Say No to NATO, War and Racism

Hands off Venezuela

Please all lets give thanks to Nabble and Google for all their support in making this happen successfully as they have supported us to to allow `i come to talk story, to share their tools-give our Adgrants to No2NATO2019 Mobilization, so well over a billion people plus, will have the opportunity over the month to view our Ads and take part in these events, from where ever within the US, and globally to all countries Google deals with and Nabble!

We hope all had a great experience at the March 30 Rally, in front of the White House! But please don't stop there!

Continue w/more events, please see;

Donate to them and welcome your communities to join in! So all organize so as to come link for you-your children friendly communities! Where you can join in with us as together we continue to End NATO, End War, End Nuclear!

I give special thanks to " Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman " for respecting our plans on the blackboard giving us support to make them all happen using Humanity's options now to save life on earth!

Together, many have been creating on each other's plans of Humanity's offerings now, to aid and stop the war in Yemen, as well make peace w/Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Iraq w/US, to make wrongs right and stop interfering, stop sanctions and make peace!

And prioritize w/all to end US-NATO and together in solidarity, clean earth-space now of toxic, to restore ecological `enhanced sustaining healthy working communities, w/neighbors! As all prioritize controversy and define where to start on earth, debate the targeted areas w/needs not met! As we require President debate to be done on the science that is wrong as NATO destroys microcosms that humans depend on.

As each can make a difference by helping us work within earth-space systems w/good stewardship, co_evolving the existing technology that has created interference! So ASAP we all get on same page and mindfully act, so all use SOCLA's agro_ecology to prepare for climate change, creating children friendly communities were science of these issues is a debate in schools, and on the same page as US Gov's!

I 'm asking Dr. Guy McPherson to guide on this science he has taught, as now being an Emirate Professor, as our students are walking out of class, due to Gov's not resolving Global warming as well, Global Deming that Dr. McPherson states science has no answer yet to end it? As well the 22 feedback loops in the Arctic now causing severe weather globally! So we need to have a conversation w/critical thinkers and we welcome you to join in!

Please email kara w/your input, label it Global Deming;

Also please stay updated and take part in the ongoing events at NO2NATO2019 Mobilization,!

By using good stewardship in every local community w/agro_ecological systems, w/SOCLA's Latin American Scientific Study... and Geoff Lawton's Permaculture Research Institute..., we will go figure how, by grounding oneself, doing all one can w/one's communities! Which will center us all to enable critical thinking to do what is necessary working prioritizing where on earth-space to resolve these issues?

No more do we have the time to live local, without prioritizing toxic spots needing our focus ASAP on earth-space, doing what can, as children's options are real???

As all are welcome to join in and help us in this conversation to know where to start, as we work thru this controversy! As all need to be clear understanding 1 universal science of common sense, to not only share this w/all, but for all to celebrate along the way w/gratitude giving thanks to Humanity's options, to work w/now, to end these scars from being repeated on earth-space!

As all work to end all US-NATO acts on earth-space ASAP, as I've asked Pres Trump to welcome all to join in with us!

We hope this March 30 Rally in front of the US White House, supported all to share, so all gain understanding to heal, make wrongs right, have empathy for misinformation-wrong doers and they too remove them self from responsible roles and heal-become aware of truth, to find their space to become whole, so all make a difference in these serious issues, saving life on earth, preventing more interruptions making it difficult for people to simply live one w/the `enhanced natural potential, that all now are required to do!

Please plug in ASAP and see the many folks now on

working over time to make these great events, for all to join in for more understanding as each make a difference!

Also check back here and links below to take part in our plans sharing Humanity's options now to do this and much more w/your help-corrections-links and sharing!

So all become local-global and beyond mindful participants ASAP, better prepared w/SOCLA's skills to start with, so as to not repeat these terrible experiences from severe weather, happening around the planet!

Please, If anyone wants to use our message board for updates of the continued events for `NO2NATO2019 Mobilizaton, please see link and if want me to make changes email kara;

Please Join with people from across the country and around the world in protest when the ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) come to Washington, DC to “celebrate their 70th anniversary. NATO has been one of the most deadly military alliances that the world has seen and they are holding their “celebration” on the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. who fought against racism, war and poverty.

Our objective is to help all understand we all must prioritize ending US-NATO's interference in Venezuela as we are supporting President Maduro and the people, as well all country's, as US-NATO's Military footprint is the largest on earth-space, leaving toxic and must end!

Please come and take part, volunteer for

There are many international human rights group , organization, program, association , education, human rights non profit organizations, working on this March 30 and much more to continue. So please choose were you feel most comfortable to support? So together we stop NATO expansion, and have this conversation w/RU-China-Iran-Saudi Arabia-Africa and all countries, to prioritize saving life on earth and clean up toxic on earth and in space, knowing which is most in need?

Take part in the priority conversations, as we discuss priorities for 1 universal sound science common sense so all on same page, ending this waste of controversy over the science that permits US_NATO to destroy earth-space, as communities where they presently reside are being destroyed, habitats of microorganisms that our gut depends on, people being abused-misused, dying prematurely!

We show 1 of many Ex's: 911 Lawyers now w/Grand Jury showing US Gov science is wrong and it was a controlled demolition that took buildings down, as well Global Deming that needs attention to resolve-clarify as many scientists agree and disagree! Same w/Global Warming as our students are walking out of school wanting more to be done now!

Humanity has options now w/SOCLA, a scientific Latin American group doing earth work now w/indigenous good stewards of earth, and many in permaculture as we restore `enhanced ecological sustaining healthy working communities working w/neighbors, peacefully, sharing in solidarity! Using agro_ecological systems were all can redirect this energy of wasteful fear based misinformation and now mindfully act locally as well w/our plans now on the backboard soon to be acted on w/your support-corrections-links, etc. and more!

Also other friends, see their good work; and many more around the earth making this happen and more!

Plus thank you Google and Nabble as all ads were up and running in support of NO NATO Rally on March 30 as well continued events, to be a great success for peace on earth and earth-space to be cleaned up ASAP efficiently w/Humanity's options now!

Exploring and using Fuel Cells w/Hydrogen is the way to go as it is on demand! Lucky us that we can have this conversation w/NATO and US Gov to work with them to stop toxic use-misuse-abuse, ASAP and make wrongs right!


All must say NO to NATO as well there expansion- number-enlargement-members !

So please don't stop after the March and rally, Saturday, March 30, 1 pm

Lafayette Park (across from the White House)

Washington DC, rather continue gathering w/more events until they do stop!

Come talk Twitter #nonato


This is an experience of a lifetime for young and old to come together in a nice conversation and make links to follow up on!

We welcome all young and old too do their part, make beautiful big bubbles at all events, sharing w/appreciation that all have Humanity's good options to draw from! Use March 30 Rally Route below and more events to come, to give you ideas for you to create your local events, creating w/all and sharing, updating us and linking!

See here a recipe for them to make;


The March 30 Rally Route

Please all make sure if carrying signs you are within permitted area, check in w/your group to define or you may experience resistance from police!

This march will be the best opportunity during the week of anti-NATO actions to show mass popular opposition to NATO, wars, racism and U.S. aggression against Venezuela. And we should have a good audience: the march falls right in the middle of Washington, D.C.’s, annual four-week-long Cherry Blossom Festival, when 1.5 million people come to view the massive display of beautiful pink blossoms. It will be an unusually good time to bring an antiwar, antiracist message to the public.

The march route is about 20 blocks long, starting at Lafayette Square and moving counterclockwise around the White House area. It takes just over an hour to walk and brings us past five important institutions where we can stop for a few minutes and point out the the roles they play in oppression and injustice:

World Bank – Grants loans to developing countries, often trapping them in debt and making them vulnerable to demands by the IMF.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) – Demands developing countries and former socialist republics move toward “market economies,” meaning privatization and deregulation of industry, slashing pensions and social programs, closing factories, etc. These are the conditions for qualifying for World Bank loans, as well as for joining the European Union and NATO. Meeting these demands have devastated many countries, reducing them to neo-colonies of the West.

Organization of American States – Colombia is now NATO’s first South American “global partner.” This means that NATO is involved in developing Colombia’s military capability at a time when Washington is working to overthrow the government of neighboring Venezuela.

Office of the D.C. Mayor – An opportunity to address local issues, especially how the military budget diverts needed resources from the cities and rural areas.

Customs & Border Enforcement – The poverty, violence and social disruption plaguing countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are a direct result of the 1980s U.S. wars in Central America. Compounded by NAFTA and global warming, these are the conditions that have forced so many people to leave their homes and migrate North, where they are treated like criminals.

Peace is real, we just need to help all understand and that takes organizing!

Thank you, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect...

`i come to talk story...

Please see this and share for I'm interested in NO Nuclear accident or war and want to end all usage as well define and clean it the right way so never again does another generation have to deal with it, as well I'm sharing kinda on the top info that is important that I'm working to hep you understand the severity of the largest footprint on earth, so please see an update on this link as well my update so you can reach out and share or help ASAP, and We thank you!

See my email to SOCLA team 3,29. 19 and their personal story of the cyclone that recently hit Africa and all the destruction that could hit you next and your communities;


Thank you for this great article! I'm so sorry, but this is a great Ex; I will use as I post in tomorrow's NO NATO RALLY March 30 in Front of White House. My point is, and I've asked you folks before and I never got a detailed response. Also, I'm asking Dr. Guy McPherson who speaks of the Global Deming as well the Arctic priority producing such weather as this link talks about it, in the 22 feedback loops in the Arctic now. Causing jet streams to produce this erratic weather globally.

And the point I feel and he is that until all come together and focus on such a priority as resolving the Arctic issue, it will continue and get worse, especially if the Arctic ice melts as many projected w/him, in next few years as well last, which it did not.

So yes each biome needs restoration w/agro_ecological systems to prevent what this link exposes, that you share, but also, our idea is to have a `collective group of critical thinkers to see what can be done ASAP w/good stewardship to this so-called supposedly targeted area as in the Arctic area w/feedback loops.

This way having `collective plan work where Govs don't or even w/those that are coming aboard, then also local `plans can be in sync, so all on same board on earth-space happenings-needs and offerings, etc..

This is the platform we are working at continually w/support of agro_ecological systems prioritizing earth-space, but sadly our technical-human errors has detained us, but we are still working it now, to soon get all together to gather technical teams for each plan or many? So if any want to come aboard and help once funding-scheduling in place please email me now and then i will update you as progress happens.

Ok one may say what can we do about these feedback loops, a few Ex's, there is a group on YouTube w/Jamen Shively, that manages Microsoft and does not like Bill Gates when he worked w/him so quit, and he and a global group doing this thought now, welcoming more to join, addressing different targets w/University professors as well w/Dr. Guy McPherson, whom many think is a doomsday Emirate professor! I was involved and told them of your systems and then I felt more important to do also my part in collecting and creating plans, as well financial backing, which they too need and more organizing which they too are working w/AI to help resolve on earth and in space!

Also Ex; In Rwanda a firm has gone into a lake to redirect the toxic Methane (Arctic has major Methane issues which is also contributing to the feedback loops). In the lake they are doing some incredible analysis, the little bit I studied in their beginning to know how to equate different levels of water analysis, so as to manage all and create electricity from it. SO now the many people surrounding the lake have electricity.

But at what risk? Yes Methane issue had to be resolved, but again is the earth-space needing to have such high-risk intricate developments to counter these issues, if we want to save life on earth;

This link above is not some of what I was studying, I would have to dig it from my notes or you could search w/their beginnings.

But I think each of these that do happen, should be worked and maybe this was w/local good stewards?? That I would have to research more, to see if this is how together the indigenous traditional engineers can co_evolve technological downsides that have permitted such science to pollute our earth?

This is why in this NO NATO Rally as well Hands off for Venezuela, where NATO conference is happening tomorrow, also in the 1.5 or so billion ad campaign I did, i added my homepage connecting also w/the 911 Lawyers now in Grand Jury, as well suing the FBI, for they are trying to say US Gov is wrong and their science is right showing the Grand Jury much Ex;s to then decide the details and hold those accountable for a controlled demolition of 911.

Plus I say to them it also can help us all get a science that truly is a 1 universal common sense for daily chores, so we yes focus on local biomes w/neighbors prioritizing the agro_ecological systems of SOCLA's skilled help, but also so we realize the time-sensitive issues as in the targeted areas that others studying the same science as our students now study, is not focusing on our natural world of earth-space, priorities as in the feedback loops causing this weather erratically now on earth!

And that is why also I include Greta Thunberg and the many students walking out of class as I work w/her to guide her and all to join not just tomorrow's rally but also realize Humanity has options now to figure this! And many have much more organized then I trying to perfect what we think Humanity has not to do this, but many good folks also are doing this globally and we need focus direction to time-sensitive priorities as I speak of, as well debating the controversy to save more time to mindfully act on what it real???

So I am pursuing what has always fueled us and that is Prof Miguel Altieri's work and SOCLA, and I will continue creating such a platform and soon our detained errors will hopefully be over. Meanwhile whatever all can suggest is appreciated!

As well I look forward to those of you making your skills available as I continue to support SOCLA! As well you can email me of them, for we also will be hiring tech teams to create and earth-space message board to post, but for now, I will update you or here if this is appropriate? You can confirm, please? And I continue to work now sharing this also w/Gov leaders globally, including Pres Trump, holding him accountable to do more w/us?

So Ex; if you are skilled in water drainage great then you would post that, If you have ideas of the targeted feedback loops in the Arctic affecting earth-space and want to debate or actually join in rethinking it, you would post that, etc.. And I will also be seeking technical teams, that you may suggest? As well I will communicate w/Jamen and Dr. Guy McPherson, but I also asked Guy and still awaiting his answer, to define how the science he taught all his life, is incomplete missing the natural world, and work w/us, seeing the science complete w/agro_ecological systems, but look at this targeted area in priority is that is the way to go? Or would we think that no it too needs to be looked locally????

Where each has ideas and some good but not time sensitive to resolve saving life on earth ASAP! As well as calming the minds of the many effected already or lost! As well Jamen's group also is exploring space shields to block the sun as Arctic ice melts and more using AI technology to help, from his experiences and other computer programmers they are working w/guided by different Prof, even from Berkeley, that you may already know?? But I not updated w/Jamen as he welcomes me, but I have to pursue my errors as well my intuition of bringing in good stewardship and not repeating more of what already is wrong, that was permitted!

Where I have a `transitional plan, sharing Humanity's options in the building, to help define as well help get basics met, but also working within these perimeters of local `plans restoring ecological `enhanced sustaining healthy working communities w/neighbors, ending wars and more, as toxic is prioritized to rid, as students work for and w/communities as classrooms, co_evolving this curriculum as communities are restoring-people healing-life being saved, prevention and all `boon with one's responsibilities of doing one's organic exchanges, making the balance of genetic biodiversity, to then link w/neighbors, and this is our true means for earth to retain it's natural processes, giving all life and death in compounds circulating the planet, more to some areas then others now negatively! And to fulfill each communities needs and offerings, w/a daily common sense of simple respect-empathy for all life to have all rethink and correct oneself, holding all accountable locally as well at the end of their effects left, especially when a local destroys life afar, and the at local community has no means to correct the toxic left, as in NATO-US Gov Military being the largest footprint on earth-space now, as well the mental programming of many!!!

SO as to work within earth-space systems! This is the critical thinking part and it should be basic common sense of prioritizing the life that sustains our gut, as `the Institute of Functional Medicine is proving, humans work most efficiently to heal this way all diseases, w/whole natural foods and testing for the micro nutrients each is deficient in and how best to restore balance, as well the water-soil-food or supplements, etc.!

As all other and since not all communities have such support to do this, this is why we have a variety of plans to then seek what can best help what when and where and who, on the message board, in priority of earth-space?? Aiding these decisions, that I think you people must know best??? And only you can answer that best? SO please do and I welcome your feedback ASAP, if can do today I will post on the homepage and send out for tomorrows rally as well the ads will come to my homepage, and I will post this now, welcoming more!

Peace and sincere thanks for all your work, and I appreciate your responses, please email me, kara;

Love kara, speaking for our combined `effects...

`i come to talk story, is the homepage to see more of NO NATO details and I'm happy to correct or add; and until our message board is perfected we've thrown out ideas and a page to share for tomorrow's rally as well more events in follow up here;

ps As well for you folks if give me the detail I will start a temporary post or you can? If need my help email me, please!


3.7.19 I shared w/many FB and I asked Supreme leader, does this co_incide w/the Qur'an ?

Joe Lombardo created an event! Thank you Joe and all involved!

A call for National Mobilization to Oppose NATO, WAR, and Racism...

Contact <>

3.23.19 update;

Dear friends,

Thank you for endorsing the March 30 demonstration to stop NATO, War and Racism and to demand the US keeps its Hands Off Venezuela. The demonstration is now only 1 week away. If you have not already made plans to get to Washington DC, or one of the other actions that will take place in the US and Canada, now is the time to do so. You can find transportation information at the web site: If you scroll down the Home page, you will find a form that you can fill out and someone from your area will contact you with transportation information. Further down the page you will find information on various local organizing and transportation centers on the East Coast.

Many of the members of the event steering committee of the March 30 action have just returned from Venezuela. We witnessed the Venezuelan people organizing to resist the effects of the US imposed economic sanctions, sabotage, and preparing for a possible US invasion. As you may know, the country of Colombia has become the first partner of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Latin America. Colombia has also been the launching pad for the US aggression against Venezuela, and Trump is now pushing for Brazil to also join NATO. Both Brazil and Colombia border Venezuela.

If you are interested in hearing a report back from the US peace and solidarity delegation to Venezuela, which was organized by the US Peace Council, there will be an on-line report-back on Tuesday evening, March 26. You can register for the report-back here:

While in Venezuela, we had the opportunity to hold a 90-minute meeting with Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro. He explained how important the US antiwar movement is for the Venezuelan people and he gave his endorsement to our demonstrations. If the US is successful in accomplishing regime change in Venezuela it will be a blow to every movement fighting for social change and a better world everywhere.

So, please join us in Lafayette Park, Washington, DC at 1.00pm on March 30. Help us build a huge event against war and imperialism through sharing social media links, and by sending out information to any appropriate email lists that you are part of. Join and share the Facebook event here:

Other actions:

Oakland, CA

Sunday, March 31, 1 PM

Oakland Federal Bldg,

13 ST & Caly, Oakland, CA



CANADA OUT OF NATO! Public lecture

Monday, March 25, 2019 at 7 PM – 9:00 PM

New Vision United Church, 24 Main West, Hamilton

Free, public lecture on the 70th anniversary of this dangerous military alliance. Canada out of NATO.

Speaker: Tamara Lorincz, PhD Candidate, Balsillie School of International Affairs, member of the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace and the No to NATO 2019 mobilization

Hosted by Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War. More info:

CANADA OUT OF NATO Monthly rally

No to the Military Alliance; Yes to Peace and Disarmament!

Wednesday, March 27 from 12:00-1:00 pm

Outside the NATO Association of Canada Office, 60 Harbour St., Toronto

(corner with Bay St. near the Queen's Quay Ferry Docks Terminal)

Every month this year, the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) will be holding a peace vigil outside the NATO Association of Canada headquarters in downtown Toronto corner of Harbour St and Bay St. This year is the 70th anniversary of this male-dominated military alliance and Cold War relic that threatens our security. NATO has been involved in illegal interventions in Serbia and Afghanistan and destabilizing operations in Libya, Ukraine, Latvia and Poland etc... NATO members are the world's largest weapons manufacturers and arms companies like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics fund the NATO Association of Canada. NATO puts intense pressure on Canada every year to increase military spending, which diverts public funding away from urgent social and environmental needs. NATO relies on a dangerous nuclear arsenal and refuses to disarm. VOW is calling for the Canadian government to withdraw from NATO and work through the United Nations on disarmament and the Sustainable Development Goals that will bring genuine human security. No to NATO; yes to peace, nonviolence and sustainability!

Organized by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW)


Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 12 PM – 1:30 PM

US Consulate, 360 University Avenue

Public rally timed to the big “No to NATO” protest in Washington DC

Organized by the Toronto Association of Peace and Solidarity

Supported by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

More info:


`i come to talk story says:

It's time to get real w/ER issues on earth and in space!

Please note Dr. Guy Mcpherson stated on radio show 3.6.19, link below, that science has no answer for Global Deming, meaning we are dammed if we use fossil fuels and dammed if we stop them!

I say we rethink science, for all our students now are studying this same science! I'm asking Greta Thunberg representing millions now marching against climate change, to come to the #no2nato March 30 rally in front of the White House, to meet and calmly gather w/follow up meets, as all rethink this!

We need all Military to stop ASAP, for they have and are destroying the life on this planet now that sustains every human life now!

We ask all that are marching now for climate change to redirect one energy and look at this bigger picture of how together we can gather skilled stewards on earth to go figure w/Humanity now to make changes ASAP, from every one of us, plus prioritize those w/the largest footprints as w/US Military and NATO!

All can Google the profits Military now are making as they think they are doing what is needed, meanwhile these leaders are programmed from cultural ways in the past and we all must do what we can to help them understand this way they continue leaves major missing links, destroying lives every day, on top of this 6th mass extinction, Humanity is in now!

Not to mention the way Democrats and some Republicans are mistreating our President in his what should be responsible role is a true negative situation, not to mention all the waste w/media bad mouthing Pres Trump and other Global leaders as in Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Pres Putin, vs talking w/respect to help them prioritize their mindbody to work with us to prioritize ER issues now on earth-in space, creating more jobs than ever as well debate controversy over these important issues in detail, vs anyone having to go to the streets to resolve! Rather, as one we work for the priorities to save life on earth now, cleaning up earth-space, researching such good ways now as w/Fuel cells using Hydrogen along w/agro_ecological systems and more!

This is the way to start w/these systems, Ex;

Shame on us all, as earthlings, to not respect each one of us, as well now we have the tools of the time to do this. SO please don't accept anything less than gratitude and respect for all to work w/all!

Humanity needs critical thinkers, so all must go within oneself, edit and prioritize this part-time, and put it high on everyone's list! For every day many of us continue unknowingly supporting the MIlitary on earth! can explain how each one they are aware of is leaving habitat disasters as well interfering in the local communities on earth as well leaving toxic on earth and in space, yet all toxic in past from Nuclear waste has yet to be removed or defined throughout earth how to rid it, yet more Nuclear use is on the drawing board as well as Nuclear weapons, as many are now continually being built and used and this must stop on our watch ASAP! For these resources are destroying Humanity now! As it carries scars to be repeated now!

It is time to stop these scars from being repeated and we each must do our part!

This is a real illness when people do not prioritize and stop this as many now are sharing on March 30 as many are working to educate us all! For as Dr. Guy McPherson states; Our energy-exchanges w/each other-our clean; water-food-soil-air, should be important to us all, as well all should be concerned that everyone else on earth and in space also gets it!

`i come to talk story is now working at many plans sharing Humanity's work and a good way to look at this reality now is to face it head on! Gather w/yourself-your friends-your community-your local and afar communities and lets share w/these Govs-Corp's that think they are doing what is right and show them they are missing serious links, unable to stay in the instance of the damage together we all are doing now, and lets prioritize 1 universal science that will define our mistakes in the present science Dr. Guy Mcpherson states, as he knows no solution to stop Global Deming, meaning we should not stop fossil fuels ASAP or more species will die faster that sustain us, humans!

Our new plans on the drawing board welcome all soon, and we have been sharing w/leaders now working crises, as we are creating an earth-space message board for all to get needs met and offerings shared, within the local `plans where each now has earth below one's feet. So as to mindfully take part in this `transformation needed by all!

Meaning a win-win for all as a `collective plan will oversee earth-space guiding Country leaders as well people when Gov's are not in touch w/reality working w/us all! So all can prioritize ER issues now on earth!

Those Gov leaders now working w/us, working w/their people, networking in solidarity will define w/`collective plan aiding critical thinkers, for all the local `plans to start w/good stewards showing us the way, as they co_evolve w/the technology needing to rethink as a good steward, that they failed to do, following the wave of bad science or Gov or Corp control-misinformation, etc. as they continue, as we welcome more to join in the local conversation to take part-correct us and link sharing so more self reflect, becoming mindful as each does one's homework!

We are working w/Google earth-space to share an introduction explaining all this in detail, so as to find your place in the instance, whether in need or want to take part in the `transition plan to go figure, or `start-up plan where people already are figuring, then on to the local `plan where all are using agro_ecological systems assessing, so as to plug in now; see overview of entire biome(s) w/neighbors to recycle what can w/local Gov planning, and show them what is needed and can be done and is being done now in patches on earth! So as to make connections, use the tools of the times now to network w/pocket without!

#no2nato and FB post;

For no one ecosystem can survive on its own, we each must do our organic exchanges, not just stay in the fog in this disassociated energy many are lost in! Together we can help each find one's clarity to maintain ones sharp sensors, as each work w/early signs and go within and maintain discipline over one's self-sensory observations vs belief of such religion-cultural ways that have been lost as good stewards, as people misuse-abuse using such weapons of war on one's neighbors! local and afar!

All can learn to harness this energy and redirect it into oneself, while interrelating in your local and afar communities, fine-tuning oneself;

Prioritizing and self-reflecting w/skilled as w/SOCLA;, Geoff Lawton; and many others doing good stewardship on earth now, and balance w/local community learning from these folks, to balance one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors ASAP, saving the life that is our true sustaining energy now, sequester carbon, prioritize where on earth w/a `collective plan where to also give attention to, as students now can use communities as classrooms!

Enough using bad outdated science, trying to compete or create more profiting over building healthy working communities! As a few people push puppet strings trying to think they doing good! Well thank you but please we welcome you to rethink w/us, make wrongs right, co_evolve the curriculum while restoring `prioritized earth-space clean up, to save life now on earth, vs blow the hell out of one's neighbors, CREATING STARVATION- NO GOOD NIGHT SLEEP, MORE STRESS ON FRAIL OR ILL UNTREATED, AS YOU DON'T TAKE PART TO STOP IT AND SHOW THE MISSING LINKS THAT CREATE create false sanctions over them or deplete their habitats or put in a puppet Gov OR PROFIT OVER DESTROYING AND THEN PROFIT MOREOVER REBUILDING!


SORRY NOT ON OUR WATCH, will we allow anyone to misunderstand, continue programmed ways from cultural ways or other's not intending but ended up profiting or not or stressing others and more!



Enough, as now all work within the local natural `enhanced potential knowing daily we need to work within the earth-space systems, that circulate life and death around our earth, giving us these daily tools to work with as we then build good soil, clean air and water, compost or take it to your local natural-organic farmers, create your local medicine gardens for all to forage knowing best the pests each has contributed too w/one's misunderstandings-lack of good education-social-political priorities, as people's local `resources have and continue to go by the trillions to weapons fo war-Nuclear destruction and more as neighbors local and afar are being killed now-habitats destroyed for locals, as they have no healthy microcosms supporting their life now, as they have no whole food for their gut to fuel their brain, the way the Institute of Functional Medicine is now proving humans work most efficient with, not big pharma leaving toxic effects from continued doctors that now can go back to study; !

So please come together to get clear and mindfully create with us and link, as all build a nice archive w/ and more! As we create this 1 universal verbiage of sound science and Dr. Guy Mcpherson, you are the best one to admit these mistakes please, help us, so as to have simple daily chores, knowing all is doing all one can now, not to save anyone, except for self and the local life in one's community, and part-time network, so all of us working together, will resolve, defining critical minds to co_evolve the good stewardship needed w/the bad technology that Govs permitted that is toxic in every community, that each local `plan also is best to work, networking in solidarity, not having to reinvent the wheel, and transcribe it into a working science of common sense. Ending the belief that causes many to go to war! Or create any product that pollutes our habits destroying the life that sustains Humanity now! Before it is too late and we continue to lose more!


See more on Twitter at #no2nato,,,

Thank you! Joe Lombardo and all at , Miguel Altieri, all at SOCLA, Geoff Lawton, Dr. Guy McPherson, Helen Caldicott, all working thru Institute of Functional Medicine, Dr. Nancy and Yun Wang, and all the Govs now listening to us! For your work is important, to better help us and you all understand, that peace can be real, if we go figure and prioritize now our earth-space resources, so all become ASAP local, global and beyond mindful participants prioritizing w/all our earth-space and clean it up and celebrate along the way!!

We suggest what works for us, gather w/local natural-organic farmers-CSA's, have a local wild natural potluck, great conversation w/follow up meets friendly working w/children-elderly and frail to all do their part, live music, w/follow up meets to make this happen so we all find one's place, and volunteer until, as all soon will be able to plug into our `transitional shift message board to help make this happen!

Let's have gratitude and show respect for the lessons now we can learn from each other!

Peace be with you all and thank you for making a priority difference as you build your life as you walk it, into your opening!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect at `i come to talk story!

We Welcome all to join in peacefully showing Humanity can use diplomacy, even though President Trump, whom I may not agree with all that he does, but I continue to help him understand there is another way to save life on earth vs use of NATO w/US Military. Which is the largest footprint on earth and space.

As well all can heal and stop suffering-premature deaths on earth, redirecting these resources from NATO-US Military, while educating students to use communities as classrooms, co_evolving the curriculum working w/teachers and communities, networking!

To define working w/good stewards of earth-space systems now. As soon as we all organize our plans, being on the same page, more will take part once we simplify this understanding to heal, get needs met by all, as we are working on an earth-space message board, soon to have up for all to help correct-link too. So all get one's need met and offering shared that comply within one's local `plan, starting w/a `transitional plan, soon to have a intro of such plans for your participation!

Let's just take a few minutes to review Google's searches of what many now are marching for, getting sick over, as well walking out of schools for nothing is being clearly done, and a lot of controversy over what should be done?

Causes of climate change? Earth global warming?

Explain global warming? global warming facts? global warming climate change facts? global warming? global warming report? global warming information? global warming statistics? world warming? climate change and global warming? why global warming? current information about global warming? give the information about global warming? global warming all information? global warming by? global warming main points? is global warming now? global warming projects where? is global warming real? relevance of global warming? new information on global warming? causes of global warming? global warming and consequences, what is global deming that scientists say no way to resolve? what effects of global warming?

Why changes not prepared for, where are the universal facts and figures about global warming to prioritize ER saving lie on earth ASAP? global warming a need for change? global warming facts 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, more controversy, more profiting? global warming full information? global warming is not real? global warming is due to? is global warming a real issue? pro global warming facts?

Please all take part defining one's place and be appreciated, even if not a resident, and there due to many reasons! So as to aid this `transformation needed on earth-space as we together define ER toxic issues as in the discussion you can have now participating in the NO NATO RALLY march 30, in front of the White House, and make contact. As well follow up w/many you choose including us at `i come to talk story.

For we have a series of plans and due to many technical errors including our own, which is very difficult for me to overcome, let alone many without needs met! So please have some empathy for fellow earthlings!

So together all can get on same page, as we feel one universal science will answer much of the lost life on earth now, as well continued suffering! As our objective is to have you help us stop these scars from continuing, work w/your students and clean up of earth and space ASAP. As we have several plans for all to choose to take part in, soon coming!

While having gratitude for Humanity's options now, as good stewards of the earth-space systems are here to help at SOCLA w/agro_ecological systems, as well Geoff Lawton's Permaculture, so as to recreate a verbiage of common sense, of science that has allowed US Gov to use fragmented incomplete science as it has destroyed life on earth and left much toxic, from NATO-US MIlitary, as well the report of 911 is incomplete as well much too much waste in people's energy as they try to comprehend and survive that as well Global warming!

So our plan is to work w/US Gov, not do what many are now as they attack wrongly w/bad verbiage our President Trump, his family and their responsible positions. Rather all need to work efficiently if we are to obtain clarity to act where needed.

We and many appreciate earthling's help!

Pres Putin, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Supreme leader of Iran Ali Khamenei, Dalai Lama, Greta Thrunberg w/the many marching now over Global warming, and this list is lengthy of people supporting this project and much more!

Not to mention US Gov needs to stop interfering or using adjacent countries like Columbia to get into Venezuela? Please talk to Pres Maduro and all w/diplomacy;

Tweet and follow!

Nicolás Maduro


President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Son of Chávez. Building the Homeland with revolutionary efficiency. English translation of @NicolasMaduro

Venezuela •


To obtain and share in solidarity, the earth-space truth to save life and build-restore healthy working communities now, as all work and co_evolve the curriculum as well, while restoring w/agro_ecological assessments, healthy working communities using a complete universal science so all on same page efficiently!

As our plans in the work will prioritize and debate controversy over the science of where to start what, as in local `plans for each of these major issues, as well, each local plan will best be to define once focus directing, networking w/all on earth-space. So no one left behind, as presently is many!

I feel the lawsuit now happening w/911 architect and engineers, lawyers can do this and al can help them as I try too! So one good science can then show MIlitary destruction to life that sustains all as well humans, so we stop these scars w/good peace negotiations and dialog. Not what some Democrats are doing now and some media, backstabbing responsible positions. Rather we need clarity and respect and empathy and work together!

Please see and do what you can to help and share at this time w/all, for this NO NATO attention is being worked by many good people to share answers now and more;


As well follow students working w/Greta Thunberg;

Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) · Twitter


And most important realize many good patches of people are doing great work on earth and for space, and many children are subjected to being respected to take part early on. So all learn gratitude and respect to remain calm and celebrate the good exchanges all can have! And our objective is to also connect these pockets without and ask for your help to share your link soon on our message boards- platform being perfected, and or check below our links and join in now-correct, so we all stay ral in the instance and co_evolve together!

For the issues of the times are heavy, not to mention the errors from us all as that will continue! But we all can control how we respond to them, so please be happy and be mindful and part time join in and share, for you are needed!

Peace is real and it can happen now for all once all organize to link w/us, so please do!

Thank you all for making a difference and we want you to understand good stewardship carried forward from cultures `booning w/the `enhanced natural world each has to take part in, so as to balance the genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors. For it is this life that sustains good health for all life!

Yet the 6th mass extinction all are in on the planet is already killing plus these acts of bad decision making around the board w/military on earth-space. So we want to talk to you t correct this ASAP. So help us and share who best for what, and our message board being built will allow all to see such earth-space happenings, good to do and bad to do what can to stop it! We don't want no one left behind not understanding how one creates misuse-abuse!

Please email me if I can further guide or explain, thank you, kara;

ps Meanwhile please do something mindful that you can relate to! get some ideas and share w/the many doing Google's search, thank you!

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