><<><><><> Lets talk priorities, if need more.. ><><><><><

It's time to get real w/oneself, center as ground as one's home is defined, and for many it is earth! As many explore it while appreciating/respecting all life!

Life is for you to create, let our plan sharing humanities work, fuel your harmony to also explore, take part or start local `plans, by sharing this w/all! See the pages on the right to create upon, as we are seeing many enjoying what we do but still not doing it as efficiently as can be done, so we are trying to reach out for Donations/Grant to hire techs to make an App, so as to make this process yet more easier for all to take part in and all you have to do is be real w/yourself and post as you commit part time help or sharing your needs!

If want to help us do this, please email kara; kareje@ictts.org and title it; Donations!

Whether you are misusing/abused/confused/displaced/homeless/running from resistance or delusion or riding on another's wave unknowingly, whether living in suburbia or in the mud running as a Syrian refugee..

MANY HAVE MANY CHOICES TO HELP oneself and others n patches, globally working as groups, even if yet to do one's local `plan, and they are willing to do exchanges w/pockets without! The best way we discovered to do this is by creating upon the `transitional shift message board, so each post and stay in real time w/self and one's place of being.

For many, no one has helped understand human's inner tools that all are fortunate to have, to edit and edit, until you are happy w/you, yet leave no footprint on another life.

We are trying to talk to UN and other governing bodies as well all people!

For the Refugee policies are not real with humanities potential as simple neighbors helping each other. They are still under the Colonial grid mode that wants control. Even though people are so programmed to see this reality.

Please have empathy and bypass this reality as you now can become a local, global and beyond mindful participant. Even though in reality locally people may be disrespectful in this reality.

We want you to mentally sharpen your sensors and realize you are an important participant to our earth and beyond.

Many US citizens apologize for those not wanting Syrian refugees or others and the abuse many are experiencing, as US is still supposedly supporting rebels in Libya and Syria, this is wrong. Can you even imagine what US Military would do if another country did that to us? We are pushing our luck and Military bases must end, along w/weapons of war!

Rather those not wanting to work w/all via this `transformation, fueling each to pursue one's healthy desires, them self should not be in responsible roles. We try to show the goodness humanity offers globally, when each in solidarity restore one's local `plan.

So please share your story and come link where most comfortable for you. So together we share love, solutions and answers w/you interrelating in this critical thinking required by all now to end these nightmares/scars repeated and realize life now can give you harmony if you do your homework as we all have to do..

Especially when many in Governing positions/those controlling even them, etc. are war mongrels/profiteers, interfering, undeveloped them self. So please welcome them to understand, invite them to their/your local `plan. Tell them to come critically think and interrelate w/their/your community, as a local participant. So all share love, solutions and answers. Redirecting the fear based worry into positive calm acts.

Common sense in growing collective food/medicine gardens/wild foraging/small farms naturally grown, should not have to be bought. When yet so many in patches do it very well, globally. Or even those without having to give donations, for it is common sense to many throughout the world, yet foreign to many in the US, to create pristine organic exchanges creating a balanced biodiversity to sustain one's community in harmony.

The Amazonian's have taught us well, building preta earth, black soil. Yet look at how US Corporations and others are destroying the rainforest. Are you participating? Do you define where the wood comes from when you buy it and how it was logged? This requires us all to learn these wrong doings and stop participating in them, for the Amazon rainforest truly helps earth and all life on it, yet many think it just acts local. Please make yourself aware and share this help!

So no matter where you are at, or whatever another regulatory board/Governing body is telling you, you can add your voice and take part. Maybe not directly but you can with us.

Our links on our `the sun will set spreadsheet, which we welcome people to share what works, can help you rethink to organize so as to work into peace of mind for you/your family/friends/neighbors/and communities to do one's local `plan most efficiently as each define what best ecologically as sensitive skills are shared, to do the same. For we are all in this together living on earth. You should know well it is here for us all to share, if we sensitively work it, respecting all life.

SO please open your mind and before you think of leaving your space, rethink. Ask yourself what are you chasing?? What are your options?? What is this truly you are thinking and are these thoughts yours OR are they loved ones behaviors that you have picked up as normal behavior, yet it is not??

For many chase delusion of another, for it can be fairly easy at times to get where you think you want, but look out once their. Not always friendly to free yourself of that connection.

Look at the energy and time that has been consumed away from loved ones. When yet you can walk by each other's side now, as all do one's walkabout to self develop and heal. This is much more enjoyable to share this awareness, then try to get back once you have failed or lost one or one is ill, etc.

OUR ideal is for every community to work w/ones students, focus directing do_in one's/aiding in others local `plan. This takes each of you to start it. This how together all end Military/war mode and false green, economies.

Reflect and link, for wherever you are at, we want you to know, we want to hear your story of these areas of conflict as well harmony sharing what works/what doesn't. SO gather a student rep to share it, while you do something else. Seriously get real as you and those around you organize.

For there is nothing more valuable than you to maintain sharp sensors, realizing we all need to hold oneself + others accountable, locally and afar. Even though you may be in a temporary situation where you cannot speak freely to one around you. But you can speak your piece as you take part in humanities goodness, by linking w/us. So all create within one's own reality of where we have put oneself at.

SO whether you feel stuck or appreciate what you have, please take part time and think of others. For many are suffering on this planet for a number of reasons and each one can be resolved if we co_evolve together.

Please share like thought, gather for truth and transparency to be networked and create upon, vs. secrecy/profiting/manipulating/programmed, carrying forward ill states continuing scars on the planet and beyond.

RATHER NO MORE will many accept nothing less than knowing all can be supported/whether able or not, to work w/such good peaceful solution oriented options, that are abundant on this earth and beyond now.

SURE you may not have it in front of you, but you can open your mind and allow the global consciousness to fuel you as you take part, edit within, bring peace within you as you sort this out/interrelate. It will help you build clarity to reach out and come talk to like subject. Work collectively restoring your local `plan, networking w/others sharing earth + beyond peacefully.

Share your experiences in good exchanges, as many will appreciate you as a local mindful participant!

See Mark Lakeman's work as Ex; He proves this in his ethnic travels defining what works globally, as he gathers workshops transitioning people to create w/love and art solutions sharing the living local processes. Leaving no one left behind. As all work together to make one's community theirs, take back from the Colonial grid mode that has created so many dysfunctions.

As all gain much more than a job, rather you build a healthy life for you + your family, neighbors, communities..

Working within the natural `enhanced rule of law, that we fuel in our plan for you to build yours.

Balancing genetic biodiversity in every community to link w/neighbors is the best way to conservation + restoring healthy communities.

The life on earth that sustains us all requires all to balance ones genetic biodiversity, not destroy it via war/Nuclear waste or false green large grid systems that only interfere more. Rather w/locals do_in a local `plan land, fresh water flow from mountain to sea review, support large browsers to lead ones path, only then can one self sustain.

So if have none, network w/those that do + let your students within, all see the reality of our human species on this earth now.

Now is your chance to take part and develop you in your walkabout, sharing us, so you can organize that which you have carried within too long yet not acted on it. And no better way then to conform it by starting your community's local `plan.

See ideas we are collecting and will then edit w/all, adding yours! If have a problem doing that, email me, kara; kareje@ictts.org and I will help.

Don't do it alone, do it with your students, come together w/school boards, focus direting/interrelating w/your communities, working w/neighbors!

Let us fuel you to rethink and take part for our human family now, as we ask all to prioritize efficiently so your community knows exactly whom and what is resisting?? How to resolve via networking?? So students bring home eye to eye , options for all to redefine what locally all can do w/good short and long term schematics on the table ASAP for good International and local investors to make it happen, so locals are in control, managing the controlling interest for your community's local `plan.

By working with 1 global sound science developed for our earth and beyond, we can live local. Agroecology over views w/natural building creates amazing meaningful jobs from within all. As each, many times I hear, say NO more whoring when such good options are here now, to build thriving creative healthy communities.

Decentralize, remove large grids of even alternative energy that only carries forward the Colonial Grid Mode of others controlling another, via hedge funds, etc..

NO MORE, NO THANKS< WE FOUND LIFE ON PLANET EARTH that creates peace and respect for all life.

Now everyone can participate in the living local process for locals to harmonize, sure you may have to do it from afar, until you gain fuel to get where you want, but we all have to do our homework! So let us help you go figure. See our links we respect!

Love us at `i come to talk story