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Post date: Apr 16, 2018 10:17:48 PM

I share a comment I shared w/Jamen Shively and Dr. Guy McPherson in their quest to define how best to save life on earth;

Guy McPherson and Jamen Shively explore shutting down Nuclear and re-Freezing the Arctic

We the people can be minimalist w/compassion of all life on earth and share Humanity's options now, to live very well and adapt to nature and human abuse, trying our best to collectively be efficient in stopping ourselves from abusing/misusing from all the scars of programming past down from generations as normal behaviors. And holding others accountable. In saying that you yet to add to the equation the electronic money transfer, or if all of a sudden another currency takes over.

Sure for some of us that know how to do exchanges and be self-reliant we can adjust, but the many dependent on the dollar may not do so well if say China decides and others their currency is best. especially w/ Pres Trump breaking the International law by striking Syria as well UN Charter, not to mention excluded Congress and blame Russia and Iran before inspectors did their job. And I see Sena Merkely and others running on that wave of the blame.

So that is no fun, for watching people unprepared go down, as happened continually since the beginning, so it has been WW3 for many since WW1. That even if all tax payors stopped paying the US Gov, Military and allies have tools to obtain their profiteering cycle. Sure to vote them out as Ex; Brand New Congress/Indivisible, working with good people in office takes time. But all should be added to the equations. For I see a lot of misinformation and naivety in us all to work thru. And we can.

Jamen you probably heard of Jennie Pell a great mama/preserving life, in your area working Seattle and global on `permaculture now plans. Where people are exchanging new dialog/forms of exchange. As well my man coming from Russia never heard of money until 16, but also Gov paid for medicine, education, and housing... But in the country, w/family, all basically defined who best to do what an exchanged, w/out any money and did great, until back then when Gov came and took farms away from people and all worked for Gov or went to prison.

Not sure if you heard but Pres Putin is offering 35-45 acres? don't hold me to exact amount, but anyhow along with citizenship, in Siberia. And the only prerequisite is you add to the community, and he is going without GMOs, all organic. Also, quite the community has already started and they talked about the methane holes and one started covering to use for his stove, and that has been a tool for many. Plus Pres Putin still supports having more children due to lack of them in years to come and still feels the melting of the Arctic as he and others have experienced over time, is another cycle, for much, has melted before.

But I do not support any aggression, rather we feel all should end all Nuclear accept as Dr. Helen Caldicott states some medicine w/no half-life good, recyclable. And educate oneself to how radiation accumulates and Russia/US and others dumping so much, as well w/Chernobyl still have places where babies were born as lumps of flesh, quite distorted babies, yet lived and kind-hearted people could not let them die due to lack of support. So they are cared for and if you see them, they have made a beautiful family amongst them all.

Dr. Helen Caldicot has done great work all her life and I suggest you ask her what she thinks as well Arnie Gundersen and Nuclear engineer whistleblower that lost all and still fighting to help, as well Helen in her late years, they know the high risk we all are living with now. Also, she knows of these birth defects for she has been a pediatrician, as well tried for years and continues to inform all of how bad Nuclear is. She knows how many survived, and people cared for them and still. But to support more children at this time is crazy in my books.

So again many in our human family are lost in sewage soup. And the more clarity and compassion we can give, even to Pres Trump, but if you saw my words to them in response to striking Syria, you would see I too will not sit back and let them think that is what a win for US Gov/people, for to me it is a real illness. And healthy people need to in responsible positions. Yet Russia, if you did not see got overruled in UN SC meet a few days ago due to others feeling it was justified to strike when Russia asked for all strikes to stop.

So you see the planets' condition has much to work at. And I still feel once we reach out, there is more of us w/common sense than those that push the buttons, so we continue and go figure!

I see the children aware of a lot of this, yet still not getting it nor I, let alone Pres Trump spends what he does on more Nuclear for Military. For they used to think that as in soldiers coming home from Iraq passing on radiation thru sex, due to not knowing they were contaminated from US Military using depleted uranium that is not depleted. But now skilled people know radiation continues on to grandchildren, etc..It's truly a sick subject and it does take a bit to digest, but every community should be w/a good monitor system and share. So those vulnerable, pregnant women, children/frail should not go our that day if rain/fog/smog/pollen, etc. has a high rad reading.

As well see Arnie Gundersen's Fairwinds sight/research, that some scientists in academia don't believe. As he tested high levels on children's shoe strings near Tokyo, knowing it was from Dachii Fukushima accident. Yet IAEA/Japan Gov/TEPCO/GE, and more lie as many were to believe their cleanup worked, yet when it rains more comes down from the Mountains. Piles are stacked from racking the leaves, yet US Gov said nothing when Japan Gov visited, nor have they ever held anyone accountable;

When yet many in this country have yet to realize even in stores if organic next to one w/pesticides, if not divided away from each other or gloves worn, then one hand contaminates the other... Sure some can be cooked out, but w/winds, there is very little organic in the US for many fields contaminating the others. Not to mention Monsanto is being bought out;

Where I know agroecological systems is the answer on earth for food, and any good permaculturists use it, for it is not just agriculture, it is a process to live, also sequesters carbon, etc. a political movement. Those that knew it in the South/Latin America become the state for policy change. So we continue to support our plan for people to efficiently do one's local `plan w/students, using communities as extended classrooms. But to get schools on board has not been that easy, but also I've seen a lot of human error and apologies, so I yet to give up researching. And I feel the indigenous engineers still doing w/large browsers intact by their side w/communities, are best to fuel our path. For it is amazing how some species adapt. So that is what i seek to do.

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Thank you, kara