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We appreciate what everyone does for oneself, one's neighbors, one's community part time + for us to share our plan to fuel one's local `plan. Working w/your students of all types, networking w/other communities of like ecosystems/season + subject. Using your community as an extended classroom.

Leaving no one left behind or isolated w/incomplete thought of what can be done, when you work w/your enhanced natural organic exchanges.

With your support we will gain better editing, tools, help + even a salary after going on 40 years of continuing w/our own funds. So please do what is comfortable for you + your support is appreciated, We are asking people to send donations/grant proposals, + share us along your walkabout, for you.

Presently trying to sell our sailboat here in Charleston, as well we have plugged into the local community continuing our work, learning from exchanges/sharing the living local process that can be used by all communities. As we share the basics of human comforts.

Then once sell we will move on + continue networking eye to eye, meanwhile we continue to welcome you to come share your link of what works for you to fuel others to do the same on our `the sun will set spreadsheet or where most comfortable for you, as we continue t network in solidarity, globally, perfecting our exchanges to share to all..

Thank you, your support is well used + appreciated by many!

Please mail Donation w/comment of your wishes + if would like a tax write off we will mail you a receipt, for we are a US 501 c3 non profit.

Kara j Lincoln (ictts) % General Delivery

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Peace is real!

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