and before, we too would have been able to maintain sharper sensors, and now we can work to show others how. So they too don’t have to continue such roller coasters rides, when yet life can be so beautiful!

Yes, w/humanity’s good work, I have 3 plans for all to create upon, and w/AI `enhancement we can create also a self-study. SO as each sees a nice visual earth-space intro via Google earth-space tools, then all are welcome to come thru this AI portal, to reinforce that only they can allow such negativity to ever enter one. As each learns the mindbody tools we all have if born healthy. And if need assistance, that too will be customized for each to also interrelate realizing how important all is to understand and plug into local `plans where ever. As together all change local and afar policies, for equality. To share earth-space in peace ASAP, we can reach all!

Thank You, Greta, and please realize I too have shared your sadness throughout my life and I too never had one to guide my mind. So I cried and then timed my crying so I could study and I continued to go within and organize my thoughts so I could do something that made me feel good while I too was trying to work w/others to make priority changes. To stop suffering/end premature deaths of all species including humans, due to misuse/abuse, as many have no clue of how the human brain works best when the gut is balanced. As well humans have the ability to edit one’s mind, so as to maintain discipline over one’s self-sensory observations, vs belief. So as to maintain sharp sensors working w/ones’ early signs, or knowing who to help one do heal/self educate, etc.!

We all should learn this early on as well good sex education so healthier families are taking responsibility, so as to make changes, so children learn early on as many fortunate from homeschooling as children make the communities together w/adults. Otherwise, a child will have no clue of us adults, w/delayed understandings, to be responsible to mindfully act as many of us have! And now we all can learn together!

We decided most exponential way is for students to use communities as classrooms/network using the message board to stay in tune w/self, explore and realize the many good options now humanity offers on earth-space to work cleaning it up as well changing policy so all people give-gain, support, leaving no one left behind.

My sadness came many times Ex; Rwanda war in ’90s was millions literally slaughtered each other to death yet no leaders intervened, Clinton's even corrupt having a president killed and Madeline Albright lying, as can show you, and also 911 lies of science from US Gov, as show all it was a controlled demolition where people got in these offices months in advance and put in demolition, to make it look like others did this. The lawsuit now will prove a good science and truth. Then to follow will be who really did this and why.

When millions were killed by US/NATO Military as many profited, and many know Pres Bush may not have been smart enough to orchestrate all this but his clan Chaney and others maybe were for profits/reasons to have more MIlitary profits to kill innocent people.

Same now still w/Congo mines and people stealing while Congolese and many globally, are still slaves working them/more, as well women/children/ even men raped for a political statement.

But hono, once a universal sound science of common sense is created and understood by all tongues, then wrongs can be made right as earthlings come together and all create w/love and solutions in the instance of what each local `plan needs as well the collective plan to save all life on earth, cleaning up earth-space and do it w/love and empathy, don;t be sad, be happy honi we have solutions now created upon all those lives lost that also tried and now we pick up this vibration of peace and hold it in our hearts which then attract like vibration of our human consciousness and more w/good love relations, as we are human species that have love if we live right. And I can prove it I have it big time! As well honi I've cried like you for years and no more I know how to harness it and I'm here for you too!

But sadly about life on earth, we just get it together to learn this, and the scars of the past have made our loved ones ill dying prematurely so honi love now yourself, be happy and then you too will have such beautiful love to do this with! Time goes to fast, and yes I'm sorry I was so unaware of all these scars, for I only could vision them having no clue, seeing all the crying of many, Now we must act to stop this ASAP and do it in peace, please!

Only each of us can allow any negativity to enter. SO be positive love! And all, be kind and energy will harness this terrible destructive disassociated energy, now that is trapping many making one dull, unable to sharpen one's sensors, but can now w/students help, using communities as classrooms, becoming critical thinkers in our collective and all plants, interrelating were can. We hope to find out next week about funding to do this much faster as well we welcome all to create upon/correct us and share!

See Dr. Mukwege’s story, whom I have great respect for, is a surgeon teaching surgeons as well healing mind and body, as men rape and then shut a gun inside the vagina and a lot of repair work is needed. Same w/one’s mind. But he does it and his staff. Plus women go home and get blacklisted from their husband or communities due to it, or they get raped and shot again. This has been going on for many years, and some of our leaders in US Gov also are corrupt stealing from the mines or other criminal acts as it still continues today! Friends of the Congo are good people working hard at this to stop too and many more can, as these people need support!

Same if you look at;

You will see how US bases everywhere are toxic, and weapons of war and bases must end. Yet they continue w/higher footprint creating more and we must all help them understand the ecology and life rights come first, respecting all life!

I share w/Pres trump and other leaders what I share w/you love! For shame on them if they do not work w/us and let us help heal them to stop such destruction on earth to the life that all life depends on, as now we continue to lose it!

So you see Greta there are many issues in past and now just as serious that killed many, and still killing. So we all can better rethink this w/one’s communities locally and afar, to go figure! And we think as you schools/students should lead this path, so we will soon be building teams to do this globally!

Never be sad, from another being! For only you or each of us have the control to not allow one to do that to oneself. But I as you know well when trying to go figure on your own it is hard and we end up ill from it, me too! Yet many don’t survive like we did Great, so honi you can redirect too and find a more comforting means to feel good as well still share good activism to help us all learn. Or you will join in w/us, your welcome at any time and I’m happy to listen and share my feelings!

You have taught me a lot, but I too became very concerned when I became aware of Dr. Guy McPhersons' ideas on climate change. Stating if Arctic ice goes next year, as well this year, which it did not, but if soon then species on earth will not sustain the temperature change, as in microbes/complex life, that all life is interdependent on/grains we eat, etc.. SO I had to do more and I studied a lot, but I decided once seeing so much controversy that I had to redirect all my energy and am, to prevent me from overloading!

As well, Dr. McPherson has, I think I told you before, believes if fossil fuels went cold turkey and quit, then temperatures would really change faster, destroying all life faster, due to these exchanges that take place that I still am not understanding. I'm not skilled enough, but I too am seeking scientists to help me understand.

For I still feel a lot on earth-space can be done and I prefer to remain positive to work w/Humanity's work now that can heal/be efficient w/prioritizing-defining the land-sea-freshwater, knowing best how to prioritize to clean it up and use, respecting all life that humans sustain with.

And that is with agro_ecological systems, which also sequesters carbons, as I’ve studied Miguel Altieri's work and now w/SOCLA;

We will be gathering such a team of techs to help us w/what we feel can work now, as well a message board, and more, so people understand how to take part and make it happen! Vs learn thru terrible experiences alone like many of us have gone thru!

As well I plan to continue to work w/Dr. McPherson, for he uses the science teachers, teaches, as well himself when he was one. Same as you speak of as well that many uses to define climate change reality, yet I agree on w/what you say about prioritizing this subject to mindfully acting. But I think more collaboration needs to be done and research, regarding the controversy of what Dr. McPherson states, for I yet to understand it. As well those that say we have no climate problem or those extremely profiting from it!

But I do understand how agro_ecological assessments of entire biomes w/neighbors can if used, can give local natural wild food, yearly fresh water, prioritize large browsers transboundary migration paths, end toxic food-practices, prioritizing toxic Nuclear use-waste to rid-learn to monitor and have protected sex, knowing how this is passed on to next few generations. As well many other toxic substances circulating earth-space that need research to rid properly can then be prioritized to rid it, while simultaneously others restore ecological `enhanced sustaining healthy working communities!

So our plans will prioritize those refugees/orphans/homeless/ill, and al species endangered, as we work these nuts and bolts for all life rights to have equality, to do one’s homework! Supported by all so all interrelate where desire, then some volunteering working into creative successful beings fueling others to do the same!

So we all must see it can best be defined if we do it efficiently, and each add/correct/link on this virtual global platform we are perfecting, so now people gain respect, even paid as we are working at `transition investment plans, `start-up and `maintenance, where the local `plan retains controlling % for locals, and that includes those from afar as well long term residents, as the local `plan is best to define space?

So we are creating 3 plans until all working w/us define changes; a collective plan for earth-space critical thinkers to prioritize where to target our energy-resources, then Country leader's plan working w/one's people, so as to further detail local `plans working w/neighbors. So we don't have to go 5 steps forward and 3 back. And world markets heal also their terrible greeds!

Rather thru our message board also being perfected, all then can stay w/earth-space in time in the instance w/transparency. SO when leaders don't listen and work w/people, `we the people try to help them understand and do together with or without them!

Acknowledging priorities as well break interdependencies so as to self sustain working collectively w/like-minded people on message board, that want to work for local and afar change. For patches on this earth are doing really good work and many pockets are without unable to barely survive, and we can prioritize reaching out to these people so exchanges are made.

W/agro_ecological systems, it is not just agriculture, rather it is a movement, that gives not only the natural local food/medicine but also localized low impact energy systems, as well technological realities co_evoling w/good stewards of the planet now still doing!

Humanity has many of these answers now, and people can self educate so as to learn how to listen-feel-and edit within to then make good choices once social structures are fueling energy to relate to, for all to self reflect while having hands-on in each local `plan wherever one at!

Nothing like the inhumane treatment many now are getting or misusing/abusing others, due to lack of such awareness that has been here for quite some time, yet Miguel Altieri knows best and we are perfecting our virtual global platform to fulfill this need;

`A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

SO if this is in place, reaching out to all, amazing suffering will quit ASAP, and all will understand and give-gain, support!

If you need or want to take part or understand more email me, kara, I’m here for you!

love us at `i come to talk story, kara speaking for our combined `effect..

Happy day all, see Anna's great ideas;

Please, Be calm Be well, together, many will share how to do this in every local `plan!